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Hi, I'm Nocx.
My guide was originally on Solomid, but I'm looking to build one on this site instead.

I mained Yasuo in S6:

I mained Yasuo in S5:

I even mained Yasuo in S4:

Did I mention I played him in S3?:

And I'm pretty good at it too:



Flash is the most verstatile summoner spell of all summoner spells - it gives you defensive survivability, it gives you kill pressure, and it lets you set up plays. This summoner is a must on Yasuo, no matter what.


Ignite gives you kill pressure - if you're laning against someone you can abuse, for example, a Twisted Fate, a Xerath, a Lux - you want to take ignite. This will allow you to secure kills. Keep in mind that your goal is not to kill your laner - it is to secure a CS lead and attract pressure from their jungler/side lanes. If you kill your laner, that's a bonus. It is not the objective of the game, or the objective of the lane.


Teleport should be taken anytime you're playing Yasuo top, or if you're playing against someone mid that you need to respond to global pressure from, or that you have no kill pressure on. Taking TP against Twisted Fate is fine if you think that you are unlikely to kill him - an example of this is against a high pressure jungler. Taking TP allows you to respond to his roam and flip his gank upside down on him. Teleport also allows you to apply constant split push pressure - if you get Rift Herald, this is invaluable, as Yasuo is absolutely un-1v1'able with Rift Herald. Bear in mind you can also teleport with Gathering Storms full charged for your Steel Tempest knock-up.


Exhaust should be used exclusively for the Yasuo v Zed match-up. Fizz does not telegraph his damage well enough for it to be worth taking against him, nor does Talon. Oftentimes, these champions will be able to inflict fatal damage well before you're able to exhaust them. Zed on the other hand makes it very clear when he should be exhausted. This prevents him from having kill pressure on you at level 6.

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Fury - You take this because attack speed lowers Yasuo's Q cd and scales well with his kit.

Double Edged Sword - You take this because Feast sucks now - 3% additional damage is a pretty substantial boost.
Vampirisim - Lifesteal, Attack Speed, and Critical Strike Chance all go very well together. 

Oppressor - Bounty Hunter is extremely greedy. Oppressor at least ensures you get a damage amplifier at all, while bounty hunter requires you to get kills before it's even useful. Thus, Bounty Hunter tends to give you no damage bonus in lane.

Battering Blows- Yasuo is a primarily AD champion.

Warlord's Bloodlust VS Fervor of Battle

Warlord's Bloodlust works best when you're going for a damage oriented build - if you're building a BT or an IE, you're going to want to go Warlord's Bloodlust. The best synergy comes when you build Sterak's Gage, because you'll get maximal benefits from Warlord's Bloodlust while being remotely safe. WB gives you decent trading in lane, but also lets you stay in the fight longer. The higher your damage output, the more health you get from lifesteal.

Fervor of Battle works best when you're going for a tank build. Free damage is always a premium, and the on-hit effects of FoB procs on Yasuo's basic attacks *and* his Steel Tempest. 

18/0/12 vs 18/12/0?

Although Cunning is perfectly viable, I don't recommend it in most cases - Yasuo doesn't really need help clearing waves, so Savagery is meh. Assassin is definitely good, and so is Merciless. Extremely damage oriented masteries. Dangerous Game is situational, but strong for teamfighting. If you don't think you'll struggle much in lane and can afford to stay on the offensive at all times, Cunning is the tree for you.

Resolve, on the other hand, is extremely useful for not getting pushed out of lane. The health/5 helps you stay in lane longer and sustain after trades - you can either go Explorer next for move movement across the map, or you can get Tough Skin which significantly helps you during trades (that's a flat 2 damage reduced after resistances). Runic armor synergizes extremely well with Warlord's Bloodlust and Yasuo's passive + the Doran Blades you're building, but if you really wanted to, Veteran's Scars would make you extremely formidable at level 1. Finally, insight makes sure your flash is up to stay away from those pesky ganks and make those flashy plays.

Really, either choice is viable - it really just depends on your playstyle.

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Before I get into why you max E first, as well as what all of your abilities are, let's start by covering a *REALLY REALLY* important topic. If you don't know Yasuo's abilities, go ahead and skip this part and come back later. I want this up front so that people will see it.

Q vs E Level 1:

This is actually a much more important decision than most people think that it is. In a match-up where the enemy doesn't have many abilities to harass you if you're in melee range (for example, Lux, Ziggs, or even Zed) then starting E is extremely good. Note that any matchup where you might be able to dodge skillshots also encourage an E start. If Lux throws her Q or E, if Ziggs throws his Q, or if Zed throws his Q, they have minimal options when you get onto them with your E.

Match-ups that you should start Q in are those that can punish you if you walk into melee range and then try to get back out. Examples of this are Jayce (hello auto -> melee -> q -> shockblast -> auto/auto/auto/auto...) and Talon if he starts Q. If you're ever worried about being put in a situation where you'll get ganked a lot, or you might lose a trade, definitely start Q. It isn't a bad start, it's fairly safe, it gives you the potential to CC a target, and you won't automatically shove your wave by spamming E.

Why max E?

E gives you more mobility throughout the lane, some pretty decent magic damage, and a lot of flexibility. Maxing Q doesn't give you much at all - 20 damage per rank, and maxing W just gives you a bigger wall (which is nice, but not ideal for laning). Maxing E is the only real option that makes sense.

yasuopassive.png - Way of the Wanderer

This is the crux of Yasuo's strength.

Intent - This passive allows Yasuo to gain double the critical strike chance from any item that he purchases.

Resolve - This passive allows Yasuo to gain a shield after filling his "Flow" meter. Flow is generated by traveling a set distance of 5,900/5,200/4,600 units. Any type of displacement will count toward this, may it be a teleport, a knockback, or a flash. Yes, flashing can indeed save your life from ignite as Yasuo.

yasuoQ.png - Steel Tempest
Steel Tempest is Yasuo's primary ability. You must learn to use this ability effortlessly and without hesitation. The cooldown starts at 5 seconds (it will be reduced by runes and masteries) and scales down to 1.33 seconds at maximum rank and "maximum attack speed cooldown reduction". It's cast time at its fastest is .18 seconds, formerly .13, and scales with attack speed as well.

The ability has a 1:1 AD to damage ratio, and the base damage increases by 20 with each rank.

Efficient use of Steel Tempest involves striking a target from a set distance so as to prevent any retaliation. This can be improved by using Sweeping Blade and activating Steel Tempest during it to seamlessly weave in and out between your enemy laner and his wave of minions.

On the first strike, Steel Tempest generates a "stack" of itself. Upon reaching two, Yasuo readies a whirlwind. This whirlwind is a straight-line skill-shot ability that will apply the"Airborne" debuff to anyone in its path. If used in the middle of Sweeping Blade, it will create a small circular area of effect that behaves as a whirlwind on top of where Yasuo is standing.

It must be noted that Steel Tempest is the only method by which Yasuo can independently trigger his ultimate. This also means that his ultimate has a secondary timer that is contingent on how quickly he can stack his Steel Tempest aura. 

* Note: Steel Tempest CAN NO LONGER be used during Last Breath. 


You cannot underestimate the power of Yasuo's auto attacks. With that being said, you do NOT want to cancel an auto attack using Steel Tempest. Ideally, you're going to want to auto attack and then *immediately* use Steel Tempest. (Video Pending; the Lux video has a good example of how to weave autos and Steel Tempests.) This gives you the highest DPS output possible. If you choose to Steel Tempest right before an auto attack, you're missing out on a tremendous amount of damage.

By the same path of logic, don't want to use Sweeping Blade in place of an auto attack, you want to use Sweeping Blade immediately after auto-attacking to cut the auto attack animation short. The same path of logic works with Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade together, where you auto attack, Steel Tempest, and then Sweeping Blade immediately after the Steel Tempest to speed up Yasuo's animation.

Anecdote (source LolWiki):
The cooldown of Steel Tempest is unaffected by cooldown reduction and is instead reduced by 1% for every 1.72% of his bonus attack speed. This is capped at 66% cooldown reduction with 114% bonus attack speed. At max rank, the minimum cooldown is 1.33 seconds (1.4 attack speed).
Yasuo's 3.2% attack speed per level is factored into Steel Tempest's cooldown reduction and cast time reduction. At level 18, Yasuo has a total of 54% bonus attack speed from leveling alone which reduces Steel Tempest's cooldown by 31.6% (and he requires only 60% attack speed from items, runes and masteries to reach the cap). Steel Tempest's cooldown is effectively reduced by 1.86% per level.
Way of the Wanderer.png Way of the Wanderer's critical strike damage penalty with Steel Tempest is 25% instead of 10%, and applies only to the AD portion of the damage. With 100% critical damage (base), the bonus damage equates to simply 50% AD (200% × .75); with 150% critical damage (Base + Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge), the bonus damage equates to 87.5% AD (250% × .75).
Critically striking with Steel Tempest is calculated individually for every enemy hit.
The third cast will still knock enemies airborne when it strikes as a point-blank area of effect.
After 333 AD, critically striking basic attacks will do more damage than critically striking Steel Tempest due to the 25% damage penalty.

yasuoW.png - Windwall
Wind Wall blocks any entity with velocity that isn't classified as a unit. This list is rather extensive, but in a nutshell, it's any projectile that travels some distance. Lux's luxmalicecannon.png is not a projectile, as it's a fixed-length ability that instantly manifests itself on screen. Fizz's fizzmarinerdoom.png, on the other hand, has a velocity and follows a path. Note that Fizz's Chum The Waters does not disappear - it leashes to the ground, and anyone that walks over it will pick it up.

Essentially, by using Wind Wall, you make enemy projectiles disappear. Except for turret shots. It's also capable of doing things like stopping Orianna's ball from traveling through the air.

Keep in mind that due to this ability's long cooldown, you should save it for specific instances during laning phase - namely crowd control - or if the damage might kill you.

