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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png Exhaust lets you control enemies, negating a good amount of their damage, and slowing them, against any engage support this will stop them from insta killing you when they engage onto you, also helps against no mobile ADC's (222.png22.png110.png) that don't have dashes away.

14.png Simply gives you more damage, lets you take killing enemy champions into your hands, hitting a full combo ( zoee.png dot-pattern.png zoeq.png dot-pattern.png 14.png ) will kill most carries or put them at very low health.

4.png Flash is standard on most champions, Zoe is no exception, also lets you make plays with:

4.png dot-pattern.png zoee.png 
zoeq.png dot-pattern.png 4.png
zoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoer.png dot-pattern.png 4.png 

New Runes Back to Top

Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64 Free hit on targets hit by zoee.png, also adds to your Q zoeq.png poke damage in lane, Arcane comet deals the most damage for Zoe, cooldown gets reduced very quickly since Zoe is constantly casting multiple abilities 
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Free ability every 1 minutes, and some mana regen, Zoe's abilities cost a good amount of Mana, and during the laning phase you will quickly run out of Mana, and makes it so you don't really have to think about mana use.
Celerity.png?width=64 Bonus movement speed, helps Zoe a lot since she relaise on her mobility is part of her damage, you also will get bonus AP from bonus movement speed while you can easily get from zoew.png
Scorch.png?width=64 More damage, on a longer cooldown, but more damage for free is very good.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64 Getting Free boots lets you save on gold, and buy 3020.png3158.png3117.png for cheaper as well, not having boots before 10 minutes isn't that bad for Zoe
Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64 Generally useful, not hugely impactful but helpful.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

zoer.png dot-pattern.pngzoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoee.png dot-pattern.png zoew.png

zoepassive.png Passive

  • After casting an ability Zoe's next auto attack deals bonus magic damage.
  • Can be used twice with 1 cast of Q zoeq.png > Auto Attack > zoeq.png Recast Q 

zoeq.png Paddle Star

  • Zoe shots a blast, can be recast to shot it in a different direction
  • The farther the blast travels the more damage it does
  • Cast behind you then walk into the enemy for max damage from distance
  • Blast range is based on Zoe's current location can extend the range with Zoe's ULT zoer.png & 4.png Flash.

zoew.png Spell Theif 

  • When enemy champions cast Summoner Spells or Active Items they drop a shard, when picked up by Zoe she can cast that Summoner Spell or Item once
  • After this ability has been activated Zoe gains bonus movement speed and gains 3 orbs around her that deal magic damage to the closet target.
  • During Teamfights you can pick up multiple Flashes 4.png to get closer to the enemies (7.png & 14.png for combat effectiveness), and when enemies build active items you get to use them too!
  • It's very effective to simply spam all the shards you pick up, since they all have a good amount of value in them, and during chaotic fights when 5 or more are dropped you don't have much time to get them off in the optimal way.

zoee.png Sleepy Trouble Bubble
  • Zoe shoots a short ranged bubble, putting to sleep after a short duration the first target hit ( can hit minions ), if it doesn't hit anything it will pop and leave a small circle on the ground, any enemies that step on it will fall asleep.
  • Zoe can cast this through 1 wall and it will travel the max distance through the wall, you can use this in lane to hit targets from very far away, in ganks to hit enemies from the fog of war
  • Enemies that are asleep take bonus damage true damage from the next ability that hits them
  • Putting an enemy champion to sleep refunds a part of zoee.png's cooldown.
  • If you hit an enemy in the fog of war with this you can see the sleep animation, but not the champion.
zoer.png Portal Jump
  • Zoe jumps to a target location, then back to where she originally cast Portal Jump 
  • Use this ability to gain distance and increase Zoe's Q zoeq.png damage
  • You can cast any ability or summoner spell while in Zoe's ULT 
  • zoer.png dot-pattern.png zoee.png an enemy carry
  • zoer.png over walls to ward 
  • zoer.png to dodge an incoming ability enchantedcrystalarrow.png
  • zoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoer.png for max damage.
  • While you are through the portal you can flash or use active items, and get 1 auto attack before coming back.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items
3303.png Spell thieves lets you get gold for damage enemies, poking enemies in lane will deal more damage and give you gold, so it puts a big ephesus on deal damage to enemies in lane.
2003.png2003.png2003.png 3 Health pots gives you enough sustain to trade against the enemy ADC and Support before your first back for 3098.png
3340.png Free ward on cooldown.

