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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Tier 1 Spells: 

Always take. Allows for additional outplay, escape from ganks, gapclose etc.

Tier 2 Spells: 

-Extra kill potential in lane
-Denies healing champions like 50.png

Exhaust is really toxic to take in lane imo, because it's basically saying "i'm scared of getting outplayed, so when I fuck up and deserve to die i'll use exhaust to nullify a good play"
-It's justified vs no counter play damage such as 134.png45.png 
-It's good if you plan to split push, since you will be able to duel top laners and junglers like 24.png92.png when you normally wouldn't be able to.
-Vs weak laner and jungler, this can be used to turn 2v1s

Highly underrated spell IMO, probably better than ignite on zed.

-Take it if you suspect your opponent will take 3.png
-Early CC removal can surprise opponents like 4.png allowing for an early kill
-Can remove 14.png11.png also if it's a close fight

Tier 3 Spells

-Sometimes useful for split push if your team really needs you to fight, but you wouldn't know that in champion select
-Being able to go back to lane after getting poked down isn't as good as killing your laner with 3.png14.png and then going back to lane

-Only useful for jungle as there is no jungle item that makes smite worth on zed. 
-Jungle zed is not very good

Never take anything else. Heal and Barrier are inferior versions of exhaust on melees, and zed has no mana for Clarity.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Zed does not need stormraiders too badly since he has shadow teleports.

More damage? Pretty simple. You can also take intelligence especially after this got nerfed, not a big deal either way they come pretty close

this with the 5% with your runes to get 10% for that double E

Dangerous Game: 
Helpful for all in early to counter minion aggro dmg, no bushes in mid for greenfather (plus it sucks anyway), and zed can't really melee mages for proc bandit.

Zed no mana

Secret Stash: 
having extra 90 health = 3 mage basic attacks while assassin 2% is negligible

Helps last hitting and other mastery is shit. I mean it doesn't really matter which one you take here because they are both low impact.

Sorcery is immediate burst while the other one is slow attack speed DPS. Also zed primarily ability damage.

Zed can't proc Fresh blood much cuz hes melee.

Vampirism/Natural Talent:
Vampirism doesnt really do much on zed at any point in the game so just get natural talent for slightly more damage.

Bounty Hunter:
Preference mastery but zed tends to get a lot of kills. The other options are ok too.

Abilities Back to Top


Take E second vs melee or vs ranged who you will not be trading with (E for easier last hitting)

Take W second otherwise

Animations/How abilities work on Zed:

1. Zed Q has a cast animation that cancels your basic attacks, use Q when your basic attack is on cooldown. For example standard vs melee trade is attack>Q>attack.
2. Zed W is not instant, it takes time to travel. You need to set up W in advance to dodge fast skillshots.
3. Zed E does not inturrupt his basic attack. Use E when your basic attack is in animation to proc triforce. Also, melee E (E from zed not his shadows) lower his W cooldown by 2 secs per champion hit
4. Zed R gives 0.75 seconds of "untargetable". This can be used to dodge most abilities in the game. In addition, if your ult is enough to execute your target, there will be a big spinning thing on their head.

Ability Ranges (Not Mentioned in Game):

Q is 900 range
W is 700 range
E is 290 range
R is 625 range
(For Reference, Lucian 500 Range, Caitlyn has 650 Range, Twitch with ult is 850 Range)

Checking Bushes/No Vision areas

1. Zed can use Q to check bush. You will hear a sound if it hits something
2. You can also use zed W to gain vision inside the bush.
3. If you want to ward a bush that you suspect has an enemy ambush in it, W behind you before going in to ward.  If you see a skillshot coming out then press W to dodge it and run away.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Refillable potion vs easy lane. Gold efficient later on but greatly reduced early sustain (150x3=450hp vs 120x2hp=240hp)

Core Items

    Damage Item/Core item
    Best Utility/Damage Item
    Final Build Example

Situational Items

    Defense Situational
    Offense Situational
    swiftness is usually garbage, only get it vs lots of consistently applied slows.
    To kill tanks in 1v9 game or duel bruisers
    Boots Replacement 6th Slot

Zed Build: Raw Damage vs Utility

The great thing about Zed is that he is hard to shut down, since he has good base damages and he is almost always able to kill the ADC if unobstructed (Never Lacking Damage Capability). 

