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All Guides Vayne Guides Vayne Guide by CloudCarry
2 months ago

Vayne Statistics for VerusTerror

Author's performance with Vayne compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
Win %
KA:D Ratio
Gold Earned
Creep Score


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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I opt for 21.png over 1.png most of the time.  The problem when I get ganked is not so much CC duration as much as it is damage. You are significantly weaker in a 1v1, 2v2 setting without 21.png

Some reasons why you would want to take 1.png:

1. They have amumu.  

2. They have cc on every member of the team and you don't feel confident with just 21.png.  

3.If they have low burst damage and high sustained damage (because 21.png is better against burst and 1.png is better against sustained damage.  The reason for this is because 1.png allows you to widen the gap between a would be assailant and you, while 21.png simply protects against a few auto attacks or spells, but doesn't actually do anything to keep you out of range.)

UPDATE:  You can take 7.png in almost every situation now.  The above criteria still applies for deciding on whether or not to take cleanse though.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +0.64% attack speed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 1x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 2x
    +4.5% attack speed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Currently running forg1ven runes.  (10.8 ad 15 % AS)  9x AD marks, 1x AD quint, 2x AS quints, 9x armor seals, 9x AS glyphs

It's a good idea to have a backup page with MR if you want.

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 0


Resolve: 0

It doesn't make very much difference what you do here, just don't take spell and blade weaving on vayne.

I take minion damage for better objective control and because you have to farm jungle on AD Carry sometimes.  

This also allows for more sustain on last hits by taking Feast.  

I have been taking my point out of feast and putting it in Warlord lately, but it's a choice I will leave up to you.

Abilities Back to Top


NOTE: this has changed, check the edit at the bottom of the page

On 67_64.png Q max will usually be your best bet.  Even if you rush 3153_32.png, Q will continue to be a reliable source of mobility and damage into mid and late game.  Suffice it to say, you can do whatever you want and do OK on 67_64.png.  In my honest opinion, there is never a reason to not max Q unless you have an Attack Speed Steroid available to you very early on in the game and you want to build 3153_32.png3086_32.png and 3252_32.png to take advantage of that.  

A lot of people question why I recommend Q max, but often max W myself.  This is mainly dependent on lane matchups and how I expect the trades to go in that lane.  It is not always indicative of the correct choice, but is different from game to game.  For most people, therefore, I would recommend that you max Q until you learn the playstyle.  After you are more comfortable with laning without using your Q as a crutch, you can try W max or putting 3 points into either W or Q and then continuing to max out the other spell.

(If that wasn't clear enough, most people should go for R>Q>W>E until they are more comfortable learning other skill orders.)

EDIT:  I will leave this section in as I believe if you are considering running 11 ad, maxing q first or splitting points between w and q, you can still do statik shiv and pd.  The thing is you can get one shot by an enemy AD going IE PD, so for that reason I now go for PD more often.

This is my current skill order as of Season 5.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Ideal Build by 20 minutes

Core Items

Situational Items

(Section slightly outdated.  Trinity force is a lot better than it used to be as well as furor boots being a bit better.  It's mostly personal preference to the player's style.)

Sometimes you want to build 1 or 2 defensive items.  It will depend on a few things like: "what types of damage are they dealing?" and "how many people are diving me in teamfights?  You are usually better off going with more damage in games that you aren't getting heavily focused.  This can all change instantly of course, so having good positioning and good micromanagement is probably more important than your item choices.  Just know you fall off in damage significantly if you choose to go for more than 1 defensive item.

I feel like 3142_32.png is a decent pickup on 67_64.png, but I prefer to not be pigeonholed into an active when I play ad carry.  In my mind, the only reason you would build 3142_32.png on 67_64.png is to take advantage of the 3/4 item build path that skips 3086_32.png and you don't really have a reason to do that. 

(This is the build I am referring to: 3153_32.png3142_32.png3006_32.png3031_32.png3035_32.png )

You can also build 3153_32.png3142_32.png,3006_32.png3086_32.png, but I feel like 3153_32.png3087_32.png/3046_32.png is just as strong if not stronger, because you aren't relying on your active for DPS AND Mobility.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jinx
  • Lucian
  • Sivir




51_64.png is a tough lane opponent to face as 67_64.png.  Look to push the wave early and try to force trades on him while he is csing.  If you can't do this effectively by lvl 2 or 3, he will probably start freezing on you, pushing himself, or forcing trades whenever possible.  It's important to read the situation correctly and try to give up as little free gold as possible.

If necessary go back for another 1055_32.png and work towards an early 3153_32.png.

