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2 years ago

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I would've gone with clairvoyance instead of flash, but it has been removed from the game :'(

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The current meta wants all junglers to lock in the strength of the ages keystone, because the 300 permanent health exceeds the amount of damage thunderlords decree can push out in the earlier stages of the game. The 18 points in resolve offers more tankiness while you still focus on building more skirmish and damage based items. 

Unyielding will boost both your passive- and legendary guardian effect.

That being said: Thunderlords is still a good keystone mastery if you want to have better burst in your ganks.

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Starting Items

    Best way to start, most efficient.
    Keep this until you reach level 9, so you can cover more ground with wards.
    If you have a rough time with refillable potion, I recommend this start.

Core Items

    Get this at level 9. It's completely broken at the moment.
    I always get this before I get my skirmisher's sabre for the increased damage output and because jungle item no longer yields bonus gold.
    Caulfield's warhammer is the old brutalizer in its glory days, when it built into black cleaver! Very solid item to buy once you have the money for it. Upgrade it into cleaver as soon as possible
    This should be your earlygame goals, followed up by another caulfield's or a phage to build into black cleaver.
    Tiamat builds into a ravenous hydra if it's pre-30 minutes, and if you're post-30 either switch it out for titanic hydra or buy titanic hydra.
    -Mortal reminder- is my preferred item because it inflicts griveous wounds, and that is really good. I would go for this after finishing tiamat (or upgraded tiamat). Lord Dominik's Regards is good if they have a tank-based frontline, but it's mostly an adc/squish item, so I wouldn't build this too often.
    Still a very solid item that builds into the new, buffed version of Maw of Malmortious (though he changes to it doesn't really affect wukong that much.) If they have an AP based team I would recommend skipping Tiamat and going for this instead.
    Typical full built versus AD team compositions with little to no CC that doesn't have Lord Dominik's Regards and Blade of the ruined king stacked.
    Typical Fullbuild versus ad compositions with notable cc that doesn't have Lord Dominik's Regards and Blade of the ruined king stacked.
    Typical fullbuild versus AD compositions with little to no cc that does have lord dominik's regards and blade of the ruined king stacked (AS heavy teams)
    typical fullbuild versus ad compositions with notable cc that has lord dominik's regards and blade of the ruined king stacked (AS-heavy teams)
    Typical full built versus AP team compositions with little to no CC that doesn't have Lord Dominik's Regards and Blade of the ruined king stacked.
    Typical Fullbuild versus ap compositions with notable cc that doesn't have Lord Dominik's Regards and Blade of the ruined king stacked.
    Typical fullbuild versus AP compositions with little to no cc that does have lord dominik's regards and blade of the ruined king stacked (with attack damage AS threats)
    Typical fullbuild versus AP compositions with notable cc that does have lord dominik's regards and blade of the ruined king stacked (with attack damage AS threats)
    Typical fullbuild versus full AP comps with a low-threat adc.
    Now if you are insanely fed, ahead, or just confident in your own gameplay, you could try out this new build which is: Warrior > Death´s dance > The Black Cleaver > Sterak´s Gage > Titanic Hydra > Situational last item, where the last item can be either a defensive item, or something like an Infinity Edge (if that floats your boat)

Situational Items

    If you have hexdrinker, never upgrade it to Maw unless you have your complete build.
    This is a great item versus critical strike reliant champions, to slow people down with the active effect, and if you need a chunk of both health and armor.
    This is an all-round great item, even if they just have 1 AP threat, because you are able to negate a spell (potential cc) every 40 seconds.
    Sometimes you're up against a team composition that is heavily reliant on attack speed, and that makes frozen heart such a great item. You also benefit tons from the mana you get from the item because wukong has a low mana pool, and this makes you a lot more flexible. It is also a great item if the enemy has 2+ blade of the ruined king's, because instead of investing money into health (blade of the ruined king deals % maximum health damage on-hit), you spend your money on lowering the efficiency on the enemy champions' items.
    the only reason you would buy this item, is if they have adc's that are "auto attack only" type champions (not spell-based adc's like corki, lucian, miss fortune etc). The gold effiency in this item is on about 90% without the passive taken into account, so you really need to think this buy through before you get it!
    If you're struggling early against attack damage oriented champions (skirmishing with the enemy jungler, having problems with early grouping) this is a good buy. It toughens you up a lot, and paired with your passive your armor increase will be very high in the early-mid stage of the game.
    Very solid item overall now, even if they only have one AP threat because the shield has been turned into a flat amount, which reads absorbs up to 75 (+15 per level) - good shit.
    If you haven't built this item early and you're fullbuilt, sell your warrior enchantment and buy this if you have randuin's or locket to get the improved active effect (Because it stacks with health)
    A really good item that negates a lot of damage whenever the shield pops. Allows you to go really ham.
    This item has risen to power with a lot of AD based "burst" junglers such as Kha´Zix, Pantheon and Wukong. It is a perfectly fine item to build if you are ahead and snowball correctly.