The main weaknesses of Zed is that he can get outplayed (dodge his Q), he is weak vs CC, and can get bursted before doing any damage.

For these reasons, Zed wants mostly utility items rather than Raw damage, as these items will essentially increase his damage by allowing him to do damage without dieing or getting outplayed

Core Items

3142.png First buy under normal circumstances. Is 100% gold efficient without active, all the stats are great on zed, and the active is useful for splitpushing towers, catching people out of position, increasing dps/damage of ult.

3071.png Gives all good stats for Zed, only problem is low amounts of AD. However, ghostblade is cheaper now so you should be able to buy this without losing too much.

-Damage of this item nerfed very hard. Lost 10 AD, and the passive now deals ~120 true damage instead of 400 physical (True damage worse for zed since it doesn't work with his ult)
-HOWEVER, the new passive that detects wards is REALLY GOOD. That's the main reason to buy this, to know where wards are so you can make picks more safely.
-True damage passive also has much lower cooldown so it has greater effect when snowballing

Conditional Items:

Tier 1

-Gives 15 armor pen vs hourglass rush for 425 gold. Is worth value wise

3139.png Zed gets shit on by CC way too hard so you want this almost every game. It gives high amounts of AD and probably the best active in the game for zed. Very rarely will you go against a team with 0 CC.

-Gives 24 Armor pen vs a mid who only has hourglass and armor runes
-Good vs amor stacking, but greatly inferior to old Last Whisper vs squishy.
-Gives UP TO 15% more damage vs people with 1000hp over you. This is a lot of hp so on average probably only 8% dmg increase or something like that. When compared to mortal then, if your opponents heal more than 8% of their HP during a fight, mortal is superior. So currently mortal is pretty much always better due to ADC having insane lifesteal late game with warlords and redemption shit etc.

-Increased DPS, Good Damage item vs a lot of HP
-Mostly for the slow, allows easier Q land and more basic attacks landed during ult
-Attack Speed good for Splitpushing

-A Banshee's Veil that has Damage
-Good to counter immediate CC that can't be stopped by QSS like 40.png or 268.png 
-Just not very gold efficent in terms of damage

-Boots replacement, gives 12% ms which is 40ms on zed, almost same as boots.
-Massively increases your basic attack dps (doubles it late game) due to multiplicative stacking with your high AD
-Can buy earlier for better dueling

Tier 2

-Very good for splitpush because of sheen and attack speed
-Can proc sheen twice in one ult
-More sustained burst with WEQWaa combo
**Main problem with this item is that cleaver is better

-Extra burst damage as last item
-Always better than ravenous late game since the AD difference is negligible at that point and it gives auto attack reset +bonus dmg instead of just one auto attack worth of damage. Only champions who want the lifesteal buy ravenous these days and zed does not really need it

-Tops off cooldown if you don't have scaling cooldown runes
-Helps you survive burst a bit because of passive
-Feels good sustain
**Not best in cost efficiency and the recall deny is annoying as fuck

-If already enough damage, second life helps carry
-Helps preserve good kda
-Zed should not need this unless you are solo carrying 1v5 and getting super focused and absolutely will lose teamfight if you die.