3153_32.png works wonders against 51_64.png if you can get to mid game and stage all-ins against him.  In lane, you can 1v1 51_64.png very easily even if he is a little bit ahead in gold due to 67_64.png's innate scaling and unpredictability.  If the enemy support steps out too far to ward, I will immediately all-in against the 51_64.png.  If we lose, I just go back to farming and/or back.  If we win, great job, shove to tower and go back.  If you don't do anything, you likely get poked down for free every time he pushes and cost yourself potential gold and a snowball victory.  It's better to lose an all-in and back off than to never stage them at all.  67_64.png is an assassin when played correctly and will absolutely destroy 51_64.png in a true 1v1 with 1 item a piece.




119_64.png is easily 67_64.png's hardest matchup.  He has a lot of damage at his disposal, a displacement, an execute in way of his ultimate with a large hitbox, a refreshable Attack Speed Steroid, access to more gold when trading kills due to his passive, and most importantly, his Q outperforms 67_64.png's Q in lane on a conceptual basis.  It deals more damage, doesn't have a cooldown (if you catch the axe every time), and if the Draven is good, he gets TWO Q's on you before you even can walk up for that cs.

Now this may seem like an impossible matchup, however, I assure you it is not.  When 119_64.png gets ahead, it's less farming, and more getting denied.  You have to understand power spikes and gold values, however, to know that if you don't give up kills and stay within 20 cs, you will have the same impact on the game as he will.  Try to save your Q to tumble away from aggression when csing and look for smart trades when they present themselves.  Only poke out far enough to land last hits then path back behind your creep line.

Don't be afraid to 4.png away from 119_64.png  early if you think you will need to use it at all.  Not flashing away early enough, will quickly lead to a fed 119_64.png and lost game.

As with most other matchups for 67_64.png right now, look to make use of your stealth and positioning to make an outplay after completing your first major item.




Now that I have the hard matchups explained a bit, I wanted to highlight the easiest matchup that I know of for 67_64.png.  When facing 81_64.png67_64.png can trade evenly in most parts of the game.  You can take early lane shoving to the next level against an 81_64.png, because he has few tools to deal with such a tactic.  This does two things, forces his mystic shot onto the creeps, and lets you trade damage onto him for free in most cases.

Times that you need to be careful are level 6, if he takes 14.png, or when paired with an aggressive support like 53_64.png1_64.png or  412_64.png.  The matchups should still favor you though, as 67_64.png scales much better than 81_64.png and is capable of winning even down a few kills or a few thousand gold.  

It doesn't really matter what you build first, it just matters that you stay within an item or two of his damage output.  




I wanted to list 222_64.png as a hard lane opponent, but I don't necessarily think laning against her is the hardest part about playing against her, it's more how she scales off of kills and objectives that makes her hard to play against as 67_64.png.  Considering that you have to play this lane very passively, you don't really ever go for trades against a 222_64.png, unless you have a good reason to (sustain when they have none).  She probably has more damage than 67_64.png, so the only way to beat her is to abuse 67_64.png's catching power and power spike after completing an item and getting her ultimate.  

Not the best idea to pick 67_64.png into a 222_64.png, but it's not exactly a free win for him either.  67_64.png can out mid game 222_64.png if on even footing by killing the front line exceptionally fast.  222_64.png will be forced to run away when this happens, or choose to all in knowing she could lose.  Utilize 67_64.png's mobility when playing against 222_64.png, and use your stealthed Q tumbles to make her miss her chompers.  If you get hit with chompers, you will likely lose that fight.  Ult and q tumble away as well as using E condemn to disengage.  

Call for ganks against 222_64.png, but don't forget about the potential of a counter gank.  222_64.png out skirmishes 67_64.png really hard and has way more teamfight utility and damage.  Avoid teamfighting at all costs until you are sufficiently ahead/caught up.




If I had to say one thing about laning against 236_64.png, it's that he is one of the hardest to deal with in lane for 67_64.png, but probably the easiest to deal with in mid game.  It's not exactly always going to play out like this, but generally if 67_64.png is behind a little bit going into mid game, she can abuse cheap items to catch back up, and if she actually has enough gold to buy real items, playing catch up on 67_64.png doesn't feel as hard.

Lucian is going to go for a 3078_32.png3072_32.png3035_32.png build most of the time, so you can get around his power spikes by going for 3072_32.png3087_32.png3031_32.png.

You have a greater power spike with those three items than he does with his own. However,  trying to "out-bt" Lucian is a mistake.  If you want to try 3153_32.png, you had better be sure he won't outburst you with his passive.  There isn't necessarily an item build you can rush that he can't beat you to (in terms of effective dps), but since most 236_64.pngs will build 3078_32.png first or second, you often build different items than him at different points anyway (making this less important).

