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All Guides LeBlanc Guides 25 AP: A No-Cheese Support LeBlanc Guide -- SUCKS AFTER NERF DO NOT USE
2 years ago

LeBlanc Statistics for Trombe Supports

Author's performance with LeBlanc compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
Win %
KA:D Ratio
Gold Earned
Creep Score


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Runes Back to Top

  • 8x
    +0.25 gold / 10 sec. Greater Seal of Gold
  • 1x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 8x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 1x
    +0.7 armor Greater Glyph of Armor
  • 3x
    +1 gold / 10 sec. Greater Quintessence of Gold
  • 9x
    +0.91 armor Greater Mark of Armor

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Offense: 0


Defense: 0


Utility: 0

A standard, tanky support page. Nothing particularly unique here.

In the Defense tree, substitute the point in Juggernaut and the two points in Relentless for Block and Unyielding if you're planning on taking more AA poke than usual (51_icon_64.png22_icon_64.png117_icon_64.png). Enemy supports that take Pickpocket instead of Unyielding/Block will take 5 more damage each AA trade at equal AD/armor.

In the Utility tree, the only crucial pickups are Greed/Wealth IMO; Artificer is almost essential since the likes of 3222_32.png and 3023_32.png have long cooldowns, both reduced from 120 seconds default to 108 seconds with the mastery.

You can forgo the point in Summoner's Wrath if you decide not to take Exhaust. LeBlanc's personal disengage makes it safer for her to use Pickpocket, but against a strong lane you won't want to.

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Starting Items


Core Items

    first items
    vision op
    if mikael's
    if visage/shurelya/stark's
    usually first priority

Situational Items

    from kage's
    AD fat
    AP fat
    situational tanky
    dumbs on enemy team

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric




As a foreword: Every matchup as Support LeBlanc is dependent on your own personal ability, regardless of the utility of the enemy laners. Picking her is higher risk than reward, but playing her right as support feels fucking great.

Two forms of hard CC by level two, and AoE sustain. Sounds terrifying, right?

If your AD gets caught, yeah. Maintain brush control, punish pre-6 engages with Ethereal Chains, otherwise play as passive as your AD allows like any other matchup.

At 6, Ali will be prone to diving you/your AD, but if you know his combo is ready and he's walking toward someone, nothing stops you from doing a quicker QWW. He also can't headbutt if snared.

Dashing toward most Alistars can bait skills out, and unless he spaces his casts out you can just W back if it, or otherwise have him whiff completely.

Make sure your ADC knows how to farm under tower. If not, hit caster minions once if they're full and they should be fine.




Beep boop Blitz wasn't banned -- either you were captain or someone went out of their way to spell TSM. Luckily for you, Leblanc's readily-available displacement spells make his hooks something you want to tank (if healthy enough, of course). He has a harder initiation than you and his initiation is AoE, but you'll provide more to your team in extended teamfights since your CC isn't as telegraphed and is on lower cooldown.

Aim to build just as tanky as him, and if necessary, eat hooks for the good of your teammates in large fights.

If the blitz is bad, just kill him in lane lol. He'll spend so much effort positioning for a hook that you won't have to worry about your E being creepblocked.

Update: Having been able to play the matchup more after insisting Blitz not be banned, I almost want to say Leblanc directly counters him, at least in lane. Casting Distortion directly into a hook lets you W again to port back before he has time to hit his knockup; this almost always works unless you miss making contact with the hook or someone else CCs you in the process. Though, unless a chained CC is longer than 2.5 seconds or you blow up immediately, you'll be able to return anyway.




PEOPLE NEED TO PLAY JANNA MORE, she's so good. Watch for her AD-boosting shields; her knockup is high CD and her ult is fight-changing but is also a one-time deal.

Usually QW silence's base burst eats through her shield, but it chunks your mana too, so just let it run out on its own. Abuse Janna's high cooldowns; her W slow doesn't halt your Distortion in any way but she'll have less mobility after using it.




Similar to Blitzcrank, Leona is a champion that thirsts to kill you and your ADCarry. Unlike Blitzcrank, she brings a ton of damage to the table as well, if she properly staggers her abilities for sunlight procs. Play defensively, ward brush so you don't get zoned and if you need someone to focus make it the ADC. Distortion is a powerful tool against a Zenith-happy Leona -- assuming she tags you and not your ADC.

If it's a smart Leona that starts with a 2043_32.png, make sure she sees you ward river so she's tempted to drop it there instead of bottom brush. This allows you to retain brush control, or at the very least take it from her.

