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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This will be your summoner spells. I personally prefer Exhaust mostly for climbing. This is mostly because your influence is bot lane and if the enemy Yasuo or Riven becomes a huge threat you can shut them down later in the game. You might pick Ignite in lanes you feel very confident in or when you're playing against a team that you know you won't need Exhaust against.

After the update now Zyra lost some of her burst and is turning more into a zoning mage, so you most likely won't be in melee distance on anyone, so you probably want exhaust even more now because if they are in your face, you don't want to try and burst them, at least not as much as you used to. It still works and your burst isn't even significantly lower, but you're more focused on zoning, so you want to use your plants to your advantage, so you don't really want to fight with the enemies in your face. So to help you understand when you need what I'm going to give slightly more than a few examples.

3.png: Is best if the opponent is attack speed reliant and burst reliant as it does lower attack speed by 30%, reduces damage by 40% and little known it reduces armor and magic resistance by 10. So it's really nice if the team has anyone who is suppose to jump in and 100-0 someone. This can be both assassins and anti-carries. Here is an example list of champions who almost make me instantly decide that I want/need exhaust in the game.


There are more champions than these listed, but these were the examples wanted to give about champions that need attack speed or to burst someone down to be useful, and if you can slow that down, you can help carrying the game. So be open for other champions that you need exhaust against, these are just to give you the jist of which champions you might need exhaust against.

14.png: Is best against champions you can set up a kill against. This will mostly be champions you are pretty confident in lane against already, but just need the last bit of damage to kill off. It deals 50 + 20*level true damage as well as reduce healing done to and by the target (grivious wounds were recently changed). This means now that it's almost an auto-pick when the enemy has a Soraka. Other than that you just want to pick it against support/adcs champions you got good kill potential against or lacks mobility.


Here again is a list over champions I would concider going ignite against. There are more, but these are the ones I feel confident in going ignite against. These champions either rely on heals or they're immobile and squishy so you can land a root, ignite them and let your plants do the rest of the job.

Hope these small lists help understand the usage I feel regarding these two summoner spells.

New Runes Back to Top

These three are currently the pages I use. I'm still debating whether I like my testing page or my normal page the most. I grab the burst against sustain page when I'm up against champions like Soraka, Janna, Lulu or similar that will just shield my poke. I go the testing page if I intend on going Frost Queen's Claim for picking people off or just having really high vision pressure. In every other scenario I go the normal page with really little modifications depending on the matchup. I'll go through the reasoning for each page if people want in-depth explanations.

Normal: This is mostly for poking their ADC down with the comet. I tried out Aery, but it felt really lackluster. I like Manaflow Band over Ultimate Hat and Nullifying Orb in most cases. I don't like Ultimate Hat in general on Zyra, but Nullifying Orb might be worth taking on matchups like Brand that are really volatile, but in general Manaflow Band is really nice for sustained mana gain.
Transendence and Celerity are my two next picks. I go Celerity against champions with skillshots like Blitzcrank, Morgana and Thresh, but not against Janna, Lulu or similar champs. Even though they have skillshots, it's really low impact if they land it. Absolute Focus is really not worth taking just because if you're above 70% hp you aren't trading aggressivly enough. 
For the last in Sorc tree I'd say Scortch is a no brainer since the other two others are really low impact for laning.
In Inspiration there are several picks to go for. I personally like Cosmic Insight and Biscuit Delivery. Cosmic Insight because of free CDR and summoner CDR, while Biscuit Delivery allows you to go Refillable Potion without getting punished for not having enough sustain in lane.
The other two options I'd concider is Future Market's and Perfect Timing. Perfect Timing allows you to turn a fight because they don't expect the free Zhonya's + it gives you gold if you sell it or a cheaper Zhonya's if you keep it. Future Market's can give you an edge by getting an item you wouldn't have gotten, but I think the drawback is too big for the reward in most cases, so it ends up being useless.
Alot of people seems to be a big fan of Magical Footwear, but unless you kill the enemy laners alot of times you get Sorc shoes too late in my opinion, despite saving alot of gold.

Burst against sustain: The burst against sustain page is really straight forward. You go the damage runes and you get Zombie Ward because at least when I'm writing this Zombie Ward is really broken for vision control. I really like to grab Ingenious Hunter as well because it reduces trinket cooldown, meaning you can ward more or clear wards more depending on which trinket you have. If you go Frost Queen's Claim you also have alot of pressure since it has a 32 second cooldown with Ruby Sightstone, meaning you can catch/facecheck really often with it. In general this build is for electrocute so you can deal burst damage instead of just poking.

Testing: The testing page is mostly just utilizing the CDR build, but with Sorcery instead of Domination because I really like the Sorcery Tree and I think Cheap Shot is a really bad rune (not worthless, just bad compared to other runes). So I go this build with Frost Queen's Claim and try to focus heavy on vision control. This build is really strong if you team has pressure because you can ward their jungle and keep it pressured in the mid to late game stages, while also denying them wards. If you get pushed up to your base however, this build feels useless. This is because vision control is unnecessary when you already know where all 5 of the enemy team is or you can't grab vision control. So I would go this if you have an object oriented team composition you know you can pressure with.

Abilities Back to Top

So after the update they reduced Q's base damage, Q's scaling, plants damage, plants scaling and increased the attack speed plants gained from your ultimate from 50% to 150%, so Zyra got alot more plant focused, meaning she got even more magic penetration focused. Because E was unchanged, it now deals more base and scaling damage as you level it up compared to Q. However, it's harder to land and you can't really poke with it. It does have a longer root for when you level it up, so you get better all-ins for leveling it up. So as you can see there are arguments for leveling up either Q or E first. So I'll try to help you with my three routes.

Important note: Your passive doesn't spawn plants if you're inside a brush, so be aware of this.

zyraQ.png max: The reason you would want to go Q max is because you can never initiate. This is against something like Lucian, Ezreal, Sivir, Morgana, Janna (with someone that has an escape) or something that either has a dash ability or some sort of spellshield/disengage. This is because whenever you try to land your E to engage, they will dash away from it, spellshield it or just stop you from even getting in and fight. So whenever you try to land an E or actually land your E, nothing ever happends. This is when you max Q first because they won't use spellshield on Q, they won't dash away from your Q. So you will slowly wither them down. This will deal less burst damage, but more poke damage.

zyraE.png max: The reason you would want to go E max is because your all-in is better than theirs. Your plants scale regardless from which ability you max, so your plants will still deal as much damage if you max E, so your poke damage isn't too hurt. I would say if you think you can land your E in lane a few times, I would go E max. This is because it does more damage, it roots for longer and it's good to hold people down so your plants can attack. So overall you get more damage. Another good thing with E max is that against sustaining champions (Nami, Soraka, Sona etc.) you can all-in them so they can't sustain. The only thing you don't have with E max is the poke from Q, which isn't as necessary anymore. I would go E max most of the times.

Mixed points: Some lanes you might want to mix up your points. I rarely recommend assuming that your opponent is bad, but there are alot of bad Sivir and Morgana players you can just Q and they will spellshield it. If you go for Q max in these cases, you can branch out and start maxing E if you notice them using their spellshields on your Q, because it's much better. Another reason to mix up your points is because you don't need the full duration of the root, but you need more poke damage. There aren't alot of matches you might want to pivot with your build, but it is important to be aware that you can put points in either Q or E whenever.

Level 1-4: Zyra's level 1 all-in is better now that she has plants starting level 1. You can start E or Q (you never want to start W). I personally like Q for lane as you can ranged harass and get your plants to just go all-in on the enemies. You can make arguments for starting E, but you usually don't go all-in level 1. Level 2 I go for W as I really like being able to know where I place my seeds and get reliable plants instead of just plants spawning everywhere. Level 3 I need my E, so I get that obviously. Then when I hit level 4 I go Q or E depending on matchup and situation. I will most likely detail this in the matchup section.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This will be your start most of the time. You usually get the passive from the spellthief's off easily meaning you will earn tons of gold.
    This is an alternative start. I don't really like it, but it can work in some lanes. In lanes against something like a Janna, you might want this because you don't need as many potions early, but you don't grab this start against Caitlyn/Vel'Koz matchup. With the new runes you can go this start against the questionable matchups, but I still wouldn't go it against a really heavy poke lane like Vel'Koz, Brand or Xerath support unless you're really confident.

Core Items

    This is still your core. You still want Frostfang, you still want Sorc shoes, you still want Sightstone. These are the really great early game items.
    Sample Build #1
    Sample Build #2
    Sample Build #3
    Sample Build #4
    Sample Build #5
    Sample build #6

Situational Items

    Situational Items (Offensive)
    Situational Items (Defensive/Supportive)
    Don't forget to swap your trinket when you get Sightstone
As before your starting items doesn't really need much explanation. You always go 3303.png,  however the difference between 2031.png and the normal 2003.png depends on the lane and how much sustain you think you need. If you think the first part of laning isn't going to be alot of back and forward poke, you can go 3303.png, in most other cases I would go 3303.png and 2003.pngx3.

Now to the core part of your build. This concists of 3020.png3098.png and 2049.png. This gives you magic penetration, gold regen and wards. The order you grab these in depends on your laning phase, but you always want these three items no matter what you decide to do later in the game or how late you get them. I had a page under "Item Discussion" weighing on how strong each of the items were to get wen you first back, and I might remake it, but for now I'll leave it at: Frostfang for damage, Sorc shoes for movement speed and extra damage and Sightstone for the need for vision. It isn't much harder than that.

I'm adding an "Honorable mentions" part at the end of the item discussion under so you know which items I've concidered and why I didn't end up including them, but first I'll explain the sample builds and in which cases I'd use them.

Sample build #1

This is the most supportive build you can have as Zyra. It gives you 40% cooldown reduction, so you don't want the 10% from runes. Another thing to note is that the Swiftness Boots are optional. You can swap them out for Sorcerer's Shoes, Mercury Threads, Ninja Tabi or Mobility Boots. However I don't think you need magic penetration when you focus your build on not doing damage, you don't need tankyness as they won't dive you and I like Swiftness Boots over Mobility Boots as the difference out of combat isn't too big, and the difference in combat is huge. This build is probably the build you want to go if all you want to do is contribute to the team. The Banner of Command can be swapped out for a Locket of Iron Solari if you really feel you aren't doing anything when it comes to your spells and if you don't need the pushing power from a buffed minion. This build should help your team as much as you can as Zyra and leave you decently tanky. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter also helps zoning people away as you got incredible zone control with the amount of plant you get later in the game. This is probably the build I would be going least, but it is an option for those who might want to support more.

Sample build #2

This is a semi-aggressive build. You get Rabadon's Deathcap over Morellonomicon or a defensive item because you want more burst. You are looking to 100-0 a squishy and still have the pokey zone control. The build kind of contradicts itself as half of the build wants to fight, while the other half wants to kite. However this is a pretty good teamfighting build as you deal alot of damage and still have the slow from Rylai's and burn from Liandry's. This isn't my currently preferred build, but I still recognize it as a legitimate andstrong build.

Sample build #3

Close to the same as the previous build, but you have Frost Queen's Claim and Ruby Sightstone instead of Eye of the Watchers with Rabadon's Deathcap. I used to like this build, but that's when I played Zyra as a mage that caught people out. Now she waits for people to come to her, so you don't want to facecheck as much as you used to do before, so you don't need the Frost Queen's Claim active as much, so I'm starting to like Eye of the Watchers more. However, this is a good build for helping your team catching people out and still be useful in teamfights.

Sample bulid #4

This is the most all-in burst build you will find. The only salvageable thing you can say that this isn't an all-in build with is the Zhonya's Hourglass, but that's because all you want to do with this build is throw out for E-W-Q-W-R combo on the enemy team and Zhonya's asap because they really want to burst you down because of how squishy you are. So you want to use your combo, bait them on you and then Zhonya's and hopefully get out a few spells when you come out from the invulnerability. This is probably somethin I would go if I were playing a game I'm 100% condident in carrying and feeling 100% I have to carry. This is usually not the case when you play this game, but it happends, but I would very rarely get this build.

Sample build #5

This is the new "power" build. You get 30% CDR from Morellonomicon and Eye item + the 10% from items, so you hit the 40% cap, in addition you get a slightly larger mana pool and you also have the zone potential from your plants with the Liandry's + Rylai's combo, adding onto that you get Void Staff so you can burn tanks. This is probably the best zoning build, you can shift out some items here and there in some games, but this is the base item build I would want most of the cases. You might swap out something for an Abyssal Scepter, you might go Frost Queen's Claim or something like that, but this is what I feel is the optimal item build order, and if you are to swap out any item I feel like swapping out either Void Staff or Morellonomicon. This is because the Rylai's + Liandry's combo is so strong right now as the zone you can provide is really strong.

Sample build #6

So in all this time I have spent not writing and theorizing in this guide I've been trying out a build and mostly just playing Zyra. I personally really like this build as it does not rely on snowballing, but you can build the items in differnt order if you snowball. As Rylai's got changed I don't deem it that necessary to get anymore, so I prefer this build to just blow up some people on their team and try to wither their tanks down.

This build MIGHT look very similar to Sample Build #4, but it aims to do something completly different. The way lolking sets up builds makes them look same, but you start the build out by building haunting guise, sorcerer's shoes and sightstone. If you are REALLY fed at this point you go straight for the luden's echo. If you are just having a normal match you go for liandry's torment. At this point your opponents should have enough magic resist for you to pick up a void staff. Usually games end by this time, but if they don't you want to grab luden's echo at this point. You complete eye of the watchers whenever you see fit. Most of the time this is between liandry's and void staff. If the game still hasn't closed out you can pick up a deathcap as last item. 

The biggest thing to note with this build is how "flexible" it is. You can change alot of the build path in the middle of the game which is what I think is the best. You want the core of sightstone, sorc shoes and haunting guise no matter what. But what you do after depends on the game. I explained in the last paragraph what happends in a normal game, but if you are far behind you might want to complete liandry's torment and then go for a rylai's crystal scepter and then maybe get a void staff. If you have liandry's and void staff and you notice that they focus you alot, you might want to pick up zhonya's hourglass instead of luden's echo or rabadon's deathcap. For the way I play Zyra I would say this is the safest buildpath that does not rely on snowballing and does not risk falling behind. Although you need to make your own decitions as the game goes when it comes to items.


