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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Typically as a top laner you want to take teleport so you can be there for objectives and follow your opponent if he decides to go for a teleport play. Also helps you survive early against harder matchups by resetting your health. pretty basic stuff.

Ignite is a choice when you are confident you are going to get a kill early and also boosts your assassination potential late game. Also to deal with champs like vladimir 8.png and mundo 36.png  

Do i really need to explain this?

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the mastery page i've ended up with.



Thunderlord maximazes your burst pontential and blends in perfectly with your 
basic laning trade combo (monkeykingnimbus.png --> AA --> monkeykingdoubleattack.png --> monkeykingdecoy.png

Fervor of Battle reason you don't touch this keystone because it does nothing to contribute to your ultimate damage or assassination potential, its only use is in the early game where you do heavy autoattack trades and thats also the point where this mastery is the weakest.

Double edged sword vs Feast

You could take feast for laning due to Wukong laking any sort of sustain but it of course comes at a cost of this other strong mastery.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor

I left out Oppressor since it really doesn't help you solo kill, your only CC is in your ult and it only lasts 1 second. Meanwhile Bounty Hunter can give you double the benefit if you've been busy killing people.

Secret Stash vs Assassin

It's your choice like with the Feast, it helps your solo assassinations but i think Secret Stash is too valuable to give up due to wukongs lack of sustain and relying solely on potions.

Abilities Back to Top

Makes you tankier than average assassin and also makes your bonus health very effective, probably the thing that trick people into building him as a tank.

Works primarily as autoattack reset, so always try to use it as such, exept sometimes when initiating a teamfight when you need to ult as fast as possible. Extra armor shred is very nice at later ranks so it's very beneficial to use it at the start of your combo. Also if enemy gets too close be sure to slap em with this due to the extra range it provides.

Kinda the ability that separates experienced Wukongs from the new ones. It's the ability that wins most of your trades in the laning phase. Most people are not gonna be fooled by your decoy but when timed correctly they are going to burn cooldowns on it accidentally. 1.5 second stealth is also also your main tool to sneak in for a surprise ultimate. Keep in mind that when you use decoy it pushes you few units forward to the direction you are currently facing, a minimal point but it can help you to get that small inch you need to get that last autoattack off to finish an enemy or even get out from jarvan ult jarvanivcataclysm.png when hugging the wall. It can also be used to block skillshots, mad bush juketzzzz and generally conceal your movement, utility of this skill is immence.

Gap closer that hits decently hard, the extra attack speed it provides means you don't need attack speed items thus making you decently strong duelist. Thats the reason you max this skill first. AoE damage it deals also synergises with your ultimate for more AoE burst.

The godspin, the reason you pick Wukong. 440% AD ratio, hello? Obviously hits insanely hard when you are building damage. The knock up is really strong since it guarantees atleast 2 ticks of damage which is minimum of 220% AD ratio. The knock up is also very useful to fend off any melee peelers trying to stop you when assassinating someone. It's crucial though to remember to slap your target with monkeykingdoubleattack.png whenever possible for the armor shred. During the cyclone Wukong also gains 5% move speed every half a second up to 40% which helps you catch up escaping enemies or retreating.  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Hyper aggessive

Core Items

    Absolute core.
    Mostly swiftness, treads for heavy CC
    U gonna get this almost always
    Don't forget to upgrade

Situational Items

    Super mega funtime
    Magic resist option.
    Pure defence options
    Most common final build
    Laning power

Starting items

It's never a bad idea to start with this since wukong has quite a bit of mana problems early. I almost always get this. Remember to to use the burn effect on this potion though or you won't get the maximum value from this item.

Hyper aggessive start, when you are looking for lvl 1-4 all in firstblood. Works best with ignite.

If you're strugling a bit in lane don't hesitate to grab doran's or 2.


Absolute core. 
Try to get them in this order. Tiamat for extra burst and waveclear. Ghostblade for that valuable armor pen and extra movespeed to let your decoy stealth carry you further for sneak ultimates. Upgrade hydra when you see fit, though it usually after ghostblade.

