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All Guides Zac Guides [S5] Zac Top - Not as Squishy as he Looks
5 months ago

Zac Statistics for Threeway

Author's performance with Zac compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells Set #1


I typically run Flash Ignite as a solo top laner. This is a very standard use of summoner spells. With Ignite14.png you can almost always ensure the kill when a jungler comes to gank, or you just can easily kill another top laner by harrasing, which will be discussed later in the guide. Flash4.png is just for quick getaways as Elastic Slingshot is a long CD, as well as it takes a little while to charge up.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +4.95 ability power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  • 9x
    +0.9 Armor Penetration / +0.62 Magic Penetration Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration

Just a normal rune page for an Ability Power Tank. Zac has a lot of CC and damage, but with these runes this should maximize his CC as well as damage. 

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 0


Resolve: 0

With the new Season 4 Masteries, it suits Zac very well. Second Wind and Perserverance are the best masteries on Zac, as they work so well with his kit. Not only that, but Zac can start with 15% tenacity, to make up for his Ultimate nerf back in s3.

Abilities Back to Top


154_64.png Abilities 154_64.png

Passive - Cell Divison

A very helpful passive, and it works similary like Anivia's34_64.png egg passive. When Zac is dealt a finishing blow, he turns into a blob which is split into 4 piecies. In order to actually die, Zac's opponents need to kill all 4 of the blobs before they reach Zac in the middle of all four of them. It has a long CD, 5 minutes, and whenever you have it use 
it to your advantage.

Early game - If you get dove, which is rare in higher ELO games, your passive will save you 9/10 times, often resulting in a kill for you. Also, this makes it easy for you to dive. If you get them low enough, you can dive without a problem.

Team Fights - Zac is a very good initiatior for any team. His heavy CC with his ultimate, and his slow with his Q make him a major threat in Team Fights. If the enemy team is stupid enough to target Zac when his passive is up, he will split into 4 pieces making it hard for the enemy team to kill Zac as your team rips through the enemy team. Use your passive aggressivenely as it is very hard to kill a Zac when 4 other teammates are piled up on someone.

Flaws - If Zac gets caught out, he will be killed easily in his passive resulting in you having to wait the long CD to get it back.

[Q] Stretching Strike

Stretching Strike deals a good amount of damage, and that is why I max it first. With its decent range, and Zac's no mana, its obvious that Stretching Strike is a great way to harass your opponent. I love using Stretching Strike to start my poke, then usually finish the poke by catching up to my opponent and using Unstable Matter. This deals a great amount of damage. I would level up Stretching Strike first if you are going to invade the enemy team at level 1.

Early Game - I use Stretching Strike to get a minion that is a little to far away from Zac, otherwise I use it to harass my enemy top laner. With its 20% slow at level 1, this move a great harass, and can even be used to get away. To get away, use Stretching Strike to slow the enemy, and Elastic Slingshot[E] to safety.

Team Fights - In team fights, the usage of Stretching Strike differs each time. In most engages, Zac would start the Team Fight with his ultimate, Let's Bounce, but if its a pre-6 team fight, which is rare, or your ultimate is on CD, then I recommend using Stretching Strike to start poking down the carry on the enemy team. 

Points in: 1,4,5,7,9.

[W] Unstable Matter

I would definitely start maxing your W, Unstable Matter second, because of how good it is overall. Its magic damage is dependent on your opponents Maximum health, so the more they stack health, the more you can end up hurting them. Unstable Matter is a great way to farm, as well as harass the enemy team by starting with your Stretching Strike. Unstable Matter is ability power based, but its percentage increases every 100 AP by a margin of 2%, which is huge. Unstable Matter is also an AoE based move, which means every enemy around Zac will be hurt by Unstable Matter.

Early Game - I end up winning lane most of the time because of how great this move is for Zac. Zac stacks health, which most of the time forces the enemy top laner to build health based items. This doesn't matter for Unstable Matter because of the fact that it does damage based on your enemy's Maximum health. Stated above, start the poke with a Stretching Strike and if needed, Elastic Slingshot to your enemy to get down the Unstable Matter

Team Fights - After the usual initiation with your ultimate, Let's Bounce, spam your Unstable Matter whenever you can, because of its short CD, 4 seconds, it's damage stacks up in a hurry. 