When you're pushing turrets, it's an extremely good idea to use Wind Wall to zone off the enemy projectiles that are commonly used for wave clear, such as Ziggs's entire kit (Satchel Charge, Bouncing Bomb, Hextech Mines).

yasuoE.png - Sweeping Blade
Sweeping Blade is Yasuo's primary mobility mechanic that allows him to move across the field quickly. He can only activate it once per person for a fixed duration: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds with each rank, with a .5/.4/.3/.2/.1 second interval in between dashes between two separate targets.

- This "soft cooldown" per targets prevents him from spamming a low cool-down, resourceless ability on one person until they die, so to speak.

- Has a base damage that increases in intervals of 20 per rank, and has a .6 AP Ratio (yes, this has potential for some interesting kinds of cheese). Upon successive uses of sweeping blade, the base damage increases by an additional 50%. 


Sweeping Blade is the cause of "Yasuo Syndrome". This is because Sweeping Blade is a "fixed-length dash". This means that depending on how close you are to the origin of the target when you activate it, your position will vary. This is because Sweeping Blade covers the same number of units no matter what so long as the target is within range of the spell activation.

This allows for some extremely fancy dashes over walls, but that takes a bit of practice and experience. For example, Wight (on purple side, at least) is quite simple to dash over.

Sweeping Blade is yet another extremely versatile ability in Yasuo's kit.
yasuoR.png - Last Breath

This ability is Yasuo's iconic finisher/initiator. It will be the primary offender in terms of bad decision making on part of any new Yasuo player. Reading this is extremely important, as there are several nuances in Yasuo's kit that most people do not know of.

This ability can only be activated if a target nearby (1200 units) is airborne. You do not have to target the target with your mouse - so long as they are in range, Yasuo will blink to them. In the case that you do have your mouse near a particular champion, it will teleport to the champion closest to your cursor. It will suspend that champion in the air briefly before sending them to the ground and dealing damage.

Using that champion as the origin, any other champion suspended within a 400 unit radius will also be suspended and subjected to the damage from Last Breath. Any units below Yasuo when he finishes his ultimate will also take damage from Last Breath.

- Yasuo used to be able to use Steel Tempest during Last Breath. It can now be used directly after Last Breath during the animation as Yasuo comes down - the damage from Steel Tempest and Last Breath will occur at the same time.
- Yasuo can still be killed.
- If Yasuo is killed during Last Breath, the damage will not apply. This is because the damage from Steel Tempest does not register until the end of the animation.
- The "airborne" suspension animation does not accurately depict the window in which Yasuo can use Last Breath. In fact, it's extremely deceiving.
- Last Breath benefits from its own 50% bonus armor shred.

Bonus armor shred refers to any armor that a champion gains outside of his base statistics, whether it be from runes, masteries, auras, buffs, items, etc.


- All stacks of "Gathering Storm" from Steel Tempest will be removed.
- Yasuo's FLOW will automatically generate to MAX.
- Yasuo gains a self-buff that increases his armor penetration toward bonus armor by 50%. Bonus armor is any armor that the champion gains from items, runes, masteries, or buffs.

You can even buffer Steel Tempest to get a knockup when you get CC'd and then active Last Breath when it wears off:

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Starting Items

    This is what you're going to start 90% of the time. Doran's Blade gives you good survivability, damage, and will be the majority of your sustain until your third item. FEEL FREE TO BUY A SECOND ON YOUR FIRST BACK.
    If you choose to rush Trinity Force (FERVOR BUILD) in a lane you will absolutely get bullied out of.

Core Items

    Warlord's Bloodlust Build: GO PD->IE->BT->SG->GA. This is the optimal DPS Yasuo build. It's not the best at 1v1ing and shines primarily in teamfights. However, once you get Sterak's you can probably handle/deal with most champions in the game. Build boots somewhere around your IE.
    FERVOR OF BATTLE BUILD: Go PD -> (tank item, usually sunfire) -> TF -> IE or tank item -> IE/tank item .

Situational Items

    Build this if your lane is particularly oppressive. Examples include LB/Annie/Swain.
    Build this if they're all AD. Swap it for GA - the high health from Sterak's will allow you to benefit from the 100 flat armor of Thornmail.
    Go Mercurial if you're vulnerable to high CC. Go Tabi if you have to face a lot of AD. Defensive boots tend to be better if you're in the top lane.


Regardless of whether you're mid or top, you're going to want to start Doran's Blade + 1 Health Potion. If for some reason you think you can't trade or sustain long enough to get a decent first back (for example, a Trundle top lane) you could potentially go long sword 3 health potions.

First Back


Your first back mid should be either a Zeal, or a Brawler's Glove + some number of daggers. If you're in a particularly hard lane, you should definitely invest in a Doran's Blade, as it mitigates some of the weakness of the Zeal first back. In fact, I encourage you to try to buy a Doran's Blade and then start building the components of PD.


Your first back should virtually always be a second Doran's Blade. It gives you tankiness, survivability, is your primary method of sustain, and cushions your weak build-path early on.


Warlord's Bloodlust Build: 

(Usually Mid)


Fervor of Battle Build: 

(Usually Top)

Go PD -> (tank item, usually sunfire) -> TF -> IE or tank item -> IE/tank item . Buy defensive boots.

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Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Jayce
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Orianna
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Ziggs



This match-up can be really easy or really difficult. The key thing to keep in mind is to always have a minion nearby to dodge with. You don't need to worry about dodging Ahri's skillshots by right clicking. You really just want to Sweeping Blade through a minion to dodge each of her skillshots. Even if you get hit by charm, you can oftentimes Wind Wall the second part of it, the true damage portion, so that you can still win the trade.

However, while getting charmed post level 6 is risky, remember that you can Wind Wall the second proc of Orb of Deception (true damage) and the Spirit Rush projectiles from her ultimate. 

Save wind wall for when you can't Sweeping Blade through a minion and you are about to get charmed. Killing her is a little difficult, because she'll often just ult away after you hit her with Last Breath. 

Do not let Ahri shove you into your turret, because you'll have a hard time CSing while also dodging her skillshots. Try to get the wave even, and stand away from your minions so that she has to decide whether she wants to harass you or shove the wave. If she opts to harass you, dodge.

Early boots are a good idea, as increasing your movement speed increases the speed of Sweeping Blade as well.



** Slightly out of date, but still relevant **

There is no harder counter in League of Legends, I'm convinced. You have two small windows of opportunity to kill Akali, ever. Her ability to roam is superior to yours. She will generally out-trade you at all levels outside of level 1, and briefly if you beat her to level 6. 

At level 1, if you push level 2 and all-in her with Sweeping Blade / Steel Tempest and ignite, you can cheese a kill out of her. Once she hits two, it's unlikely that you'll out-trade her. You must avoid her while you have a mark on your head at all times.

She is able to Q you freely and you're generally unable to do anything back to her. Ideally, you would like to Steel Tempest her every time she uses her Mark to poke you. This probably won't happen, because she can permanently have you marked at all times using Q. Your windows of opportunity will come when she tries to refresh it and you can use wind wall for a quick trade. Keep in mind that you can only do this every 24 or so seconds.

Do *not* move in range of her while you're marked. You will get out-traded heavily every time. Your best bet is to out-scale Akali in terms of team fighting and rely on dropping pinks to deal with her late game. When she hits six, don't even walk to the middle of your lane. With three stacks of shadow dance she can 100-0 you unless you have a significant lead. If you can beat her to six, you can use a Last Breath combo to attempt to kill her. This is unlikely - even if she hits six, she'll only have on charge, so you'll come out ahead. However, your opportunities end here.

Honestly, my best advice is to not pick Yasuo into this match-up. You're putting yourself at a disadvantage, and one good roam by Akali can make it impossible for you or anyone else on your team to deal with her.



It's important to make sure that you don't have the "chilled" debuff whenever you do get hit by frostbite. It's significantly more powerful when you are debuffed by Anivia's passive. This can be applied by use of her R, glacial storm, or her Q, frostbite. The wall does not apply chilled.

The only thing you have to be concerned with is wind walling her Frostbite (the icicle thing). Flash Frost is fairly slow, but you'll have to take care not to get stunned by it point blank. It makes it easy for her to follow up with glacial storm and then frostbite you. As long as you wind wall one of the abilities (preferably Frostbite only if you were standing in Glacial Storm), you'll have no problem killing her.

Keep in mind that at six, she gains the ability to apply chilled with her ultimate as well. She'll mix up her abilities and instead use her ultimate and then try to E you, so make sure you're aware of that, because it will begin to do a lot of damage. This is why the matchup is not trivially simple. If she uses her R on you, you'll take a ton of damage from her E, and you have to be on top of windwalling it or you'll likely lose the trades.



This match-up is not fun. At all.

Levels 1-2

Annie has the rather unique ability of being able to break your passive at will starting from level 1. She has an extremely long auto-attack range (650 units, to be precise) that she can easily use to drop your passive. Once she drops your passive, she's going to Disintegrate you (her Q) which has a base cool-down of four seconds. Don't think that it's harmless - it's quite powerful. It has a base damage of 80 at level 1 (which is basically as strong as your Steel Tempest base damage + AD Ratio, but on a shorter Cooldown) plus an additional *80%* of her AP. This could potentially be up to 120 damage per Q. This is not something to be taken lightly. She owns you at level 1.

You need to be extremely careful not to get stunned (the fourth spell that she casts will stun you), especially not in her minion wave. You will inadvertently die to minions if her clears your wave at level 2 (using her W, incinerate) and causes her minions to focus you. At level 1, you're going to want to let her push you into your turret. Your level 2 is garbage in the face of Annie's, anyway. 

