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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Summoner Spells: Explanation

[Patch 7.24] The meta is not likely to change for what summoner spell mid laners will use in general. Here are the most common secondary summoners I feel work for 115.png

Always run 4.png . [ Very few exception(s), i.e: 120.png ]

The most common/recommended secondary summoners for 115.png I recommend are:

7.png   and 21.png


115.png doesn't win lane, he is meant to win late game therefore 14.png and 6.png is not recommended, in terms of of scaling/playing games on an average of 30 minutes +.

7.png and 21.pngchoices offer 115.png  more leniency during laning phase. Barrier offers a shorter cool down than most summoners allowing for more usage early game where burning 4.png early in the game is punishing. Heal offers a short burst of mobility (bonus movement speed for 1 seconds) along with the increase in surviving (healing),

Note: 3165.png and healing reduce abilities like (55.png's  ultimate) can make the healing very lack luster. Both are still equally viable due to the time it takes for healing reduction/grievous wound to be purchased/available.


The Other Choices

14.png: aggressive summoner choice, the most common secondary summoner you will see in casual league games up to platinum. I recommend looking into the section about counterpicks/matchups. Basically, if you feel you have an advantage in the mid lane match up or jungle pressure it is worth picking up. 

14.png can be picked just because you are used to having this summoner second, note to be careful about 1v1ing laning phase and play around your jungler's gank(s).

6.png115.png already one-shot champions relatively easy and should not need to kite at all due to his ziggsq.png and ziggsr.png range. On top of that 115.png has 2 peel abilities [ ziggsw.png and ziggse.png]. Overall, 6.png is an option if you need to dodge a lot of skill shots in enemy team comp with pokes, a lot of minor crowd control (slows).

1.png: Cleanse is just a "high elo" summoner. Mid lane players often pick this summoner when needed because they have the mechanic(s) and can abuse this "extra life" summoner heavily and turn fights around. If you feel confident in having a secondary summoner that is very uncommon, it is best to pick Cleanse versus a mid lane match up that has 1 major CC that can kill you 1v1 or easily with enemy jungler's gank.

Ex: 103.png 1.png 25.png 142.png [Example of popular 7.24 mid lane champions, especially Zoe (cleanse only when you fall asleep, not drowsy)]

12.png: A very popular summoner choice, in my opinion, starting from Gold V and beyond + you will see this summoner as a secondary to "win lane".  Teleport is a good option if you want to concede the lane (in terms of 1 versus 1 scenarios) in the mid lane to get item advantage(s) and keep farming up. Teleport allows you to also come back to lane after you get ganked and put to a very low HP Pool. Although 12.png falls off heavily as a mid laner , unless you are playing a split push mid laner (ex: 38.png 238.png). 
  Overall you have more room for mistakes is the reason why 12.png is a very viable secondary.

New Runes Back to Top


Keystone(s) Explanations

Arcane Comet :Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64

The most common (if not only) keystone for 115.png. The main reason why 115.png  only uses Arcane Comet is because of his cool downs. Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32hits very easily from ziggsw.png ziggse.pngziggsq.png and even ziggsr.pngziggsw.pngziggse.png are very easy to proc Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 due to the abilities having innate Crowd Control. While ziggsq.png can apply Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32  because in laning phase if your opponents get hit he/she will try to go for CS afterwards or gives it up trying to dodge anArcane%20Comet.png?width=32 proc. ziggsq.png can proc beyond laning phase with the same concept, your opponent already got hit by Q they cannot afford to dodge a secondary effect that does minor damage. Doing so will allow 115.png to set up for ziggsr.png or ziggse.png very easily and those are his most deadly abilities/combo. ziggsr.png proc Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 easily outside of laning phase because to hit ziggsr.png your opponents tend to be in some sort of Crowd Control. Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 can also blow 4.png or another escape summoner/item active if the target doesn't die to the initial ziggsr.png cast.

