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All Guides Udyr Guides Korean Guide Translation]Udyr by 만년감기
2 years ago

Udyr Statistics for Bhany

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

If you want to go all in on counter jungling, you should take flash.

If you want to focus more on ganking, ghost is also okay, for ghost can make impossible ganks happen if you had taken flash.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.7% attack speed Greater Mark of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 1x
    +4.5% attack speed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
  • 1x
    +4.26 armor Greater Quintessence of Armor
For Quintessence rune you should consider either attack speed or defense rune.

Consider attack speed quintessense when you want to destroy their jungler such as 32_64.pngor 57_64.png
Consider armor quint when enemy have two AD comp. such as top renek and jungle lee sin.

Because 77_64.png depends heavily on early game performance, I believe that attack speed or armor quint is better than 

movement speed quint because it helps early skirmish in jungle.

 Movement speed quints help you gear your play towards ganking; attack speed quints will help clearing jungle fast 

and go head on on 1v1 fight.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 0


Utility: 0

Utility 77_64.png has fast movement speed; 

after starting with the red buff, you will have biscuit to fulfill lacking mana, and you have extra ward to use.

Its just very good all around.

Especially having free ward and extra money will let you buy another ward so counter jungling becomes easy.

For meta now days,  lol_abil_494.png master 77_64.png only really benefits from attack speed and cool down reduction,

and because defense mastery tree focuses so much on % growth, it's just not as useful as utility tree for 

77_64.png who has such a good stats early game.

But most important reason why I prefer utility tree is again the two ward start.

Abilities Back to Top

If you want to go counter jungle at level 2, 
take lol_abil_494.png level1 then lol_abil_492.png level2.
If not, you should be taking lol_abil_494.png   -   lol_abil_496.png   -   lol_abil_492.png.
The difference from other guides is to throw lol_abil_495.png out the window, and master in order above.
Why do I toss away lol_abil_495.png?  
Aside from the fact that lol_abil_494.png is better deal,
mastering lol_abil_492.png before giving any point into lol_abil_495.png will help you with more movement speed boost and less mana cost, so you can stun anything and everything in team fights.

If you meet an opponent in the jungle, you should spam lol_abil_494.png and chase up with lol_abil_492.png moving shot with lol_abil_494.png.

Notice you should take up different skills to take on at level 2 depending on which buff you take first.

If you took blue first, it would be harder to kill enemy jungler when you counter jungle,
so it would be better to take up lol_abil_496.png as your next spell so that you can chase off opponent jungler

then to safely take their 2nd buff. . . then run!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

For starting item, if you face 5_64.png64_64.png106_64.png as opponent jungler I advice you to start with 1029_32.png2044_32.png2003_32.pngx4
Otherwise you should start as regular starting item set 1039_32.png2044_32.png2003_32.pngx4.
You must decide accordingly whether you want 1001_32.png or 1080_32.png as your second item.
Just as I have mentioned when you face 2 AD characters on top/ jungle you should focus more on defense items.

If you can say you are dominating the opponent jungler you should up grade your boots to 3006_32.png(most of the time).
If enemy teams compose of 2 good AP you should rush 3107_32.png right after 1080_32.png1001_32.png,
otherwise finish 3207_32.png (also most of the case).
People tend to underestimate 3207_32.png, but I believe it is a really good item for 77_64.png.
Especially when I prefer not to make 3111_32.png, I would rather take 3047_32.png to reduce deal from ADC and buy 1057_32.png.
I don't recall a single game that I bought 3111_32.png.
3006_32.png   or   3047_32.png   -   3107_32.png   -   3207_32.png  ( if you are facing 2+ AP)
We already know that most damage out put end game is done by adc and most of jungler is AD,

so just focusing health/physical defense would give you legit tanky.

Although do not obsess over 3107_32.png, you will melt down when they focus you; 

it is more than enough to just have 77_64.png be tanky.

Since there are a lot more AD mid champs now days, it is so important for 77_64.png to be tanky, 
so 3107_32.png is a bit iffy item to rush as first item.

Last item you need would be AD counter such as 3075_32.png or 3143_32.png.
Remember 3075_32.png is only counter to fully itemized ADC.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu




1039_32.png start, with 3006_32.png easy kill!
The author did not have match up guide vs specific champion since it's jungler guide.
I'm just putting something in this match up section, so that 
the guide does not turn automatically into "private" since if I leave this blank it will
( just like it did million times on my Lee Sin guide q_Q).