Example Full Build

This build will give you the cheapest AP items possible along with a good amount of utility and durability.

2301.png Build path is simple, lets you clear up inventory space by combining Frostfang & Sightstone, gives you 1 extra ward which helps a lot in the vision game and small amounts of health & AP.
3158.png3117.png3020.png Are all good boot options (3117.png & 3158.png are both the cheapest options, 3020.png is good if you are very far ahead, you don't lose much by not buying it though, the utility you get from 3117.png or 3158.png
3165.png Large amount of AP, Mana, and CDR, everything Zoe needs going into the Mid Game, build path is also very good with 3108.png & 3802.png no matter how little gold you have at the time of recalling you can probably get an 1052.png.
3116.png Very cheap and lets you slow enemies when you hit them, and gives some health, so slightly more damage, durability and added utility.
3151.png Liandry gets full value from it's passive when you have Rylai's slow applied from every ability, and like Rylai's gives you AP, and Health & Magic Pen will let you damage squishier targets more.
3135.png Good last item, is cheap and will give you the Magic Pen you need against any target with Magic Resist item.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Xerath



  • Poke him level 1, and push for level 2 quicker than them.
  • Alistar's engage onto you during the laning phase is very strong and will most likely kill you
  • pulverize.png will knock you up, but you will go back through your ULT zoer.png if buffered 



  • rocketgrab.png will interrupt your ULT zoer.png , but you can dodge hook with ULT 
  • Blitzcrank can simple run at you and pull you if you have no minions to hide behind, so be very conscious of the minion wave and play around it for safety.
  • zoee.png him as he is approaching you, but know he can cast hook rocketgrab.png before he falls asleep so be trying to dodge it.
  • Stay in the minion wave during laning phase to avoid his hook.



  • You can hit braum with Q's zoeq.png & auto attacks for free during the laning phase letting you farm spell thieves stacks pretty easily.
  • Later into the game you can be punished heavily if you get in melee or Q braumq.png range of braum, if you are stunned up
  • You can burst Braum from 100 - 0 if you have a level and item advantage, but other times you can do practically no damage to him later when he has multiple health items and a locket.



  • Janna can be strong in lane, but it's very easy to avoid her approach for a auto attack > sowthewind.png , levels 1-5 if she hits you with multiple of these trades, ya you are going to lose lane, but if you simply Q her and walk away you win the trade.
  • late game you can still attack her from long range by shooting E zoee.png through a wall.
  • And most janna's will build multiple active items giving you the active items as well!



  • Leona is easy to play, and job is always the same she looks to land E leonazenithblade.png and lock you down while dealing tons of damage, so the job is simple don't get hit by the E leonazenithblade.png but it's not that simple.
  • You can spend an entire laning phase not doing much since leona will always be idling waiting to engage on you, this is fine just know you scale well into the mid to late game, or try roaming.



  • Nami is very strong in lane and beats you very hard, so try to sustain the laning phase by not trading auto attacks with her
  • namiq.png her bubble is very easy to land on you going in or out of Portal zoer.png
  • so you should expect to get hit or buffer flash to avoid it.
  • You do out roam nami, she will always be with her ADC, so try to move with your jungler and gank solo lanes.



  • Sona is a strong laner, but has to manage her mana, if she spams to many heals she will go oom ,then you can abuse her in lane.
  • If you land a Sleep zoee.png on sona she has one of the lowest health values in the game, so landing any follow up damage with an Ignite 14.png will kill her or put her close to death.


Tahm Kench


Tahm is like a walking minion, only thing you have to care for is his Q tahmkenchq.png poke, other than that you can farm your spell thieves very easily against him.




Taric is weak in lane, can block / sustain some of your damage, but he runs out of mana very quickly, you have to be widely mispositioned to get hit by one of his E's tarice.png.

