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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

There is absolutely no reason to not go flash on any champion (except maybe Shaco). It allows you to escape, set-up plays, dodge skill shots, the list goes on. Its offensive and defensive capabilities are unrivaled to other summoners.

 14.png Ignite
In lane, you want to play to kill your lane opponent, and either snowball the lane from there or roam to help out other lanes. Ignite gives you very good kill pressure to achieve this not only against your lane opponent, but against other lanes as well. This guide will focus on how to play Wukong as an assassin, and ignite helps us with this playstyle.

One tip when using ignite is to use it in the middle of a skirmish or fight, rather than to finish someone off. One reason for this is that it gives you vision on the champion you ignited (unless they are stealthed). This prevents your opponent from juking you in a brush or fog of war, and ultimately helps hinder their ability to run away.

Remember that ignite also applies Grievous Wounds, so you'll also want to use ignite in the middle of a fight against lane opponents who bring 7.png or when ganking bot lane (especially if they have 16.png 37.png 267.png or any other support who has heals) as the enemy Marksman will almost always have 7.png.

New Runes Back to Top


Electrocute.png?width=32 - Electrocute is great because it's incredibly easy to proc with a simple monkeykingnimbus.png -> auto attack -> monkeykingdoubleattack.png . Using this combo with electrocute, along with the early lethality from Sudden Impact, can let you all in with 14.png  at level 2 or level 3 for a very early first blood and sets you up well for the rest of the game.

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 - Sudden Impact is one of the strongest runes for Wukong because when you monkeykingnimbus.png , it automatically triggers and you can't miss! The extra lethality makes the monkeykingnimbus.png -> auto attack -> monkeykingdoubleattack.png an especially strong combo.
Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 - Eyeball Collection works well with assassins, as it boosts your damage output with the more kills you get.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Relentless Hunter synergizes well when you're flanking enemies with monkeykingdecoy.png and 3142.png, however Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 is viable too, as it gives you valuable combat stats and sustain. If you plan on split pushing more, then run Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32. If you plan on team fighting more, then I suggest Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 as it lets you catch out enemies a little easier.


Triumph.png?width=32 - Triumph because it lets you survive fights a bit longer, and is a generally solid pick for team fighting champs.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32- Coup de Grace lets you easily assassinate low health targets, which is your primary purpose.

Author's Note: Run resolve as your secondary page if you expect to be harassed a lot in lane. You won't have as much kill potential in lane and you should instead be looking to roam to create pressure instead. Also recognize that you might have to give up some CS to survive laning phase, and this is fine! 

Why don't I run sorcery? You want to play around Wukong's strong early game, and sorcery does not help you as much in the early game as other runes. Runes like Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 are not impactful early, so we don't run it.


Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating helps you survive the laning phase against long-range poke mages. It also helps in 1v1 scenarios.

5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32- Chrysalis also helps you survive the laning phase with a little extra HP. It later converts to AD with enough takedowns, which is particularly useful for Wukong.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

monkeykingspintowin.png  --> monkeykingnimbus.png --> monkeykingdoubleattack.png --> monkeykingdecoy.png

A lot of you might be asking, why max E first? Put simply, E does more damage and is more impactful in the early game than Q. The armor reduction from Q isn't very impactful early game, as most mid laners don't rush armor items. On the other hand, the attack speed from E is very nice, and E hits up to 3 targets which helps your ability to wave clear as well. 

monkeykingpassive.png Stone Skin

  • Increases survivability in large team fights and in 2v2 scenarios with your jungler
  • Honestly, this passive isn't very strong or interactive, but in mid game and late game team fights, it can give you up to 40 armor and magic resistance which is worth 1520g, so it isn't TERRIBLE

monkeykingdoubleattack.png Crushing Blow

  • Use this ability as an auto-attack reset, and is particularly useful for trading against melee champs
  • Since the mana cost is so low, feel free to use it to help with last hitting under tower

monkeykingdecoy.png Decoy

  • In theory, this ability could be really cool and help you juke out your enemies, however it's very glitchy/choppy and your enemies will be able to tell when you use this ability
  • One tip I suggest when being chased: simply stand still for 1 second, see which direction your enemies think you're running to, then use Decoy to run in the opposite direction

monkeykingnimbus.png Nimbus Strike

  • Your most powerful ability, use it to gap close, run away, or even initiate fights/trades (e --> auto --> q)
  • Even if your champion model doesn't connect with the enemy champion (i.e they flash away before Wukong reaches them), Nimbus Strike will still apply damage to the enemy champion

