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3 months ago
Ahri Statistics for Ahri

Author's performance with Ahri compared to the ranked average.

EG.Froggen [RC]
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Summoner Spells

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4.png - Standard choice for all situations. Helps with positioning, escaping ganks, and setting up offensive plays.
14.png - Your go-to secondary summoner. The best choice for increased damage and kill opportunites.
21.png12.png - Both good alternative summoners with Flash. Barrier good for more defensive play or if you're worried about a potential mismatch. Teleport is good for setting up TP ganks or general map control/back-dooring. Regardless, you generally will not get as much out of these as you would Ignite.
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Flat Attack Damage Marks and Quints, similar to what you would see with top-lane Jayce or AD mids in general. Jayce's weakness is his early game (coupled with his low base AD), so by running flat AD you will make last-hitting easier and better early harass.

Alternatively, you can run Armor Penetration Marks instead of attack damage. By sacrificing some early game damage, you will indeed do more damage in the late game.

The Glyph slot will always be Magic Resist. Picking flat MR or scaling is personal preference. It is good to note however that the MR you receive at level 9 with the scaling MR will equal the MR you get from flats (12). Therefore, the scaling MR is usually the better choice unless you feel you need the extra early game help surviving magic damage.