I decided to make a section for this, although I don't really feel like it's necessary I still think it helps explain to people why you are going which boots. I personally think the only reliable boots on Zyra is Sorcerer's Shoes, however I can make arguments for others.

3020.png: Is my personal favorite as mentioned. It gives movement speed and magic penetration which is exacly what you want. This is the best option because the other options don't really offer what you want.

3158.png: Is a trap. You might already get 40% CDR from runes and items, but some people can make the argument of taking out the 10% CDR in runes and get this item. What you then get is boots that has 12.06 magic resist because you get that extra from runes. You also get the lower cooldown on summoners which aren't that necessary. So you usually won't need the CDR on Zyra, CDR isn't as necessary on Zyra (not saying it isn't good, I'm just prioritizing magic penetration over CDR to some extent). So don't get this item unless you really need the 10% CDR and you're playing a really support oriented build.

3117.png: I don't like this item anymore. It used to be the item that every support bought, but with the changes over time Boots of Swiftness does almost the same out of combat, while being more effective in combat. You usually want this item if you want to roam around or place alot of wards in the enemy jungle and get out asap.

3009.png: I might concider these boots in some games. These are the only other boots I think can be viable if you really need the escapeability, however you rarely do as people diving a support seems pretty dumb in a teamfight. Although this combined with movement speed quints and Luden's Echo you move like the wind, so don't underestimate movement speed, however I rarely think this is necessary.

3111.png: Does the Malzahar flash ultimate you? Does the Warwick ultimate you? If so, you might concider this, but if they are doing things like this in a teamfight, you should probably be winning the teamfight anyways. You mostly don't need defensive items as people don't dive the support and if you get this as a defensive item, I'm not sure in which setting someone would prioritize to CC you and the need of slight magic resist. So I would pretty much never get this item.

3047.png: Is their team Yasuo, Jax, Tristana, Rengar and Kindred? If so they got no AP and should probably outright lose and you might need this item because of how much you need armor and the defense against auto attacks. However this pretty much never happends, so you probably won't need Ninja Tabi ever.

Build order

I'm not going to cover the build order on the super supportive build as you will just build whatever your team needs at that point. E.g. are you teamfighting in the next 5 minutes and do they have any AP threats? Get Aegis and maybe upgrade it into Locket or Banner. Everything depends on situation with this build and you will have to build depending on what you need.

In the other builds you mostly want to get your core of Sightstone, Sorcerer's Shoes and Frostfang. After that you want to get either Haunting Guise, Morellonomicon or Rylai's Crystal Scepter depending on how low MR their team is and how long laning phase is going to last. If laning phase is ending you want Rylai's asap, if you are continuing to lane and have 20 magic penetration and they are sitting on 42 magic resist, Haunting Guise is a really nice item. If you are slightly behind and can't affoard expensive Rylai components, you can start building a Morellonomicon.

After this you might want to concider getting either Void Staff, Morellonomicon or upgrade into Liandry's Torment. If you are teamfighting and their team has 2-3 people with high MR (over 70 is where I set the bar) you might want to get a Void Staff. If they have 1 super tank and alot of squishies, you can go for Liandry's and just wither the tank down. If they are not too tanky overall, you can get away with grabbing a Morellonomicon and getting a Void Staff afterwards and then getting the Void Staff and finish up with a Rabadon's Deathcap.

You get Eye of the Watchers whenever you need that extra slot and the 10% CDR. The build I covered is mostly my preferred build, but most of the others are really similar. The most different is the all-in bursty build where I would go first item Luden's then into Void Staff, then Deathcap and finish up with Zhonya's mostly. The build can change depending on need, but this is the idea of the build.

So let's try to cover item for item and how good it is for Zyra!

Viable items

2301.png: This is my new favorite upgrade because of the way Riot changed Zyra she now, more than ever wants people to come to her instead of coming to them and catching them out with Frost Queen's Claim. This also allows you to grab an extra item in your build, so you can get stronger late game. 

3092.png: I like this item with the active item CDR build, but I don't really get it unless I go that build. I still think it's good if you got a composition to pick people off, but I personally don't choose it as much just because I like the extra item slot.

3089.png: A decent item on Zyra. Despite common belief Zyra still scales decent with AP, but I'd probably get this item last or only if I got really fed.

3165.png: With the slightly lower AP scalings the +20 AP on this item makes it close to equal to what it used to be on Zyra. The 400 mana helps you giving you a big mana pool and the Grevious Wounds debuff makes this item a "Must buy" against Vladimir, Swain and Soraka, however it isn't a "Must buy" in every game. It's still a strong item, and it helps you get the 40% CDR cap, but it still does not hold "Must buy" status. 

3285.png: A pretty decent item. I don't prioritize this item as your fights usually don't last forever and your plants don't stack up the passive, however I wouldn't exclude this item from my item build for some damage. It's really nice early as it gives 100 flat magic damage on hit, so you get a pretty strong all-in, however I don't think this is a best in slot item for Zyra, but a good item for Zyra. If you're getting this item you want to get it pretty early.

3151.png: One of the best items on Zyra currently. You really want the magic penetration, the health helps, the AP is decent and the fact that your plants are proccing the passive makes this item too juicy to pass up. This is close to "Must buy" status, but it is possible to play without it. I'm probably getting this item 99% of my games if I can get that far into the game.

3116.png: After the changes to this item I've stopped going this item. Alot of people still like it, but I like more damage as I don't really like being reliant on my team. It's still good to be able to zone people with Rylai's + Liandry's combo, but I usually go teamfight dmg with Liandry's + Void Staff, Luden's or Rabadon's.

3135.png: This item holds high in every Zyra player's heart. You really want magic penetration and this item is great. Alot of AP and high magic penetration makes you plants cut through people like hot knife through butter. If you can afford this item in a match and you're not playing super supportive, I would go this item. It is just so strong when it comes to damage. I had this item in the old item section and I might add this to the new one to explain how much more magic penetration you can get from it and how cost efficient it is, but it might be after I'm done with my exams (I might forget to edit this part out by then, so this might still be here).

3001.png: It's been a really long time since I've reviewed this item. I rated this item as a possible item, but I don't know when I would want it. You aren't going to become tanky enough unless you're going 100% tanky with items like Locket, Zhonya's and/or Rylai's and items like that. I don't think I would ever go this item, but I don't think this item should be ruled out.

3157.png: This item also got some love in the mage rework. It now gives cooldown reduction as well, which is decent, but this item still isn't very relevant for you unless they dive in for you, which can happen in lower elos, however it usually doesn't. It is a decent item, but not a great one. You mostly get this item for the active, so I don't grab this in most cases. Rylai's usually does the trick alone a defensive item.

3060.png: If you're going the supportive route I think this item is worth grabbing. However I don't grab it if I intend on going damage mage support. It gives a nice active, decent tanky stats and some AP. A decent item if you're behind.

3222.png: Like Banner of Command this item is good for supporting, however I would usually not go it as I do not play the super supportive style as Zyra, because she doesn't excel at playing supportive, but rather being aggressive and zoning, but it's still possible to zone and defend your team, so this is a viable choice.

Other items

I'm writing this section as I don't know where to put these items. These aren't bad and "noob traps", but they aren't a priority either. They are niche items you might want to get sometimes.

3190.png: A good defensive option to Banner of Command if your team needs the shield, but I would rarely get this. Not horribly, but not the best item.

3110.png: If their team is really attack speed reliant this item can help you and your team survive the onslaught of auto attacks. It also gives some nice armor and CDR. However you only want to get this item if you want to target someone on their team and slow their attack speed specifically to shut them down.

3512.png: You are not really a split pusher, but placing Banner of Commanded minion and Zz'rot portal can help your team push the enemy team back and siege them down. I've rarely tried this item and I've seen Zyra players attempt split push Zyra top lane when the Zz'rot + Banner meta was huge, however it's not what Zyra excel at, so I wouldn't get this item too much.

Honorable mentions

3027.png: The mana on this item got pretty close to gutted compared to what it used to be and the ability power went down. However they did introduce a really nice passive on Catalyst making this item decent in lane as you get 15% damage taken as mana and 25% of mana spent as health, meaning you have alot more mana and health. They even reduced the cost on the item, but that's still not enough for you to get it as it requires too much resources early and you need it to scale up, so I don't think this item is worth it after the changes and it's still not strong enough to sacrifice some of your early game.

3030.png: This item didn't really take off and it is too slow to really be useful since the components doesn't really bring any pressure to the table, so I don't really like this unless you want to go slow build with Frost Queen's Claim and CDR where you have this item up alot, but I still don't think it's a good enough item to be concidered.

3152.png: After this item being out for a while now I am still not impressed by this item because it leaves you really vulnerable and you have to grab it early for it to be strong and you leave out important MPen.

3174.png: New changes came to Athene's as well. This is probably one of a few mana regen item now. It does give 20% CDR, 40 AP, 75% base mana regen, 25 magic resist a passive that doesn't do anything for you as well as mana regen and health regen depending on if your health is higher than mana. This item seems really nice because it gives so much, the problem is that alot of the things it gives are useless/you'd rather want other stats. That is why Morellonomicon is better for Zyra. The passive is also alot of gold worth and you can utilizie it, so this is just garbage for you. The item is pretty cheap, but I would still avoid this item as you don't need the magic resist, base mana regen or the blood charge passive, so I would just steer away from this item.

3041.png: If you can snowball REALLY well and you're 100% sure you're not going to get dived 24/7 I might've concidered this item, but Zyra is too squishy so you can't kill people from afar like a Lux, and you don't get assists as easily as someone like Janna and Soraka, so I would just accept that this item isn't for you.

3100.png: If you have alot of AP I can see why this items seems juicy, however don't get it. You put yourself in a realyl exposed position to auto attack and get the apssive effect and it's not worth it. Just please don't get this item.

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This matchup is mostly in your favor, however a good Alistar can make your life sad. You mostly want to stay out of range from his Headbutt + Pulverize combo. He gets really tanky post level 6 and has some sustain with his heal. Be careful so he can't flash and Pulverize under you and Headbutt you into his tower. It's almost guaranteed to kill you or burn your flash and chunk you in the progress, so don't get careless. Early you should be able to bullty him easily. Mid/Late game you want to be careful not to get caught out by his combo as his team can easily follow up. 

I would concider going hybrid penetration reds in the matchup if you want to bully him instead of magic penetration, but I'd probably mostly go magic penetration anyways. You can go CDR blues and you can choose between armor/health yellows and magic pen/ability power/movement speed quints.

I would probably max E here depending on his ADC. If he has something like an Ezreal or Lucian you want Q max as you can just poke them down, but if he has something like an Ashe you can catch his ADC out of position and get some plants to attack him and start withering him down.

Summoner spells aren't decided by the Alistar here. You can go whichever you want, it depends more on his team and his ADC.




Annie is a really aggressive matchup as she can land her stun easily and that can outright kill you as they can collapse on you. I changed this matchup from "Hard" to "Medium" as now you got more zone control and she has to walk through your gauntlet of plants to get to you, so you can alot of free poke. Be careful of her level 6 flash + R + W + Q combo as you will most likely die if she does it and her ADC throws in one auto attack on you. Be careful of her when she has three stacks of her passive on her as she can use her E to hit the fourth stack and Q you. Annie players usually do this as a mind trick so you don't expect the stun.

You really want magic resist blues here, you want health yellows, magic penetration reds and you can choose your quints. Movement speed quints is pretty decent here because if you move quicker than her you can disengage after a trade and she has a harder time catching you out.

The Annie doesn't decide if you go Q or E max. You can catch her out of position using E, but you might want Q max to poke her out as well so she can't engage. This is also a matchup you can go mixed Q and E max depending on what you need.

Annie isn't a huge influence regarding which summoner you pick, but I'm inclined to pick Exhaust because if she reaches close enough for you to Ignite her, she most likely kills you, but she isn't determinential for summoner spell pick.




The Ashe matchup is still easy. She can make your life hell if all she does is spam W on you and poke you down, but with the help of your new plant friends it should be really easy to poke her back. If you get careless post level 6, she can easily land her ultimate on you and you being squishy and immobile means you can easily die, so don't underestimate the matchup. That being said, she is immobile and has no sustain, so you can land your E fairly easy on her and if you do, it's game over for her.

I would go magic pen reds, armor yellows (depends on her support), CDR blues (depends on her support) and magic penetration quints (supports like Blitzcrank can make me change my mind to movement speed instead, but mostly you want magic pen against Ashe).

I would max E in this case. Ashe really makes me want to max E as you can easily catch her out and kill her over and over, however if she has a support that can make you REALLY want to reconcider I could go duo max or Q max, but I really want E max against Ashe.

I really want Ignite against Ashe, but a Yasuo and Riven can change my mind. You have high kill potential in lane against Ashe, but it's not worth sacrificing getting stomped by a Riven/Yasuo.




Don't get tricked by the "Easy" tag. Bard can give you issues as his early game is really strong with his Q and passive. He also has a heal to make your life abit worse, but he is really big, squishy and really slow, so landing an E can quickly result in a kill.

I would go magic penetration reds, magic resist blues, armor/health yellows (you decide) and AP/magic pen/MS quints (you decide).

I would definitly max E as he wants to poke while you want to all-in him so he can't use his W to heal up. An ADC can change this, but even with an Ezreal I would concider E max.

Bard tempts me to go Ignite as you can kill him in lane, but if they have some huge AD/Assassin threats you might want to reconcider.




Despite what alot of the Zyra community claims I'm claiming this as an "Easy" matchup. It's borderline "Medium". I swapped it from Medium to Easy now because you got more movement speed in the update, meaning he has a harder time hitting you. Plants spawning everywhere also helps blocking his hooks and poking him down.

For runes: Magic penetration reds, CDR blues, armor/health yellows (you decide) and movement speed quints.

Max order: I would max Q in a Blitz matchup as you can poke him out, but if you notice you start bullying him out over and over you can start putting some points into E to catch them and kill them.

Blitz doesn't dictate which summoner spell you get, so pick based on someone else.




