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1 year ago

Yorick Statistics for Ðelofasht

Author's performance with Yorick compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

The uses of 12.png are too numerous, but simply put you need to be gaining levels, losing any experience will hurt Yorick worse than many other champions as his skills tend to scale more with level than with rank.

The other option of Ignite is for when you know your team has enough teleports and you feel very confident that you will be killing your laning opponent with every use of ignite.  That is pretty much the only time I opt for Ignite over Teleport, or when the enemy team is packing a Soraka and we do not have an ignite on the team yet.

Lastly, Exhaust is great for matchups where you feel weaker, or for times where your support wants to take ignite and your mid has TP already.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is all about the damage once again, if you make good use of Thunderlords you can really control the flow of the lane very well.  This build lets you go full damage and have a presence just by W>E if need be, and never really getting into a fight with someone while letting you duel just about anyone.  You can swap the tier 2 masteries in Cunning for whatever you actually like, but this is all about stacking % damages, so I suggest keeping it.

6.18: Merciless is just free extra damage, and allows for a bit more forceful of a lane with the New Yorick.  Keep in mind though that it punishes your mana for missing harass with E.  After having had more time to play with the changes, I still prefer the feel of mana glyphs and Meditation, I can really stay in lane and just farm safely in tough matchups or spam E a lot more.

Savagery vs Wanderer is up to what you prefer, if you want to farm a bit easier grab Savagery, should you need to get to lane or traverse the map slightly faster grab Wanderer.

Abilities Back to Top


This is the biggest point of contention regarding my guide, but there is a very clear and easy to understand reasoning.  Maxing Mourning Mist first is the obvious choice to me because it gains the most damage of his two damaging non ultimate skills.  140 on Mourning Mist vs 100 on Last Rites, also the cooldown reduction is more AND the skill does magic damage which means the enemy is harder pressed to itemize for defense against this build than others.

There has been some discussion regarding whether the minimum gains are justified as well, but at lv 9 most champions will have 1300 health or there about, that means the 15% at MAX health will be around 195, you still gain a minimum of 15 damage at max rank on Mourning Mist.  If they build health then the first hit will be almost the same , but every hit with Mourning Mist when they are not full health becomes increasingly more powerful, and with the short CD you can punish them for ever trying to go for some farm as they begin to get lower in health.

All that without including the fact that it is the only way to direct the mistwalkers, and as such needs to be on as short of a cooldown as you can get it, because without landing it or having it up more often your damage from mistwalkers is reduced even further.

I want to clarify that you should choose rank one skill based on matchup, if you feel confident you will get to Q minions without getting harassed too hard get it first, still Max E first in most matchups though.  That first skill choice and how you play is important, being aggressive is difficult right now as early ganks are common this season, and the damage of most of the top laners in early game exceed Yorick without his walkers or Maiden by his side.  This is why I play defensively and focus farm right now, simply new Yorick is not a scrappy as old Yorick (less sustain and all).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Safe start
    VS Hard MU

Core Items

    Winning Hard

Situational Items


What you start with largely depends on how strong you feel with Yorick, I like the Doran's Blade start lately.   Potion gives you more sustained damage with just poking, armor lets you focus on farming, Blade gives you stronger trading power.

3009.png  early on Yorick is my preference because positioning is one of the most important aspect of playing Yorick, and it couples with his movespeed boost on Mourning Mist to really allow him to close on an enemy and tag them with a Last Rites when possible and still get out if needed.  Also, these will allow him to escape ganks involving slows easier, and be able to simply get back to lane faster without using his Teleport, in the long term the early Swifties will result in better utilization of his summoners.

3071.png provides all the stats Yorick needs, while also being useful for teammates by reducing his target's armor.  Yorick makes excellent use of the health, AD, and cooldown reduction.

3025.png gives him the armor he needs for midgame skirmishes or teamfights while also giving him some added slowing capability and damage.  The extra mana and capping his CDR is a bonus really, but do play a part in his ability to split push and have his Maiden available at a moments notice.

