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1 year ago

Fiora Statistics for Banijigele

Author's performance with Fiora compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
Win %
KA:D Ratio
Gold Earned
Creep Score


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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I personally prefer 4.pngover 6.png since flash can be used to jump through obstacles and a emergency exit for you when anything is not going well, and also a big play making potential since it is not easy to react to a flash comboed with your skills. Ghost, however, is worth a shot because it helps you gank quite well before 6 and it has a lower CD.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 1x
    +0.93% critical chance Greater Mark of Critical Chance
  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

If going 3209_32.png, I personally prefer armor pen marks because of its late game presence. 9 marks will end up with 12 Armor Pen, which will help on killing large minions too. Flat AD marks are an alternative.

if going 3160_32.png, please use 8 Flat AD mark, 1 crit mark. Flat AD helps you clear jungle way faster with maxing E first, and also ensure a pretty decent DPS in ganking. 1 Crit mark for the luck is quite a useful trade.

Seal of Armor for jungle standard

magic resist per level Glyph for the late game. This is better than Flat MR because you are now in jungle and will not need that early MR boost for laning.

FLAT AD Quintessence for faster jungle clear and early burst.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 25


Defense: 5


Utility: 0

Updated 2014/02/19: I have done some expirements. I would rather get 2 points of 'Enchanced Armor' instead of 2 points of 'Block'. I feel like the 2 points on 'Block' is not as useful since Fiora in jungle will not benefit from it. Also, the 5% extra MR and Armor gives quite a lot in late game with 3026_32.png, which increase the chance of you surviving.

Abilities Back to Top


PATH 1: 3209_64.png

Summary Skill Level-up Order: R > Q > E >W

The reason why maxing W last is that level 1 of W gives 15 AD damage and then only 5 additional AD damage per extra level. Parry is not reliable in ganking. Therefore, Maxing W last will optimize your damage output and gank potential.

Skilling up:

Level 1 of  you E will help you get your buff faster. 

Level 2 get W for the extra AD ( 15 AD, that is A LOT), parry also increase your substain and also deals some damage 

And then max your Q first. Your Q has tons of burst damage and is a double gap closing, which makes Fiora shine in jungle gank. Also with the new S4 jungle items 1080_32.png and 3209_32.png, all your damage dealt to monsters also restores health and mana, including your spells. With 3209_32.png3158_32.png3134_32.png, you will have 38.5% to 40% CDR, your q will also help clean up jungle very fast and your mana pool will always be full, which makes you easy to catch the chance of ganking.

Max E second to Maximize your dps and jungle clearing.

Level up your R whenever it is avaiable (Common sense)

Why maxing Q first instead of E?

This is a very frequently asked question. Here is my opinion:
1. Q scales better with levels than E. You Q damage is increase by a lot per level while your E only gives 20% per level, while your Level 1 E already gives 60% which is efficient enough. In a fight you will not do full damage of your E since your target will be running from you. Maxing Q is more optimized.

2. Q has higher burst than E, which is benifitial in gank. Less time for your target to react = more likely to successful in gank.

3. Since 3209_32.png now restores mana and HP from ALL damage, Q also benefits from 3209_32.png, therefore maxing Q helps clearing in jungle way better than before and still keeps all the pros in ganking.

4. Maxing Q with 40% CDR gives 4.8 second cooldown. Basically when your burst of speed is down, your another set of Q will be ready. Super damage with excellent gap closing to chase down your target.

PATH 2: 3160_64.png

Summary Skill Level-up Order: R > E > Q >W

Skilling up:

Level 1 of  you E will help you get your buff faster. 

Level 2 get W for the extra AD ( 15 AD, that is A LOT), parry also increase your substain and also deals some damage 

Level 3 get Q just in case so you won't miss any chance  for an early gank potential. Your level 3 is a very good timing because your burst is every strong at this level comparing to other champions.

Max E first, so that with 3154_32.png you have super fast clearing.
Max Q second to maximize your burst damage.

