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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png: your main spell.

6.png: Good for kiting, and getting jungler to back off ganks without wasting flash. I use this against people I don't need ignite to get a kill, look 1v1 for more details. 

14.png: Always go this.


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Masteries Back to Top

There's not a lot master pages that can be run on Xerath, you should find your own playstyle and form the mastery tree along with it, however in this meta the Thunderlord Keystone is the strongest one to pick with Xerath. Thanks to it you can easily make early trades before going all-in on the target. 

Xerath has 3 nukes at level 3, 2 of them involves a form of CC. A stun from his xerathmagechains.png and a slow from xerathlocusofpower.png. This allows us to all-in at level 3, if not earlier. The way this tree is built up, is pure damage. I will explain some of the mastery points but everything should be pretty self-explained.

Starting with Ferocity.

c8d16ecfd28cabc4269fc44b2d60771c.png Feast over DE-sword, feast allows us to sustain a little bit better, and personally it has bigger impact than DE has at the moment. However against targets such as 105.png or 38.png. I pick DE over feast simply because I can firstblood theese two at level 2, and in that scenario DE would be more beneficial to me than feast.

90b55016f7fa4ac0fdd0136c50d9963b.png I've seen people taking vampirism over Natural Talent, I don't see why to be frank. Xerath dosen't need nor use Spellvamp since he's a poke mage with high burst close-up with large CD's on his W and E, if he were a dps mage like 69.png, I'd see how spellvamp would fit but since he's not. Get natural talent.

a8bfbf0594b9cb33001408cf23f938e1.png Take a point in oppressor, it synergizes well with Xerath's combo since his xerathlocusofpower.png is a slow and his xerathmagechains.png is a stun. Meaning you will have even more early damage than before, this is why it's so good trying to firstblood with Xerath. 

You wanna put 2 points in your Q  since you’ll benefit more from oppressor. You may wanna max E 3rd if you know the jungler is near, you having trouble hitting your spells in lane or opponent is playing really aggressive. 

Moving over to cunning...

 9b1ab69fbd119ee4324c19a7ce9ee4c7.png /  d6595ed2d75fd78275fea8e10fa72c94.png

With the recent buff on Assassin, it actually is not bad going it into lane. However going secret stash over it, feels like more optimal since you'll be potting up all game long. Gives you a safer laning phase early while being on the aggressive side and it helps you with the mana along with Mana surge (your passive). But going Assassin against some matchups is by all means not bad. I feel just feel secret stash helps me and has often save me from dying from ignite since it instantly provides you with 20 HP.

128efc1860fabfba725bdd9755c226a5.png Go merciless over meditation you should sustain your mana with the help of xerathpassive.png, remember you get more mana by autoattacking a champion and not natural monsters in the game. 

ca383c534759e3b70f3075539003ced4.png You can use both Precision or Intelligence for increased cooldown, but why I personally don't go Intelligence is because if the game reaches lategame, I'd want more magic pen. and damage instead of cooldown reduction thus not gonna have a lot of CD in that case. I don't feel like i'm loosing anything by not picking up Intelligence over Precision, however this comes down to a personal opinion in which I think you should try out both.

Abilities Back to Top


What sets Xerath from other champions other than his long-range is his xerathpassive.png, somewhat similar to Ahri's ahripassive.png which allows her to keep her health bar up by spamming abilities. However xerathpassive.png only has a 12 second cooldown before you can use it again meaning you won't have to waste anything but time to recieve mana back unlike Ahri, who's getting out of mana just to receive health back.

xerathpassive.png MANA SURGE

Mana Surge will allow to stay in lane for quite sometime, since you shouldn't be taking that much fatal damage since you have such a longe range unless you go in for the autoattack to procc the passive in which case your autoattack range is only 525. Which make you exploit yourself to poke!

Now I will go over the difference between xeratharcanopulse.png & xerathlocusofpower.png

xeratharcanopulse.png ARCANOPULSE

And it's really simple, your Q ability is a channeling one. Allows you to channel up for 3 seconds before launch, as you charge it increases it's range. At level 1, this ability have around a 7s cooldown. Since this will be your primary spell, I would suggest you practice it. Pick up a friend who mains 429.png, if you can poke him 3 times in a row with your Q, you're good to go!

xerathlocusofpower.png EYE OF DESTRUCTION

Your W ability however has a much more simple casting animation giving increased damage if you hit it within the inner circle and increased slow. however it strikes after a 0.5s delay after casting it. with a 14s cooldown at level 1.

All this being said, your xeratharcanopulse.png is more beneficial in some matchups and your xerathlocusofpower.png in some others. Check the "matchup" tab to see when you wanna start what and for more in-depth information.

I like starting W level 1 simply because it dosen't push your lane as much as your Q does, it has a higher damage output if you hit the inner circle of the ability (which you should). And it makes you less vulnerable since channeling your Q almost makes you stand still.  


