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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png - Help Secure Kills mainly. The reduce healing effect is also good against enemies with sustain/life steal.

4.png - To escape tight situations and making flashy plays.

21.png - IF you are against a champion that has hard burst (134_64.png7_64.png1_64.png63_64.png etc.) and need additional defenses.

12.png - If you're playing top!

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries are based on personal preference on what you think is best, but this is the route I've decided on Yasuo.

Offensive Tree

Some people use the Spell Weaving/Blade Weaving combo. 3% Spell Damage/3% Basic Attack Damage is still some damage but since it only works against enemy champions I feel I won't use it as effectively as I want to. I rather get 1.5% more bonus attack damage overall. You can use the last point to get Butcher or Dangerous Game. Butcher will help with your last hitting overall while Dangerous Game will only help if you are securing kills, which might be better if you are snowballing and are using this skill a lot; but since you don't know if you'll snowball or not I find it better to be on the safe side and just make your life easier farming minions and/or neutral monsters!

Defensive Tree

Yasuo doesn't use mana and some of the skills for 9 points in the Utility tree are not that useful for Yasuo. Recovery will give you additional health regeneration which will help deal with harass early. Block and Unyielding will help reduce damage taken from auto attacks and other damage sources. Juggernaut is the best choice for one point in Tier 3.

Abilities Back to Top

I'll try to give a short explanation for his Abilities. Ability pictures from League of Legends wiki.

Yasuo Passive.png

Yasuo can have up to 60/70/80/92/105/120/140/160/185/215/245/280/325/375/430/490/565/650 Flow. 60 being from Level 1 to 650 at Level 18. It can be accumulated by dashing, teleporting or when displaced from crowd control. He generates 1% of his maximum Flow with every 70 units he travels. Since Yasuo's Critical Strike chance is doubled, you don't need to go all damage since you'll do more than enough if you are at risk of being focused to death.

Yasuo Q.png
Yasuo Q Ability 1.png

Yasuo's Q is basically another auto attack. It can critically strike and on-hit effects will be applied on first enemy hit, not all of them. CD will be reduced based on Yasuo's bonus attack speed, CDR does not affect this ability.

If you hit Q successfully the first and second time, the third active will cause a whirlwind like 40_64.png's Tornado, damaging and knocking airborne all enemies. BUT if you cast this while dashing with his E, it will be changed to a circle, knocking them airborne still.

Yasuo Q Ability 2.png

Yasuo W.png

Yasuo's W is pretty strong if played right. A Good Wind Wall makes PLAYS. It can basically block almost ANYTHING except Turret Shots. The passive from this Ability is also good for quickly recharging Yasuo's flow during teamfights to make use of his shield. If you time this right you can make some good plays and soak a lot of damage from the enemy, even their ultimates. When you cast it, it will block projectiles instantly so don't think it has a wind up time as it will active the instant you set the wall.

Yasuo W Ability 1.png

Yasuo E.png

This is probably one of my favorite abilities from Yasuo. You can basically dash to any enemy minion/champion/neutral monster, dealing magic damage and marking them. When marked you can't dash to them again; also each cast increases the next dash's damage by 25%. You can spam dash to everything while dodging skill shots and what not! Just don't go crazy trying to be a ninja dashing to everything and marking everybody; since you can't dash to them again you'll be forced to run and risk dying if you are in a teamfight.

With good mechanics/skill you can make big outplays and become the best samurai you can be.

Yasuo E Ability 1.png

Yasuo R.png

If you have champions to help knock them up to the air it could make it a lot easier to use your Ultimate (54_64.png31_64.png59_64.png64_64.png266_64.png etc). Once used, it does a good amount of damage; even better if there are other enemy champions around whoever you targeted with your Ultimate so it can hit all of them. After you land you'll gain 50% armor penetration for 15 seconds so use that to your advantage. This Ultimate is really good for picking someone off when they're running away if you can land your Whirlwind Q; or initiating fights if you can knock them up with your Q.

Yasuo R Ability 1.png

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    if going aggressive
    Super Aggressive

Core Items

    Buy Order (Standard) Can change due to different item routes, but zeal -> shiv is a must
    Main, can switch BOTRK for BT if needed and LW for anything else, depending on the situation!
    If you need the extra health and some damage is nice
    Phantom is really good against solo lanes.