Swiftness boots are going to be your pick up most games for extended stealth range and maneuvering your ultimate. However against overbearing CC treads are nice to have.

Obviously very potent item on Wukong. Extra health synergises with your passive to give you significant boost to your survivability, cooldown reduction doesn't hurt and small movespeed buff during your ultimate is also pretty sick. The armor shred though is more suited when you are aiming for their frontline and is not for pure burst damage.

Situational options

Only time would really get this in a ranked game would be if I was really fed. OR against teams that lack frontline to replace Black Cleaver since that item is more suited against tanky oponents.

Really good when enemy team has atleast 2 AP damage sources and even if not it might still be a good buy. The shield soaks up usually decent amount of damage and you can never have enough armor pen with this champ.

Defensive options

Usually when lategame swings around you are going to get one of these items, not to tank for your team but to stay alive while you are assassinating someone and to survive for the full cast of your ultimate.

The most common one, extra movespeed helps you get into teamfights, on a side note also adds minimally to your burst dmg.

Replace Dead Man's Plate when facing champions like yasuo157.png or alot of crit damage in general.

A really good Thresh with pink wards or something else blocking you from reaching their backline, this is a decent pick up.

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Candidate for longsword lvl 1 cheese. She can't really beat you in trades unless she hits both parts of her Q ahriorbofdeception.png, but that's relatively easy to avoid. Play especially aggressive before lvl 6 since she has no way to escape from you. You can avoid her E ahriseduce.png with your decoy by jumping on her and using it when you think it's her E gonna come out and juke to the side of back so it hits your decoy.




shouldn't be too big of a problem. The early levels are annoying but is a prime target for lvl 1 longsword cheese. After that just try avoid his soldiers while farming and look to jump on him immediately after he uses hes Q azirQ.png since he can't use it then to kite you. Try to kill him before he hits lvl 6 because it becomes pretty much impossible to kill him after that without flashing over his wall, unless he underestimates your burst and dies before he can use it.




Not that hard to trade with early but it only gets worse and worse over time. If he keeps building damage and disregards defence, it might keep him squishy enough to to die to your burst at lvl 6. Optimal trade is to bait him into using his Wdariusnoxiantacticsonh.png to your clone and then dodging the blade part of his Qdariuscleave.png. Best way to usually do this is to monkeykingnimbus.png -->AA monkeykingdecoy.png and decoy right away. If you mess up avoiding both his abilities you might actually end up having to flash out or even die. You can't make mistakes against this guy.




I haven't seen her once after the constant nerfs shes been getting so she shouldn't be that big of problem anymore. Mostly a skill matchup, you both have a defensive cooldown that wins a trade when timed correctlyfiorariposte.pngmonkeykingdecoy.png. You can choose to block her lunge fioraq.png with decoy monkeykingdecoy.png by using it and moving opposite direction you think the attack is coming from, since it prioritizes nearest champion and decoy is considered a champion. Your other decoy monkeykingdecoy.png option is to time it when shes making second hit of her Efioraflurry.png since its always a critical hit. Avoid using monkeykingnimbus.png at max range because she will see it coming and can block your most damaging ability with her Wfiorariposte.png. It's good thing to always keep her riposte in mind, if she misses her timing and blocks nothing you should have no trouble winning this lane.




Might a bit annoying with his Qparley.png poke. Just sit in a nearest bush unless he wards it and peek out when you need to last hit or hes about to barrel itraisemorale.png. You win trades easily if he uses his passivegangplankpassive.png on your decoy which is very easy to bait using 

monkeykingnimbus.png-->monkeykingdecoy.png trick. Many gangplanks use their ultimatecannonbarrage.png to influence the map and if he does, it leaves him very vulnerable to your all in. The only way you can lose this lane if you collect too much free Q and barrel poke, which can be a bit harder to avoid against good GP.