The item goal set into this build guide is to be able to carry as much dead-weight as possible, and therefore this build is pretty aggressive. If your team is doing well and you don't need damage but a frontline, going a bit tanky would be the beneficial factor in the game.

This is all situational, you need to look to improve your build path every game and differ, if only by just an item, when it is appropriate. It will up your winratio, believe me!

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  • Alistar
  • Amumu
  • Blitzcrank
  • Diana
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Gragas
  • Jarvan IV




Medium to hard.

Alistar has a headbutt that can abolish your all in potential completely, by screwing up your ultimate or zone you completely out of a fight. What you would want to do in order to not get awkwardly headbutted out as soon as you ult or right before, is to make sure you go in when alistar isn't properly positioned. If he does manage to headbutt you out, cancel your ult and go straight back in with your EQ. Presence is better than no presence.




Shouldn't be too big of a deal. He has a weaker impact on the game than 62.png in the early stages of the game, and the damage scaling makes him so much better than this crying little 32.png ever could be.

Be aware of counterganks, as they can work out pretty nicely in his favor.




If there is an enemy blitzcrank in their midst, rejoice, cry out of happiness. 

He gives you a free VIP flight pass to their team, it's flashy as well. Simply click your monkeykingdecoy.png after landing. Thank you for flying FreeloExpress with Blitzcrank.
If you don't want the VIP flight pass, simply click your monkeykingdecoy.png and hide behind it.
 rocketgrab.png QQ blitzcrank




Hard to medium

131.png is the kind of champion that can build as much AP as she want, and still be a tough bastard. Her ability to trade well with AD champions due to her passive and still have a skillset that deal tons of damage makes her a tough match for 62.png. Don't underestimate her ability to skirmish with you. I recommend getting 3714.png to negate her damage and win skirmishes.




Hard to medium

60.png is pretty much Like 131.png, that can deal a lot of damage through auto attacks because of her spiderlings, and the attack speed steroid combined with the spell vamp she gains from her eliseW.png (spider form version, skittering frenzy) makes her a tough jungler. Block eliseE.png with your monkeykingdecoy.png.

rush 3714.png into 3155.png, and you will probably win the early game against her (if you're lucky or outplay her) - as long as you snowball harder, you're good to go.




Medium to easy

I'll give her that much, the evelynnpassive.png (passive)  of "hey I was standing behind you all this while" is pretty annoying, but that's pretty much all there is to it. She have pressure, but you can enter and leave lanes as you like. Just don't overstay or overcommit to a gank, because you never know where this punisher might be lurking.
She has fallen off a bit as of late, since her evelynnW.png now costs 40 mana, but it's not a huge deal.

3155.png is very efficient against her early game.




Skill based matchup.

He is the kind of jungler that can help you out a lot if he screws up, but he can fuck you over pretty hard if he actually knows what he is doing. 

His gragasexplosivecask.png is pretty annoying, because it can zone you out of a fight completely! But it can also grant you a VIP pass, just like FreeloExpress steampowered by Blitzcrank would.

Don't worry to much about the trades, but don't underestimate his damage. Full tank gragas has high base damage.

Nerf Irelia pls.


Jarvan IV


Medium to hard.

His pizza dunkslam might just ruin you as you try to cyclone your enemies to death, and he has the superior damage in the early to mid-stage of the game.

If you're having issues with him, build an early 3082.png

Who am I? Back to Top

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone reading my guide! Best luck on the fields of justice.

Okay, back to business. My IGN is Terrible Nidalee and I reside on the sever of EUW 
(because everyone knows that EU is bigger than NA)

I peaked D2 in season 5, and I am currently ranked Diamond 5 in season 6, and you probably have heard the statement faker made sometime during season 5,  where he said:
"You know, Diamond 5 is the new challenger and challenger is more like bronze now. Maybe I´m just good."

