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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

You always wanna take flash for 99 reasons. This spell is just too good you must take it.

With it you can save your life in the worst situations, but also set up perfect engages for your ADC / Team with a combo   flash > E > R

14.png Ignite

The agressive choice, i usually take it when my team doesn't need exhaust.
The things to know about it :
  • Can be picked against every opponent if you're confident enough
  • The spell for carry your lane with more damage
  • Bad when behind and/or playing defensive
  • Weaker than exhaust late game
  • You can't peel for your ADC

3.png Exhaust

The defensive choice, i take it in these cases : 
  • The ennemy team has a huge threat for your ADC such as 238_64.png or 7_64.png 
  • I'm not confident/scared in lane
  • Scale very well in late game, a good exhaust can make a teamfight
  • You can peel more for your ADC
  • Great in lane vs dive champs 
  • Good when you play defensive
Notice that the MR / ARM debuff is also good since you will deal more damage.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity Tree
- Sorcery for more damage on your spells
- Double Edged Sword if you like to deal damage / Expose weakness if you're more support oriented
- Natural Talent for more damage too
- Oppressor, since you will most of the time deal damage to rooted/slowed targets

Cunning Tree
-Wanderer for better roaming and back to lane faster
- Secret Stash for better lane sustain
- Merciless for damage / Meditation if you have trouble managing mana
- Bandit for increased gold income since you won't farm / Dangerous game if you like risky plays
- Precision to shred squichies easier
- Thunderlord because it can be procced very easily with your plants, even from afar

Abilities Back to Top


The max order can be either R -> Q -> E -> W   or R -> E -> Q -> W

You wanna max Q for :
  • Less cooldown
  • Easier to land than E
  • Better poke overall

You wanna max E for :

  • Better crowd control, allowing you to ground immobile targets

Now that Zyra damage is more about plants, maxing E is viable too.
I would recommend maxing it against immobile adc like Ashe or Jinx.


Passive - Garden of Thorns

You'll pop plants everywhere near you, giving vision a brief time. Ennemies can walk on it 1 second after it appears.
Your plants won't spawn if you are inside a bush.

Q - Deadly Spines

Your primary damage spell.
You will use it to poke in lane, linked with your W for extra damage

When maxed it will have only 5 sec CD (without CDR), which means you can use it more than once on a longer trade.
The range is high so you can poke without exposing yourself too much.

W - Rampant Growth

The spell that makes Zyra identity.
It can be used in many ways : 
  • Pop Q or W plants
  • Check a bush from a higher range than a ward
  • Dodge some spells with a fast plant pop (ex : Blitz or Thresh hook)
  • Tank one turret shot per seed
You should always wait to have 2 seeds before any all in.
Remember that without plants your damage is weaker. 

E - Grasping roots

Your main CC spell
It can be used in many ways :
  • Engage / Disengage a fight
  • Peel for someone 
  • Zoning with slowing plants
This spell is strong linked with W because he provides root + slow, but it's slow and small, avoid to miss it if possible. 
If you missed back off and wait your CDs.

R - Stranglethorns

Your ultimate spell, it's a very powerfull ability that allows you to :
  • Add lots of burst to your combo
  • Disengage a fight by CCing many champs
  • Buff your plants AS (add some DPS) 
  • Zone, since the ultimate area will be avoided by ennemies, and they won't be in the fight
The CD is quite high, use this ability wisely (for escape / all in / teamfight)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the standard start, it provides the health and mana regen to be agressive from level 1
    Always start with totem, and swap with sweeper when you buy the sightstone

Core Items

    Frost Queen is good to catch up immobile targets, but you can also consider Eye of the watcher for slot saving. Only upgrade when you have your sightstone. Sorcerer Shoes gives you more pen early on, it increases by a lot your damage.
    Since you're a support you will have to buy this, only upgrade to ruby sighstone if you have nothing else to do.
    You should always have a pink placed on the map

Situational Items

    Another good choices of boots, mobility are better in 5v5 team to give better vision. Ionians are also good if you need CDR
    You're a damage support so you will need some of these items to be relevant in this role
    The MS is good since you're very slow. Your plants proc the passive too. Very expensive tho.
    If you are getting hard focused or your team needs some auras
    Classic final build
    Extremely powerful and gold efficient item if you adc is fed. Don't build it too early or you will lack of damage.

