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3 months ago

Zyra Statistics for Sawyer Nelson

Author's performance with Zyra compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Ignite gives you huge amounts of burst and makes landing a root zyrae.png a lot deadlier of a threat for the enemy carries.


Flash is standard for most champions, Zyra is no exception.

You should be doing things such as 4.png dot-pattern.png zyrae.png or 4.png dot-pattern.png zyrar.png

It's better to not have to use your flash defensively early in the game so you can use it offensively later 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


  • Sorcery 5/5 - Makes all abilities do more damage as it says, all of Zyra's kit is damaging abilities.
  • Fresh Blood 1/1 - You can probably get 1 auto attack off if you snare or root someone so adds damage to a full combo, and extra damage on 1 auto attack trades in lane, which added damage builds up over time
  • Natural Talent 5/5 - small amounts of AD and AP per level no hugely impactful but good
  • Double-Edged Sword 1/1 - Deal more damage take more damage, don't over think the extra damage you take it's not a big deal, but the extra damage you deal from it is hugely impactful for a support like Zyra that needs to get the most value out of the damaging abilities as you possibly can.


  • Wanderer 5/5 - Extra movement speed walk to and from lanes, and when not in combat in lane gives you slightly more speed to land  an initial skillshot.
  • Secret Stash 1/1 - You start with 3 health pots this gives them more value and gives you some mana as well, and other 2 options in this row suck so much for a support.
  • Merciless 3/5 - Extra damage on low targets makes a lot of sense since you burst someone down and want to finish them off
  • Meditation 2/5 - Some mana Regen, you split the points in this row since you get value out of both.
  • Precision 5/5 - Extra Magic Pen is VALUE
  • Thunderlord's Decree 1/1 - Can easily be proc'd by Zyra's kit and like everything else you run simply gives you more damage, the cooldown is very short and can be proc'd a lot during the laning phase and poke damage will build up over time.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill order

zyrar.png dot-pattern.png zyrae.png dot-pattern.png zyraq.png dot-pattern.png zyraw.png

zyrapassive.png PASSIVE

  • Zyra plants a seed zyraw.png every 13 - 9 seconds near her
  • Good to setup in areas before fights

zyraq.png Deadly Spines

  • On a target location damages targets in a short line, when cast on Zyra's seeds zyraw.png deals extra damage and summoners a ranged thorn spitter

zyraw.png Rampant Growth

  • Zyra plants a seed in a target location
  • Casting Q zyraq.png or E zyrae.png on a seed gives it extra effects.

zyrae.png Grasping Roots

  • Zyra shoots roots , rooting any targets hit, if a zyraw.png seed is hit it spawns a melee Vine Lasher which slows targets hit
  • Root time scales with levels in E 

zyrar.png Stranglethorns

  • Zyra channels a knockup in a HUGE AOE circle
  • All zyraw.png hit by Stranglethorns get extra attack speed 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

3303.png2010.png2010.png2010.png3340.png Will be your starting items every single game on Zyra. So every laning phase you have the same tools from items levels 1 - 4 ish, until first back. 

3303.png Spelltheif's Edge - Gives you 3 stacks, stacks are proc'd by damaging the enemy champions with Abilities or auto attacks, procing stacks on an enemy champion also deals a small amount of extra damage, and give you gold.
2010.png You want to try to trade your health pots for the enemies Health, Mana, Health Pots, or wave position.

Full build


Build path

3098.png dot-pattern.png 2049.png dot-pattern.png 3020.png dot-pattern.png 3136.png dot-pattern.png 3151.png dot-pattern.png 3116.png dot-pattern.png 3135.png 

Getting an early Frostfang first back is ideal to maximize gold generation and damage, getting an early Sightstone might not be required depending on the game state, but most likely your 2nd back will give you enough gold for Sightstone and tier 1 boots.

Either entering or later into the mid game you can afford Haunting Guise, throughout the entire game Zyra just builds more and more damage, the combination of Laundries and Rylai's gives you damage and health which is by far the best for Zyra Support.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Janna
  • Lulu




You can direct your poke in lane at Alistar to stop him from being able to safely engage, A headbutt.pngpulverize.png combo will swiftly kill you though



bardq.png can stun you off Zyra's plants so position around that properly
bardr.png Can catch you out of position from a very far distance away even when Bard is in the fog of war, always be mindful and thinking about Bard's location and if he would be able to ULT you 
barde.png Don't walk through Bard's portal




Blitzcrank is a classic easy mode counter to Zyra, just stand behind minions and really really play passive, the blitzcrank will find a way to die by himself.




Creates longer laning phase which can be good for you as long as you farm Spell theives properly, over commiting and taking bad trades into a Janna lanes will lead to a slow and painful loss. 



Lulu is short range, during the laning phase any time she approaches you or your ADC to damage you can easily punish her zyrae.pngzyraw.pngzyraq.png

If you get to close to lulu or are too far up the lane her gank assist onto Zyra is very easy to pull off 

Early Game Back to Top

Zyra's Early game is a lot of poke, and looking to damage the enemy laners any way possible, auto attacks, spells, etc. Note that ADC's can start with 1055.png or 1054.png.

1054.png Doran Shield gives them more value if you only land 1 spell on them since it will regen basically half of the damage delt, so landing full combo's become much more important.

1055.png Doran's Blade lets the ADC heal up over time from hitting minions and champions, so even if you land a full combo if you don't kill them or land more damage on them they can sustain the damage.

Along with damaging enemies you also gain value from landing abilities by getting spell thieves stacks 3303.png which will give you gold for damaging the enemy and spell thieves stacks apply a small amount of damage as well.