Avoid trading at all early game (except maybe at level 1), and stage your all-ins before he has a completed 3072_32.png.




15_64.png, on paper completely demolishes 67_64.png.  She also happens to completely demolish 67_64.png in practice as well.  Generally speaking, your only hope against 15_64.png as 67_64.png is to hope that you have a good frontline and that you will do more damage to their front line (which will open up 15_64.png and their mid laner [the two highest priority targets]), before 15_64.png is allowed to deal damage.

15_64.png excels at picking people off with her team, which is generally something  67_64.png SHOULD do better, but because of 15_64.png's buffed ultimate, 67_64.png will quickly be caught out if not positioned perfectly.  Because of this, you may not want to build  3153_32.png against 15_64.png unless you are already ahead.  You could still build it in a 6 item build, but at that point you are probably better off going with 3031_32.png.

What you CAN do is copy 15_64.png's build item for item.  If she tries to outdo you with a 3 or 4 item build, you make better use of these same items than she does and quickly catch up in usefulness.  This is not to say you can't build 3153_32.png3086_32.png1037_32.png to catch up in effective dps quicker, but it's a choice you can actually make in this matchup. Determine if you can actually make use of 3153_32.png before buying it and being stuck with it.  

If you can avoid  15_64.png's Q, her spell shield, quickly becomes useless.  If she DOES activate it, you can wait it out and wall stun her.  Her W is still useful, but at the point she misses her Q, she's vulnerable to an all in from 67_64.png.  This is absolutely the only way to beat her.  If you get hit with a double boomerang blade (hits you 2x), you probably want to back up.

Supports with Vayne Back to Top

*(section outdated)

Favorite Supports with Vayne

89_64.png is probably my favorite support to play with. She has three stuns to protect you with, and is capable of laning passively or aggressively.

267_64.png is my next favorite to lane with, because of the sustain and versatility of this lane.  Like 89_64.png267_64.png is capable of playing passively or aggressively, but with the extra damage from Tidecaller's Blessing, you are able to win lanes that you should probably lose, on paper.  Combine this with her ultimate which provides excellent zone control, it's easy to make quick engages or follow up when your team comes to gank.

Least Favorite Supports with Vayne

53_64.png is my least favorite support to lane with.  It's no secret that he either provides everything, or nothing in lane for his AD Carry/Marksman, so the ability to get ahead means less to me than the reliability that other picks provide.

1_64.png is my second least favorite support to lane with.  She provides damage and poke, but not much else.  The hard engage she provides is comparable to other supports that give more to a 67_64.png lane than she does.  Furthermore, since she provides no sustain, you quickly are banking on two people in bottom lane to hit mid game.  There is no balance of power, they are weaker together than separately.  Usually you want a champion that can shore up your early game weaknesses when playing a hyper carry, so having two people that depend on lvl 6, quickly spells disaster in an even game.  Obviously any lane is capable of snowballing or winning hard, but the all in potential of a Vayne/Annie lane is not much greater than any other combination I can think of, if at all.

Playing Against (as Vayne) Back to Top

(*section outdated)

Supports that Beat Vayne

53_64.png, 12_64.png, 1_64.png412_64.png

These are the hardest supports to lane against as Vayne in my opinion.  I haven't seen much 44_64.png lately, so we won't include him, but he is equally hard to play against as Vayne if his lane is winning.   67_64.png probably has an easier time against him than the other supports though, so for that reason, it's not worth mentioning useful play patterns against him.  
If you find yourself in one of these matchups, don't be afraid to deny yourself cs and hope that your front line is better than theirs come mid game.

Mid Lanes Vayne has a hard time with


Against a good (insert champion here), playing 67_64.png feels like a complete waste.  Look to avoid picking her into these matchups if you are not entirely aware of what can go wrong and how.  I may pick her into 238_64.png or 157_64.png, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea if you don't know her that well.  Buyer beware, you're in for a scare.

Junglers that Shut Down Vayne


Needless to say, a fed 254_64.png absolutely destroys 67_64.png.  The cc and damage are just too much for an AD Carry that is so fragile, to deal with.  Notably the blind monk also does well against our favorite boltmaster, but what may surprise you is that both the sad mummy, and the great fat one conceptually ruin 67_64.png's teamfighting.  Consider that you have to tumble through a potential bandage toss or explosive cask which is quickly followed up by more massive aoe damage.  Anyone that is peeling for you gets hosed as well, so the best thing you can do against these two heroes is to spread out.  However, that does something to your teamfighting which makes it easier to get caught out, as you now need to make pick-offs or avoid their damage and cc altogether.  This also makes zoning against 67_64.png much easier, and allows for the enemy back line to focus your mid laner exclusively.