Introduction (please read this section first :)! Back to Top

//Hello fellow summoners!
I know most of you are thrill to see new ultimate 77_64.png skin
I know it is not "SUCH A GREAT SKIN" for it to be "ULTIMATE";
however, I am still excited and it does too, look cool.
And most of past few ranked games I was in had 77_64.png, so this motivated me to translate the guide 

This guide is written by 만년감기.
It is not written by me who is only gold V, but I am translating for you all :D
(the original author hit Diamond V in Korean league solely playing 77_64.png)
heres the proof he included in his guide:


Anyways, I just want to point out that the guide are suppose to be just tips and hints that help you get better.  Its not something you must follow every game, and you should always try be versatile and adapting to different circumstances.

Also during the guide I have added some my own comment which will be italicized like this, so you don't get confused.

So here the guide begins.

Body ! Back to Top

Lobby Screen

To 77_64.png, early game is very very important.

Ask politely on lobby to your teammates : 

say I will focus on counter jungling, so pick dominant laning champs.

It is harder to gank bot lane, so it will be good to ban 4_64.png98_64.png such champions that have global presence;
then take super strong top and mid champion.
such as top: 58_64.png, mid 80_64.png127_64.png7_64.png.
Also you won't pay much attention to bot, so have them pick champions that have strong lane phase.

It might seem irresponsible and out of meta, but you will take care of their jungler, and

then the laners should win lane by themselves; this is why pick & ban is very important.

Early Game

When the game starts, buy a ward, 4 potions and a item then run to their jungle.

Use ward from masteries on the enemy's jungle route, and place 2044_32.png on bush where you can see enemy buff.
If enemy jungler is one that is able to clear fast, then take blue first; if not, take red (one that is hard leashed by 

bot laners); then run to their buff.

It is important for you to keep in mind whether or not your route is warded with the masteries-ward you 

previously placed.

Usually enemy support would place one, but if your laners are strong champions, you can walk in there without

having to be scared.  Anywho, if you took the second buff from their jungle; you are half way there.

After taking the buff, beat that jungler back to his home then you can either gank top, mid or clean up their 


At this point, if top is warded or seem 2 vs 2 up top is looking grim, then tell your bot lane 

to pull the line.  //communication is key to a successful gank

After cleaning up the jungle and hitting level 4, you could go into their jungle (use entrance by mid) then gank 

their bot lane // I suppose he wrote this guide on purple side's point of view.

Because you were up top early, often their tri bush isn't warded, also the timing wise their jungler

will be gunning for top; you can probably take out two or three summoners from bot lane.

When you play jungle, you MUST ALWAYS looking at the minimap; you do not need to see 

the jungle monsters that you are clearing.

MID Game

So if you are losing, just ward accordingly and place retreat ping everywhere // lol

If you successfully counter jungled and have taken the lead, now you can counter jungle for both of their buffs.

Around 5 to 6 minute, you should communicate with mid laner to have him/her port back to base, so

they can restock on item and have full health; let them know we are going to go counter jungle their first buff 

at 7 minute mark.

You must communicate with them ahead so mid laner can buy new item and get ready in terms of CS and health.

If a jungler suddenly ping to come help him in the jungle when mid minions are pushed to our tower, and 

I have such low health and mana; he will be ignored even if it was me in mid.

You Must Communicate with your teammates.

Around 7 minute mark, 77_64.png should be level 5 to 6 and opponent jungler will not have his ultimate;

however mid laner will have new set of items and also ultimate.

This is the strongest point for 77_64.png in the game, and if mid laner didn't go home, he wouldn't even have wards.

Charge in and take the first buff.  When both parties do not have ultimate, strong laner + 77_64.png combo will be

very strong in jungle skirmish. 

If you smited their buff, push mid creeps, then take the second buff together; 

you might come across a kill or two doing so.

At this point, enemy mid laner is either weaker or evenly powerful champion; however our mid will always

have blue buff.  Their jungler will not have red, not have ganked, and whenever they try to jungle 

77_64.png shows up to slap em.

Just keep the gaming going this way, warding their jungle, taking their double buff, gank on free time.

You must decide when is proper to gank.  Time has passed when "level 3 top gank" worked like a charm.

If laners picked strong laning champions, they will be able to snowball bit by bit, and when the snowball

finally explode then help them take towers and take dragon.

Keep snowballing like this then sooner or later you will win the game.

Again important point here is to have at least two wards on their jungle.