It's tricky to pull off, but if Leona tags you with Zenith Blade and you're travelling with Distortion, you can manipulate where she ends up similarly to 57_icon_64.png. Zenith Blade is a bit harder to telegraph than Twisted Advance, but it's not nearly impossible -- dash to intersect a Zenith if displacing her is your intention. EDIT: Upon further testing, this isn't nearly as reliable as I had thought. Be aware that it can happen, but don't bank a play on it.

At level 6 and beyond, your chained lockdown lasts longer than Leona's and is on much lower cooldown, but Solar Flare is much longer range and has a small AoE radius. LeBlanc has the advantage of lower cooldowns and safer execution, though -- Leona provides more in quick, burst teamfights while LeBlanc can both put out more CC through a longer fight while at a distance. It's easier for Leona to dive through the tank line to EQ/R, and Shield of Daybreak lacks a charge time, but Distortion allows you both a disengage and a MUCH greater zone of control for your lower-cooldown root.

Play smart and you'll be a greater asset to your team than Leona is to hers, even in spite of her innate tankiness.




She outpokes you. Play as passive as any other matchup, let it go to teamfight phase and punish any dive attempts with your CC. Not much else to say!




Sona feels like she's in a good place at the moment -- both when using her and when against her. Having almost every form of utility in the game comes at the price of base tankiness, and even with Aura of Perserverence one misplay spells the end of her. At the same time, she's just as much a threat to you across laning phase, and then at 6 l0lAoEstun.

In lane, usually the first exchange among you, her and the carries sets the tone for the next few minutes. Eating a free Power Chord+Q without any sort of retaliation puts you at around the same healthiness as her, but one solid chain plus followup burns Sona's flash or kills her.

Most Sonas will charge their power chord at base and have it readied; a couple seconds after minions hit the middle of the lane, drop a ward in brush when you see her walk in. If she's standing still, she'll autoattack it and waste that chord. Not exactly something to bank on, but it doesn't hurt to try.

In teamfights, just fight as usual -- if your team is clustered and Sona is in flash range, that also means she's in range for you to QW and ping V, silencing any attempt. Whiffing that means you get stunned and probably die, but otherwise that's an entire quarter of her kit that won't be part of the rest of the fight while you can keep hopping around and chaining.

Sona is one of the only champions against whom I'd recommend picking up 3028_32.png regardless of your plans on buying Crucible. Not letting Sona poke for free is much, much more important than getting your Aegis earlier.




A nice, passive lane. Don't get outpoked by her ADC; consider picking up Shard of True Ice for your ADC's mana regen.

In teamfights, Raka can heal and she has a targetted silence, but your silence is on a lower cooldown and usually you can enable more damage with your chains than she can mitigate with her heal. You're also a stronger aurabot thanks to your disengage and general mobility.




Your worst enemy -- high armor, autohit CC, toptier support sustain and more faceroll than Sona. Abuse his lack of mobility early, but otherwise play as passive as possible and try not to die till midgame.

His stun is autohit, but you can make it nearly useless with Distortion -- bait it out, dash out of followup range, and from there you can hit the second cast of Distortion into Ethereal Chains if your AD wants to counterattack, or just keep laning as normal. He'll wise up to this eventually.

Taric is the only champion I would ban if intent on playing LB support; if he's open and picked you'll have an easier time playing any other support but Nunu.

Also beware his autoattacks in an all-in -- they're deceptively strong.

LB Support was target nerfed, do not use this guide. Back to Top


This is neat, but would have prevented this from happening.


Silence duration dropped by 24%. That's a second and a half of silence lost that could have been applied to casters after a bit of CDR. Mana cost reduction is nice, but in effect forces you to use more mana for damage, and this especially hurts earlygame potency.


I love this change! Unfortunately Distortion's range was also reduced (Or at least, it feels like it). Also maxing W second cuts into mana EXTREMELY hard; maxing it after E was generally the best option before the nerfs, for the cooldown reduction.


This was the real killer. 25% nerf to the slow and a HUGE hit to rank3-5 root kills anything that might have been gained from the cooldown reduction -- with these, there is absolutely no reason to choose Leblanc over Leona anymore, as Leona now overshadows her in total CC length. I'm sure other supports do also, but the comparison to Leona is what made pre-nerf LB shine in the role, to me.


The 0 mana at lv1 might have looked awesome if the major nerfs to LeBlanc's utility weren't there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure LB is awesome for mid with these changes -- but the versatility that allowed her to function viably as a 'standard' support was sawn out with surgical precision and thrown out the window.

