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Summoner Spells Back to Top


What Summoner Spells should I take?


  • 4.png Flash is a highly recommended spell for most champions, the extra escape (or gap closer) is too good to pass up.


  • 7.png Heal grants additional survivability that can prove to be beneficial when facing someone who does prolonged damage. However since Ignite is a popular spell with most people in the mid lane, the heal will only be half as effective but the burst of movement speed is still valuable to a squishy champ like Ziggs.

  • 21.png With the most recent patch(6.10), Barrier has received a reduced CD which made it somewhat viable now. This spell is great against all-in champions and is my standard pick for my secondary summoner spell.


  • 14.pngChoosing Ignite is really up to your playstyle, in match-ups where an enemy laner has good sustain and or a bit tanky, this spell will be handy to have. However, being an artillery-type mage, you shouldn't be in situations that would lead you to a potentially dangerous range to be in. 
  • 3.png Exhaust has potential to nullify a lot the all-in champions you see in the mid lane or you can use it to weaken and amplify a devastating combo on your target. Just consider choosing Exhaust over Barrier against champs who don't deal instant burst.

Minor Optional:

  • 1.png Cleanse is fits into such unique category to actually be viable for you to use effectively. However in those few cases, this spell will come through in the end because of its ability to remove 14.png and other annoying debuffs

Honorable Mention:

  • 12.png Teleport is good pick when you know the early game is going to be rough. With this being said, it will quickly scales off for you in the mid to late game. This is because have TP on 115.png is unnecessary, you are most likely going to be with your team late game to provide damage and playing safe to avoid getting picked off. Along with recent nerfs to TP, increased time before you can teleport, just makes it that much more unreliable.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity Tree Explanation:

5/5 Sorcery - Increased damage no questions. Take it.

1/1 Feast - Gives a bit more sustain and is a standard safe choice against all situations
  • Fresh Blood gives a nice early game bonus to your poke, however can backfire mid-to-late game against champions that stick onto you for getting too close. (assassins)

  • Exposed Weakness if you know your jungler is going to gank often and have good late game scaling teammates.
5/5 Natural Talent - Increases AD and AP damage as you level,  definitely much more useful than vampirism.

1/1 Bounty Hunter - I like to focus on having the maximum amount of damage being given, which is 7.5% increased dmg with this choice.(For Summoner's Rift, varies with certain gamemodes.)
  • Battle Trance is a safe and reliable choice overall and somewhat synergies with Ziggs' type of standard playstyle. By using your long range poke to keep yourself in combat, you can charge battle trance and once you gain 5% increased dmg you can release a powerful combo. (Works best in teamfights)

  • Double Edged Sword is also viable, however receiving 2.5% more dmg isn't ideal for someone as squishy as Ziggs.

Cunning Tree Explanation:

5/5 Savagery - Gives your spells and auto attacks an additional 5 dmg to minions and monsters. More damage for better wave clear, baron and dragon steals with ult, why not? Can be exchanged for Wanderer depending on your laning opponent.

  • 5/5 Wanderer - Good if you are more likely to be pushed out of lane and will need the movement speed to get to lane faster. Also nice to have when you are going to roam to help out the other lanes siege down their turret.

1/1 Assassin - Grants 2% damage increase when your allies aren't around, this helps your ultimate when you go for an assassination. Not to mention the increased damage in the early game, when you are most likely going to be by yourself and trading damage often with the enemy laner.
  • Get Secret Stash if you struggle with Ziggs' mana and if you know the laning phase is going to be rough.
  • Get Runic Affinity if your Jungler is most likely going to share blues with you (Works best with junglers like 427.png Ivern) and if you're planning to ward the enemy jungler's blue camp and steal their buff as well.
5/5 Merciless - 5% increased damage when your target(s) falls below 40% HP. Combining this with 3165.png 's unique passive, grievous wounds, will lead to a scary combo for your enemy to survive. In addition, Liandry's Torment will also increase the grievous wounds affect.

  • This can be switched for Meditation to help with the Mana problems you might be having.