3098.png Get Frostfang as early as possible, higher damage, gold generation, and CDR lets you have a very strong 2nd part of the laneing phase.

Expect first gank around 3 minutes, and be looking at the map to see if your jungler is pathing bot, when they are try to trade on to the enemy before your jungler gets there so you an have them slightly lower in health before a gank, so the gank will have a higher success rate.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game Zyra can dominate Teamfights harder than most other supports.  zyrar.png Zyra's ULT gives you a huge amount of threat and damage onto enemies caught in it, and be ready to Flash ULT enemies that miss step during fights.

During fights Zyra is strong but when she is walking in the jungle or roaming at all she isn't as strong since she can easily be picked off by any champion from the fog of war. So always be walking with your team especially when warding.

Expect enemies to be looking to kill you as well. During the Mid game fights can take place on any part of the map, so you need to constantly be updating yourself on where your team is, where the enemy team is and where you are compared to them. Being mispositioned loses you a lot of value.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game is more of the same as mid game, you dominate fights, but can't be getting caught, during the late game is crucial that you get your spells off on an enemy carry, if you blow everything on a tank it will be for nothing. During the late game fights will happen in an instant and you will have to be in position and grouped or else your team will be at a massive disadvantage. 

The type of aggressive plays you can make would be something like setting up a control ward 2055.png in a bush the enemies are likely to come by, and sitting with your team until they do then catching them off guard. If you try to simply walk up to an enemy carry late game they and most likely the rest of their team will 1 shot you. Zyra's Root zyrae.png is very long range and has the advantage of being able to be thrown over walls very long distances

The more ahead you are in Items 3151.png3116.png3135.png the more impact you will have in fights, until you play multiple games on Zyra it's hard to understand how much damage you do, so for the first say 50 games it's fine to just throw abilities to find out, but once you have the understanding of your damage and different states of the game when ahead, behind, or in cases of being extremely fed or against a single extremely fed enemy champion, you can have better judgement calls in fights. 

But if you are ahead in items more aggressive plays can pay off with a higher success rate, but if behind in items, you will probably get more value out of peeling during fights.

Warding Back to Top

Warding with the 3340.png Warding Trinket

At the start of every game, your only options for warding before you get 2049.png Sightstone, is to use the 3340.png Warding Trinket.

The 3340.png Warding Trinket only gives you a 60 Second ward, that gives you a very small range of vision compared to a 2049.pngSightstone's Vison Ward.

The best way to make use of the Warding Trinket during the early laning phase, is to place it before the enemy jungler shows up, this will change every game depending on the enemy jungler, generally here are some good spots to trinket

Trinkets Outlined in Blue are for when you are on Blue Side
Trinkets Outlined in Red, hey you guessed it, are for when you are on Red Side.
Trinkets Outlined with both, work well on either side.

If you have full control over a lane, placing a trinket in the bot lane bushes isn't terrible as long as you play around the possibility of Gank timing windows properly.


3340.png / 3341.png
Once you get Sightstone, you generally want to switch to Sweeper, but you can make use of the trinket wards in a very extended laning phase, but after say 20 minutes, you will most likely NEED to switch to sweeper or you will be walking through enemy wards the entire game.

So when you get Sightstone the ENTIRE game changes. There are ways you SHOULD use, and ways you CAN use it.


Where to place a Sightstone Ward, has a LOT of  factors that go into why or when you should place a ward, hopefully this makes it simpler:

When To place a Ward

  • If you know the enemy is likely to come from an area in 1-2 minutes.
  • If the enemy has the ability to jump over walls, ward over the wall they would come from ex (9.png64.png)
  • So you can spot enemy champions moving from one lane to another in the fog of war.

When not to place a ward

  • You are near a bush and there isn't a ward in it
  • When you are in a lane and afraid that someone is in that bush you are going to ward
  • When you already have vision of the target you are try to ward against

Mid - Late Game Warding

  1. Do you have advantage and 2-3 champions with you > get a ward in their jungle
  2. Is the game even / you have no ally champions to assist with deep warding > Ward river / enterences to your jungle
  3. Are you behind / multiple towers have fallen > Ward your Jungle.

Here are all easy Warding spots.



Mid - Late game, you shouldn't be going on solo missions into the enemies side of the jungle to get a useless deep ward, only to find 5 champions and a grey screen. Any time you want to get a ward on the enemies side of the map, ping your laners / jungler to assist you with walking into the enemy jungle, who knows you might find a solo member of the enemy team instead and be able to pick up an easy kill.

Sawyer GG Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

League of Legends Coaching $15 an Hour or $20 for 2 Hours of Coaching!  

Teamfighting Back to Top

Team fighting on Zyra is important to get good at, or else you lose a lot of value from Zyra's kit, if you can't damage key targets than you're not doing your job correctly. 

Look at your team composition and then the enemies team composition and think what your team has to offer you and what you have to offer your team, and then think about what the enemy team's strengths and weakness are and look to avoid their strengths and attack their weaknesses. 

Zyra is also very very very, dependent on items unlike other supports she is basically only damage, and when you are behind in damage items, you physically can't have as much of an impact, since the same abilities you cast just don't do as much damage as say the shield of a caster support.

So depending on the game state if you are ahead or behind drastically changes the ways you should look to approach fights. A simple way to look at it is putting a percentage value on how far ahead or behind you are and playing that aggressive or passive during fights. 

Lets say you're 0-3 with frost fang sightstone and boots at 15 minutes and look to walk up and E zyrae.png an ADC they will just auto you to death before you can run away.

Now lets say you're 3-0 with 3098.png2049.png3020.png1052.png1028.png at 15 minutes and look to walkup and E an ADC they will have to respect your damage and if they try to turn you can land an easy E and be able to tank slightly more damage.

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