Since your W is a slow, you should have an easier time kiting and autoattacking your opponent. We have the extra 2.5% damage output in your autoattacks from Opressor, don't forget that AA > W > AA is all you need to trigger thunderlord for extra damage output. In the early levels you always wanna use W whenever it's up, same with your passive and thunderlord. You should not be grabbing too much poke at level 1 unless you face for example a 99.png, in which case you play it more safely. Other than that you're fine with going all-in from the start as the game progesses with level 2 & 3 you wanna start play more safely but still look for an opportunity to kill your enemy since you have kill potential after all that level 1 poking. 

Moving along to the rest of Xerath's abilties...

xerathmagechains.png SHOCKING ORB

This is your primary stun ability, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and stuns your target based on the distance the orb has traveled. You should not use this as a poke in lane or to pick up a minion, always have this up to ensure you do not get caught by anyone.

And finally...

xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png RITE OF THE ARCANE

Your champion roots himself to be able to cast this ability, exploiting you to any kind of danger. You wanna check the minimap while ultimating to see if an enemy champion is close to you, in that case you might either interrupt or ult faster. Xerath calls down three blasts of arcane energy, dealing magic damage to all targets within the circles. 

I'll probably repeat this but you need to understand that 101.png is 100% skillbased. Every single ability he has, is skillshots. You're not gonna get good off one game, if you legit wanna be great at this champion. My advice above about Kalista is a great exercise.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    VS. Any lanes

Core Items

    upgrade seal to soulstealer whenever you hit 10 stacks / sell boots when you can afford liandrys or rylais

Situational Items

    if you need to buy this, you're positioning is bad.
    against mr stacking team 

 With Xerath in the midlane your itemization dosen't really depend that much on the match up unless you're facing for example either a 238.png or a 91.png in which case you pick up an early 3191.png. If you're up against an easy lane you wanna pick up 1082.png as soon as possible along with 3802.png. follow that up with 3158.png & 3165.png

Pick up as many 2009.png you need if you're against an annoying poke-centric match up like 99.png or 115.png

Now back to if you're facing an AD assassin. Your first B should be as mentioned a 3191.png, so you can stack it early and have it stacked by the time your opponent are level 6 thus lowering the chance of they going all-in on you. The armor that 3191.png provides synergizes really well with your HP per level seals from your runes, making you tankier.

Now personally I don't usually finish the item to a 3157.png until mid game-ish (Sometimes never). And I don't pick up both of 3092.png & 3165.png if you're facing an AD assassin since you're gonna get behind if you purchase of the items.

Pick up 3092.png if you're against a whole lot of mobile champions with kite potential from their team such as 203.png or 92.png. If that's not the case, grab a 3165.png instead, and follow that up with 3158.png

Don't forget that 3092.png provides you with gold everytime you poke a champion, use your abilities to your fullest potential along with your autoattacks.

You should have noticed by this point that Xerath's itemization is ought to be build fully glasscannon, you can throw in a 3041.png whenever you're confident enough about your positioning in teamfights and your laning pressure. So we're not really building anything defensive except perhaps 3191.png but that's because AD assassins have the upper hand this meta and mages have been thrown away by the now more expensive items. That's why I sometimes never finish it to an 3157.png since it just isn't worth it if i'm not being focused in teamfights, which your positioning should prevent you from being.

Now against the general match up, your build should look like this: 3158.png3092.png3165.png... With this you have 40% Cooldown reduction, maximizing your poke potential before teamfighting. 

Follow this up with 3285.png right away since it gives you that extra touch on your poke. We wanna end the build with a 3135.png and last but not least a 3089.png.

If you get to lategame and you notice their team has a lot of mobility, swap your 3092.png for a 3116.png, making your skillshots easier to land, and don't forget if your team is chasing someone that you can use xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png to slow them down with the help of Rylai's.

If you're up against juggernauts, such as 36.png48.png or 223.png. That stacks Magic Resistance swap 3116.png/3092.png for 3151.png more true damage, remember if you do this you will have less kite potential so make sure you really stay in the backline.

Matchups Back to Top

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Since 103.png's buff on her ahriorbofdeception.png, you don't wanna forget it gives her movement speed allowing her to reposition herself away from your abilities or to hit you with the ahriorbofdeception.png as it is on it's way back to 103.png. Don't forget she can procc off thunderlord easier than you, by simply putting in a an autoattack and hit you twice with her ahriorbofdeception.png.