Points in:  2,14,15,17,18

[E] Elastic Slingshot

Elastic Slingshot is my favorite move for Zac. Although it has a long Cooldown, its versatility is what makes Zac my favorite solo top lane champion. Elastic Slingshot not only flings Zac a long distance, longer than flash, if you land on an enemy champion, it stuns them and deals some damage. Although the range increases for each level in Elastic Slingshot, I recommend maxing it last as a top laner because his other moves will make up for the shorter range of Elastic Slingshot. Great for finishing a kill, or getting away.

Early Game - This move is usually for starting a gank, followed by an ultimate if you have it ready. But it also closes the gap between you and your enemy. If you want to finish off an enemy top laner, all you have to do is charge up Elastic Slingshot, and you close the gap between you and your enemy, and you can close it even further with Stretching Strike. If ganked by an enemy jungler, Elastic Slingshot to your turret and hope they dive you. Slow them and if you die, your passive will more than likely save you. Zac is a great early game harasser if you can use this move correctly. 

Team Fights - Since Zac is probably going to start 90% of the team fights on your team make sure you Elastic Slingshot into their entire team, followed by Let's Bounce. They will be stunned at first, as well as knocked up by Zac's ultimate. Zac can easily fling himself to the enemy AD Carry, or AP Carry, and secure a kill on them. 

Points in: .

[R] Let's Bounce (Ultimate)

One of the best ultimates from an Ap Tank. Zac has increased movement speed(20-50%), increased tenacity(75%), and a very good damage output, and to top it all off, a knockup! If used at the best time possible, all 5 enemies will be knocked up in the air, and taking huge amounts of damage all at once. 

Early Game - I would save your ultimate ability for securing a kill or escaping as it provides a knock up with tenacity and movement speed. A great example of when to use your ultimate is when you see your jungler somewhat nearing their gank, you would initiate with Let's Bounce, and your jungler should help secure that kill. To get away, I reccommend using Let's Bounce, followed by Elastic Slingshot for a very easy escape, knock up the enemy and fling away. 

Team Fights - For team fights I recommend going all in. Elastic Slingshot into as many enemies as you can, or even better the ADC or APC. Afterwards, pop that ultimate ability, and dish out as much damage as possible after it runs out. As a tank it is your job to initiate team fights, as well as make sure your ADC and APC will survive the fight. 

Points in: 6,11,16

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Typical Start
    Heavy AD ie: Riven, Renekton

Core Items

    Get 1st against AD.
    Get 1st against AP.
    Usually get this second.
    If you need more damage.
    Helps against AP, and get if your team has 2+ AP.

Situational Items

    Need more damage.

3068_32.png Items 3065_32.png

*Note - Item builds should always depend on the game, and you shouldn't always depend on any guide for winning your game. My item build always changes in a game. 

If against heavy AD like 58_64.png or 92_64.png you should more than likely or not get 3068_32.png Sunfire Cape first. It helps so much with wave clear, and against these champions it's hard to stay in lane long because of their harass and damage.

If against heavy AP like 85_64.png or 68_64.png you should probably rush 3065_32.png Spirit Visage first because of its great passive that combines so well with Zac's passive. You sustain incredibly well with these high harass champions.

I build 3143_32.png most of my games because of how well Zac already engages with his 'Slingshot,' it slows down the enemies so you can Bounce all over them. It helps the team with its enemy attack speed debuff also.  

I build 3151_32.png in some games because if you get ahead in lane, you want to hold your lead rather than build tanky. So you should get Liandry's if you want to do more damage. 

3001_32.png is another great item on Zac, and it helps the most if your team has a lot of AP, or the other team has a lot of AP also. It helps a lot with Zac's moves.

3116_32.png I love Rylai's on Zac because of how it adds a slow to his W, as well as giving Zac more health and AP. Only get this if you are ahead. 

3111_32.png Help a lot because Zac got nerfed and no longer has tenacity on his ultimate. I end up building these 90% of the time because of the fact that Zac needs tenacity otherwise his Ultimate might get CC locked.

3047_32.png If the enemy top laner is wrecking you with AD, their team has a ton of AD, or lacks CC get these boots. I rarely get these boots.

3020_32.png Works also, 1/100 games I'll get these. They really don't sync well with Zac's overall tankiness and lack of burst damage. They do work if you want a cheaper Magic Pen item though.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Elise
  • Irelia




Start: 1054_32.png2003_32.pngx2

Aatrox is a heavy engage champion, and as Zac you sort of want to avoid this. Zac has less sustain then Aatrox which makes him a problem, and basically has the same passive as Zac, so dives with the jungler are pointless.

