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2 years ago

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Most of the time I choose iginte over teleport or any summoner. Reason is the snowball potential Wukong has, if you manage to get few early kills you can take over the game yourself and ignite allows you to do that by having extra damage. Downside of ignite is that you have to make use of it by getting early kills otherwise your snowball potential is wasted and ignite is much more useless than teleport in late game. 


I would recommend teleport if you are new to wukong and have no idea about your damage potential or kit at all.
Teleport allows you to go back to lane faster and also help other lanes. Teleport is also way better in late game because you can split push and help teammate or flank enemies. Personally I would take teleport when Im facing hard matchup or Im playing more teamfocused game.


Always take flash!
It is your only real escape and makes teamfighting much easier by allowing to close distance more quickly to enemy carries. There is nothing else to say here.

Overall take ignite if you think you can snowball your lane and take teleport when you wanna play safe and focus more on teamplay.

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Ferocity tree:

1.Tier- Actually both Fury and Sorcery are fine since Wukong uses autoattacks alot in early stages of game and sorcery is also good since Wukong can spam spells quite alot as well.
2.Tier- I take First blood here cause I like to trade alot with enemy and having First Blood up after every 6 seconds is quite nice dmg boost. Feast is also fine if you like to play more passive and focus on surviving the lane.
3.Tier-Vamprisim is better here since it offer some kind of sustain while Natural Talent offers some low amount of ad and ap. While having some extra ad is nice but the ap is wasted since Wukong only has one ap scaling spell which is his utility skill as well.
4.Tier- I actually think all here are viable but I go for battle trance cause its safer in my opinion but it really comes down to preference.

Cunning tree:

1.Tier- Both are viable here. One helps with last hitting while other offers slightly faster roams so it really comes down to preference. For beginners I would recommend savagery due to easier last hitting.
2.Tier- Here you have 2 choices. Either biscuits or assassin. I use mostly biscuits because I most of the time start with corrupting potion and I like to use it alot so having extra healing is always good. Assassin is also fine, it helps you do more damage to your laner and helps with 1vs1 situations.
3.Tier- Always take merciless you dont need extra mana regen and extra damage is always nice to have.
4.Tier- Here I would take Greenfathers gift or dangerous game. Greenfathers gives you extra dmg when you come out of bush so try to abuse your lane bushes for extra damage. Dangerous game comes very helpful in clutch situations which is good for Wukong since I dont generally build tank on Wukong so I need every extra sustain I can get.
5.Tier- I like to go for precision here, since due lethality changes it becomes even better and I dont need extra 5% cdr either since Wukong abilites are quite low cd.
6.Tier- Here I take thunderlord no matter what in my opinion its the best keystone for Wukong since you can proc it quite easily and it adds quite a good punch to your combo.

About other keystones:

Warlord- Definetly no. It only provides minor sustain in lane and useless in teamfights since you mostly use your abilites for damage rather than autoattacks.

Fervor of battle- After changes to fervor its even more useless on Wukong. It might be useful during lane phase or if you are playing full tank but otherwise in my opinion its not that good since Wukong uses abilites for damage rather than autoattacks. Even though Wukong has auto attack reset and att speed buff I wouldnt still recommend it.

Deathfire touch- why did I even add this here?

Stormraiders Surge- You might think its good for Wukong since he can dish out alot of damage in short period of time which true but still I wouldnt take it. You can take it if you are used to it but I personally think having extra movement speed from phage,boots, ghostblade and ult is enoguh for you to stick to your targets. Also Wukong has quite low cooldown gap closer anyway. Still okay keystone for him but I really like to get as much damage as possible.

Windspeakers blessing- yes ask some banana juice from Soraka to heal your wounds.

Undying grasp- Eh quite weak keystone on Wukong since its only useful if you build tank and useful in laning phase since you dont autoattack much in teamfights to even proc it.

Colossus- Its good on tanks even after its nerfs but its not good because you have to have your ult to proc it in first place. So that means its useless for most of the laning phase and add to that Wukongs ult has quite high cd early game and without cdr you cant proc colossus that much with your ult. However getting that good dank ass shield is quite nice but its not worth sarcficing your laning phase and your damage.

Bond of stone- More like bond of useless. Only very few champs use it so ye nope.

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Stone skin:

Gives Wukong extra armor and magic resist depending how many champions are around you.
There is nothing much to explain its just okay passive for making you tankier than you look since having extra 40 armor and 40 mr is quite good despite not building tank in first place.