-Gives you the good stats of BotRK without paying an extra 1900 gold.
-Slow to help land Q and get more autos off
-100 Magic damage with your ult
-Early lifesteal to sustain and make more plays without being forced to base
**Active still a bit overpriced

Tier 3

-Outplay potential: Counters non skillshot damage like 45.png134.png
-Not as good on zed as talon as zed can press R again to get out of fight, but still good if you need to not die while in middle of enemy team
**Downsides are that gold spent on AP is wasted

-Blocks anti dive ability like 40.png
-Helps survive burst a lot
**Edge of Night Better 

-If you REALLY NEED more damage
**Crit is Unreliable with only 20% so you want to get this with PD or Shiv

-The on hit burst of 100 magic damage is not worth an entire item slot and 2500 gold.
-Crit and Attack Speed not efficient stats until late game due to stacking multiplicatively with your AD. However, phantomdancer is usually better

Bad Zed Items

-Pretty much stats arent good enough for zed to buy and too slow/doesnt give enough gold
-450 gold Gain minus 270 Gold Lost From Selling item =180 Gold
-Less than a kill worth, and zed gets a lot of kills

-Upgrading Refillable potion from 240 hp to 450 hp at the cost of over triple the price
-I almost forgot about the damage part of this, because its so bad. Excuse me while I rant a bit.
-15 magic damage over 3 seconds if you hit someone with basic attack, 7.5 if hit with ability. AT THE COST OF LIKE 200 GOLD? That's far less damage than if you bought a longsword. 
-Even if your oppoenent is retarded and lets you literally proc the DoT 100% of the time, it's 5 damage per second for 12 x 3 seconds = 180 damage. Reduced by at least 25% due to 30 base MR to get 135 damage OPTIMALLY. This does not include that most people have MR runes or are melee and have higher MR, and that not once in your league career will you be able to proc the DoT 100% efficiently. Try 20%

-Inferior to deaths dance in every way: cooldown, cost, healing

Pretty good for that thunderlord scaling tbh

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Fizz
  • Katarina
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  • Twisted Fate
  • Vayne
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Recommended  14.png to help kill her in all in. 

No 3.png because she doesn't do that much damage, no 1.png because you should be able to outplay her charm and she doesn't take exhaust often.

Recommended item is ghostblade first.

Standard laning playstle, just depends on your ability to land Q at level 6.



Shes pretty ok to lane against now that her instant R chill is removed. Just don't get hit by Q and farm up for the most part. She still pushes too hard to roam and is still hard to kill
Recommend 1.png for her potential exhaust or 14.png

Recommend 3156.png if you want to kill her, help win all ins. Take 3142.png if you plan to roam.

Special Notes:
Her egg makes her hard to kill early
This lane is different in you cannot waste your shadow after level 6. She will wall you and then r+e > q+e and you're gonna be dead.




Recommended 3.png1.png for her CC/Burst

Recommended 3156.png for all ins.

Special notes are: 
CANCER ABILITY WITH NO COUNTERPLAY: her moltenshield.png is FUCKING BROKEN late game. It gives her 40% resistance for 3 seconds for free, and it refreshes every 3 seconds. You will not be able to 1v1 her late game unless you dodge all her damage somehow. 




Recommended 14.png or 1.png since he might take exhaust.

vs Azir, whenever he uses his azirQ.png just go in on him since his soldiers will not be in position to fight back and will not be for another 4 seconds.




Recommended  14.png or 3.png if you are bad and can't dodge his spells. Taking exhaust in this lane is toxic because you are capable of outplaying him, so I would say don't be a dick and take ignite.

Special Notes:
Depends on your ability to poke without getting poked
Use zedR.png to dodge brandblaze.png
Be prepared for His 4.pngbrandblaze.png cheese. He will do this to get the q stun on you before you can react and burst you down. If you are low and he walks towards you looking like he will do it, be ready with zedR.png or zedW.png





Recommend 1.png for her exhaust or ult, or 14.png3.png is fine too. Exhaust is reasonable since her cassiopeiatwinfang.png cannot be dodged.