Level 3

The match-up does not get any easier at level 3. She can constantly harass you with autos to break your passive, and then cast disintegrate/incinerate to deal heavy amounts of damage. On top of that, she'll likely start a doran's ring or two to maintain a strong advantage over you while abusing your lack of stats (considering stacking Doran's Blades is not nearly as efficient for Yasuo). Furthermore, the cast on Incinerate is fairly quick, and all of her animations look extremely similar. The best case scenario is that you wind-wall disintegrate, and either face-tank the damage from incinerate, or manage to dodge it. As SOON as these two abilities go on cooldown, immediately start trading with her. She can't do any damage to you outside of the damage from Molten Shield, which will be negligible in the face of your Steel Tempests / Auto Attacks. However, keep in mind that within 3-4 SECONDS of her using Disintegrate, it will be up again. You should ideally play to drain her of mana, but that's fairly unlikely. You'll have to be quick with your Sweeping Blades.

Bear in mind that the only real difference between now and levels 1-2 is that you have access to windwall to negate the effects of ONE of her Q's which will occur every four seconds. The only trading potential you have is by windwalling that four second cooldown, or dodging disnterate AND wind-walling a Q. Even if you dodge disintegrate, if you get hit by two Q's, it was not worth trading.

*NEVER* engage Annie while she has her stun up. Ever. This becomes even more important at level 6.

Level 6

At level 6, Annie can very easily global you in a Tibbers combo. You need to pay attention to how many stacks of her stun that she has, and then completely zone yourself off of CSing until it goes away. Be extremely wary of flash + stun, and be even more wary if she has a jungler like Warwick (if she stuns you and he comes to suppress you, you are absolutely dead). Since she has such an on-demand CC, be aware that you are highly likely to get ganked. Honestly, you getting ganked should be a guarantee.


- Never engage while she has stun; watch how many times she casts, 4th time is the charm.
- Let her zone you levels 1-2.
- If she's stacking Doran's Rings, play extremely passively.
- Expect to get ganked by their jungler. A lot.
- At level 6, she can global you. Invest in early Hexdrinker.




Level 1

At level 1, you really need to abuse the fact that Azir cannot easily re-position his soldiers. Get him to place his soldier in a less than ideal place, then use the minion wave to reposition and heavily out-trade him. You absolutely want to start E in this situation.

Level 2

Azir becomes much more adept at dealing with you - you're going to need to bait out his Q to get him to misposition his soldiers in the lane so that you can enter melee range and trade with him. Focus on getting your Q charged from afar, and then darting in, knocking him up, autoing and Eing, then leaving.

This lane can get really oppressive, really quickly.

Level 3

Azir gets a decent amount of utility with his E - try to make him use it to force trades with you so you can line up a gank for your jungler. It has a pretty long cooldown, so if he uses it to get away, try to trade ASAP when your passive comes up.

Level 6

You should 100% save your ultimate for when Azir uses his ultimate - rather than opening with a knock-up and then ulting Azir, charge two stacks of your Q and wait for Azir to knock you back. Then, snipe him with your Q and ult him so that you're on the correct side of the wall. Be *extremely* careful not to get yourself ulted under turret.

Azir will become an excessive problem in jungle fights - try to avoid having your team teamfight in the jungle at all costs, because he can zone you really easily and force you to take free damage while he has an area blocked off.



General Tips

The one thing you have to keep in mind against Brand is that his cooldowns are LOOOONG. And by long, I mean really long; as in Sear is 8 seconds, Pillar of Flame is 10, Conflagration is 12, and Pyroclasm is 105.

When you're in lane, you want to trade quickly and often. Most of the time, you won't even want to wait for your passive simply because there's nothing Brand could do in that time period to retaliate against you. Save your wind wall for sear, and then focus on moving out of pillar of flame. Conflagration will be the most likely means by which he sets up to stun you, in which case you just need to make sure that you're not standing too close to your minion wave, or simply wind-wall Sear.

When Brand uses Pyroclasm, be sure to place a windwall between yourself and him or between yourself and the closest allied minion/champion to you. When it bounces, it will dissipate into the wall.

Level 1

This is actually pretty important, because depending on what Brand starts, what you should start changes significantly. Odds are, he isn't going to start Sear - if he does, you can either start Q or E, it doesn't really matter. Sear isn't very effective when you don't have Pillar of Flame for damage/stun or Conflagration for the stun.

Most Brand players will start Conflagration. In this case, you want to start Q. E'ing in will likely just get you conflagrationed and auto'd a lot, and since conflagration does a base damage and then makes Brand's passive burn - all the while basically being point and click - you want to try and keep some distance between you and Brand until you're able to have access to your full kit. He'll oftentimes use conflagration on you to pop your passive and get free damage. Try to avoid this by standing outside of your wave.

Level 2

If Brand took Conflagrate/Sear, you just need to make sure that you don't get stunned.

If Brand took Pillar of Flame/Sear, you need to make sure that you have E so that you can avoid getting stunned. You won't take that much free damage (or you shouldn't) if he doesn't have conflagration. This means that as long as you avoid Pillar of Flame (W) you shouldn't take too much harass. Feel free to trade with him anytime Pillar of Flame is down.

If Brand took Conflagrate/Pillar of Flame... Well, you don't have to worry about getting stunned. Just dodge pillars.

Level 3

The match-up is in your favor at this point. You can afford to get hit by conflagrate as long as you wind-wall sear. Furthermore, you shouldn't have too much trouble dodging pillar of flame.

Level 6

Do *not* ever trade with Brand while wind wall is down. Also attempt to stand as far away from your minions as possible. Wind-walling sear is more important than wind-walling Pyroclasm because getting hit by sear virtually guarantees that you get hit by all of the other spells, while getting hit by Pyroclasm still enables you to flash / E away from Brand.

The only way that you die to Brand is if you get stunned at 3/4 or 1/2 HP near minions. In which case, you will get 100-0'd. You cannot afford to get hit by Sear. If you are low anyway, he may still burst you for all of your health, so be prepared to wind wall pyroclasm. Bear in mind that pyroclasm is sometimes unpredictable, and you may need to wind wall at awkward angles in order to catch it.



Ahh. The Dunkmaster himself.

Raid Boss Darius Moveset:
HEMORRHAGE: Darius's basic attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed for「 9 + (Darius's level) 」(+ 30% bonus AD) physical damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times for a maximum of「 45 + (5 × Darius's level) 」(+ 150% bonus AD) physical damage over the duration.
NOXIAN MIGHT: Upon applying full Hemorrhage stacks to an enemy champion or killing them with Noxian Guillotine.png Noxian Guillotine, Darius gains Noxian Might for 5 seconds, during which he gains 「 40 - 200 」bonus attack damage and instantly applies full Hemorrhage stacks through his usual means.

Decimate RANGE: 425 / 270 COST: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 MANA COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
ACTIVE: Darius hefts his axe for 0.75 seconds, then swings it around himself, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies, doubled against enemies hit by the blade.
「 PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+ 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70% AD) 」
Darius heals for 12% missing health for each enemy champion hit by Decimate's blade, up to a maximum of 36% missing health.

Crippling Strike RANGE: 200 COST: 30 MANA COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Crippling Strike
ACTIVE: Darius's next basic attack deals 40% AD bonus physical damage and Slow icon slows his target by 90% for 1 second.
If Crippling Strike kills its target it refunds 30 mana and half of its cooldown.
Crippling Strike resets Darius's autoattack timer.

Apprehend RANGE: 550 COST: 45 MANA COOLDOWN: 24 / 21 / 18 / 15 / 12
PASSIVE: Darius ignores a portion his targets' armor.
ARMOR PENETRATION: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
ACTIVE: After a brief delay, Darius Airborne icon pulls in all enemies in front of him, Slow icon slowing them by 90% for 1 second, and briefly grants Sight icon sight of the area around the pull.

Noxian Guillotine RANGE: 460 COST: 100 / 100 / 0 MANA COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80
Noxian Guillotine
ACTIVE: Darius dashes to the target enemy champion and attempts to execute them, dealing true damage, increased by 20% for every Hemorrhage.png Hemorrhage stack on them.
TRUE DAMAGE: 100 / 200 / 300 (+ 75% bonus AD)
「 BONUS DAMAGE PER STACK: 20 / 40 / 60 (+ 15% bonus AD) 」
If Noxian Guillotine kills its target, Darius causes all nearby minions and monsters to Fear icon flee in terror for 3 seconds and it can be recast within the next 20 seconds at no additional cost. At rank 3, Noxian Guillotine's cooldown resets completely. This can occur multiple times in succession.

In order to effectively handle this match-up, you must be faster than Darius at all points in the game. I actually recommend boots hpx4 in this match-up - this lets you poke Darius with Steel Tempest and avoid his Decimate.

His Apprehend range (550) is longer than your Q range (475) so once he gets access to it, you need to bait it out by walking close to it's range and then backing out. SPACING IS PARAMOUNT IN THIS MATCHUP.

Rush Bami's Cinder, finish Trinity, or PD, then finish Sunfire Cape. The health will stop him from killing you at level 6.



This match-up is more complex than you think it would be. This is a balance between dodging her Qs, and baiting out her W so that you can trade effectively.

Level 1

If Diana starts W, you're going to want to start Q. Her W is Pale Cascade, which gives her a shield and deals damage to units surrounding her (they are orbs that rotate, if you collide with an orb, you take damage), and if all three detonate, she gains another shield. You start Q because you can't trade with her passive + shield while in auto attack range at level 1.

If Diana starts Q, then you're going to want to start E. You can use it to avoid her Q, as well as trade extremely well while she doesn't have her W skilled yet.

Level 2

You should have Q/E, Diana should have Q/W. You want to walk up to Diana like you're going to E onto her so that she'll W. When she Ws, immediately back off and let her shield get wasted. This will put it on CD and use a hefty amount of manna. Continue to dodge her Qs with your E, and then trade heavily while her W is on CD.

Level 6

Now the match-up gets really scary. You need to ensure that you Windwall or sidestep every Q, or she'll severely out-trade you with her Lunar Rush. If you wind wall her first q, you should go in and trade with her, e->q-> auto and back out. Don't attempt to all in her unless you absolutely *know* you can kill her. In the case that you can't, she'll snowball over you.

