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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngFlash is super strong and a mandatory spell for almost all champions and roles, currently.


14.pngIgnite is a strong choice for Mid- and Top-lane Zed. This is what I take 95% of the time.

12.pngTeleport is great for Top, and for Mid under certain circumstances. These would be that you are playing competitive and have a lane that you will either completely stomp (45.png,161.png) or where you have little kill pressure (34.png). It should also be taken if the enemy Mid also takes 12.pngTeleport to counter the global presence. In Top-Lane 14.png/12.png Is a personal preference. If you are competitive and Top, be sure to take 12.pngTeleport.

6.pngI am not a fan of this and do not really recommend this, because 12.pngTeleport's roaming potential is just greater and Zed and this build have enough stickiness themselves. But if want it, you can take it.

11.pngSmite is the obvious choice when jungling.

1.pngCleanse is used by Vermilion (A Korean Master Tier Zed/Kha'Zix main, check his montage on The Carry if you want). I see the point of this but find that it is not worth losing the extreme damage of 14.pngIgnite. If CC is annoying you, buy 3139.pngMercurial Scimitar.

ARAM/Howling Abyss

14.pngIgnite is very strong and what I take most of the time. Try negating Health Shrine healing with this.

32.pngMark is a viable choice, whereas I personally don't really like it, for Zed himself is sticky enough so that this just doesn't make up for 14.pngIgnite's awesome damage.

6.pngGhost is great to siege down the enemy base and come back from deaths quickly.


12.pngTeleport is great to keep applying global pressure and quickly entering teamfights as well as backdooring.

6.pngGhost is almost as good as 12.pngTeleport for the above and also provides even more stickiness.

17.pngGarrison is what I take most of the time. It is amazing for diving and retaining points in teamfights.

14.pngIgnite is always a good choice on Zed, for it provides so much raw damage. In Dominion you can use this to negate Health Shrine healing.


31.png30.pngYou can take either of these, it is a personal preference. If you just want to YOLO in this fun gamemode, feel free to take both.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries on Zed are quite straightforward. In a nutshell, this page is aimed at superb burst damage as wells as some sustain and utility. If that does not satisfy you, read on.

Wanderer over Savagery. The movement really helps for roaming. Zed - because of his Passivezedpassive.pngContempt for the Weak - is already good to CS. Do take Savagery if you are running 12.pngTeleport.
Assassin. Secret Stash's bonus Mana is useless on Energy Champions like 238.pngZed. Also, the teeny weeny bit of extra Health regeneration on the 2003.pngHealths Potions is in my opinion just inferior to the 2% increase on champion damage from Assassin. Runic Affinity will help minorily if you obtain the Crest of Insight (Blue Buff) which is unlikely, for you don't use Mana, while you will almost never obtain the Crest of Cinders (Red Buff). The 36 second increase of the duration of Hand of Baron (Baron Buff) is I don't think as good as the 2% increased champion damage when alone.

Merciless over Meditation: Straightforward. You do not use Mana, so Meditation is useless.

Dangerous Game over Bandit: My favourite non-keystone mastery in the game! This allows you to kill your enemy laner and avoid dying to a subsequent or instantaneous jungle gank, while Bandit is intended for supports.

Precision over Intelligence: With the Rune and Item setup I recommend in this guide, you will mostly only reach 30% CDR unless you are in an AD lane and aren't building a Last Whisper, Snowball or additional defensive items. Unless you are sure that this will be the case, Precision is the way to go. I love it so because of the niche Magic Penetration it offers your Passive and Blade of the Ruined King actives.  

Sorcery over Fury: As Zed, you deal most of your damage with abilities, not autoattacks, wherefore they have priority. The little appetite Zed still has for autoattack strength is sated by Blade of the Ruined King.


Vampirism over Natural Talent: Ability Power is useless on Zed, so half of NT is useless. Reason enough to go for Vampirism.