Max W last. The reason is the same explained above.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Jungle Start
    If you are worried about being couter jungled
    To pick up some extra gold sometimes

Core Items

    Early Game 1: Maximize gank potential. With these you will have almost 40% cdr. Fast jungle clearer.
    Early Game 2: Another alternative I would suggest
    Mid game: if you went brutalizer
    If you went tiamet first
    against CC heavy
    Against AD only
    End Game
    EARLY GAME 3: THe new meta
    If you are feeling like to roam a lot

Situational Items

    If game goes long enough, sell spirit of lizzard and get either one by preference
    If team lacks front line, you may want to replace some damage with tankiness
    If only enemy adc/squishy caster got fed only you may also consider
    Sometimes I get this instead of last whisper when enemy is a class cannon team. You get 51% LS with LS quins, Blood Thirster and Hydra
    If enemy team has tons of burst AP damage and you are having hard time surviving.
    Sometime if enemy team as supression (Warwick, Malzahar), you playing as Fiora will (ridiculously) become their ultimate target, especially when you are ahead. Buying this will be beneficial
    Sell your boots for this if the game is that that long ...
    If you did not go CDR boots and Enemy AD heavy, this item is very decent.

Build Order (Core) for going 3209_64.png:

For you first purchase you will get  1039_32.png2003_32.png3341_32.png. Depending on how you are doing, your first trip to shop will happen when you can't not even afford to kill a camp, and it will either get you:
1080_32.png if you are not doing well, get invaded by enemy jungler, died early. This helps a lot on catching up.
1080_32.png1036_32.png normally,
1080_32.png1036_32.png1036_32.png if you are good enough to get a kill/assist before your back trip, 
3209_32.png if you are doing really good.

I prefer finishing  3209_32.png before buying a 1001_32.png because:
- it gives you a lot of extra gold
- you will clear jungle camp WAY faster and more substain
- your damage will be awesome (with Fiora's W gives your 15 AD passive) you will feel like having a BF sword that deals a bit of extra true damage
- You will not need 1001_32.png to follow because of your Q and E

I sometimes even goes 3134_32.png before 1001_32.png if I am doing really well and have that huge chunk of money, just to snowball it hard.

After you have 3209_32.png3134_32.png1001_32.png or 3209_32.png1036_32.png1036_32.png1001_32.png depending on how you are doing, finish 3134_32.png before 3158_32.png, it gives you a huge boost in damage.

By now you should have  3134_32.png3209_32.png3158_32.png, rush 3077_32.png for the next item. 3077_32.png's active gives you an extra hit and its passive applies with your R.

Core will be 3074_32.png3209_32.png3158_32.png3134_32.png.

After that, Finish your 3071_32.png. And then get 3026_32.png next. Why? 3071_32.png comparing to 3035_32.png deals a bit less damage, but just a tiny bit. However 3071_32.png is armor reduction instead of penetration and can benefit for all your AD teammates, and mostly your ADC will go with 3035_32.png

Get 3026_32.png before 3035_32.png so that you can survive better.

End Game Build 1: 3026_64.png3071_64.png3035_64.png3265_64.png3074_64.png3209_64.png

If the game goes long enough you might sell 3209_32.png for 3142_32.png or 3072_32.png
3142_32.png is basically a better version of 3209_32.png. It gives similar AD damage, CDR, but extra armor pen. and 15% crit chance with no jungle effects (which is good because at this point you will only need to team fight) and an active that sync perfectly with Fiora. 
3072_32.png is really good for boosting the burst damage as well as the lifesteals. It is good to get this if enemy has a lot of CC because you will not have a lot of chances to auto attack plus your Ultimate also applies lifesteals.

End Game Build 2:3026_64.png3153_64.png3074_64.png3209_64.png3072_64.png3265_64.png

If Enemy team has not significant CC/lack of armors. This build with your Lifesteal Quins will end up 51% LS, which is insane. Sell 3209_32.png for 3071_32.png or 3035_32.png if the game goes far enough. 

