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All Guides Lee Sin Guides A Lee sin jungle guide - Freelo™
5 months ago

Lee Sin Statistics for TheGenuineBuzz

Author's performance with Lee Sin compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Top summoner spells:

4.png is an all round good spell and picked by almost all champions, fulfills a role of an escape or surprise initiation, can also be use to re-position for a perfect Dragon's rage

11.png , A must have on all junglers, gives baron/dragon control and makes your first clear much smoother in addition to giving you additional ganking or dueling power depending on the jungle item.

Optional summoner:

3.png can be used to make your ganks much more potent, however you will lack an escape without allies or wards to safeguard to. 

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 3x
    +1.5% Life Steal. Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
AD quints are amazing on lee sin, giving him higher burst for ganking and quicker clears. Can be swapped out for Movement speed if you prefer them

AD marks are amazing on lee sin, giving him higher burst for ganking and quicker clears. Armor penetration can be taken instead, allowing for greater mid/late game damage

Magic resistance per level glyphs allow you to get progressively tanky throughout the game vs magic damage , can be swapped for flat mres if you are facing a magical jungler.

Armor seals give durability vs jungle camps and are a great choice for durability vs attack damage carries or ad casters/bruisers. There are no other seals i see as viable for lee sin jungle.

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 0


Resolve: 0

Running a standard 21-9 page will allow you to deal incredible damage in the early game while scaling some tankyness and clear sustain for the jungle

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order:

General  Maxing Skill order:
Dragon's_Rage.jpg>Sonic_Wave.jpg > Safeguard.jpg>Tempest.jpg



Level 1-3 Skill order: 

Taking Sonic_Wave.jpg first allows for a quicker clear of the jungle and deals damage twice with missing hp%.However Tempest.jpgcan be taken first if you aren't getting a significant amount of help.  As it debuffs the attackspeed of the camp

I almost always take the skill you haven't taken first as a second skill, the increased clear speed more than makes up for the minute sustain you would get from Safeguard.jpg

Taking Safeguard.jpg third is mandatory as you will then have a full rotation of skills and will be able to gank in different ways and escape better.

General Skill order:

Always put a point into Dragon's_Rage.jpg at levels 6,11 and 16. 

There are two options on which to max as lee sin:

Sonic_Wave.jpg max , will allow much higher burst in ganks, and your gapcloser will be on a lower cooldown. It will allow you to chase better and clear buff camps quicker. I max this 75% of the time.

Tempest.jpg max, will allow your ganks to have a much more potent slow. and will counter any attackspeed reliant champions, however, you will only be allowed one gapcloser per gank. Also max this if your top and mid are AD, giving your top half of the map much needed magical damage.  I max this 25% of the time.

Maxing Second:

Safeguard.jpg being maxed second is a solid choice, giving you a strong shield and a load of lifesteal and spellvamp. this combined with locket can shield a single target for up to 430HP , it also makes you an excellent dueler and escape artist.  I max this second when going heavy/medium damage

Sonic_Wave.jpg OR Tempest.jpg  Is what you max when you are going full tank,  your W max doesn't go down on CD, and 200 odd hp and 25% lifesteal isn't particularly strong when going tank. Maxing E or Q second ( based on first max) will allow a large amount of damage when going tanky .

Maxing third:
You max the skill you have left third. Did you really read this far? 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Hunters Machete and health pots are the best start for most junglers

Core Items

    Boots are core, 2 smite options lie in skirmisher's Sabre and Stalker's blade. You don't need trailblazer to clear, and white smite isn't particularly good right now
    I almost always get mobility boots on lee sin, the early pressure you can push out with them is immense. Defensive boots are an option if behind
    2 options of enchantment that are available to lee sin ; I go cinderhulk most of the times if i am not ahead simply due to the tank meta and how i play lee sin as a utility bruiser. If you're fed and want to assassinate with burst damage, go warrior.
    Possible tank items that can be purchased
    Get this ASAP. Follow my initial build order

Situational Items

My build order.