There's not a lot of counterplay to these champions, other than to know what they do, how they are going to do so, and what you can do to avoid such things.  If there isn't much you can do, at least you can do the "most correct" thing and hope that your micro management is enough to win you the teamfight.

Main Body Back to Top

The champion 67_64.png has been hotly contested in the past.  At a certain point, we saw a change from riot to make it so that 67_64.png's auto attack primed before casting her E, would no longer go off as the target is being moved away.  This did two things.  It nerfed her trading in lane significantly and it slowed down her best combo of Ult + q, attack, wall stun, attack.  It took some time to get used to this change, but most 67_64.png players were still playing her a lot after this and abusing the game as it was prior to s4.  More emphasis needed to be put on outplaying your opponent as 67_64.png now, not just winning trades in lane with her free true damage proc.  67_64.png needed this counterplay to be introduced as her mid to late game more than makes up for a presumably weak laning phase.  I welcome nerfs to champions, as it levels the playing field when playing against them, and makes it more likely I will be able to pick my favorite champions when they fall back out of flavor/favor.  

Knowing that she can actually outscale your enemy, you should not be getting down on yourself when falling behind early.  It's not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world to lane with 67_64.png, but your assessment and decision making are probably the most important part to focus on.  I have been playing exclusively 67_64.png and 236_64.png since the reset and I have to say, it seems harder, but your ability to carry may even be higher than before when you consider the other ad carries' damage application.  222_64.png is a non escape ad that can even carry in solo queue.  15_64.png of course has high burst and a ton of utility with her ultimate.  67_64.png and 236_64.pngsimply seem to have more tools at their disposal in a solo queue setting than a lot of the other picks with their high damage and if ahead, become very slippery.  

Now let's move on to some general strategy:
Surely, if you get 5 man dove, and your mid and top lane are just farming it out while you lose map control and objectives, you're going to lose that as most any ad carry.  Identify this and back off.  It's much worse to give up kills, a tower, and a dragon than to give up just a tower and a dragon.  (You may even be able to turn the dragon fight with quick regrouping).  
Some games are just not going to go well, but if you focus on playing your absolute best in order to carry games that you can have a bigger impact on, you should see more success.  I can't stress enough mechanical practice and cs drills.  

67_64.png just needs 2 items to be effective, and I usually start forcing extended trades as soon as I have 1 completed item.  Identifying when the laning phase ends is important, as you get outpressured if you are farming while your enemy is pushing down other lanes.  It's okay to split as 67_64.png, but make sure you are aggressively taking farm and towers, or you may find yourself a non issue.  Force the enemy ad back to his lane and outduel anyone that you can catch in rotations.  There is no way to get better at this style of play.  It's merely an extension of how well you cs and micromanage.  Try to know when you can pick a fight and when you can't, and don't get baited without knowing that is possible.  You want to take calculated risks, but not so many that you are going to lose strictly because you tower dove too many times.

My biggest enemy when playing as 67_64.png is the jungler and support.  The ad carry usually gets baited by his own playstyle against me.  He's going to want to keep me down, but that plays right into 67_64.png's kit (ult, tumble, condemn).  You win 1v1's all day as 67_64.png.  Force them whenever possible.  If you repeatedly get ganked, it may be a sign you are overextending.  As it's so hard to gauge this in solo queue, you really only have trial and error to fall back on.  There is a caveat to everything in League, and being honest with yourself is probably the most important thing to learn.

So here's where your assessment comes in.  If you notice that you are laning against champions that can turn on you very quickly, you try especially hard to skirt the enemy range, so as to not overcommit.  As soon as they use major cooldowns, you can get yourself in a better position to outplay.  That is not to say you can't be aggressive at times, but the most correct way to play 67_64.png is probably passive/aggressive.  Staging your all ins when you want, and not when the enemy wants, is the biggest piece of advice I can give for 67_64.png players.  If you see an opening, take it.  Don't be surprised when you get flash annie tibbered, but you won't snowball if you don't ever try.  (Again, I would wait for a completed item or 2 unless they made some obvious mistakes)

A few more tips for laning phase.  If you are in a pushing pattern against most matchups, you actually should have an easy time.  51_64.png222_64.png236_64.png and in fact 15_64.png, all do extremely well on the enemy tower, but not so well on their own (unless they get ganks all day or something).  Take farm when you can get it and always be sure to push the wave all the way into tower.  If they are trying to freeze, and all you manage to do is make them tank some of your creeps for a while as you run away, that will probably still be enough to push the wave into tower.  You absolutely never want to allow them to freeze against you.  Know how to read the waves, and know when it is going to push back to you.  Going up for that 1 cs that gets you killed is going to cost you at least 15 cs in the long run (as well as give them a couple hundred gold and experience for free).  If you can't land the cs safely, try to get in range of experience and look for a trade with the support or ad carry.  If you play it well enough, you can make an all in off of a few good trades, and indeed, if they are trying to freeze, you will heavily outdamage them with your minion wave stacked up.

