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Summoner Spells Back to Top

you always want tp, thats it.

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Masteries Back to Top

ok so heres the thing, while thunderlords is nice for burst, it is not as good in the toplane bruiser style, i recommend it if you are playing full ad/armor-pen mid, but that's it.

as for yorick grasp strats, what you want to do is lane your e and get your mistwalkers to beat the shit out of your opponent while you advance, it stacks over 4 seconds and during this time you done even need to bee in combat.

if you have left the maiden to deal with a lane watch for the grasp buff, you can surprise an unsuspecting person by getting a grasp out of "nowhere" and turn a fight around rather quickly(because with a triforce q it deals approximately 900 mixed damage late game while healing for 164+1.5% of max health(increased by 8% from masteries, or 33% with the mastery and spirit visage.).

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OK so most of you will be wondering now why would i max w 2nd, it doesn't even deal damage, but the answer is in the way you build, and the fact that maxing e doesn't necessarily increase its damage. 

Dark procession is on a 12 second cd at max rank, and with your 40% cdr, that is further lowered down to 7.2 seconds, and it lasts 4 seconds, so it is almost constantly up unless the enemies use 4 auto-attacks to break it, and if they do, then they have lost valuable chasing time/escaping time/dashes/damage on this wall, it can also block a lot of jungle paths, and tank a single turret shot, although i am not sure of priority.

Your e on the other hand is much worse to max, because it is nowhere close to your main damage tool, maxing it lowers its cd down to 4.8 seconds, and while this means that you can order your mist walkers around, and get in 160 more guaranteed damage, mist walkers rarely live 5 seconds in the heat of combat, and 160 magic damage, while not negligible, will usually not be the difference between life and death, and this is keeping in mind that the e only deals %current health damage, and as such often deals more damage unless they are low enough to be killed by a single q anyways. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    best start for getting an early sheen, and thus an earlier snowball going
    if you are going mid take this, see midlane armor pen section

Core Items

    5 item core, never deviate from this, OK i lied, you can, but i don't recommend it, see replacements in the description below.
    armor pen build, see mid section

Situational Items

    situational group 1
    situational group 2
    situational group 3

OK so this is the way to do it,


the reasoning behind this is as follows.

1027.png - this item is better than the meta corrupting potion because it makes your sheen 700 gold on 1st back.

3057.png - after this your q deals a boatload of damage, and it only gets better as the game progresses.

3078.png - your core item, you scale well with all all of its stats, and your pets scale with the health and ad too.

3071.png - this rounds out your cdr, your mist walkers apply the armor shred, and all your pets scale with the stats.

3111.png - these boots are the best, as they reduce cc time, and cover the mr lack that you will find you have.

1031.png - always get this after your mr boots.

3742.png3053.png - whichever you get next should based off what you need, if its the ad/shield go SG, if its ms, DMP.

3053.png3742.png - get the other one; tip, if you walk in between autos, the DMP passive makes you deal 4 extra damage.

3637.png - this stands for an empty item slot, yo can get whatever you want, see suggestions below.

2140.png - finish all builds with this and refresh the duration as often as possible.

All good options for 6th items are seen in the optional groups, but these are the ones I strongly recommend.

3146.png - this may seem a little off, but since the maiden makes you deal 10% of your opponents max hp, and deals a lot of damage herself, you heal for 7.5% of your ad every second she is in combat, and 1.5% of your enemies max health every 2 seconds(providing that you actually hit the maidens target once every 2 seconds), as well as a minimum damage increase and healing from your e.

3512.png - you are made to splitpush, this item gives you bonus resistances, and more minions to push with, this is literally the splitpush dream.

3056.png - once again you are made to splitpush, and with the ability to turn off towers, you can keep your mist walkers alive to deal way more damage, especially under inhibitor towers as they clear your mist walkers in a matter of 2 seconds.