 Aery : Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 is a win lane rune, which 115.png does not need to do or he risk losing early game and in short will not be able to scale to mid/late game easily. Avoid picking this rune in most cases due to lack of synergy with all of 115.png's abilities. I recommend running the runes versus easy match ups/melee match ups/mobile match ups(assassins) who can tend to avoid Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 proc or are very easy to auto attack against. Aery also offers you a chance to punish them 1v1 or get more damage off for your jungler's gank.

Ex: 103.png 238.png 38.png 91.png 55.png

 Electrocute:  Electrocute.png?width=64

 Electrocute.png?width=32 is not a good rune because of the new effect of hitting 3 separate abilities/auto attacks. Very inconsistent for  115.png.

Notable Runes:

- Most runes are self explanatory by now such as Scorch.png?width=32 Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Transcendence.png?width=32 Triumph.png?width=32 Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32, I will cover the more uncommon runes specifically for 115.png in this section.

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=64115.png's  ziggsr.pngR has a hefty cool down. Running The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32, allows for more ziggsr.png cast during 115.png's early levels [level 6/level 11]. For level 16/late game, The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32  allows for ziggsr.png cast on minion waves and you can still get your ziggsr.png back up.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64:  Allows for more cast on everything. Primarily we want the 5% innate Cool Down Reduction on abilities [Q/W/E/R]. Mainly, ziggsq.png cool down is shorten just ever so slightly to allow for more cast in the early stages of the game before you buy major CDR items such as: 3165.png 3157.png. You get 5% CDR on summoner spells as well so for the low CD summoner spells you may cast if way more often then you think (6.png21.png1.png).

Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=64: Gain 30 AP when 20 stacks is obtained. Easy to stack up since you have a "Global,but not really" ultimate ( ziggsr.png). Buy 2055.png or 3341.png to speed up the stacking and in general to control vision for your jungler as a mid laner. Eyeball Collection's goal is to just offer an incentive to play around vision control more as a mid lane player in general not just on 115.png.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64: Offers spell vamp. 115.png cast a lot of abilities and this  15% spell vamp can save you in melee or assassin match up. You may also run this rune versus poke heavy comp/champions.

Ex Assassin: 238.png 105.png 28.png 107.png 55.png

Ex Poke: 110.png 143.png101.png76.png126.png81.png


Minor/Very Common Rune Choices

 Scorch.png?width=32 Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Transcendence.png?width=32 Triumph.png?width=32 Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32

- Here are some very brief explanation for these runes listed, I will be very brief due to have common these runes are for mid laners. [If you already know these explanations your League knowledge for next season is looking sharp!]

Scorch.png?width=64: the other 2 choices (Gathering Storm and Water Walking) are just not as good for mid laners. In fact the other 2 are just not good in general. Gathering Storm is meant for ADCs or hyper scaling champion like 115.png but it is in 10 minute increments and that is too slow. [ As of patch 7.24 there are talks about Gathering Storm being in 5 minutes increments]

Note: Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 is best picked/optimized in 30 minutes and above game, that is when the rune will start paying off.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64: You need more mana Phreak, mana that is all. This section has The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32, which is a popular rune choice. However for 115.png you want Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 to decrease the chances you will be having mana problems in lane.

Note: Saves you from recalling early because you went Out of Mana and allows for more trades versus the enemy mid laners

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=64: faster3157.png. You also have a mini Zhonya (Stopwatch) that becomes available for one time use, doing so will increase the gold cost of 3157.png by a little (Broken Stopwatch). It is OK to run inspiration tree secondary for this rune versus 238.png or 105.png if you are not feeling too confident. 

Note: you will sacrifice a lot of damage due to not having inspiration/domination tree secondary

Transcendence.png?width=64: very self explanatory. CDR and Ability Power synergy. More ability up time mean more farming/damage. 

Note: allows for very cheesy/defensive builds stacking with CDR items while offering a decent amount of AP.

i.e: 3158.png 3157.png 3102.png3100.png 3165.png, all in 1 build/game but viable due to the CDR-AP conversion.

Triumph.png?width=64: healing,gold. Can save you or help you push out a wave, after a successful gank or a 1 v 1 you barely won.