monkeykingspintowin.png Cyclone

  • Cyclone lets you initiate fights, instaburst out of position squishies, and does a reliable amount of damage
  • Cyclone has some interesting interactions with 2420.png. If you use stopwatch while in the middle of Cyclone, your invincible champion will still spin.
  • Don't be afraid to use cyclone! Did the enemy mid laner just use 2420.png to stall for cooldowns? Use cyclone right before they get out of stasis so they get immediately knocked up! 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start, especially useful vs. long range poke mages as you get an extra 450 hp to heal yourself with
    Run refillable potion if you're against an easy match up
    When you expect to take it up the ass in lane
    Are you a cocky little shit?

Core Items

    Rush these ASAP
    After 2 lethality items
    Typically run these to help you zoom around the map and catch people

Situational Items

    When dealing with heavy AD/CC team comps
    Nice sustain
    You're really fuckin fed
    3rd item alternative to black cleaver, works great with hydra
    Get one of these if enemy has a fed AD champ
    If you find yourself getting bursted early in fights
    If you're going the Ravenous Hydra/Death's Dance combo and you're not getting bursted in fights
    Vs. Malzahar/WW or some other champ with stupidly strong CC

Starting Items

1036.png2003.png2003.png2003.png - I like long sword 3 pots the most as it lets you transition into 3142.png or 3147.png later. The 3 pots give very nice sustain and give you some room to make mistakes. Buy a refillable potion after using all your pots.

1036.png2031.png - Going refillable potion means you only have 250 hp to regenerate vs. 450 hp with 3 2003.png. I usually only run refillable at the start if I'm against an easy matchup (see below for matchup descriptions).

1054.png 2003.png - Run this if you're in a hard matchup or you're unsure of how to play it.

1055.png2003.png - Don't buy Doran's Blade unless it's something stupid (like 37.png mid).

Ghostblade vs. Duskblade as 1st Item

3147.png - Rush this item first if you prefer having raw damage over utility.

3142.png - Rush this item first if you prefer having initiation power over raw damage (I personally prefer this item first).

Example Final Builds

Your final build will vary from game to game depending on the enemy team composition (but always get 3142.png 3147.png).
Use your judgement when deciding when/which type of tier 2 boots you want.

Example: Standard Assassin


Example: vs. heavy AD

Example: vs. heavy AP

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Zoe




You out damage her at all points in the game. The problem is that Ahri post level 6 is incredibly difficult to kill. Play aggressive early, dodge her Q while you farm, use Decoy to block charms for you.




Play around her Q cooldown. Did she just use Q to farm? Harass her for it. Did she just W on you? Use Decoy and walk away until W's duration ends. Note that you should NEVER TRADE WHEN YOU ARE MARKED! Akali's Q does tons of damage, if proc'd. Always follow up on her roams, as you do more damage than her at all stages in the game.




This is mostly a skill matchup. You have to be wary of Anivia's stun, cause if you get hit, you're fucked. On the other hand, she's also incredibly squishy, so if she ever misses her stun, you have a nice ~10 second window where you can beat the shit out of her. She's incredibly squishy too so that's a plus. In essence, a good Anivia can beat you, but a bad one will get shat on. 




Good Annies will use their stun to zone you from CS and last hit with AAs. She can easily punish you with a Q->W and you have no way of retaliating. Play carefully around her stun and pay attention to the spell stun counter. She can easily snowball the lane against you. If you find yourself behind, get an early 3155.png.




One of Wukong's harder matchups. I don't recommend picking Wukong into Azir, as he can zone you very easily from CS with his soldiers. If his soldiers aren't in range, then jump him with an E->AA->Q and decoy away. You MUST win the lane early before 6, otherwise you're gonna have a very tough time against azirr.png. Winning this lane post-6 relies on the Azir panicking and making mistakes.




This matchup depends on how well Cassio can land her cassiopeiaq.png and how she positions her cassiopeiaw.png. She can bully you while you try to CS, but she's also pretty squishy. Watch for when she uses cassiopeiaw.png as standing in it prevents you from using monkeykingnimbus.png. If she misses, then feel free to all in her. Since she rushes 3070.png, you'll have the damage advantage for levels 1-9.