1/1 Dangerous Game - A solid standard safe choice against most blind/draft picks, most times you will need some sort of sustain in fights and this will surely do the trick.
  • also recommend trying out Greenfather's Gift, by stepping into a bush and using your ultimate to assist an Ally's lane will give bonus magic dmg equal to 3% of the target's current HP, since it also works with either autoattacks or abilities.
5/5 Intelligence - An instant 5% CDR early game and increasing the Cap. to your overall CDR is really nice. Since this guide focuses on Ziggs' maximum dmg output, he will need to have his abilities as often as possible.
  • However this can be easily exchanged for 5/5 Precision, when that extra magic/armor pen. is going to be nice to have against tankier opponents.
1/1 ThunderLord's Decree - Just gives more power to your combo and makes your enemies fear to engage on you as often. (IMHO, I think Ziggs' Burst is slightly lacking in terms of power early game, thunderlord's decree helps with that and scales nicely in the late game too.) 
  • Stormraider's  Surge is nice for kiting, but can be a weak choice against a team with hard CC or insane burst.
  • If you get Windspeaker's Blessing, Uninstall...

Why I don't like Deathfire Touch on Ziggs...

The problem with this being your Keystone is, the fact that all of your abilities but your passive are AOE abilities. Which means that the DOT of this effect is cut down to 2 seconds from 4. I personally want a stronger burst as Ziggs and quickly deal my damage before the enemy can react. However it really comes down to who you are against, definitely considering picking Deathfire Touch if you are against tanks. If thats the case take a look at the kiting items i've listed as well.

Abilities Back to Top

ziggspassive.png  Passive - This passive is largely overlooked and can prove to lead to some devastating damage being done. It is on a 12 second CD, but will be reduced by 4 seconds with every ability used. Try to time this with each and everyone of your spells to maximize your damage output. This can be used on Turrets!

ziggsq.png Q -  is your main damage ability and should be the FIRST thing you max since it also will be the main ability that will help you farm minion waves.

ziggsw.png W - should be max LAST, even with Patch(6.9: The Mage Update) buffs to Ziggs' W. The scaling W damage to turrets is not significant enough max it second. (Scroll down to Section 7: "Thinking about Maxing W over E? Think again," to see the actual damage scaling with every point.)

ziggse.png E - is maxed SECOND, its slow increases from 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds and is much better for your overall damage to have maxed second. Your E can also be used to keep enemy at bay or punish them with one of your combos.

ziggsr.png R - should be maxed like any other ultimate, whenever given the chance, It gives your Ult more Range, reduced CD, and of course TONS OF DAMAGE for every point. Keep in mind your Ult with do MORE damage if enemies are hit in the middle of the explosion.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Starting Items
    For an EZ Game EZ LYFE.

Core Items

    Standard Early game
    Standard Late Game
    Alternative Build Early| V.S. bursty/tanky champs with hard CC

Situational Items

    If you need more survival Items
    Better for skirmishing and kiting
    Alternative Build Late
  • Much like DFT, the unique passive on 3116.png will only slow them for 1 second rather than, its usual 1.5 seconds. However, its not so bad since it still makes landing your abilities easier.

  • The Rune Page is my personal choice and recommendation of glyphs, if you find that you like certain other glyphs that go much with your playstyle by all means go for it.

  • The same can be said about the items I've recommended, however these items give a well-rounded build to the general comps you will face in the game. In addition, these 'standard items' have given me the best chance of winning compared to other builds.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Medium
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Karthus
  • LeBlanc
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Zilean



Lux is very annoying and you should be very cautious in order to keep her from getting any leads on you. Her Q luxlightbinding.png will root the first and second target it hits for the full 2-second duration, keep this in mind when staying behind your minions.

  • This is where having any type of extra mana regen will help you spam your abilities to wave clear and not get killed for getting too close to Lux.
  • Getting early boots will also help from getting combo'd into your grave.
  • Consider an early Zhonya's for a safety, just in case she does manage to trap you.
  • Lux's R luxmalicecannon.png is not considered a channel, so your W ziggsw.png will not stop it.
  • 21.png is highly recommended




Ahri pre-lvl 6 is not a problem, you outrange her and she is fairly squishy. Just as long as you try your best not to get hit by her E ahriseduce.png, everything will be fine.

  • After she hits lvl6, conserve your E ziggse.png so you can use it as a gap closer against her spirit rush ahritumble.png. She has 3 charges of it, so getting early boots will reduce her chances of landing her main abilities.
  • 3.png does not reduce the true damage from her returning Q ahriorbofdeception.png.




Pre-lvl 6 akali is one of the easiest to counter due to her lack of mobility. As of 6.23 her passive and W akalismokebomb.png have been buffed giving slightly more sustain in lane but are still not a problem before lvl6.