However you still wanna go xerathlocusofpower.png against 103.png. Since it slows her and thus making it easier for you autoattack her. You do not wanna cast your W ability if she has her ahriorbofdeception.png up!
When she casts it, simply back off for half a second and follow up with AA's and your xerathlocusofpower.png. Remember you win on trading autoattacks since you should go AD marks against this matchup. At lvl 2 you put a point in your xerathmagechains.png. Now she can either get ahrifoxfire.png or ahriseduce.png. We don't know, so we pick what's best and most safe for us, our stun. Hide behind minions so she can't hit you with her ahriseduce.png

And if she wanna go head to head against you, make sure to sidestep a lot! you don't wanna get hit by her charm. She's likely to follow up with a Q and don't forget it gives her movementspeed. So have that in mind. 

You should be able to kill her at lvl 3-4, and if she's playing aggro you can either wait for her to get out of mana (which is pretty likely) and then punish since you outsustain her in terms of mana (Don't forget her passive, gives her HP back). Or you make sure you stun her when she's amongst your minions so she aggros them and taking a lot damage from that. 

After 6: Ok, here's the tricky part and you'll most likely need flash to fight her Spirit Rush. As she ults in on you, you wanna xerathmagechains.png+4.png (in the same animation). So you wanna stun her and flash since she'll probably insta-charm you right after charging you with her ult. Meaning she will be stunned, that's when you xerathlocusofpower.png+xeratharcanopulse.png right after you flashed and stunned her. On top of that you wanna use your ignite if its up, back a bit of as she's no longer a threat to you since she can't disrupt your spells. Wait for her spirit rush to go on CD. Then you ult and that would be enough to kill her. Don't panic ult, keep calm (Unless their jungler is ganking ofcourse) and be prepared that she has her flash up and probably flash your last tick of ultimate.




Get 12.png this matchup as she has a reviving passive. This is an easy match-up, and you should be able to pop her passive around level 3-4. Don't try to kill her egg unless you know where their jungler are at, if you try, you are most then likely to get ganked and killed while autoattacking that egg. Just back and use your 12.pngback into lane. And then try to force a fight whenever you can, you should have no problem pre 6 or after for that matter killing an Anivia without egg. Keep in mind though that Anivias crystallize.png can disrupt your channeling abilties.




This matchup is MEDIUM because of the fact that Annie has a much, much longer autoattack range than you, however don't be scared to trade at early levels since this is when you have the opportunity to kill her. 

You wanna run MP Marks, and wait with putting a point in your abilities until you get to lane.
Click on Annie to see if she has stacked her anniepassive.png. If she has, she'll start with her incinerate.png.
And you'll go xeratharcanopulse.png against this.
 If not, you wanna put a point in xerathlocusofpower.png against her disintegrate.png. In terms of raw damage you win, if you hit ofcourse. Wait until she walks up to you to land her abilities, don't force anything in this matchup. Since she needs to walk up to because of your long range, just wait her out until she do so.

After 6: Don't try to autoattack minions if she's playing aggressive, the cast-range of her infernalguardian.png is almost twice as your autoattack range which means she by all means just stun her with tibber. So farm with your xeratharcanopulse.png and try to poke when your lasthitting minions with it. Go autoattack the Razorbreaks in your jungle to procc of your xerathpassive.png thus being able to stay in lane longer.




This is one easy match-up as long as you stay out of his poke, which easier said than done. 

We're going MP marks and starting with xeratharcanopulse.png against 268.png.
Everytime your xeratharcanopulse.png is up, just spam it at level 1. His soldier can't do you any harm unless you actually walks into them. He has no pressure what so ever at level 1, but be careful since most Azir mains knows that he might wanna try pushing the first wave that comes to lane and rush level 2. Do not allow him to do so.
Zone from the start that minions walk up to the lane, and punish him everytime he tries to farm a minion with his azirW.png.
At level 2 have a lot higher burst damage than, hitting your xerathlocusofpower.png along with xeratharcanopulse.png and try following up with an autoattack to procc of xerathpassive.png and thunderlord.

His azirQ.png has a slow, that prevents you to simply walk up to him and bashing him in the face with your nuke abilities, you either have to dodge it or wait for him to use it. The moment he does, he's harmless. He only has his Soldiers from his azirW.png to harm you with. And it dosen't do much compared to the nuke you're about to him with. Repeat until he gets low, killing him or forcing him out of lane. You have the upper hand this matchup.

At level 6, don't use your xerathmagechains.png until he dashes to you with his azirE.png. Otherwise he'll have the upperhand as long as it's on cooldown. He shouldn't be able to insec you with his ultimate, as long as you stun him while he's dashing towards you. Make sure to back off away to create a gap between you and follow up with your combo and poking down and finish him with your xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png.




Some detailed info to win this matchup...

Brand is likely to start brandfissure.png. However he may sometimes even go with brandconflagration.png, but if he knows his Brand, he should go with brandfissure.png.

His brandfissure.png has the maximum range of 900. Your autoattack range is 525, pretty huge gap I'd say.

This is important because, you know now, that you must dodge his brandfissure.png to land autoattacks on him. If you juke it, you'll win the trade 100% at lvl 1!