Usual items

3092_32.png Is a great item for Zyra : Since you're the support you won't get much gold, that's the first reason why you need this item. The second reason is the active, which provides you additionnal CC to escape a gank or stick people in your ultimate (the 80% slow helps a lot for this when used right after the root)

2049_32.png You must buy this one at your first or second back depending of your gold.
If you have 800+ gold on your first back buy this
If not buy 3098_32.png or 1028_32.png and some potions and get it for your second back.

3116_32.png It provides just everything you need, some HP for survability, AP for damage, and a very usefull passive, which will slow on every spell and AA from your plants, you can slow down a whole team with your R and some seeds.

3165_32.png  A cheap choice for lots of AP / Regen / CDR. A good item for AP damage supports if you need mana regen.

3135_32.png This item is very cost efficient, in most cases it will be a better buy than deathcap. Since you're a support your build will be delayed. When you will have to choose void staff or rabadon ennemies will probably have some MR items and the void staff will be better.
3089_32.png This item is situational, i build it late game if i don't have better choice and i need more damage. Don't forget it's a very expensive item for a support. 

3157_32.png Very useful active and stats versus AD enemies such as Zed or Talon. I only get these if there is a specific threat which requires it, or last item. Same as Rabadon it's very expensive.

3285_32.png This gives you MS which is very good on a slow champ like zyra, the luden proc makes your poke stronger too. It also gives you lots of AP. Very expensive for a support too.

3151_32.png It can help you killing squichies, but the % damage isn't that useful vs tanks, because they will have MR and the % damage won't be significant. Don't build this for damaging tanks

If you're far ahead you can buy only 3136_32.png  for the aditionnal pen, and upgrade it later in the game.

3050.png This item is one of the most powerful item in the game right now. While active it is basically a 7th item slot for your target ally. In late game it will also give you 20% more AP which means you'll hurt. Don't buy this too early (can be good as a 4th or 5th item, after boots/frost queen/and some ap items) or you will lack of damage (+20% ap doesn't mean anything if you don't have ap first)

Defensive items

I don't like building defensive items on Zyra since i need damage but sometimes it can prevents from feeding and be a better choice.

3102_32.png Banshee is good against AP poke champs such as 76_64.png 101_64.png 43_64.png 268_64.png, etc... 

3143_32.png This one is amazing against AD bruisers & assassins ( 58_64.png 107_64.png 5_64.png 421_64.png, etc... ), it helps you survive the burst and prevent them for following you with the active (don't forget to use it!)

3190_32.png Buy this if the ennemy team deals a lot of AoE  (61_64.png 113_64.png 68_64.png 112_64.png, etc...). Try to shield many people as possible with the active !    Warning : useless if someone already built it (it doesn't stack)
3222_32.png You portable mini cleanse for your adc. Do it if your ADC has to face many CCs and have a hard time with it (127_64.png R, 25_64.png Q, etc...). 
WARNING : This doesn't work against suppressions : 19_64.png  90_64.png  6_64.png  72_64.png

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
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  • Morgana
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  • Soraka
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  • Taric
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  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz




You will have to poke his ADC down, because Alistar can sustain fairly good your damage with his heal.

You should always stay away from him, if he lands one combo you will end up flash away or dying. 
He has no range so try to abuse this.

At 6 you should be very careful of his dive and tank ability.

He's even more dangerous when paired with a bursty ADC (104_64.png 42_64.png ...)




Annie has more reliable poke than you but she has less range, use this to your advantage.

She is also squichy. 

Be aware of her burst at 6, if you are under 50% hp you shouldn't stay.

Keep an eye on her stun indicator, and  with 3 stacks she can E and insta R or W for a surprise stun.




She has a bigger aa range than yours so you will have a hard time poking her. Her W is also very annoying when poking.

But she's also very immobile so you can punish her very easily with good Qs, and your all in will force her flash or she'll die.

Be aware of arrow level 6, if you got hit you're basically dead.



Abuse his weaknesses (low range, predictable heal pack position, squichy).

Don't feel too confident when behind minions, he can stun you through it if he's good. He also have decent damage with his passive and thunderlord decree.

He is very good at setting up ganks with his E and R, don't go balls deep if you have no informations about him or their jungle.

Here is some common uses of his E for ganks 





Blitzcrank can either be tricky or easy, depending of his skill and of your ADC skill at dodges.

