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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png + 11.png: Basic Standart for Wukong. You should use this in most cases. As much as your W+E combo is lethal, you REALLY wanna hit your ult into their carries and escape if things go south.

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Masteries Back to Top

Well, after trying out every possible mastery set for Wukong, i think these are the best.

Let me explain the most important ones: 



Spellcaster: Having more Damage on your Skills is better than Attack Speed. You also already have a bonus on your E.

Double Edged Sword: As Wukong, you have the tools to give damage without taking as much damage. 3% more damage is what we need.

Vampirism: Any extra sustain we might get is good. Also, Wukong excels at Early/Mid-Game, so you shouldn't take a Mastery for late game. It also gives you less than it should.

Oppressor: After playing alot, i find Oppressor better for Wukong. The raw 2% more damage will apply on your red and your ult. You'll be able to make more earlier in the game.



Savagery: Despite you might me thinking this is useless for the low extra damage it gives, 3% more movement speed out of combat also is. Again, we're taking this for our weak first run on Jungle.

Runic Affinity: Forget all other 2. Red Buff is your BEST FRIEND for Ganking Pre-6. Blue is also good since you use alot of mana. 

Merciless: Because we want them pretty dead.

Dangerous Game: You remember that one time you stayed alive burning with ignite because you got an assist? Well, thank this Mastery. You would be surprise on how this is strong and how many times this saved me.

Intelligence: This combined with out special runes will make you start with 20% CDR. With 45% CDR your ULT will have 45 sec Cooldown. You might ult twice in the same teamfight if people extend it. IT'S BROKEN.

Thunderlord Decree: Somewhat nerfed on the window time to proc and cooldown, but isn't a problem because we're in jungle, not lane, and we still proc it very fast and reliably because of our kit. Even with the buffs on other abilities i still think this is stronger than Fervor of Battle, even why the 45% mastery is on the Cunning tree. I only would choose Fervor of Battle if playing toplane. 

Abilities Back to Top

monkeykingnimbus.png - You're Maxing your E First. Crushing Blow is your main Gap Closer and Fight Starter. Also, your main skill for jungle clearing.


monkeykingdecoy.png - Your Juking/Ganking main tool. Keep and mind that there are games you'll want to max this before your Q. Why? Because your decoy is very useful for blocking skill shots and to run away from trouble. If you're losing / there is a Blitzcrank/Thresh/Xerath or anyone you can block a strong CC Spell with it, don't hesitate on maxing it.


monkeykingdoubleattack.png - You're best AD Scaling Spell! As you may know, your Q lowers your enemy Armor, so, whenever you can, use your Q before your combo (E+R). Most of time your enemy won't let you do that. If so, use your E+Q+R combo.


monkeykingspintowin.png - Ah.... one of the best skills in the whole game!  Very useful for ganking and a destroyer for teamfights. Aim for their carries on teamfights and gank as soon as you have you ult up whenever you can. If you hit someone with your ult in a gank there is very little chance your enemy escape or react.

PRO TIP: You can cancel your ult by pressing R again. If you already hit everyone with it and your skills are already up, press R again and use your skills again. Your E+Q Combo does more damage than the full duration of your ult.  You can also cancel your ult and use your W to run away. Knowing when to cancel your ult is the key for the good Wukong players.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    After so many games in pre-season i think this is the best start for us. Refillable Potion is cool, but doesn't give us the sustain we need on our first run. Also, forget Hunter's Potion: you will only need 2-3 more Pots thoughout the game. Talisman is alot better than Machete because of the lifesteal. You'll make your first run on the jungle and still have almost 100% hp after smiting red, so you might start ganking and get some kills.
    Boots as soon as you feel you need to be 'omnipresent'. =P
    After playing alot, i decided making this item BEFORE finishing the jungle item. And guess what? It's alot better. You'll pack almost twice as the damage you would with your finished level 2 jungle item. Nevermind the extra mana. Talisman will probably keep your mana pool ok.
    Helps alot with ganking, now 50 gold less expensive! Go for it after the Hammer, as i said above.