Note: cannot stack Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 with Triumph.png?width=32 healing due to Electrocute.png?width=32 not being viable.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64: more damage. Best choice out of the 3 as an AP mage/caster/poke.

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities' Order/Points Notes:

- The main difference in ability ordering you can do for 115.png is at your level 2-4.

- Not following the order listed above, you may skill up ziggsw.png  instead at level 2 in match ups where you will get all in (bad match ups). 

- Very risky, but you may consider putting 2 points in ziggsq.png at level 3, while only having ziggsw.png OR ziggse.png only [if you do this, most cases you would want ziggsw.png in order to "survive" more]. Having 2 points in ziggsq.png can push in very fast or react to minions under your turrets easier. W or E cost a lot more mana as well, so raising 2 points in Q is a good way to self hinder yourself from wasting too much mana.

Abilities Notes: The Nuts and Bolts of Q/W/E/R/Passive

See Tips and Tricks for mechanical stuff/details

Passive - Short Fuse ziggspassive.png7kfrLeL.png

- scales with magic penetration, you do not just need AP to make the damage "bigger".

- magic penetration affects turrets(inhibitor and turret)/minions/champions recommended to build due to 3135.png being fairly cheap and very strong as of patch 7.24. Makes ziggspassive.png very strong all around.

- cool down reduction means as 115.png's level progresses each ability cast reduces the 12 second cool down by 4/5/6. Therefore, making his passive reapply every 2 ability cast.

(Q) Bouncing Bomb: ziggsq.png  

- stops on targets hit by ziggsq.png on initial cast and at any point of ziggsq.png's travel time

- can collide with terrain and cause a small explosion, dealing damage to enemy targets near walls (not recommended to go for this due to small hit box for targets around wall)

ziggsq.png's cool down goes to 2-3 seconds with 30% Cool Down Reduction

(W) Satchel Charge: ziggsw.png 

- Bigger hit box than ziggsq.png and longer range than ziggsq.png, excellent poking tool.

- Double Edge Sword, using ziggsw.png to pokes disables you from having the extra safety net from jungler or to run away in bad 1v1 scenarios.

- Can easily set up turret dives/weird pushes due to ziggsw.png's ability to instantly destroy turrets at a certain percentage.

(E) Hexplosive Minefield :ziggse.png 

- very simple ability, throw a field that slows and does damage but each damage/slow destroys a mine, as if 115.png's opponent are walking onto a real mine.

- can be used aggressively/defensively/or to just farm. 

(R) Mega Inferno Bomb ziggsr.png 

- main note is thatziggsr.png has 90% AP Ratio only in the center, 60% AP Ratio for the rest.

- if enemy target(s) are within your camera screen and character can aim at them with the center. [Account for summoner/mobility]

- The further ziggsr.png is cast the longer it takes to travel unless the above occur. 

- At level 6/11/16 the range/estimate to cast ziggsr.png is the moment 115.png's body is in the river in either top or bottom side of the map ziggsr.png can be cast straight to bot/top lane so you don't have to do hover/look at range when roaming.

- The range does not increase as ziggsr.png levels up throughout the game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Note: As of patch 7.24 the favored 115.png's build is to go a lot of Magic Penetration [3151.png 3020.png 3135.png] with some CDR[3165.png 3157.png].

- So it is not good to rush items like 3089.png 3285.png  in core items at the moment, it is fine after you build pen items. [You may just have 3136.png instead of the full item and build 3089.png 3285.png]

- You will be a threat to tanks or champion(s) that try to build 1 or so MR 1 item(s) early to mid game, enemies such as 54.png  113.png516.pngcannot face tank you without risk of death.

Situational Items Explanation:


- Strong item to siege turret(s), especially strong when ahead and can easily get proc off turrets, when there isn't an enemy champion with hard engages such as 54.png 

- Strong dueling/"1v1" item, however 115.png plays for team fights and wave clearing. 
[Excellent item for solo kills if team/you are ahead]

- Con: 

If you build 3100.png, you prob lack defensive item.