I'll probably have to learn midlane, now. ;_;

Summoner Spells Back to Top


3.png : Exhaust is still good -- not a total AD-crippler as it was pre-S3 but I find it mandatory for LB at botlane. It's now just as effective of a cast on mages as it is on AD, it has a clear mark for your team, and with LeBlanc's mobility you basically have have an extended cast range for those clutch situations.

4.png : Distortion and Mimic give you two gapclosers/escapes along with an extra blink for each -- why not add another? As good on LB as on any, and can make or break those risky lv1-3 plays.


2.png : With CV's lingering sight and duration buffs, I could totally see this working, but LB's doubled effective warding range doesn't make this a better pickup than other spells.

14.png : You generally don't want to take kills from your ADC, but ignite is ignite. Possibly good against a Soraka lane where the enemy team still forces your AD to run 1.png, but in that instance you could probably just have them run it anyway while you pick up a 3222_32.png. Not recommended unless you've got AP runes and are banking on lv 1-3 allin (29_icon_64.png18_icon_64.png) but even then I'd advise against it. You can always pick up a 3165_32.png later on if it's the healing reduction you want, but you shouldn't need to take ignite to do your job unless you're banking solely on getting fed.

7.png : With the S3 change, if Heal is chosen it's equally effective on both AD and Support. If you're confident, swap out Flash and take this, but I wouldn't recommend taking it over Exhaust.

21.png : Like Ignite, good for all-ins, and like Heal, good for baiting (sometimes), but it's generally not worth sacrificing the utility of Exhaust or Flash.


13.png : PLAY SORAKA

6.png : BUY BOOTS

11.png : WTF

12.png : TP ganks OP

20.png : buy the item (3060_32.png)

17_icon_64.png : fuck this guy

Runes Back to Top

No AP? Why?

Armor reds, MR blues, GP10 yellows/quints and a couple kicker Armor runes; a standard passive support page. But wait -- what? Why the hell wouldn't you have AP on LeBlanc of all champions?

As a support, you're valued for your utility and ability to enable your carries to deal damage. Sure, if you get fed and snowball hard, you can take on a pseudo-APcarry role, but you can't always count on that happening, especially without some sort of farm. It can be argued that LeBlanc farms champions, but against players that know what they're doing (or with you/your teammates as clueless as your enemies) you can't bank on that. There's no S3 Black Cleaver equivalent for support (Well, maybe Crucible), and tankyAP makes even LeBlanc's damage underwhelming.

So, what what exactly should you do when botlane as LeBlanc? Rune up/build/play as a 'standard' support!

My preferred setup is as follows:

  • 9x Armor Marks

These are standard for supports desiring the extra GP10 from Seals.

  • 8x Gold per 10 + 1x Armor Seals

8x Gold per 10 leads into a total of 2 GP/10. The extra Armor seal is personal OCD for rounding.

  • 8x Magic Resist + 1x Armor Glyphs

You can select scaling or flat MR at your own preference. Since you build Bulwark anyway, the scalings aren't necessary especially since most supports you'll see on the enemy team have strong base damages.

  • 3x Gold per 10 Quintessences

From runes, you receive a total of 5 GP/10, bumping your passive gold income from 16GP/10s to 21GP/10s. The Greed mastery increases this further to 23GP/10s. A passive support page for an unconventional character is almost necessary if you can't bank on snowballing every single game; you need that Philo and Sightstone to do the barebones job of warding without infringing on the other 4 sources of income for your team.

Alternate Pages

Credit to Arizi and Zekent for suggestions!


  • 3x Flat Ability Power Quintessences

  • 9x Armor Seals

  • 9x Magic Penetration Marks

  • 9x Flat Ability Power / 9x Flat Cooldown Reduction Glyphs

A pretty standard mage page, trading magic resist and gold income for a couple more points in armor and a ton of Ability Power. Compared with the standard page, this is obviously much more all-in. I didn't think this would be practical until being informed that this is a pretty standard page for Zyra; if you do choose this page, I'd suggest taking either a tankier mastery page or a 9/0/21 page with magic penetration and 10% CDR. You can also keep maxing Ethereal Chains, since its damage scales harder with AP than Sigil of Silence. If you and your ADC snowball with this page, there's nothing stopping you from taking MPen boots or Guise and pushing your advantage even harder -- keep in mid, though, if you get shut down, you're much more squishy than you would be, you're at much greater risk to get blown up when initiating, and you won't have the extra 5 GP10.