I do this almost every game and it works wonders for me;

1039_64.png2003_32.png2003_32.png -> 3706_64.png1001_64.png2044_32.png2003_32.png ->3117_64.png2049_64.png->3709_64.png

There is a temptation to get your smite enchantment ASAP due to the power it gives you, but you will be doing significantly more with boots and a sighstone as you can ward kick the enemy into your laner, ward out the jungle and make aggressive plays without fear of counter. 

After getting a cinderhulk i generally tend towards full tank, some good suggestions for tanks are;

3143_64.png Gives you additional durability and the most Effective HP against physical damage assailants.

I then follow up with a ;
3102_64.png which allows me to tank mages and block crucial CC spells from supports that could mean my demise

At this point in the game you need to analyse the team comp; there are 4 options based on 2 variables Ahead or Behind(A/B) and Magical threat or Physical Threat (P and M )

If you are Ahead and there is a Physical threat, pick up a 3071_32.png
If you are Behind and there is a Physical threat, pick up a 3075_32.png
If you area Ahead and there is a Magical threat, pick up a 3156_32.png
If you are behind and there is a Magical threat, pick up a 3065_32.png OR 3190_32.png

Damage build;

If you prefer damage on lee sin; feel free to build it, but only in specific cases, being that you have a tank or tanky bruiser at top lane and are snowballing yourself. Items to consider are ; 
3074_32.png 3707_32.png3071_32.png 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Nunu
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Trundle
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Xin Zhao




Very high sustain, 3x heal when under 50% means he never drops below ~40%
Good ganking
Uses his escape to gank, susceptible to counterganks 
Can build Tank and deal a lot of damage or build bruiser and deal even more.

Aatrox, when he was first released he was considered a trash jungler, only thing in his favour was sustain, but he was build as glass cannon. Aatrox is a top tier  Tank and Aura Carrier, he is a Damage tank, Who gets up into your carries and damages/ soaks damage from them. Aatrox will likely start 1055_32.png, Making him a much better duelist than you if you do not start it instead,  However, you need LS quints to run dorans, he doesn't.


Unless fed or building a lot of damage, Aatrox isn't a particularly massive threats to your carry, he acts as a damage soak otherwise, building a lot of resistances and HP, he deals a fair bit of damage if allowed to, and not kited. However Cripple will devastate his only form of damage (attackspeed). If needed to kite even further, use dragon's Rage. 




Clears Moderately
No sustain
Very weak early game
Amazing Late game presence

Amumu is a CC tank, his ultimate changes teamfights, he has high magic damage and destroys tanks just by sitting on them with despair . He can Root targets for 2 seconds in an AOE . However, being put in the jungle means he is very susceptible to counterjungling, as he has almost no way to duel people and is very squishy early game. However, as the game progresses amumu will get more and more tanky and continue to deal more and more damage due to his % Hp nature .

You need to delay this stage in the game for him as much as possible, Counterjungling him and taking away his camps and buffs. Counterjungling amumu even if he has a level advantage is possible and even a buff advantage, as long as the differential isnt your ultimates or both buffs. 

Amumu will attempt to initate onto your carries , and as such kicking him away with Dragons Rage is imperative. Not allowing him a perfect ultimate is game changing. Amumu lacks peel for his own carries after bandage toss or Curse of the sad mummy has been used. So diving them is a possibility . A Runic Bulwark and Locket of the Iron Solari are amazing items vs amumu, Denying him a lot of damage due to the mres, and his aoe nature means locket will be used to its full effectiveness.




