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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash and Smite are the best summoners for Xin Zhao Jungle. I recommend taking Flash because it will allow you to instantly escape when near enemies. It can also be used offensively or defensively. Flash is always a consistent Summoner. Smite must be taken when you're playing Jungle.

Ghost and Smite are also Viable for Xin Zhao Jungle. Ghost is good when chasing enemy champions. Like Flash- it can help you get to enemies quicker, however Ghost takes time to build up the peak movement speed. Smite must be taken when you're playing Jungle.

I personally prefer taking Flash and Smite on Xin Zhao because Flash is a more useful and by far the most reliable.

New Runes Back to Top

For Xin Zhao I recommend taking Precision as the core Rune page.

Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32 Lethal Tempo is good on Xin because you will gain a big amount of attack speed when going into deal damage to enemies. This is good on Xin because he has the possibility to get on the enemies with his E and as you’re melee, you will be fighting for longer than 1.5 seconds.

Triumph.png?width=32 Triumph is the next Rune and it gives you more sustain on kills and assists.

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 Legend: Alacrity also gives him Attack Speed. Xin relies on Attack speed, so early kills will buff him into a late game beast!

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 Coup De Grace is the next Rune. This is good because you can deal extra damage and possibly get more kills when you go and gank.

In the second tree I recommend taking Resolve and taking Perseverance.png?width=32 Unflinching and Second%20Wind.png?width=32Second Wind.

Abilities Back to Top


Xin Zhao’s Passive is Determination

Every thirst attack of Q strike deals bonus damage and restores some health


Xin Zhao’s Q is Three Talon Strike

For the next 5 seconds, Xin’s 3 basic attacks deal extra damage. The third attack knocks the enemy up. This is an auto attack reset.

Tips: If you’re fighiting in the jungle or against a melee enemy. Start with an Auto followed by Q instantly. This is because it is an auto attack reset and means you can deal extra damage for free.


Xin Zhao’s W is Wind Becomes Lightning

Active: Xin Zhao performs two strikes over a period of time.
1st deals damage to the enemies in an arc.
2nd deals physical damage in a line and slows them over a period of time.
Both strikes deal extra damage against minions.

Tips: This is a skill shot, you should try your best to hit tit where possible


Xin Zhao’s E is Audacious Charge

Xin dashes to a target dealing damage and slowing them, he gains extra attack speed too.

Tips: You can use your E offensively or defensivly. It is your main source of gap closure so do not waste it. If you use your E in team fights, make sure that your team is going in with you because you cannot escape once used.


Xin Zhao’s Ultimate is Crescent Guard

Passive: the last enemy champion targeted by Xin’s basic attacks is challenged for 3 seconds.

Active: Xin sweeps around him dealing damage to enemies hit, non-challenged enemies are knocked back and stunned.

For the next 3 seconds Xin negates all damage received by enemies more than 450 units away from him.

Tips: Beware of using this ultimate, if the enemy is not targeted then you will knock them back. This can be either good or bad so use it wisely. Remember that your ultimate neglects enemy damage from outside the zone- you will take damage if they are inside.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start. I recommend taking this every game.
    You could also start this if you want too.

Core Items

    On your first back you want to upgrade your starting machete to either a Stalker's Blade, Tracker's Knife or Skirmisher's Sabre.
    Your first core item will be your jungle item. The attack speed one is good for Xin Zhao because it gives him extra attack speed. This means you will be able to deal more damage, and attack the enemies quicker.
    Boots should be your second item. I recommend getting the ones that you need.
    This is your 3rd Major item. It is really good on Xin because it gives him everything he needs to survive and become stronger
    This is a good item. I recommend getting it because it gives him lots of health and armor. This is good on Xin because you will be the front line and need health to survive.
    For your final two items you can either go 2 damages, or 1 damage and one tank. I recommend GA and Sterak's Gage. Below i've listed some other items you can purchase

Situational Items

    If you are running low on health, or are having a hard time sustaining and kiting camps- purchase a Hunter's Potion.
    You can start Refillable instead of pots if you want too.
    Possible last items.
These items are good on Xin Zhao because...
They give him all the stats he needs to survive the early game and staying tanky and survivng the late game team fights. Xin Zhao's Job is to go in on the enemy, and building off tank (while also being able to damage) is incredibly important. The build allows him to go in and deal damage- whilst surviving.