"Bait": enemies will try very hard to prevent you from sieging brainlessly with 3100.png.  
3100.png will require you to be more aware of your reaction time/mechanic(s) due to the fact your asking for a fight as 115.png or enemy team's objective will slowly whittle down.


- Strong item versus heavy AP or mages with a lethal Crowd Control/instant "100-0"/burst.

Ex: 103.png 34.png 84.png

-Standard defensive item mainly mid laners build. You should feel comfortable with the item/gold investment

- Offers 10% CDR, which means more ziggsq.png and more ziggspassive.png resets.
- Con:

Not that much AP (70)

Very long Cool Down for the item's Unique Passive and also a one time use during a big team-fight.

Starter Items Brief Explanation:

1029.png build versus AD champ(s)/assassin(s)

EX: 64.png 107.png 91.png238.png 157.png236.png

1083.png very nonstandard, build if you want to be greedy for more gold only nothing else. 
Note: Waste of item slot for 2055.png, etc.
Note: Only ~180 extra gold value, is an AD item

1054.png build versus a lot of poke or if you want to stay in lane as long as possible. You risk mana issue so make sure to build 1056.png on your first recall.
EX: 101.png 161.png30.png

1082.png, if you get 10 stacks on this item you get ~925 gold of AP (45) very useful for wave clearing withziggsq.png early.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • LeBlanc
  • Lucian
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo




Ahri vs Ziggs Notes:

3102.png, be careful about rushing this item to counter ahriseduce.png.

- It is better to rush 3140.png if you feel you cannot dodge ahriseduce.png  in crucial situations.

115.png out ranges 103.png heavily

- Easy match-up as long as you watch out for 103.png's sudden aggression because she is setting up for her jungler's gank. 




Annie vs Ziggs Notes:

115.png outranges 1.png heavily (except for autos)

1.png 12.png 3102.png3140.png, all can effectively shut down 1.png

- Or your jungler can shut her down easily as well, due to her abilities' short range

- watch out for 1.png's stun up with her infernalguardian.png or disintegrate.png
Note: a very good1.png can cycle multiple abilities starting from 2/4 charge of stun to instantly stun you with or without 4.png

- Depending on how ahead you are you can play passive/aggressive without much contest, if you fall behind simply punish 1.png for engaging on your team as long as you are not in her engage.




Azir vs Ziggs Notes:

- Ranges are about the same, heavily favoring 268.png due to his very long auto range with azirqwrapper.png and azirw.png 

- This match up heavily depends on who has the better jungler to pressure the mid lane, whoever gets more AP faster can easily clear waves. 

115.png, of course needs to be ahead in AP due to his lack in range compare to 268.png

- Watch out for the "Shurima Shuffle" a good azirr.png can get you kill solo or set you up to die to his jungler.

Note: solo kill happens either when 268.png is ahead or when you push into turret and is in auto attack animation he can "Shurima Shuffle" you into his turret/side of the map very easily with azirr.png

- To set up for the win/late game it is all about who hits more major damage abilities. 

In 115.png's case: ziggsq.png ziggsr.png and '268.pngs Case: azirqwrapper.pngazirewrapper.png

Note: it's just 268.png has an engage/heavy peel(CC) with his azirr.png while 115.png doesn't




Cassio vs Ziggs Notes

69.png relies on more items then you and need "item spikes" heavily, laning phase should be a breeze because you can heavily punish her spam cassiopeiae.png with your ziggse.pngziggsw.pngziggspassive.pngziggsq.png.

- This match-up really has no issue unless you run a poor secondary summoner or get hit by cassiopeiaq.png lv 1-2 and get all in'd, other then that if you don't lose lane or go even you win

- Watch out for cassiopeiaw.png with your ziggsw.png interaction (Highly recommend to cast ziggsw.png near your and explode it instantly)

Note: it is best to throw ziggsw.png towards your side of the map and 4.png towards it and cast ziggsw.png again to jump very far if you get into a very sticky situation.




Ekko vs Ziggs Notes

- melee match up, very easy if you react to 245.png's ekkoe.png with your entire kit; heavily punishing him for trying.