  • Her R akalishadowdance.png can only be used on targets, so she still has some fairly weak mobility.
  • Your E ziggse.png will not take her out of stealth when damaged by it.
  • Your W ziggsw.png can take her out of stealth, but you should save it for an escape just in case she might try to jump onto you.




Anivia is one of the more mana hungry champions, so trading with her will be a breeze as long has you don't get hit with flashfrost.png(her Q).

  • Remember her aniviapassive.png is going to be an obstacle you will need to get through. Call for the jungler's help to pop that passive. 
  • If you manage to pop it, punish her continuously until it comes back up. She will most likely play safe until it does come back.
  • You can jump over her crystallize.png with your ziggsw.png. Her W is on a 17 sec CD at all ranks
  • Her E frostbite.png now Deals 200% damage to targets recently hit by Q - Flash Frost or a fully-formed R glacialstorm.png




This lane is somewhat annoying, you definitely out range but don't let her near you when she almost or does have her anniepassive.png ready.

  • Her moltenshield.png reduces her damage taken and becomes much like a mini thornmail.
  • if she has infernalguardian.png active and you kill Annie he will try to get revenge for her and come at you in a murderous rampage. If you have your ziggsw.png up, use it to jump over a wall or between you two to get some distance from him.


Aurelion Sol


You can definitely punish him, no sweat. He has no escape with the exception of him selecting 4.png has one of his summoner spells. 

  • A good way of dealing with his aurelionsolpassive.png and the active of aurelionsolW.png is either keep your distance from him or get up close and personal with him. Then his orbiting stars won't be able to hit up with them. Just care with his aurelionsolR.png and the occasional aurelionsolQ.png.
  • Any damage will stop the active on his  aurelionsolE.png from continuing. He is also on a fix destination( unless he stops it himself), so try to find where he is going and throw your ziggsr.png to stop his plans.




Early game you will go pretty even with trades. However once he starts to get his items you will get destroyed with endless attacks from his soldiers. Farm what you can and ask your jungler to gank you. Get your kills/assists from other lanes with your ziggsr.png.

  • Azir alone is squishy, but also a slippery target with his azirE.png. Try to maneuver with your jungler to set up a gank.
  • You can destroy his azirpassive.png with your ziggsw.png like any other turret. The Sun Disc Turret will have 3,500hp(lane) or 4,000(base)




You out range him and he has no escapes (keep in mind he prob. has 4.png). The only real danger you got to remember is if he hits you with one of his ablilites, his brandblaze.png will stun you for 1.5 seconds.

  • Getting Upgraded boots early will make it easier to dodge half of this abilities.
  • His brandconflagration.pngand brandwildfire.png can jump from your minions/teammates and into you.
  • Brand's brandblaze.png will only stun if you were hit with one of his previous abilities.
  • After being hit by three of his abilities, his brandpassive.png will be come an AOE a delayed explosion dealing a percentage the target's Max HP. So, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR TANKS IF THEY HAVE IT.




Easy match up, BUT be careful not to get carried away. Her ability to chase you back to your turret will surprise you. Keep your distance and get your Jungler to gank for easy kills.

  • Poke her down with ziggsq.png and slow her movements with ziggse.png
  • Being able to quickly disperse your abilities off will be key when fighting her.
  • Rushing Hourglass will help you survive when fighting her, after using your entire combo quickly use Hourglass to avoid any lethal damage from being taken.







I've only seen a couple of times in the mid lane, and oh boy is he annoying. He will eventually be too much even for you to handle, so play it safe and avoid skirmishes will him. Farming and getting your kills/assists will your ziggsr.png, keep in mind he might counter your ult with his.

  • His removescurvy.png can remove cc and heal him, so getting oppressor or rylai's isn't going to help.
  • parley.png can crit and deal some surprising damage.
  • Grabbing boots early will help against his raisemorale.png and overall laning phase.




If you ever face him, its one of the easier lanes. Punish him with your ziggsq.png and because he has no escapes other than the fact he is most likely running 4.png, he will have a tough time laning against you.

  • Using 7.png or 21.png is going to be highly recommended to avoid dying to his infamous fallenone.png.
  • Get 3157.png as soon as possible to stop him from killing you with fallenone.png
  • Your ziggsw.png can disrupt his ult as long as he isn't in his passive when he ults.
  • His laywaste.png will do more damage if you are the only one hit by it, stay near minions or get boots earlier than usual.