Special Notes:
YOU MUST TAKE 3009.png against her. Otherwise 3116.png+cassiopeiamiasma.png Will fuck you up. Seriously, cassiopeiamiasma.png is a cancer ability. Can root you for up to 3 seconds with slow



Skill match for both sides

Recommend 14.png or 3.png because you cannot outplay his damage anymore (W)

Recommend 3156.png

You should be agressive as possible early in lane. You both do high damage in all in, fizz probably does more if you don't land both Qs. However, you have a ranged ability - zedq.png- so you are able to poke and trade more often and safely. Also you probably have more sustain if he started ring+2pots.

Special Notes:
teleport to your shadow (zedw.png) when he tries to land his fizzjump.png on you. It is his main damage and you will win if you dodge it. (Assuming you don't miss everything too)

Fizz maxes fizzw.png now as his main damage so try to avoid trading when he marks you. This lane is actually somewhat difficult now due to the mark lasting 6 seconds and dealing half your health lol




permaban this champion. No clue how to play against her because i don't allow her to exist in my games most overpowered shit in the game



Skill match for both sides, but shes pretty annoying right now after rework since it's easier for her to poke (she can W first then Q so less time to react) and her chain is a lot more punishing if it lands, also her 6 dmg higher. 

Recommend 14.png

Recommend 3156.png

Special Notes:
Try to dodge her leblancslide.png with your zedw.png, if you can, you can do a lot of damage to her because you will be behind her.

You can Ping her before you go in, and the ping will stay on the real leblanc after her passive pops.





Recommend 3.png due to her  syndrar.png having no counterplay

If you have exhaust, recommend 3142.png or 3147.png to win all in otherwise get 3156.png

Special Notes:
Her syndrae.png is stupidly low cooldown of 16 seconds early and 7 seconds late (with CDR)
You need to use your zedw.png to get back on her after she uses syndrae.pngwhen you all in




Skill match for both sides

Recommend 14.png

This matchup is a lot harder for zed to play. You need to never get hit by his2nd part of  talonw.png unless you are killing him, since getting hit by it means he can proc passive + slow to all in you and kill you from 70% past level 2

You want to zedw.png behind him when he uses talonw.png then walk so he cant walk behind you to make it land. You should outtade his melee talonq.png past level 4 if you are on even terms, but if you are behind and lose even in melee range the lane is pretty over for you

After level 6 you should poke with W E Q since he can talonr.png to avoid your zedr.png


Twisted Fate


Recommend 1.png to counter his stun early or for his exhaust. 14.png also works.

Special Notes: 
at 6, just dodge his pickacard.png with zedr.png and hes a free kill. Do not zedr.png early as you can duel him without it if he saves his pickacard.png
He IS capable of killing you early if you miss everything. Don't underestimate him too much




Cancer champion. You can't 1v1 her if she is good past 3 items




Recommend  1.png for his exhaust or 14.png

All immobile mages are pretty much the same. Their early poke is cancer, so play safe early and avoid taking damage. Farm up items and you outscale thier mid game hard.

Harass once you get WEQ and land everything with R all in to win.

Intro Back to Top

What is Zed? 

A champion in league of legends

Why would I play Zed?
He is fun and good in high elo

This champ sucks!
Yes, Zed is not a good champion for low elo solo queue. His 1v5 ability sucks and he has to be a better player than his opponent to win 1v1.

Why would anyone play this champion then?
Because he is fun and has high outplay ability which is valuable in high diamond+ if you have the mechanics for it. Highly rewarding champion to main. 

Pros of Zed
-Ability to outplay burst and CC
-Can win almost any matchup by being good
-Safe laning
-Good at splitpushing
-Looks cool when making plays
-Ability to make plays means he is hard to shut down, can still do stuff if behind

Cons of Zed
-Gets shit on by no-counterplay burst and CC
-Can lose almost any matchup by being bad
-AD mid
-In general not suited for teamfight carrying, though he can perform well at assassination due to mobility/outplay.
-Countered by hourglass
-Permabanned in low elo for no reason. Seriously why? Silver zeds are soo bad.