Crushing Blow:

This spell gives Wukongs next autoattack extra range and damage and as well shredding armor on the target who got hit by the spell.(since its autoattack it also applies on-hit effects like tiamat,life-steal,sheen and etc)

There is important to note that spell is also resets your autoattack timer. That means you can auto->Q->auto for extra damage thanks to the autoattack reset. This spell works also on turrets so you can use it to take down turrets faster and also help you with your last hitting. You can use it to harass enemy laner from extra distance if you dont want to get really close to your enemy. Reason why I max this 2nd is because dmg increase isnt that high and % precent armor shred increase isnt that good early on since most of tanks dont have alot of armor to shred.



Decoy makes Wukong invisble for short time while also leaving behind a clone which doesnt move or attack but instead disappears after short of time and aoe dmg around him.

Decoy is your only real utility spell. It can be used to escape, engage fights and outplay your enemies. Since invisibilty cant be anymore revealed by wards which means no longer gets your invis countered by enemy pink wards(well now they are called control wards), which is very helpful.

In laning you probably use decoy to escape ganks, eat skillshots or disengage after doing your rotation. Blocking skillshots is very helpful since you can trade your clone for enemy damaging spell which allows you to fight with enemy. Clone also confuses enemy alot, but beware smart enemys can see through your trick and you might end up wasting your clone.

In teamfights I use it to engage since having short invis time combined with ghostblade allows you to take enemy by suprise and possibily destroying them. That means if your engage fails you most likely die since you used clone for engage.

You can also trick  enemys by using stop command which makes your champ stand still and enemies might belive you used your clone. This can be very helpful since you can wait for your other cooldowns or even escape the enemy.

Also drops minion aggro from you.


Nimbus Dash:

Wukong dashes to target enemy, dealing damage to them while also damaging 2 nearby targets. Also grants Wukong attack speed buff for short duration.

This is your first spell what you are going to max. It does quite good damage and also is on short cooldown for a gapcloser. Attack speed is also nice since you can trade more autoattacks against your enemy allowing you to win trades. This spell offers a small waveclear as well which is nice. Attack speed boost can be used to take turrets down faster so always jump on minions when possible to get tower down faster with increased attack speed.
Can be used as an escape by jumping on other targets to get away like for example minions or jungle monsters.



This is your ultimate spell. This spell gives Wukong much needed power to win teamfights. Basically this spell makes Wukong spin dealing damage everything around and knocking enemies up. Lasts for about 4 seconds and has quite good ad scaling. Additionally this spell gives increased movement speed which ramps up over the duration of the ult allowing to stick to your targets. Only bad thing about this ult is that you cant use your other spells while your ult is active and you have to cancel your ult if you wanna use them.

Use this spell to cause chaos in teamfights by knocking everyone up and dealing massive damage to enemy carries while getting movement speed to stick to them. You can use your ult to escape as well by ccing chasing enemies and using extra movement speed to get away.
There isnt nothing much to add to this spell.(expect it has rather high cd and you wanna avoid teamfights when your ult is down).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Good starting item for any matchup.
    Aggressive start.(if you know that you can win your lane)
    Also viable but I rarely use it.
    Against hard ad lanes espically if you dont know how to play against them.

Core Items

    Early back.
    Can be used to get early power spike in lane.
    Core damage items.
    Defensive options.
    If facing ap or enemy team is heavy ap.
    Boots depending on enemy team.
    Usual build.

Situational Items

    Only if you are full build and wanna replace boots.
    More sustain if needed.
    Splitpush only.
    You can finish tiamat to this.(better in tfs than ravenous)
    Only if facing heavy armor(like 2-3 full tank champs)
2033.png- gives you nice sustain in lane as well as some damage. I always take it since Wukong lacks any kind of sustain so you gotta get it from somewhere. Also you dont have worry about buying pots.

1036.png2003.pngx3-aggressive start if you are sure that you can beat your laner early and snowball from it. Longsword also gives you ability to get your items early.

1055.png2003.png-I usually dont use it since I think one pot might be too low for sustain but still viable option.

1029.png2003.pngx4- only use this if facing hard ad matchups or if you wanna play really safe and survive.

3077.png- I generally want to get this on my first back since it offers me waveclear and active can be used in combos allowing you dish out more damage. Only problem is that you most likely gonna push lane with this item. It is possible to skip this item entirely but I prefer to take it every game.(preference)

*Updated soon*

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