The rest of the situational choices depend on how the opposing team is constructed and whether you need more defenses or better dueling capability.

3053.png is great for Skirmishing or Teamfighting and couples extremely well with either Sheen item you end up going with.  Yorick also boasts one of the highest base AD in the game making this an especially powerful item on him.

3211.png is the defense of choice against AP poke based champs in the top lane who you are struggling with, later it turns into 3102.png for better teamfighting capability.  I find it is rarely needed for most games but this is an option depending on how you are doing in lane and whether you are getting camped.  It is a solid choice to go highly defensive in top if you are getting camped.

3156.png is my favored option against magic damage burst champs, as it's passive proc is stellar at allowing you to turn the tide of a battle (both the spell shield portion and the lifegrip portion which allows you to gain a lot of health back in a short amount of time).

3512.png provides additional split pushing power and the capability to force enemies to respond to a maiden portal lane allowing for easy Drakes or Baron in the mid game.

3742.png gives even more movement speed for this build and allows you to join your team in a hurry and play a more damage soaking role and catch some enemies out of position from time to time.

3748.png manages to provide Yorick with a huge amount of burst in dueling situations, and is currently one of my favorite items in a build that involves Steraks (but no Portal).

3142.png is my item of choice for going with a carry build on Yorick, which happens only when we have a tanky jungler and a tanky support, otherwise it's generally too fragile to survive long enough in teamfights or skirmishes, that said when his Maiden is down and you just run in and Q someone for half their health or more land a Mist and run out you can watch enemies start crying.  Build this if you go Trinity and are running CDR runes, also keep in mind this build path means you have less damage to tankier enemies later in the game.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Lissandra
  • Malphite
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir




Dodge the rupture win the lane.  Just learning to predict his E makes it much easier, also ranged current health damage E harass is smooth and simple bringing him low and letting you stay in lane for ages with Q farm to sustain back up.  Force his positioning with E then Q to sustain so he doesn't try to rupture you on farming.




Careful of his stacks of his passive, but you can poke safely from further range anytime he goes for CS, and build up graves as needed.  He generally end up pushing the lane pretty early with his AoE damage so you should be fine to farm from in front of your tower early and wait for a gank, if they do not then play careful and stay out of hook range.  Poke him down and CS when he backs off.

Decimate does more damage when you are on the very edge of it's range so if he starts the wind up get close to him to take less damage and Q him and back off, if he pulls you in and slows you slow him and back off, with boots of Swiftness you should be able to be out of range of another Decimate before it's up again.  Once 6, Mourning Mist him, trap him in Dark Procession from max range and drop an Ult in the circle with him, this almost instantly forces a disengage from him allowing you time to set up graves push lane and buy and come back stronger with the lane in your favor.




Get an early Spirit Visage, build into a Hexdrinker after and ignore her the rest of the game while you build graves E her when she goes for some harass and summon the walkers to hop on her.  Repeat until you win lane in case and eventually push her out of the lane.  Should be a cakewalk if you play well and do not get camped.




AP Poke lane, build a quick Spectre's Cowl and you'll be safe with nice health and immunity to getting low, the only way he can get you is by trading at length in melee range.  One should only run in and Q after an E and then back off again for trades and otherwise focus your farm.

If he gets early ganks it is hard, but not impossible.  Stay alert, try not to push early.




Establish your graves and focus on being aware of her position and possible maneuvers.  Avoid trading without graves, Riven trades better due to the shield and stun, and can be more mobile, just whittle away with E, don't feed and win the game, do not worry about trying to kill Riven or dominate your lane you can just farm under tower if need be.  Riven really needs to get kills to start a snowball, without them she just does not have quite enough damage normally to really beat ya in lane unless you let her.  Be sure to have enough armor and health to survive the lv 6, I suggest starting armor and pots for this lane, focus farm, eventually you can start a rotation of mistwalkers and maidens to farm and push the lane if she leaves or backs at any point.  Safe laning is winning this lane.