High sustain
Weak pre 6
Slow clears
Is a CC bot or just squishy late game

High sustain jungler, always starts at blue due to mana costs. Has ok jungling and out scales you. Counterjungle occasionally but do not get caught as he can CC you up and get the lanes to kill you

If he builds tanky, all he can do is pop his q constantly and cc your team. ignore him as he does mediocre damage

If he builds AP, do not allow him to stack his ultimate, as he gets very squishy without stacks





Low sustain
God like dueling
Amazing ganks
Top class clear time
Cannot be beaten Post 6

Darius belongs in the jungle in season 3, his decimate does insane aoe damage to the creeps, and his W is a slow and deals good damage vs champions. He's the only viable jungler atm that has a full hook (nautilus only has a half hook) . And its the key to his ganking, if he does not hit that, he cannot gank.

If you want to invade darius do it around level 2-3 , where you can beat him. Especially with a buff advantage.  Counterganks destroy him, but his counterganks will destroy you too, pick your fights wisely. 

Darius will be the front line base damage tank, dealing insane damage with his abilities while tanking a lot. If he gets onto an adc, its death. Make sure you dragons rage him away. Most darius' will pick up a randuins. So attempt to disrupt the activation of that as much as possible. If he hooks you and you are tanky lee sin, just fight him and draw focus.  He can peel for his carries fairly well with Apprehend and his passive 25% armor pen makes him a terror on the front lines. 




Good sustain
Quick clear
OK dueling
Weak Ganks pre-6

Similar to amumu but she has a lot of sustain due to her pale cascade, pre 6 counterjungle her a lot, has high mana costs so stealing her blue will hurt her a large amount, you out duel her untill level 9 if your not fed and up to level 16 if you have a large gold lead on her. Scales very well with items

Get her off your carries. Immediately pop your ultimate on her and help your carry kite with Tempest/Cripple


Dr. Mundo


Very quick clear
Negative sustain
Bad dueling pre 6
Only a slow for ganks

If you can kill him on his first  clear it will set him back a lot, however he clears quickly , while having negative sustain. He essentially kills himself in the jungle.

Ignore Mundo in teamfights as he is annoyance with low damage, do not bother jumping to their carries as you will get perma slowed with Infected Cleaver.




Slow clear
Amazing sustain ( can start Dorans ring) 
Can Duel very well if there's no cc involved
Good ganks
Amazing teamfight presence but countered by lee Sin

Very low Hp "squishy" Ap jungler. Requires blue to be effective, Can be counterjungled constantly. Has 2 channeled abilities(dragons Rage), one of which is game changing. however it is area based and deals damage around his model. Until he gets Zhonya's Hourglass, you can just ult him away from your team constantly. It also ALWAYS has a higher cooldown than Dragon's Rage. 

If you manage to interrupt the channel for his ult, the teamfight is yours. be careful about kicking him if he has already ulted. kicking him into your carries or low health teammates is a death sentence. 


Jarvan IV


Quick clear
Free armor, No sustain
only 2 skills until level 12 (unlikely will his w be picked up)
Good duelist
Good early game damage and transitions well
Great ganks, especially post 6

Oh boy , J4, such a versatile champion in the current meta , he clears quickly and has insanely strong level 2 damage. Having a level advantage on j4 will not be enough most of the time, as he only relies on 2 skills to duel. He transitions better than you and counterganks like a machine. Counterganking him is recommended but getting into a 2v2 is not due to his insane atkspd aura and cataclysm locking you in to die with aoe abilities. The only time you can counterjungle is with a level AND a buff advantage, or steal his camps when hes ganking. His burst is high and so is his sustained damage

Peel this guy off of your carries with Dragons Rage, he doesn't build much damage so his combo wont hurt as much, but his cc is still there. If caught in cataclysm you can easily get out with your W or Q. If he dives your carries, dive his, as he will most likely use his 2 combos to get to them (e-q/r) , but be warned, his knockup combo is on a very low cooldown late game and deals a fair bit of damage, allowing him to use it 3/4 times in a teamfight.