How 2 Lane Back to Top

Introduction to Laning/Basic Tips:

1.   CS in lane

·         Basically this is trying to get as much farm as possible while taking as little damage possible.

·         In early levels as melee vs. ranged, you may try go in to last hit with basic attack when one of your minions is low. This forces your lane opponent to choose between poking you and last hitting.

·         You may want to practice this in customs if you find that you are straight up failing to land the killing blow under no pressure


2.   Zoning/Spacing

·         Zones of control are basically the area in which champions are capable of being a threat.

o   For example Annie’szone of control would normally be her ability ranges - a radius of 625units around her.

·         Zones of control change often due to dynamic effects such as:

o   Cooldowns: Annie is not a threat, even in 625 range if her abilities are on cooldown or if she is out of mana

o   Kill potential: Her zone of control increases to her flash range, totaling 1050 (425+625) if she can kill you with flash stun

o   Override: The lane opponent may have a stronger zone of control due to:

§  More abilities/more powerful abilities

§  Greater trading tools – shields are usually very potent early game for trading

§  More sustain – so you don’t want to trade because they will heal it back

o   So for example a Cassiopeia would override Annie’s zone of control so long as she does not miss Q, due to better trading with heals and sustained damage early game

·         Being able to accomplish your object, be it to farm, poke, or waveclear while properly spacing is fundamental to laning.


3.   Basics of Trading

·         It’s pretty obvious, but when trading you want to get as much damage off as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Take into account sustain and lane position as well though

·         You can try to do this by:

oMaximizing use of basic attacks in between abilities

oLanding more skillshots while also dodging your opponents’

oMaintain spacing advantage (kiting)

·         Tips for skillshots – Basic skillshot theory

o   The use of basic attacks as well as most abilities in the game by a champion cause it to perform an animation. This animation often cannot be interrupted, thus effectively “Stunning” the caster for the duration of the animation. During this time, they cannot move and therefore are vulnerable to skillshots so long as you prepare to react to them quickly

o   When attempting to land an ability that can be dodged even if aimed perfectly, be it due to an animation delay or slow travel speed, it is often effective to:

§  Bait the target’s dodge attempt by stopping or using a similar animation. This both slows them down and makes them unprepared for the actual attack

o   When trying to land ability, you want to minimize the area in which your target has to dodge. This can be done by:

§  Forcing them to walk into tight positions such as between the tower and the wall

§  Position yourself so the angle of your skillshot minimizes the area to dodge

·         Trading advantages:

o   Level advantage – higher level means more abilities for the first 3-4 levels and level 6, as well as higher base stats and ability stats in the other levels.

§  7 minions get level 2 in solo lanes

§  9 minions (3 melees of 2nd wave) get level 2 in duo lanes

o   Cooldown advantage – similar to level advantage, if you have more abilities, you will most likely do more in trades

§  I suggest googling your opponents’ cooldowns on

o   Minion advantage – minions, especially the ranged caster minions, do a decent amount of damage in the early game. They have an attack range of 550 and will target you if you basic attack an enemy champion. You should try to include them in your calculations.

o   Basic attacks actually do have a cooldown, though they are quite short. The cooldown of basic attacks is usually 1.5 seconds early game on mages (no attack speed runes), and 1.3 seconds on marksmen (due to attack speed runes). You may want to take advantage of this

·         Applying spacing to trading:

o   First, understand your lane opponent’s zone of control and trading capabilities with your Game Knowledge

o   In a perfect world, you always want to stay out of your opponents’ zone of control. However, this is not always feasible since you will need to CS or even be pressured to win early game in some matchups

o   Simply, you ask yourself this: Do you out trade your lane opponent in the current situation (levels, cooldowns, minion position, sustain)?    

§  If yes, exert your zone of control on the minion wave in order to deny your opponent or force a trade

§  If no, maintain your spacing outside of your opponent’s zone of control while being able to maximize the amount of things you can still do (farm, poke, waveclear).