If you eat it too much you'll get zooned pretty quickly and eventually he'll kill you or force you back. you should take a point in W against Brand at lvl 1, and me personally I go AD marks, however MP marks works great in this matchup, since you don't wanna stand anywhere close to him at lvl 6 and you will depend upon your poking abilities to kill him.

As I said earlier in this guide, AD marks + 14.png is only good on Xerath pre 6, in some cases after lvl 6. But mostly before it. So make the most use out of it, hence me going AD marks mainly because I can first blood a Brand at lvl 1-2.

Important to know is that, if he lands his brandfissure.png on you at lvl 1. You will by no means win the trade even if you go through with your combo, which is AA > W > AA. Since his brandfissure.png has a higher base damage than your xerathlocusofpower.png and his passive will go off. That's why im pointing it out so much that you actually need to juke it. So you should pick up a kill at least before lvl 3. 




A good cassiopeia will try to wreck you level 1-2. And my guide totally counter cassiopeia. If you were to level 1 up Q you’d loose. Since you need to channel it and thus making you a lot slower and easier for her to hit, right? Taking W instead of Q however, will make you trade a lot better level 1 as you slow her down make her easy to auto attack. You should be able to dodge her Q quite simple. And at level 2, I suggest putting a point in E, if she gets you with an Q she’ll probably just charge right into you spamming her E. When she does that she will 100% exploit her, so you can just stun her and walk away and await level 3, but don’t forget, you can auto attack her at least once while she stunned! (Small things is what wins you the lane).

A good 69.png  will wanna probably to all-in you at lvl 2. Since she has almost a little to non cooldown on her cassiopeiatwinfang.png if you are poisoned (From any ability, not just hers). In this match-up you should start with xerathlocusofpower.png and run MP marks. Since W dosen't have the channeling time like your xeratharcanopulse.png does, she will have a harder time hitting you with her cassiopeianoxiousblast.png. lvl up your xerathmagechains.png secondly. If she decided to try all-in on you you can easily use stun on her and back off. She should be oom by this point. And would be able to trade back a lot harder from this point. 

You win lvl 6 by using your long range and just forcing her out of lane or simply poke her so hard you end with your ultimate.




Ekko can easily outplay with his ekkoW.png and ekkoR.png . But why this matchup is "easy", it's because his W is so easy to counter since it has a huge cooldown with it. Everytime he hides in the fog of war, just back up since he's likely to cast his ekkoW.png from a standpoint where you can't see him casting it. And also if he were to cast it in lane, simply back off. And re-engage after that.

Also he can't cast ekkoR.png while being CC'ed from your xerathmagechains.png so make sure you punish him hard when you stun him. Also your ignite will stop him from getting HP from his ultimate.




Again a melee opponent, it’s really important that you don’t panic when you poke him with an ability and he uses his fizzjump.png on you. for example you for some reason, you'd just spam all your ability thinking you’ll get him and he just E’s it and lands on you. Try moving into your minion wave since the minions does quite heavy damage early game, you can still win the trade by kiting with autoattacks. However if you’re patient you should get him at lvl 2-3. And learn to bait his fizzjump.png, like only casting your xerathmagechains.png and await him using playful trickster, to follow up with an all-in! Since he has no escape except his flash.

After 6: you can't take a fight against a good fizz at this point, you could be 3 / 0. It does not matter, as soon as fizz pick ups a 3057.png, he's dangerous again. Now if you can flash his ult, only to re-engage, that's when you can kill him. But only then...




Often times, Xerath mains hate this match-up against 38.png. Mostly because he can disrupt your channeling abilties, xeratharcanopulse.png & xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png with his nulllance.png. Also don't forget that his nulllance.png gives him a spell shield to block magic damage, and this is in fact dangerous for you. If he times his Q ability as you poke he'll almost no damage from you since Kassadin most of times level up his Q, it will have a bigger ratio on the shield as the game progresses. 

Kassadin is likely to start 2033.png for early sustain til' 6. You wanna start with xerathlocusofpower.png in level 1 against kassadin, and go with MP (Magic penetration) marks, since most of the times a Kassadin player like to MR glyphs to take all the early poke from mages to survive the lane.

 You should be able to get him low at level 1, with AA > W > AA. As long as he dosen't time your abilties with his Q ability to shield himself. If he does you should start autoattacking more and try zone him and force to farm with his Q, when he does that's when you W with autos. That way he can't shield himself since it's on Cooldown.

For level 2 put a point in your xerathmagechains.png. Kassadin is a melee mage, if he farms with Q throughout the early laning phase, he's likely to get oom a lot faster and has to use his netherblade.png which has an active that give him back mana on hit. When he goes in to farm, you should have a clear way or atleast re-position yourself to use your stun on him. He can't Q you if he's stunned, however if his reaction time is fast he can activate his Q before your E actually hits him thus giving him a shield to block the damage from your stun. Do not use your W until the shield is gone, simply autoattack until that happens. Since he will be stunned during this trade. 