Not very experienced with new Brand, but he seems to be a skill matchup. He can easily down you and you can easily down him. You don't want to be anywhere close to him as his all-in is most likely stronger than your all-in, but your poke is stronger than his poke. If he has clear view he can E-Q-W you easily and proc his passive and just burn you down easily, so be careful in the lane.

For runes: Magic penetration reds, magic resist blues, health yellows, AP/Magic penetration/Movement speed quints (you choose which all are good).

Skill max: I would max Q as you don't want to try and keep on all-inning against Brand. If you start dominating lane you can opt out and start maxing E, but I prefer the idea of maxing Q first against Brand to stay safely bad and poke.

Brand doesn't dictate summoner spell. I don't like Ignite against him as you don't want to be too close to him, so I would prefer Exhaust.




Braum is pretty easy. His duo partner can make your life sad if he keeps proccing Braum's passive on you are you'll most likely die and he can block your burst, however if you never get hit by his AA or his Q he can never retaliate anything you throw a him. He does get really tanky, but he can't stop your ongoing poke for neither him or his lane partner, so you should be in good shape against him.

For runes you can go greedy. I would go magic penetration reds, but you can go hybrid penetration if you REALLY want to try and stomp the lane, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/Magic penetration or movement speed quints depend on what you prefer for your playstyle.

Skill max: I would max Q against Braum as he can block your E and stop your all-in, so I would just accept the fact that you can push him out of lane over and over and deny his ADC last hits instead of greedily attempt to kill either one of them.

Braum doesn't dictate summoner spell, but you can grab Ignite to pull off a kill on him. However if they do have other threats, you can take exhaust and be good in lane.




Caitlyn is and will always be a monster in the laning phase. She outranges everyone by far and has strong AAs. She can zone people off with her traps, poke people out with her Q and she can run away with her E, so she is hard to catch and does alot of damage. The way you want to play this matchup is either stay far away enough so she can't poke you and pop plants and try to get the plants on her and then just run away before she attacks, maybe get an auto in if you know she can't retaliate, but you usually want to win with an all-in landing your E.

For runes I would go MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues (depends on the support) and MPen or movement speed quints as the MS quints can help you disengage after a trade.

I would max E here to try and catch her out of position and kill her because you can't poke her out without her poking you or your ADC out.

For summoner spells Caitlyn doesn't dictate too much which you want. You won't be close enough to Ignite her or Exhaust her, so it doesn't matter, but you might be able to kill her support or save the Exhaust for later in the game.




This matchup isn't easy, but it isn't hard either. His W is instant, so he can escape your E easily. He can also poke really well with his R when he hits level 6 and his all-in is pretty scary. He is a jack-of-all-trades type of ADC, so don't get too comfortable fighting him. When he grabs his package, be careful so he doens't engage as his package feels like a Rumble ultimate, so he can be really strong initiator in bot lane.

For runes: Magic pen reds, health yellows, CDR blues, magic pen or movement speed quints.

I'd max Q in the matchup and try to poke him out instead of trying to catch him out, but if you notice you can land your E, go for an E max, but assuming he is a skilled Corki, go Q max.

Corki makes me inclined to go Exhaust, but he isn't the determining factor. He has to be relatively close to kill you, so you can Exhaust or Ignite him, but I prefer Exhaust here.




I'd put this as an easy matchup, but one mistake can cost you the lane. Draven snowballs heavily because of his passive where he gets extra gold and his kit is just "deal alot of damage". The advantage you have over him is that all his mobility is his W so he isn't really hard to land skillshots on. Draven's Q gives him the minigame where he has to catch axes. Luckily for you, you can see where these axes go. This means you get a little minigame too. How many axes can you make him drop? Try to Q-W where the axe lands when he goes for it. Really get inside his head. If he keeps going for the axe and accepting the Q-W, try to go for E-W-Q-W when he goes for an axe. It might give you an easy kill. If he let the axe drop, keep doing it. Poke him EVERY time he goes for an axe unless his support can punish you. Your poke is strong enough that he should drop alot of axes eventually.

I would go for MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen/MS quints are all good.

I would max E here as you know where his axes are landing, although you might want to poke him, you can easily all-in him. Be careful though he is really strong in an all-in, so he can burst you down, so if you find this matchup to be scary, you can max Q and poke him from afar.

Draven makes me go Exhaust as he has low range and is burst reliant, so you can shut him down and try to kill him by making him go and, then Exhaust him and burst him down.




Marking this matchup as hard, but it really isn't that hard. The problem here  is that he has mobility and skillshots. You got only skillshots. So he will easily land his if he is good and you won't land yours if he is good. If you bully him, he can farm safely with his Q. So try to get him to use arcane shift(E) before you engage on him. Try to mosty poke him with Q-W. He can't take much harass before he dies or have to back off. Try to go for your combos if he uses his escape. At that moment he is very vulnerable to dying. Also if he uses his E to try and go aggressive, abuse that and go for the kill. Most of the times you will get it if he tunnel visions because he is really squishy.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and MS quints to dodge his skillshots.

Skill max: I would max Q as you can't reliably land E on Ezreal unless he is bad, but if he is bad and you spot that you can land your E, go for an E max.

Ezreal doesn't determine which summoner you pick.




Old lane, but some still play it so it's worth mentioning. This lane used to be very scary for everyone because of his Terrify(Q) which CC'd you for long enough to just get killed. Now that it's reduced duration all he is, is a squishy person with crowstorm. He is really easy to land skillshots on and he can't really kill you as easily. Ward alot. The way Fiddlesticks gets ahead is by a good crowstorm(R). If you can predict it and get away you shouldn't die in lane. If you can predict crowstorm, go for your combo on him when he lands because he will most likely not be prepared to die at that moment.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health/armor yellows, magic resist blues and AP/MPen/MS quints, you can decide yourself depending on the lane.

I would max E here because you can catch him out and just kill him because he is so slow and squishy.

You can go Ignite in this lane, but if they have a big thread I would rather go Exhaust. You can kill him without Ignite, but it helps.




Used to be the same as Draven, but have gotten abit better after his rework. He is essencially a melee, and Zyra does disgusting things with melee champions in lane. You should however be abit careful. If a melee gets in your face Zyra won't live for long. He will blow your face off. He is also semi-tanky, so don't expect to 100-0 him at first. Since he has to stand so close to farm, you can easily poke him off the wave. If he doesn't move, just kill him or poke him enough that he has to move. If he uses his quickdraw(E) to get in your face, E-W-Q-W him asap and get away. Dodge his Q, it is really easy because you know where it will land. Be careful when he hits 6 as he can burst with his ultimate. Also pay attention to his ammo system and try to engage on him when he is reloading.

For runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MPen/AP/MS quints, you can decide depending on their team.

I wouldn't pick what to max based on the Graves, but I'm tilting towards maxing E against Graves, however his support can change that.

You really want Exhaust against Graves, even if his support is an easy picking. Only exception is Soraka.




While you won't face any threats this game Janna isn't a faceroll matchup. She will most likely not kill you, but a good Janna will make sure you won't kill her or her ADC. Mostly you will try to engage as much as you can. The moment she slips up and can't stop your engage, you'll probably land a kill or force her to flash/ulti or something along those lines. Whenever she shields herself or her ADC either back off or poke hard enough for the shield to go off before she/her ADC starts landing poke because it gives them a pretty big AD bonus. Trade when shield is on cooldown. If she uses her zephyr(W) she loses her passive movement speed buff and the ability to move through units. Use this to land an easy combo. Also try to stop her shield asap or go away while it's applied on her or her ADC because 10/17.5/25/32.5/40 + (0,1*AP) is a pretty good advantage to have.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and MPen or AP quints.

I would go for Q max as Janna most likely will stop every single engage you try to do.

Janna doesn't really dictate your summoner, but you most likely won't have huge kill pressure, so I would go Exhaust, but you can manage to kill her, so Ignite isn't bad either.




Jhn has his E which are some flower traps pretty similar to Nidalee traps, but they take 2 seconds to detonate after you walk into them. So you can walk into them and walk out. So it's not really strong unless they catch you off gurad. His W is a long ranged ability similar to Jinx W, but it passes through minions and if you're marked by either his E or his teammates, he will root you. This is probably his strongest feature. Most notably in this matchup is to pay attention to the bar under his hp. He has 4 shots, then he has to reload. The 4th always crits and he gets a burst of movement speed if he crits. So don't trade with him when he has the last shot in his magazine. If he uses it, go ham on him while he is reloading.

For runes I would go: MP reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints as he can run fast enough to catch up to you.

I would definitly max E against Jhin as he is really immobile.

I would go Exhaust as summoner spell because he relies on his attack speed for damage, and slowing him down really helps you killing him.




Highly immobile late-game scaling tower pusher. With these things in mind, you'll know she is an easy target. She does have some counter engage and poke, so be careful of what she returns, but she usually has a hard time dodging your abilities, so you can land some nice E-W-Q-W combos in addition to some free harass easily. Try to wait for her to use her W to go in. If she uses her W alot of her kiting potential rests on their support or her E. If you go in while her W is up and she can land it on you, she can just run away with the harass she got on you.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints as you don't need the movement speed.

I would go E max as you can land one E and kill her.

I would go Ignite as you can kill her, but if she has any other threats in her team you can grab Exhaust still, it isn't a bad call.




Probably one of the most tiresome ADCs because she constantly jumps around meaning your E will be impossible to hit and even worse as the game progresses. Her W is also alot of poke if she lands an auto and her support lands an auto. Her all-in is very strong as well seeing as she can use her E to deal huge amounts of damage. Going to be a tough lane dependable on your ADC and their support, but she is very prone to your Q-W poke, so try to land as many as you can without getting hit back. Be careful at level 6 if she has an engage support as she will most likely throw it in your face, and if she has any other support, aim for her because she will pull in her support to save him/her.

Tip: Kalista players usually follows dodge patterns. Bad players don't dodge, good players dodge, best players sometimes dodge and sometimes don't dodge to get inside your head. Try to get in theirs. If you see her always dodging up, try aiming above her and watch as she most likely jumps into your skillshot. Kalista cannot cancel her auto attack as soon as it's launched, so some might panic jump into things. Yours plants are your friend in this matchup. She can't dodge the shooting from the Q. She is very squishy, so if you land an E, she usually dies.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MPen or AP quints as she will just chase you down and tear those spears out of you.

I would go Q max in this lane because you aren't suppose to be able to reliably land your E in this lane.

Exhaust is a must-get in this lane. Her movement speed determines how fast she moves in the jumps, so when you Exhaust her she will move really slow in her jumps and you can land your combo.




Pretty pokey matchup. It will usually come down to who can dodge/land the most. Don't underestimate her damage, especially not when she used mantra on her Q. Don't let her use her W on you and don't let it sit for the entire duration. She usually runs alot which is bad for you, but your Q-W should catch her with some counterpoke in most cases. Karma's kit is based on her Q. She shoots her Q, runs off. If she shoots her Q, the next 6-7 seconds are yours to land your poke/all-in. Your all-in is stronger than hers, so if you can land an E-W-Q-W-R while she lands a Q with mantra and W, you'll probably win the trade off and kill her.

For runes I would go MP reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and AP/MPen/MS quints. I'd concider MS quints because it helps you dodge her Q.

I would try for a mixed maxing in this lane. If you feel you can easily land your E, you can start maxing that, if you can't then you just max Q. But until you're certain you can split points into where you feel relevant. Karma is really annoying, so don't tilt from the poke.

Karma doesn't dictate your summoners, but she kinda stops your kill pressure, so I would just go Exhaust for safe lane, unless you really feel the kill.




Both as a support and ADC this guy is annoying. He has his E so he can run off, and he has his stun so he can engage on you. However, he isn't impossible. As a support he is mostly poke oriented. He stacks up his W until he can use his special shuriken, then he goes for the Q. If the Q lands, he usually follows up with an auto attack and then W to stun. This is where most people die because it's so relieable to land the rest after he hit his Q. So don't get hit by his Q. He'll most likely try to ulti and flash or ulti and E into you to get some stuns on you and your ADC, try to land your E to stop him.

Tip: When his Q is down, most of his kit isn't that good. It has 8/7/6/5/4 seconds cooldown, so use the window to harass him back. If he uses his E to engage, he usually picks the shortest path to you, so try to land E-W or E-W-Q-W-R to kill him. He is squishy early on, so you can easily land a kill on him.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and AP/MPen quints as he can catch up to you with his E if you try to run.

I would go Q max because he can dodge your E with his E, and then you'll sit there sad.

For summoners I would just go Exhaust to slow him down if he tries to go on your team. Most likely you won't get the golden engage with Ignite kill on him, so settle with making his initiation abit worse.




Kindred isn't really played bot lane, but that doesn't stop me from theorizing the matchup. They has a really strong early game, they got weakened by the changes to being able to jump everywhere all the time, so they can't catch people as easily. Their ultimate is really strong at stopping your all-in, however your all-in lasts for a really long time so there is the chance of your plants killing them. Try not to die to an early skirmish as I mentioned they are really strong early on, but you should be able to poke them out.

For runes I would go MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max Q as you can't guarantee an E land, and I'm not even sure you want to all-in them. However if you feel confident in landing your E, go for an E max.

For summoners I really like Exhaust as they have short range, so you can Exhaust them, as well as Ignite doesn't really help post 6 as they can ultimate to stay alive.




So Kog'Maw have been alot of back and forth this season. Overall you are really strong against him, but don't underestimate his damage. Beware of him just popping W and shredding through you. If you land your E, go for your E-W-Q-W-R combo and just get out as fast as possible. Within the time your R knockup works he might've killed you, so you just need to get quickly in and out. This is how the entire game will work. He is a monster mid/late game, but landing your E-W-Q-W-R can kill him and make it a 1 for 1 or just killing him upright, so focus on catching him.

For runes I would go MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E here as you can really easily land it and turn it into a kill.

Summoners here are very dependant on alot of things. If he becomes a monster Exhaust is really good because that might tame the monster, but with Ignite you have the shot at keeping him down in lane. I would probably got for Exhaust for safety measures.




