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Summoner Spells Back to Top



This spell is absolutely necessary. Yasuo's only escape is conditional, meaning you need to take Flash in order to survive ganks and/or get into position in teamfights.



I take this almost every match, simply for the kill pressure.


If you go toplane.

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Masteries Back to Top

Standard Masteries

Take Assassin in lieu of of Runic Affinity or Biscuits.

Abilities Back to Top


Steel Tempest:

Steel Tempest is the bread and butter of Yasuo. (But you shouldn't max it first.)
  • It can be used in Laning Phase to execute minions (as it does 20-100 at max rank, plus 100% of total AD) from afar.
  • Similar to Riven, Steel Tempest can be cast a third time to send out a "Charged Steel Tempest" (a tornado) which knocks up enemies who get hit along the way.
  • Steel Tempest counts as an Basic Attack, its cooldown is lowered by Attack Speed (lowest is 1.33 second CD), it can critically strike and applies on-hit effects (such as Sheen or Blade of the Ruined King).
  • Maxing this ability first is not recommended, but there are some matchups where it's favorable.



Allows for some really great outplay. Using this ability correctly allows you to (in-lane) trade with a ranged opponent and block ranged retaliation.
  • In laning phase, use it to stop engage or poke 53_64.pngrocketgrab.png such as Blitz's pull or 43_64.pngkarmaheavenlywave.png Karma's Q. Also useful against annoying skillshots from champions like Illaoi 420.pngillaoiE.png and 201.pngbraumQ.png.
  • Great in teamfights, allowing you to block ultimates such as 21_64.pngmissfortunebullettime.png Miss Fortune's ult; which shred teams apart.
  • Allows Yasuo to kill AD Carries (if placed correctly) very easily if he's equal or above in kills.


Sweeping Blade

This ability is AMAZZZZZING. Use it, use it to gap close, use it to escape, build full AP Yasuo like a troll and do 900 damage per dash. Does an extra 25% damage per dash, which can stack up to two times. Hence why you should:
  • Use it to CS and to poke enemies. Dash to a minion to last hit the minion, dash to another full HP minion, then dash to the enemy laner and use Sweeping Blade+Steel Tempest combo, then dash back.
This ability only has one downside, it can only be cast on enemy Champions and Minions, once per target every 6 seconds at max rank.

Last Breath

Although this ability provides A LOT of outplay potential and a potential 5-man 1 second stun, it's also very hard to master.

If this ability is used on the wrong target, or not used on enough of the enemy team in a teamfight; it can be fatal.

Detailing this Ability Later.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Blade is a good start.
    Zeal if you're doing well against a damage-dealer.
    Bami's after or before Hex/Zeal (depends what you need). I usually get this first anyways.
    Hexdrinker vs Burst (Leblanc/Lux), Spectre's vs Sustained AP damage dealers (Ekko, Vladimir). Quicksilver for Malzahar/Skarner/etc
    Phantom Dancer is great to finish if you're snowballing. Finish Sunfire otherwise.
    Against Trundle/Mundo/Shyvana? You'll be needing this.
    Finish your MR item off.
    Buy Treads whenever you have the gold. Helps with CC, Yasuo doesn't get MR/perLV so you'll need them.

Core Items

    Items looking like this? Good.
    Build Sterak's for DMG.
    Build Trinity Force as your last Item. It will stack with the damage from Sterak's, and late-game you'll usually have a much higher base-AD, making this a much more useful item.
    Example Build 1:
    Example Build 2
    Example Build 3: Vs fed ADCs

Situational Items

    Take this to lock down annoying opponents.
    Deadman's is a good alternative to Sunfire.
    Titanic Hydra instead of Trinity Force, if you want more HP but still do DMG.
    Replace Trinity force with this for ultimate dueling potential!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Diana
  • Fiora




Absolutely destroys Yasuo.

disintegrate.png Disintegrate's Damage can be blocked, but it will not consume the Stun Passive! Allowing Annie to simply use incinerate.png Incinerate or her ult to stun Yasuo even when he blocks!

There is nothing you can do against a NOT-SQUISHY mage who has a spammable stun, crazy AP damage and two massive AOEs; as well as a Tibbers.

"Wtf is a Tibbers?"

Tibbers is a giant bear who has been enchanted by dark magic to serve Annie. In other words, Yasuo is about to get killed by a giant bear. Not only does this bear do massive damage when he's summoned on top of somebody; but he does continuous damage which is better than sunfire's AND he can be sped up by moltenshield.pngAnnie's E.

The odds are ridiculously stacked against Yasuo, Annie has a clear advantage and this is a terrible matchup.




Emperor of Range

As soon as Azir hits level 2, his effective range increases dramatically; as most Azir players will add a point to azirQ.png Conquering Sands; allowing them to re position their sand soldiers, ON TOP OF YOU.

Azir is squishy! Good luck staying on him!

Let's start off by saying Azir is just as squishy as Yasuo. 3027.png Rod of Ages and 3151.png Liandry's Torment are generally not considered a standard "Azir Item", so plentiful HP isn't something this bird will be packing.