Situational Items

    too much CC to handle
    Need armor, plan to build tank
    Instead of BoTRK
    All you do is Ham
    If you need the shield to block important CC spells
    if you need that mr! Don't ignore the potential of this item!
Yasuo is very flexible with his item route/build. There's many ways to build Yasuo since you can still be tanky and deal a lot of damage due to his kit and passive.

Buy Order will usually be: 

1055_32.png or  1074_32.png) + (2003_32.png + 3340_32.png or 3341_32.png)

1001_32.png + 3086_32.png -> 3087_32.png + 1053_32.png + 1038_32.png -> (3006_32.png or 3111_32.png) -> 3031_32.png + 1037_32.png -> 3035_32.png

3211_32.png -> 3102_32.png IF AP Heavy, 3026_32.png if aggressive to assassins

= (3006_32.png1075_32.png3087_32.png1053_32.png3031_32.png3035_32.png) The rest of the items you build will be situational depending on the situation in your games. Build on what you need, not what you think and know is strong!


Situational Items

3153_32.png -  Blade of the Ruined King is good on Yasuo because the Attack Speed helps lower the cooldown on his Q. Also helps against High HP enemies and the Active/Life Steal are good as usual.

3072_32.png -  You can substitute 3153_32.png for Bloodthirster if there isn't really any High HP targets and/or you want more sustain from the Life Steal, also more Damage.

3155_32.png -  I usually get this if I'm against a middle with a lot of burst, like 7_64.png1_64.png134_64.png etc. and you need the magic shield. Most people don't upgrade 3155_32.png --> 3156_32.png because it costs too much and would just sell it to buy something else.

3142_32.png -  Ghostblade is particularly good on Yasuo because it gives Armor Penetration, CDR, Attack Damage and Critical Strike Chance, with an active to help you catch up to the enemy carries. You wouldn't really need anymore Armor Penetration since you'll get a lot from your Ultimate and also from 3035_32.png, but it's a pretty good item to go for if you are snowballing and decided to go for this by buying an early 3134_32.png. The Bonus MS does nothing to really help with his CDs when all he needs to cap it is 3087_32.png or 3046_32.png, making the active kind of useless; only benefit from this item would be the Armor Penetration and Critical Hit Chance. I personally don't build this though, there's other items that are better.

3140_32.png --> 3139_32.png - If you keep getting impaired or stuck trying to kill their carries and dying!

3065_32.png3143_32.png3026_32.png - If you need more resistances consider going these items. 3065_32.png will help if you are taking a lot of Magic Damage, plus it gives you health and CDR. 3143_32.png is good if there's a lot of AD on the enemy team, active is really good also. 3026_32.png if you're going to be the carry and go after the Assassin always risking killing yourself.

- Building 3031_32.png + 3087_32.png and Six GMarks (2) Greater Marks of Critical Strike Chance will total 100% at the cost of 6300 gold. 3087_32.png is good because it builds from 3093_32.png due to the bonus gold generation. BUT I rather not lose attack damage marks.

3172_32.png is a pretty good item on Yasuo also. If you happen to build 3078_32.png, having 3172_32.png3087_32.png3078_32.png will give him 24% extra movement speed, and good reduction against CC if you also pair it up with 3269_32.png or 3267_32.pngif you want to move even faster.


Starting Item Builds

Yasuo Starting Build 1.png 

Normal standard route, since the enemy AP mid knows your AD you'll have to melee for your last hits, so they will abuse that and try to auto attack you as much as they can.

Yasuo Starting Build 2.png 

Passive/Aggressive route, the Doran Blade passive will help give you hp if you last hit the minions, the health will help against your trading and the attack damage will make your trading stronger as well.

Yasuo Starting Build 3.png 

If you want to be super aggressive. Try to get first blood or at least a kill to make this starting build worth it. You can also use it to bait the enemy out if you are about to die since it will give you health. Once you use it just know you won't have any items like Doran's Blade or Shield and just pots so you'll basically be behind if you don't secure a kill.


Alternative Item Builds


Yasuo Item Build 1.png 

Triforce is basically a good item on everyone, even though you won't use the mana it gives you the sheen proc, phage proc, and all the other good stats has everything you need and more. 3142_32.png helps for chasing + 3044_32.pngyou'll probably have over 500 movement speed. Everything else is just good on Yasuo.