Mostly skill match up. If you can dodge her stunireliaequilibriumstrike.png with you decoymonkeykingdecoy.png you destroy her in trades. Like with Darius easiest way to do this is to monkeykingnimbus.png -->AA--> monkeykingdecoy.png if you are roughly around same health. Once she catches on what you are doing you need to start mixing up your timings, maybe even use decoy immediately after monkeykingnimbus.png. At lvl 6 the one who has gold advantage usually wins the all in, unless you really outplay her.




Kinda your only window to kill this guy is before first recall before he gets 2 billion armor and becomes a brick wall. The autoattack slow on his E landslide.png shuts down your ability to do long autoattack trades and if you try to harass him with only with your abilities you run out of mana real quick. His ultimate bails him out from most jungle ganks too, so prepare for farmfest and look for teleganks somewhere else on the map.




ONLY HARD IF RIVEN KNOW WHAT SHES DOING. Pretty tricky matchup since your decoy isn't much help and should be used to juke her since all her abilities are AoE. Stay away from her if she has all her abilities up, especially her shieldrivenfeint.png. But riven players are usually very aggressive which gives you small openings to go in. Such are when she uses her shieldrivenfeint.png to get to you or she uses her knock upriventricleave.png on you and misses.

Her lvl 6 is very scary but if u decide to all in her run in circles around her when you use your ultimate for a chance that she misses her windslashrivenfengshuiengine.png 




Im really a fan of 1036.png2003.png start in this match up due to him being super weak early and you can bully him to no end even at lvl 1 or even get a kill. However if you fail to shut him down or get ganked this lane can easily get out of control once he gets items.




Ur fked kiddo. Your best bet is to just let him push in, wait for a jungle gank and farm what you can. You can only win trades against him early by baiting him to chomptrundleQ.png your decoymonkeykingdecoy.png. This might give you a very small window to kill him but even if you do he might still shit on you.




Same as ryze 1036.png2003.png can work criminally well early. He gets significantly harder once he gets items so try your best to get a lead early and you are in for an easy lane. Timing you decoymonkeykingdecoy.png to dodge hes Q vladimirtransfusion.png souldn't be too hard since most vlads throw it out as soon as they can. Just be careful when using your ult so that he doesn't just pool itvladimirsanguinepool.png.




LIKE WITH RIVEN THIS ONLY APPLIES IF YASUO IS GOOD! His really strong at early lvls against you (1-5). Your goal here is to survive to lvl 6 without dying and you have very high chance of killing him if he doesn't hit his knock up.

Introduction Back to Top

Hey, welcome to my first guide i've done and it happens to be about Wukong. What inspired me to make this brief and simple guide was the fact that so many people seem to think hes some sort of a tank or tanky bruiser. Why should i listen to this pleb? You ask. Well i'm currently diamond 1 on EUNE and have picked up Wukong consistently over the years when i see good oportunity to play him. I think i've played somewhere around 150-200 games total on Wukong. So i'm confidents i have enough experience to write a guide.

So what is Wukong then?

Wukong is an ASSASSIN based around strong AoE damage and iniation, both of which are rare qualities for an assassin. Your job is to pick a target (preferably squishy) and destroy it before their team knew what hit them (extra points if u can hit multiple people with your ult in the process). Building him as tank is a huge waste of his potential as a threat enemy has to actively deal with and lacks CC and utility to be a proper frontliner (no 1 second knock up isn't enough).

Pros and cons


-Strong iniation when executed properly
-Snowballs like crazy
-Fairly tanky for an assasin monkeykingpassive.png
-Very potent teamfighter
-Cyclonemonkeykingspintowin.png is a fantastic setup for AoE combos like orianadetonatecommand.pngyasuoR.pngufslash.png
-Burst damage can rival champions like Talon91.png or Zed238.png


-Has a hard time against strong tanky laners like 48.png58.png122.png
-As an all in champion he lacks escapes after commiting in to a fight.
-Pretty much useless if you fall behind.
-Has to flank in teamfights or catch the enemy by surprise by other means monkeykingdecoy.png4.png
-No ranged attacks to harrass or farm, so falling behind in lane can be devastating.