You guessed it, dodge grabs and it will be fine. If he misses one, you have a window of 15/20 seconds to be agressive, without Q he's nothing.

Be aware of his high burst at 6 his ult deals tons of damage.




Braum has not many things against you. He can't dodge any damage with his E, since your Q and R are ground AoE and not projectiles. He can't really protect his ADC (except prevent him to be rooted).

Auto attack & poke him to death, but stay behind your minions, you don't wanna take a Q followed by a free stun.

Stay away from ennemies creeps, when he's 6, his best way to engage is to jump on a ally minion and R.




Caitlyn is annoying as hell, it's basically the same than ashe, but worse for you, since her range is even bigger.

Don't take too much aa damage from her while poking, prefer using Q than aa.

She also have an escape with her E, remember it before trying to root her.




Corki is the guy that will shred you with magic/physical/true damage.

Try to avoid as much as possible his Q in early stage and R post 6.

He has a lower range than yours so use it to be agressive early on.

He hits a big powerspike when he get his 3078_32.png




Draven will deal loads of damage with spinning axes.

You still outrange him, you can try to aa him if you're sure of what you're doing, prefer poking him with Q.

He have almost no escape, use it. 

Be careful through the whole game of his R when you back low HP.




Ezreal is very squichy, if you can catch him with a root you'll hit him hard.

Be careful in lane, stay behind minions to dodges Qs. His burst can be surprising at lvl 6 don't get caught off guard.




Graves is a low range ADC, use this early on to poke him down. But don't expose too much a short range Q can be devastating.

Post 6 be very careful you'll be oneshoted if caught.




Janna is a low range support, she can't answer properly to your poke.

Try to force her to use shield often by aa and Qing constantly.

If she does you'll have a short window (3 sec) when you Q is up and her E down.

Your R knockup will stop her R channeling if you use it right before she does.




Extremly strong champion at any stage of the game. His snowball is crazy.

Be careful of his passive, he will usually walk up to you to use it, which can be an opportunity for a E.

Watch the bounces of his Q, you don't wanna take free damage from it.

Be VERY careful about his W, if you're rooted too close to him or his support you will be in a bad spot !

Abuse his immobility to kill him.



She has a high aa range in rocket form, but she's also very immobile. She won't use rocket all the time, use minigun windows to poke her. 
If you can root her she'll suffer.

Don't give her kills or she will snowball like crazy.

Be aware of her R while backing.




Kalista is a pain in the ass. Her passive allows her to dodge easily your slow E and your Q.

If you can hit your spell you'll be able to kill her, otherwise you will have a hard time.

She also can save her support with R, you can't burst him either if she's in the area.




Karma is kinda like you she's a poke/damage support.

She'll spam her Q, don't stay too close of you minions.

Don't stay in her RQ AoE, and care about the RW root duration.




Kog'Maw will be hard to poke while on W range buff, so you will have to wait for it to expire before going agressive. Without his W buff your aa range is superior.

Try to take advantage and kill him early since his range scale with levels.




Leona is the kind of support that likes engage all day long.

Try to poke her hard lvl 1 so she can't straight engage lvl 2.
Don't get caught by her or you will probably flash/die.

If she managed to jump on your adc just root their adc to prevent him to join the all in.

Be careful post 6 : her ultimate have a huge range and a low CD (90/75/60s without CDR) which is almost half yours.




Lucian low range makes him easy to poke lvl 1 & 2, but once he got all his spells he will deal a lot of damage while being very mobile.

His Q go far and through creeps, think about it when moving behind your wave.

Play very carefully when dealing with him or you will be bursted down.




Lulu is an annoying champ to deal with, because she can both poke and protect the ADC from burst.

You can't poke her to much with your aa for two reasons : her aa deal much more damage thanks to her passive, and she will be in range for an E + Q combo.

Post 6, her R will prevent you to burst the ADC, and it can't be countered by ignite.

Fortunately her mana costs are quite high. Poke her a maximum to use her mana in shields and not in damage.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune isn't played that much.

Be aware of her burst damage early on, don't commit too much.

Her passive allows her to dodge your spells easier, but except this she have no escape, you can kill her with your ADC if you land a good E. 
You can aa her first to reduce his MS before trying a root.

Your R cancel hers too.




Morgana can be a pain to deal with when paired for example with a bursty ADC, if she lands a Q on you, you're dead.