His extreme range and ability to relentlessly poke at you from safety will leave trading with a good Azir, difficult to say the least.

If you happen to land a yasuoQ.png Charged Steel Tempest and activate yasuoR.png Last Breath; he can use azirR.png Emperor's Divide, which spawns behind him and proceeds to shove enemies through him into the direction he cast; effectively knocking you away, and allowing him and his sand soldiers to cut you down.

Windwall is useless!

yasuoW.png Put a point in it early on in-case a jungler ganks, however I recommend maxing it last. Yes, you can prioritize +20 damage on Steel Tempest upgrades over Windwall in this matchup.

Counter Strategy:

Azir is dependent on sand-soldiers and Emperor's Divide to kill Yasuo. Acting is a big part of your strategy, and using your abilities to effectively counter the bird-man's.

When Azir spawns sand soldiers near you; he will try and damage you as much as possible before he has to re position them to press on his attack. A good Azir will save azirQ.png Conquering Sands to re position sand soldiers on-top of him, to defend against you; or behind him, allowing him to use azirE.png Shifting Sands as a quick escape; followed up by a disengaging azirR.png Emperor's Divide.

In order to win a fight against Azir, you have to save yasuoR.png Last Breath and a yasuoQ.png Charged Steel Tempest whenever you think he might use azirR.png Emperor's Divide; that or you'll have to use 4.png Flash.

Engaging on Azir:

Try to bait out azirQ.png Conquering Sands. As soon as that ability has been used, dash to Azir and start chopping away. Most Azir's in this situation will use azirR.png Emperor's Divide almost immediately; depending on the circumstances. Once azirR.png Emperor's Divide has been exhausted, use your yasuoQ.png Charged Steel Tempest and yasuoR.png Last Breath to instantly catch him on the other side of his wall.

Executing Azir is difficult:

Azir is slippery with all of his abilities off-cooldown, so be very careful about how much effort and resources (summoners) you want to pour into killing Azir.

Even if you've caught him over his azirR.png Emperor's Divide with yasuoR.png Last Breath, he can simply use azirW.png Arise to summon a soldier, azirQ.png Conquering Sands to send them flying away from you, and azirE.png Shifting Sands to dash to that soldier. Combined with 4.png Flash, you would really think this bird could fly.


Overall, this is a skill matchup. I've lost to plenty of good Azirs and I've won against plenty of good Azirs. Generally, the range and safety from azirR.png Emperor's Divide can give Azir enough time to deny Yasuo Snowballing; so try to get your kills from other lanes if Azir is being a chicken under his tower.... get it?.... Azir?.... a chicken?.... somebody date me.




Start off with a point in yasuoE.png Sweeping Blade and harass as much as possible at Level 1.

Half of Brand's damage is blocked by yasuoW.png Windwall, so use that to your advantage. If you use it correctly and it doesn't get baited out, Windwall will block:
  • brandblaze.png Brand's Stun, allowing for you to kill him incredibly easily.
  • brandwildfire.png Brand's Ult, stopping most of his teamfight damage.
This matchup is in Yasuo's favor, by favor I mean it should be a complete stomp.




An extremely controversial matchup.

A lot of players believe Yasuo wins this matchup easily purely because of Windwall yasuoW.png, and a lot of players believe the Windwall can be baited out and then Diana will delete him like any other squishy.

These are both true. Without WindwallyasuoW.png, this matchup would be in Diana's favor. Not only does she do an incredible amount of burst damage, but she can chase Yasuo down fairly easy with Lunar RushdianaR.png. Because of his lack of escapes, Windwall is the ability most Yasuos will depend on to fight Diana.

In Lane:

Yasuo has the clear advantage as long as he doesn't get hit with Diana's passive 3rd strike and a Crescent StrikedianaQ.png during trades. He can dash in and out, dash to avoid her Crescent Strike and poke down her CascadedianaW.png shield with Steel TempestsyasuoQ.png.


Do not get hit by Diana's Crescent StrikedianaQ.png, this will enable her to easy-combo you down. If you are both equal in items, this will be the fight-winning ability for Diana if it lands.

However, an important factor to note is that if Diana is ahead in items/levels; she won't necessarily need Crescent Strike to land, and she'll still be able to kill you.

This matchup is incredibly easy when you're ahead, but incredibly difficult when you're behind; which presents the controversy on this matchup.




Why does Riot hate Yasuo players?

vs Fiora

This matchup is such a ridiculous one. As soon as she gets her fiorariposte.pngRiposte, she can block your Charged Steel Tempest (tornado thingy) and deny you a knockup. More importantly, if she blocks that and hit you with the counter attack, it'll stun you. Basically, you're never going to land your ult on her unless you bait Riposte out.

