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9 months ago

Yorick Statistics for Poifix

Author's performance with Yorick compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Really not much to say here. 4.png12.png is really the only option. 12.pngGives alot of pressure to split push. 4.png is always a must pick on nearly every champion.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Most of the time. Start with this.
    Poke heavy lane?

Core Items

    Very core. You almost always want these.
    Choose one of these.

Situational Items

    Example full build. My preferred
    Taking alot of Physical damage? Concider one or two of these.
    Taking heavy magic damage? Concider one or both.
    Exmaple full build Nr2. VS Mixed damage.
    Example full build Nr3. VS Heavy physical damage.
    Example full build Nr4. VS Heavy magic damage.
    Example full build Nr5. Rough game?

Not much to say about the build. Just focus the build path that best suit your game.179.png
3512.png Zz'Rot Portal: Choose this most of the time.
3060.png Banner of command: This is a better option if the enemy have a really magic damage heavy team. You can boost the power of a minion (Cannon minion preferred). You boost its range, all the minions that minion kill you get the gold, increased damage and also making it immune to magic damage. Making it nearly impossible for a team with heavy magic damage to deal with it.

Both of these items are super awesome for pushing power. And they also make it possible for you to move around alot easier in and between lanes. Both the items makes you run much faster around towers (works even though the towers is destroyed). Great mobility!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Gangplank
  • Olaf
  • Shyvana
  • Teemo
  • Trundle




You should have this matchup in the bag. If she jumps in, shes in. And you'll win the sustained fights. But beware of her second cast on camilleq.png Q which deals true damage. Shes is very vaulnerable to pokes from Ghouls.




You should be able to win this matchup. Bully him early with poke from Ghoulsyorickpassive.png. You have better sustain than him. Dont fight him when he has his passive. It deals alot of burning true damage its like inbuilt ignite. His passive is active if his blade glows.
Watch out for barrels, gangplanke.png his E. Try to destroy them before he does. From some extra gold income. Every barrel gives 10 gold. Which isnt to bad.




When you lane against Olaf dont fight extended fights he will win those with his lifesteal and attackspeed on olaffrenziedstrikes.png W and true damage from olafrecklessstrike.png E, dodge his olafaxethrowcast.png Q. Zone him away with the ghouls and yoricke.png E when he tossed his olafaxethrowcast.png Q so he cant pick it up to reduce the cooldown. And if still tries to take the axe back. Or gets to close to you in general. Smack him with yorickq.png Q will scare him away.
Most of the time you cant lose this lane matchup.







Teemo is a nightmare for most melee champions. He will try and poke you out of lane. Play safe, CS as good as you can, poke him with yorickpassive.png passive and yoricke.png Q as much as u can, ask the jungler for ganks to shut down the teemo. And try and push as hard as you can when Teemo is out of the lane. If you feel comfortable you can try and use your 12.png teleport to gank bot or midlane. To get ahead that way.

In this matchup Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Second Wind might be better than Overgrowth.png?width=32 Overgrowth.




There is almost no melee AD champion that can duel a Trundle during laning phase. If you wanna fight him. Make sure you poke with your Ghouls from a distance. Stay away from melee range. He will trundletrollsmash.png Chomp you with Q and remove some of your AD. And slowing you. Never fight the Trundle in his trundledesecrate.png W Frozen Domain. It gives him alot of movespeed, attack speed and lifesteal and healthregen. Ask for ganks and camping so you can shutdown the Trundle early on.

Important! Back to Top

I will add other matchups and information when I can and get more experience.
Though most melee matchups you should have the upperhand.
Now you probably think. Why should I follow this guide? This player doesnt seem to be very good. Look at his rank.
True. Im not the best player. But I dont really play that much ranked either. But I could climb higher if really cared to.
But Im not a bad player at all. Ive been playing this game since late season 1 early season 2. So not to toot my own horn or anything but my game knowledge is very high.
Follow this guide and i can promise you will have more successful games than bad ones. And its a hell of alot fun.

Example End Game Stats Back to Top

Yorick splitpush.PNG179.png
Yorick splitpush 3.PNG
179.pngYorick splitpush 2.PNG179.png

Tips and tricks. Back to Top

In most matchups you will be the one pushing your opponent out of lane. Try and save some money for a 2055.png controlward. Place it down and watchout for ganks. The enemy toplaner will ask for help, you can be sure of that.

After you destroyed the first tower people will look to come up and stop you. Well let them think they actually can.
Start pushing other lanes. Use your teleport to get to a lane faster. But cuz of your build you move quick and doesnt always need 12.png teleport and you can push really fast. The enemy will have their hands full and they will have real problems shuting you down. If the game is going in your favor not even two people will be able to stop you. They will have to send more people which will open up so much for your team to take other objectives.

When you push, refresh your yorickpassive.png Passive Ghouls as much as you can by last hitting with your yorickq.png Q. They help you with the pushing so well!

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