Her E prevent you to root your target, and ruin your combo (sometimes she will use it to shield your Q). This ablity is very powerfull but also have a huge cooldown (22s rank 1)
Since most Morgana max Q first, her E will have 10s more CD than you E.

Her R will deal tons of damage if she can land the stun, don't commit too much on an engage for example.

She have no sustain and a low aa range, poke her to death carefuly.




Nami kit is very strong in good hands. She will catch you if you make a mistake, and sustain her ADC if you can't poke enough.

  • Her Q is a death sentence if you can't dodge it, but it is also slow.
  • Her W is the spell she will max in most cases. Trading with her will not be easy. The mana cost is pretty high tho she will be oom before you if you can poke their lane enough.

Be careful about aa trading, her E will slow you and make Q harder to dodge, you have more range.

She's also very squichy, a good catch will kill her anytime.




Nautilus is tanky, this lane is kinda the same than Blitzcrank in worse.

If you're hooked, you'll be rooted and slowed, and dead
He also deal decent damage early.

His shield will negate your poke a bit.

His R will catch you if you're out of position.

Abuse your range to aa trade and Q poke him and his ADC.




Nunu isn't much played support anymore.

On this lane you'll have to poke his adc only, since he can regen by eating CS and your plants !

He provides no sustain to his ADC, only a few MS, and he have no range.

Be careful about sneaky R post 6.




Quinn isn't meant to play ADC, she's better as an assassin top / midlane.

Her low range and no mobility makes her an easy prey for your Qs and aa.

Stay away a few seconds if her passive pops on you.
Be careful of her burst, double harrier procs hurts, and her R movespeed can be surprising. 




Sivir kit is annoying for you. Her shield will block some of your poke.

Always use your Q paired with a plant for guarantee some damage.

Her low range allows you to aa trade easily.

Try to avoid the boomerang, and don't stay too close of your minions when she uses her W one the wave.

The only way for you to burst her is to force her to shield with a Q (or E). Then wait until your Q CD is up and try a root. Her shield CD is long enough early on (22 sec).




Sona has the lowest hp pool of supports.

She will try to poke you, punish every misposition, if you can land a root she will die.

Trade constantly with aa and Q, her early heal isn't strong enough to sustain you and your ADC damage.

Any burst paired with your ADC will kill her at any moment of the lane phase, abuse this.




Against Soraka using ignite can be a good idea.

Try to poke her if you can ( she can't heal herself) or her ADC (she will use his life to heal him).

Remember to dodge her Q, she will heal your damage if you don't.

She's extremely good on long trades (her heal has around 3 sec CD), so try to burst her ADC if you can kill him fast, or just focus her.
Don't make the mistake to focus her ADC too long, she will heal 3 or 4 times and you will loose the trade.


Tahm Kench


Tahm Kench haven't a great laning phase, be careful of his Q while poking, and don't get eaten.

Focus on poking his adc, he doesn't provide any sustain, and his E passive makes him hard to poke.




Taric is just one of the easiest lane for zyra.

His low range stun will never hit you or your ADC if you root him before he does.
His passive only gives armor, you don't care.
He is melee.
His heal is weak and expensive in mana.

Poke their lane to death he can't do much.




An average lane, a lot determined by Thresh skill.

If he catches you, you will probably die.
He is quite squichy tho, use this and your range to poke him so he can't engage.
Try to deny him sools, and poke him when he goes for it.

The things to know about Thresh : 
  • Your aa range is way bigger to him, you can aa him without return, but his E passive makes his aa way stronger than yours
  • Never walk in E range or he will E then Q you.
  • His lantern is amazing for setting up lane ganks, be careful when he throws his lantern back.
  • His ult deal massive damage and massive slow, avoid it.
  • You can block his Q with a fast plant pop.




The new tristana has a suprising good burst, even early on (lvl 2 for example).

Be very careful when trading with her. A fully stacked E will hurt a lot.

She has almost no tools for answer your poke, abuse this to tone her down early.

Your aa range is bigger until her lvl 5.




Twitch is pretty weak in lane if you got the right adc.

He's really squichy, has no sustain, and can't answer your poke.

Your have more range, use this to poke him without return.

Be very careful of his E burst if you have 5 stacks .

Think about a pink ward to prevent him escape.




Varus can deal a huge burst on short trades (3 aa + spell), and can apply a constant pressure with his Q poke.