I think of this as a hard (the hardest Zyra has) matchup because a really good Leona will aboslutely destroy you in lane, but any less of a Leona is manageable. If she is smart, she'll try to ulti you post-6. If she does, you're most likely dead. Pre-6, try to land your poke without getting hit by her E in return. Usually if she lands her E you either get chunked or killed. Stay abit behind in this lane, because if they go for your ADC that is your moment. Use their tunnel vision to your advantage and E-W-Q-W-(R) their ADC and kill them before they can kill you. While her Zenith Blade(E) is down pre-6, you're pretty much free to poke. She can't do anything to you, so try to land as much as possible.

For runes I would go MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues if you're really afraid of her passive, MS quints so you can outrun her.

I would max Q here unless you managed to stomp her in lane. You usually just Q-W and go away from the trade.

For summoners I would only go Exhaust as you most likely won't kill either Leona or her ADC, and if you do it's usually not determined by Ignite.




Pretty bursty and pretty mobile, the worst kind of combination against Zyra. You won't land your E on a good Lucian, so you're probably never going to all-in him properly. Try to poke him as much as possible with Q-W. If you can get him to use his escape, you can easily land your E and try to kill him since he is really squishy, but good Lucian players save their dash for your E. Try to kill him when he goes for the kill. He'll most likely not notice you. Be careful when he uses his Q on minions. He is probably using it in an attempt to poke you, so don't get hit by it.

For runes I would go MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints as the MS won't matter.

I would max Q as he will just dash away from your E most of the time.

I would definitly go Exhaust against Lucian as it can help you land your skillshots and he has to be really close to deal damage, so you can easily place it on him.




Pretty similar to Janna except she has more poke. She is immobile and killable, so you can easily poke her back, but her E-Q-Auto on you do some serious damage, so be careful. She can also polymorph you so you can't do anything back. Her Q is the core in her kit. If her Q is down, you can poke her. Your Q-W is easier to land than her E-Q, so try to land this to just poke her and force her to use her E on herself, then go for more poke. Try to bait out her ulti before going all-in, because 300/450/600 hp is probably going to stop you from killing someone.

Runes: MPen reds, armor yellows, magic resist blues, AP/Mpen quints.

I would max E and try to catch her out. It's really hard, but her shields can stop your poke, so no need to try and go in poke war, try to chunk her instead with a E-W-Q-W.

Lulu doesn't determine which summoners I pick.




Sometimes picked as a support. It's pretty much you without plants. Her Q is your E and your Q is her E. Her ulti is also bursty. You have more CC while she has a shield. Her E is longer range than you Q, so she'll probably poke you easier. Her Q can't travel through minions so it's harder to land. Your plants will be the heroes of this matchup because they will probably deal enough damage to give you the edge. In an all-in make sure she can't auto attack you, as it denies alot of her burst from the passive. Try to dodge her Q and then go for a E-W-Q-W or Q-W. Her Q is the most important thing that she won't hit.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and MS quints to dodge her skillshots.

I would max E and try to all-in her if you can, because if she can't AA you your all-in is stronger than hers.

I would go for Exhaust as you won't get close enough to Ignite her most likely and if you do and don't get hit by her Q, you shouldn't need Ignite to kill her.


Miss Fortune


Don't let the "Easy" tag fool you. She can 100-0 you easily, so beware of her burst. Very immobile except her passive on her W, but minions and plants can remove that so you can freely land things on her. She is really bursty and can easily chunk you for 60-80% of your health so she is no joke, but you can easily do the same to her. If you get caught in her ulti, you are pretty much dead. Try to get her passive on the W away before trying to land E-W-Q-W combo because she'll lose alot of movement speed and will be an easier target. Don't stand behind minions she'll use her Q on. As for now, Thunderlord's is a strong mastery and most MFs use it, so her E will most likely proc it. When she uses her ulti, she is the most immobile she will be. If she isn't hitting you, go for E-W-Q-W-R and she is most likely dead.

For runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E as you want to land a max root on her and try to kill her asap so she doesn't get her ultimate or any of her burst down on either your or your ADC.

I would go Exhaust in this matchup as she is really damage reliant and immobile, so you can stop a huge chunk of her damage by Exhausting her.




Haven't played that much against him post rework, but pre rework and post rework isn't that different. One of Mord's hardest matchup pre rework was Zyra and this is still true. Few champs output as much damage as Zyra does while having sustained damage, so his shield will be non-existent. He is melee and you will absolutely wreck him when he goes for last hits. He can land a kill on you if you get careless, but you can do many mistakes in this lane and still win. Harass ALOT when he goes for last hits. He is immobile, so kill him alot too. Don't be afraid of him using E and you doing E-W-Q-W back, you'll mostly win in those trades because the plants will mess him up afterwards.

For runes: MPen or hybrid pen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and AP/MPen/AS quints, you decide what you need.

I would max E as you can poke him down with your plants alone and just land your combo when he gets out of position.

For summoners Ignite is legit against this guy. He is really easy to kill, but Exhaust can help as well as he is burst reliant. I would probably go for Exhaust, but you'll have to make the judgement call if you can kill him.




She will stop everything if she is smart. And if you're not smarter, she'll probably land a binding on you and their ADC will kill you. So mostly this will be about how good you are at dodging bindings. She might flash ulti you and your ADC. You can either land your combo on her or her ADC at that point because she'll probably focus alot on what she is doing, but you might just be dead because she flashes in and ults. Alot of players with a blocking ability is baitable. When Morgana uses her Black Shield(E) to block your Q-W, try heavily to go for an E-W-Q-W-(R) combo while it's down. It might result in a kill. She is fairly squishy, so you can poke her out or her ADC or force a black shield without using E.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues (her damage adds up) and MS quints so you won't get hit by bindings.

I would max Q as she just spellshields your E and walks away.

I would get Exhaust as you most likely won't have high kill pressure in the lane and might as well just play for late game, but Ignite isn't too bad here.




You'll win this matchup most of the time, but she can stop most of what you're doing and set up an easy kill on you if she lands her Q or ulti, so be careful. All-ins will win this fight or getting so much poke on her/her ADC that she is out of mana. Her W heals her/her ADC and deals damage to you/your ADC so she will counterpoke with heal. Get her to miss her Q and then go in and go in hard. She isn't very mobile and is very squishy. If he runs at you she probably wants to use W to damage you and heal her. Either run away or E-W-Q-W to kill her there and then when she goes for it.

Runes: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and MS quints so you don't get hit by her Q.

I would max E because you can't outpoke her so you might as well try to all-in her.

No need to bother with Ignite in most of the cases here as it does lower her healing, but I would prefer having Exhaust and win late game here.




Pretty tanky and heavy CC champion. He can't tank the spells for his ADC, so you can still poke his ADC. Post-6 is where he is scary because he can target engage on you. His hook is dodgeable, but if it lands, you're most likely dead because he carries alot of CC. Try to poke him down without him landing his hook on you. If he goes for you ADC, kill his ADC since he isn't that strong.

Tip: If you stand near a wall and he misses his hook he might get into your face anyways because he'll drag to that wall. This can be a curse or a blessing. This can mean you can kill him with your spells or it can mean he gap-closes anyways, everything depends on his health. Mostly try to poke him or his ADC out pre-6.

Runes for matchup: MPen or hybrid pen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MS quints to dodge hook.

I would go for E max as he is pretty squishy despite looking like a tank, so you can catch him out.

I would go Exhaust in this matchup because he probably won't let you run past and Ignite his ADC, so might as well carry Exhaust for that late game.




A long time since this champion was played alot, but he is still a support. Mostly he'll blood boil(W) his ADC and run around and throw snowballs on your ADC. He is a pokey/protective support who can heal himself. He'll probably use his ulti around his ADC so you can't dive in on him, but that won't be a problem since you don't require to be up close. He'll use his Q to heal up if you poke him.

Tip: Whenever he goes for a snowball either stop him and try to poke him heavily or go for their ADC. He might have self sustain, but he can't sustain if he is dead.

For runes: MPen or hybrid pen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E because Nunu isn't that strong in all-ins, so you can kill him or his ADC.

Ignite is pretty decent here as Nunu is fairly squishy and he doesn't have much to stop your damage with, so you can attempt to kill him. Exhaust isn't too bad either.




Mostly seen in other lanes than bot, but she is still an ADC. Not really that strong because she is more of a roamer, but don't be fooled since she can still kill you. Her E makes it difficult to land skillshots since she'll just jump away in another direction. If E is down, try to land E-W-Q-W since she isn't very mobile while fighting.

Tip: If her Q is down most of her damage is gone, so try to go for poke when it's down. If you're marked by Valor (the yellow mark around you) be careful. She'll deal extra damage and get a favorable trade usually.

For runes I would go: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints as you don't need the movement speed.

I would max E because when she engages she uses her E, so you know where she'll land (if you're trained) so you can just root here where she'll land and kill her on the spot.

I would go for Exhaust as she is really bursty, so you can stop that. Additionally she requires to jump in on you to deal damage, so you can land it when she uses E on you.




Not really seen as much play these days, but she still gets played. She'll just push her lane over and over again so you won't really get much action in this lane. She also has a spellshield to stop your E. Her ulti will most likely be used to engage on you, so be careful when you hear her call.

Tip: Try to bait her spellshield with a Q. If she uses it to stop your poke or your ADCs poke, you can engage on her fully, she isn't all that mobile. When she uses her ulti, you can land an E-W-Q-W-R while she is running or you can ulti between your team and their team if you're trying to run off. Most likely it'll trade ulti for ulti.

For runes: MPen quints, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

Would max Q first because of her spellshield, but can max E if she uses spellshield on your Q.

Would go Exhaust because you're not suppose to have big kill pressure against her, but it is possible to stomp the lane with Ignite.




She has alot of poke, heal and a stun, but she isn't hard to deal with in lane. She is really immobile and really squishy, so if she goes to poke, poke her right back or just all-in her and get an easy kill.

Tip: When her Q is down, she can't really du much to fight, so try to get poke or engage on her after her Q is down.

For runes: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E as she is the queen of poke and you want to all-in her.

Go Ignite if you think you can kill her, but if they have any other threats just go safely for Exhaust.




A good Soraka is a pain in the ass and will just win the game by default if you can't kill her because no matter how much you carry your team a Soraka can make sure their team has double or trippel their own health. She doesn't offer much in lane except heals and if you go for her, she can't do much, so the lane in itself isn't hard.

Tip: Try to dodge her Q. If she misses all her Qs and you get poke on her, she can't sustain. Later in the game you'll get super strong and she'll still be super weak, so try to assassinate her with your E-W-Q-W-R if you can. At worst, you'll almost kill her and a teammate and she has to focus on running.

Runes: MPen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E because you don't want a poke war, you want all-in kill.

Get Ignite in 99% of the cases here. The Grevious Wound changes made Ignite really good against her again.


Tahm Kench


Nothing will happen in this lane. Whenever you land an E, he'll jump in and eat his ADC and run off. You can't do anything to kill their ADC if he keeps taking their ADC away. He is also really tanky with sustain and possible shield, so he'll just never die. He can however dish out alot of damage, so he might just straight up kill you. I'd try to go for late-game in this matchup and just not die. Try to poke their ADC as much as you can as he don't want to eat his ADC to stop poke.

Tip: Don't get hit thrice. He can stun you with his Q if you have the red fish on you or he can eat you. If you're eaten, you most likely die. His ulti gives him more damage on basic attacks. Don't get baited by his grey health. He can convert it to a shield to stay very much alive, or he can use it to heal himself up.

For runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MS quints so you can run away from him.

I would max Q as he'll just tank your damage or eat his ADC if you catch them out of position, so no point in trying to all-in.

I would go for Exhaust as you probably won't get a kill with Ignite.




So Taric recently got a rework and I promised to cover this. He got really strong and is really terrifying, for everyone except you. He has a heal, he can bind someone with his W to give them extra armor, his stun is now a really telegraphed skillshot, but it sends it out from both him and his bound target, so be careful about that. His ultimate is stupidly broken. He can Kayle ulti several people at once. The one redeeming feature for everyone is that it takes time to land, so you can run away, but it's really strong. The way you beat Taric is that he can't do anything in lane and you just push him out of the lane.

For runes: MPen or hybrid pen reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen/MS quints. You can go MS if you're afraid he'll run up to you and stun you.

I would max E as you can all-in him easily and kill him because he only has tankyness gainst AD, not AP.

You can go either Ignite or Exhaust here. Ignite isn't too bad, Exhaust if they have any other threats.




Pretty much the same as Blitz, except this guy can do things without hook too. Try to block his hooks with your plants while harassing him. He won't get as tanky as Blitz, so you can land kills on this guy. His auto attacks hurt at an interval based on his E, so be careful about trading auto attacks.

Tip: If he tries to lantern someone, you can either stand on the lantern or you can put a plant on it. Either way you can block it so enemies have problems grabbing it. If his hook is down, poke him as much as you can.

Runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MS quints so he can't hook you.

I would max E as you can catch him out of position and he isn't really tanky without items.

I would grab Exhaust most of the time, but you can grab Ignite.




Annoying matchup. She got her jump to get away and pretty good poke and all-in, so be careful in this lane. If you land your E-W-Q-W combo, you might chunk her hard, but usually she'll dodge it with her jump. Careful so she won't kill you. Her E deals alot of damage and even more based on how many autos she lands.

Tip: If he uses her W offensivly, try to kill her. Other than that, just don't get killed in this lane. Try to poke her because that's pretty much all you can do in the lane.

For runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max Q as you can't hit her with an E, and if you do it's probably right before she uses her W, so she'll jump away with your roots.

Go for Exhaust as you'll never ever land your Ignite without being in her face, usually making the trade 1 for 1.




Not really a common matchup, but you might face him. He doesn't really pose as too big of a problem. He is mainly picked to ult your tanks so their team can burst him down, but his passive still gives him some sustain in addition to having his pillar to slow you down, hie W to get more movement speed and his Q to slow you down and deal damage. If you're careless, like any lane he can just straight up kill you, but it shouldn't really happen alot.

Tip: If Trundle's pillar is down alot of his engage potential is gone, so you can poke freely or engage. If he still does engage, you can disengage with your E.

Runes: MPen or hybrid penetration reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and MS quints so he can never catch up to you.

I would max E as you can stop his every engage with it, just make sure not to miss it as he can engage afterwards.

I would go Exhaust, but you cango for Ignite to kill him.