Bounty Hunter: You should want more raw damage as Zed and also have little CC.

KEYSTONE: Thunderlord's Decree provides the best Burst Damage enhancement, which is what this page is aimed at.

Abilities Back to Top


!If you are unsure about what exactly the abilities do, mouse over the icons above for a detailed explanation!

Razor Shuriken deals the most damage of Zed's abilities and scales the best with level. W's Bonus AD only really makes a difference late game, so it is not worth to max it before level 18. Some people will tell you to put a second point into W at level 8, but I think it is not worth as much as the damage spike on Shadow Slash. You take Q at level 1 to poke and W at level 2 to have longer ranged poke and a way to escape jungle ganks. When against Kayle, take E at level 2 because you will not want to trade and be pushed in, so W would be useless. E also helps with safe farming.

Death Mark of course whenever available. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Classic and universal Zed start

Core Items

    I can't think of a scenario where I would not get these on Zed. Get Youmuu's first, then Hydra or BotRK, then BC. Speed boots in between.

Situational Items

    My go-to second item. It provides strength for you autoattacks when trading and all-inning. The Attack Speed helps you to siege down turrets and clear waves. The active is great for all-inning, because it deals magic damage which also counts toward Death Mark's damage, because your enemies will have little MR against you. The slow also helps in skirmishes and aids your stickiness.
    Third item if their AP Burst is annoying you.
    Instead of Maw as fourth item if their CC is annoying you more than the burst.
    Self-explanatory when to get which. If you have questions, put them into the comments below.
    Instead of Maw if you are falling behind and are getting killed a lot. Obviously don't buy this if the enemy team is dominated by one type of damage and or has excessive amounts of true damage.
    This can work as a defensive item if they have little AP! The active is nice for towerdiving in teamfights.
    Generally taken toward the end of the build.
    Take on of these instead of DD if your enemies are stacking armor. Coordinate which ones to buy with your team, unless they have only self-healing or HP stackers.
    SNOWBALL ITEMS. Buy them instead of more defensive choices if you can kill everyone and can't really be killed by anyone. Hydra is great for this purpose because it's active scales off of attack damage, of which you will have a lot when snowballing. Many people will tell you to get IE, however the Crit and Crit damage increase will be useless with 80% of your autoattacks and Duskblade and Hydra have higher raw AD values.
    DON'T buy when playing Zed as a regular assassin

I like being flexible as Zed, hence why there are so many different choices here. Tier 2-3 trinket is a personal preference, I like the red one the most, allowing you to scout and remove their wards, whereas it should depend on what your jungler and support are taking.
As far as boots enchantments go, I always take Alacrity (the green one) unless I have Teleport or Ghost and Flash, where I take Distortion (the blue one).
When jungling, go Chilling Smite Warrior and proceed to complete the normal build without DD.

Matchups Back to Top

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Avoid her poke and try to deny her sustain. Abuse her cooldown on her E and coordinate jungle ganks. ALWAYS use the double jump technique when all-inning her to avoid being charmed.




You have enough AoE to cover much of her Twilight Shroud. Switch with Living Shadows to negate the gap closing on her Ultimate Shadow Dance.




You can easily outplay her biggest and most unique asset: her Wcrystallize.pngCrystallize.
However you have low kill pressure, do to her often dying to your R zedR.pngDeath Mark popping and turning into an egg when she is way out of your range. Take 12.pngTeleport and farm kills out of lane and when her egg is on cooldown. You have the split-pushing advantage so 12.pngTeleport is perfect to make use of that even more.




She out-pokes you with her annoyingly low-cooldown Q disintegrate.pngDisintegrate.
Use double jump or shadow coax when all-inning her to dodge or delay her stun. Be wary of her Passive anniepassive.pngPyromania and play safe. Definitely get Mercury Treads 3111.png here.




Stay away from his soldiers and abuse his cooldowns and you will greatly out-harrass him. Nullify his UltimateazirR.pngEmperor's Divide
with yours and this lane is yours.