Slow clears
Good sustain
Needs to last hit with Q to stack it, slows clears a lot
Insanely weak early game
Late game monster

Nasus, Quite similar to amumu, insanely farm dependant and will destroy you if you allow him to farm. Nasus can max any of his 3 skills in the jungle first, if he maxes Q hes going to   farm it up, Maxing W and he will attempt to gank constantly, Maxing E gives him armor shred and benefits his clear speed and allows him to clear lane creeps quickly. 

Pre 6 anyone can 1v1 nasus, so plop into his jungle, disrupt his jungling, kill him even, just do not allow him to farm up. Maxing W on nasus is quite gimmicky, but if you get caught in his jungle and cannot burst him down, you're in a lot of pain if you dont have any dashes or blinks. Oh thats right, lee sin has 2. use your Q and W wisely to escape.  And dont be expecting to use that passive much vs him.

He cant countergank too well as he relies on his W and lacks a gapcloser or substantial damage early game , counterganking him hurts as he isn't tanky early game and has no escapes 

Try and make nasus burn wither before you fight , as that being put on a carry will reduce their attackspeed up to 47.5% , however, as soon as he has burnt this, he will not have any way of reaching your carry. One well timed dragons rage will keep him off them for good, without wither he also lacks any form of peel. 

Do not stand in his ultimate if you can, it drains your Max hp in magic damage and gives him free AD .A runic is essential vs nasus, two on the team isn't wasted 




Low sustain but damage mitigation
Aoe Clears
Insane CC (dont get caught)
Low as hell damage if shield is broke
Slow clear

This guy, while being a tank is like a fly in the jungle. You can literally add 15 seconds to his clear time if you just break his shield.
He's fairly tanky even early game, but his dueling sucks so much balls. However, he has 4 CC abilities and one defensive steroid. 
Hes very susceptible to counterjungling early. you can slaughter him at his red so easily, and because he clears so slowly, you can take his red before he gets there.
he also has high mana costs, So if you kill him in the jungle and remove his blue, he has no chance.

He will attempt to ult either someone at the back or a carry. If you get tagged by the ult, get out of your team unless you want to knock them all up.

He wont dive your carries and he can only do that if he lands his hook. Pre- teamfight body block for your carries to stop dat hook , he hardly builds damage, but his ase is high and his CC is immense, meaning diving his carries is near impossible.

Hope for the higher damage carry. 




Good 1v1er
Location dependant due to Q
Has hard to proc fear
can avoid wards post level 6

Not as hard as most people believe, Nocturne, as a jungler is very gold dependent and as such farm dependent , your early game prowess destroys him. Bait his spellshield or try breaking it with your E or Q (whichever you didnt max) . If he spellsheilds your maxed spell or your ultimate, its a lost teamfight

Nocturne either builds pure DPS or as a bruiser jungler. For the former focus on peeling him from your carries or if he builds tankier , try  going for his carries, as his peeling potentiall is poor. His fear is proximity based, and your lee sin, The master of mobility. 




OP? My counterganks says no. 

Steals a lot of camps
Seen as Op by the community
Infinite sustain
Good teamfight presence
Destroys nashor/ drake (get wards on them early) 

Ah nunu, the SoloQ terror, or not? If someone decides to pick nunu after you've locked in lee sin, they're an idiot. Lee sin is nunu's #1 counter. Doesn't rely on blue. Duels better and slows do not affect him due to his plethora of gap closers. Can steal buffs as easily as nunu.

Get out of the starting blocks quickly and rush to your buffs, see where nunu wards and start there.

Heres the fun part. His only good presence in teamfight is his ult. his other skills are minor damage or buffs for adc's (which is a good buff, but nonetheless not game changing) And this so called teamfight presence of an ultimate? Channeled. Just Dragons rage that mofo and go to town on him. It will be quite hard to dive his carries if your not masterfull with ward jumps and resonating strikes.  So just peel for yours. 