Ekko's ekkoq.png is incredibly easy to dodge. You can easily trade with him after he uses ekkoq.png, or engage him at an angle that'll let you avoid the returning part of ekkoq.png. His ekkow.png is easy to anticipate, and you can bait him into using ekkoe.png on your monkeykingdecoy.png. NEVER let him get 3 stacks of his passive on you. Use monkeykingdecoy.png to run away when you have 2 stacks on you. Ekko's ekkor.png is also very easy to anticipate, simply make sure to 14.png a bit before and you'll win.




Ever since they reworked Fizz's fizzw.png, this matchup got a lot harder for Wukong. His fizze.png does a surprising amount of damage so watch out for that. Post 6, use Decoy to block his fizzr.png. When you're trying to all in him, start with the standard E->AA->Q, but do NOT use R yet. Wait for him to toss out fizzr.png and block it with decoy. Only then can you use R without losing the trade.




Barrels are super annoying. A good GP will protect his barrels and harass you whenever you try to destroy them. Avoid or destroy the barrels if you can. When trading, you'll actually want to E->W->AA->Q, that way the GP is more likely to use his passive on your decoy, rather than yourself. 




Hahahahaha this guy is so free in lane. As long as you dodge his karthuslaywastea1.png (which isn't too hard), you can engage him whenever you want. If he plays under tower, ask your jungler to help you dive him cause he's just free gold. 




Arguably the easiest matchup for Wukong. Kassadin's passive and Q are useless against you since they only block magic damage. Whenever Kassadin walks up to farm or uses nulllance.png on you, jump him and slap him with tons of damage. Easy to kill before level 6.




If you can manage avoiding being hit by katarinaq.png, this matchup isn't terribly difficult. Try to shove early to get level 2 first and all-in her. Whoever gets the kill first in lane will win the lane. If you end up falling behind, it's not terribly difficult to survive post 6. When she uses katarinar.png, just monkeykingspintowin.png in response and she'll lose a lot of damage and kill potential.




This matchup is like a harder Akali matchup. Rather than playing around Akali's Q CD, however, you want to play around Leblanc's E CD (the chain). If she ever Q->W's you, respond with a E->AA->Q->W. You should try to angle your decoy in a way to take her leblance.png for you.  Did she just miss leblance.png? Slap her for her mistake. Even if she hits you with leblance.png, it isn't too big of a deal since that'll just make the trade between you two even due to her low base armor and hp.




She's very squishy so feel free to jump her whenever her luxlightbinding.png is on CD. luxlightstrikekugel.png doesn't really do too much damage and is relatively to avoid. 




My least favorite matchup. Avoid minions with malzahare.png, otherwise you'll eat a lot of damage. He can perma shove you into tower, nullifying your early game power. It gets worse at 6, cause he can almost one shot you with a full combo. Even during teamfights, he can nullify your assassination attempts on the enemy AD/support with a simple malzaharr.png. Ask for jungler help.




Another skill matchup. If she started Q level 1, then try getting level 2 first for an all-in. If she's smart and goes E first, then you'll have trouble getting an advantage. After level 2, she can poke you all day with Q->W while you farm. However, you can play around these CDs and trade with her while her Q is on CD. After level 6, you have to especially cautious of her ball positioning as it can stop you from jumping in.




This matchup depends on how well Syndra can land her syndraq.png. If she misses, jump her ass and slap her a few times. Expect to eat a syndrae.png and syndraw.png when you jump her but those ability's damage is negligible compared to yours. If you find yourself behind, buy a 3155.png.




Taliyah is kind of unique in that you don't want to play aggressive against her at level 1 and level 2. Instead, you'll be pushed in heavily. Focus on farming while minimizing the harass you take from her.

From levels 3-5 look to land W->E->AA->Q combo. If you can get her to 50% hp from harass then commit to the all-in on the next W+E+Q combo with Ignite.

At level 6 you should aim to land a W->E->AA->Q combo. After that, you can all in her with the same combo with your ultimate and ignite. If you let her shove you into turret, she will dictate the pace of the lane and you'll ultimately lose your advantage.


Twisted Fate


Squishy, low damage, perfect for you. Whenever he uses pickacard.png, feel free to jump his ass and slap him for tons of damage. Don't get cocky and take too much minion damage or tower shots. Post 6, follow his ganks and clean up the kills or push in the wave to his tower.