You have a bigger chance picking up a kill on him at level 1-3, because after that, if he hasn't already he's going for the second point in Q at level 4, which means a bigger shield for you to handle. 




LeBlanc is known for being a lane bully. This is were your skills as Xerath comes in to play. As you channel your xeratharcanopulse.png she can easily jump you with her leblancslide.png and follow that up with leblancsoulshackle.png so have this in mind in the lane. 

We're going MP marks and were putting a point in our xeratharcanopulse.png at level 1. Just make sure you trade decently at level 1 with autoattacks and not eating too much of her leblancslide.png since it's easier to dodge ever since they slowed the animation cast on it. 

At level 2 you wanna put a point in your xerathlocusofpower.png and time her leblancslide.png with it. When she dashes towards you, time it so you xerathlocusofpower.png her from her start point of her leblancslide.png, following up with autoattacks and Arcanopulse (Q). This is how you win the lane, and if you took too much damage at level 1.
Simply just stay under turret, allowing your pots to refill your HP.

At level 3 put a point in your xerathmagechains.png, you don't need to time her distortion with your W anymore, simply stun her if she dashes towards you, follow up with your combo and at this point, you should've killed her. 
Stay behind minions to dodge her leblancsoulshackle.png!

At level 6, just poke her out of lane using your long range, not giving her an opportunity to reach you.



We're going AD marks and starting with xeratharcanopulse.png.

I'm not gonna give you an in-depth on how to beat an Orianna, just because it's so easy. She's likely to start orianaredactcommand.png, just time the shield her E provides before going in. If she times it better than you, just trade autoattacks since your going AD marks.

She dosen't have the range to contest you, you do however. Poke her and get her low, you should have a kill on her at level 2-4. Snowball from there.

Level 6, against she dosen't have the range on your if you play it right. Don't go further in the lane than you have to. Simply zone her out with your xeratharcanopulse.png and as she goes in for the cs just stun her and punish her.


Twisted Fate


You're gonna face a lot of 4.png's in this meta. Xerath is great because, you have the long range to roam if TF were to ultimate bot for example.

You win this match-up easily and should get gain Xp-advantage thus making it easier for your other lanes to catch up in levels since TF won't be able to roam with his ultimate that early. 

Everytime he wants to bluecard a minion to regain mana, just punish him. Everytime!
If he starts farming under his turret with his wildcards.png, start zoning him even further. Ward up your lane since you will be closer to his turret than yours.

A lot of TF's I've met are greedy, they wanna bluecard every minion or even you even though they can't! So if you meet a greedy TF you should by 100% win this match-up.




Start with MP marks and your xeratharcanopulse.png.

The difficulty of this matchup is MEDIUM just because it involves skillshots in it from both parts. If you too much of his poke, he force you to stay under turret. So make sure you do not channel xeratharcanopulse.png if he has viktordeathray.png up. Since he will have an easier time hitting you because you're almost standing still when channeling it. However you have the upperhand since you have more nuke abilties early on. VIktor only has his viktordeathray.png to rely on. 

He has a defensive ability that gives him a small shield (viktorpowertransfer.png). But your damage should penetrate through that small shield.

Before level 3, just poke with your long range and autoattack him or minions (whichever is easiest) to sustain mana with the help of xerathpassive.png.
At level 2 put a point in xerathlocusofpower.png and at level 3 pick up a point again in your Q.

After level 3:
Play defensively and keep your distance until he facetanks your minions just to try and poke you with his viktordeathray.png. After dodging his Death Ray, slow him instantly with your W since he should aggro minions after walking that far up, follow up with your Q. You could actually kill him right here, if played properly before level 3. With other words, if you poked him hard enough pre 3. This right here, should be the killing blow along with 14.png. Otherwise repeat until you have a shot killing him or forcing him out of lane.

At level 6 you should have XP-advantage from forcing him out of lane or killing him. Either way, the moment you hit level 6 and he's still level 5. All-in. Do not hesitate. The worst that could happen, is that you simply force him out of lane again thus not killing him...



A pretty annoying matchup. His dash helps him avoid your damage and his passive shield will often negate some of it, but you can trigger his shield simply by auto attacking it, wait for it to disappear and then follow up with spells. You can't fight him straight up at any point in the game, so keep your distance (as you should) and farm out the laning phase. His wind wall won't block your Q, W and ult, only your stun, so if he initiates on you, save it unless he has already used his wall or if he's in a position where it won't help him. Late game, just play your typical Xerath; stay back, poke, and nuke. Cleanse won't help here because it doesn't work on knock-ups, which is the main CC Yasuo relies on.