Core Items

    It gives you 60 AD plus 10% CDR and Riot didn't nerf it? Oh... they made it 50 gold cheaper?.... it's definitely your first item.
    Black Cleaver makes your Armor Pen even most effective. Your ult will proc it twice every single second, making your teammates kill whoever you hit even faster. It also makes you a little more 'tanky' by giving you some HP.
    Go for Ionian ASAP for the cheesy cheap CDR + 10% Summoner Spells CDR. It's BROKEN!
    Well, some people like Youmuu more than others. The fact is: it is now a cheap way to get good Armor Pen with a monstrous SEXY AD Boost. It's active also helps you into reaching their carries/escaping problems.
    Ok. Hydra/Tiamat is a bit cheaper now. It is giving so much AD, and it's one of the best thing you could get to help erase people. If you managed to get enough gold to make Tiamat/Vampiric Scepter in one buy, go for it and you'll finish it quickly enough.
    Now giving more AD, Lifesteal and cheating 15% of the damage taken for your future Wukong. Still not a core item, but might be trully interesting to try. I'll update as soon as i try.
    If you're getting into Drakathar and Black Cleaver, you should skip Ionian Boots for Mobi Boots (If you're really needed to gank all lanes), Mercury (If an APC is fed or they have lots of CC), Swiftness (If they have lots of Slow) or Tabi (If they have a Tryndamere or Jax)
    Forget anything i said before: This is the second item you'll make. It will give you a truckload of damage and all other stuff we need. Make it as soon as you finish your jungle item and watch them melt.

Situational Items

    Wanna make your enemy shows up on Milk Boxes? Go for these. If you're ahead, you're guaranteed to erase AT LEAST 2/3 of your enemies. Both gives you a load of AD and sustain on both HP and Mana. Try it one day =P
    Any AP Giving you Trouble? Choose Visage/Veil. Go for visage if their AP have sustained damage/there are 2 APC. Veil for burst.
    Any AD annoying you? Go for these. Frozen Heart also helps you with your Mana Pool Problem. Sterak is just too awesome, no need to explain.
    OP Build i trully recomend you make. One of these days i did such a great game... we won 4x5 and i finished 21/8/18. Gives you a load of good things while making you somewhat tanky. Don't forget finishing Maw of Malmortius for the extra passive on low HP, and the stronger shield.
62.png Wukong is a GOD because it works well many ways. It's a very adaptable champion and will work on most ways you try it.

I'll just let things clear here and state he's MEANT to be play as an assassin. He's so good into erasing people and leaving that being a tank it's just trashing it's potential.

Only go tank if your team needs a tank. Play him well and you erase/leave before your enemy can even react.

Matchups Back to Top

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You do pretty much everything better than him. Just be aware for counter ganks as he haves 2 lives. (Try not focusing him)




Depends on how good enemy Amumu is. His infinite load of CC tends to wreck you if you go for assassin. Try to make more than he on early game and make everyone on your team strong, so he'll have problem focusing only one of them.

You also don't 1x1 him. 

You have a great chance of shutting him down if you steal his blue/kill him while he's making it. (Depends on what team you are.)




No one uses this guy on jungle anymore... you do more than him on pretty much anything. If you can make he use his ult on your clone, you pretty much won the trade.




You do alot more than she.
Your ganks pre and post 6 are better than her's.

At some point, she's able to erase people on your team... finish the game before this happens.


Dr. Mundo


Mundo is broken right now... he'll become a problem in your game at some point. Try finishing the game as soon as you can.




Ekko jungle is good, but not much popular anymore. If enemy Ekko is good, you should have a good Rival.




If enemy Elise is good, there's a chance it will break the game before you do. Elise ganks are so much strong pre-6... watch out to help your teammates before she destroys all lanes.

Watch out on your own jungle, since she might invade you on your first run.

There's also the possibility she's not good... so, try your best and show them who's the boss.