No hard feelings guys, I´m joking.

I´m a jungle main, but not a 62.png main.

As you can see, I have a mere 12 games played this season. So what I am saying and basing my guide off is not based on superior game knowledge through a lot of games, but because I believe what I am saying does work!

I do have some Wukong games on a lower ELO account, where I have tested this build out quite a lot.

Now there is a difference between playing with people at the same skill level as I am, and when I play with lower ranked players. But the build efficiency still holds ground because it has helped boost both my win percentage and KDA, because it is really powerful. 
Now it has to be said that even though I am a diamond 5 player, I am nowhere near good, or close to high ELO, but I manage to close games down when I have a lead, and I manage to play well from behind in lower ELO. 
You might be thinking "but he´s diamond 5, lower league is super easy for him" - but quite on the contrary. The higher you get, the more you co-operate with your team. And in lower leagues it´s quite the opposite You have to carry the game by yourself to achieve a high win ratio. And that´s not necessarily an easy thing to do. I know people higher ranked that me that find it troublesome to close down games, and it is. 

I think this build provides the power and toughness to carry the game even after throws and if you have an unfortunate team. You just need to know how to itemize this way, and to do it correctly every game.You don´t necessarily need tons of game knowledge, map awareness. 
A lot starts with building your items correctly, and it is a huge part of understanding the game.

So why do what my guide tells you?

Don´t. Just get inspired. 

Simple tips & tricks. Featuring: Pathing, Clearing, Ganking. Back to Top

Clearing & Pathing in the jungle.

First I would like to explain the importance of pathing correctly when you jungle. By pathing the right way in the jungle, you save a lot of time and earn more gold. Remember to clear buffs as soon as you can for the response to be as close as humanly possible, to get more buffs through the game! 

the solo clear:

On RED side:
Start gromp. Smite it at once to gain the poison armor application to deal more damage to attackers. 
Then proceed to blue buff.
Then proceed to murk wolves.
Now you have 2 choices if you are on low health.
Choice #1: You can recall after clearing only bottom side jungle, leaving you with just enough money to upgrade your jungle item. This will leave you with the 30 gold bonus, which is the positive thing, but the downside is that your red buff will stay up for longer and you will not be able to buy any health potions or wards. Huge downside.
Choice #2: If you are low on health (200-250) you can walk over to red buff and smite it for the heal bonus from smite and proceed to kill raptors. Then you recall and buy your first item-set (this would typically give you chilling smite, 1 green ward and 1-2 health potions). If you are a bit healthier (300-350) you can proceed to red buff, smite it for the heal bonus and then kill it. If you have enough HP for one more camp, go for that, but if not, recall and get your first item-set.
If you don´t have any health management issues:
Proceed to raptors. Remember to kill the small ones first as they deal the most damage.
Proceed to red buff, remember to save your smite for this buff because you will regain a mass amount of health.
Proceed to drugs if you have enough HP. If not, recall and get your first item set. (jungle upgrade, wards and health potions) Then start over from bottom to top for the best efficiency. Look for ganks through pushed lanes, unwarded lanes and how the enemy lanes play out.

On BLUE side: 
Start krugs. Smite them for the "gift of heavy hands" which is a stun that will proc every 5 autos.
Proceed to red buff.
Proceed to Raptors.
Now you are presented with 2 choices if you are on low health. AGAIN.
Choice #1: You can recall after clearing only bottom side jungle, leaving you with just enough money to upgrade your jungle item. This will leave you with the 30 gold bonus, which is the positive thing, but the downside is that your red buff will stay up for longer and you will not be able to buy any health potions or wards. Huge downside.
Choice #2: If you are low on health (200-250) you can walk over to blue buff and kill it with smite, it does not hit too hard. If you are a bit healthier (250-350) you can proceed to kill wolves and then blue, and choose to smite whichever you feel comfortable with smithing. Then you back and get your first item-set (jungle upgrade, wards, health potions)

If you don´t have any health management issues:
Proceed to wolves.
Proceed to blue buff.
Proceed to gromp. remember to use your smite on group as it hits pretty hard. 
Then recall and get your first item-set (jungle upgrade, wards, health potions)