Just like almost any other little edgy assassin pick, they are going to want to engage on you as much as possible. Try to avoid any situation that would lead to you getting near LeBlanc even if that means losing a bit of CS. Losing a bit of CS is better than to taking unnecessary damage and dying.

  • Get you Kills/Asissts from other lanes with your ziggsr.png,since she'll be able to dodge most of your abilities with her Distortion.
  • Using ziggse.png on the original W location will deny her from reusing without taking some damage.
  • Also combo-ing the previous tip and or placing down your ziggsw.png in between you and will disrupt her from completing her combo.




This match up is between Medium and Hard, Hes annoying and hes going to hurt but not impossible.

  • Stay away from your minions, his alzaharmaleficvisions.png can travel from your minions to you.
  • His alzaharnullzone.png will become really annoying if he gets his alzaharmaleficvisions.png on you to, but your ziggsq.png can clear right through his wave after a few uses. 
  • alzaharcallofthevoid.png is something you want to avoid if possible, silences are enemies are not friends.
  • alzaharnethergrasp.png isn't really something you can avoid, however i doubt it will kill you alone. Malz will probably time its use with his jungler's gank, so ward up.




This match up all depends on who hits who with what. No doubt that you can out range her, but her blackshield.png with make her a difficult champion to lane against. She has no escapes other than the standard 4.png summoner spell. 

  • Avoid getting near her at all costs, her darkbindingmissile.png and soulshackles.png will make you never see the light of day. So stay behind minions.
  • You can use your ziggsw.png to try and break away from her soulshackles.png.




Its an easy match up as long as you don't fall for his CC. You also won't be able to kill as much as you would like, especially if he plays safe (early game). Get the Jungler to gank or focus on getting your assists/kills from other lanes.




Syndra is very much like Ziggs, but her early game is stronger than yours. And when it comes to a 1v1, she will have the advantage. Her click-to-win ult will destroy you before you can get your combo off.( there are minor animations when casting your abilities that delay your damage and stop you from killing her before she kills you.) Late game this isn't  so much of a problem since she has weak mobility, but will still be someone you want to keep your distance from.

  • I recommend getting 21.png to minimize her killing potential
  • Avoid going all-out on Syndra early game, since her abilities are a lot quicker than yours.







Early game is a piece of cake, the usual punish when you goes for CS. However once he gets lvl6 say your prayers and hope he messes up his combo even just a little. It will hurt.


Twisted Fate


You out range a Twisted Fate however you still avoid getting to close to him so he can't stun you. This lane should be an easy match up and you abuse every minute of it. Punishing him with ziggsq.png when he tries to farm will force him to use his mana more often in order to farm making more likely to recall home earlier every time.

There are multiple ways of countering TF's ult:
1. Use your ziggsw.png to disrupt his ult tp channel
2. Ult the destination he teleported to chunk him hard and stop any gank from continuing, meanwhile you can siege down his turret.







Velkoz is another match up you can out range and out maneuver with your kit. Just be wary of his QvelkozQ.png, it has a low CD and mana cost and simply hide behind your minions will not always guarantee your safety.

  • Since his UltvelkozR.png is considered a channel, you can disrupt it with your ziggsw.png. So dont be afraid if he uses it while you're in range.
  • If you aren't in range, reposition away with your ziggsw.png to avoid his ult mainly from hitting you.




Viktor's early game is fairly weaker than Ziggs, which allows ziggs to abuse him in laning phase. But later on his wave clear will begin to match yours so poking him will become mandatory in order to push him out of lane and take his turret. Just make sure to keep your distance from him in the late game, because his burst is much faster than yours.  

  • Since you have more range than him, his only means of damage will be his viktordeathray.png dodging this will insure winning trades. 
  • His ult does initial damage then does damage every 2 seconds. Use your ziggsw.png to break free of his viktorgravitonfield.png and viktorchaosstorm.png range.




Vlad is somewhat of an annoying match up since he can dodge all of your abilities and especially your ziggsr.pngwith  just his W vladimirsanguinepool.png. Just focus farming rather than poking him and get 3165.png as soon as possible. His ability to sustain in lane is definitely going to be annoying, so don't expect to kill him anytime soon.