Quick AOE clear
%Hp damage
Lots of CC
No sustain, 15 free Armor 

Sejuani, the previously troll pick, now a top pick due to her amazing base damage. 2 second AOE stun and 70% slow along with a knockup that does %Hp damage AND damage that scales off of her own HP? Currently, as the figures stand, if you buy a warmogs, youll output about 500 more aoe damage in a teamfight, (given that she uses her W 3 times) 
She has horrendous sustain in her first clear though, and if she gets fed, she cant put a lot of that money into damage as she is a much better fulltank. Early game you destroy her, but she gets tanky so quickly and punishes you for invades post 6. Her 2 forms of CC are skillshots, so easily dodged with twitch reactions.

Sejuani acts as a flat out intatior, she will burn her full combo on your team and then get to work on the front line. However, she cant peel to well after her Q-E and Ult go on cooldown, as she has no innate slow any more. Dive the carries if you want, she cant stop you.

Your carry should be able to make short work of her if she is in their face, as after her full burst (which is about 1/8th of a carries hp) she will get demolished by consistent DPS




Clears initially quick but gets slower
Bad sustain but takes no damage from his first buff
Good Ganks
Relies on invisability

Shaco is very easy for lee sin. Lee sin reveals invisibility with 2 of his skills. His assasin type build gets destroyed by lees bruiser build path and gets outdamaged constantly by lee. 

Shaco's main asset is his sliperryness and amazingly strong early game. But lee sin just destroys these with flat out mobility and damage and tankyness early game.

Shaco will either go for your carries or become a mediocre bruiser who dies quickly. He wont be able to touch your carries if you decide to peel for them as he relies on attackspeed late game, and your E will take a lot of this away from him. You can even ult his clone into him if he gets too far away, he can jump marv in and out of a fight




Clears Godlike
Counterjungles like mad
Can 1v1 amazingly
You gank better

Shyvana will steal your camps often, especially your wraiths and can escape quickly, however you gank much better than her and have equal 1v1 capacity vs her, especially after level 6. She has no CC to gank and isnt picked often.

Late game, shyvana relies a fair amount on attack speed, and therefore you should proc your E on her. Shyvana plays as a bruiser, tanking a fair bit while being on the front line. If she has not purchased frozen mallet then she has no cc but her unreliable ult, and therefore you can focus her carries very easily. 




Good clear spead
Good Sustain
Good dueling
Weak ganks throughout the game / Very situational

Trundle has amazing dueling abilities after his rework, and while most usually found at top lane he can 1v1 you very easily, lee sin scales so well off his bonus ad, but his Q will take 30 AD away from you if you go to duel him at level 4 or higher. It is possible to kill him at his red, but however his clearing speed is too high and his sustain is godlike, allowing him to finish his jungle with full HP and a pot. 
However due to his low escape possibilities a countergank is devastating to him if pulled off well

Trundle will not dive your carries unless their out of position. Make sure that if your stacking resistances that his ult doesn't get you, as you will be very weak if it does.
He relies a lot on his attackspeed with his Frozen Domain, so hit your E on him if you can. In teamfights go for his carries if you can, as his peeling is very poor if he lacks Blade of The Ruined King or Frozen Mallet. 




Quick clear
Moderate sustain
Amazing dueling
No teamfight sustain

Oh God Why. Udyr counters lee sin in every single way. He can out duel you, clear camps quicker and stun you when you try and hit and run. 
Your early game prowess means nothing as his turtle and bear stance allow him to soak up damage and punish you for getting near him respectively 

In teamfights udyr can be easily kited. Your ultimate probably wont be needed for him, just tempest/ cripple and help your carries kite. If he does get close, dragons rage him away.

Lee sin is meant to do good early game damage and fall off late, ironically, vs an udyr you do the opposite. You lose to him early, but are the bane of his existance in teamfights.




