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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png  Its a pretty obvious choice.. 

4.png  Flash is in my opinion the superior summoner for zac. Missed their carries with your zacE.png ? No problem, just 4.png zacR.png their backline and no one will notice. 

3.png Are you facing several hyper carries ? Then this can be a viable choice to keep the adc safe. A well placed zacE.png followed by zacR.png can alone peel their entire team.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries is pretty straightforward - 1 jungle and 2 zac must-have, the rest are optional.

  • Runic affinity

Not much to say about it, the natural masterie for every jungler. Makes red last 15% longer which makes your ganks even deadlier with  zacQ.png for a perma slow.

  • Runic armor

This along with Spirit visage will make you the god of sustain combined with your passivezacpassive.png.

  • Strength of the Ages

Just like the scaling hp per level this will boost your late game alot with the max 300 hp and the extra sustain in the jungle (or cannon minions).

Like I said at the top the others materies are more personal preference than necessary but to clarify my choices:

  • Savagery instead of wanderer:

Savagery more usefull in the jungle for the clear and I will use my zacE.png to get in combat then running.

  • Merciless over meditation:

No mana! easy as that. And the damage is nice.

  • Dangerous game over Bandit:

You are not laning and the kill-sustain is better than earning extra 10 gold using a auto when ganking.

  • Unyielding over Recovery:

This is a trickier one to choose from. My thoughts are that the extra armor and magic resist works better with your zacpassive.png blobs. Makes you tankier overall and you already have such great sustain in the jungle.

  • Explorer over Tough skin:

I actually changed my opinion on this when writing this guide. Explorer makes you faster between lanes and are better for chasing a running adc in the river! As stated the sustain is enough.

  • Perserverence over Insight:

I just value the extra hp regeneration over the few seconds shorter cd on flash we get. Maybe if I was building Ionian boots of lucidity then this was worth cause we would have got the 25% on the flash.

  • Swiftness over legendary guardian:

This is another hard one, one the one hand we got tenacity and slow resist but on the other whole +15 armor and magic resist in a tight 5v5.. I dont get mercury's treads so I value the tenacity over the extra resist. The zacE.png into zacR.png needs to be spot on and the tenacity/slow resist helps me get it.

Abilities Back to Top


Starting Abilities (really self explanatory):

Start zacW.png for faster clear and of course the sustain it gives.

Take zacQ.png level 2 for the clear speed aswell.

 Now its time to make your opponents life miserable with zacE.png, this is your bread and butter skill! This is what you max.

Whenever you get the chance you put a point in the almighty "bringer of enemy tears" zacR.png.

Zac abilities and information

Use this link ^^ if you want further information about his abilities and such.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    First buy. And yeah I know what you are thinking.. "Zac dont use mana". But the passive on talisman is better for the first clear then machete, try it out!
    Have started doing this! Works like a charm, extra vision early for defending invades and you dont really need a single potion cause of your sustain

Core Items

    This is the absolute core. Runic och cinderhulk? Do you lack a real tank I would go cinderhulk but my preference is runic for that sweet 2 shot.
    Vision, vision and ... vision! That is what win games
    As pointed out, magic penetration is what you need!
    Cant go wrong with some armor! Deadmans works but I like the Attack speed slow from randuins and thornmail is self explanatory vs heavy auto attack.
    This is actually really nice late game! Got alot of gold ? Then get this for a single big fight then sell it for another Item. As if Zac isnt hard enough to kill..
    The most balanced full build vs the typical 1 ap, 1-2 ad carries in my opinion. If the team lack damage you can trade cinderhulk for runic´s early.
    Full build vs 2 ap carries, makes it possibly for you to engage and eat their full burst, making it possible for your carries to engage!

Situational Items

    All viable but that is up to you to decide, more information below!

Dont be suprised if you do the most damage in the game with this build and playstyle.

I dont build full tank and I dont build full damage but I can still kill a squishy and tank a lot.

The build is very flexible as you can see, if your team lack a tank you build more tanky and if you lack damage you build more ap and penetration.

With the core items on 154.png you can carry every game in one way or another.