We're starting with MP marks and put a point in xeratharcanopulse.png.
His yasuoE.png helps him to avoid most of damage by juking it using minions, so you can tell this matchup is gonna be annoying! Not only will he have an easy time juking your skillshots, his passive can negate your damage early on (yasuopassive.png).
However we still have the upperhand since his yasuoW.png only blocks your xerathmagechains.png and you can easily trigger his passive by autoattacking and waiting for it go on cooldown and to re-engage with your abilities.

You can't really face him anytime in the game, but you have poke abilties, so poke my friend. To the point where you can finish him off with ignite or xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png. Or simply force him out of lane.



MP marks & start xerathlocusofpower.png.

Zed is hard because it's the AD assassin meta. He dosen't need more items than you to do more damage, his items is much cheaper than you. So after level 6, you have to be really careful with the use of your xerathmagechains.png. Meaning don't use it for farm, that's the only thing that could stop him from going all-in on you. 

Why not pick 3.png rather than 14.png.

2 things. Against this match-up, we're building an early 3191.png which should prevent him from all-in you at level 6. 

Secondly, you have the kill potential pre 6, without ignite it lowers your chance of you killing him before he kills you. I'll admit, exhaust is more of safepick, but you don't need a safepick if you master this champion.

Note to yourself, his ultimate makes him position behind you, stun instantly when he casts his ultimate (Cast your xerathmagechains.png behind you!). And disengage from that until his zedR.png pops on you. Follow up with re-engagement and try to kill him.

Pick up a 3191.png as soon as you can, fully stacked he shouldn't be able to all in you at level 6. Follow up with a morello + boots, then you finish armguards into a 3157.png.

Pre 6, you should be able to heavily damage him with your level 1 xerathlocusofpower.png with autoattacks. Make him use his pots, so as soon as out of points you should look for an opportunity to first blood him if not sooner. Do not mistake me, he can easily kill you at level 3. So make sure you pressure him, everytime he wants to cs, you poke, everytyime he misses his zedQ.png, you poke.

You should have him low at level 3-4. With that being said, you should have an easy kill. 

Junglers that synergize with Xerath Back to Top

If you happen to duo with a jungler, this is the junglers that either helps by either send the enemies towards you, or keep them CC'ed for you to land an easy follow up with your xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png.

Theese are the junglers that sync really well with Xerath:
64.png  107.png  60.png  33.png  113.png  254.png  80.png 59.png  79.png

And they either have a really good early game potential setting you up with a kill or their ultimates allow you to either follow with your xerathmagechains.png to keep the opponent more CC'ed or finish them with your xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png as mentioned.

Positioning and your mindset throughout the game Back to Top


Your positioning is everything and more when it comes to a carry's role. Wether it is a catch in jungle or team fight before baron. You always wanna be a step ahead of your and their team. Remember this is SoloQ, every bush can be set-up for a trap meaning don't wander off carelessy. In laning you wanna be as close as you can to your turret while being able to autoattack for lasthits. In teamfight you wanna stand behind everyone, including your own team. In this case you'll be able to use your AoE abilities to the fullest. 

If you have a strong frontline, use your abilties so you hit as many as you possibly, if you don't. You need to be quick and focus their carries with your long range in less than 3-4 seconds. Even if you don't hit everything you'll make it a lot harder for their adc to be focusing on what to do since they have to dodge your spells.

If their team is backing off because your poking is too good before a fight, don't force yourself in a weak position that could let them catch you. Never, ever stand in front of your own team.


Everytime your team goes for dragon/baron you wanna STAY OUT of the pit, never inside it! If you're inside, you're dead without flash. 

Find a position that allows you to re-position fast.

Q/E + flash combos Back to Top

Let's start with the xerathmagechains.png + 4.png
It's in that order too, you start E as you animation start you immediatly flash right after. This combo is the most important one since you will give your opponent less reaction time, use it for example in laning phase so you can follow up with the rest of your combo and end your enemy or catch a carry off-guard. 

xerathmagechains.png ---> 4.png combo

This combo is so good against champions that has dashes and can follow up with any kind of CC, like 103.png and 7.png. Both of theese champions has dashes and can follow up with their ahriseduce.png/leblancsoulshackle.png. As you will see in the "pros and cons" tab, one of Xerath's weaknesses is his channeling abilities. Since you'll give you're wide open to hit while channeling. This combo however counters that weakness, it allows you to get off the damage and still flash away, you can actually follow with a xerathmagechains.png right after the flash. You're enemy is likely not to react that fast to it.

xeratharcanopulse.png ---> 4.png combo

This combo is great in terms of catching op to your opponent. Allows you to close that little distance of you and your enemy if your ultimate is not up for example. 

4.png ---> xeratharcanopulse.png combo

Warding spots (Pink, yellow trinket) Back to Top

Theese are the common pink wards for a midlaner to place.

Left side of your lane:

Right side of your lane:

Since you can only place 1 pink ward at a time, your vision will be limited and you'll have to think carefully of where you gonna place your green wards (Yellow trinket).