Yasuo Item Build 2.png 

Instead of getting 3078_32.png you could switch it for 3153_32.png if you are facing tanky people. If the enemies have a lot of armor your 3035_32.png and Armor Penetration from your Ultimate can deal with that.

Yasuo Item Build 3.png 

If you are against a lot of AP champions, and/or their middle/support carries have a lot of AP and keeps killing you. 3065_32.png will help you not die that quickly BUT it will give you a little bit more time to kill them before they kill you. 3087_32.png + 3031_32.png will give you 90% crit chance due to Yasuo's passive.

Yasuo Item Build 4.png

 If you can to just be the tanky person on the team and need extra magic/armor resistances to be able to be that tank. 3153_32.png also helps you chop down their hp if they have a lot, 3035_32.png + 3031_32.png just helps increase his damage output.

Yasuo Item Build 5.png 

The normal usual route for Yasuo, 3153_32.png to chop them down, the rest increases your damage output immensely, and 3026_32.png to go ham without really having the risk of dying, good for making them focus you so your team can kill them off also.

Matchups Back to Top

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Since you can dash everywhere as Yasuo, you can abuse her early before she hits 6. Once she misses her 20px-Charm.jpg Charm or you bait her upon using it, you can go all in on her and try to get a kill before 6.

Once she's 6 it will be a harder time since she'll be dashing everywhere with her 20px-Spirit_Rush.jpg Spirit Rush, a good way to get her by surprise is using your triple 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest  active (Whirlwind) but do it while dashing towards her so you can bounce her up instead of throwing a tornado at her; then using your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath and try to burst her down.

Consider starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png, she will abuse her auto attacks against you and try to charm you when you dash towards her.



84_64.png is also melee, so you can abuse her since you can spam your 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest against her. She will use her  Mark of the Assassin on you and auto you for damage mostly; but just keep trying to 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest her and burn her down, possibly getting a kill before she's 6.

Once she's 6 she'll have her 20px-Shadow_Dance.jpg Shadow Dance, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem for you. You guys will probably do the same amount of burst. When she 20px-Shadow_Dance.jpg Shadow Dance towards you try to do your 3rd 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest proc so she can fly up in the air and then 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath and try to finish her off.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png or 1055_32.png



34_64.png is generally very squishy. Try to juke and dodge her 20px-Flash_Frost.jpg Flash Frost + 20px-Frostbite.jpg Frostbite as that is mostly her main form of damage before she hits 6. Try to burst her down early so she can lose her  Rebirth or get help from your jungler to secure a kill before she's 6.

Once Anivia is 6 she'll be harder to dash into since she'll just 20px-Glacial_Storm.jpg Glacial Storm you while bursting you down. Try to throw a tornado towards her from your 3rd 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest and go in with your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath to try to hurt her down.

Consider starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png since Anivia's Auto Attacks are very long.



1_64.png is decent early game to 6. Try to go aggressive towards her when she doesn't have stun. If she has her  Pyromania on 3 she can do a quick stun by doing  Molten Shield + 20px-Disintegrate.jpg Disintegrate. Try to get help from your jungler to secure a kill on Annie early game before she's 6.

Once Annie is 6 she will have a lot more burst from 20px-SummonTibbers.jpg Summon Tibbers so just try to watch out for that. You can use your 20px-Wind_Wall.png Wind Wall to dodge her 20px-Disintegrate.jpg Disintegrate if you want.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



63_64.png has to hit you with one of his abilities to make you burn before he can stun you with his 20px-Sear.jpg Sear (If he lands it). You can dodge his 20px-Pillar_of_Flame.jpg Pillar of Flame easily with your dash hand dive back on him and can hit him with your 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest + Auto Attacks.

Once brand is 6 be careful dashing near your own minions, since he might use his 20px-Pyroclasm.jpg Pyroclasm and the bounce may hit you a couple times.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png.



69_64.png weakness is having no escapes, so early jungle pressure towards Cassiopeia to waste her flash will help you greatly. Try to be aggressive towards her before she's 6 and try to secure a kill.

Once she's 6 be careful dashing towards you, if she tries to use her 20px-Petrifying_Gaze.jpg Petrifying Gaze on you turn around so you don't get stunned. You can dodge by dashing to an enemy minion next to her forcing her to ult you, turn around and then dash back onto her and do your combo.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



131_64.png is not that strong until 6. Plus she is melee so you can try to be aggressive towards her. Just know she has her 20px-Pale_Cascade.jpg Pale Cascade and auto attack passive so don't go too aggressive.