He can easily harass you while you farm with viktordeathray.png. His viktorpowertransfer.png also gives him a shield which is super annoying. Try to kill him in lane before he gets his first upgraded hex-core, otherwise you'll be perma pushed into your tower. 




This matchup is kinda annoying. He has very strong sustain, but is pretty weak without his empowered Q. Play around that and harass while his Q isn't emporwered. You do more damage than him, but he can heal a lot of it back. Feel free to pick up either 3123.png or 3155.png if you find yourself struggling against him.




What makes this matchup somewhat difficult is Yasuo's passive. His shield can block a lot of your early damage. The best way to play this matchup is to farm until one of the following happens:

1) His shield is down (use an AA to proc it, then walk away, ideally when he is farming)
2) He uses Q on minions

If one of these 2 events occur, jump him and slap him. If he E's onto you, continue to AA him. Note that if he has tornado up, you should do your best to avoid that at all costs. As the game progresses, he will outscale you, so try to get an early kill while laning if possible.




I don't know how to describe this matchup other than that you pretty much always out damage him. Your Q does more than his Q, your E does more than his E, and his R can be easily countered by Decoy and running away. Feel free to jump him when he uses Q to farm, or when he uses his W.




Her zoeq.png is incredibly predictable. After she uses it, feel free to jump her ass since it's her only damage spell. While zoee.png is annoying, it can be avoided with Decoy or by sitting behind your minions. Try to score an early kill at levels 2-3 if possible. 

Early Game Back to Top

Level 1

If you have an easy matchup, you should jump em with monkeykingnimbus_64.pngand smack them twice for Electrocute.png?width=32 to go off. However, do NOT MISS CS TO TRADE. If you are not in an easy matchup (medium/hard), farm, try to hit level two first and all-in them. This can be achieved by using monkeykingnimbus.png on the minion wave instead of the enemy mid laner.
  • Should I ever level monkeykingdoubleattack_64.png over monkeykingnimbus_64.png?
No. monkeykingnimbus.png gives you early pushing power and more raw damage. Scoring an early lead on the enemy mid laner is the key to winning lane. monkeykingnimbus.png lets you push, trade early, and is ultimately more damage than monkeykingdoubleattack.png. Also take note of how many enemy minions are around. If you trade into the enemy minion wave, you'll lose the trade due to the sheer damage you'll take from enemy minions.

When should I trade? (Level 2-5)

Knowing when to trade not only improves your Wukong play, but as a player in general.
Analyze the situation:
  • Does the enemy have a large minion wave?
  • Are your opponents skills on cooldown?
  • How much mana does your opponent have?
  • Do you have enough mana to use all the skills you want to?
  • How much damage will you and your opponent take? 
  • How many potions do you have in comparison to your opponent?
  • Do you have a general idea where the enemy jungler is?
These are some factors that you must consider when deciding to trade. It's ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to engage the enemy midlaner. This is a skill that merely comes with more experience.

When do I use monkeykingdecoy_64.png ?

monkeykingdecoy.png has a number of uses. It can help you win a trade, but should be used sparingly for mana mangement purposes. Only use monkeykingdecoy.png in a trade if it will prevent you from taking a significant amount of damage, or if it will significantly help you win the trade (e.g. to absorb Leblanc's leblance.png). You have to be careful because you'll find yourself out of mana if you use monkeykingdecoy.png  in every trade. Another thing it can be used for is to run from ganks. The enemy 120.png charging you? Use monkeykingdecoy.png to absorb Hecarim's hecarimramp.png and simply walk away.

Mid Game Back to Top

Levels 6-13

After level 6, you should aim to have either 3142.png or 3147.png along with 1001.png (or upgraded boots if you can afford them).

At this time, you're at your strongest. You should aim to do one of the following:

1) Roam and help other lanes (preferably bottom lane), as you can comfortably assassinate enemy squishies. Do this when the game is relatively even. Remember to take objectives after successful roams (towers, rift herald, dragon).

2) Continue to bully and (hopefully) kill the enemy mid laner. Do this when your team is very ahead and doesn't really need your help. Doing this can help alleviate jungle pressure off other lanes, as you can escape ganks decently well with monkeykingdecoy.png.


With patch 8.10, the Scuttle Crab got a HUGE buff. You should work with your jungler and side lanes to secure this, as it gives immense gold and experience to the killer. Wukong is a great 2v2 fighter after level 6, so take advantage of your power spike to further snowball your gold/experience leads.