Taric's E tarice.png can easily be dodged with Zoe's ULT zoer.png




Watch out for Thresh's level 2 all in, he will 4.png dot-pattern.png threshe.png dot-pattern.png threshq.png 

If thresh hooks you mid ULT zoer.png it won't cancel it, but he will be able to travel to where you land.
When thresh's hook is on cooldown you can look to trade with him in lane
threshw.png lets thresh save targets his is near that you hit with E zoee.png, but the cooldown on lanturn is very long so he can only do this about once every fight




Levels 1-5 Xerath definitely has the advantage, but once you get ULT you can stay surprising him and landing close range E's only him with zoer.png dot-pattern.png zoee.png

Early Game Back to Top

Early game you want to get good combos onto the enemy bot lane with zoee.png dot-pattern.png zoeq.png ,but avoid small trades, since most supports will cast 2 or more abilities when you can only hit a less powerful Q zoeq.png.

For a small trade in lane you can stand on either side of the minion wave, shoot a Q zoeq.png backwards, then move towards the enemy and send it forward, to get a zoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoepassive.png  dot-pattern.png zoeq.png dot-pattern.png zoepassive.png trade making full use of your passive with 2 autos attacks, then moving back into your minion wave and use a health pot to restore the damage they did you to, and then attempt an all in on the chunked enemy with an zoee.png through a wall in the fog of war, you can shoot from the tri brush, or from the river bush.

Early game when you put a target to sleep you will do a ton of burst damage with a max range Q zoeq.png 2 auto attack passive procs zoepassive.png & Ignite 14.png as long as you do this mechacically perfect than the enemy you should should be very very low HP.

You can’t move far up the lane without your ADC or vision, so be mindful of your positioning or you will find yourself dying a lot. 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game you can continue to look for good roams and picks with long range E zoee.pngs from the fog of war 2055.png3341.png

Moving with your team will give you a higher chance of killing any target you CC, simply having more champions to damage them is better, that being said every single game your team isn't going to follow your ever ping like robots, so don't over extend alone and get caught out yourself. You offer a lot of damage, but don't have good ways of escaping from fights, so it's better to let fights start and having your team tank some damage before going in, or simply waiting in a safe spot then trying to catch an enemy out.

If the laning phase is still going on Zoe benefits a good amount from being able to farm longer and get more items to have a strong 5 man team fighting into the mid game.

If you ADC is constantly dying and the enemy is pushing for your tower, instead of afking in front of it, buy some 3117.png and try to get some kills on the top side of the map. If you are always waiting to see where the enemy is going to show up next and reacting then you will always be behind them in the play, so be ahead of them and catch them out of position when they think they have a lead.

If the enemy has champions that can immediately CC you as you jump forward with ULT zoer.png, then try to stay out of range of them while jumping forward, or don't jump forward around them at all.

You don't have to make game changing plays in the Mid game, just be looking for small fights, and small wins.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game you become even more of a power house, getting through the mid game can be hard, but the later and later games go the more and more AP items you can complete and the more damage you can deal. 


Late game will usually involve you moving with your team and trying to catch the an enemy champion off guard or mispositioned. 

Zoe is very strong at catching people out from the fog of war 3341.png 2055.png, with the long range capabilities of zoee.png E, and the speed at which it shoots out it’s very hard for enemies to play around it. This being your only engage tool is also weaker than most other support's ULT, but E's cooldown is much shorter than a normal support's engage ULT, so it's a lot safer of an ability

Late game you will have a lot more damage, and you need to be getting your damage off onto the enemy carries, if you can only cast abilities onto tanks you don't do your team much of a service by doing 300 damage to a 3000 tank. Moving around the fog of war, or outskirts of a fight will let you get closer and in range of the enemy carries hopefully without them noticing. Really think about how you are going to play out fights based on your team comp and the enemy team comp. 

During late game team fights as well you can make great use of Zoe's W zoew.png, any time an enemy uses a Summoner Spell or Active item it will drop a shard, allowing you to pick them up and cast multiple Summoner Spells and Active items very rapidly, you don't have to get the most value out of what you pickup if there are many options on the floor, it's probably best to pick them all up and spam them all.

Zoe's Siege is also very strong when you stand in the fog of war and fish for E zoee.png's, and over the wall poke with zoeq.pngzoeq.pngzoer.png

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • High Damage & Burst
  • Very hard for enemies to get onto / deal with in fights
  • zoew.png Randomness of W can give you HUGE advantages out of no where


  • No escape
  • Have to land E zoee.png to really get anything done
  • No game changing ULT compared to other supports

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

League of Legends Coaching $15 an Hour or $20 for 2 Hours of Coaching!  

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