With this page, go balls-to-the-wall and buy 3098_32.png whether or not you've stolen a kill, possibly even before 3096_32.png2049_32.png. When it's damage you want over utility, a Pick doubles your bonus AP and makes up for the gold generation you've forgone within your runes. Plus it builds into 3092_32.png3023_32.png -- Shard of True Ice retains GP10, while Twin Shadows has a stronger active and grants Magic Resist and Movespeed. Your main goal with this page is almost solely to kill -- don't waste mana if it doesn't directly trade into hitting enemy HP. Even if you don't kill, your zoning power becomes extremely strong (unless you feed, of course!).

More Armor

  • 3x Gold/10 Quintessences

  • 9x Armor Seals

  • 9x Armor Marks

  • 9x Magic Resist Glyphs (Or 8 + 1x Armor to top off at 22)

Sacrificing 2 gold per 10 for double the flat Armor pool is useful against lanebullies like MF, Draven and Cait. Some might want mana regeneration, but in instances you're spamming skills for damage instead of using them sparingly for their utility, you'd be much better served with AP runes anyway. Or, you know, you could've gone mid instead.

Abilities Back to Top

Skill Order: R>E>Q>W.

Passive - Mirror Image

When LeBlanc's health drops below 40%, she stealths for a moment and spawns a weaker copy of herself, independently controlled with Alt+Move.

Not much to say. You can use the clone to block things like Ez Q/Blitz pull/other skillshots, but other than that it's a pretty straightforward ability. Other than ability casts and buffs, the clone is visually identical to LeBlanc herself from the perspective of enemies. It's always a good feeling when the clone gets targetted by summoner spells, but nothing to bank on by any means.

The small period of stealth when Mirror Image is triggered breaks the moment you move. You'll probably be moving when the passive procs, so it's usually a nonfactor.

Q - Sigil of Silence

A single-target nuke that applies a mark. Her abilities consume the mark, silencing the target for a set period of time and dealing extra damage.

LeBlanc's most iconic skill, known for its burst in tandem with other abilities. As a support, you'll want this for the silence, but you can't proc it on its own -- save this for instances where your Ethereal Chains lands (It'll proc on root) or when you're mana-healthy enough to get a quick QW off. If you know a champion like 32_icon_64.png is positioning themselves for an ult, you can QW for the silence and delay it/force it out completely. Champions like 55_icon_64.png, 19_icon_64.png and even 3_icon_64.png can have their ults cancelled with proper play.
You can even silence your own suppression if targetted while dashing.

Comboed with Mimic and Distortion you can silence two enemies at the same time, or one enemy for an extended period of time. As CC, Sigil of Silence has a lower cooldown than Soraka's Infuse, but it has to be comboed with a second cast and it costs mana. Unlike Infuse, you can make one silence stretch for six seconds with proper spacing and timing, excellent for locking down a sustained caster's output if you decide not to multi-snare.

It's generally better to Mimic Etherial Chains for offensive purposes or Distortion for evasive purposes, but in big 5-on-5 skirmishes, a long silence goes a long way.

Also, 40% CDR means you can proc the silence with itself.

W - Distortion

A linear dash that damages in a small area at the end. A second activation teleports LeBlanc to her initial location and puts the spell on cooldown; Distortion and Mimic: Distortion automatically go on cooldown three seconds after casting.

Jukes, initiation, disengage, warding, and disengage all wrapped up in one simple spell. ... Or two, with Mimic. It's exceedingly easy to brush-juke with Distortion comboing, as seen by hundreds of LeBlanc videos on youtube. Distortion is what solidifies Support LeBlanc's global taunt -- you're always nearby, but just out of reach until you suddenly vanish with its second tick.

Most of Distortion's utility as a support comes from the repositioning. You can Distortion forward, drop a ward, then cast W again to return to safety/fade out of vision; or just Distort, walk around, then return for wardless scouting. That's dangerous if facechecking hard CC, but as long as any stun that hits you lasts for less than two seconds, you'll probably be fine.

Mimic: Distortion is considered a completely separate spell, so you can recall to either W or R's teleport mark at will.

E - Ethereal Chains

The one lone skill that makes non-AP supporting as LeBlanc anything close to viable, Ethereal Chains is a single-target skillshot nuke that slows and tethers the first enemy hit. After a couple seconds, the spell damages a second time, also snaring for a couple seconds depending on rank. The tether can be broken if its target is too far away, and the snare won't hit. 