·         Don’t go so far back that you can’t farm,

·         Don’t get too close so that you will be in your opponent’s zone of control and lose HP or die

4.    Lane Management:

·         How to freeze a lane:

oControl the minion count so the enemy side has 1-2 more minions than yours at all times, so that the wave does not get to your tower and also does not push towards your opponent’s tower

·         Recalling after my lane opponent: Freeze or Push?

oIn most cases, push. This will deny your opponent the minions that hit the tower and cause the minions to push towards you, giving you the option to freeze or push again when you return to lane

oYou may ask your jungler to help you push faster if necessary

oIn the case that you are unable to push fast enough, due to being out of mana, or the enemy jungler pressuring you, it may be more optimal to leave the lane frozen, with either equal minion count or your opponent having one more so that you are not denied and you are not at risk

oThe WORST thing you can do is push partially, where your minions will slowly get to the enemy tower, as this will deny you the creeps your minions killed as well as build up a juicy wave for your lane opponent when they get back

oTake into consideration of how the lane position will be if you decide to trade kills in lane. This is most often what decides if a 1 for 1 trade is worth

·         The position of the lane (pushed up or pushed in) dictates many things:

oPushed up means:

§  More room to maneuver

§  Easily poke lane opponent under tower if you are ranged vs. melee

§  Potentially deny lane opponent if they have difficulty last hitting under tower

§  Minion advantage for trading usually

§  More susceptible to enemy jungler ganks

o   Pushed in is just the inverse

·         Applying trading to lane management:

o   Some abilities will have the side effects of causing the lane to push. Some examples are

§  Basic attacks will agro enemy minions so they hit you instead of your minions for a while, as well as drag them

§  AoE spells like Darius’s Q – Decimate

§  Shields or buffs on your minions

o   Take this into consideration when you are using your abilities for trading but still want to maintain lane position, and take advantage of your opponent if they need to push in order to trade

Zed in Lane

Level 1: 
Depending on your opponent, you will do one of 3 things:
-If your opponent cannot fight you at all level 1, freeze lane and poke him with Q
-If your opponent is resistant to poke (can dodge it easily or has sustain), shove wave with q
-If your opponent has a stronger ability level 1 (the case in most situations, use Q to last hit while simultaneously  trying to poke them as a second target.

Basically hit your opponent with your Q while farming and avoiding their damage.

Level 2: 
Depends again:
-Under normal circumstances, take W second to farm and poke from longer range
-If your opponent is melee, take E second to trade more efficiently and proc thunderlords
-If you are pushed to your tower, you may take E to help last hit under tower

Level 3-5:
-If your opponent has no way to force a trade on you, spam your W > E > Q poke combo, trying to land both Q on  your opponent to poke them down before going all in.
-If your opponent can engage on you or has long range, only use Q to farm and poke and use full combo when  you are confident everything will land.
-Watch out for ganks, if you waste shadow then its easy to kill you

Level 6+: 
-Try to kill them with ult, if you don't believe you can win lane at this point, you should probably look to roam  bot or kill enemy jungler or wait for gank.

How 2 Mid Game Back to Top

Generally, mid game is macro play that happens outside of lane, ranging from 10 minutes to 25 minutes usually. (Or up to 35 or even 50 minutes in low elo...) Zed is really good in this part of the game. 

In this part of the game, the main concepts are:  pushing advantages, surviving while behind, roaming, objectives.

Pushing advantages in Lane:

If you won lane hard, you can do a few things:
1.Freeze the lane and deny your opponent from farm. This is usually difficult in mid lane since mages have long  range aoe to farm safely, but if you are fed enough as zed, you can freeze then dive your opponent if they try to  farm. Doing this over and over puts your opponent significantly behind and will usually make them completely useless for the  rest of the game. Just watch out for 3 man ganks etc.
2. Push and get the tower. If you are ahead, push the lane with your abilities then tower dive your opponent and  take the tower for extra 500 gold.
3. Roam and pressure map since your lane opponent will be too weak and you can kill him if he follows you.