The most efficient way to do the initial clear in the jungle in higher and in the competetive, would be through a simple double jungle process with your top laner. I am going to explain how to do so now, and the benefits the double jungle process brings to the table:

#1: Have your top laner come to X buff before 1:40
- Start Blue buff on red side
- Start Red buff on blue side
#2: Let the bottom lane kill X camp, give them a smite leash.
- Smite Gromp on red side
- Smite Krugs on blue side
#3: Then proceed to the buff after you have smited the camp, and let the top laner tank all the incoming damage.
#4: You will take the big jungle monster, and let the top laner take the small ones.
#5: Repeat the same process on the next camp. Take big jungle monster, let top laner get small ones.
- Murk wolves on red side
- raptors on blue side
#6: Your top laner is now done jungling with you. He will recall and TP top. You have now cleared your entire bottom side, and have full health and 2 health potions. Voila. 
To summarize: Let bottom lane get one camp, help them with a smite. Then do 2 camps with top laner, a buff camp and a small camp. You´re done double jungling, and you have full health and 2 health potions.
#7: Clear the rest of your jungle on top side, and then recall to get your first item-set (upgraded jungle item, wards and pots)

Now be aware that especially in lower elo top laners will not know how to do a double jungle process, so you would either need to explain it to them or leave it be. The effort you have to put into this in lower elo is not going to make it a rewarding double jungle.

Now that we have talked about initial clear and the two variants of doing so, I would like to discuss the ways of clearing efficiently, saving as much health as possible.
The first thing you can practice and do to save you health is to kite the camp you are attacking.
What is kiting?
 Kiting is when you walk backwards inbetween your auto attacks, and thus reducing the amount of auto attacks the jungle camp will successfully hit on you, but you will still inflict as much damage if you do it properly. This is very easy to do once you have 3 points in your monkeykingnimbus.png because you will have enough attack speed to attack, walk back, attack, walk back without being hit. Saves you a lot of health!

monkeykingdecoy.png THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL ABILITY IN YOUR KITmonkeykingdecoy.png

To efficiently jungle with 62.png you need to use your monkeykingdecoy.png correctly.
Tag/attack a jungle camp. Once the monster almost have completed his auto attack animation, use your monkeykingdecoy.png. This will cause the jungle monster to reset his auto attack animation, and attack your decoy. It will do so a second time, and when your decoy disappears it will reset its auto attack again. That´s 3 auto attacks absorbed by your decoy, which makes you save 150-200 health! That´s a lot.

The basic combo you use when you clear without having to worry about mana issues, is to activate your monkeykingdoubleattack.png, jump to the camp with your monkeykingnimbus.png, auto attack to apply your monkeykingdoubleattack.png and then cancel the first camp auto attack with your monkeykingdecoy.png. Rinse and repeat! 

monkeykingdecoy.png THE ULTIMATE GANKING TOOL IN YOUR KIT monkeykingdecoy.png

Now when it comes to ganking, Wukong is a solid ganker. Use your monkeykingdecoy.png to get close to the enemy laner. If you´re close enough to use Q and auto attack, save E to finish the player off, or wait for them to use summoner spells.
Level 2: OK ganks, little damage. You have your gap closer, and you want to use monkeykingdecoy.png to get closer to the laner without them noticing you. (use it from fog of war and run towards the enemies)
Level 3-6: Decent ganks. Now you have better damage with your monkeykingnimbus.pngmonkeykingdoubleattack.png combo. 
Level 6+: Amazing ganks, espescially on bottom lane. You don´t have to save your monkeykingnimbus.png for their flashes now, since you have your monkeykingspintowin.png, which you´ll want to use as soon as you jump onto them.Extreme momumentum if you use
 monkeykingdecoy.pngmonkeykingnimbus.png correctly as a gap closer.

monkeykingdecoy.pngTHE ULTIMATE TEAM FIGHT PICKER TOOL monkeykingdecoy.png

This is also a great tool to pick your own team fights, by using your monkeykingdecoy.png to get close to them and initiate in a whoopin-dhoopin style where you catch them off-guard!

A simple & solid introduction to Wukong. [Video] Back to Top

This video is made and belongs to Nightblue3, I don't take any credit for his work, but I do credit it. A LOT. 
He is a great coach, and everything he explains in this video is spot-on, on how to play 62.png
Check out his youtube profile at
You can also catch him streaming on twitch at
You should also check out his facebook:

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