Once she's 6 she will be a lot more stronger from 20px-Lunar_Rush.jpg Lunar Rush, similar to 84_64.png. It's mostly a skill matchup.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png since she will use her auto attacks a lot as well.



105_64.png is also melee, so you guys will usually be close to each other when you both are last hitting, so try to hit him with your 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest whenever he tries to go and last hit. He will be annoying when he goes on you and jumps away; try to damage him when he 20px-Urchin_Strike.jpg Urchin Strike towards you and when he 20px-Playful.jpg Playful away dash at him back and start cutting him down.

When Fizz reaches 6 he will have a lot more burst due to his 20px-Chum_the_Waters.jpg Chum the Waters, try to time and dodge the shark if you can. When he's around 60% do your full combo + ignite and try to secure the kill. This lane will mostly be a kill Fizz before he kills you, also a skill matchup.

Consider starting  1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png, since he also uses his auto attacks a lot and due to his W it will hurt a lot.



79_64.png is pretty sustainable due to his passive, you can dodge his 20px-Barrel_Roll.jpg Barrel Roll easily with your dashes, then dash towards him and do some damage. He'll probably  Body Slam you and try to even the trade or  Body Slam away.

Once Gragas is 6 he'll have a lot more burst from 20px-Explosive_Cask.jpg Explosive Cask. Try not to engage him when your half health since he will have the burst to kill you.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



30_64.png is just easy in general, you can go aggressive towards him early. He will try to 20px-Lay_Waste.jpg Lay Waste you whenever you try to last hit, just dodge those. You can dash towards him easily and he can't really do anything about it. He'll try to 20px-Wall_of_Pain.jpg Wall of Pain and 20px-Lay_Waste.jpg Lay Waste you but you can just dash away if you are slowed from his wall. Karthus will most likely play super defensive and just farm to get stronger for his Ultimate.

Once Karthus is 6 he will try to use his 20px-Requiem.jpg Requiem to gank other lanes. If you see him casting his 20px-Requiem.jpg Requiem try to get your 3rd 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest  proc on him as fast as you can and knock him in the air. You can proceed doing your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath and trying to kill him.

Consider starting 1055_32.png2003_32.png or 2037_32.png 2003_32.pngx5



38_64.png  Null Sphere is really annoying, but other than that he should be easily since you're melee AD. When his silence is down or he already used it just go aggressive towards him. Early ganks from your jungler always helps.

When Kassadin is 6 he will be a lot harder to kill since he will just 20px-Riftwalk.jpg Riftwalk away when you go on him. If you feel you aren't going to kill him anytime soon just go and roam top or bottom. Team fighting is what kills Kassadin's mostly.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png




She will be very annoying with her 20px-Ring_of_Frost.jpg Ring of Frost since you can't get close to her if she keeps freezing you. When it's down try to go in.

When Lissandra reaches 6 she can either use her 20px-Frozen_Tomb.jpg Frozen Tomb to protect herself or burst you down. She will always be aggressive and spam  Ice Shard on you, while you try to spam 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest to her.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



99_64.png is pretty easy if you can dodge all her abilities and go aggressive towards her. You can 20px-Wind_Wall.png Wind Wall her  Lucent Singularity and  Light Binding which is nice. Try to go aggressive towards her when you reach Level 2 and she'll try to play passive. Once she gets her 20px-Prismatic_Barrier.jpg Prismatic Barrier she can be a little bit more aggressive towards you. Try not to get  Light Binding or you'll get damaged a lot from her passive and abilities.

Once Lux reaches 6 she'll have a lot more burst due to her 20px-Final_Spark.jpg Final Spark. If you get caught from her snare prepare to receive tons of damage. If you can dodge her  Light Binding and spam 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest her, eventually knocking her up with your 3rd 20px-Steel_Tempest.png Steel Tempest you can proceed to use your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath against her and try to secure a kill.

Consider starting  1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png




Now the reason why 25_64.png is hard because she will 20px-Dark_Binding.jpg Dark Binding you whenever you try to go on her. You can try to dodge it easily by dashing to other enemy minions, then dash on her and cut her down. Her 20px-Black_Shield.jpg Black Shield won't really have any use towards you except your whirlwind to prevent her getting knocked up; which means you can't use your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath towards her.