Good Dueling
Ok scaling
No sustain but damage block w/ passive
High burst damage
Shreds Hp stackers

Vi, stands for viability, even though it doesnt. She can fill many roles, the problem is, she isnt good at them. Hold off now vi haters. Her AD scalings are too good to tank build Her base damage is too good to AD build , the only viable route is a bruiser, but with no innate tankyness, she gets blown up. She's a bit like skarner, a walking ult, but the ult is a good one. Fairly strong level 2-3 but not as good as lees.

Gets absoloutely WRECKED by counterganks. Especially direct ones through the lane. She has just used her escape to engage (if pre 6) and now is at your bidding.

Good in long fights OR short ones. Lee sin fights in medium length fights (oopsie) 

Vi will dive your carries. Its a 100% fact. She is not going to burn that ult to peel,  its like malphite ulting one guy. Remember that during her ult she is CC immune. Save your kick for after it and she is out of the fight.




Good sustain
Takes fairly low damage from creeps due to aoe creep fear
Good in teamfights
Builds tanky, gets damage

Ah, Trollybear , hes pretty susceptible to very early pressure, level 2-3 you can duel him, especially with a buff or level advantage. He almost always builds fulltank however, and invading him after level 9 is suicidal as he will be too tanky for you to burst down and he has a fling and a slow, making escaping difficult.

However, his passive (when under 30% hp heals for 30% of his hp over 8 seconds) is pretty redundant vs lee sin early game, as you can just q-r-q him to destroy him before the passive goes down, the Q execution damage also wrecks him due to his HP stacking nature.

He excels in teamfights as he gets a 155 Damage buff that spreads to nearby enemies


If volibear uses rolling thunder and gets near your carry, just burn your ult and engage. Q-R-Q is ideal in this situation. He will then get kited to oblivion and do almost no damage.

His ultimate relies on attackspeed and his W gives him bonus attackspeed. You can reduce the effectiveness of either skill with Tempest/Cripple.

Diving voli's carries is pretty hard as he has his slow and fling to get you off them. Essentially the AD singed of league.

Amy is cute and would totally get the D


Xin Zhao


Amazing Duelist
Top tier invading
Top tier ganking
Strong early game
Transitions well

Holy shit, this guy, Xin is essentially the tankier version of lee sin, having more reliable CC than you and easy as pie to play.  Do not Invade Xin Zhao unless you got a smiteless, without a level advantage on him he will destroy you with Twin Talon strike and Audacious Charge.

A good Xin will be maxing his Dash, which means he will have insanely high burst, but not as good dueling. You still cannot beat him without a level or buff advantage

Generally built as a CDR tank, Xin will abuse his base damage and jump on your squishies (primarily ADC), However, he lacks peel for his own carry other than a slow and a temperamental ult , jump on them if you can, Or just  peel for yours, Your peel is infinitely better than his. A good dragons rage wil ldeny his ult and up to 120 free armor and mres for him(you read that right)  

Ability Details Back to Top

Sonic Wave/ Resonating strike

Sonic wave is a medium range skillshot that deals moderate physical damage upon hitting an enemy, creeps can block this. Scales with Bonus AD, also reveals Stealthed units

Resonating strike is a instant active dash to the target that has been marked with Sonic Wave, it deals identical  physical damage to Sonic wave, but has an execution component (8% missing HP) Scales with Bonus AD

Tips and Tricks:
  • Use this on the big monster when jungling, the extra damage and missing hp allows you to clear much quicker
  • This is your gapcloser. Attempt to hit it on the champ when ganking, if you miss and hit a minion, you can still follow up if it gets you closer
  • The lower the enemy, the higher the burst due to the execution component. Lee sin wins almost all low hp fights with this and Safeguard/Iron Will 

Safeguard/Iron will

Safeguard is a point target dash that allows lee sin to dash to allies, Shielding them and him. The shield scales with AP

Iron Will is a self buff that can be used after casting safeguard, giving lee sin lifesteal and spellvamp for a few seconds, the lifesteal and spellvamp increases with level.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Use this on yourself with jungling (ALT + W) in order to shield some damage and heal it back
  • Spellvamp scales with smite11.png, So use smite when Iron will is active for a clutch heal or just more jungle sustenance
  • This can be used on wards, So always carry a ward/wriggles/sightstone around with you
  • In the same aspect, this can also be used on teemo's noxious traps, jarvan 4's Demacian standard, Thresh's lantern and Shaco's Jack in the Box.