3060.png - this item may seem a little off, but it is more helpful than you may realize, the passive alone gives the maiden, your mist walkers all nearby minions, and yourself 15 mr, and lets you make the turret priorities a melee minion over your mist walkers,  along with the fact that a promoted cannon in a lane with the maiden will last forever and easily kill all the towers automatically if left unhindered. the only truly useless stat it offers, is cdr, as you are already capped out.


replacements; if the game so calls for it, i have core items, that can be replaced with these sub-optimal, but still good items.

3078.png - 3025.png
3742.png - 3068.png3143.png
3111.png - 3047.png3009.png
2140.png - 2138.png


1033.png1029.png1028.png1053.png -  any item that builds out of these basic item staples is useful to you, so if it includes any of these items in the recipe, it is beneficial and thus a fine 6th item, the most beneficial are listed in the situational section.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Teemo




This guy is pretty hard, mostly because he can instantly kill the maiden at rank 1 with his feast.png, which means that your main combat buff is nullified until level 11, and his passive synergies against your mist walkers because 1 autoattack kills them, as well as his passive activating in fights where his aoe spells (rupture.pngferalscream.pngvorpalspikes.png) kill your mist walkers as a side affect.




OK so this little eldritch fuzz demon from the 666th circle of hell just got beat, his blindingdart.png removes the buff from yorickspectral.png, but he still cant stop the mist walkers from mauling him if you land an yorickravenous.png, and since he builds squishy, he really cant do anything about dying.

Full Armor-pen Mid build Back to Top

I do not recommend this, it is just a lot of fun, and deals a lot of damage.

to successfully do this swap out the ad reds for armor-pen reds, go 12-18-0 in your masteries taking the increased attack speed, double edged sword, lifesteal and spellvamp, and bounty hunter, same masteries in the cunning tree with armor-pen and thunderlords added on.

The build order is as follows

you can swap the order of duskblade and maw as needed, and could get deaths dance and swifties instead of bt and ionians, but since the maiden applies lifesteal, but not dd healing, bloodthirster keeps you healthier.

to play this simply sit back and farm up, then once you have 3 graves, fire your e, if it misses get a 4th grave and fire again. never raise mistwalkers unless you are alone or with allies, because auto attacks from champions always destroy them in 1 hit. and their ai wont just attack, so its better to leave your mist walkers as graves until an enemy has been marked with your e, this is an interaction you should abuse every game, weather you are squishy mid or not.

Laneing Strategies Back to Top

Yorick, while seeming straight forward, actually has a lot of micro interactions that spell the difference between a good Yorick and a bad one.

  • Obvious, but reset your aa with Q 24/7.

  • W has a pretty long cast time so you have to get used to it. Place it in front/behind enemies to catch them.

  • You can activate your Q when there are no minions but 3 graves to get ghouls. It just needs to be on activated to get the second ability.

  • you can TP on the Maiden, making ghouls be able to spawn with an unkillable spawner.
  • if you predict and time it right, by making your wall appear as an enemy is dashing, you can cancel their dash.
  • your mist walkers go after any and all e marks, even ones made before they were alive(undead XD) so always e first, as the only way for your enemy to destroy a grave is to kill you, and if you hit your e, then summon the mist walkers.
  • since the maiden is a unit you can summon her to block skill shots, but more importantly, if you are fighting in the middle of an enemie minion wave, you can kill a minion between you and incoming skillshot to block it.
  • your w blocks a turret shot, priority, currently unknown (will update after testing).
  • killing minions under tower with the maiden, timed with mist walker deaths, can hugely delay the turrets targeting of the maiden, and get lots of free damage from the minion wave you are with.

Getting The Maiden To Push Effectivley Back to Top

The maiden pushes lanes on her own when she is spawned there, but once she starts attacking a tower she becomes stupid.
She will wait until she has minions to attack a tower, but once she is attacking it, she wont stop, unless you mark a champion or monster, in which case she will prioritize it. so for maximum ...

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