What you want to accomplish: 
Farm as much as you possibly can. Engage only when your jungler comes, or you know his ult is down.




Start: 1054_32.png2003_32.pngx2

Cho'Gath has high sustain like Zac does, but doesn't dish out nearly as much harass damage if you can dodge his Rupture. If you know his knockup is down go for a stun-harass engage. Your W also increases damage-wise because of Cho'Gath stacking health.

What you want to accomplish: 
Harass as much as possible, try not to let Cho'Gath get stacks, and try to keep him from farming.




Start: 1054_32.png2003_32.pngx2.

Darius has a pull which messes up Zac sometimes. Only Slingshot away when you know Darius doesn't have his pull, otherwise he can interrupt it and you don't have a getaway. Harass him as much as possible, a smart Darius tries not to Q the creeps so try to force him to Q creeps as much as possible.

What you want to accomplish: 
Harass as much as possible.




Start: 1054_32.png2003_32.pngx2

Elise is a heavy harasser, and hurts because her Q chunks HP percentage. Build MR early, and get a 3065_32.png early and you should be fine. Get a jungler to help with this one.

What you want to accomplish: 
Farm as much as possible, only go for a kill if she is low, or jungler is present.




Start: 1054_32.png2003_32.pngx2

Irelia is a very good farmer, with good tenacity which makes her hard to kill. Make sure you can harass when you can, even though Irelia has very high sustain with great mobility and has a stun which chunks too.

What you want to accomplish:
Farm as much as possible, initiate when your jungler comes. Try to shut her down earlier so she doesn't become a huge threat late game.

Update Log Back to Top

5/19/13 - Edited Items, edited a few champion matchups. Added 'About the Author' and 'Update Log' sections.

5/20/13 - Edited matchups. Cleaned up some clutter.
5/22/13 - Updated the skill order(Max E before W), thanks to a comment by saebb. Thanks! 
              - Updated Text in 'Skills' section.
              - Updated 'Masteries' thanks to a comment by saebb. Thanks!
5/23/13  - Edited matchups, added Rengar!
5/24/13  - Added 'Why Zac Top Works' section. Read it, its awesome. 
5/25/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section.
5/26/13  - Updated 'Items' section thanks to a comment by N0xM3RCYxHD!
6/03/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information to Riven.92_64.png
6/05/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added 'Randuin's Omen' to 'Items.'
6/06/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section.
6/10/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Darius.122_64.png
6/12/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Volibear and updated Darius. 106_64.png122_64.png
6/13/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Zed.238_64.png
6/17/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added infromation on Aatrox.266_64.png
              - Made a NEW guide on AP Maokai Mid http://www.lolking.net/guides/153228 to check it out.
6/20/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Xin Zhao.5_64.png
6/24/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Lulu. 117_64.png
6/26/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Edited information on Elise. 60_64.png
7/04/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Edited information on Zed. Happy 4th!
7/31/13  - Updated 'Matchups' section. Added information on Vladimir8_64.png
8/03/13  - Updated 'Items' section, as the Runic Bulwark has been removed from the game.
8/06/13  - Updated 'Masteries' section. Updated Mastery page that best fits Zac top.
10/18/13 - Updated 'Runes' section. 
               - Completely reworked the 'Items' section. New descriptions and Item build choices. 
               -Updated the 'About the Author' section. Like it matters... :(
               -Reworking the 'Matchups' section. Give it some time. Added several champions.
12/18/13 - Neglected this guide, finally updated for S4, cleaned up some topics that were made when Zac top wasn't 'current meta.' More updates to come.

About the Author Back to Top

Hey everyone, my name is Bursttt on LoL King, but currently my in-game LoL name is Threeway.

A little background information on me, I was Silver ELO at the end of Season 2, and a month before the end of Season 3 I was still Silver. Then I started playing Elise Jungle and climbed all the way to Platinum MMR in a month, expect an Elise guide in the next month or so. I main jungle now, but I am leaning towards support as Annie and Karma are ridiculous right now. 

All I ask before you rate the guide, positively or negatively  is to at least comment on the page to help me understand why! I love criticism  and I need it to make this guide better.  


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