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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png is the best summoner in the game. I'm sure all players know the value of this spell.
3.png pretty standart. A 2v2 fight in bot lane could be hard if the enemy support got this summoner instead of you, your duo gonna lose dmg and take more dmg for 2,5s; in a complete fight with full HP can realy crush down your opponent or basically hard CC on an enemy by defending your team mate.
14.pngit is true that helps to chase/burst down people but it gives almost no utility at all; otherwise, it helps to burst down duo with healing16.png267.png or helping versus champions with high self sustain50.png8.png. This summoner is totally situational.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Savagery is useless cause you suppose to don't last hit.

Assassin is not so usefull cause you will probably be all game aroud your team mates.
Merciless is pretty strong than mana regen and you will take 3028.png early in the game.
Bandit is a must for all support cause helps your gold incoming without the possibility of farming; some players prefer Greenfather for early harassment but through all game Bandit is better.
Intelligence is not that bad, but you are an AP dmg support so Precision helps a lot too. Personal preference.
Thunderlord is a must, that Zyra's plants proc is OP.

Without the massive presence of defensive items, Recovery is better than Unyelding for early regen.
Tough skin helps a lot during the early game, explorer can be usefull for roaming.
Veteran's scars same as tough skin.
Insight is the only good mastery at this point.

For get more dmg at cost of more survivability u can replace the Resolve tree with Ferocity:

Sorcery > Fury, you don't need attack speed.
Expose weakness is too strong than Fresh blood for a support, but still viable.
Natural talent is tricky, it don't give so much AP; Vampirism from the other side can helps to survive in many situations.
Double edge sword is better, but dangerus in a sqhishy champion like Zyra; from the other side Battle trance is almost useless in the early game.

Abilities Back to Top

zyraE.png pick first if you are invading/taking and invade.

zyraR.png > zyraQ.png > zyraE.png > zyraW.png through the game

First 3 lvl: Q then W then E helps a lot in the early of the laning phase for harass your opponent. At lvl 2 with Q + W you can start your annoying spamming spell/plants wich is very important for the lane control.

Q is a must for harassing and create vision's plants; due to the long first lvl cd and the mana cost/harassing potential is definitely the best choice as first spell to lvling up.

Few people prefer lvling E first due to the lower cd on your only fast CC. That is true and before the rework was absolutely better, but now Zyra lose a lot of early game potential with that choice. Just try it out.

Don't spam your E is your only low cd CC wich can make the difference in ganks and duo trades/fights. Keep it for the best situations.

Burst combo: E then Q+2WW then R

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start. Ap, Mana regen, gold.

Core Items

    Chalice give a virtual infinite mana and hp regen; sighstone is a must.

Situational Items

    Best end build for an offensive Zyra.
    If the game is not going good, they easily shoot you or you are behind.
    Mpen is a must on Zyra but if you are good and start to snowballing, you can roam with the Boots of mobility. I don't recommend this if you are new to Zyra.
    Very late in the game, you can sell your boots for this. Can be an alternative item to the GA; In that case, sell your boots for the Rabadon.
as starting items. 

3362.pngwill be your ward's resource untill 2049.png then change it for 3341.png then at lvl9 for 3364.png.
3303.png is a must.
2009.png so good for a support.

are the core items, you absolutely need those items asap

3028.pngas first item. Allow you to forget about the mana.
2049.png as second item, cause 3028.png give you more harass/lane presence.
1001.png zyra got no mobility.


3020.png are the standard boots for Zyra, boost your dmg output.
3117.pngpretty situational. Allow you to roam and give presence in the jungle/mid lane and a fast warding up, but it can be an useless choice. Try to get that when you are snowballing and your adc don't need all laning phase your presence.
3158.pngpick this if you are losing or you are easily bursted down. You will be behind and your utility wil be better than your dmg.