A good tip I generally give to people is to go to lane and throw out two auto attacks immediately.  This will throw the cs timing off.  If you succeed, you will get an auto attack off on the enemy when he is trying to creep, and fall back when you are trying to creep.  Since 67_64.png has her q, you can usually even out trades that involve 1 or 2 auto attacks and it is much easier to win trades if you force different timing on cs.  It also makes it harder for them to tell when they are pushing.  If you fail, you will get hit for free every cs by the enemy ad and support (so you play passive from here, possibly get forced out and pick up another dorans blade). 

So if you play this tactic effectively, you will secure a free lane for 67_64.png and have kill potential on your enemy all game with your free harass.  They will get mad at some point and probably try to all in you, so you use this to your advantage because 67_64.png is an ALL IN ad carry/assassin.  You don't want to play a poke game (unless you have sustain and they don't), you want to bait them into extended trades when you hit your power spike.  When is this power spike?  Generally after 1 or 2 completed items (not including boots, with boots it would be 3)or at level 6.  This is not to say you can't just go ham, or follow up on your support/jungler, but you need to know when you are likely to die and avoid that if at all possible.  If it's not, you simply micro your ass off doing as much dmg as possible and taking as much gold home with you as you can.  

If you can escape laning phase down 10-20 cs, you can consider it an even game.  If they get a kill or dragon on you, they are a bit ahead.  If you are down in cs by 30 and a dragon, you are REALLY far behind.  If you somehow manage to be ahead in cs (this does happen actually because some people don't pressure 67_64.png hard enough), you are way ahead, but a few kills will quickly catch your enemy back up.  Consider that you also are ahead in gold if you are behind 10 cs and up 2 dragons (I think you get the idea here, figure out how to keep track of global gold and know how that plays into your build.  Pay attention to items.  Don't be afraid to build a negatron for your third item, whether it be for a 3026_32.png , 3102_32.png, or 3140_32.png). 

General Laning Tips:

- Know when to go for kills (probably not a good idea to trade more than 1 kill to the enemy ad for 1 kill for you as you will get denied in lane if you do this too often or too early).

- Safe dps, while not as flashy, may be more consistent.  

- I like 3153_32.png a lot and with the nerfs to 3072_32.png's total ad, there isn't much of a choice for me to make.  You should probably build 1055_32.png1055_32.png3031_32.png most of the time anyway before worrying about which lifesteal item to buy. 

 67_64.png outscales most ad carries at mid to late game, so with good micromanagement and decision making, you can make better use of the same items as the enemy carry and is perfectly acceptable to build the same items as them.  In addition to this, 67_64.png can is more flexible as she is capable of building  3153_32.png3087_32.png, and 3035_32.png when she is behind (because its a cheap 3 item build).  The 3153_32.png3087_32.png3035_32.png build is exceptionally good at taking down the enemy front line, as well as giving good damage against everyone.  Compensate for whatever build you decide to go with, with your decision making.

Two defensive items are not that uncommon on 67_64.png either due to the need of the enemy team to focus her.  Only go two defensive items in a game you really need it because it will lower your dps considerably. 

Teamfighting Back to Top

I won't go into much detail about teamfighting other than to say your role in game may be wildly different depending on what composition you are a part of.  If there are high damage dealers on your team, it's probably better to sit back and wait for them to make plays.  If you have a ton of peel, you may be better off trying to make plays yourself.

You want to be aggressive when playing teamfights as 67_64.png, but not so aggressive you get yourself killed.  Depending on how comfortable you are at playing her and dealing safe damage, your decision making in team fights starts to change.

Suffice it to say, go with your gut on these things, learn from your mistakes, and never become complacent in your approach to the game.  You should always be innovating and learning.  

Last tip: Tumble and Auto Attack shit. 

Media Back to Top

Streaming @ http://www.twitch.tv/cloudcarry/

Last Hitting Drill Patch 5.18 : https://youtu.be/Boe1QBHf-6M
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