Note: if he hits ekkow.png tho you may lose the trade heavily.

3157.png is a great item to set up your jungler gank and to bait or punish 245.png who isn't aware you bought it early. 

- Final note, just make sure you don't ziggsr.png when 245.png has ekkor.png available




Fizz vs Ziggs Notes

  - A very mobile and annoying champion due to fizze.png invulnerability and mobility for most mid lane match ups (except versus melees).

- Be very careful about throwing ziggse.png ziggsw.png to poke or you will get all in
If you want to poke, aim for 105.png when he is going for minions.
- If the lane is even or 105.png is ahead, when fizzr.png is up respect the fact he can 1 versus 1 at any point.

Even under turret make sure to have your ziggse.png ziggsr.png ziggsw.png ready with key summoners like 4.png 21.png to punish him for diving you under turret

105.png tend to try very hard to end game early due to his lack of presence late game, he heavily relies on fizzr.png. [Unless he is 10+ kills/Good KDA]

Make sure to keep your distance and play around your front line who can take his ultimate.

- Play a passive laning phase and try to let him come to you to set up for your jungler's counter gank(s)/gank(s).




LeBlanc vs Ziggs Notes

- very similar 105.png match up

very mobile with leblancw.png and leblancr.png+leblancw.png 

7.png doesn't need to hit much abilities to get a lot of damage of, however she lack in range. Her main threat is an all in/gank set up with leblance.png watch out for that. And she can burst you heavily if she lands a random leblance.png with her auto attacks and leblancq.png/leblancr.png+leblancq.png

7.png has a hidden feature on her leblancr.png that many players do not notice, every ability empowered makes a clone of herself momentarily. Good LeBlancs can control them be very careful for outplay potential.

- However due to 7.png's short range, if she doesn't land leblance.png or go in without trying to hit leblance.png you can trade very easily versus her with ziggsq.png and ziggse.png, use ziggsw.png and ziggsr.png as the situation progresses.

7.png is very squishy and if you can stall late game ziggsr.png can put her out of the fight instantly.

3146.png is a staple item for 7.png be very careful when she has this item when 1 v 1ing, and when trying tot secure "fade away kills", due to the item's ability to heal.




Lucian vs Ziggs Notes

- AD match up is bad early, however 236.png has very short range

- Same concept as 245.png if luciane.png is used punish with your entire kit

- Naturally, as an AP champ like 115.png  you clear easier then 236.png unless he gets ahead (early kill on you)

- As an early game champ, watch out for 236.png all in with his lucianr.png up/available. (if he is ahead/both hit 6 at the same time)




Malzahar vs Ziggs 

- very hard match up due to malzaharr.png 

90.pngcan safely wave clear with malzaharq.png malzaharw.png malzahare.png (like 115.png  except you do not want him to hit 6 for free because of malzaharr.png

Note: malzaharr.png sets up for very easy gank to 115.png from the enemy jungler/support

90.png's  malzaharpassive.png can also come up randomly and can block your ziggsr.png ziggspassive.png ziggsq.png damage and can easily set you up to lose trades or over commits and play into his malzaharr.png. (Again you do not want him to free farm to 6 for an easy malzaharr.png gank/solo kill set up)

90.png can easily solo kill you even when you are even with him in items, 100% if he is ahead

- Overall, very hard match up best bet is to go late game with 3140.png and out range 90.png




Morgana vs Ziggs Notes

- Overall easy match up if you have 1.png 3140.png , can prevent 25.png's all in attempt(s) with blackshield.pngsoulshackles.pngdarkbindingmissile.png

- Both wave clear, however 115.png has an innate advantage in that he has 4 abilities to do damage. 

Note: soft rework 25.png put 3 points into the new tormentedsoil.png so darkbindingmissile.png is not that scary early in the game in order to wave clear in general in mid lane.

soulshackles.png engage allows you to easily hit ziggsr.png full damage due to 25.png's darkbindingmissile.png only rooting you but allowing you to cast all your spells until you get stun by 2nd hit of soulshackles.png

- Overall, no issues because 115.png's issue is early game but 25.png's early game is even weaker now. Her engages are easily stopped by 115.png's kit.