Stay behind your minions and outwait his Passivebrandpassive.pngBlaze and dodge his Qbrandblaze.pngSear and Wbrandfissure.pngPillar of Flame.
And you'll be okay. Again, clearly Mercury Treads 3111.png here.




This is a skill-based matchup. If the Cassiopeia can outkite you, she will win, if you can dodge her Ultimate Petrifying Gaze and avoid her Noxious Blasts, you will win.




Cho'Gaths innate tankiness from his Ultimate prevents you from constantly killing him, and his hard CC and silence will make it even harder and make jungle ganks harder to escape. Shut him down early and ward heavily to win this lane nonetheless.




Bait her shield and juke her Q with your W and ult and this lane is yours. Otherwise it's hers.







FUCK.THIS.CHAMPION. The most fucking annoying lane for Zed. Farm safely with E and Q and DO NOT destroy his turrets, he will try to bait you like that. Roam a lot, do not all-in him in lane. 




Rek his face with normal poke and all-in combos. Low mobility champs like him are Zed's favourite toys.

Zed Outplay techniques Back to Top

Zed is a champion with insane outplay potential at all elos and has a really desirable skill-curve, which makes him a great choice to learn. I found Redmercy's Zed Outplay Techniques series extremely helpful, definitely check that out. One other great technique is The Double Jump (I have referenced this in the matchup section.)


P.S: Look at the very bottom, there's a nice link.



I also recommend watching Azoh's whole playlist of Zed school:

Laning as Zed Tips Back to Top

Tip Number 1: Poke. Poke with Zed's Q zedQ.pngRazor Shuriken.  You can start with this before the minions arrive! If your lane opponent is constantly hiding behind their minion wave, it does not matter how many creeps it passes through, its damage is only reduced by the first unit it passes through.

Tip Number 2: Harrassing: Your basic harras combo is W>E>Q. This should proc Thunderlord's Decree and deal insane damage Level 3+. Don't waste your shadows if your lane is pushed, as you will be very susceptible to ganks.

Tip Number 3: Coordinating ganks: This works especially against low-mobility champions (161.png161.png161.png161.png).
Make your lane opponent walk into the direction your gank is coming from by positioning so they will go there to maintain the creep line inbetween you. The vast majority of laners in all elos will fall for this neat trick and give you that one or two more kills. Also watch out that they don't do this to you.

Tip Number 4: Cheesing level 1-2: Some of you might know about the 157.png Cheese Strat (Starting EyasuoE.png 
and trying to kill your opponent level 1). On Zed you can do something similar by starting to aggressively poke your opponent before the minions arrive with zedQ.pngRazor Shuriken. Keep doing that while CSing level 1. As soon as you hit level 2, W>Q them and switch with your shadow. Ignite them and autoattack to proc your passive and Thunderlord's Decree. If you manage to hit another autoattack they should be dead.

Tip Number 5: Warding: Blue Dots: Blue Side Warding. Red Dots: Red Side WArding.lolmap.jpg

Tip Number 6: Insusceptibility to ganks: Early-game, stay on the side of the lane where you have placed your trinket.

Tip Number 7: The Second Jungler: If one of your team's wards spots an enemy in river, your jungle or at their blue/red buff, ping it and head there after pushing your lane (unless of course it is very urgent, e.g the enemy bot-lane and jungler are taking Dragon.) This will help your team and yourself secure kills and objectives.

General Tips:

Recalling: Recall when your lane opponent is recalling too or dead and you have some Gold. I like first-backing at ~1100 Gold to get 3243.png,3134.png,2003.pngs and 2043.pngs. Later you should recall if your opponent is also recalling or dead and you have enough Gold for at least a greater component item (e.g 3155.png, 3077.png, 3144.png). This will help you in not falling behind in CS when backing. You should also recall at any time if you have huge amounts of Gold (2000+), for a big item is a very valuable advantage.