What Smite to Take

1400.png The Blue Smite
deals true damage to enemy champions and slows them for a brief period. You can use this when playing against slow champions or enemy tanks.
1412.png The Red Smite deals damage over time, and makes enemies visible for a few seconds. I recommend taking this one in most situations as it is overall very strong and much better than Blue Smite.
1408.png  The Silver(Green) Smite grants 2 vision wards. This is good when you want to ward for your team, however, you will lack solo fighting and invading pressure.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Graves
  • Ivern
  • Jarvan IV
  • Master Yi
  • Nunu
  • Rammus
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Twitch
  • Udyr




You beat cho'gath jungle because he is a tank and rather immobile early. You can try to invade him early, and try to put him behind. However, he does sustain well and can easily kill you. You need to dodge the Q and W from Cho. Beware, he might take dragon's at level 6.


Dr. Mundo


You do very well against tanks in the early game even though you are at your weakest. This is because the majority of Tanks are not strong early, this includes Dr Mundo. I would not recommend actively going to fight him however when invading him you can kill him if you find him. Beware of his Q damage because it does stack up if you eat them for free.




Elise is a medium matchup because she has her cocoon. She also does a lot of mixed damage thanks to her abilities and small spiders. It is best to play around your team and try to gank when possible. Depending on how good the enemy is she may or may not know how strong her spiders can be. Use her knowledge or lack of to beat her early.




Beware of the range advantage. Do not fight him 1v1 because he will out damage you and realistically kill you really easily. Try to dodge his abilities and use your ultimate to escape if you need to. Try to counter jungle him and leave vision when you invade him.




This is a frustrating matchup.. Try to stay out of his ultimate and back off if he silences or fears you.




Beware of the range advantage. Do not fight him 1v1 because he will out damage you and realistically kill you really easily. Try to dodge his abilities and use your ultimate to escape if you need to. Try to counter jungle him and leave vision when you invade him.




Beware of the three buff start. I recommend that you try to counter jungle him early and try to put him behind.  Ivern isn’t very strong in 1v1 matchups, so try to abuse this.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan doesn’t survive great in the early levels, try to take away as many camps as you can from him and try to put him behind. Dodge his EQ combo.


Master Yi


Look out for his Q, try to steal his camps and put him behind




This is a easy matchup but frustrating. You can cancel his ultimate with you knockup. Kill him before starting Baron/Dragons.




This is a hard match up because you will not be able to kill them. It is rather frustrating to play against a rammus because of his tanky-ness and his abilities. I recommend trying to counter jungle him and put him behind early. You should ward for your laners and protect them. He will be ganking early so why he ganks tried to counter jungle him and apply pressure across the map.




You are strong versus tank champions. Try to counter jungle her early and go hunting for her. Sejuani doesn’t have the best of clears early and can get quiet low. She also has not very strong 1v1 potential. You can use this to your advantage.




This champion is frustrating to play against because of their stealth ability. Make sure you have their jungle warded, and do not get surprised by them. I would recommend trying to fight them early because you counter them and can easily kill them. Make sure to buy Red smite.




Beware of this champions attack speed. Most of the time, when playing against this champion they will be going overboard on attack speed. Do not fight them 1v1. They can also sneak objectives such as dragons or rift herald early. Watch out for them and keep those objectives warded.




This champion is frustrating to play against because of their stealth ability and range advantage. Make sure you have their jungle warded, and do not get surprised by them. I would recommend trying to fight them early because you counter them and can easily kill them. Make sure to buy Red smite. Twitch is ranged, so you need to sneak up on him and burst him down.




Beware of this champions attack speed. Most of the time, when playing against this champion they will be going overboard on attack speed. Do not fight them 1v1. They can also sneak objectives such as dragons or rift herald early. Watch out for them and keep those objectives warded.

Early Jungle Pathing Back to Top

Red > Wolves > Blue

Blue> Wolves > Red

Red > Blue > Gromp

Try your best to stay as healthy as possible. Do not use smite on first camp and remember to counter jungle when possible and provide vision for your team.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Always purchase ward first before any other items. The quicker you buy, the earlier it will be ready for your second stack.