Low mobility champions are a piece of cake. He is easy to land your E-W-Q-W-R on and has low hp. He needs to stack up his burst, so you'll get time to land everything. The only thing to be careful about here is not to get assassinated mid-game because he can dish out alot of damage when he stealths up on you.

Tip: Get som pink wards to try and spot him out. Frost Queen's will help you catch this guy since he can't really do anything about it. If he lands enough stacks of is passive (you'll get a huge icon over you) try to stand so far back that he can't use his E to detonate them.

Runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max E as he has no escape and is squishy enough to kill easily.

You can go for either Exhaust or Ignite. It's probably around 50-50 as you can land a kill with both since he requires stacking up his passive for attacking and using Exhaust will slow that down by 40%, so pick depending on what you think you can do.




This champion still exists and he is really immobile. Don't get hit by his E and you should be fine, because if he hits his E, he can spam shoot his Q at you. He has no escape and only a shield, so try to land your E-W-Q-W combo as much as you can on him because it's really easy since he has such a big model. Late game he might use his ulti on you or your ADC. If he does it on you, land as much as you can on his team and die. That's pretty much all you do. He'll probably just die.

Tip: If he misses his E, go full ham on him. If his W is down, poke as much as you can. He is really easy.

Runes: MPen reds or hybrid pen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MS quints so he'll never land an E on you.

I would max E as he is immobile and rooting him might chunk him or kill him.

I would just go Exhaust because he gets so tanky you usually won't kill him with the tiny extra dmg from Ignite if you get the setup.




He has alot of poke, but bearly any mobility. His Q will hurt in the later stages of the game, but so will you. If he lands his ulti on you, you might be in trouble, but he is in trouble if you land your E-W-Q-W on him. Try to poke him alot in lane and threaten him with all-ins.

Tip: If his Q is down he can't do much. Trade and poke him as much as you can. He is a really easy kill late game.

Runes: MPen reds, health yellows, CDR blues and MS quints so you can dodge his Q and ultimate.

I would max E as you can root him and straight up kill him if you land it.

You can go Ignite just to kill him. Exhaust doesn't reduce his damage by that much, so it's not really necessary for the lane, but if they got some other threat you might want to have Exhaust from the start just for the late game.




Vayne can be really hard or really easy. She can dodge all you throw at her or nothing at all. If she dodges everything she can easily kill you, but if you hit anything her mobility is useless. Don't stand near places she can condemn(E) you into the wall because she will and she will kill you.

Tip: Try to get her to Q and then go for E-W-Q-W combo. If she uses her escape offensivly try to punish it. Careful so she doesn't land her three silver bolts(W) on you as they deal alot of damage.

Runes: MPen or hybrid penetration reds, armor yellows, CDR blues and AP/MPen quints.

I would max Q here as she'll most likely use her Q whenever you E, so you'll probably never land your all-ins, at least not reliably.

Go Exhaust just to stop her late game. You don't want Vayne to turn into a monster.




Not a common pick, but he is really pokey. Don't let him poke you and you should be fine. He deals alot of damage on all-ins too, so he might be able to kill you. His E can CC you enough for him and his ADC to kill you, so be abit careful.

Tip: He will max Q or W. When whatever he maxes is down (mostly Q) try to go in and poke or all-in him. He is a really big target and not very mobile, so he should be an easy kill.

Runes: MPen reds, health yellows, magic resist blues and movement speed quints as you need to doge alot of skillshots.

I would max E as you need to all-in him because he outpokes you.

Don't even both grabbing Ignite because he should be staying far enough away that you can't Ignite him, so might as well just go Exhaust so you can Exhaust whoever engages on you.




I've played alot of Zilean lately and I have to say the champion is really strong. In lane he can E-Q-W-Q someone for an easy stun and alot of damage. His E alone is almost a targetable root because 99% slow is so slow. He is really weak in lane though, but late-game he has his revive and that might alone just win him the game which is why this is a hard matchup.

Tip: When he goes for his Q-W-Q or E-Q-W-Q combo he will be pretty stationary while casting. Try to kill him or chunk him when he does. His Q has cast time, so shouldn't be hard. If he uses his ulti on anyone (yellow hourglasses around them) stop damaging them if you are laning and they'll get away anyway. If you kill them you'll just give them a heal. Sometimes however if they are in the middle of your team and their team is away, kill them just so they respawn in the middle of you, so it kinda worked like a Bard ulti.

Runes: MPen reds, armor yellows, magic resist blues and MS quints to dodge his bombs as they're most of what he has.

I would max E so you can root him and kill him if he gets caught out of position. This might force his ultimate, but then you just E him when he spawns again.

No need to get Ignite here because when he hits level 6 killing him isn't really what the game is about and he'll resurrect whoever you Ignite for the kill if he is nearby, so might as well just roll with Exhaust.

TL;DR Back to Top

Since the guide is really long I am making a TL;DR section for those who just want to play Zyra for a match without knowing much more.

For runes you just want to go with Normal if you don't want to read through the guide. With that go exhaust if you want to play defensive and ignite if you want to play offensivly.

Usually start zyraQ.png and max in the order zyraR.png > zyraE.png >zyraQ.png  > zyraW.png

This will be your starting items

3303.png + 2003.pngx3

You mostly have two build paths




You can go alot of different builds, but these builds are the safest items to go. If you check the Sample Builds and the explanations for them you can see why you would build other items.

If you want to learn more about Zyra feel free to read the rest of the guide. It's really long, but contains most of the necessary info about Zyra.

Why Zyra? Back to Top

There are so many reasons to why you should pick Zyra, but I'll start with the normal "pros vs. cons" thing and move on to explanation as to why I love Zyra as a champion.

- High burst.
- A root and a knockup.
- High sustained damage.
- No matchup you can't stall to late-game and win from there.
- Can be support, can be carry.
- Pretty strong in every phase of the game.
- Not everyone knows how to play against Zyra in lane.
- She now has really strong zone control

- Squishy.
- Really immobile.
- Not really a "proper" support, so people might not like it as much and you might not do as much if you fall far behind.
- Not everyone knows how to play with Zyra in lane.

After seeing the pros and cons Zyra seem really good. I will add on some more reasons as to why I think Zyra should be picked alot more. She is one of the supports that offer any real carry potential. I've played countless Nami games, she is probably one of my best supports, but the games I try to carry with her are totally different. I land everything, use everything and heal everyone, yet still everyone just dies. While when I play Zyra, if I land what I'm suppose to land and do what I'm suppose to do I might even kill 2-3 people in a teamfight from 100-0. This is what I love about Zyra, just the ability to feel impactful. Another thing is that her entire kit is skillshot based. I really love skillshots because you get rewarded since they are harder to land. I don't really find Zyra's skillshots hard to land, so it just feels like a reward. A good thing here is that people following you is easy to hit with skillshots, meaning you can bait people into easy kills. There are alot more reasons to why you should pick Zyra, but you probably made up your mind already.

Vision Back to Top

As we all know as a support player vision is crucial. Unfortunatly vision is much less a support matter anymore, but a team matter now because Sightstone only has 3 charges, Ruby Sightstone only has 4 and you can place 3 wards at a time at most in addition to the extra pink ward. A ward's timespan used to be 3 minutes. After the changes where Stealth Ward was removed the duration of wards was decreased so it now only lasts for 150 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds) meaning each ward you have has 30 seconds shorter to live. This means deep vision is harder to maintain because you need to have constant pressure to keep deep wards because they expire earlier. You also have to recall more often because of Sightstone running out of charges.

Now that I've tackled the bad things about vision I feel I should say what improved. You are no longer a ward-machine. This means you can actually buy items instead of running around with 10 Stealth Wards and 5 Vision Wards in your inventory. With the update of trinkets you can now also get Sightstone abit later without getting too punished because if you and your ADC cooperate, you can keep river/tribrush warded so you won't get ganked. Another good thing was the removal of Oracle Elixir. This really helped Zyra as you did not have to buy a flask for 400 gold every time you died to make sure wards were gone. The Oracle Lense/Sweeping Lense helps you keep most of the places clean. You can also opt for the Farsight Alteration, but that means your team won't be able to remove enemy wards, which is crucial to get down some good ambushes. It might give you more vision, but you might end up giving your enemy more gold, but if you are at such a low rank where people don't check for wards, this might be able to ward the entire map. So pick after need, but I highly recommend the combination of Sightstone + Sweeping Lense/Oracle Lense.

When it comes to sweeping wards there are no cookie cutter way to do it. There are some games where I can sweep 10+ wards, and there are games where I can't for the life of me get any use of Oracle Lense because either the enemy doesn't ward or they ward in obscure places I don't need to sweep. Everything depends on your enemy, so try to look for the debris and try to predict the enemy support/the enemy warder. If they place wards in logical places, put yourself in their position. Are they ahead? They might've warded your jungle. Are they contesting Baron which is coming up in 20 seconds? Most likely they have the entire Baron area warded and you should try to get down a good sweep there. If you are in Bronze or Silver people might not even know that they should contest Baron so their support might be bot lane with their ADC, so if you KNOW (and I'm talking 100%) that they have not warded Baron, it might not be necessary to do it. But in general, when you do objectives, try to sweep the entire area so they don't have vision of you doing it. This goes for Baron and Dragon and might go for buffs. 

Another thing that was great/horrible was the changes to Vision Wards. The bad part about it is that you can't place several on the map anymore, so you can't really detect wards everywhere if you have enough gold. It's also easier to remove your Vision Ward now that it's visible. The good thing is that it now lasts forever until someone removes it. It also only costs 75 gold, meaning you can easily just grab one sometimes when you are back. The thing I liked the most is probably that it lasts forever. If you are playing any other role, just buy a pink ward, drop it in a bush in your jungle, maybe at blue buff or red buff, because they have to go deep to remove it, so they can be collapsed upon if they try to clear it, because you have to land 5 hits before it's ruined now. It also helps detect invades and will probably only be cleared in mid/late game if they have control over your jungle. As a support, this shouldn't be your mindset. You should try to ward the river bushes (around dragon or baron) with your pink ward, or ward baron pit or dragon pit when you're doing the objective. Or maybe put down an aggressive pink ward in their jungle to deny them vision of their own jungle. I'm telling you to go for the aggressive wards because if they find yours and break it, you just buy a new one. Because your gold is suppose to be used for more utility than your other teammates (not as much on Zyra, but you're still a support). I will try to add a picture with where you want your wards and when you want them later on.

With the realease of the Active Item build you can get alot of free vision control with Zombie Ward and keep the control with Frost Queen's Claim and Oracle Lense. I would recommend trying this out, but it will eventually be removed, so don't get too attached to it.

Phases of the game Back to Top

I am reworking this section later. So far a really short explanation on Zyra is that she is decent in all phases of the game, she plays the role of a zone mage and is really good fighter around objectives. She power spikes when she gets Rylai's and again when she gets Liandry's. At both of these stages she excels against alot of people as her plants go rampage on everyone and can single handedly zone out a team from Dragon and Baron and seeing how imporant these objectives are now, she is getting increasingly strong.

Tips as Zyra and Support role Back to Top

I'll try to update this section as I remember more "tips 'n tricks" that will help you get better at support and Zyra, since it's usually very easy tips to follow and might win you a few games.

Zyra tips

- Harass combo: The important thing to know is how to harass someone. In lane you will usually go for Q-W-auto attack. This is because you don't want the second plant to only deal 50% damage and waste the other stack. Make sure to get the auto attack in there if you can as it will deal alot of damage if you get enough. In level 1 if you start Q, your combo will be Q-auto attack.

- Kill combo: Zyra is really bursty and you need to get your combo straight to burst someone down. The combo is E-W-Q-W-(R). I'm putting R in parentesis because it's not always you have it or need it, but it adds alot of burst. The idea of the combo is to send out your E, spawn a plant there right before your E hits so you get a slowing plant, and then using Q-W to get a ranged plant to deal damage further away. Your ulti will boost you plants so they will deal alot of damage, but usually if you hit everyhing and your ulti they're most likely dead.

I'm adding to the kill combo because I've seen a variant that you might want to use sometimes. The other version of your kill combo is E-W-R-Q-W. The difference between this and E-W-Q-W-R is that the E-W-R-Q-W combo hits your ultimate knockup more reliably in lower level, as you most likely have not leveled up your E alot, so the snare is short. While the E-W-Q-W-R hits all your damaging abilities, but if you only have 1 point into your E, they might escape your knockup. So decide which you need, the knockup or the sure damage from your Q, because if you aim to just burst someone down with the combo, E-W-Q-W-R is the way to go, but if you use it as initiation or need the sustained damage from plants to kill them you use your E-W-R-Q-W combo to kill.

- Scout the bushes: One of the disadvantages of Zyra is that she is immobile and squishy. Alot of people abuse this by waiting in bushes and just kill her. A way to get around this is to use your W in that bush from a safe distance. Use your Q afterwards if you want more vision, but W usually suffice to check the bush. This might save your life alot in matches.

- Supportive parts of your kit: As you know your kit does have some CC. You can use your E to catch people off guard or to stop someone from engaging. You can also use your ulti to knock up as many as possible. Another thing you can do is to use your ulti between your team and theirs if they try to engage. They now have to decide if it's worth running over your ulti and getting knocked up, or not engage at all. So be aware that you can use your ulti to disengage fights you don't want.

- Bait: You deal alot of damage compared to other supports. You won't expect it, and they won't expect it. Use this at your advantage. If you're getting ganked and you see Ashe, Bard and Xin Zhao running at your ADC and you and you know it's either let your ADC die or die saving them, you can try to aim for Bard and Ashe (bonus points if you also get Xin) and use E-W-Q-W-R and optional ignite if you have it. You don't believe how many times I've killed two people when getting ganked and our ADC as finished off their jungler. You are extremly strong.

- Beware throns in the bushes: To add on the previous point about you dealing damage, you can also just sit in bushes because people going to ward or face check are really easy victims. Even a bruiser in the mid-game will usually die or retreat at your bust. So if you know someone is coming to ward, sit and wait and just E-W-Q-W-R them and you will most likely solo anyone on their team except a tank.