If the game is going good/normal or you are snowballing this build provide high dmg and lots of utility.
3303.pngfirst and3028.pnglater as possible will be sold during this build if you need that spot for a better item (ex.3136.png3191.png1057.png)

3151.png fantastic item on Zyra. AP, Mpen, HP and the passive proc on spell/plant's hit. Boost your dmg in the right way.
3116.png AP, HP and slow proc on spell/plant's hit. Give to you exactly what you need for survive, do dmg and give utility. Allow your Q's plants to permaslow, wich is exstremely usefull for keep your E and Q's plants got more range than E's plants.
3157.png at this point you starting to build up this and ,probably before that moment, your opponent understand you are pretty dangerous but sqhishy as hell even with the HP boost from the previous item. They will chase you, and this item helps a lot to survive during the fights and constrict your opponent to spend more time for kill you, wich is important during a team fight.
3026.png as your last spot, this is what you want. At this point you are a similar AP carry, you can sell your 3303.png3028.png if you did not do it alredy. For the same reason of 3157.png this item will boost your survivability and the annoying process for killing you by your opponents during the team fights, if not just make your opponents to be less likely to kill you wich is still good.
2045.png just upgrade your 2049.png later as possible. That amount of gold for 1 ward and +350hp is not so efficient.
3135.png very late in the game, you can sell your boots for this. You got 3157.png and 3026.png for survive (at this point will be better for your team if the focus you) and a single team fight will decide who win the game. This item boost your spells better than 3020.png when you don't need anymore that movement speed boost.

If the game is going bad, they burst easily you down and you are behind an utility build will fit better the situation. If you are starting from the snowbolling build don't be scared at any point to start this build from 3157.png3026.png.

3092.png give a nice active wich is helpfull to find out your enemy when you/your team walking around a not warded zone. Good in team fight as well and for chase down out of position people.
3157.png3026.png they are stronger than you and a single engage can give to your opponents a free kill. Your dmg don't make so much difference and you get not so much gold at all so you must boost your survivability with this items in a definitive way. 3116.png looks like a good choice but it will be not enough to save yourself from a snowbolling team.
You can rush both items, even the 3026.png first if you realy need that defensive stats.
3222.png this item give to you more utility and survivability, and cause of the less gold incoming you make an efficient use of your 3028.png.
2045.png just upgrade your 2049.png later as possible. That amount of gold for 1 ward and +350hp is not so efficient.

3165.png vs8.png50.png16.png ecc

Matchups Back to Top

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Early game Back to Top

Zyra is very dangerous and at the same time very sqhishy. Especially when you get 3028.png spam your Q+W continuosly to the enemy ADC and/or support. Squishy support like 40.png117.png will suffer more from your dmg and contrict them to use, if they got, lots of mana during the early game for the shield/heal, if they got that, for keep your dmg under control. Tanky support are just more resistent to your dmg but they will suffer anyway from it without any answer at all. Keep the tribush warded with the river and keep an eye on that wards for ganks. Use your E for massive trade is a sure situation, without spamming it; it will be extremely important for save your duo from ganks and lane trade.

You can be able to completely zoned the opponent duo with your Q+W so abuse of it. You can use your Q+W for gain a fast vision in a bush. Keep moving and try to land as much as you can autoattack on your opponents, expecially if they got no answer. Keep an eye on the position too, they can burst you down pretty fast if you are out of position. Stay safe an behind, harass your opponents without get and answer, you are able to do that due to your spells/AA range. You can roam for warding or for ganks the mid lane when the enemy duo, or at least the opponent adc, is not in the lane.

Mid game Back to Top

Keep warding the drake and after 25m the baron, as well the river and the enemy jungle if you can. Roam as much as possible and try to be in any team fight, jungle gank/counterjungle and help to push out turrets. Just be there where your team need for supporting as much as possible. Give the priority to defending both your carry in team fight, and use your R for zoning more people as you can. Keep an eye on your position, you are and easy kil due to the hp/defence so remember to stay behind and try to don't facecheck. Abuse the passive of your items due to the plants proc, plants alone can do realy a lot of dmg. Q+ W all life. You can chase down easily sqhishy target without problems, so if you are able to show off your dmg without risk do it, you may take a kill in less than 5s.

Late game Back to Top

At this point you have to do the same as mid game, but you must defend both of your carry at any cost. If you got snowbolling from the previous phases, you don't have almost nothing less than an ap carry, your are effectively it. You can chase down the opponent carry/sqhishy target without any problems so help out as much as possible your team dmg.

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