Tempest is a instant active ability that is in a small AOE around lee sin, it deals Magic damage scaling off AD and reveals enemies in the area , whether they be in brush or stealthed.

Cripple is an instant active ability that affects all units Damaged by tempest, all units damaged by tempest have their movement speed  and  attack speed slowed for the duration. 

Tips and tricks:
  • You take this first to reduce the big camps attackspeed.
  • Use this if you think and enemy will stealth (107_64.png,84_64.png)
  • Use this when ganking due to the slow it puts on the enemy.
  • it scales off AD, but deals magic damage, Max this if they are stacking armor.

Dragon's Rage:

Dragon's Rage is a single target active ability that deals a large amount of physical damage, Knocking the enemy away from lee sin, Dealing the same amount of physical damage to targets behind the original target. Scales off Bonus AD

Tips and tricks:
  • Resonating strike to a target and safeguard/ Flash behind them to kick them into your team
  • Use this to peel for your carries late game and don't allow anyone to get near them. (looking atchu 24_64.png)
  • Do NOT kick a target away as lee sin, as you can potentially give up the kill
  • This is part of your main burst combo, as seen in the tips and tricks below
  • Has a massive 2.0 Bonus AD ratio.

Tips and tricks. Back to Top


Lee sin's passive, flurry does not stack. therefore you should use an ability, then 2 attacks, then reactivate the ability   and then follow that with another 2 attacks. Repeat this process . 

Sustain combo:
When jungling for sustain, lead with safeguard / iron will and then cripple for the AOE damage
So, it should look like this:

W-AA-W-AA-E-AA-E-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA (repeat)

Clear speed combo:
In order to clear quicker or if you need to get somwhere quicker after your first buff the combo should include E and Q , Q to get over the wall or if not then E first

Q-Q-AA-E-AA-E-AA (repeat)

Damage combo

Against champions under 50% health:
At level 6:

Q-AA-R-Q. This will give a lot of damage due to the burst execution of Resonating strike and the high damage of Dragon's Rage 

Full out fight:

You should always lead with Safeguard/Iron will due to the spellvamp and Lifesteal. Then combo the spell you upgraded first (either E or Q) due to the spellvamp scaling the best with your highest damage skill. 

Peeling for the Carry:
When peeling for the carry you should keep 3 things in mind :
1. Whether the person deals a lot of damage
2.The person has melee range CC you do not want applied to the carry
3. Can the carry AND nearby allies kill them and not allow them to disrupt the teamfight by much.

If they get too close to the carry and you don't think you can nearby allies can kill them in time , then Dragons Rage them away.

If you believe you can kill them in time, just tempest/Cripple and Safeguard to the carry. Body-block single target skillshots.

if they have proximity damage/ CC that is immensly dangerous to your carry or allies nearby(24_64.png32_64.png77_64.png), it is imperative you dragons Rage them away. 

Running away as lee sin:

Lee sin can escape effectively using Resonating strike and Safeguard. 

Attempt to carry a ward with you at all times. You can then place the ward over a wall and safeguard too it.

Lee sin can Sonic wave/Resonating strike to a minion wave to travel a large distance. However it takes casting time, so do not do it if they have a stun that you really want to avoid ( 44_64.png)

Remember that Iron Will also gives you Spellvamp, so in dire situations or when a damage over time effect is put onto you, activate Iron Will and 11.png a nearby minion to gain upwards of 200HP. 

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