As a general rule, the importance of objectives goes: Dragon = Tower > Rift Herald > Scuttle Crab
Dragons give a permanent buff that scale well into the late game. Towers give gold and map pressure. The reason I rank Rift Hearld so low on priority is because Rift Herald typically only yields one tower before dying. Sometimes, it doesn't take down any towers at all. Other times, it might take down two or more. The point is, Rift Herald is a little more risky in terms of potential yield, whereas dragons and towers are guaranteed to yield some sort of benefit.

Late Game Back to Top

Vision Control

We've now reached a point where Wukong begins to fall of a little. Nevertheless, you still do tons of damage. You should look to secure either Elder Dragon or Baron to finish the game. If you're ahead, use 3364.png to deny the enemy vision, whereas use 3340.png for extra vision if you're behind. Games are won off the information available to you, and extra vision gives you more information! If you see a squishy carry out of position, feel free to assassinate them if you can!


You must understand something about Wukong's teamfighting ability: You are an assassin, not a tank. You should not be your team's method of hard engage. You should use Wukong's monkeykingspintowin.png as a disruptor in fights UNLESS:
  • You can assassinate someone without their team being able to react
  • Your team is really, really, really far ahead (read: the enemy team will melt from monkeykingspintowin.png)
If you can't instantly kill someone, you'll most likely die because you have to use monkeykingdecoy.png and 3142.png to engage at all. The best way to teamfight is to either flank the enemy team at the start of the fight, or wait for the enemy team to blow their CC and other CDs to jump in and assassinate carries.

Assassination Combo

The speed boost from Youmuu's lets you approach super quickly without the enemy team being able to see you. The bonus movement speed from monkeykingspintowin.png will help you escape. I'll post example videos demonstrating how I use this combo.

NOTE: The following subsection is taken from BestWukongEUW's Wukong guide. He does a phenomenal job explaining Wukong's role in teamfighting.

There are 3 scenarios to consider when teamfighting:
1) You are fed
  • Assassinate enemy carries
  • Do not peel
  • Don't be afraid to engage
You got a slight or even extreme advantage on the enemy team ? You should have enough damage to assassinate enemy carries and even their whole team. If your team is also very ahead don't be afraid to engage by yourself. You will be able to take down someone instantly and you won't die because your team will follow and the enemy team is unfed.
You don't really need to peel for your carries when you are extremely ahead, your support is here for that in these situations, you should profit of your burst to rape the team fight.

2) When the game is balanced or when everyone is full build
  • Try to assassinate enemy carries
  • Peel if needed
  • Do not engage
If the game is balanced, then you will really need to adapt depending on the enemy team composition and yours. If your team composition is really better late game or you got a combo then you should force the engage on enemy carries and kill them.
If the enemy team team composition is better late game then you will need to focus the enemy carries when they are off guard and are not concentrated on you. Do not engage or you will most of the time instantly dies. Also, if the enemy team is really focusing your ADC hard, you must just do everything to protect him, because the ADC is the biggest damage source of the game in late game, and if he survives, he will kill everyone. Try to knock-up everyone who comes close him. If the peeling is enough, you can focus the enemy carries yourself.

3) When you are behind
  • Do not engage 
  • Peel for your back-line
  • Do not try to run into enemy back-line
Trying to engage when you are behind in gold compared to others is just a suicide. You will just be a knock-up machine that will die after the engage. Let the others or the enemy team do it. If you are very behind and can't assassinate anybody, just stay defensive and defend your back-line from focus. Let's say only your ADC and maybe your AP are the only one fed. You better defend them and try to keep them alive in return of dying yourself, because if they are always surviving, they will be able to kill the whole enemy team.
Do not try to go deep into the enemy back-line except if you already destroyed the front-line with your team.

About Me Back to Top

Hello! I'm Fliphazard, an NA Wukong one-trick. I picked up Wukong a little bit ago while playing him mid in some normal games on my friend's account. I've had great success with him, and now have committed to playing him. I have been playing League of Legends since preseason 2 and I still love this game. Although I use to be an Evelynn one-trick, I don't enjoy her reworked skillset and now focus only on Wukong. 

I'll continue to update this guide as time goes on, especially the matchups page. I believe I don't have adequate experience for some matchups, so I'll add those later. My is for those who are curious. Feel free to message me or comment any questions or suggestions on this guide!

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