Why is 3158_32.png better than 3006_32.png ?

I feel like when Fiora is behind or enemy team is ahead, Fiora really can't do much without her ultimate. Therefore having 3158_32.png will let you have shorter down time of your ultimate, and thus a safer choice to go with. Also, with your core 3158_32.png3134_32.png3209_32.png, Fiora's Q has only 4.8 seconds CD at level 5, which helps a lot on chasing down enemy. I found that does more than 3006_32.png can do.

Note: Running Armor Pen. Marks

There is the reason why running Armor Pen marks. With 3035_32.png3071_32.png you will have a 55 ~ 60% + 15 armor reduction (note that 3071_32.png applies before 3035_32.png) just from the items. Let's say a tank with 230 armor, after the reduction from items it becomes 230 * 0.75 * 0.35 - 15 = 97.125 armor. Falling in to this area of the armor calculation curve, a 12 armor pen really gives you a rather significant damage boost of 5ish%, OF ALL YOUR AD SPELLS. On ADC/APC, you are dealing close to true damage. 


Feb 16, 2014: I am starting to like 3156_32.png as an end game item when people try to build 3075_32.png against me or enemy team has way too much magic damage. Absorbing  400 MD is quite useful. It helps you survive quite a lot.


April 20, 2014: If you are rusing a 3160_32.png, then you should really go with 3074_32.png second and then  3035_32.png.
Why 3035_32.png instead of 3071_32.png ? Because I feel like 3160_32.png does not give you as much gold and also less early damage. You will not be snowballing on ganking that much and will more likely to farm non stop. Of course, if you are THAT ahead, go for 3071_32.png because it just have more synergy since your ADC will most likely go for 3035_32.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Gragas
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Nautilus
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Rammus
  • Sejuani
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Warwick
  • Wukong




Haven't seen an Aatrox jungle lately. Your damage is just way better. Be aware of counter jungle and you will be fine.




Amumu is a slow jungler. And Fiora's early damage is just way superior than Amumu. Fiora also have reliable gap closing. You playing as Fiora should out jungle Amumu easily. Be aware of Amumu ult though, especially in late game, because you can easily be burst down without a chance to use your ultimate.




Fiora's damage is godlike. Elise will not have a chance 1v1 Fiora before 6 (When she is not tanky enough). Be aware of counter jungle though. If you manage to counter gank her to shut her down early on (mostly lv 3 at top lane), she will be very behind.




Evelynn is annoying sometimes when she tries to counter jungle you. Be careful when you are taking red/blue buffs. She has not much CC and you can simply outdamage her at any level. Do not chase her because her Q can kite you all day and turn around to kill you if you are low. Late game she will most likely try to snipe your carries. Peel for your carries and you are good to go.




You simply out damage him. Counter gank him whenever you can. If you manage to get into a 1v1 fight with him, try to time when he will use his ultimate, use your ultimate right before his. Gragas has quite insane late game burst, but he is very squishy. Sniping him off instead of ADC is also an option.


Jarvan IV


I would say this is a medium to hard match up. He has pretty good gap closer and knock up. His ult also creates terrain, that blocks you from doing your lunge (Q). Your damage is higher than him though. If he does not go tanky you can try 1v1 him/ counter gank him. If he does go tanky, ignore him and go for the carries.




Kha'Zix is a pretty slow jungle early on and does not do much damage until level 5. You will be able to out burst him 1v1 at any level and since he will most likely build AD caster, your ultimate will just make you very safe when dueling with him. 

Out do him in jungle ganks. In teamfights, sniping him off is also an option because he deals a lot of damage and is very squishy. Becareful though if he has evolved wings, he can snowball really hard.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin is a faster jungler than Fiora, and he has better mobility. He is going to win you in terms of the number of ganks he makes. If possible try to counter gank him to shut him down. A couple of wards will help your teammates to survive. Lee Sin will fall off late game, and you will shine. Do not try to chase him because of his W teleporting to wards.