Roaming: Roam if your Ultimate zedR.pngDeath Mark and 14.png are or will soon be available and if there is a lane vulnerable to a gank or needs help. The perfect opportunity to roam is when your lane opponent is recalling or dead but you do not have enough Gold to make a recall worth it. When roaming, you should always push your minion wave to the enemy tower first. This should help your team secure objectives, kills and increase your roam success rate.

Teamfighting as Zed Tips Back to Top

Tip Number 1: The Old School Zed: Stalk around the backline of the enemy team and wait for the perfect moment to quickly take out their ADCarry or Midlaner.

Tip Number 2: The Skirmisher: Stay in the backline and never fully commit. Consistently toss out W>E>Qs as your enemies pack tightly together and go in to proc your Passive zedpassive.pngContempt for the Weak
on low Health enemies. This is the safe way and perfect for drawn-out team fights on mid-lane.

Tip Number 3: The Double Jump Pentakill: Cast your Ultimate zedR.png Death Mark on a not too squishy enemy (Prime example would be a 412.png Support). Switch with your shadows to dodge Crowd Control, but most importantly to places where you can proc your passive zedpassive.pngContempt for the Weak
on an enemy. Repeatedly cast zedE.pngs and 3074.png actives to KILL EVERYBODY. Activate your 3142.png As you reappear after casting your Ultimate zedR.pngDeath Mark. This is risky, but if you are confident, pull it off!

Tip Number 4: Avoid Teamfights: Avoid teamfights, as they are not 238.png's speciality. Split-push and duel. That way you will secure as many objectives and kills but get more CS. This does not mean that you should leave your team alone in fights.

Why Zed is preferred Mid Back to Top

Zed's purpose is and is best at dunking squishies. Him, being an early to mid-game champion, he will need to snowball to carry the late-game. This is only possible if he starts dunking his lane opponent early on, which is much easier in mid, because the champions he will face will be easier dunkable, due to them being generally more squishy.
Also, I generally consider Zed rather weak without Ignite 14.png and Top is weak without Teleport 12.png in general, wherefore you will be in a Summoner Spell dillema as Zed Top.
Jungling, Zed has an average clearing potential. His ganks will surely lead to a kill if the lane is pushed in, but Zed lacks the general Crowd Control to gank a lane in a different state. Also, he will be destined to fall off completely late-game.

Pros & Cons Back to Top


+INSANE Burst Damage.
+Very desirable learning curve
+Strong early and mid-game
+Easy CS
+Strong snowballing potential.
+Big Outplay potential.
+Extreme Mobility.
+Easy way to get out of a risky dive.
+Variety of viable build paths.
+Decent wave-clear.


-Very Squishy
-Matchup oriented
-Mediocre to weak teamfighting
-Few AoE abilities
-Lacks hard Crowd Control
-Relies on items
-LOTS of counterplay ot his Ultimate zedR.pngDeath Mark

About me and my other guides Back to Top

I am LTFPlay (Tim) from Germany and I started playing League in Season 5. I quickly started maining ADC 110.png. He was my baby for quite a long time (also check my guide on him). When I was forced Mid, I picked 110.png there and fell in love with that position and soon started playing 25.png and 69.png. On my birthday, one of my friends gifted 238.png to me as a joke (I used to suck badly at assassins and still do on some like 11.png). I played him and really enjoyed it outside of still sucking. Over Christmas Vacation, I researched ways to get better at 238.png. Now after practicing a lot I dare say am quite good at him for being unranked.

I now main Mid, love assassins and also play 7.png and 245.png. I have to reasons for creating this guide: The amounts of in my opinion bullshit told in many 238.png guides and that I am - as in all games I play - a big nerd on things. I am currently working on an 245.png guide.

I hope I have not bored you too much and helped your gameplay! Feel free to comment if you have a question, leave a like or dislike and check my 110.png guide.

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