For example:

As you can see the two green wards compensate for the areas the pink ward cannot reach (Only 1 of the green wards is enough, placed 2 just for example). Place a pink ward on the side you wanna control during laning phase, if you for example face a 4.png. His chances of roaming bot at level 6 are pretty high since botlane has a higher kill outcome than any lane. In this scenario you wanna place a pinkward on your left side of the lane, and add green wards to compensate. Your jungler should help with pinks and ward control but it's soloq so anything can happen. Focus on yourself and what you do right/wrong. 

When you swap 3340.png for 3363.png at level 9. Use it for jungle pressure, unless you're getting a lot of ganks from the enemies in which case, stay with the yellow trinket until laning phase is done.

Early game Back to Top

Like mentioned earlier, unless it is in fact a farming lane you're facing you should pick up 1056.png + 2 2009.png. Take one point in xerathlocusofpower.png or xeratharcanopulse.png depending on the matchup. As soon as minions arrive you wanna poke your opponent, Autoattack (AA) > Q/W > AA, with this you'll get thunderlord procc of and probably take ~30-40% of your enemy's health bar forcing your opponent to pop a 2003.png, however if they do not pop a 2003.png (Because of greediness or something) you should proceed to first blood at level 2 with no hesitation. 

Don't forget to back off after your AA's at level 1 so you don't take minion aggro. When you take minion aggro your lane will push faster since they wont focus on your minions.

With level 2 you should either take a point in E or Q. If they did pop a potion at lvl 1 I'd suggest you take a point in Q for more raw damage output. Never stop poking, you can easily stay in lane with "Mana Surge". Just keep AA your enemy so you get maximal mana back from it. 

If you didn't get a chance to get your opponent down yet, take a second to analyze his playstyle. Is he trading damage back, is he playing aggressive? If that's the case at level 2 put a point in your xerathmagechains.png instead of xeratharcanopulse.png. Since he's likely to walk up to you to poke you down you wanna stun him while he's amongst your minions so they aggro him down, following up with a xerathlocusofpower.png should win you the trade or best case scenario get a kill along with the damage from 14.png.

If you're getting ganked at level 2 or 3. Stun the one who has a gap closer which is often the jungler, for example if a 113.png ganks your lane you wanna stun her the moment you see her before she gets a chance using sejuaniarcticassault.png to close the distance between you, if your xerathmagechains.png isn't up, use your xerathlocusofpower.png for the slow instead. 

If you're opponent is a natural talent at dodging your skillshots, start looking for patterns from the enemy. For example does, go left/right when dodging, does he stand completely still just to play mindgames with you? Theese little stuff are keynotes in to getting your damage off instead of just wasting mana and without knowing pushing your lane since all of your spells except your E are AoE abilities, that is what is likely to happen.  

When your 3092.png is fully built, you can use it to either search for the enemy jungler giving your team an advantage in vision or combo it with your xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png to easier hit the enemies.

Keynotes to yourself:

  • Find his pattern, when dodging your spells, does the opponent go left/right or simply stands still.
  • Don’t fall behind in cs.
  • Poke and follow up auto attack.
  • Keep a track on your minimap for an enemy roaming support or ganks from their jungler. 
  • Flashing and igniting for a kill is worth it. You should be able to snowball pretty hard.

Mid game Back to Top

You wanna poke before going into a teamfight, if you've made a target of their team low enough for your to team to chase. Activate 3092.png for an easier catch. Keep wards up on objectives (Baron/Dragon) and as soon as you hit level 9, you wanna swap your 3361.png to 3363.png

You wanna make sure you can poke the enemies to the extent that you'll not exploit yourself in any way, and this is actually easier said than done. You don't wanna be on the frontline since they can easily engage on you because of the lack of immobility 101.png has. Backline? Yeah, this is where you wanna be most of the time. However, sidelines...

Being on the side of a teamfight gives you a vision of the whole fight throughout the scene, you can easily target an individual target from there. And your chances to be caught is still low but if you get caught, you would need the assistance of your team, unless it is for an example a support with CC but high cooldown on his abilities such as 12.png in which case you actually should ignore him and keep your focus on their carries after he used his abilities!

So Keynotes to remember is:

  • Keep wards up on the main objectives
  • Make sure you poke before a teamfight, giving your team an advantage before entering the fight
  • Your positioning can be changed throughout the whole game, keep an look-out for positions that are unseen to the enemies as you fight them.
  • Focus their carries, always, since focus them with your abilities (even if you miss) would give them a harder time focusing

Late game Back to Top

If you've come this far in the game, you've either made a comeback in which case, hella good joob!

Or... They've made a comeback for themselves. Now there is a ton of scenarios that can happen here, but I'll tell you what you generally has to focus on. As in mid game, objectives, objectives, objectives. Do not loose vision of baron/Dragon. 