Master Yi


Yi is a fast jungler. However, he does not have much gank potential before 6. Most likely he will rush 6. In some occasion he will gank before 6 if he takes ghost instead of flash and your top/mid/bot pushed too hard. Try gank top/mid at level 3. If he comes to help, kill him as well because you as Fiora has super high early damage. Fiora is not as fast as Yi in terms of jungle clearing, but your early gank potential should be able to make it up. Late game just get your team to group because I found most of the time Team just die to Yi when spliting (Yi has Insane damage 1v1 late game). 




I don't see Fiora being a slower jungle than Nautilus. Fiora has higher damage out put through out the game. Be aware of counter jungle and do not get caught somewhere in the river because his stun can be very annoying.




When a Nunu is picked, you know you are going to get counter jungled. Fiora can be messed up by counter jungle. She needs the farm since she does not have much ultilities to help out your team when she is behind. Please pay extra caution. Watch mini map constantly and ask your top/mid/bot to help/ward when you suspect your buffs are being stolen. A couple of wards may help. Farm up and late game nunu is not a threat at all.




Olaf maybe a litte bit faster jungle clearing than Fiora. But that is not enough for Olaf to make counter jungle play. Fiora out damages Olaf early on. You should be able to out jungle Olaf in terms of ganking and assisting your team with ease.




Pantheon is a bit annoying. He is pretty good burst damage early on, even though not as good as Fiora. His stun makes it hard for you because he can: 1. stun you, 2. reset his passive. Don't be afraid to duel with him though. Make sure you run around so his spears can not do full damage. Do not ult him when his passive is on because it will block your first ultimate hit, which deals most of the damage.




Slow jungler. You should be able to out jungle him easily. Watch out for being taunted during a team fight. 




Sejuani is a pretty annoying match up. She has a slow and her hard engage ultimate, which Fiora fears the most, makes her easy to gank. Sejuani's early damage is pretty decent too, if you get caught early on you will find it a hard time trying to catch up.

In team fights, try to watch out and keep distance from her. Once you get stunned by her ultimate, you are pretty much dead mostly without even doing anything. 




Udyr is a fast jungler, but he is too easy to kite. In terms of that, your ultimate and gap closing is way more useful in late game. Be aware of counter jungling early on and shut him down with your teammates help. Even if he steals a couple of buffs from you, your damage is just so high and with the super good gap closing you should be easily outdoing him in ganking.




Vi is a relatively fast jungle. Be aware of counter jungling. Vi will most likely be going tanky. If she goes damage, you can 1v1 her all day with ease. Damage wise you are still way superior because of your ultimate. Late game when ever Vi tries to engage, look for enemy team squishy carries. If your team is not behind, or even ahead, you should win a fight easily by instakilling enemy carries. If your team is behind, you may also possibly make plays with your ultimate (which I really like about Fiora)




Warwick has not much gank potential before 6. In another word, if you can do anything before 6 (likely at level 3), even just burning summoners, you will put your team ahead. Warwick after 6 is a bit annoying for your teammates because his R is just way too good as a ganker, and his W has good synergy with ADC. Counter gank whenever you can. Try to ward too if you smell a WW gank incoming for any lane. Late game, avoid being R'd by Warwick since you will be 100-0 easily.




This is a very annoying match up. Wu's jungle clearing is slightly faster than Fiora. Also, Wu's skill set is very good as a jungler i.e his Q armor reduction, W invisibility, E gap closing, R is an AoE CC and MS buff. It is really hard for your teammates to avoid getting killed by Wu's gank. Most jungler will gank top/mid at around 3:30 in game time, try to counter gank Wu to slow him down since you will have higher damage output then Wu at level 3. In team fights, avoid being knocked up by Wu because you will get burst down easily before even having a chance to use your ultimate.