Leave your base at 0:15 and always protect jungle entrances. You should always be ready to move as soon as possible.

If you have refillable potions and are in base, spam use them. This will speed up the healing process and get you to lane quicker.

Do not use your ultimate unless you can execute them or they are focused. This is because they will be knocked away and you don’t want that to happen!

Try to hit your W on the enemy to apply the slow, then follow up with your other abilities.

Your ultimate damage prevention only works on enemies outside of the range.

How to Ward the Enemy Jungle Back to Top

Warding the enemy jungle is an incredibly important thing to do in every game. Not only does it tell you where the enemy is, but it also gives your team a huge amount of valuable information.

  • It is best to ward the enemy jungle if he has shown on the map. You should not go in blind without knowing where they are unless you can fight them 1v1.
  • You can go and ward the enemy jungle with your support. Both of you roaming into the enemy jungler allows you to make any fight 2v1.
  • You should place useful wards in high traffic areas to show where the enemy jungler is. Do not waste your wards.
  • You can ward jungle camps to show when the enemy is doing them. This information will allow you to go for a steal or fight over them.
  • Warding jungle camps will allow you to also take and steal the ones that are up.
  • Warding the enemy jungler can also give you buff timers and also allow you to counter gank.

Here are some examples of warding for both sides

KEY | Green = Green Wards . PINK = Control Wards

Depending on what side you’re on, you almost always want to place an offensive pink ward or in an equal position in either one of the river bushes.

It is important to have consistent useful warding as the information it gives is so valuable. I usually ward most of these places every game depending on what side i am playing on.

Buy a ward, Safe a life.

Please Note: This information was taken from my personal blog. You can check it out here:

How to Track the enemy Jungler [Early Game] Back to Top

Tracking the enemy jungler is a very important and sometimes is a hard thing to do. There are a few different ways to track the jungler and it all starts from minute 1.

In the opening stage of the game it is important to know who their jungler is and know if they are a early game champion or a mid/late game champion. This is true for every role, but especially the jungle role as it allows you to control the map and have a higher impact on the game. Knowing the general jungle routes will help you steal camps, know when you can fight them or when you can invade and go looking for them.

Where they start

You can usually tell where the jungler has started by watching the enemy laners to see if they are coming to lane late or early, or if they have used mana. Usually, if the bot lane is already in lane then the enemy has started topside, or if the Top has arrived early then the bot was probably leashing . You can track the enemy from there and assume where they will be. If the jungler has started witches also known as raptors, then the mid will be slightly late to lane or have used mana.

However in some games there will be a fake leash. When they do this you must guess where they have started, but using your knowledge of match ups you should have a good idea on where they’ve started.

Using the Fruit, Scryer’s bloom and blast cones

Taking away and using the 3 plants is a very good way of tracking the enemy jungler by knowing where they are and when. If one of these plants is down, then it will show that the enemy jungler was around this area previously. The plants also leave debris too which can also help you know when they were there as they have a slight timer on.

In short, if the enemy has recently taken a plant, then it will leave debris on the ground. If you see that it has been used you should assume that the jungler will be headed to the closest lane near it which allows you to either counter gank, force objectives on the other side of the map, or steal their camps. However, this is very situational.

Warding and Rift Scuttler

The obvious way of tracking the enemy jungler is to ward their jungle. You should invade the enemy jungle and place informative wards around their camps and high traffic areas. Information like this allows your team to know where the jungler is and play around it, for example seeing that the enemy jungler is topside allows you to gank bot lane and vice versa.

You can check this warding guide on where to place wards to spot the enemy jungler.

Another way is to take the two rift scuttlers, taking these will show vision and if the enemy jungler is taking the river as a path to a gank. This will either prevent junglers ganking and wasting time going the long way around or will give your laners enough time to react or back off.

Their Creep Score

Knowing and seeing their Creep score will allow you to guess where they have been and where they will be going. Knowing what camps give what Creep score will allow you to go fight them over future camps or go and ward the other side of the map and scout them for when they come back around.

Looking for the enemy jungler and knowing where they are at all times is very important and should be used to it’s full potential each game. It is not just the jungler’s job to scout and track the enemy jungler. Laners must know where they are as well so they can play around it and know when they can play aggressive.