The core on my jungle zac is these items:

3020.png The go-to boots, flat penetration to get that extra damage in. 

1410.png Time to jump on the enemy and deal a ton of damage while winning the vision game.

This and your zacE.png will do so much damage that the laner only have to do one rotation of abilities and the opponent is dead.

3065.png Hitpoints, magic resist, cooldown reduction and the all powerful passive that possibly is made for zac's zacpassive.png

3151.png vs 3135.png

Every game is different and cause of this you have to adapt.
Enemy are stacking Hp and/or not building magic resist ? Then 3151.png is your pick!
Enemy is magic resist heavy with locket or what ? Then 3135.png is your pick!

To simplify this:

  • Liandrys have flat penetration which is good vs non magic resist stacking cause then we almost do true damage to the enemy! (Carries with no Mr)

  • Liandrys have a Hp burn passive which is good vs tanks!

  • Voidstaff gives 35 % magic penetration which is used for cutting through amounts of Mr! (Adc with hexdrinker and locker aura.)


Some games you get Liandrys, some game Void. But some games you dont get either or you get both..

Its all up to you to analyze the situation and decide.


3143.png Close to a core item cause it gives you everything you could possibly need.

3075.png Get vs heavy attack team or just a extremely big adc!

3001.png Good vs alot of ap and is very nice vs carries cause of the flat ap reduction ( Sorcerer's shoes, liandrys, abyssal, runes and masteries pretty much let you do true damage vs carries!).

3083.png Get this vs alot of poke or small skirmishes that allow you to get full hp within seconds, also nice cooldown reduction).

3116.png If your team really lacks any cc and you need slows bad then this is your items!

3742.png Nice hp and armor with a auto attack slow which can be good in some situations but there are better items in my opinion.

Had to get all the pictures of the items from another site so the size is not optimal.. I am sorry for that.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee
  • Shaco
  • Vi




Probaly neither of you wants to invade the other so just clear as fast as possible and try to out gank/farm him. Dont forget to ward key areas to keep track of him.

Amumus goal post 6 is to get in the middle of your team and land a curseofthesadmummy.png. Keep warding and try to engage before him, its harder for him to get a good ult off if you are in his backline wrecking havoc.


Lee Sin


The reason lee is a hard matchup is the early invade.. This matchup is truly cancer if the lee sin player knows what he is doing!

If you start bot side which you should then ask your toplaner to ward your red at 1.40, that way he wont miss any cs and you get a ward as long as possible on the buff. Also use your own ward in good places like over the side of blue or in the river.

Follow the early game plan and do your buff as 3:d camp so that you have your smite up if he tries to steal it.

When fighting later on keep your flanks warded and watch out for lee popping up behind your team with a blindmonkrkick.png




Throughout the entire game she will invade you, play it safe early and get wards!

With the nerfs on Nidalee you are a bit safer cause the first clear should be harder now for her as I understand.

You dont want longer fights 2v2 and 3v3 with nida, if you dont burst her she will probaly tear through you.

Later on peel her with your zacE.png as any other champ and hope your teammates dont just walk into her.




This is even worse than the lee matchup. Make sure your team is ready to collapse him if he invades you! Also let the team know that a lvl 2 gank is highly possible, especially mid.

Same routine here, get a ward on the buff you arent doing and do your buff as the 3:d camp.

If the shaco isnt successful with his early ganks and get fed, you will outscale him greatly in teamfights later on. Just watch out for a backline assassination.




Honestly she shouldnt invade you early cause you just sustain throughout the fight until you get help from your team.

You have way better ganks pre 6 and If she ults a carry post 6 you just go in with your ult and peel the rest of the team while your team kill Vi.

First jungle clear Back to Top

A neat trick on zac is staying pretty low during your clear to get maximum healing from his zacpassive.png, then before you gank a lane you use a pot to get healthy.

But staying low can also be dangerous cause most people know of his lackluster early.

Wherever you start you dont do your buff as the second camp! This is important cause 154.png has a very weak skirmish 1v1 early. CAREFUL OF INVADES!


  • You start red top side 

Smite Krugs - Razorbeaks - Smite Red.