I normally ban Wu Kong because he is just too hard to deal with.

Jungle Path Back to Top

Path 1: Blue > Red > 4 Wraiths (Take this path if your blue buff is close to bot lane) (Please look at Video Example section's Exampl 1)


At this point you should be level 3 and should have your Q,W,E level 1. Observe top and mid lane. 

Option 1: If enemy champion is pushing, it is worth a gank. With proper timing you should be able to at least burn a summoner. Most likely enemy jungle gank top if your top laner is pushing across the river. You may decide to camp for a counter gank. 

Option 2: Same as top, if enemy mid laner is pusing across, go for a gank. Sometimes it is worth a camp for a counter gank depending on enemy champions.

Options 3 and 4: If both top and mid are pushing, farm wolves/double golem depending on which side you think has higher gank potential.

 By the time you give your mid the second blue, (the most ideal case) the exp from that blue should be enough to get you to level 6. Gank any lane that are pushed by enemy team or pick up kills with your high burst

Path 2: Red > Blue > Wolves (Take this path if your blue buff is close to top lane) (Please look at Video Example section's Exampl 2)

Same thing, you will now be level 3. You should also end up being at a position between top and mid lane. Observe both top and mid lane. Do the same thing described above.

Option 1: gank top if enemy top laner is pushing across. You might want to camp for a counter gank as well if your top laner is pusing across. 

Option 2: same as option one, gank mid if it is open, or you might want to camp for a counter gank if your mid laner is pushing across. 

Options 3 and 4: go to big wraith/4 wraiths depending on which side you think has higher gank potential if lanes are pushed to the enemy side. 

You should be level 6 when you get your second red buff/giving your mid the second blue. 


P.S. Your path should always get you to somewhere close to top lane when you are level 3, because ganking top is the easiest thing to do before level 6. If you see your top/mid laner is pushing across the river and he is low, depending on who the enemy jungle is, you can decide whether to camp for a counter gank (enemy early ganker) or keep farming (top laner has escape skill/enemy weak early ganker like Warwick). Decision making still at the end comes to be the biggest influrence, no matter which champion you are playing.

P.P.S Your E resets auto. Make use of it to help you clear jungle faster. This is also helpful on getting that extra burst damage on early ganks.

Why Fiora Jungle? Back to Top

"Yeah Why? Worst Jungle Ever!"

As people are very conservative having the old meta from S3 in their mind, Fiora being at jungle is always questioned and doubt by people in champion select.

In my opinion, Fiora is a very underestimated champion that needs to be looked into. Fiora is really strong if she can last till late game. However, Fiora in lane is having a hard time, due to many disadvantage matchups (You are probably going to see a Jax/Renekton pick if you pick Fiora first). Then I began to think: "moving into jungle, Fiora will not have to face these difficulties anymore, and she can snowball way easier than she does in lane". So I started to test it out. I realized that with the S4 jungle changes, especially the jungle items with extra gold and mana regeneration, Fiora has become a very legit jungler that can carry on to late game.


Good gap closing and follow up
Good tower diver
High early game damage, even higher late game damage
Awesome ultimate, great AoE damage
Fun to play, fun to kill, fun to carry
(ranked/draft pick) Most likely can bait a top pick from your opponent team so your team may counter


Lack of tankiness
Expose to CC
No reliable escape
You'll get BM'd by your teammates if you don't do AWESOME (sometimes even when you are doing awesome honestly ... )


In early game, you playing as jungle Fiora can easily chase down a lane that is overpushed, or kill/help a lane that has any CC since your early damage is extremely high. 
Once you have 3209_32.png, look for chances to kill dragon (you can do it by yourself or with just a little help) which helps your team A LOT. 

Mid game is when you start to pick up kills. You can basically 1v1 anyone (except tank) that you can catch being alone.