It's best to bait out her W as you did previously, but it will be much more difficult now that she has her full kit at her disposal. Try your best to make the windows of trading restricted to when your passive is up and when your knockup is up. If you wear her down, you should be able to kill her once her health is around half with your ultimate.





For now, just run for your life.



** WIP, have to update due to Fizz re-work; still extremely similar **

Levels 1-2

Yasuo will defeat Fizz rather handily at levels 1/2. Once Fizz hits 3 and has access to his entire kit, he can skillfully dodge Yasuo's Steel Tempests, and missing one can allow Fizz to win the trade. At any rate, it's still to Yasuo's advantage.

In lane, simply harass Fizz from a distance with Steel Tempest, occassionally using Sweeping Blade when available to punish the fact that most Fizz players do not run magic resist (especially against an AD Assassin). 

Once this matchup hits level 3, it will change. If the Fizz is maxing E against you, you win. Wait until he uses his E (Playful + Trickster) and then use Sweeping Blade to dodge it. Make sure you use Sweeping Blade on a MINION for this. If he was maxing E, he loses most of his damage. Proceed to just spam Q and autos on him now.

If he's maxing Q, it's a little harder. You're going to be able to tell that he's going to go in on you because he's going to hit "W" first which gives him an AA boost, and makes a symbol over his head. This will reduce the healing you receive as well. When he does this, he'll Q you. When he Q's you, E through him. Kite back until his W drops off, then proceed to auto and steel tempest him. When he uses troll pole (E, Playful, Trickster), you need to sweeping blade out of it and then re-engage on him. Auto him as much as you can at this point.

Levels 4-5*

Keep in mind that if Fizz backs at any point between levels 4 and 6 for buy (which is very possible) and invests in a Seeker's Armguard or a Doran's Ring and Cloth Armor, while all Yasuo has is Zeal, *FIZZ WILL WIN AN ALL-IN* EVEN IF HE MISSES SHARK. Do not underestimate Fizz's damage or how overpowered Seeker's Armguard is. It's possible that you'll win if he hasn't finished the Armguard and has only cloth Armor (God Bless patch 4.2, Seeker's doesn't take two cloth armors now - this is good for us, because it weakens the all-in potential of an AP that built double cloth armor as opposed to just one), but if he has a Seeker's Armguard complete he will completely wreck you. I've had a Fizz miss R and E and *still* kill me during an all-in at six just because he has Seeker's Armguard and maxed Q. Note that this takes literally no amount of talent from the Fizz player at this point - he literally pressed W/Q and auto attacked me. 

Level 6

Fizz becomes a big problem for Yasuo at level 6, at which Fizz gains a tremendous amount of all in potential. If Yasuo is able to wind-wall Fizz's ultimate (and also doesn't stand on it), he will win the 1v1. Otherwise, especially in team fights, Fizz is exceptional at ensuring Yasuo is dead. Avoid getting hit by his R. Use windwall, but do NOT walk over it or you'll leash it. Wind-wall does NOT cause Fizz's ultimate to fizzle out and disappear - it will merely stop at the edge of the wall. It will STILL leash onto anyone that steps on top of it. If you can stop Fizz from snow-balling, he will "fall off" in terms of overall team-fight capabilities. As long as you stay even with him in gold, you should be able to 1v1 him as long as you have hexdrinker and are careful to avoid getting hit by his ultimate.

Be especially careful of Fizz using his ultimate on you from the fog of war. It's a common tactic of Fizz players to stand in a bush waiting for you to ward or face-check it only to point-blank you with a SHARK!



Gangplank is an AD caster that focuses on zones of control. As long as you don't enter his zone of control without a plan, you shouldn't be pressured by him in the slightest. 

Level 1

Gangplank only has Parley at this point, so you should try your best to dash in, trade quickly, and don't let him make use of Trial By Fire. Try to get him to use it on a minion, but if you can't, just know that it's up every 15 seconds. That gives you a tight window to go in and trade without him being able to win it (if he gets to hit you with Trial By Fire, he'll typically win the trade).

Parley is on a 5 second cooldown. Always aim for that window after he last hits a minion to go in and try to trade with him. He'll likely get off a trial by fire empowered auto (60-70 + ~30) + parley (20 + 100% AD), but hopefully you get a stacked E (105) + one or two autos (~72 or 144). If your passive is up, you should win the trade handily. You can also force another trade like that 5 seconds before his Trial By Fire is up, which will make you win it handily.

Level 2

GP will likely have his barrels now. You have to get accustomed to posturing in the lane such that you're able to E in on his barrels and auto them before he's able to detonate them. In top lane, this is much easier - in mid lane, it could be quite difficult. As long as you don't get hit by any barrels, you will absolutely crush him in trades. Bear in mind that they're on an 18/16/14/12/10 recharge timer (not peaking until level 13 or so) but they do a TON OF DAMAGE.

Level 3

GP's Remove Scurvy will be problematic in that it gives him some good sustain, but can also remove your knockup. Be aware of it, and try to go in to trade when you know that his W is down.

Level 6

Things can get tricky here. If GP ults on top of himself when you go to knockup/ult him, he can Remove Scurvy, freezing you in the animation of Last Breath while getting free tricks of his ultimate off. Since you'll be slowed by 30%, it'll also be easy for him to set up some barrels for a big explosion.

Do not, absolutely DO NOT ult Gangplank while he has Remove Scurvy unless you 100% know that you will be able to kill him quickly afterwards. 



This match-up will typically result in you just not killing Garen. You won't take enough damage for it to be fatal until he's level 6 unless you choose to. You need to try to bait out his silence, and run around your minions while he has it (since it's an empowered auto). If you're able to do that, e onto him, q, and immediately e out. Otherwise, you're going to lose the trade from sitting in his spin. Do not underestimate that damage.

At level six, you should simply back off. Odds are, he's just going to kill you if you jump onto him. His ultimate is *extremely* powerful. If you can poke at him enough from a distance, you might be able to go in for a kill, but you should certainly not overaggressive, because it's very easy for him to punish you.

Primary Tips -
1. Use the minion wave to get out of his spin.
2. Bait out his silence by pretending to aggress and then backing off.
3. Avoid dueling him while his ultimate is up unless you have a significant lead.

Garen can't really stop you from CSing very well, because he doesn't bring heavy pressure. However, he has an insane amount of sustain, and if you carelessly take too many bad trades, he will most certainly kill you.



Yasuo beats Gnar pretty decisively. Gnar's Q in his Yordle form gets a cooldown reset whenever he catches it. If Yasuo wind walls it, he can't catch it. This means that Gnar loses the damage he needs and also can't cast it very quickly again. This severely hurts his wave clear. You can simple dash on top of Gnar, auto him and Q, and he'll lose the trade heavily.

When he's in mega gnar form, the situation doesn't improve for him. Yasuo can easily dodge any of Gnar's abilities with E, and can also wind wall the rock that Gnar throws. Gnar can only kill Yasuo if he manages to stun him, but that's easily dodged with Yasuo's Sweeping Blade.

Yasuo should play this lane very aggressively, and force Gnar's hand every time. You should take advantage of how squishy he is early on, and even press your advantage while he's tanky if he's in Yordle form because of how squishy he ends up being.



Level 1

To start with, you're going to want to try and dodge most of Jayce's harass at level 1. He is a ranged auto-attacker, you are not. Respect that about him. He can't really all-in you right now, but he'll definitely be able to dish out some pretty good punishment if you mis-position in the lane or shove too hard. It's especially important not to shove too hard because he can so easily poke you if you're trying to CS under his turret.

Level 2

If Jayce takes W at level 2, you're going to want to respect his W and avoid trying to get poked when you walk up to CS. It's extremely easy for Jayce to get all three shots onto you if you walk up to the wave in melee range as opposed to using Steel Tempest to CS.

If Jayce takes E at level 2, you only need to worry about getting hit by an accelerated shock-blast from the fog of war. In this situation, it's acceptable to E/Q onto him to deal some damage before E-ing back out. Without his W, Jayce's DPS potential in short trades is actually lower than yours.

Level 3-5

Now Jayce is scary. If ever he uses W in Cannon form to get a damage burst onto you and then E/Q combos you, following up into a transformation into hammer form to Q/E you... You're going to have a very bad day. Jayce gets a *massive* boost in damage potential once he gets access to all *SIX* of his abilities. If you're not aware of Jayce's abilities, I recommend that you look them up. You should not mess with this guy at this point until you get shiv.

Safe trading times are when you've WINDWALLED his E/Q combo, and/or he's blown his W steroid on CSing. If he uses his W steroid it's the most ideal, because when he switches forms to Cannon or uses his E/Q at all it will be telegraphed and you can wind-wall it mid-trade. If you get hit by a full E/Q in cannon form, you will *heavily* lose the trade, and risk losing it anyway even if you don't.

Level 6

At level 6, you still need to respect the rules of the previous section, but you have a decent amount of kill potential on Jayce now. If you're able to wait for W (Cannon) to get used on CSing and E/Q (Cannon) to be wind-walled/dodged, you can destroy Jayce. You'll also have shiv by now, so Last Breath can be lethal.

Be analytical and gradual with your trades and you'll come out ahead. This lane is going to be heavily contingent on your ability to avoid early harass and predict Jayce's E/Qs



This match-up can range from extremely easy to painfully difficult. There is far too much out-play potential on both sides.

I feel in general that this favors Yasuo by a significant margin. However, inexperienced Yasuo players can be heavily punished by a Katarina that knows what she's doing.

First and foremost, you need to absolutely pressure her. That is the biggest mistake made by Yasuo players at most ELOs. Katarina will often last hit with Bouncing Blade (her Q) which hits minions and champions within a certain range. Don't allow yourself to be harassed by that too often. If you can, wind-wall it so that she misses CS as long as you're both below level 6. 