Please Note: This information was taken from my personal blog. You can check it out here:

How to Prevent Counter Jungling Back to Top

If you are a jungle player you’ve probably had your fair share of counter jungling in the past. In some games it is almost impossible to farm because you have been so heavily out jungled. Games like this are rather frustrating to play and are almost always hard to come back from. There are some ways to prevent counter jungling in League of Legends and here are some ideas that you can take forward into your future games to help prevent counter jungling.

Ganking Lanes

Showing yourself on the map when ganking lanes is one way of being counter jungle. When ganking Lanes, you need to be quick and efficient with your pathing and performance. Time is a valuable resource in League of Legends, and wasting it is something you should not do. While you are on the map you will be spotted. The enemy jungler will have enough time to know where you are and you can take objectives away from you. For example, if you are helping your top planer out the enemy jungler can invade your bottom side to either provide vision or take jungle camps away from you.

You can improve on this by not showing yourself for too long while ganking, and making sure that you have taken all your jungle whenever possible.

Provide Vision

Providing vision as the jungler is a very important. Everybody must do it to successfully show and spot the enemy. Pink ward’s in river bushes are one way to show where the enemy jungle is. This will prevent counter jungling because you can see them entering your jungle which will allow your team to collapse on them. If you know that the jungle is entering an empty side of the map, you should invade the opposite side of their jungle to try and steal their camps.

Vision is incredibly important for all Lanes. Spotting the enemy jungler when he is invading or passing through the river is a one way preventing invades or ganks.

Taking Camps

The most obvious way of preventing counter jungling is taking your buffs and camps whenever they are up. This will mean that the enemy will be wasting their time trying to take or steal buffs if they are not there. This will also put them behind as they have taken the time to come into our jungle. This also means that you could collapse on them while they are looking for your camps.

Once you improve in ranking and learn more about the game you will notice small signs to prevent counter jungling. It takes a lot of practice to become good at jungling so do not be discouraged when learning.

Please Note: This information was taken from my personal blog. You can check it out here:

How to Counter Jungle Successfully Back to Top

Counter jungling is one of the fundamentals of learning to become a good jungler. Counter jungling can be hard to do but once you master the art you will know the signals of when you can counter jungle.It will become much easier and you can abuse your knowledge to win games by putting the enemy jungler behind and becoming strong yourself.

Yesterday we discussed to prevent counter jungling and today we will tell you how to do it. If you did not read yesterday’s guide I suggest reading that before this one however some of the information will be covered in both.


If you have vision of where the enemy jungler is and you can invade on the opposite side of his jungle. You can take away his camps knowing that he is on the opposite side of the map. They will not be able to get to you in time. Vision will help aid in this by knowing where he is and when. You can tell in the early stages of the game what camps he has done by looking at his CS amount . You should then estimate where he has been and where he is going next. After you have deciphered if it is worth going in to counter jungle him you should then act on it immediately. Hesitating will lessen your chances of a successful counter jungle attempt. Even if your counter jungle is unsuccessful leaving vision will help your lanes play around for the next few minutes.

Minimap awareness

Following on from vision knowing where the enemy jungler is by his ganking patterns will help you counter jungle him. If you see that the enemy jungler is topside ganking your top lane, you should play around it and either pressure bottom lane, midlane or counter jungle his bottom side camps. The way of doing this is very much the same as vision above.

Taking away buffs

In previous seasons, jungling was much harder and knowing jungle timers were way different to it is now. If you hold down the tab button you can see timers of Dragon, Baron or The Buffs. Knowing when the enemy jungle camps are up will allow you to contest them and being prepared is one way of doing that.

Knowing that the enemy jungle camp is coming up will allow you to take it away or at least fight over it, if you see that the enemy jungler is on the opposite side of the map and their buff is coming up in 10 seconds you could try to sneak it away from them. Taking away buffs from your enemies is one way of not only putting your enemy jungler behind but also putting the mid laner behind or even their ADC.

Once you have mastered the art of counter jungling and jungling in general. You will be able to find new ways to counter jungle and ways of abusing your strengths and putting the enemy jungle behind.

Please Note: This information was taken from my personal blog. You can check it out here:

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