Orianna vs Ziggs Notes

- this is a heavy skill match-up, but 61.png has an innate advantage because of the flexibility and ease of hitting her orianaizunacommand.png+orianadissonancecommand.png.

115.png cannot react to 61.png's combo with her orianadetonatecommand.png due to ziggsw.png having a travel time and requires a 2nd cast to trigger it.

Note: best to 4.png to run or outplay her 1v1 to dodge orianadetonatecommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png damage/CC mainly.

61.png is also more mobile and tends to run 6.png secondary so be very careful of any  attempts of 1v1/poking her

- Lastly, 61.png is a hard match-up because she has to hit only 2 ability to out trade you / 2 abilities to do damage [ orianaizunacommand.png /orianadissonancecommand.png+orianadetonatecommand.png bonus]. While hitting orianadetonatecommand.png to just one shot/CC you into her team.




Xerath vs Ziggs Notes

- Just no hope.

- Out ranges Out damages. Your best bet is abusing 101.png's coold owns early game to poke him or out shove him.

101.png's major weakness is that in xerathlocusofpower2.png he is stationary

- A very good 101.png can xerathmagespear.png 4.png anytime, like 115.png''s ziggsq.png4.png. If he hits the xerathmagespear.png expect to get heavily out traded, dead, or all in  with his xerathlocusofpower2.png at any point.

- Best bet is to play for late game and pray your team can lock and kill him down with you. ziggsr.png <-- pray this can help




Yasuo vs Ziggs Notes

yasuowmovingwall.png is a very annoying ability for 115.png, it can blocks all of his abilities except for ziggsr.png.

115.png's ziggspassive.png also can be blocked since it is a ranged auto :(.

- However, 157.png is very susceptible to gank(s). Keep track of his 20+ second cool down of yasuowmovingwall.png early and play aggressive when needed. Let your jungler know about yasuowmovingwall.png's cool down if your jungler considers ganking mid lane.

yasuopassive.png, is a passive shield that can up at any point so long as 157.png is moving or cast yasuorknockupcombow.png/yasuodashwrapper.png. Be very careful about sacrificing your HP pool to trade versus him. 

- If 157.png is ahead or even with 115.png, match up is very scary due to you not being able to pressure him off CSing and pushing into your turret nonstop. 

Set up for late game and abuse your semi global range and long range/poke abilities.

Ziggs' Abilities: Tips and Tricks! Back to Top


Zigg's Abilities Tricks:

ziggsq.png has a small default cast range, but it can bounce (3 times) quite significantly depending on how close you cast the initial Q cast. 

ziggsq.png explanation: the closer you cast Q near yourself, the 3 bounce shrinks the closer you cast Q  closer to yourself. 

Ex: melee range/on top of self Q cast-> ziggsq.png will bounce 3x at where you cast it

Ex: half of Q max range-> ziggsq.png will bounce 3x  (somewhat) of towards the direction you casted

- Use these ziggsq.png tricks to get into enemies head (hitting them in team fights/jungle)  or abuse the bounces near minions to poke your opponent in lane

ziggsw.png, depending on where enemies or 115.png(self) around the W hit box your opponent or yourself will move accordingly. 

- The most common ziggsw.png trick is casting  ziggsw.png on top of 115.png towards the direction you want to go.

Note: Cast ziggsw.png on top of yourself only to save animation time, do not throw it forward/backward of where you want to go unless you are flashing towards your ziggsw.png because it waste time.

ziggsw.png can also be used to set opponents up to be hit by your other abilities ziggsq.png ziggse.pngziggsr.png so long as you know how it works you can aim your kit accordingly. 