When Katarina shunpos (her E) she gains a damage reduction bonus. Trading with her at this time is not ideal, but if she shunpos onto you and uses Sinister Steel (her W) to trade damage onto you, you absolutely must retaliate. At that point she has used all of her CDs. *Punish her for it*. There should never be a time, ever, ever, EVER where a Katarina has the nerve to shunpo onto you and Sinister Steel. The only possible exception is that she used Death Lotus at the same time - but we'll get there in a moment.

If a Katarina player is being too aggressive at lower levels, do not be afraid to all in her. See this:

It seems really simple and straight-forward, but to be honest, I was pretty content with CSing until I hit level 3. Nonetheless, this Kat kept blowing all of her abilities on doing damage to me. To be quite honest, I did a lot of things in this that I would not have normally done. I'm fighting *in* her minion wave, I'm fighting while she has a 3 or 4 caster minion advantage, and I'm fighting against someone who has one ability that's entirely ranged plus her entire caster creep wave. But I don't care. That's how one-sided this match-up is early game, and a lot of inexperienced melee champion players don't realize it.

If Katarina places herself that close to you, and even worse, opts to take Q/W over Q/E at level 2, then feel more than welcome to play extremely aggressively. Katarina's early game is absolutely awful, and you should take advantage of that - don't let it end up being a detriment to you later on. If she comes into melee range of you *ever*, kill her. Stab her until she figures out that she's not allowed to do that, and maybe she'll realize on her way running back from the Graveyard that she's not supposed to. I cannot stress how important it is for you to take advantage of this early game dominance., because if you let her trade evenly with you and go even in lane without generating any lane pressure, she's going to hit 6 with equal amounts of farm, then go bot lane and double kill your team-mates. You do not want to give her that opportunity.

This is also important because it will likely heavily influence what your Katarina decides to build. If you're not aggressive and you don't pressure her, then it's extremely likely that she'll go for a DFG rush. This can be absolutely cringe-worthy in terms of your gameplay experience. If Katarina Shunpos onto someone, DFGs, and hits Death Lotus, he or she is most likely 100% dead. If this power-spike hits right after your first item completion around 14 or so minutes, your bot lane will die instantly. This is the worst case scenario. If you are aggressive and you generate enough lane pressure, then at about 6 1/2 or 7 minutes, depending on how well she's CSing, Kat will back and pick up a Seeker's armguard. It's much more likely that she'll build a Zhonya's at this point. This might seems like it sucks, but in reality, you would much rather her have a Zhonya's so that she can stand still for 2 more seconds before you kill her. 

Hopefully, by level 6 you've secured a decent CS advantage. This means you have plenty of room to misplay and will still come out ahead. But now, you have to deal with Death Lotus. 

You want that exchange to play out something like this:

Now technically, I should have waited to use E on her until AFTER she began Death Lotus so that I could immediately Wind Wall. Or more specifically, the moment she Shunpos on top of me. Because let's be honest - when is a Katarina going to Death Lotus without shunpo-ing on top of you?

However, since she was so low, I kind of assumed that she had to use it immediately or she was just going to die. Or worse, she could get hit by Vi's next Q when it came off cooldown (which would inconveniently be during Death Lotus). Because of this, I dropped the wall pre-emptively. Seeing the Shunpo animation, I immediately retreat behind my wall, and Katarina does approximately zero damage.

The key to playing against Katarina is to contain. If you manage to do that, you won't have to deal with her snowballing her team into an easy win. You do NOT want to fight against a Katarina in team-fights unless your team has optimal CC. You *cannot* rely on your own Steel Tempest knock-up to stop her ultimate. That ability takes less than 2.5 seconds to do all of its damage to a champion, and when team-fight phase rolls around, you'd be lucky if ONE steel tempest only takes 2.5 seconds to cast, forget about 3 of them.



How I loathe this match-up.

Leblanc is one of the champions that, due to constant changes, has something new you have to put up with every other patch. Needless to say, I have to admit she's in an extremely good spot. Leblanc has an extremely strong laning phase against Yasuo in that she can auto him and spam her Q. 

The combo that you're going to want to look out for is Ethereal Chains (E) followed up by Sigil of Malice (Q). If she does it correctly, she'll land the first proc of E, land the Q, and the second proc of her E will proc her initial damage from Q. This can be done Q->E as well, so your best bet is to wind wall her Q so that she doesn't get her highest base damage ability off (not to mention the ratio hurts!). Technically, you can wind wall E and back off so that she can't use Q, but even if you windwall her E, she will likely detonate her Q with her W. 

You want to spend as much time as you can dealing damage to Leblanc while her major abilities are on cooldown. You need to get a feel for when what ability is up so that you can maximize your uptime on her. If you let her poke you for free, she'll whittle you down and burst you from 50% to 0 with ignite.

Spend the majority of your time maneuvering through the creep wave to juke her major abilities, and dealing damage when you know that she cannot retaliate. This is normally done when she has to use distortion to push her wave. As long as you windwall the chains, she should not ever kill you. In the case that you do get chained, you will likely die, however.




This match-up is a cakewalk. You generally want to start E against Lux, and use it to dodge her skillshots. You can pretty fearlessly go in on her at level 1 if she starts E - just stack up your E, get on top of her and start autoing away. Odds are, she won't out-trade you in the slightest.  Just make sure the E doesn't hit you, otherwise she can proc Thunderlord's pretty easily and it could get nasty.

Bear in mind that you can't windwall her ult - you should have already killed her two or three times before you get to that stage, but if for some reason she's going even with you, remember that her combo can be fatal. Rely primarily on windwalling her abilities and you can shut her out of fights pretty easily.

Get accustomed to her casting animations - nothing frustrates a Lux player more than if you windwall her Q point blank.



This matchup is mostly in Yasuo's favor. His enhanced mobility makes it difficult for Orianna to respond. The key to this matchup is to only go in to trade or CS when you have enough flow to deal with the punishment from Orianna's auto-attacks. You want to bait out her Command: Protect so that once you go in to execute your "trading combo," she'll take damage, and not just shield all of it.

At level 6, Yasuo continues to keep his advantage, as dodging Shockwave with Sweeping Blade becomes increasingly simple as Yasuo completes his movement speed items and reduces the cooldown both between consecutive dashes, and the time it takes before the same target can be dashed through.

Wind Wall can prevent "The Ball" from reaching, shielding, or being commanded by Orianna. This ironically turns Orianna's signature "zoning" capabilities around on her by allowing Yasuo to control where the ball will go.



Levels 1 & 2

In mid-lane, Yasuo has a tremendous advantage from levels 1-2. It's not until Riven is able to quickly execute her entire combo that it becomes troublesome. Typically, when you see Riven begin to use her Q combo, you want to rely on the minions to completely avoid trading whatsoever. Once the extremely longer cooldown gets engaged, you have the opportunity to *significantly* damage her while she's unable to retaliate with any meaningful damage. You want to poke her with empowered Q's and only use E to go in for trades when she has expended all of her Q's (3).

Level 3

When Riven gets her whole combo, avoiding her while her cooldowns are up becomes much more difficult. You need her to waste Valor on a gap-close and save your Steel-Tempest for when it drops off. Furthermore, you want to try and avoid at LEAST 1-2 activations of Broken Wings. Once she's used 2 of them, her auto-attacks will still be potent. Try to get 1 or 2 Steel Tempests in (without Valor blocking them) so that when she gets to you, you can auto attack her to win the trade. Even when she stuns you and starts running, keep auto-ing her and using Steel Tempest. Punish her. Beat her. Ruin her. This is your time to make her suffer for being a Riven player.

Do NOT Steel Tempest the moment you get on top of her. Odds are, she's going to stun you or knock you up - in both cases, your Steel Tempest's damage will be completely negated and go on cooldown. This is the most fundamentally critical part of playing this match-up, because you'll find several times that you were one Q away from Knockup + AA + Ult but she stunned you or knocked you up and cancelled it.

Level 6

This match-up becomes all kinds of awful at level 6, where Riven has a tremendous amount of all in potential. The only way that you will win that 1v1 is through item advantage or significantly outplaying the other player. You absolutely *must* have minions at your disposal to fully utilize your kit to beat her. The amount of effort Riven will have to use to kill you is far less than the amount of effort that you'll need to kill her (and it will usually involve a flash). You need to make sure that you're not even at half health, because her all-in will kill you even then. She doesn't have to hit you with your ultimate to have fatal damage.

Nonetheless, one of the most critical parts in that duel is wind walling the second activation of her ultimate. If you can do that, you won't be guaranteed to die.But that doesn't say that you'll win, either.

You absolutely must avoid as many of her Q procs as possible, especially her 3rd proc (the one that knocks you up - honestly if you have to face-tank the first two procs to avoid the third, just do it, most Riven players aren't that good at AA cancelling anyway). If you fail to avoid enough of her Q's, and especially her W (the stun), you will probably die 99% of the time. Youmuu's is also a pretty popular item on Riven these days so a lucky crit will completely wreck you anyway. I don't recommend fighting a Riven at six unless you have shiv completed and flash available. The match-up gets significantly easier once you get Statik Shiv as well. If you flash anything, flash the third Q because it's telegraphed and obvious. She can always flash to you if you try to flash her stun pre-maturely, so make sure you flash her third Q at the last second, and at an unpredictable location. Save the third proc of YOUR Q for an E/Q knock-up because :

A) You can't miss an E/Q unless she valors out of it
B) It's a lot less telegraphed than using Q from Yasuo's default stance.

If you get Last Breath to land, you'll likely win. The earlier you use Last Breath, the better. The increased armor penetration probably won't help you that much - you're probably penetrating 4.5 armor at best. But the shield you get from it, as well as the the damage, are all completely necessary.

God speed.



This match up is pretty awful for Yasuo. Rumble cannot be easily poked out because of Scrap Shield, and all inning him is extremely dangerous because he has Flamespitter running and can kite you away with his E. I do not recommend picking Yasuo into Rumble.