Like all the AP poke matchups, a Spectre's Cowl really makes you nearly invulnerable to their poke as you heal so much of it off after trades.  Focus on your farm, use mistwalkers during trades or on landing Mourning Mist, then build up more graves while they work on killing the mistwalkers.  The whole point is just to win the farm game, they may have similar CS numbers from killing the mistwalkers, but their actual gold will be less because they are missing CS on the minions.

As you start to outgear them and become invincible you will end up being able to throw out a Maiden to win for you in extended trades or push the tower while you back and reset the lane on your end after they push back, then you can freeze lane right in front of your tower and never really get pushed out.




Trundle is just a matchup of don't stand on his ground when fighting him, E him for harass, auto Q auto for trades and E then back out and summon ghouls while he gets whittled away, sure he may heal a touch off those but you trade better.  If he ults just slow him and run away, that's what swifties are for.




Unlike the old matchup, now you should stack up some graves and E him if he walks at you to trade.  When you have graves up you are fairly safe because you can trade better, if you do not have graves up it is harder.  Iceborn makes everything much easier as you can kite him then, swifties reduce the effectiveness of his slow, try not to push this lane early he has the long lane to be able to run you down and his autos can hurt early.  The matchup used to be easier with old Yorick, but it still not bad really.  I suggest starting Doran's for this lane, you need to be hitting as hard as him, if you are not it will be harder.  Armor and pots will work too though and get you to Iceborn faster, early Chain Vest can really slow him down as he goes for attack speed first typically and you can focus on farming and having graves ready.  Idea is to just slow him and kite him letting the walkers kill him early and have Maiden kill him later while you slow and trade a bit here or there.  If he gets early ganks it is much harder, try really hard not to push this lane, people love to gank Yorick these days.




Treat this lane just like Ryze, win the farm game, freeze in front of tower and eventually outgear him and just run him over with pure damage or take his tower when he backs.

A Different Approach Back to Top

The differences between old Yorick and new are not nearly as extreme as many would have us believe.  He still plays in a very similar manner actually, the only major difference is that his ranged poke is not targeted anymore.  This actually is both a drawback and a bonus though, in that he is a bit less reliable at poking from afar, but he gains a lot of range on his poke and can now scout bushes more safely with it.  The vision granted by the mark on Mourning Mist is extremely important to note, it allows your mistwalkers to chase into brush when you land it and is actually more frustrating to play against than old Yorick, if you can manage to land the Mist.

Maxing Mourning Mist first is a different approach to playing Yorick and by doing so you change the dynamics of his lane matchups enormously.  The laning phase is vastly different by playing this way and you can focus on farming while poking the enemy anytime they go for some CS, coupled with mana glyphs and Meditation you can stay in lane and safely farm for ages without worry.  The enemy will eventually be forced to move in on you and then you can Last Rites / Awakening and trap them when they do allowing the full brunt of his kit to work.

After winning lane through farm and taking their tower, you can transition into a safe poking champ for teamfights and wait for engages or landing a Mourning Mist to rush them and set up a wall to disrupt their positioning.  The purpose of Yorick in teamfights is not to engage necessarily, but to disrupt their positioning with his skill shot and wall or to assist with disengage through use of his Ult and wall to dissuade enemy aggression.

Now if for some reason you are behind or not doing well, then be prepared to build a fast Zzrots and go ahead and try to set it behind your tower, this way you can farm up and always force the enemy to be in lane or risk their tower to portal minions.  Then you can proceed to a more normal Cleaver into Iceborn build if need be (or Iceborn first into Steraks if still too far behind and needing to be ready to soak in teamfights during mid game).

Understanding your options and approach can provide you with better strategic responses to the enemy team.  Keep in mind that the strategic depth of Yorick's gameplay is what is most important, you can even lose lane and still win the game because of the powerful threat provided by disruption in teamfights and split push potential.

Lastly, I want to stress that you do not have to kill your opponent to win the game with Yorick.  Taking the tower and more farm than the opponent is winning the lane, killing the opponent generally happens as they begin to see themselves at a major disadvantage.
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