In late game, your job is to stick with enemy squishy carries. Remember not to initiate yourself unless you have 3026_32.png (Video Examples section's Example 6). After a fight is engaged, whenever you have chance, 4.png into the fight if you have to, Q > aa > 3074_32.png > Q > aa > R  OR (if enemy team has tons of CC) just start with R > use your Q to finish off enemy carries. Most of the time enemy carries will not survive without touching your hair (unless you are very behind/ their team is very ahead). Your Ultimate is one of the game changer and BIG BIG play maker.

Fiora is, again, very exposed to stun and CC. Be patient and wait until it is safe for you to go into a fight without being 100-0. If you get burst down without your ult being used, which is the worst case, your team fight will most likely be ruined unless your team is ahead enough to carry you.

Video Examples Back to Top

Example 1: Jungle Path - Your blue is close to bot lane (Purple Team jungle path)

This video shows the jungle path if you are on the purple team.

Example 2: Jungle Path - Your blue is close to top lane (Blue Team Jungle Path)

This is an example video showing the jungle path Fiora should take on blue team.

Example 3: Fiora early game damage

Note that Elise was 1 kill ahead from me. Also she has better items and a level ahead. This video shows how Fiora's early game damage can be surprising. Also showcased the most common combo you will be using most of the time: Q > W > aa > E (reset aa) > aa > Q > (R if available)

Example 4: Another Fiora early game damage showcase

Another example that showcases Fiora's early power. As a jungler, you are capable of killing any lane at level 3 with double buff.

Example 5: Case Study #1 - Don't be afraid to fight!

This is played at Diamond 4. This video showcase Fiora's power. Note that I have leveled the extra point on my Q.
This video also explains why maxing Q is benefitial. Burst damage is easier for making plays than constant damage. I was literally 1 hit from the death, and my level 2 Q saved me.

Example 6: How you should engage a team fight playing as Fiora

Note that our team was very behind and was lack of hard engage. We even had both nexus towers down. This game was played at Diamond 5. With 3026_32.png, I 4.png into Ezreal an engage with my Q > aa > 3074_32.png > Q > R combo, all in 1.5 seconds. This not only deals dealy damage to enemy team ADC, also draws most attention of the entire enemy team and force them to focus on me, and crowded together to being CC'd by our combo. We aced 5-0 and ended this game right after.

Fiora Pentakill!

This is played at Diamond 4. This is why I like playing jungle Fiora. You can snowball as well as you are in lane, but as a jungle you don't have to face those bad matchups. Just kill everyone with your superior damage. Enjoy watching!

Funny Fiora Q dodging Xerath's Ult

I just can't hold myself from laughing when I was doing it LOL ...
But yes, Fiora's Q is great utility. Make advantage of it when you are ganking/escaping. 


Note: I feel like putting videos about fights that my team is already ahead is kind of pointless because when your team is ahead, everything is just easier and have less showcase of your play. I want to pick the most signature moments and best quality teamfights that can display the power of playing Fiora. 

More video coming soon!

Who Am I? Back to Top


Hey guys, I am Banijigele. I am currently a Diamond IV player in NA server (Yes, I hit this ELO by playing jungle Fiora). I am just a person who is enthusiastic in problem solving. I am a full-time software engineer at daytime Mon-Fri. But at night, I am a E-Sporter who is really into competitive games. I used to play a lot of Counter Strike back in 2004. I hit Masters in Starcraft II in 2011, and I decided to put more dedication into League of Legends. I played League of Legends since Beta (when Shaco was still OP, everyone was playing Ashe, seeing 5 smites everywhere to smite the dragon at level 1). I become a more active LoL player in 2013 till now.

I used to main ADC in Season 3, and I ended up Platinum I. This season (very lucky that RIOT decided to remove the league demotion immunity) I am able to hit Diamond. I start to play top lane and jungle, mainly Fiora (ADC is too much dependent on support, which I really don't like in solo queue).

I LOVE playing Fiora. She is a fast killer. Her skill set is, not only powerful, but also beautiful. I found that Fiora  just suites me better in terms of the play style. 