Again, depends on how skilled Evelynn actually is. Eve is a bit unpopular now because of the new price on pink wards.

Be aware on your jungle, and try putting as much pressure as she on early game.




Depends on how good he is.

He might be a trouble. Your ult is very useful for cancelling his W.

He'll use his W to sustain while ulting before he can buy a zhonya, if you cancel it, your team will be able to kill him fast.




Unless your team mess it up really hard. It's a easy game for you.




He's ganks are somewhat hard to escape.

So are yours.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan is in a pretty bad spot right now.
Most Jarvans i've seen are these type of guys that only plays one champion and so, played really well.

Don't worry with this matchup if you're bellow Diamond.




Jax is useless on jungle.

He's a monster on top, but on jungle, he's pretty shit.

He'll take much time to buy it's itens, and when he does, he's behind everyone in level.

Finish the game before he can become a problem.




Again, only a problem if your team mess it up.

His gank pre-6 are not good.

He also does have huge problem on surviving the jungle.


Lee Sin


There's 4 types of Lee Sins.

1 - The one who think he just won the game by invading you at Level 2 (Noob)
2 - The one who is already ganking at level 3, and getting the first blood while you are making your Blue Buff (PRO)
3 - The one who thinks Lee Sin is Shyvana and keeps farming until the games end (Noob)
4 - The one who gets all the kills but can't carry because Lee Sin is garbage (Noob)

If you're facing a number 2, or even worse, a combination of 1 and 2. Well. Game over for you...

But these are RARE even in upper Diamond. So chill.

I give tips for facing Lee below, read them =)




You do alot more than him pre-6.
Once he reach 6, it's basically who does the best ult in a teamfight.




Not popular anymore. Used to be a good jungler...


Master Yi


Your master!

You can wreck him even if he's fed.

Just try not letting him get TOO fed. Because them, he's a trouble.

You still have CC to stop him. 




People are not using him on jungle anymore, since Riot weakened Tanky Jungle Itens.




By it's winrate, Nidalee is bad on jungle now.

Unless Riot makes something to fix this, you shoudn't worry about she now.




He might invade you Level 2, you should watch for it.

Unless you messed up and you're really low HP doing your camp, he won't kill you because he Only have his Q and W.

If he calls their midlaner, then you're fucked.

In general, he's not much a problem until level 6.

Then he's a walking Counter-Jungler and a Surprise Buttseeker. D=

Watch out.




Annoying match up.

A good Shaco will wreck the game.

You're alot better on teamfights than him TBH.

Matchups Back to Top

You should really stop worrying about matchups. If your enemy jungler play better than you, it should win regardless of it's champion.

You should only worry about junglers that potentially will try to invade you on starting levels (Lee Sin, Shaco, Pantheon) because you'll be low on life until you go back for better items.

If you're facing one of these junglers, be random. If you're playing on red (Upper) ask your botlane for a leash on blue. When they come to your jungle, you'll be already at wolves or skip to Chickens/Red.

If on blue team, ALWAYS start on red. If your botlane isn't willing to help you at red, DON'T EVER SMITE THE ROCK CAMP. The passive won't help you at all (You'll mess it up with your W, using your clone while they are stuned. Believe me. IT WILL HAPPEN) and you will hardly survive red.

The Secrets! Back to Top

Hi! I'm Kirby, and a Diamond V player on Brazilian LOL. I started playing on the start of Season 4, and jumped from Silver (Season 4) to Diamond V (Season 5) playing some champions. My most played champion is Wukong. Now, i have 5000 + Lolskill Points with it, plus 2 Stars + Lightning on OP.GG (Which warns of my skill level with the champ.) With 157 games this Season and 57% Winrate! I think my Winratio could be alot better, and i'll watch for it on the next season.

Wukong is one of the best champions you could get for climbing elos. It works godlikely on lower elo, and still good on upper ones (Plat/Diamond).

You might take some time to learn it's secrets, but once you do, you'll be deadly!