  • You start bot red side

Smite Gromp - Wolfes - Smite Blue

At this point you are level 3 and you can start ganking with your zacE.png.

I usually gank mid level 3 if I start red to snowball the lane and after that just keep farming/ganking before finally backing and getting trackers to ward up.

Early game Back to Top

154.png strongest phase is definitely the late game when his zacE.png is on such a short cooldown that he can use it several times during a extended fight.

But with that said, his early game isnt weak at all in short skirmishes. Your best chance at shining early is getting vision and using that range on the lvl 2-3 zacE.png to gank lanes.

zacpassive.png Is really powerful in baiting enemies or just sustaining through a fight. So dont be afraid to fight early but make sure that you dont go toe to toe with say a rengar/nida/lee or something that is really strong early.

Mid game Back to Top

By now you should have gotten the 2-3 core items and the runes and masteries are starting to kick in.

This is where 154.png starts to shine with long range engages and big damage/peeling in teamfights.

Its really hard so say what to do as every game is unique but at lower elo games its often the team that takes the initiative that takes the lead.

This means grouping and doing objectives or simply grouping and fighting/diving turret. Example is going 4 bot fast is usually uncontested and results in 1-2 kills and a tower. When that is done you are free to drake or just get more map pressure.

To summary the above: Are you strong ? If yes then you will probaly win a fight because you are extremely good at doing damage/disrupting not only their backline but their whole team.

If not, well then you stay proactive with wards and punish the enemy team bad plays like dives or maybe a bad drake/rift/nash call.

Late game Back to Top

Pretty much the same as mid game but now there are more at stake, longer deathtimers and bigger objectives means more pressure on each team.

If you have taken the natural place as shotcaller then you ham with zacE.png. Get your team ready for you going in and when you see that jinx overextending just a bit, she is dead by your zacE.pngzacR.png .

At this point you are so tanky and doing so much damage you should be able to soak up atleast 3 people while doing aoe damage on their entire team.

And dont forget vision at this stage. Get that sweeper and get out those pinks.. The whole game and can end cause of one bad facecheck.

Teamfight Back to Top

There is pretty much 2 big ways to teamfight with 154.png.

  • Situation 1
Your team is in someway caught and you use your zacE.png to quickly peel your carry, during the brief flight time you need to decide if you have to further peel and zacR.png or if you can hold it and re-engage with a zacE.png first.

  • Situation 2 (my favourite)
You flank and just wait for the right moment to use your zacE.png on or more of the enemy carries. If you use the combo shown in the tab below, you can almost oneshot the adc or ap mid as well as the bigger part of their team.

During this time your entire team should be able to collapse and cast all their cc and damage to win the fight.

I cant emphasis enough how important that is that you sweep or pink the side/area you are planning to engage from cause if you dont, they will just disrupt your zacE.png.

How to fight/get picks Back to Top

Without ult: zacE.png -> zacW.png -> zacQ.png -> zacW.png -> zacE.png(when up again)

With ult: zacE.png -> zacW.png -> (1) -> zacW.png -> zacE.png(when up again)

Keep zacW.png throughout every single battle to do damage and pick up your blobs to sustain and lower the cooldown of the ability!

1: Before you ult you may take a short step to make the opponent bounce in the direction you want.
You go forward -> enemy goes "your" backwards. 

Note that you have to play around certain champions that can disrupt your zacE.png.

Examples is 412.png40.png78.png.

Attitude is so important!! Back to Top

This is very important, read and truly implement this in ranked!

No matter which champion you play or how good you play it, attitude will always matter! 

Of course you can flame and still win but its so much easier with just positive attitude while playing.

If you get a kill while ganking mid just drop a little "gj" or if top turns around a gank and get a kill how hard can it be to just write " well played".

The same goes for when it gets bad, never, and I mean never tell anyone they are shit or something like that... It wont get them to play better.. The opposite!

If someone starts flaming or even just being annoying then you "mute" right away! 

More matchups will come! Back to Top

Last words Back to Top

Keep in mind that there might be some spelling or grammatic errors as english is not my first language!

Thank you for reading and leave some feedback in the comments. Give it a thumbs up if you like it and I hope this might be of some use someone!

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