  • Vlad doesn't have the strongest killing potential, so trading with him is going to be in your favor.
  • Dodging his vladimirtidesofblood.png is simple, just hide behind your minions to block it's damage. His resource bar will also be an indicator when he's going to use it, Watch out if it's red or yellow. (He will most likely be preparing to attack you.)




Xerath's Kit is very similar to Ziggs' kit, however his abilities work better with one another than yours do. Upgrading your boots is going to be recommended for this match up to reduce chances of him landing any skillshots.

  • His wave clear is slightly better than yours, but uses more mana than you. To keep him from sustaining against you, punish him when you see him about to AA a minion.
  • Don't let him autoattack you, it will give him more mana than if he were to autoattack a minion
  • His E xerathmagechains.png will stun longer if he hits you from farther away. Try to avoid at all costs, since he will most likely follow up with the rest of his abilities.
  • Getting Luden's Echo for the added movement speed will also help against Xerath throughout the game.




Its really just a skill and luck match up IMO, because I've had my fair share of wins/loses against yasuos. If you aren't familiar on how yasuo plays, I recommend playing it safe this game because he will beat you most of the time.

  •  Use your ziggse.png to punish him if he tries to use his yasuoE.png to slide through your minions and onto you.
  • All of your abilities can be block by yasuoW.png except your ziggsr.png.
  • Always keep your distance and back whenever needed to avoid any possible deaths from happening..
  • Pop his passive before releasing a quick combo to insure the maximum amount of damage to be done.




Yet another Edgelord pick... Zed is moderately annoying to deal with throughout the game. In the beginning, the laning phase will go from a walk in the park to a walk through a minefield. Every step you make, might be your last. With his ability to quickly engage on his opponent after a misstep can be your end.

  • Being able to disrupting 238.png from landing is combo on you will be life or death.
  • Using 3.png or 21.png will nullify his combo on you.
  • Dropping ziggse.png and ziggsw.png and your feet can also be an effective disruption when he engages on you with his RzedR.png.
  • Rushing 3157.png is your safe haven, it is a required item in almost all situations against him.
  • Try using the Alternative Item 3003.png, the shield and mana sustain it gives you will be a great addition to your build.




Zilean is pretty annoying to deal throughout the game. Not that you can't beat him in lane, his Ult usually always save him from all lethal situations because it has a shorter CD than your Ult. Instead, focus on farming rather than poking and use your ult to help out the other lanes.

  • Don't bother too much going in on him, his W rewind.png  reset and E  timewarp.png will make him too elusive for you to land anything.
  • His timebomb.png and rewind.png will make him  more effective at waveclearing than you, so don't waste too much of your mana trying to keep the minion wave even with him.
  • His ult chronoshift.png will make him almost impossible to kill alone, having someone gank for you will be needed if you plan on fighting him and or try to push the tower. 

Thinking about Maxing W over E ? Think again. Back to Top

3070.pngOMG?! An ability that can execute turrets?!3070.png

 3070.pngTHAT IS SO OP!!!1! RITO PLZ 3070.png

With an ability like that why wouldn't you max it as quick as possible?! Right?! 


So the way your Satchel Charge's new ability works like this, if an enemy turret drops below 25% (at lvl 1) of it's Health, it can be destroyed if your ziggsw.png is within range of the turret when it detonates.

Now, with every point put into your W the minimum for the turret's HP to be at to be executed will increase by 2.5% going like this:

  • 25%/27.5%/30%/32.5%/35%

Every turrets' Health is 3,300HP. 

So... at lvl:

@lvl1 - 25% of 3,300 = 825

@lvl2 - 27.5% of 3,300 = 907.5

@lvl3 - 30% of 3,300 = 990

@lvl4 - 32.5% of 3,300 = 1,072.5

@lvl5 - 35% of 3,300 = 1,155

These are going to be the minimum amounts of HP for a turret to be executed by your ziggsw.png.
Now, seeing the differences between each point put into your W you can see that...

  • 907.5 - 825 = 82.5
  • 990 - 907.5 = 82.5
  • 1,072.5 - 990 = 82.5
  • 1,155 - 1072.5 = 82.5
Oh.. damn, it only increases by 82.5 damage for every point. By the time you actually get to max it, your passive will easily cover that extra damage 80 damage needed to match the scaling damage your ziggsw.png will be doing. In addition, you also end up throwing your only escape included in your kit to execute a turret.

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