Hope you have as much fun as i do with this little guy! =D

Tank Wukong vs Assassin Wukong Back to Top

This is a hard question.
For me, tank Wukong is useless.

There are some champions that i think the same, Wukong and Pantheon are the main ones.
Whenever you got a AD Caster (Specially the ones with high mana consumption), i really think you should go for damage, or else, you will waste all your mana and make no damage at all. 

A good Wukong player will be able to kill high priority enemy squishy and leave without letting them catch you, if he haves enough CDR.

A good Pantheon player will use it's shield passive to allow more time on combat, aside from stuning high damage enemies.

It might be my style of playing, but i just really hate building tank with these 2.

This was my final rush to Diamond V, notice the only game i lost was the one i rushed tank itens (And, even funnier, the one i most died):


Lets Play! (Jungling) Back to Top


Started RED (Upper Side)

-> Ask for your Botlane to Leash Blue
- If there's a Shaco/Lee on the enemy team, just say to them you need to start blue to don't get invaded.
- If they aren't willing to leash blue, ward behind blue at 1:25 and start Gromp.
- Use your Smite on whatever you started first (Gromp or Blue)
- Go Blue Buff and start running your 2 Pots (Avoid being low health on your jungle)
- Go for Red (Check for your Smite, you need it up to smite and gain some HP back). If you made Gromp + Blue and you still have more than 60% of your HP, you may try to gank.
- If you started Blue, you can make Red Buff with your Smite after making Wolves and go for Gank.
- Try to keep your jungle clear and make map pressure on whoever playing dumb on the other team.

Started BLUE (Lower Side)

- Same Thing as Above, except it's easier to make blue buff if you start red.



Remember there are camps easier and hards and you should be aware of their difficult depending on much HP you have.

Wolves are the easier to make. They do low damage and are easy to kill. Kill the smaller wolves first and then the bigger one for the optimal clear.

Chickens are the second easier to clear. They give more damage though. Kill the smaller ones and then go for the big one to take less damage.

Blue is the third easier to make. They give low damage but are a bit tanky. Kill the bigger one first to take less damage.

Gromp is somewhat annoying to kill. He's tanky, does good damage and attacks fast.

Rocks are annoying. They nerfed it's damage but still a little hard to make on early levels. Don't go for it unless you have AT LEAST 50% HP. Kill the bigger one first to take less damage.

Red is tough. The only good thing is that smiting it gives you some HP. Always be aware for the second Red. I've lost the count on how many times people died to it on lower elos... try to make it only if you have a smite. Kill the bigger one first to take less damage.


Wukong had a few secrets on it's jungle cleaning.

Level 1:

You will start with a point on your E. Always. 

Autoattack and use your E on the camps (Use your E as a AA Reset). Your E gives you Bonus Attack Speed, so you're using it as much as you can.
As much as you can make every jungle camp alone, you should ask for leash, so you might only go B when you have enough Gold for your next item.

If your Botlane are Ok, skip Gromp/Rocks and start on Red/Blue. It will make a better run on jungle.


Level 2:

Now you should give a point into your W.

Now here's the secret: You'll use your W to tank as much as possible in the jungle. How? Start a camp Autoattacking and using your E. As soon as the camp minion try to attack you, use your W and go behind them. If you time it correctly your W should tank 3 attacks. Be behind or at least not so close to your clone so the camp will attack it while it's dissapearing. Try to learn this tactic on a custom game. This is the difference from a GOD Wukong to a lame one. Every single HP you can save will help you to be more present in game and less time on your base.


Level 3:

Go for Q now. If you put 2 points on E you will be only able to gank on level 4 (For the sake of god, don't gank with 2 skills)

New skill, new AA reset. Autoattack, press Q and then E + W for the optimal jungling.


Level 6:

Keep putting points on your E until you reach 6. As soon as you hit it, use it for ganking. Try to gank as soon as you get your ult up.

Your ult is one of the most useful ganking tools in the game. Use it as much as you can!

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