If you find that you end up in this matchup, you're going to need to be aware that Rumble will out-trade you virtually all of the time. You need to weave in your Sweeping Blade while you have Wind Wall up so you can Wind Wall his harpoons the moment you get on him. You also want to make sure that you E out as soon as possible, because he will out-trade you with Flame Spitter + Scrap Shield. You need to bait most of his abilities out.

You have a roughly 4 second window while Flame-spitter is on cooldown to trade with Rumble. However, you need to make sure that you can wind wall his harpoons, otherwise you'll be slowed enough to where he can just turn flame-spitter onto you again.




Swain's sustain makes this match-up awful. He will out-trade you in every regard at early levels. Yasuo doesn't naturally gain MR per level, and Swain has a lot of sustain, especially when he hits level 6. You should not look for kill potential until you're level 6 with with Statik Shiv and ignite.

If you attempt to trade with him while debuffed, or if you attempt to trade with him while he is ulted without ignite on him, you will most likely lose. Especially if you get rooted.

If the game gets late enough, you won't have to be as concerned, as Yasuo will outscale Swain by virtue of his design. However, early to mid game, this is a relatively difficult match-up for Yasuo Yasuo. If Swain becomes an unkillable demon bird king monster, all is lost.

* Note: You CANNOT wind wall the damage from his crow. It is not a projectile.

Since his E will be up more often than your windwall, you're going to want to try and bait out his E (the green plasma stuff) and then back out. Hopefully your passive will absorb it. In an ideal situation, he'll even pop his crow at max range and you can just walk away from it. Proceed to trade with him once those are on cooldown. You want to primarily farm in this lane, as kill potential is pretty low pre-shiv. Once you have shiv, as long as he doesn't have your minion wave to vamp off of, you can generally kill him by walling off his crows when he ults and dodging the stun. This is a match-up that demands that you have ignite.

I would consider going into Hex-drinker after before your PD if you are afraid to get behind. It will help you survive against him fairly well, and it prevents you from having to do an early lifesteal investment as opposed to being able to build infinity edge. To be fair, I think you should opt for teamfight potential and forgo the hexdrinker if you can, but if you're in danger of feeding him kills, just invest in the hexdrinker and delay your infinity edge.



e proper way to deal with Syndra is to be just as aggressive as Syndra.

The correct way for Syndra to play this match-up is by breaking Way of the Wanderer: Resolve with an auto attack before executing a quick Q/E combo. As long as you're able to dodge the Dark Spheres when they're instantiated by constant use of Sweeping Blade to maneuver across the lane, you can mitigate most of Syndra's damage and come out ahead. When Syndra has access to W, she'll likely use it to slow you before using Q/E to stun you. At level 6, she ults you, likely killing you. The key is to dodge the Qs that come off as harass during the laning phase.

I will be completely honest. To win this match-up, you absolutely MUST know the ranges of Syndra's abilities, and you must have a good understanding of minion control. You need to make sure that almost exclusively CS with Steel Tempest from a distance, and that you always have an exit path using Sweeping Blade. If you always cs with Steel Tempest, you can force Syndra to try to hit you with max range Dark Sphere. A Syndra should never hit you with that ability at max range.

Once again, the way to behave in this lane is to RETURN AGGRESSION.

Syndra players typically shine against Yasuo players because Yasuo players generally are afraid to trade back against a Syndra. They'll eat constant dark sphere harass and get stunned in the minion wave, or they'll get slowed by W and get constantly harassed by Q's. You cannot let her do this to you. To excel in this match-up, you need extensive understanding of minion movement, as well as good vision control.

The key is to position yourself around a decent number of minions at all times. Use the minions to dodge Syndra's Q's. The *most important spell* to dodge is Syndra's W. If you get slowed by it, it's likely that you'll get hit by a dark sphere, then stunned, then ulted and you will die. If you stay mobile, Syndra will be unable to hurt you. If you dodge her W, you can rely on Sweeping Blade to weave in and out of the minion wave to dodge her Q's, and rely on Steel Tempest and auto attacks to trade. 

Level 6 is particularly risky in that if Syndra lands Q/E, since Yasuo does not have naturally scaling magic resist, it is extremely likely that you can be 100-0'd provided there are enough dark spheres lying around. You need to not fight Syndra if your wind-wall is down at this point, otherwise you're in danger of being forced to back, or worse, dying.

Observe this video.

You'll notice that during this fight, Syndra has double buffs. We're both at pretty close levels of health. It must be noted that Syndra also has a kill on me. I keep distance between myself and Syndra until I see that she uses dark sphere. Knowing that she has a sphere on the ground, this means two things:
1) She has the potential to stun me.
2) She is likely to use her W to set up for the stun. Using her W with a Dark Sphere lets the duration get refreshed, so this is preferable to picking up a minion. However, this Syndra is not bad. She understands that although refreshing the duration on the sphere would be nice, it would be better to use a minion to slow me so that the stun is easier to land to setup for Unleashed Power. However, at the same time, missing the W with the minions gives me another way for me to escape with.

Every Syndra wants to use her W to make her E easier to land. If you're able to recognize this, the room for out-play is tremendous. Seeing that she has a sphere down, I'm always hesitant to E any minion until I see an animation from the Syndra. She lifts a minion, and I immediately understand that she wants to slow/stun me. When she picks up the minion, I wait for the throw animation, and I use sweeping blade to dodge the slow. Now, Syndra's sphere is out of position and she is unable to stun me. Once again, she has two options:
1) She can drop a sphere directly in front of her and use E.
2) She can try to hit me with a sphere and use E.

This Syndra manages to do both. Since I'm in auto-attack range, Syndra knows that she can drop a sphere on herself, E, and get both the damage and the stun to peel me off of her. This is partially a misplay on my part, but I know that if Syndra is standing this far into my lane, I can punish her for it. I drop the exhaust the MOMENT her dark sphere is off cooldown, because I'm still at risk of being ulted (I wasn't actually, it was on CD from previously when she all-inned me, but I forgot that). Even though I don't get ulted, I still almost completely mitigate the damage from her Q/E combo.

Using the minion wave for mobility, I'm able to get a third stack of gathering storm for the empowered steel tempest, but I hold onto it because there's no need to use it. The Syndra is so busy strafing left and right to avoid the knock-up because she knows I have last breath that she neglects to realize that I'm playing Yasuo and my auto-attacks alone will kill her. Do not ever forget that. If the enemy laner is down on cooldowns, your autos will out-trade their autos 99% of the time. Unless you're laning against Fiora or Jax who happen have Parry/Counterstrike, actually. So 98.4% of the time.

Once Syndra's dead, Lee Sin shows up in my lane for some reason, and, using the stack of Steel Tempest that I didn't have to use, I knock him up, Last Breath him, and kill him.

Whichever champion falls behind in this match-up can potentially lose the game for their team, as both suffer pretty heavily from - not necessarily from falling behind - but being behind another hyper carry.



This matchup can be fairly difficult, because a lot of Yasuo players underestimate Viktor's damage.

First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not Viktor starts Q or E.

If Viktor starts Q

You're going to want to start Q. Do not start E. If you start E, you're going to get out-traded when you go into melee range for two reasons.

1) E'ing onto Viktor and then autoing him will cause the caster minions to aggro you.
2) Viktor gains a shield from his Q and an empowered auto attack - his shield is enough to tank your E.

The combination of the shield Viktor gains, the caster minion aggro, and his empowered auto are all things that affect you negatively. His Q technically works in two parts. The first part does a small amount of damage, while the second does significantly more. This means he can pop your shield with minor damage and then really deal a significant amount with his empowered auto attack.

If Viktor Starts E

I would start E in this situation. Starting E allows you to dodge his E much easier, and on top of that, since he has no shield or empowered auto, you can abuse the E start the same way we do in most other match-ups.

General Information

The primary damaging ability that Viktor will use is his E. His E does a lot of upfront damage, and when he upgrades it for 1000 gold, the augment allows it to detonate after he uses it, which makes it do even more damage. Most people will recognize this ability as Viktor's laser. You should either aim to dodge this with your own E (which can be very difficult, as it's quite fast), or you need to Windwall it when you go in to trade.

Although Viktor probably won't max Q, you want to try to avoid trying to trade with him while he has the shield from his Q up. The same way he wouldn't want to trade with you while your passive is up, you don't want to trade with him when his Q shield is up. Windwalling the auto attack after his Q can help a lot, but it doesn't do quite as much damage as his E normally (unless for some reason he's maxing it).

Viktor's W is pretty simple to avoid - just don't stand in it. You have a lot of mobility with Sweeping Blade, so you should pretty much never get stunned by Viktor unless it's follow-up CC from a jungle gank or you just misplayed. 

His ultimate does a deceptive amount of damage, so try to not to be too low when you attempt to all-in him. You want to make sure that if you are going to all-in that you land your knockup and Last Breath before committing. 

If Viktor gets ahead, this lane gets really oppressive really quickly. Falling behind Viktor is not so good of an idea. Try to not over-extend, as it's very simple to find yourself without minions and sitting in the middle of the lane during a jungle gank. Viktor can then use his W to zone you off of your escape route which will lead to an easy first blood and a snowball.

Don't underestimate the value of freezing the wave. It makes Viktor have to use his mana and spells to try and clear it to let the wave push back to him, and it gives you more flexibility for deciding when and how you want to trade. You can actually zone him off of a significant amount of CS if you keep the wave frozen and stay mobile by CSing with your E while harassing him.

Viktor has the rite of trading. This is a really obscure way of me saying that Viktor can opt to just not trade with you at all due to the amount of damage that his E does to minions. If you see that Viktor is doing this - either because you're ahead, or he just wants to farm it out - I highly suggest you look towards ganking other lanes or applying pressure on the map somehow. You won't be able to force him into any engagements unless he missteps egregiously, and it's really easy for you to get ganked when he pokes you down while you're over-extending in lane while trying to force a fight with him.