Surviving while behind:

If you lost lane hard, you need to take extra steps to stay relevant to the game.
1. Waveclear to avoid taking damage. Use W > E > Q combo on minion wave to clear it, then back off so you don't  get poked.
2. Farm raptors and wolves in your spare time.
3. Look for roaming picks (will talk about more later)


This is when you leave lane sacrificing farm and tower hp to get kills or objectives.
1. Go top if: your top laner has CC, enemy top pushed up, enemy top squishy and has no cc (dive his ass)
2. Go bot if: bot pushed up, your bot lane is ahead and you can make a tower dive play, counter gank enemy  jungler who is going bot.
3. Roaming into enemy jungle: ward enemy jungle so you can make a pick on them while they are farming. 


Minor Objectives:
1. Getting a freeze for your lanes (useful in high elo only): pressure top or bot by going there, and even if they  know you will be there, they will be forced to back off, allowing your laner to set up a freeze.
2. Red/Blue, small advantages that are not worth risking a death for, take these to either force a bad fight for  the enemy, or take them in secret to get the buff advantage (usually need jungler help)

Major Objectives (mid game): get these after killing or forcing back many enemy players
1. Prioritize first tower, the gold is massive.
2. Second priority dragon
3. 3rd priority is towers (not firstblood tower)

How to Get Objectives as Zed/Assassin:

1. Dragon/Baron: 
When trying to fight for dragon as Zed, you usually don't want to be hitting the dragon yourself because you don't do much dps and it wastes your cooldowns if the enemy team comes. Only want to attack dragon if you are sure the enemy team wont come or if your team can't kill it without you.
Assassin should instead zone enemy team by blocking the way  from their base to dragon. This will force the enemy team to all be there before pushing past you (or else you can kill some of them) thus giving your team more time.
The best dragons are Mountain/Fire, and the worst dragons are Water/Wind. However, wind is very good on zed because it can be used to catch up to people who are alone and out of position to kill them.

2.  Towers:
Since Zed is melee, it is not optimal for him to be attacking the tower as he will get poked by the defender. Instead, when your team starts to group for a tower, you should be in the jungle to kill the enemy team who is moving from their lanes to reinforce the tower. If you are able to kill one, it will be a 4v5, giving your team an advantage in the dive. 
If you are not able to kill anyone like that, you should try to splitpush another tower since most midlaners are better at waveclear than zed.

How 2 Late Game Back to Top

Late game consists of teamfighting, splitpushing, major objective control. 

When your team starts to group will vary depending on your ELO and team comp. Low elo tend to group later, and some team comps will avoid grouping because it is disadvantageous. 


Zed is not the best in teamfights because he can easily be shut down by no-counterplay CC or burst and hourglass. Also limited amounts of aoe damage.
You should only teamfight as Zed if you are confident in your mechanics over your opponents, or if your team is a decent bit ahead. 

How to Teamfight as Zed: You should try to look for a flank on the opposing team and wait for someone else on your team to initiate. If you go in from the front or go in first, they can easily focus and kill you. Generally, you would try to get as close as possible, and try to get a carry with your ult without getting killed yourself. How successful you are with this will depend on your mechanics.


Zed is very good at splitpushing, due to his dueling ability and possible dps to towers with triforce. 
You should generally splitpush if there is nothing you can get when grouped, but these conditions should be met:
1. You are able to draw a few enemy team members to your position
2. Your team will not get engaged on (this can be caused by them being bad, too far behind, or having no disengage or vs high amount of engage.

How to splitpush properly:
Push the same far on the map as your team, if you are at second tower in bot lane, your team should be at second tower top lane. If your team is too far up, tell them to wait for you to push up and pressure so they don't get engaged on and die for nothing. If you are too far up, wait for your team to push up and pressure as well.