- Plants save lives: Keep in mind which champions you are playing against. A lot of champions (Morgana, Brand, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Ahri, Amumu etc.) have spells to engage/catch people out of position that is blockable by minions. Your plants count as minions, so if you feel they have a pretty good shot at landing their CC, you can quickly react with either harassing them with E-W-Q-W or Q-W and putting the plant(s) in their faces, so that when they shoot the CC it will just hit the plant, or you can be more safe and just do a quick Q-W infront of you so you have a plant blocking their way. This can be good late-game to stop engages from champions like Amumu and can not only save you, but also other members by blocking skillshots that would hit them with your plant. Another cool thing is that at least for the time being since Graves has a shotgun, you can block his autohits with a plant if it's in his face, even if he isn't aiming for it, if it is in the way of hitting you or minions, it might soak up some of the damage that would hit something else.

- Seeding properly: A thing to know is that you can either W-Q or Q-W. It is a huge difference to these things, but they will mostly look the same. The first will most likely miss more skillshots because you spend time planting your seed and give away that you want to engage, the second one is focusing on landing the Q and since it has a short time period before it deals the damage, you can spawn a plant before it deals the damage by doing Q and then W. This will make the skillshot easier to land and will still spawn a flower. This also works with E, since it has a travel time, you can do E-W and the plant will spawn because it casts instantly while your E travels from you to your mark. This is why your combo is E-W-Q-W and not W-W-E-Q or something in those lines.

- The ultimate skill: An important thing that was pointed out about this guide is the ultimate ability from Zyra. The way this ability works is that it deals damage when the vines in the animation expands, but it won't knock them up at first. It will knock them up abit after dealing damage (easily seen in the animation). So don't expect it to deal damage while knocking people up. It also gives an attack speed boost to your plant, so they attack 50% quicker. Their normal attacks are 0,8 times per second, but with the ultimate buff they do 1,2 attacks per second. Dependable on rank, this can be really neat because in some ranks people completly ignore Zyra plants, so in a teamfight, you will just have constant shooting flowers that deals enormous amounts of damage. So when you use your E-W-Q-W-R combo, make sure if you want to burst them down you use it so the plants are within the area of the ulti. Another thing to note about your untilmate is that you don't ALWAYS want it for damage. As I've mentioned in the "Supportive parts of your kit" section, your ultimate is a strong disengage tool, so use it where you see fit (either to burst someone down or disengage a teamfight)-

Support tips

- Harass for last hits: Whenever you see a melee minion or ranged minion on your team die in lane, be prepared. Their ADCs job is to get that. Now, you are what stands in his/her way. The ADC now has to either auto attack you to trade back or accept the harass from your Q-W-Auto atttack or just auto attack. It may not sound as much to land 40 damage auto attack, but landing it about 10 times in lane really adds up and starts zoning them. The cannon minion is also very crucial. People REALLY want this minion and you might even get an E-W-Q-W combo on them just because they want it that bad.

- Offensively warding: Most people know wards as the item you use to stop people from getting the upperhand on you and killing you, but in reality it is an information provider. If you can get a ward on their blue buff and you see a 40% health Lee Sin going for their blue (Red buff if you're purple side) and you're level 4 with ignite, you can easily just sneak off in lane and try to go for E-W-Q-W and optional ignite for getting both the buff and the kill. If you're playing a passive support get your ADC with your or you jungler. In most cases wards can help you catch people out of position if you have them placed properly.

These two YouTube links are in general extremly good. They explain alot about supporting in general and features examples. They last about 1 hour each, so it's a long watch, but worth watching if you want to improve. They are somewhat outdated, but their tips still apply. The first one is mainly for ADCs, but it's worth learning about your ADC too and what they can do.

About the author Back to Top

Hello! I'm Tetrytol/Picratol and I have been playing this game for some years now. I started out playing mid lane Zyra alot, but as it was rare to obtain mid lane I moved down to support. I quickly got platinum 1 and kinda stopped playing. I then decayed to gold and got up to platinum again and got my smurf to platinum. I got alot of experience with different supports as I really enjoy testing out mages. Even the champions I don't like, I have at least tested, just to get some experience with them and see the lane from their view.

Now I mainly play Zyra to see how high I can get before the rework in case they butcher her. I intend on starting to stream at one point, but I have yet to decide when. I was originally planning on Januar 2016, but school and spare time got a hold of me and I barely got any time for LoL at the time.

Zyra mage rework changes Back to Top

So I'm making this section for those who already knew Zyra very well and I intend on explaining what changed and what that means for Zyra.


Passive: Everyone knows about her passive now. I don't want to cover the numbers here, but you spawn plants and this gives you huge zone potential by either popping the plants or just leaving them there and making them scared of stepping close to them.

Q: The damage went from 70/105/140/175/210 + 65% AP to 60/90/120/150/180 + 55% AP. So it's not as strong anymore. Q now has really huge range for popping plants, so you will turn alot of seeds into plants without aiming for them. They also changed how the skillshot looks.

W: The W lost it's cooldown reduction, it now gives more health to your plants when you level it up, so it's not too great. The health increase for the plants are 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%  which isn't too big.

E: E wasn't changed except the range it procs plants in increased so you can now get alot of E plants in a teamfight or just accidentally pop them

R: They changed the attack speed buff your ultimate gives to your plants from 50% to 150%, so plants attack alot faster.

Plants: The new plants damage got reduced and are now 24+5*level as base damage and has 15% AP scaling. They used to be 23+6.5*level as base damage and 20% AP scaling, so some AP taken away and some base damage, but overall as you get more plants, Zyra is stronger. Plant live time has also changed. The lifespan of a grown plant now is 5 seconds + 0.155 seconds * level. The old one used to be 10 seconds, so it's a big nerf to lifespan, however with the passive, you get more plants, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal, but be prepared to play with your surroundings. If you stand in the a bush your plants will also not spawn

Other changes: Zyra's movement speed got increased to 340, her base health got increased to 499 and Q now cost 60 mana at all levels. So overall just some love to Zyra.

Items: The mage update brough a few changes. It added a few more items and changed some old ones. I covered why I think each and every item and good/bad in the Item section and why I would pick which item, so feel free to read that if you want to know which item I prefer going.

General changes: 

With the Zyra changes they removed a small chip of her burst, so she is still really bursty, however her zone control got increased so much that she is better at zoning than bursting, however her burst is pretty much the same as before. So what I'm saying is that your zone got REALLY good, your burst is basically untouched.

The 'new' Zyra playstyle Back to Top

I'm making this section abit late, as I've been playing Zyra differently ever since the mid year mage update, but I just haven't had time to update my guide with the new information, so I'll try to explain the "new" playstyle (calling it "new" because some other played this playstyle on the old Zyra) and why I think it's better.

Firstly I want to state that the burst Zyra didn't really get nerfed. It took a REALLY low damage nerf on Q and on plants, so she will deal slightly less damage in her burst, however her sustained damage increased as she now can have more plants. So if someone lives with 50 hp after a teamfight, you can probably blame that, but it's not like you lost 300 damage from your burst. So this means that burst Zyra is pretty much as viable as she used to be, so if you prefer that playstyle, keep on playing that, as it can pull you far.

Now I want to introduce this other playstyle. This is a heavy area control/zone/control mage playstyle where you try to setup as many possible plants around and "threatening" people away from an area. An example can be if your team is doing dragon. You are blue side, and you've been standing there for some time already and warding the area. So you now have probably 3+ plants lying around dragon when the enemy team arrives. If you Q up a cluster of two plants, this tells the enemy team "You can contest the dragon, but you have to pass the plants". In lower elos people don't understand how strong Zyra is, so people just try to pass the plants. They get slowed by Rylai's and losing SO much hp from Liandry's as they were at 100% hp. So to contest dragon they either have to wait, or take alot of damage. This is why this zone control is really strong, because it works on multiple objectives. This depends of course how you see objectives. If it's a teamfight and their frontline dives in for your APC/ADC or any person of interest, you can pop 2-3 plants in between their frontline and their carries. If you then ultimate between them, they either have to stay away from the battle, or get chunked for somewhere between 50 and 100% of their hp.

This playstyle is difficult to learn if you don't already know it as it's not really a way to play people are accustomed to. Let's say you're playing Rumble. The best ultimate you throw isn't necessarily the one you throw at 5 people and they move out of it. The best ultimate could've been the one where you seperate their ADC from the rest of their team, so you're playing 4v5. So the goal with this playstyle is to use your plants to poke and force people into a position where they are unfavored. It's of course a benefit if you land a 5-man root into a 5-man ultimate, but with this playstyle, you can easier land what you need. This playstyle used to be played by alot of people, where they went Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment. However with the recent changes to Zyra's passive, made me really prefer this playstyle more than the burst. So really good items for this playstyle is Rylai's and Liandry's for just burning through people.

So to put it short. Burst Zyra is still very much the same, but I think with the update to her passive, zone control Zyra just got so strong that it outclasses burst Zyra. So I currently prefer the zone control playstyle.

12/18/0 vs. 18/12/0 Back to Top

I've seen people playing different masteries and I could do this "discussion" in the mastery section, but probably the biggest difference in masteries is 12/18/0 vs. 18/12/0 so I thought I'd do some calculations here so people won't have to read through them looking over my mastery explanations. Firstly the difference between these two aren't really different. In one of the trees you get 7% MPen and Deathfire Touch, in the other you get 3 + 0.3*level MPen and ARPen and Thunderlord's Decree. To put this into perspective you get 7 MPen if they got 100 Magic Resist, while you get 7 MPen from the other mastery when you are level 13/14. This difference isn't too big, so it's not like one of them is REALLY strong except if your enemy has 200 magic resist, because you get 14 flat MPen from that. In the early game the 7% gives 2.1-2.94, while the other gives 3.3. So it's a miniscule difference. So Thunderlord's Decree vs. Deathfire Touch is the biggest difference in these two. So let's look at pros and cons of each of them.

Deathfire Touch

The wiki entry for Deathfire Touch:
Deathfire Touch.png

So let's see what makes Deathfire Touch great compared to Thunderlord's Decree.

- It keeps on getting stronger as the game progresses (when you get more AP).
- It doesn't have any cooldown, so you can keep on proccing it 24/7
- You can proc it on multiple enemies at the same time
- It's a DoT, so it can take people by surprise on how much damage it does.

Thunderlord's Decree

Thunderlord's Decree.png

Now let's have a look at what makes Thunderlord's good compared to Deathfire Touch.

- Damage scaling with levels instead of AP/AD only.
- Doesn't change depending on doing AoE, DoT or single target dmg.
- Is easily procable as Zyra.


Now with each side being shown, let's compare the two, because if we look at pros and cons, we can't really determine how much of a pro/con something is. In the early game we can see that Thunderlord's is obviously stronger, as Zyra only deals DoT (her plants are counted as DoT) and AoE, so she only deals 3-5 damage when it procs. While Thunderlord's deals 10 + 10% of her AP and gets really strong really quickly in lane. The burst damage is also surprising to alot of people and you usually get the three mark proc off from just Q-W-Auto. Obviously when we count just the Thunderlord's Decree vs. Deathfire Touch damage, Thunderlord's will be stronger as it has a 15-25 second cooldown, so you can't proc is all the time. If you can land your ultimate or your abilities on 5 people, this means Thunderlord's has to be five times stronger than Deathfire Touch. This is assuming your goal is to dish out the most damage to as many as possible enemies, and not just killing one of them, because in single target damage, Thunderlord's Decree will be stronger. I will do the maths on this and probably add an excel sheet so you can see how much AP and which level which one is stronger and in which situation just to help you explain, but for now I'll just say that Thunderlord's is alot stronger because you can burst someone down. Additionally, you don't really constantly dish out damage, you're cooldown based and will use your rotation about every 10th second, meaning Thunderlord's will almost be up after two rotations.


Changelog & Patches Back to Top

Here I will write what I do to the guide and when, so if you frequent this guide, you can just check here if you want to see if there is anything new. Anytime a patch releases I will most likely try and give as much insight as I can as to how it will affect Zyra.

24/12 - 2015: Changed "Rabadon's vs. Rylai's" section to Item discussion and made it alot more in-depth. Completed the "Phases of the game" section. Added hybrid penetration as viable runes and added explanation.

06/01-2016: Changed Leona matchup from medium to hard. Updated some misinformation in the item comparing of "Rabadon's vs. Rylai's". Updated item list with a build under testing and updated description with why I am testing the build and will update later on how I like the build.

09/01 - 2016: Added a "TL;DR" section 

10/01 - 2016: Added a "First Buy" part to the "Item Discussion" section and gave redirection from the "Item" section to the "Item Discussion" if people wanted to see the first buy discussed. Added some more information on the "Rabadon's vs. Rylai's" part in the "Item Discussion" section.

12/01 - 2016: Added a "Void Staff" part in the "Item Discussion" section. Did not write anything, but it will be updated when I get the time. Added two links in the "Tips on Zyra and the Support role" section.

13/01 - 2016: Added build order on two of my preferred sample builds.

14/01 - 2016: Updated Void Staff section where I compare getting Void Staff to Deathcap in terms of damage and when to get which. Added patches for this section too.

Patch 6.1

I will also go through in this section what changes with the patch. Mostly this patch nothing major hit Zyra. Trundle got abit weaker so that matchup became slightly better. Frost Queen's Claim got a little mana regen nerf, but that doesn't really matter, Eye of the Watchers got a Cooldown Reduction buff, but you still do not want this item. Miss Fortune got slightly weaker so that matchup got slightly better too. Nothing too big other than that in this patch so no need to cover more than necessary.

17/01 - 2016: Added a discussion of "Sorcerer's Shoes vs. Frost Queen's Claim" in the "Item Discussion" section. Didn't fill it out yet, so the discussion haven't been made, but planning on making it.

19/01 - 2016: Changed title so it says "Patch 6.1 updated" so people knows it up to date. Added explanation to why I chose which mastery in the "Mastery" section so people know why I pick what I pick. Added a "Void Staff vs. Haunting Guise" part in the "Item Discussion" section where I compare the flat magic penetration to the percentage. Updated and finished the Sorcerer's Shoes vs. Frost Queen's Claim section.

20/01 - 2016: Added a "Vision" section and mostly filled it out with my thoughts on the "recent" vision changes.