Please support and LIKE the guide if you find it useful! Feel free to give any suggestions/comments/feedback! Learning is a life long process, for everyone, right?

Q & A Back to Top

In this section I am going to answer any questions. Feel free to leave questions in the comments and I will put them here with my answers!

Why maxing Q first instead of E  (also in the ability section)?

This is a very frequently asked question. Here is my opinion:
1. Q scales better with levels than E. You Q damage is increase by a lot per level while your E only gives 20% per level, while your Level 1 E already gives 60% which is efficient enough. In a fight you will not do full damage of your E since your target will be running from you. Maxing Q is more optimized.

2. Q has higher burst than E, which is benifitial in gank. Less time for your target to react = more likely to successful in gank.

3. Since 3209_32.png now restores mana and HP from ALL damage, Q also benefits from 3209_32.png, therefore maxing Q helps clearing in jungle way better than before and still keeps all the pros in ganking.

4. Maxing Q with 40% CDR gives 4.8 second cooldown. Basically when your burst of speed is down, your another set of Q will be ready. Super damage with excellent gap closing to chase down your target.

MadStone or not?

I feel like MadStone ( 3106_32.png + 1080_32.png ) is not worthy on Fiora. Fiora does not have the best jungle clearing (unlike Yi/Shyv). Investing 700g on jungle clearing is not effective as saving it for 1037_32.png since you scale very very well with AD damage and it helps you to farm on champions way faster than farming on monsters. 

Big Thanks Back to Top

Thanks to the1banana. His Fiora guide has encouraged me to play Fiora so much. Now I am DIAMOND with Fiora! 

Bani & Banana

That was so much encouragement!

Note for Patch 4.5 Back to Top

Due to new item 3160_32.png is added and the nerf on 3209_32.png, I am testing if maxing E with 3160_32.png will offer a better clearing as well as some good late game damage. I will keep updating about what I found out.

Update 2014/04/06:

I feel like 3160_32.png is a good item, but it is not as good on Fiora. 3160_32.png with maxing E will give quite fast jungle clearing, but maxing E is not optimal for Fiora's early damage, which defeats the purpose. Also, if you are facing a Shyvana or Yi jungle, they stacking up 3160_32.png is just way faster than you. While they sit in jungle farming all day, you as Fiora should really do some early pressure to compensate. Sadly there is a little nerf on 3209_32.png, not too much of a big deal, but still makes it a bit harder.

Update 2014/04/20:

If you want to try out 3160_32.png, go with Flat AD Quints and Marks. It gives you better clearing and some good early damage. Max E > Q > W. Rush 3074_32.png for your second item so you can keep up your stack farming against champions like  Yi/Shyv. You don't need as much Armor Pen. because 3160_32.png deals tons of magic damage.
Also I think 3160_32.png does not get affected by your R's reduction on the same champion (correct me if I am wrong). It is worth giving it a shot because your late game is really rewarding, but it is a risky move since you will have 3154_32.png rather early, and if your team cannot hold, you cannot really help. Take your own risk. 

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Patch 4.6 

3160_32.png is more expensive now. Also it requires more stacks (30 stacks) to transform. BIG NERF, making it less interested by people.

Patch 4.7

Another "nerf" of 3160_32.png in terms of the jungle clearing. HOWEVER, you now gain stacks from kill/assist, which means that if you snowball, you snowball HARD. I feel that the jungle clearing is not that much slower, but I consider gaining stacks from kill/assist as a buff. Started to like using 3160_32.png over 3209_32.png.

Patch 4.8

Big monsters have way more HP than before, while the smaller ones have less. Not too much impact on Fiora jungle. With Mastery "Bladed Armor", that increase of HP is not fully effective. But do note that you now can kill small wraiths in 2 hits instead of 3 (and there are 3 small wraiths) at the beginning. Saving a lot of time, which I consider a even speeded up jungle.

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