Laning (lvl 1-9) Back to Top

I would say the hardest part of Wukong. Wukong doesn't really trade that well against current meta champs without the good use of your decoy. That said you're mostly gonna play passive until lvls 3-4, once you unlock your decoy you can start performing your basic harrass combo monkeykingnimbus.png-->AA-->monkeykingdoubleattack.png-->monkeykingdecoy.png-->AA-->back off. Just be careful not dive directly into enemy minion line with monkeykingnimbus.png or you're gonna regret it. At lvl 6 you get your first big powerspike and start looking for kills more actively.

Midgame (lvl 10-16) Back to Top

At this point you should have completed your tiamat and ghostblade, which marks your next big powerspike. Assuming you are not terribly behind, you can or damn near can oneshot squishies like ADC and AP mid. Now is time to take that top lane turret and start roaming if you haven't already. In soloqueue the enemy team might not be completely aware that you are roaming and this is the best time to land those insane 3-4 man surprise ults when they are not expecting it to swing the game heavily to your favour. Like any assassin it's good to keep an eye out for squishies farming in the side lanes alone. Even if you think the side lanes are warded, with the movement speed from your swiftness boots and ghostblade, you can sometimes catch them even when running straight through the lane using your short stealth.

Late game/teamfights Back to Top

Late game if pretty straight forward. Teams are usually grouped up and sieging towers or threatening baron and occasionally someone leaves the group to clear sidelanes, which is a good time to catch them alone if you know you can take them on. Always keep your eyes on the minimap and keep tabs on where everyone is, last thing you wanna do is get caught.


Personally the reason why i pick Wukong. There's 2 main big ways you can play teamfights depending do you have a other initiator/tank in your team. You can follow up another players initiation or hard engage yourself 

Following up initiation (preferred way)

Optimally you want to wait in the backline or in a flanking position (might not work due to massive late game warding) and wait for your tank to initiate and use your decoy stealth to get to enemy carries and assassinate them. Sometimes you have to use flash4.png to reach the back line which is okay, the movement speed from ghostblade3142.png and Cyclonemonkeykingspintowin.png helps you catch carries even if they use gap closers to escape, that is if you just don't kill them outright with your burst. If you find yourself low HP after your first takedown, retreat to the outskirts of the fight and assist your team with hit n run burst damage using your decoy to avoid damage.

Hard engaging yourself/wombo combos

It's soloqueue so sometimes you find yourself in a team that doesn't have tank or another initiator. In this case you have to engage yourself, it's dangerous since you risk getting focused and killed before you can do anything too meaningful, thus it's way easier to do when your have a wombo combo in your hands like Oriannaorianadetonatecommand.png or YasuoyasuoR.png. You have to pick your timing VERY carefully do not even think to just walk up to them and jump in, you get locked down and killed. You have to surprise them like flashing over walls and coming in from weird angles, think like fiddlesticks9.png. You have to hit as many people on their team with your knockup as possible to avoid counter attack and retreat with the huge movement speed at the end of your ultimate before they destroy you. At this moment the fight most likely turns into a chaotic brawl and you can re-engage to your preferred target once your cooldows come back up.

Midkong Back to Top

Yes Wukong can work in the midlane against certain matchups but is mostly a cheese pick. Alot of immobile mages are vulnerable to your short cooldown gapcloser monkeykingnimbus.png and can't reliably avoid the full channel of your cyclone monkeykingspintowin.png. Wukong is also a really good roamer which is easy to do from midlane. Midlane allows you to pick ignite over teleport without sacrificing too much map presence boosting your lategame damage pretty nicely. Your build or playstyle doesn't really change when you go mid, exept you put roaming in the mix what you really couldn't do from toplane. As a cheese pick i often start mid with longsword 1036.png 2003.png to try cheese huge damage in at lvl 1 since a lot of mages can't do anything to it except run under their turret.

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