Patch 6.2

With patch 6.2 Zyra got a few relevant changes. Very few is directly related to her, but indirect changes are still relevant. The most relevant is probably Frost Queen's Claim's nerf and Morellonomicon's buff. Morellonomicon now cost 150 gold less without losing any stats, so it's just a straight up buff. Frost Queen's Claim got hit with a nerf to the active which increased the cooldown to 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds. I would still favor Frost Queen's Claim as you don't have to sell Frostfang, you don't really need the extra 10% CDR from Morellonomicon and the active is almost too good to pass up as you can catch people out of position or help your team catch someone out of position.

The second relevant thing in the patch is probably the Shen update. This might remove him from the update list, weaken his position against Zyra or strengthen it. I have not read too much into Shen's update, so it's too early to change the matchup, but I will change it when I got enough knowledge on his new kit.

Another thing rolling out this patch is Jhin's release. If he'll be played ADC, jungle, top or mid I'm not 100% sure of, but I have a feeling he'll be attempted to play ADC sometimes. So I will add his matchup as I've learned more about his kit. Already he seems weak against Zyra, but I don't want to misinform any of you readers.

Tahm Kench recieved some of the bench this patch so he won't be as scary. Althought he'll still deny you those juicy kills that you always want. His passive lasts shorter (7 -> 5 seconds) meaning he won't be able to just tongue slap you until he can stun you or eat you which is nice, seeing as you can abuse melee laners. His ultimate passive damage also went abit down (reduced by 2% at every stage) meaning he won't hit like a truck anymore, but something along the lines of a smaller truck.

Nunu also got some tweaking this patch, so he might arise some again as his E is now close to spamable, but he will probably arise in the jungle instead of support role. However if he emerges hard in the support role I might change his matchup, but for now it should mostly stay the same. 

Another update touching the mid/late-game is the shafting of Rengar. He probably won't be able to 100-0 people while being 0-10 anymore, but he might cause some trouble still. I hope these patch notes help you understand which changes are relevant to Zyra and it helps you play to your heart's desire.

28/01 - 2016: Added Patch 6.2 changes.

29/01 - 2016: Updated title so it says 6.2 updated and added Abyssal Scepter discussion in the Item Discussion with why I think it's a good and bad item.

02/02 - 2016: Swapped out alot of commas with periods in my calculations as the english standard is period for decimals instead of commas so I won't confuse some people so they think decimals might be hundreds/thousands.

Patch 6.3 

Mostly this patch focused on giving AD champions another damage item. Not really much more than this except for a few nerfs to Corki and Graves which probably won't change the matchup enough. This will make your mid-game even more depressing if you can't position yourself properly because Zed, Talon, Xin and all of those can kill you even easier. It's a good option for them to get more damage, so don't let them get the initiation on you. With the boots cost changed too (most boots that was people's go-to boots got increased in gold cost by 100 gold) I see Sorcerer's Shoes as an even better buy.

13/02 - 2016: Tweaked the "About the author" section.

23/02 - 2016: Updated runes to my currently preferred rune set. Also working on revamping the Item Discussion section as it seems very clunky and difficult to read through, so I'm working on getting everything into Excel sheets and adding them into here so it's easier to look at.

Patch 6.4

In general this patch wasn't very eventful. Not very many big buffs or nerfs, but one in particular stood out. Expose Weakness matery gave us a good option to the otherwise two bad masteries in the Ferocity tier. Other things to note is that Caitlyn deals more damage to people trapped now, so don't walk into those traps! It's not the biggest buff, but it's more damage, so watch out. Ezreal ultimate CD increased, Kog'Maw base attack speed lowered, other slight nerfs/buffs are all over the patch, but doesn't impact the way you play much. Sterak's got slightly nerfed as well, so that's good for us seeing as ADCs lived longer and longer with items like that. Other than that not much happened. Overall this patch made Zyra slightly stronger in my opinion, so hopefully this will give you an edge on the rift!

02/03 - 2016: Updated the mastery page because of expose weakness. Wrote Patch 6.4 notes for Zyra, changed the title to fit the proper patch.

06/03 - 2016: Added Jhin to the champion matchup list.

Patch 6.5

I've been abit late to this patch, but not too much has happened, so I hope not too many people lost precious information. The two biggest relevant changes were Kog'Maw and Soraka this patch. Soraka became alot easier, but I'm still not moving her from "Medium" to "Easy" as she can still be a pain. She now slows with her Q no matter what, but her health gain is alot lower. She now has to decide if she wants health gain by levling up Q or wants to heal more by levling up W. She can give her teammates her healing over time buff if she has it active on herself (hitting an enemy with Q) so it's even more important to dodge it now. She should be easier because she won't heal nearly as much, and if she does, she'll heal her teammates less. Kog'Maw lost some power early game, but became abit stronger mid/late game. This doesn't really matter as you stomp Kog'Maw, even when he was broken. He is so easy to land your combo on so with this slight nerf you can now catch him out even easier. Don't get too brave as he can dish out alot of damage, but he should be fairly easy to burst down until he gets Maw of Malmortius or Sterak's Gage. Other than that there are just a few teaks here and there to champions, so this patch was fairly small. Hopefully I'll be quicker out with an update for 6.6, but can't promise anything yet as I might get busy. Hope this was helpful.

16/03 - 2016: Added patch notes for 6.5 and changed the title accordingly.

17/03 - 2016: Changed Braum and Ashe matchups from 'Medium' to 'Easy' and changed the reasoning as why they're easy.

18/03 - 2016: Added to the tips on Zyra/Support role a different way to use your "Kill combo" and reasoning for using that over the normal kill combo.

Patch 6.6

So in the bottom lane not much happened this patch, but some champions recieved minor nerfs, making bot lane even more enjoyable. First one out is Alistar which now heals only 1/3rd on allies instead of 1/2. This makes your poke better in this lane, the all-in from Alistar is still scary, so don't underestimate him. Next up is Janna. Her shield AD buff now 10/17.5/25/32.5/40 instead of 14/23/32/41/50. Her ultimate now stuns you for 0.5 seconds instead of 0.75. So overall it's just minor nerfs, but it makes the matchup more enjoyable. The next one is Kalista. Base attack speed lowered and the attack speed growth stat lowered. This will probably make her more clunky to play, which will be good for you unless you're supporting a Kalista. A way Kalista can be less clunky now is to put points into her W. It now grats passive attack speed while she is close to her Oathsworn. Kalista usually maxes E, so either she has to max W to be less clunky or get attack speed runes or just wait out to mid game. Overall, it's good for us. Her ultimate now requires that she is even closer to her Oathsworn, but still throws them as far away as it did, so don't get caught. Karma also got abit love this patch. Her shield (E) amount went up both in base shield and ratio (0.3 to 0.6), but it shouldnt have too big of an impact on the matchup as she doesn't become an AP powerhouse. Last one out is Lulu. Her W buff on allies got abit nerfed, but not enough that it should lose her a game. They made her need more AP to increase a teammate's movement speed and it now lasts slightly shorter. Other than this some other champions got some love/hate, but that shouldn't matter until mid/late game when you teamfight. Titanic Hydra got less AD and Zz'Rot Portals now die if they get hit 5 times (they regain health over time). It grants more gold and gives less MR/Armor. Not much else to note in this patch.

23/03 - 2016: Added 6.6 patch notes and updated the title accordingly.

26/03 - 2016: Updated Eye of the Watchers in the "Item" section as I didn't update it after the changes to it. Compared Morello + Eye vs. Frost Queen's + Ruby Sightstone again as well. Updated the numbers for Janna's shield so they're accurate.

Patch 6.7

So this patch just released minor changes to champions you'll face. Most of them just got a slap on the wrist kind of nerf. Soraka got her Q and W mana cost increased so now she'll probably run out of mana quicker, but it's by such a tiny amount that it probably won't matter. Poppy support got a slightly bigger nerf. Her Q base damage got reduced by alot and both her passive range and E range got reduced from 525 to 425. So she is much weaker as a suport now. Jhin and Corki also got some damage reduction. Jhin's Q now deals slightly less damage and cost abit more mana. His E costs less mana now, but that won't matter. Corki's passive's ratio got reduced from 1.1 to 1.0, so he should feel abit less strong when he autos, but it shouldn't be very noticable. Other than that the biggest thing happening is that Maw of Malmoritus' magic resist got reduced from 50 to 40 and when the passive pops they don't get the 25% attack speed anymore. Other than that this patch brings on the Taric rework later (or the next patch, I'm not entirely up to date about this), so hopefully I'll get to change that matchup eventually. Hope this was helpful and stay safe on the rift!

07/04 - 2016: Added update for Patch 6.7 and changed the title.

Direction of the guide

Hello everyone. I though I'd fill everyone in with where I'm going with this guide in the near future. I'm really interested in updating the guide as soon as possible when the Zyra and item rework happends. I intend to look over PBE patch notes and try to find someone streaming Zyra on PBE as I do not have a PBE account of my own and try to make out as much of the changes as I can and update this guide as soon as possible. Now depending on the impact of the changes the guide might see alot of few changes. My first thing is probably going to be wiping out the entire item discussion section as it should be rework already, but I'm guessing it will be mostly wrong after the update hits. The second thing is wiping the item list and updating with the new preferred builds and which items are good on Zyra. I have a feeling runes and masteries won't change much, but they might, so I'm open for that too. Lastly I'm probably going through each and every matchup I have written and rework those. This entire process might take some time and as exams are coming up I'm not sure what I will prioritize when the update hits live, but I'll give it my best to give you guys all of my insight. I might do a quick video guide which will be sub-par when it comes to editing, but the theory about the update will still be there, so I'll keep you guys update if I decide to do that. Hope you guys are both as excited and scared as I am to watch our special plant get some tweaking, have a good day!


Deicded to make this a big header to catch attention. I made a section about the new and coming update. Will keep you guys update from what I can see on PBE and the patch notes that will be released so you can be as prepared as you can be when the patch hits live.

19/04 - 2016: Added Zyra rework section. As Patch 6.8 rolled out today and the mage update rolled out on PBE today I decided to focus on the mage update as the patch notes weren't really overwhelming except for the Taric rework. Taric is really strong, but Zyra is strong against him. Going to update every matchup when the Zyra rework hits live asap and will include the Taric update then as well. Until then you guys will have to figure out how to play against him. He seems pretty broken atm, but Zyra is one of his biggest counters, so even if he is OP he should be a medium in difficulty. If he isn't OP he should be easy. Just don't get hit by double stun and be careful of him ulting his entire team. Until next time, stay safe on the rift! 

19/04 - 2016: Updating once again since I found more new scalings for her Q and E. Have yet seen the one for ultimate and plants, but will get back to that. Will probably have everything done by tomorrow (both plants/w and R) and hopefully this will help everyone.

20/04 - 2016: Added more intel on Zyra's W and Ultimate. Still don't have the scaling of her ultimate (might get it within the day) and added my thoughts on how Zyra will be played in the future.

20/04 - 2016: Added the last things about Zyra from the PBE right now and added some new thoughts on her.

25/04 - 2016: Added the changes from 22/04-2016

03/05 - 2016: Added last bit of what has happened on PBE and added that Zyra is being released on 04/05 - 2016, so everyone be prepared!

05/05 - 2016: Added when I'm updating the guide in it's own section along with what I'm thinking about doing.

07/05 - 2016:

It's finally done guys! I updated the Taric matchup, changed all the items, added new explanations, edited every single matchup, removed some sections, I'm really tierd of writing so not going to write what I did in every single section, you can see for yourself instead. I even updated the TL;DR section for those interested. I really hope you like the update. I will continue to update the guide as I learn more about Zyra, but I just wanted to get all of my gathered thoughts out there as soon as possible for those of you who read my guide. I really appriciate taking the time to read through all my thoughts and I really hope it helps each and every one of you. Good luck further with the Zyra update!

Patch 6.10

This wasn't a huge patch as they just touched mages mostly, so from here on and out it's probably mostly going to be tweaks. Zyra's passive got changed from others being able to step on her plants 1.5 seconds after they've been cast to 1 second. So your enemies can now more easily step on them, but not much of a change. Alistar's ultimate got changed from 70% dmg reduction to 50%/60%/70%, so this matchup is much better as he doesn't get as tanky for free, so you can kill him post 6. Taric's ultimate is now more visible, so should be easier to play around. Other than that other laners mostly just got touched. Some of the dragons got minor changes, but nothing really big affected Zyra, so not much to learn from this patch. Taliyah is realeasing this patch (have been released since yesterday) so if enough people play her support I might add her to the matchup section, but until now I'm going to observe her abit.

Patch 6.11

I'm really late on this update, and I'm sorry for that. Had alot of things I had to take care of IRL, so I decided I'd take this patch when Patch 6.12 released. Even though the information here might not be as useful as it would on patch release, it is useful enough that I'll put it here, as some of these changes might still be relevant in 6.12. Corki got a minor buff to his R, in which his it's scaling increased by 0.1 per level (from 0.2/0.5/0.8 to 0.2/0.6/1.0). Not really a big enough buff to bring Corki back in the meta. Lucian got slightly hit by this patch. The beam length on his Q got reduced, his W range got reduced and his Q scaling got reduced. Boots of Swiftness took a low blow, so they give 55 MS and not 60 MS anymore. Some people used to build them, but they're even less viable now. Not really any other big changes this patch to champions relevant to your lane.

Patch 6.12

Not really much happening this patch either. Corki got some big love this patch, so you might expect to see him in some more games. The cooldown on his W got reduced and his gatling gun got really strong, it now ticks 4 times each second instead of 2 times, the damage increase per level also got increased. Alot of ADC items also got +5 AD (Mortal reminder and LDR  got +10), so ADCs get slightly stronger, not that it will really impact anyone, but it's just slightly more damage, so beware. RoA got increased cost and reduced mana to health convertion rate. Double edged sword got a buff. It's not only for melee champs anymore, but the new tooltip states it's 3% damage increase for everyone and 1.5% increased damage taken for everyone (melee and ranged). So this should skewer the masteries towards DES, but I'm not quite sure I like it better than Expose Weakness yet. Natural talent now gives more initial AP/AD, but gives less AP/AD each level. The total is still the same. Other than that not much else has happened. Hope my abscense hasn't been horrible as the latest patches haven't been too eventful. And as always, stay safe on the rift.