Once Morgana is 6 she can just use her 20px-Soul_Shackles.jpg Soul Shackles on you when you try to go on her. It's a matter of just outplaying her, jungle ganks will help you a lot. Early game she will just push the lane so you might have to roam top or bottom and try to secure some kills.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png




Against 61_64.png her auto attacks from  Clockwork Windup will hurt you a lot, since she also has her 20px-Command-Protect.jpg Command: Protect, so she will be pretty hard to face against early game. Try to even the trade when she tries to be aggressive towards you and auto attacks you. You'll need a early jungle gank to stay ahead or you'll be behind the whole time. If you happen to die early try to roam other lanes.

Once Orianna is 6 she'll probably use her 20px-Command-Shockwave.jpg Command: Shockwave on herself when you try to push her up and use your 20px-Last_Breath.png Last Breath towards her.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



13_64.png could be very annoying from his 20px-Rune_Prison.jpg Rune Prison and him just facerolling his keyboard to make his 20px-Rune_Prison.jpg Rune Prison come back up again. Once his 20px-Rune_Prison.jpg Rune Prison is down try to go aggressive towards him and back out until his 20px-Rune_Prison.jpg Rune Prison comes back up. If you keep losing the trade then you'll just have to play defensive and wait for a jungle gank or roam other lanes.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png not because of the passive but because it gives you health and health regen which is what you'll need the most against this matchup.



50_64.png is hard because he is a tank AP caster. Early game he can annoy you with his 20px-Torment.jpg Torment + 20px-Decrepify.jpg Decrepify +Auto attacks which will do a lot to you. Try to play safe and have your jungler help you gank him so you can try to be ahead.

Once Swain reaches 6 he will be a lot more tanky due to his 20px-Ravenous_Flock.jpg Ravenous Flock. Once he gets 3029_32.png he will be hard to kill for you if you don't snowball him early. When you dash to him he will try to use his 20px-Nevermove.jpg Nevermove on you. You can dash to another enemy minion to avoid it and dash back onto him and cut him down. If you get caught from his 20px-Nevermove.jpg Nevermove just prepare to take a lot of damage and be forced to play passively. 

Consider starting  1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png and possibly getting an early 3155_32.png



134_64.png is very strong against Yasuo, not because it's Syndra but because if she knows how to land her stuns and knows how to play the champion you'll have a hard time. If you try to dash towards her she will just 20px-Dark_Sphere.jpg Dark Sphere + 20px-Scatter_the_Weak.jpg Scatter the Weak you and auto attack + 20px-Dark_Sphere.jpg Dark Sphere for damage and run away. She will harass you with her 20px-Dark_Sphere.jpg Dark Sphere's early game and auto attacks which will force you to play defensive. You'll need a jungle gank early game or you'll be behind. Most AP champs when facing against you will probably rush a 3191_32.png.

Once Syndra hits 6 she will have a lot more burst from her 20px-Unleashed_Power.jpg Unleashed Power. Try not to go aggressive towards her when you're around 60%. Her burst + ignire can kill you off pretty easily, so just be wary of that. If you can bait her 20px-Scatter_the_Weak.jpg Scatter the Weak and dodge it by dashing to another minion then dash back towards her you can try to cut her down since she won't have anymore escapes other than her 4.png.

Consider Starting 1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png



115_64.png can be hard early due to his constant harass with his bombs and his passive making him basically have a lich bane. Try to dodge his 20px-Bouncing_Bomb.jpg Bouncing Bomb's , he will try to 20px-Bouncing_Bomb.jpg Bouncing Bomb you whenever you go in for a last hit to try and get gold. If you dash on him he will 20px-Satchel_Charge.jpg Satchel Charge away. Getting early jungle ganks will make your life easier against him.

Once you are 6, it will be easier to try and go all in on Ziggs. When Ziggs is 6 he will have a lot more burst due to his 20px-Mega_Inferno_Bomb.jpg Mega Inferno Bomb so be careful of your health when you go in. When you go after Ziggs he will be forced to 4.png away.

Consider starting  1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png because his auto attacks will hurt a lot and you'll need the health + health regeneration.

Gameplay Back to Top

Yasuo Base Stats 1.png

As you can see from Yasuo's base stats he doesn't get any bonus Magic Resistance, you'll need to get your Magic Resistance through runes and items.