His range is the same as yours, try to Q poke him and burst him down when he's low enough. He has no escape at all.

Buying boots early can be good for dodging his Q.

If he land a root on you or your adc pop your ultimate for buying some time.




Vayne is an easy matchup for you.

She is squichy, weak early game, and have low range.

Be very agressive from the beginning, aa and Q as uch as possible.

You should be careful about : 
  • His third bolt proc hurts a lot, avoid it if possible or the trade will be in her favor most of the time
  • Don't stay too close from the walls, her E can kill you
  • She's got a huge powerspike when she get 6, if she uses it you'll have to kill her quick




Vel'koz is like you. Except his early is weaker and is late stronger.

He has more damage than you but everything is dodgeable.

Avoid being poke by his Q (be careful the T can touch you behind your minions).
Try to avoid the third spell stack too, it hurts badly.

When he get 6 he can almost 100-0 you if he land everything.

Your poke is easier to land and deal more damage early, your aa range is bigger too.
If you catch him he dies, abuse this.

More about Matchups... Back to Top

Note : 

I rated the difficulty above considering my playstyle, which is very agressive, with often aa and Q trades.
Some lanes like sona for example can be more difficult if you play more passive.

Easy : You can pick Zyra VS these champ, you'll have an advantage.
Medium : Usualy skill matchups, Zyra can do fine VS theses ones.
Hard : Pick Zyra only if you're confident enough VS this champ. 

The triangle :

This the rule about the support machups in botlane (credits to this post : LINK )
This isn't totally true anymore but the general idea is still there.
  • Kill beats sustain
    A sustain lane doesn't have damage to fight the enemy directly so the kill lanes can actually kill them.
  • Sustain beats poke
    The sustain lane has weaker poke damage than the poke supports, but after this poke it can heal themselves up, staying at full hp while the poke lane is damaged.
  • Poke beats kill
    Poke lane has high damage and also does constantly damage to the kill lane supports. This mean that these kill lane melee supports are often around 50% health and will be killed if the engage.

Zyra is a poke / kill champ, which means you can do fine against every support if you know what you're doing.

General rules : 

VS sustain : 
Try to poke hard, so the support have to use all his mana to sustain his lane. This may be impossible if you're doing it wrong (taking to much poke in return or being oom before them). 

VS kill :
In this case you'll have to ward the lane bush everytime to avoid being caught by surprise. Play very carefuly or you'll die.

VS Poke : 
This one is similar to sustain lane, except you'll have to poke harder than them to win the lane. Warding the lane bush can also be useful for dodging poke. 

ADC partners Back to Top

Zyra can be played with any ADC.

But she will be a lot better with ADCs which can CC or burst

Burst : 

If you burst someone to half hp, these champs will follow and get the kill :
104_64.png  42_64.png  119_64.png  81_64.png  236_64.png

CC : 

With these champ you can chain CC someone and kill him :
22_64.png  110_64.png

Poke : 

These champs will poke with you, making the enemy botlane very salty :
81_64.png  51_64.png  222_64.png

Kalista : 

Zyra can also be good with Kalista for many reasons : 
  • Her W passive can be easily proced by your long range aa
  • Her R allows you to play very agressive and get a free simple escape
  • Your CCs allows you to buy time for her to add more E stacks 

Zyra role, strengths and weaknesses Back to Top

Role :

Zyra is a poke / kill support which excels in zoning and applying pressure to her lane.
In teamfight, she can deny an entire area with her ultimate, or CC a whole team with her E / R.
She can also burst down a squichy caught off guard.

She is still a strong champion, but risky.

Strengths : 

  • 2 AoE CC spells
  • Lots of base damage, which means you'll hurt without much AP
  • Long range, both aa (575) and spells
  • Free vision with seeds and plants
  • Can both burst and dps
  • High zoning power with plants and ultimate
  • Good wave clear
  • Low CDs

Weaknesses : 

  • Very squichy
  • Mana dependant
  • Only skillshots, and 2 of them are slow/long to cast
  • A good positioning is needed to avoid feeding

Combos Back to Top

NEVER use your W before your Q or E, or the enemy will know approximatively the AoE position.

Q > W

This is your poke combo, you'll use it often in lane, but not that much after. Keep your seeds for teamfight / zoning.