This is kind of a joke, honestly. If you were a really big troll, you could use movespeed quints and the movespeed mastery and Xerath would literally never be able to hit you. An early boots buy is nothing to scoff at.

Arcanopulse is on a pretty decent cooldown early on, 9/8/7/6/5, and it can take up to three seconds to fully charge. You can dodge this using Sweeping Blade or your base ridiculous 350 ms.

Eye of Destruction is a little more difficult to dodge, but once you get a hang of it, you'll know the range he can cast it within, and predicting it will be fairly easy.

Shocking orb can screw you over if you do something silly like dash onto the wrong side of him and he stuns you somewhere uncomfortable, like under your turret because you had a bout of Yasuo syndrome.

The key to winning this matchup is to know his cooldowns, basically. When his abilities have been dodged and are on cooldown, go in to trade. Feel free to all-in him at any point ,as his ultimate isnt' something that can significantly change the fight like Brand's or Fizz's.



This is probably one of the most fun match-ups in the game.
However, it snowballs extremely hard in Zed's favor if he gets ahead, and Yasuo can still be put under kill pressure after getting a lead once Zed hits level 6.

1) Always attempt to wait until Zed's energy is *low* before you start trading.
2) Do not ever be within trading distance after using your "empowered" Steel Tempest. It makes you susceptible to getting death marked.
3) Once Zed completes Youmuu's, unless you have armor and exhaust, do not attempt to 1v1 him. He can legitimately auto-attack you with it activated during death mark and kill you.
4) NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE SHADOWS. He can quickly swap to two different shadows (assuming he used death mark) to gap close and auto you to proc Contempt for the Weak (which at level 16 deals 10%o f your maximum health as magic damage).
5) Use exhaust the MOMENT Zed appears from the shadows, if you can dash to minions to create distance, do so IMMEDIATELY.

First off, you have to identify what Zed is maxing. If he's maxing Q, it becomes apparent what you need to do. Dodge his Shadow Shurikens to mitigate most of the damage. When you're trying to dodge his skillshots, there are two trains of thought:
1) You can stand in your minion wave to ensure that his shuriken does AT MOST 60% damage to you.
2) You can stand offf to the side and force him to either trade damage with you or shove his minion wave.

In either case, Sweeping Blade helps you significantly when attempting to dodge. As always, make sure you have an adequate number of minions to act as escape routes. Once you've successfully dodged the Q, you can use Sweeping Blade to gap close and trade autos - you will win this all the time.

If Zed is maxing E, the match-up is much different. If you go in range to trade using Sweeping Blade ON him, he'll Shadow Slash and usually win the trade after auto-ing. You need to play the pole of a "Q-Maxing" Zed and poke with Steel Tempest and stay out of range of Shadow Slash. Shadow Slash can be used in close quarters and will be used much more often compared to Shadow Shuriken. Furthermore, it makes trading with him during Death Mark all the more deadly because you have to subject yourself to getting hit by Shadow Slash if you're within melee range, which is much easier to land for a Zed player than Shadow Shuriken. My best advice is to use Sweeping Blade to avoid him as much as you can if you know his E is up, otherwise, trade as many auto attacks as possible.

Once Zed gets Deathmark, whether he maxed Q or E is going to make a world of difference. If he maxed E, do not even try to trade with him when he initiates onto you. Immediately Sweeping Blade away from him or through him - whichever allows you to cover the most distance, and then wind-wall his shurikens. If he activate's Youmuu's and stays on top of you auto-ing, he will most likely kill you regardless. You absolutely *need* a minion wave nearby, or you won't be able to peel him off of you. If you have exhaust up, immediately use it and don't trade, but *run*. If he does even half your health his death mark is likely to kill you, especially if you've been life-stealing during the process. That's because life-steal increases your "health available to be amplified by death mark" by healing you, and this makes the death mark at the end a bigger "splat".

If Zed maxed Q, it's possible to kill him during death-mark if *you stay out of range of his auto-attacks*. You can wind wall his shurikens to mitigate most of the damage, but if you get auto'd, or worse, get critically struck during death-mark, you are absolutely dead. 


In terms of build, I *highly* recommend you buy Bami's Cinder first 3751.pngand sit on it. Purchase a Zeal, then finish Sunfire Cape. If you do this, Zed will not be able to kill you during deathmark, and you will always come out ahead in extended trades. I am not kidding.



This lane is extremely easy for Yasuo. Ziggs is everything that Yasuo isn't. Long ranged, immobile, resource reliant, and when pressured, useless.

Aside from the fact that he can clear minions forever, that is.

Playing extremely aggressively against a Ziggs will pay off tremendously. He has no good way to disengage from you when fighting in the middle of the lane, as you can wind-wall his satchel charge to make it disappear completely, or you can simply dash through him and force him to end up sending you the same direction that he's going.

Bouncing bombs are laughable at best, as you can choose to either dodge them with your already superior base movement speed, or you can simply wind wall them. The most efficient method of dodging bouncing bombs is through use of sweeping blade. Always surround yourself with a sufficient number of enemy minions so that you can dash out of range of Ziggs's bouncing bombs and you'll cause him to run out of mana very quickly. Try your best to stay out of your minions and near his, that way he not only fails to trade damage with you, but he also runs out of mana without pushing his lane.

When his cooldowns are down, trade as much damage toward him as possible through use of AAs, then sweeping blade back out when he has a way to do damage to you again.

The only danger comes from the fact that, after killing Ziggs so many times, you may under-estimate the power of his ultimate. Although it was once possible, you can no longer windwall it, and it can still do considerable damage if you have not invested in magic resist.

How to Use This Guide Back to Top

I'm not going to lie. I'm a Yasuo junkie. I have spreadsheets on spreadsheets, I've programmed a few simulators, I've crunched way too many numbers. The champion is fun to me. I don't like playing a lot of champions in league because I don't find them mechanically difficult or engaging. But this guy - this guy has depth.

APC: Ability Power Carry
ADC: Attack Damage Carry
ST: Steel Tempest
AA : Auto-attack
IE: Infinity Edge
TF: Trinity Force
BotRK: Blade of the Ruined King
GA: Guardian's Angel
CC: Crowd Control
DPS : Damage-per-second
AS: Attack Speed

If you just want to know what someone thinks is the optimal way to build him, feel free to skim over the rune pages / masteries / item builds. That's all you really have to do.

But if you want to know the reasoning and understand the conclusions that I've come to over literally hundreds of games playing the champion, then there's a place for you, too.
Once again, this is a work in progress, and it's a living, breathing document. Patches are going to happen , and there will be areas I need to change.

Quick Information / Tricks / Tips Back to Top

Should I take 5% crit in marks?
I originally did not like 5% crit marks. If you're not critting, you have effectively 0 combat stats. This means that the only time that critical strike chance is useless is when, well, you're critting. That sounds really obvious, but when you're laning, it makes a big difference when you compare your potential for landing a critical strike on an enemy as opposed to the reality of how many times you crit another player in lane. Since the difference between AD/AS/Crit is so minimal with an E max early game, I'm fairly indifferent to the rune choice for reds. 

Should I build a defensive item before my first two offensive items? 
It depends. If you're in a tough top lane AD matchup, you are going to want to sit on Bami's Cinder, finish part of PD, then finish Sunfire. This will give you the ability to trade pretty well.

If you're going to go Warlord's, then going tanky really just hurts you early on. You want to maximize the value of your keystone ASAP, so I don't recommend going definitely before PD/IE.

What do I build if I'm behind?

If you're top lane and you're going a Fervor of Battle build, once you have PD, you can technically just build really tanky. If you're mid lane, you really just have to suck it up - deviating from your core two offensive items would make you useless in almost every scenario. In some cases, for example Zed or Talon, you can rush sunfire cape and it's okay, but against most AP champions, you can't afford to fall behind. A hexdrinker buy is never frowned upon if you're facing early pressure.

Bloodthirster or BotRK ?

BotRK: You need sustained DPS and tank killing abilities.
BT: You want to prevent being bursted and want to burst.

B.F. Sword, Cloak of Agility, or Pickaxe? Which ones in what order? 

To answer this, you kind of have to have a basic understanding of how critical strike chance works. Critical strike chance works such that for every percent of X critical strike chance you have, your basic attacks (and consequently, Steel Tempest - sort of) do 1% increased damage. So if I have 50% critical strike chance, on average, my basic attacks will do 150% damage. With 100% critical damage (base), the bonus damage equates to simply 50% AD (200% × 0.75); with 150% critical damage (Base + Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge), the bonus damage equates to 87.5% AD (250% × 0.75). 

This means that Cloak of Agility is better than Pickaxe given a certain amount of AD. At about 100 AD, Pickaxe/Cloak of Agility would be almost even if and only if you count only basic attacks only. Steel Tempest suffers a 25% damage penalty to the AD bonus portion of it for critical strikes, while Basic Attacks only suffer a 10% damage penalty. Cloak of Agility would give you 30% crit, so 130% damage on basic attacks (-10% of the damage, or -25% of the damage with Steel Tempest). This makes the two buys fairly close, but by the time you would buy Cloak, you would have over 100 AD anyway. The safest buy is Agility/BF Sword.


1) You can get in an extra auto attack after knocking up a target with Steel Tempest before activating Last Breath.

2) You can launch a straight-line, "charged" (3 stacks of Gathering Storm) Steel Tempest and immediately dash to give the illusion of using the long-range Steel Tempest while dashing as opposed to making Yasuo spin during his dash on activation (basically, you get a line knockup instead of a circular knockup while also dashing; video pending).

3) E+Q cannot be blocked. This is ideal for targets like Jax and Pantheon. It is considered an AoE, and for some reason, the basic attack problem does not exist with it.

4) You can Q with your 3rd stack of Gathering Storms and then Flash to cause the Steel Tempest to be launched after the flash. That is, Q+Flash. We'll call this the Flashing Tempest for ease of reference.