Major Objective Control:

General Info:
These are: Baron, Elder Dragon, inhibitors

1. Elder gives the greatest teamfight combat value, so it should be secured if teamfights are close.
2. Baron gives the best seige, and gold, should secure it if enemy team is not prepared or if they are trying to  waveclear under tower
3. Inhibitor gives extra lane pressure, it pushes the lane as if you had another player splitpushing
Inhibitor Value is Bot>Top>Mid. Where bot is highest value because baron and Mid lowest because it is close to mid and top inhibitors.

In terms of value, Elder>Baron>Inhibitors

How to secure these objectives: 
1. The easiest way is to kill players on the enemy team. This is rediculously easy as zed, especially in low elo.  Just find one or two people who are alone trying to farm and kill them. This makes it 4v5 or 3v5, so your team  can start an objective, and the opposing team will either fight and lose 3 more people, or give up the objective  for free.
2. The second method is vision control. Clear enemy wards and play mind games with them. If they carelessly  walk in trying to contest, you can ambush them and kill them.
3. If your team is ahead, these objectives can also be used to force a fight on the opposing team. For example,  they wouldn't want you to get baron, so they try to fight you for it and all die. That will allow you to end the  game.

Mechanics/Combo Back to Top

Mechanics are very important on Zed. The whole purpose of Zed as a champion is the ability to outplay the skillshots of opponents. There are too many things to go over in text in one guide, so I will mention only the basics and the important things.

Basic Lane Poke

-the slow from your E will help you land Q

Sandwich (Basic all in)

-For this, you will ult them, then immediately W about 300 to 400 distance behind them (DO NOT MAX RANGE THIS), at this point there will be a shadow next to them instead of you, so they will be slowed by E. Use this slow to land Q and walk towards them. If they try to run away from you, they will run into your R, in which case you can press R to teleport next to them. If they run to the side, they are slowed so you should be able to catch them.

Tower Dive

-Use your initial W outside of tower range, and then use R on your opponent and E+Q+basic attacks for damage. Then press R to go back to your ult shadow and W immediately after to get out of tower range. This allows you to dive deep while taking only 1-2 tower hits

Skillshot Outplay:

-Use initial W near your opponent, but not where you think your ult will land. This is useful if your opponent has  a big skillshot that can get you as soon as you come out of your ult. If they use it on you, then press W to dodge it  (you can no longer R instantly after that one nerf). Sometimes in high elo they will try to predict it and toss the  skillshot on your W shadow, so it is important to practice your reaction time early and only W when you see the  skillshot. After that, it's standard E>Q>basic attacks for damage and kill.
-This is usually used in teamfights or in lane vs skillshot CC.

The Escape:

-The initial W>E combo will be used to slow the person who is chasing you. Assuming they are able to catch up  despite the slow, you will then use R on them and teleport to your W shadow immediately after. This will put you  behind them. Once behind them, you may use E to try to slow again and then run away. If they chase you still,  you press R again to escape for good.

Extra tips to not throw. Back to Top

-Always Ward Baron

-Don't go out to ward if you might get killed. Use blue trinket or get team to help
-Take objectives after killing the enemy team. They are the main reason you want to kill them in the first place.
-Don't give up towers for free, tell your team to defend them unless it's too late or your team will definitely die  trying to defend.
-Don't try to solo steal baron late game, since if you die and they get baron its 4v5 GG. Even if you steal it it's 4v5  and you might still lose because baron buff isnt a huge combat advantage.
-Basically champion kills is the highest value objective in the late game since the revive timer is so high and everyone  is so impactful at full build that your team can easily 4v5 seige and end from inhibitor tower with a 4v5. SO DO NOT  DIE AND HELP YOUR TEAM NOT DIE.
-Dodge if your team is trolling or your team comp sucks (all ad or no tank or no cc vs reset champ)
-Player skill is most relevant in the late game. Try to shut down the enemy team's best player if you are not sure who  to kill.

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