Note: enemies may use dashes/escapes or 4.png (key summoners) to react to this combo, it is best to only use ziggsw.png aggressively if you know they cannot react appropriately. 

ziggse.png is a great self peel versus tank(s), engage champion(s), and assassin(s) save this ability accordingly OR use it to lock opponents down if a carry/squishy gets too close to you.

ziggse.png, when used aggressively is to slow your opponent(s) into your ziggsr.png ideally or your ziggsq.png. Of course your team may benefit hugely from your slow field as well.

ziggsr.png the main note about 115.png's ultimate is that the farther you cast it the longer ziggsr.png has to travel. 

**Note: there is no difference in travel time if you cast it on top of yourself versus target(s) that are around in you within your Camera Lock and Character (115.png).
Ex: 115.png is in in front of a 112.png, if 112.png is behind his wave there is no difference in travel time to throwing ziggsr.png to 112.png and throwing ziggsr.png on top of 115.png.
Note: if you cast within your camera screen chances are you can hit/cast ziggse.png after you cast ziggsr.png

Note: you can cast ziggsr.png if you are in ziggsw.png travel animation, a more guaranteed combo is throwing your ziggsq.png before you cast ziggsr.png because of the fluid combo animation and your opponents will try to juke your ziggsq.png on a reflex into your ziggsr.png cast. They may even end up getting hit by both or the one they didn't want to get hit by. 
Ziggs' Abilities Tips with 4.png:
4.png ability combos that are recommended

115.png can flash in ziggsw.png travel animation (if you get hit by the explosion), you aim it towards your team but instantly flash side ways a bit in the travel animation for a better positioning for your basic abilities casting.

ziggsq.png flash is a very interesting interaction, it is like 79.png's gragase.png -> 4.png combo. Your ziggsq.png's range can buffer farther if you 4.png forward or shorten if you 4.png backward.

- You can use ziggsr.png then flash but it is not recommended unless you are trying to follow up with your basic abilities and surprise them with more damage.

- There is no special interaction with ziggse.png and 4.png unfortunately

Ziggs: Laning Phase Back to Top

Note: Consider 115.png's ability/Tips and Tricks Section for Laning to Late Game

Passive Laning Phase:

  Ideally you want to avoid as much 1 versus 1 scenarios as much as possible when playing 115.png. Play to safely poke, so you don't get shoved in towards your turret uncontested. In order to safely poke you must fully understand how ziggsq.png works and CS with ziggsq.png but look for small opportunities to hit your enemy laner as well. Enemy laner(s) cannot match 115.png's range in general, so you can cast ziggsq.png uncontested onto the wave.  There are other ways to go about how to poke players "passively", but realistically if you are casting ziggsw.png or ziggse.png you expose yourself to a gank quite significantly. [Always have ziggsw.png up if you do not know where jungler is, for the best "passive" play-style]

  You can even bait your opponent into misplaying by building greedy items such as 1082.png 1083.png . Even when you build these items you can still play passively and only focus on farming and safe poking. These items demand aggression otherwise you will get an average of ~800 gold lead just from building these items, with 1082.png at 10 stacks.

  If you can smoothly play the game passively you may end up with first turret mid just from your jungler's pressure, your constant wave clearing, or your opponent forced to roam (because they cannot 1v1/1v2 you playing passively). After getting first turret, you simply keep farming (if playing the very "passive" style) and set up roams from your jungle or with vision control in the river with your ziggsr.png ready to go.

Aggressive Laning Phase:

  This style is not recommended when playing 115.png in general, it requires you to not respect or accurately guess how the opposing jungler is playing. You will be using ziggse.png to poke or push the wave faster more on average, while using ziggsw.png to poke (Or better yet ziggsw.png +ziggsq.png+ziggspassive.png auto).

  If done correctly, early in the game you can easily chunk the turret to under half by level 6 and eventually get the turret. This allows an early uncontested dragon (especially if inferno).
You also open yourself up to favorable 1v1 scenarios for your opposing mid laner, due to your CC being on CD. ( ziggsw.png ziggse.png)
  Lastly, the main thing to note when playing aggressive is to keep track of your ziggspassive.png when playing aggressively so you can maximize your damage output for 1v1/1v2 scenarios. If you make sure to maximize damage on the opposing laner your jungler's countergank can snowball (put your team ahead) the game very easily.