E > W > Q > W

This is your main damage combo. The first EW plant slows after the root to keep the champ into the QW plant.
Notice that you'll need 2 seeds to do that, be aware of this.

E > W > R > Q > W

This is your all in combo, almost the same than previously. You want to add the R right after the root to maximise the chances of bump. Your plant will also have more AS, so if the bump lands you'll deal one or two more plant autos. 

E > W   "Fast Pop"

This combo is the fastest way to pop a plant. This is a little trick for dodging skillshots, for example 412_64.png or 53_64.png hooks.

Warding spots Back to Top

As the support, you'll have to give vision to your team, vision is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Try to always get a pink ward placed at anytime in the game, remember that the pink ward is worth its gold at 4 minutes, then it's free vision.

Also use your trinket / sightstone to permanently have 2 or 3 stealth wards placed.

Be very careful when going warding, you don't wanna facecheck the bush where dat garen waits you.
Your ADC is also alone while you're away, good botlanes can notice it and kill him before you come back.


The stealth wards are often used to prevent ganks from the river / lane and to avoid being catch in lane.

But also for objective control (dragon / baron nashor)


The visions wards are more used to prevent the enemy jungler to invade, or the enemy midlaner to rotate through your jungle for a gank.

But also for setting up a gank for your own teamates.

Blue Side : 


Red Side : 


After lane phase : 

When you leave you lane and start moving with your team, the important warding spots are the dragon / baron areas.

The other spots depends a lot of the situation : is there a Fiddlestick / Zac that will go through that wall? Is there that damn Evelynn that will attack on your back?

Also remember to use your 3341_32.png and upgrade it early.

Early game Back to Top

As Zyra, you'll have to apply pressure on the ADC / Support from level 1. Try to poke as much as possible with QW and aa.

Mana :
Be aware of your mana pool, which is very small early on ( you'll be oom in ~4 Qs lvl 1/2 ). Don't use your snare too often for the same reasons. Use your mana potions to keep pressuring until your first back. If you can buy 1 or 2 mana potions when you back, Zyra is heavily mana dependant.

Warding : 
As Zyra don't overextend too much, you'll be gank and you will die, you're slow.
Ward the enemy bush and the river to prevent ganks and give vision/information for your team.
Be very careful when leaving your ADC alone for warding, choose the right timing or he can be engaged. You can also die by the jungler.
Dragon wards are very important, try to keep this area warded as much as possible.

Priorities : 
  1. Support your ADC ! If he goes in try to help him taking down his target (don't be rekless if he's stupid tho), if he's being agressed, root the opponent to avoid him damage 
  2. For better protection you will need vision, keep the area warded for your lane/team
  3. Poke the lane, don't overestimate your damage you're still a support
  4. Engage / Disengage if necessary

Mid / Late game Back to Top

Now the laning phase is over, you got your support items (sightsone / frost queen). And now you're building some damage.

  • You're still the vision warden, keep the map warded as much as possible around objectives / catch points.
  • Group with your team to take objectives (other dragons / towers) when possible.
  • Again, don't overextend, you're still an easy kill for the jungler / midlaner.
  • You can shove lanes if needed now.
  • Remember that objectives are almost always a better choice than kills, don't chase that 1/2 hp guy with your team, ping the free tower instead.
  • You can try some catch over walls with your team (use your red trinket in the area before setting up a trap).


In teamfights you'll can have 2 roles : engage or disengage/zone
Don't forget your 3092_32.png it is a really useful tool in both situations.

Engage : 

  • Try to use your ultimate on many people if possible (don't pop it on the tank only), be sure that at least one high priority target is in the R area, try to CC them as much as possible. 
  • You can wait another mate engage, and then follow up with your CC / Damage.
  • Flash can be an useful tool for perfect engage, but you won't be able to use it for escape (be kamikaze Zyra!).
  • When your primary burst is used, peel for your backline.

Disengage / Zone : 
It is usually easier to disengage : when you feel the situation is not in your favor
  • You're 2v4 and they are runing onto you and your adc? pop your ultimate and E>WW to protect your ADC/APC.
  • You're doing the Dragon and they are comming through jungle? use your E>WW>R on their path to prevent them coming into the frey!

Updates Back to Top

02/07/2015 : Release

05/08/2015 : 5.15 Updates

28/09/2015 : 5.18 QoL changes buffed Zyra zoning potential (better plant IA)

17/09/2016 : 6.18 update

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