If they have a splitpusher, force engage, or go baron. If you have a splitpusher. Poke with careness so you don't overstep and they run you over, if you do a good job, they can't engage you because they are too low. However do not let them portal back! Since they will disrupt your splitpusher.

Your items might wanna be changed depending on what your facing, if they have juggernauts aka. (Also known as) tanks. You wanna sell either 3092.png or3116.png and pick up a 3151.png for the extra magic penetration. Also swap your 3158.png for 3020.png. If they are squishy however, you wanna keep all your CDR. But still might wanna switch to a 3116.png depending on the mobility of the enemies you are facing. Maybe having a hard time poking that 429.png

Pick up a rylais!

Sieging/Teamfight (In-depth) Back to Top

As mentioned in other tabs, Xerath is heavily dependent on poking before teamfight. This is using Xerath to his fullest potential, let you're team know this and repeatedly inform them that you need to poke!

If you're behind allow yourself to snowball for your team by simply using your xeratharcanopulse.png+xerathlocusofpower.png combo to waveclear and harass the enemeies forcing them to back off as their siege fails. This requires a lot of patience from your team and yourself ofcourse since you might have to waveclear a lot! 16.png is really good at sieging with the enemy team, since she can easily counter your poke with her healing abilities. Target her as you waveclear in your Q. It has the range of being able to waveclear and poke in the same casting. Since she's so squishy you should be able to bring her down with 1-2 xeratharcanopulse.png and end her with xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png forcing the enemy team to back off. This should be reapated as the game progresses and you're behind until you and your team are strong enough to go head to head in a 5v5 outside your turret.

If they decide to go for a dragon let it be, baron however decreases your chance of wave-clearing pretty hard, so contest it! Use your 3363.png to get an early vision on baron without endangering yourself or your teammates, and poke from a far. Do not focus their tanks since they are more likely to back off if you get on of their carries really low. You don't always wanna use your xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png as a finisher, if you see your team moving in on the enemies. Use this for harass when you're out of range with your other abilities.

101.png is a great snowballer since he denies sieging pretty hard. Even if your team is behind, do not loose spirit. You are only getting stronger as the game progresses since your main build should be pure damage output.

Tips & tricks Back to Top

Use fog of war if you can't hit your skillshots, there's so many places around the lane in which you can benefit from. 

For example as you can see down below, use the walls in your lanes to hit the enemy. Xerath is one of the few champions that can actually do this due to his long range, and this will give your opponent a little to no reaction time. Beware of not missing cs, further advice would be to actually wait for a fresh minion wave with full hp before going into position. Giving you the time needed to position properly, charging and poking while not missing any cs.

Example 1:


Example 2:

This one is actually funny, but quite risky too. Wait until you're around level 2-3. Go for the deep ward in the enemy jungles Razorbreaks. And walk back to lane and await their jungler to pop up to get the camp, you should immediately go for the kill. This is dangerous if you need to flash due to your low mobility, it might backfire since the one your versus is likely to catch thus giving him the doublebuff you worked hard for. If you're jungler is in on it, it can resolve into a 2 for 0 situation in your favor. 
However I only do this on jungler that has a squishy early game for example:

28.png  105.png  76.png  60.png  


Basic ways to improve if you're bad Back to Top

Here's some keynotes on what you can do to improve yourself as a player, this dosen't apply on Xerath only. Use this to improve your gameplay overall:

- Watch replays of your games 
- Look for mistakes you make consistently 
- Think of ways you could've played differently, think of scenarios of what you could do instead.
- Did you use your abilties when getting ganked before flashing?
- After you died, did you flash in regret knowing that they would catch up to anyways?
- Would quicker reaction time in terms of ability casting, saved you or a teammate?
- Did you actually land all of your skillshots?
- Are you CSing properly?
- Were you in fault of not calling MIA on your midlaner?
- Are you trying to predict where the enemy jungler can be?
- The vast majority of times the enemy is not moving randomly, if you notice the enemy midlaner is missing and your top lane is pushed... You might want to let him know what's coming.
- Are you placing wards properly?
- Are you paying attention to your ward's timers? Knowing when youre vulnerable is key is improving.
- After you take an objective, look what else you can take.
- Often times after taking dragon you can also take a tower, rotations are key.
- When learning Xerath, make mistakes and extend. Explore him.
- Learning your limits is one the most important aspects of the game and every champion out there.
- Play as aggressivively as you can, learn what you can do. If you find yourself constantly backing off when an enemy laner walks at you, perhaps you could play that differently.
- Look for times to roam.
- Go into custom games and practicing CS along with one friend that you wanna try hit your Q on. Let him play Kalista.


Go thunderlord if you have a good laning phase along with early game. Deathfire touch is substantially better for late game since it will do overall more damage from your spells while thunderlord allows you to trade better and more pressure in lane. 

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