15/06 - 2016: Added patch 6.11 notes and patch 6.12 notes to the changelog and updated the title.

16/06 - 2016: Added "The "new" Zyra playstyle" section where I explain how the mid year mage update made zone control Zyra more prominent.

19/06 - 2016: Added "12/18/0 vs. 18/12/0" section where I discuss Thunderlord's vs. Deathfire Touch. It's not yet finished, but it's started.

Patch 6.13

First thing to hit this patch was Blitzcrank getting nerfs. He can no longer pull you if you're on top of him, he now has a minimum range of 75 units. His E no longer lasts for 10 seconds, but rather for 5 seconds. Another thing to note is that his empowered AA can no longer be canceled, so he can't juke you with his E infused auto attack. His ultimate cooldown is now abit more humane. This is both a buff to Blitz and a nerf. He now won't have to worry about stealing his ADC's farm over and over because his ultimate is on such a long cooldown. Instead of being 30 at all levels it's now 60/40/20. Lulu also took some changes this patch. Her Q now gets reduced damage when passing through units. Her W is now alot better to use on allies as it grants attack speed in addition to movement speed. Her base stats also got some buffs (mana and MS). Tahm also got noticed this patch. The passive on his ult now got placed on his passive and  took a slight nerf. However, now it's active from an earlier level. His Q now scales with 5 more damage for each level, so not really a big change. His E got changed alot around. Instead of 100% of his damage taken getting converted to grey health, 70/75/80/85/90% now gets converted, but more of his health gets converted from grey health to his total health when he gets healed. His shield duration took a big hit, so it's only 3 seconds instead of 6 now. The cooldown is now 6 seconds at all levels instead of 16/15/14/13/12, but the shield doesn't decay over time now like it used to.

Thresh also got some attention, but barely touched. Epic monsters now drop two souls and his W no longer scales with AP, but now gives 1 more health for each soul. Our beloved plant also got some nerfs this patch, but no really big nerfs that will matter. Her passive now spawns at 13-8.5 seconds instead of 11-6.75 interval which is not really anything big. Her W now has a 20/18/16/14/12 recharge time vs. the old 17/16/15/14/13 recharge time, so she can no longer use as many plants as she used, but it's not really such a big deal as people make it out to be. Ancient Coin path got a buff, so it now gives 5% CDR to start with and the upgrade gives 10% CDR, so it's better for supports like Soraka, but it's still not good enough to be concidered as Zyra, but it's worth to notice that other supports will buy this items more. Relic shield path now has higher execute range (scaling with level, but lower flat), but that doesn't really matter. Ardent Censer and Mikael's Crucible now gives more healing and shielding, so shield/heal supports might become alot stronger from now on, however Zyra thrives against those types, so it's only good that they get more playtime. Ruby Sightstone combined cost got reduced by 200 gold (from 1600 to 1400), so if you go Frost Queen's Claim you might want to get Ruby Sightstone earlier for the extra ward. Not really much else to note this patch, however alot of changes happened to supports this patch.

Patch 6.14

This is Sona's patch. She got really changed this patch and turned into a pick/ban worthy champion because her ultimate now makes her spells have lower base cooldown in addition to being able to have 45% CDR makes her basically a Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) champion, so she just throws spells all over the place. Her spells took a small hit so she doesn't deal as much dmg, however she can spam them more, making her overall stronger. Leona also got buffs (unfortunatly). Her Q cooldown is lower, but deals less dmg (2 seconds lower at all ranks). Her W damage is also lower, however Leona's dmg was never the problem, her constant power engage, so her Q buff doesn't really change much in the matchup, but it makes her slightly stronger because in a long fight she might be able to get 2 Qs off. Her root duration from the E got increased from 0.25 to 0.5 which is going to make the match worse, but if you get hit by an E you're usually dead anyways, so 0.25 or 0.5 root doesn't really matter as much as it would seem. Other than these changes the only relevant change in this patch is that it's easier to get higher champion mastery rank as a support. I'm just copy pasting what it says in the patch notes.

MEASURE OF A MANATEESupport grades now better reflect relative performance in the role
SWIPER NO SWIPINGSupport grades specifically weigh assists equal to kills, leaving one fewer excuse for bloodthirsty Flash-Ignites

Patch 6.15

Some of the changes in this patch might seem pretty weird, but it's not like any of them are really big. The best example is the Zyra buffs which caused a minor outrage in some as she seemed pretty dominant and seems like a lane bully, so everyone thinks the buffs are really unfair, however the buffs are really minor. Zyra's Q got a 5 damage per point in Q buff, so it's still weaker than E and it now has 0.6 AP scaling instead of 0.55. So it's really minor damage change, but everyone thinks all buffs are the same. The next point is pretty relevant to the previous explanation because Braum took some early game nerfs. When his passive procs it now deals less damage (26-196) instead of (40-176), so laning against him is much easier. His Q now deals 10 less damage at all ranks as well. Corki's package now has 240 seconds cooldown instead of 300 seconds, however he usually stays in lane long enough at the time that he usually doesn't grab his package whenever it's off cooldown. Karma's shield also took a small hit. It's now 10 less at all ranks. Her E also now gives 40/45/50/55/60% movement speed when used with mantra compared to the old 60% at all ranks. Ardent Censer and Mikael's Crucible healing and shielding buff is now a unique passive, so getting both now doesn't make your healing as amazing. Other than that not much else changed this patch for bot lane, so overall Zyra got abit stronger.

30/07 - 2016: Added Patch 6.13-6.15. Hello everyone! I've been really bad at updating lately as I've been on vacation. I'll try my best to update the guide for the rest of the vacation, but I can't promise anything. I have plans on adding a video on how Zyra's passive works and how to best start when leashing for your jungler or when you're duoing Gromp/Krugs, as there are some tips which can increase your chances of getting more plants. Another thing to note is that I'm going to revisit Hextech Protobelt as more people have started to build it. I'm not as big fan of it, but I'm still going to theorize on the item just because others are using it and you guys deserve to know the advantages and disadvantages of building it. Hope the update of the three latest patches help even though they might be abit late, and as always - stay safe on the rift!

Patch 6.16

This patch was really uneventful for the bottom lane. Mostly what happened was that Sona got slight nerfs to her CDR and her movement speed on her E, other than that the biggest thing this patch was the release of Kled, which is a really strong champion, however he isn't a support, so doesn't really matter for us. Just be careful when he falls below his purple hp he will dismount, meaning he will gain a few seconds of invulnerability. Additionally he is at his weakest when he is dismounted, so try to burst him down at that point. If he gains his other bar full, he will mount again, gain alot of hp and become invulnerable for a few seconds, so try to save your burst if needed.

Patch 6.17

Alot of champions were touched this patch, so this is probably going an interesting read. Ashe took a few hits. Her Q now lats for 4s instead of 5s and her ultimate deals less damage early, but scales into the same amount as it used it. Draven ulti CD got reduced by 10 at all levels, so not a big difference. Ezreal's passive got buffs (the one that increases attack speed after hitting abilities). It's the same as it used to be early on (10%), but increases to 12 and 14% at lvl 7 and 13. Max attack speed also increases to 60% at 7 and 70% at 13, so some love there. Jhin's W got reduced AD scaling (0.7 -> 0.5), and his ultimate's damage got slightly reduced. Jinx's ultimate's AD scaling got increased (minimum 0.1 -> 0.15 and maximum 1.0 -> 1.5), so not really a big deal. Sivir's W's AD ratio took a minor hit as well as her passive attack speed on ultimate got slightly lowered, so that makes that matchup abit better, but not by a noticable amount. Thresh's ultimate CD got reduced from 150/140/13 to 140/120/100, so that's a pretty good buff for him, but won't really be any different to play against, he will just be able to go all-in abit more often. Vayne also got some love this patch. Her Q damage scaling is now 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 up from 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5

Other than these there are some minor changes to other champions, but the biggest change this patch is when a tower is targeting someone because it lacks a target (no minions nearby and the like) it now target the nearest target. So keep that in mind if you are trying to either gain tower aggro instead of your ADC or you don't want tower aggro.

Patch 6.18

Starting this patch off by saying Yorick is going to be released, however he is a top lane champion, so don't pay too much attention. He is not really the same a before and I haven't really learned him, so can't give any in-depth information, but that's one thing to be aware of. Other than that Ashe takes a minor hit again. Her W cooldown is increased at all levels. Lulu also got a bugfix this game. Her Q slow is no longer scaling, but a flat amount. It was apparently a bug that the slow duration increased by each level, now it's just flat 2 seconds. Relic Shield's healing also got slightly reduced, so you will have better luck poking down melee supports, which is really nice. Other than that not much happened to bot lane.

Patch 6.19

This patch isn't out yet, but the PBE cycle roundup has been released, so we already know the patch notes. Corki is going to get more AD. He now gains 3.5 AD per level instead of 2.5 AD, so slight buff, but won't really amount to more than a longsword of damage. Kog'Maw's base attack speed got increased from 0.625 to 0.665 which isn't too much, but more AS on Kog'Maw can quickly mean he becomes scary. However Zyra is strong against him, so let's hope he becomes flavor of the month. They seem to have reverted his Q to now give passive attack speed once again, which in combination to the base AS increase can mean he will at least be more played. He did however take some setbacks to his W. It now has a static cooldown instead of 17, but it now starts counting down as soon as he uses it, instead of after it's done. So it has 9 seconds cooldown. The old one had 13/11.5/10.8.5/7. So without CDR the old one was better, but it isn't a total nerf. The biggest change to Kog'Maw however seems to be they also reverted his machine gun identity. His W empowered AAs is no longer flat magic damage, but is rather percentage and his W no longer gives him double attack speed nor does it decrease the cast time. So we'll probably see some of the old Kog'Maw with the new triforce. It'll be really interesting as I used to play the old Kog'Maw alot and enjoyed him more than the new. Soraka thankfully also took a hit. Her W now has 8/6.5/5/3.5/2 second cooldown from 4/3.5/3/2.5/2. So she has a much more abuseable early game and if she doesn't max W, she has a really long cooldown on her healing. Twitch also took a small hit on his revealed attack speed on Q, so it doesn't really matter too much except assassinations. Not much else will happen this patch to bot lane champions, so Zyra is still going to be in a stellar state. So take care out there, summoners!

P.S. It looks like I missed something halfways important and relevant in the patch notes that I noticed today. You are now able to ping the enemy's summoner spells. I'm not 100% how it works as I haven't tested yet, but to my understanding it will say "X used heal, it won't be up until Y" or something like this. So you can't see their summoner spell CD, but you can ping it so you won't have to type it in chat. Another HUUUUUUUGE thing happened. This is unfortunatly negative, but it was a bugfix that Zyra plants are no longer AoE effects, but now act as pets. So the Rylai's slow on plants are no longer 40% for 1s, it's 20% for 1s. However your AoE abilities still slow for 40%, and a 20% slow still works with Liandry's, so I wouldn't doom the item already, but it's definitly a small setback.

20/09-2016: It's been a long time since I've update this guide now, so I decided to add all the patches since I updated it in case anyone wants to see what has changed for each patch. I also added in the upcoming patch and my thoughts on it, so you can be abit ahead. Still not sure how frequent I will be updating the guide, but optimally I will update it at every patch release. I'm also concidering overhauling some pieces of the guide, but I'm not sure how much time to spare I have to work on the guide, but I will do my best.

21/09-2016: Added a P.S. to the Patch 6.19 patch notes for the pinging summoner spell and Rylai's change.

15/01-2017: Been very busy lately, and I will hopefully update this guide asap. It's not alot to change, but I wish to provide the best guide possible

15/04-2017: So I haven't updated my guide lately, but it hasn't been alot of eventful changes to Zyra as a support champion, so I can update everything in this changelog entry. Perhaps the biggest change Zyra has faced in my absence has been her plant AI update change. It no longer prioritize champions upon spawning. This mostly stopped her from being a highly contested meta pick because the way to get your plants to start attacking champions now is that you land the ability you spawn the plant with on a champion, or you auto attack a champion right after the plant spawns. If you play Zyra for some time this won't really be a challenge. Another indirect nerf to Zyra was the changes to Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It now slows for 20% regardless of AoE, DoT or single target. This is slower than your E plants, but I rarely built the item in my old builds anyways, so personally the change did not affect me, but it does affect how supportive Zyra can be. The other "major" change was the increase in mana cost on her Q. This stopped some poke from her in lane, but barely made any effort to stop her. So she is mostly in the same position, she has just fallen out of the meta because people follow the pro meta. She mostly fell out of pro meta because of the Rylai change and just a meta shift. The pro meta is now revolved around tanky or supportive supports, but don't let this make you think Zyra isn't strong anymore.

Added a new item build with explanaton and rewrote some stuff.

29/09 - 2017: I am not really updating this guide actively since I am mostly focusing on school and testing things with Zyra at the moment, but she is in a really stable state, however she is not that strong at the moment. In Patch 7.19 (current patch) the Ardent Supports (especially Janna) lost abit sustain on the Ardent Censer, but it wasn't enough to push them out of meta as they gained damage and scaling on Ardent Censer instead, so it's still not too good of a meta with Zyra. The buff to Frostfang (+10% CDR) did help Zyra abit as Frostfang is the only support item you want on Zyra anyways. Other than that I still use the same old build, runes and masteries still, so not really much new to bring to the table.

24/11 - 2017: Currently I'm testing out the new runes and matchups with the changes in the preseason. Won't update this guide too much before season starts because preseason is so volatile, meaning I have to update it very ofte and alot, which doesn't schedule well with my exams. When season 8 hits the rift I will most likely revamp all the machups and delete alot of content that is redundant or useless and add some new, so stay tuned!

Also I changed the rune pages after the Aery nerf and added one for matchups against sustain champs.

19/01 - 2018: Overhauled the guide for Season 8. Still going to continue updating this guide. Not sure about the item discussion category yet (removed it for now) because it's really tough to write and compare because you have to factor in alot of scenarios and it's really time consuming, but I might remake it at one point.

Going to remaster the matchup page since I have old runes still in this section. The runes also changed some matchups so I want to change some of the difficulty as well.

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