Ziggs: Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game Game-play:

 I categorize mid game as when 2 or more outer turrets are lost on either team because a lot more grouping tends to occur (but not to the point where it is a full on 5v5 team fight). This phase tends to be very short because if 115.png is ahead he can easily drag the game late game wave clearing and constantly being a threat with his ziggsq.png damage and ziggsr.png damage to prevent uncoordinated fights.

So, depending on which scenario (whichever team has lower turrets) play accordingly.

  If your team has 2 or more outer turrets, make sure to get all outer turrets with your top laner being on the opposite side with 12.png available. Afterwards group as 4 and siege an inner turret (mid ideally), depending on what happens the game can easily go into late game scenarios or backfire if you get caught.  

  If the enemy team has 2 or more outer turret, as 115.png you just have to play re-actively. Also known as you clear whatever wave(s) are close to your turrets. Avoid outer turrets as your top laner can afford to risk clearing those waves if needed when you are behind. Make sure to rotate decently fast if the enemy groups up and siege inner/inhib turrets. Just wave clear with ziggsq.png and ziggse.png and use ziggsr.png on side waves or get a fight started if someone gets caught by your ziggse.png or ziggsw.png

Ziggs: Late Game! Back to Top

Late Game Game-Play:

  I categorize late game as either team lost all inner turret or an inhibitor turret has fallen (with shortly after an inhibitor falls). Of course depending on the game's time this may not be the exact "30 minute plus game/Baron Available". It is important to note games can snowball dramatically and prevent you from achieving a real late game scenario. When this happens you cannot afford your major items for wave clearing and doing a lot of damage in team fights. 

  • Note: You at least need [ 3020.png 3135.png3165.png3151.png or 3136.png] to be able to melt champions at an efficient rate.

Let's avoid discussing "20 minute games"/ Huge snowball games.

  The generic game play for Late Game 115.png , when ahead, siege aggressively with ziggsq.png to poke and ziggse.png to zone. ziggsw.png is used to punish enemies trying to get around your poke or zone. ziggsr.png would then be used as an initiator (due to the insane damage in late game) because chances are you will clear the wave as well hitting some one out of position. Your ziggspassive.png is extra damage to champions or for hitting turrets and will do A LOT due to the magic pen build to either.

  • Note: ziggsr.png can be considered many things you can use it to poke/zone/or punish, the main thing is to make sure you have it available and use it correctly for what needs to be done depending on the scenario during late game.

  However if you are behind during Late Game (in a "30 minute game"), the abilities are still used in the same concept. 115.png focuses on wave clearing only instead of poking and when the chance is right him or his team can start a fight playing around his CC and ult [ ziggsw.png ziggse.png ziggsr.png ]. 
   In conclusion, 115.png has absurd wave clear potential due to his long range. As of patch 7.24, games due to tend to end faster and being able to hold 1v1 in match ups are "preferred". This does not mean 115.png is not viable, it only means that early game you want to just make sure you do not lose lane hard to the point you cannot stay in lane 1v1. Knowing when to play passive/agro style also depends on match ups do not be afraid to play aggressive versus 90.png (pre-6/when you have lead/QSS) and more passive versus 101.png (out ranged in every way).

Game-play Video (Ziggs) Back to Top

Ziggs Game-play Video [HD!]

Video Note(s): [New to making videos]

- Figure out how to record in HD.

- However recording live game(s) will lag my FPS and affect my gameplay.

- Expect edits/slides/voice soon

- Sound is a huge issue, learning how to separate audio from video and adjusting accordingly 

- Let me know what you would like to see in the comments on LoLking or the video!

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  I am Musics in the North American server and have been D1-Master tier since last season (7).

  I have been playing league for approximately 7 years and have been diamond for 5 years. I have been coaching friends and people that request my help for free for around 3 years. I explain subjects related to League of Legends well, however I have no experience making video in general. I will try and learn how to make proper YouTube videos to make video version(s) of my guide(s) so stay tune for that!

I have been online throughout the League community vocally through many ways. 

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