Your yasuoE.png dash is good, but you have to use minions and you can sometimes go over walls. Fiora's fioraq.png "baguette lunge" goes over walls and if she builds CDR it's on a ridiculously low cooldown, allowing her to proc her ult's "marks"

Laning Phase:

She's so annoying, she'll Lunge in and auto attack you; then Riposte if you even remotely try to trade. She has "Marks" that appear on a random 'Quarter' of your champion. If she auto attacks or Lunges at you and hits that side of you, she gets movement speed, heals and does retarded damage to you, making trading with her as Yasuo stupid.


Her ult gives 4 marks simultaneously, and if she procs one and you die before it wears off; it gives her a retarded healing zone based on her AD. If she procs all four, same effect. Each mark does max-health-percentage true damage, on top of the normal passive bonus; so dueling her is retarded.

She can easily take on two people and do ridiculous amounts of damage.

This matchup is terribly bad for Yasuo, and truthfully; I ban Fiora in almost every Ranked Match if I get the chance.

Introduction Back to Top


Important to note: this guide is still a HUGE Work-in-progress.


Hello, my name is Vince. I've been a Yasuo main for 3 years now, and I can easily say he's my best champion. I've taken him into every type of gamemode (except for Mirror Mode :( and Nemesis) and tried out dozens of builds; some that weren't even remotely viable. Over my time playing as Yasuo, I believe I've gotten a lot of experience with the champion.

This guide houses a few (what I consider to be) awesome features, as well as a ton of in-depth analysis on Matchups, Item Builds and finally; Gameplay and Strategic Theory. While that all sounds very nerdy, it's a heavy work-in-progress and most/all of it is very unfinished. Unlike most guides, this will also feature Gameplay Videos!


"Does Yasuo work as an ADC?"

In norms.

"What has been your worst counter?"

I hate Malphites.

I hope you like the guide and enjoy playing Yasuo, thanks for reading!

Patch 6.8 Back to Top

Patch 6.8:

My analysis of this patch regarding Yasuo.

  • Assassin Yasuo is dead this patch. He is too squishy to survive long enough for him to do damage.
  • Maw was nerfed, but it's still really good for Yasuo.
  • In certain matchups, Statikk Shyv might be favorable.
  • Yasuo is better toplane then midlane this patch. Tank Yasuo only has a few heavy-counters toplane this patch: Trundle, Malphite, Darius and Tank Fizz, Pantheon, Olaf.
  • Death's Dance mixed with Phantom Dancer could possibly allow Yasuo to duel Trundle/Fiora easily.
  • Mercurial Nerf gets rid of 10 AD, but makes it 100G cheaper; sometimes I pick it over Visage/Maw.
  • Tank Yasuo could potentially jungle with Cinderhulk; I will look into it.

What can my Windwall Block? Back to Top

A full list of what you can block with yasuoW.png Windwall!

This page is a work in progress, I will be adding more and more to it every chance I get!

Sorted Alphabetically (Champion Name in Client):

266.png  Aatrox:

aatroxE.png E: Blades of Torment

103.png Ahri:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)
ahriorbofdeception.pngQ: Orb of Deception
ahrifoxfire.pngW: Fox-Fire
ahriseduce.pngE: Charm
ahritumble.pngR: Spirit Rush
(The projectiles, not Ahri herself)

84.png Akali:

akalimota.pngQ: Mark of the Assassin

32.png Amumu:

bandagetoss.pngQ: Bandage Toss

34.png Anivia:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)
flashfrost.pngQ: Flash Frost
frostbite.pngE: Frostbite

1.png Annie:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)
disintegrate.png Q: Disintegrate

22.png Ashe:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)
asheW.pngW: Volley
asheR.pngR: Enchanted Crystal Arrow

432.png Bard:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

bardQ.pngQ: Cosmic Binding

53.png Blitzcrank:

rocketgrab.pngQ: Rocket Grab

63.png Brand:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

brandblaze.pngQ: Sear
brandwildfire.pngR: Pyroclasm

201.png Braum:

braumQ.pngQ: Winter's Bite
braumR.pngR: Glacial Fissure

51.png Caitlyn:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.pngQ: Piltover Peacemaker
caitlynentrapment.pngE: 90 Caliber Net
caitlynaceinthehole.pngR: Ace in the Hole

69.png Cassiopeia:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

cassiopeiatwinfang.pngE: Twin Fang

42.png Corki:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

phosphorusbomb.pngQ: Phosphorus Bomb
missilebarrage.pngR: Missile Barrage

131.png Diana:

dianaQ.pngQ: Crescent Strike
dianaW.pngW: Pale Cascade

36.png Dr. Mundo:

infectedcleavermissilecast.pngQ: Infected Cleaver

119.png Draaaaven:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks)

dravendoubleshot.pngE: Stand Aside
dravenrcast.pngR: Whirling Death

245.png Ekko:

ekkoQ.pngQ: Timewinder

60.png Elise:

1042.png (Blocks this Champion's Auto Attacks while in Human Form)

eliseQ.pngQ: Neurotoxin (Human Form Ability)
eliseE.pngE: Cocoon (Human Form Ability

28.png Evelynn:

evelynnQ.pngQ: Hate Spike

Will add more ASAP!

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