Late Game

77_64.png becomes meatbag end game.  Even if you do well you will be a meatshield, even if you do bad you will be a 

meatshield.  There is nothing wrong with being a meatshield.  The game is considered owned when you aren't

even be able to be one.  In team fight when the bruiser dive in for our adc, stun him.   That should buy enough

time for our back line to cast skills.   Then dive into their back line and stun every one once and buy enough time

for our dealers to take care of their bruisers first.  Unlike popular beliefs, it is not wrong to just go all tank items.

In team fight, you have done good if you can even be a tank.  Offensive item 77_64.png would die trying to get to their

back line.  So you may question why you would only tanky item when other bruisers tend to mix in some 

damage items to kill ADC?  Its because 77_64.png is not like Renekton or J4 who base their damage out put on skills

77_64.png bases his damage on 100% pure normal hits, so even if you go damage items you will not be able to dish out

burst deal in short time.  If you can free deal for 10 seconds, you might out damage other champions, but in team

fight that happens in a blink of an eye, 77_64.png 's damage output is almost meaningless.

Champions like 77_64.png are considered to have high DPS but are not able to nuke.

In a team fight where crowd control skill flies left and right, it would be extremely difficult for 77_64.png to get to

their back line, and even if you do you will only be able to get few hits in.

No matter what the end game is up to ADC.  Whoever take care of the bruisers first is the problem, and if 77_64.png

gets taken care off before theirs then the teamfight is lost.

If the game prolongs long enough take up 3143_32.png or 3075_32.png so you become more beautiful meat.

Your Role in Team Fight

Meat shield.

Tips for Counter Jungling

Facing aggressive junglers such as 5_64.png , 64_64.png , and 106_64.png , you must take the red before you go counter jungle
in order to come out ahead.  It will benefit you greatly if you take up armor runes in quintessence and start with 
1029_32.png.  If their jungler is weakling like 32_64.png then you can start with 1039_32.png then to 3006_32.png to be able to stomp him.

For second buff steal, you should not be obsessed about the killing the enemy, rather focus on sending him home

before you take it.  When you get obsessed over the kill then chasing their jungler, you will find yourself trapped 

in between their top and mid caught without any mana.  If mid gets killed as well after coming for the rescue

he will probably say: "gg I'm done report 77_64.png :)"

You should wait until his second buff monster has around 800 hp before you go and start slapping him.

You also should memorize that at level 2 smite will do 520 damage.

It will be best if you making him decide whether if he wants to continue getting the buff then flash or

just take off right now.  If they ran with flash and you can't catch him up just take the buff. 

Because if you chase him, the buff monster will regain its health as well as the enemy jungler with health pot.

So facing full health buff monster again when low on mana?  That's a suicide, so do not chase and just take the buff

Conclusion. Back to Top

Because I was playing Arch Age, I took a break from League, and I played before and the goal was only diamond,

so the division isn't high.  Earlier this year before the rank patch, I hit 2090 ELO; returning from Arch Age, the system

was changed.  Because my MMR was high I had to play against players that are higher or equal to dia I, and after 

few losses now it's a bit lower.  My point is that this works even on very high ELO tiers.

Considering I am a noob for not knowing much about counter ganking, 77_64.png is not such a bad champion as everyone says he is.

Well, this ends the guide. 

I thought some of you who are looking forward to the new skin might appreciate this.

I wanted to thank you for all your supports, and I want to point out few things.

I noticed few people "dislike" the guide; 

I know its poorly translated and mostly its out of "norm" build, but what would be the point if I 

translate a guide that you all already know?  I know top Lee Sin building tanky and maxing E is not the norm

around here, and I also know that utility mastery Udyr jungler is not the norm.

I already know that most of players prefer to max Q on Lee or to build 3072_32.png, and probably would like to go
defensive build on Udyr.  

Just because what I translate does not fit the norm I don't think it should be down voted :(.

Back to my whole purpose of translating some of high ELO guide from KR is to broaden your horizon and 

have you experiment and learn about new things outside of "norm" in NA.

And I hope translating guides that might sound new would help you with that.

There are, of course, legitimate guides that fits our norm in NA, but what would be the point of that ?

You could probably find guides like that already written by high ELO player in NA.

So anyway, take it or leave it you know :) enough babbling haha..  

TL;DR :: hopefully the guide that I am translating are some what "out of norm" to help you broaden your mind 

and see what other things that may work even better than "traditional" builds. 

Thank you all for reading this guide, and hope you have good games :D!!

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