Yasuo basically reminds me of 92_64.png. He could just build full damage and it's still very hard to kill him, kind of like 11_64.png per say but you can focus him a lot easier than Riven. His flow that grants him the shield protects him from a lot of damage through all stages of the game; and this shield is for free. He's definitely a high skill cap champion, but he isn't that hard to play. You have to rely mostly on your timing and positioning, then you'll see him excel.

Early Game

Yasuo has a decent early game. Just know you're going to get harassed a lot but once your get your 3087_32.png you should be fine and pushing lanes. At level 2 he has a lot of mobility already due to his dashes since he can dash to basically any enemy/neutral monster. He's the kind of champion where you have to go all in, you can't be scared from the risk of dying and play safe. You have to engage hard in order to snowball and then your future engagements will be a lot easier. Try not to use E to go to your enemy first, since they will be marked. Instead use the enemy minions around the champion until he tries to run away, then dash towards him and keep cutting him down.

Late Game

Yasuo is still strong mid/late game. If you are snowballing you can basically fight anyone since he doesn't use any resources, has short cooldowns, gets 50% armor penetration from his Ultimate and has good mobility. Late game it will be a lot harder since everyone else will be strong, but his knockup from his Q is a good initiation starter to gain the upper hard if played right with your team. Unlike other champions, Yasuo has to prepare his knockup by doing his Q 2 times, where others can just instantly stun or CC someone; so catching Yasuo off guard and going before he has a chance to use his knockup/ultimate is a good way to kill him. But if Yasuo goes in aggressively first, he'll have the upper hand.


Yasuo might be slightly overpowered in my opinion because of his good mobility and damage. His passive is really strong even if it's 10% less damage from critical strikes. His shield from his flow is really good as well, having a free shield to soak up additional damage is always good. He'll probably receive slight nerfs from his Q and E, but he's a strong champion in general for middle. He can be a good jungler and top laner as well; even AD carry if played right. Even if people complain that his knockup takes a lot of time to charge up, you can use your E to get around in fights and get to the backline anyways before knocking them up and using your Ultimate.

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157_64.png's  Wind Wall (W) slowly drifts froward over the duration and will always cast at maximum range. 57_64.png's Sapling Toss and 61_64.png's Command: Attack can't go through the wall because they are not considered to be units so they won't interact with Wind Wall. But the sapling can pass through only if it's running.

134_64.png's Dark Spheres (Q) that are pushed by her Scatter of the Weak (E) can go through the wall. Probably a bug at the moment though.

 Champions like 111_64.png's Depth Charge (R) can go through the wall because it's basically underground and not a projectile.

105_64.png's Chum the Waters (R) fish, 2_64.png's Undertow, and 15_64.png's Boomerang Blade will change route back to her if it hit's the wall.


The following projectiles are not destroyed when they hit Wind Wall:

All (Ranged) basic attacks are destroyed except 10_64.png's Rightours Fury and 412_64.png, minions/monsters and Baron.

Item Activations such as 3128_32.png , 3188_32.png3146_32.png3144_32.png3153_32.png, and Spoils of War from 3302_32.png will be destroyed when hitting the wall.

The following are destroyed/negated by Wind Wall:

157_64.png can pass through terrain before and after he's hit his target with Sweeping Blade (E), only if you have enough space for him to make the jump. Sweeping Blade will generatae ~7% of Yasuo's Maximum Flow innately.

157_64.png's Last Breath (R) bonus armor penetration will apply before percentage armor penetration. (3035_32.png will Subtract half the enemy's (Bonus) armor, then subtract 35% of the total remaining armor.


Champions who have Crowd Control classified as Airborne for Last Breath:

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Hello! I'm DJ Chrispy and I play on the North American Server. I started playing halfway into Season 2 and was referred from friends. I have never played a style of gameplay like this before so everything was new to me.

I started to really enjoy the game and began to rank when Season 2 almost ended. 

I was 2159 when Season 2 ended with Platinum in Solo Que, 3v3s, and 5v5s (Didn't have much time at all to go for Diamond) :(

I main AP middle, also love to play AD Carry. Decent at Support/Top, Horrible at Jungle (Expect me to feed!). 

I love to play Syndra because she is actually one of the more fun champions to play, very underestimated and also one of the most challenging.

MY Favorite Champions are: 134_icon_64.png69_icon_64.png61_icon_64.png121_icon_64.png81_icon_64.png84_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png76_icon_64.png

Main: DJ Chrispy 
Smurf: Rhea

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