5) You can animation cancel your Q animation with W to replace the animation of Wind Wall with your Steel Tempest animation. That is, W+Q. This suggests that you can Wind Wall and Q in rapid succession. This video shows me block Vladimir's healing portion of Transfusion and then using that animation to cancel the animation of my Steel Tempest. You'll notice Vladimir's health never goes up, only down, and they happen in almost the same frame. This also shows the Flashing Tempest in action. Notice that I also interweave an extra auto-attack while he's knocked up from the third stack of gathering storms because that extra damage is *critical* to securing the kill.

Early Game Back to Top

There are two things you need to focus on.

1) Wave Control
2) Trade Potential

Wave Control

This is essentially understanding which direction the minions will move based on how many of them are alive and which of them are dealing damage to the others. That explanation is kind of complicated, so to be more succinct, it's which laner's set of minions is doing more or less damage to the other laner's.

There are two things that can draw "aggro" or cause a minion to attack you.
The first is walking up to a minion as the closest target before another target walks into range. The minion will leash onto you and follow you for a set distance until it loses line of sight or travels some unknown distance that sometimes varies from a few steps to all the way to Narnia. Walking into your own wave will also cause the minions to switch target precedence.

The second is by basic attacking an enemy champion. Yes - abandon all hope ye who entered here, hailing from Bronze, Silver, hell even in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond I either see people that don't know this or don't respect it. Minions tend to do 10ish damage per attack. If you draw the aggro from my wave, they're doing as much damage as my basic attacks essentially. You just turned your lane into a 1v2. RESPECT THE MINION WAVE, EVEN LATE GAME.

When you start Sweeping Blade, you're going to want to use the caster minions for your sweeping blade bonus damage stacks. This is because your melee minions are going to get targeted down anyway - you don't want to expedite their death and cause yourself to unnecessarily miss out on CS, especially since you'll be harassing from a decent distance away. This is also why you might take Sweeping Blade over Steel Tempest. Steel Tempest COUNTS AS A BASIC ATTACK. This means that it will absolutely pull minion aggro when trading. A decision like this used to be restricted to opponents you can harass from range that cannot trade back (Fizz, Tryndamere) as opposed to a ranged champion that can punish you doubly by responding with spells (which do not draw aggro) + auto attacks + minion autos. However, due to the increased nerfs to Yasuo, Steel Tempest is the safer option as it does not shove your wave and allows you to farm from range.If you cause the minions to hit you by aggroing the enemy champion, however, YOUR WAVE WILL PUSH INTO THEIR TOWER. This is because their minions are taking damage from your minions, your minions aren't being hit.

If you start Steel Tempest first, you're going to want to focus on CSing the minions in the front of the wave with Steel Tempest and only poking with Steel Tempest when there are fewer caster minions capable of hitting you and when your opponent cannot easily trade back. Typically, you're only going to want to poke using the third stack of steel tempest if there's a full wave as it won't draw aggro and it gives you the most range to deal damage for free. Be sure not to hit too many of the minions with Steel Tempst's 3rd stack of Gathering Storm, because you'll push your wave.

Trading Potential

Sweeping Blade Trade:
Initiate your trade by using the second "proccing" stack of Sweeping Blade on a minion that will position you directly next to the enemy you're trading with. As there are three caster minions, the first minion is a dummy you use for a free stack. The second caster needs to put you in position to where you're directly next to the enemy laner. At this point, you'll have 2 stacks of sweeping blade, giving you 50% additional base damage. At this point you want to:

AA - > yasuoE.png + yasuoQ.png ->AA->yasuoE.png (on third caster minion; i.e. the "escape" minion")

Auto Attack -> Sweeping Blade + Steel Tempest (this gives you the spinning activation of Steel Tempest) -> Auto Attack -> Use Sweeping Blade on the third caster minion to get out. Back out and CS the melee minions while charging your passive again, then repeat. 

This is the ideal trade. This also assumes that you do not get your passive popped randomly from an auto attack. Try your best not to engage in trades where you don't have your passive up. If you get a quick easy first blood at lvl 1 or 2, consider investing in Doran's Blade or Dagger, both are excellent choices. Do *NOT* buy a Brawler's Glove. RNG is not what you should be counting on to win your lane.

Here's an example of how to play the beginning of the laning phase:

Note that I already knew Lux didn't have flash, otherwise that last move would've been a bit risky.

Mid Game Back to Top

This is where Yasuo goes off.

You have two things that you're really good at :
1) Team-fighting
2) 1v1ing

Team Fighting:

Your goal is to stay alive. Your primary tools for doing this are sweeping blade and last breath, while using your passive and Wind Wall to mitigate the damage you take while you're doing it. Ideally, you want a knockup to land on their backline, and you simply get into the mix with Last Breath. Unfortunately, most team fights will not work like that. You'll need to find creative ways to use wind wall to zone off the ADC and APC, while also dealing a decent amount of damage.

Ideally, you would like to be able to reach their carries and kill them. This will not always be the case. You are squishy, and hard CC will leave you dead. You need to be very wary of your positioning and remember that your mobility is paramount. Try to position in such a way that you can weave in and out of the fight consistently. Sweeping Blade is your primary ability for this. If a fight occurs near a creep wave, you have a tremendous advantage ore entering and exiting the fight. However, you don't want to end up with no way out in the middle of their team.

I try to get most Yasuo players to move away from this, but I'll be honest, it's the most fun when you're outplaying someone 1v1. If you're going to take this route, you need to keep a consistent number of sight wards on you at all times in addition to a sweeper. You need to find a pick in such a way that you take the enemy by surprise, and you're not going to do that sitting in a bush that's warded. You'll likely just end up dying. Furthermore, you have to learn how to balance split pushing and seeking out 1v1s and protecting/attacking objectives with your team. That's going to be the most difficult thing to learn about the champion. Oftentimes you'll get lost destroying everyone in your lane, but then realize that everything else on your side of the map is gone.
There are several things you need to take into account - namely, 
What level are you and the person you're searching for?
What items do they have built?
What items do YOU have built?
What are their abilities?
What are the cooldowns on those abilities?

You should know the answer to all of these if not most of them. Otherwise, you're just throwing the game for your team by slamming your face into your keyboard hoping that the words "PENTA-KILL" come flying across your screen. And I've gotten a lot of those on this champion. Trust.

Late Game Back to Top

If you are Yasuo mid, your job is NOT to intiate.

I iterate once more.

Your job.
As the mid laner.
Is *NOT* to initiate. In only very rare instances will this be an exception. Your goal is to target the squishies in the enemy team. However, you need to keep in mind that *you are also a squishy*. If you go in headfirst to the enemy team, you delivered yourself to them. Honestly, think about it. Imagine if the enemy team's Vayne had an ability (like Ezreal) that automatically delivered her to your tanks. You don't want that.You want someone else to begin the fight whilst you follow up.

Ideally you want to be hitting their squishies. But it does not mean that you *must* be hitting the squishies. You should realistically be targeting the closest enemy target that will not put you in unnecessary danger.

Furthermore, you need to count CCs. CC is the counter to Yasuo. The only counter to Yasuo. And if you don't know what CCs are on the enemy team, you are a dead Yasuo. You have nothing to protect yourself against most forms of hard crowd control, and you have little to no defensive capabilities to deal with that (THANK YOU PASSIVE SHIELD NERFS LOLJK). So once you see that a decent number of the enemy team's crowd control spells have been used (not on you, I hope) feel free to join the fight. There are a few exceptions, for example, if your team is just getting shredded too fast and you need to buy time for your 30/0/0 Kog'maw, but for the most part, you should stick to this line of thinking.

Conclusion Back to Top

Hopefully you found this guide helpful!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me here via solomid, or visit the stream sometime @

You can also find me on social media there, too.

Patch Revisions / Buffs / Nerfs Back to Top

Way of the Wanderer.png Way of the Wanderer
Flow capacity increased to 「 100 - 510 」 from 「 60 - 470 」.
Flow generation reduced at early ranks to per 59 / 52 / 46 units traveled from 46 at all levels.

Movement speed increased to 345 from 340.

Steel Tempest
Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds from 5/4.7/4.5/4.25/4 seconds at all ranks.


Base health lowered to 462 from 512.
Base movement speed lowered to 340 from 350.


Steel Tempest
Fixed a bug where Steel Tempest was put on a shorter cooldown if cast in conjunction with Sweeping Blade.png Sweeping Blade.


Way of the Wanderer
Shield duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5.

Steel Tempest
Cooldown reduction from attack speed reduced.
Minimum cast time increased to .18 seconds from .13.
Attack speed needed to achieve minimum cast time unchanged (+114%, or +60% from items at level 18).
Fixed a bug where Steel Tempest's whirlwind was dealing instant damage in the area of a normal Steel Tempest cast as it was traveling out.

Wind Wall
No longer passively grants bonus Flow from dashing.


Sweeping Blade.png Sweeping Blade
Fixed a bug where the ability sometimes didn't count as a spellcast.


Sweeping Blade
Bonus damage cap reduced to 50% at 2 stacks from 100% at 4 stacks.


Base armor increased to 19 from 15.

Way of the Wanderer
Shield duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2.
Shield strength reduced to 60-470 from 60-690.


Flow generation reduced to 1% per 46 units from 1% per 40 units.

Steel Tempest
Now displays a maximum range indicator while the third cast is available.

Wind Wall
Bonus flow generated on Sweeping Strike reduced to 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 % from 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 %.

Last Breath
Range reduced to 1200 from 1300.

Way of the Wanderer
The 10% damage penalty now applies to Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv.

Steel Tempest
Third cast is now automatically smart cast (as with the first and second cast).
Improved reliability of the Sweeping Blade combo.

Wind Wall
No longer blocks friendly Dark Spheres.

Last Breath
Now grants maximum Flow on cast.
Spell animation shortened by 0.1 seconds.
Now less likely to follow target's using Flash.
Bug fix: The cooldown is now appropriate tracked for the purposes of spectator mode and the interface.



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