At max level, Ethereal Chains snares for 2.2 seconds. That might seem underwhelming, if you don't take into account its initial slow, LeBlanc's ultimate and the fact you'll have at least 15% CDR by level 9. At 15% CDR, if you land one snare, you can fire your ult for a sure hit, then another E with a pretty high connect rate unless they flash/dash out. That's 6.6 seconds of snare; 12.6 seconds of total CC; leading with Q and firing it again midway through the combo is a veritable stun to anyone that isn't heavy on ranged autoattacks. 

That's just an ideal scenario, of course, and LeBlanc doesn't have the displacement power of Blitzcrank, but the fact that her lockdown is on such a low cooldown makes her perfect for a supportive role in teamfights, for both peel and initiation. Even just E+R is over 4 seconds of snare, more than enough for any half-coordinated team to chunk an enemy out of a fight.

It really doesn't seem strong at first glance -- especially when you take into account that her E is a skillshot. It's not even an easy-to-hit skillshot like Lux's abilities, and it can be creepblocked pretty easily. But, LeBlanc's dash(es) has 600 range, letting her get into position. You can also Distortion directly onto someone, hit them with a point blank E, hit W again and let the snare hit on its own while you're safely at a distance.

Use of Ethereal Chains makes or breaks her entire usefulness. Her E(/R) is her initiate, is half of her disengage, is her kite, and is her peel. Missing chains may not be not as glaringly obvious as a Blitz or Pudge that misses their hooks, but it's still damaging. If you're prone to missing skillshots then don't bother with LeBlanc -- there are better picks for you. 

Also even without AP it tends to steal as many kills as Leona W, so watch for that =P

Ultimate: Mimic

Mimic is LeBlanc's ultimate. It casts a copy of her previous spell with the exact same effects, but with increased damage and a blue effect.

I've gone over most of the uses of her ult above, but a couple things to note are: Mimic's mana cost reduces by 50 each rank, costing nothing at rank 3.

When you first learn Mimic, it usually defaults to Mimic: Distortion regardless of the spell you've casted beforehand -- this can allow you to save that LV6 rankup for clutch moments. Sometimes it pulls up Sigil, which is weird, so this quirk is nothing to rely on.

Item Choices Back to Top

How To Support

This might sound sort of dumb to state in a guide, but if you don't know the support role as it is in the current League meta, this guide isn't for you. There are other guides out there that can teach it much better than I can! :D

But if you know the role to a T and are just looking to diversify, don't worry -- there isn't much variation from other champions' botlane builds.

Starting Items

Generally, you can take the same starting items as any other support. This includes, but isn't limited to:


2041_32.png1004_32.png2044_32.pngx2 is no longer possible.



I prefer Flask+4wards since Flask and the 3 Mana Regen per 5 from the Utility tree usually tides you over for a while assuming you don't spam QW. Rarely will you want (or need) to start with boots; you can even get away with forgoing boots till you have GP10 and a sightstone if you're ballsy.

Early Goals


Philosopher's Stone and Sight Stone are basically core. If you can pick up a Sight Stone right away when you B, buy it; otherwise buy boots/regular wards/Emblem pieces until Philo is finished. Emblem of Valor is to go toward Aegis of the Legion most of the time -- You'll probably want the Captain enchantment for your boots if you do a lot of initiation, and Banner of Command synergizes well with that (especially since LB has 0 pushing power), but if you do build a Banner then save it for your third finished 'supporty' item. It's true Banner of Command is more useful the longer you have it (more casts=greater total push) but Aegis and Bulwark are just too good to make Banner a preferred buy IMO.

3096_32.png : Nearly mandatory for the regen, even if you don't want Shurelya. Buy this in pieces at luxury; if you have enough gold to buy it in one go, get Sight Stone instead. Who knows, though, maybe it isn't needed.

2049_32.png : WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS. I haven't found a need to upgrade this to Ruby till later -- that's 600 gold for one extra ward on the field. If you need more than 3 early, just buy regulars and put more gold to other stuff.

3097_32.png : If you buy this early, you buy it for Aegis. The passive of Aegis/Bulwark (Legion) and the passive of Banner of Command (Valor) have separate names and are stackable when built, so if the situation calls for Banner and you've already an Aegis or Bulwark built, don't be worried about wasting stats.

3098_32.png : If you happened to steal a kill or two (shame), OR if the lane is basically freefarm/freewin for your ADC, pick this up for sure, otherwise buy on your own judgment. It builds into two excellent items, and this item is damage that your ADC lost if you did take kills. Don't upgrade it too early, unless you're going Shard of True Ice for the mana regen aura. I find myself always buying this with Philo for some reason; it sacrifices early resists, but the income of Philo+Kage's+GP10 runes/masteries is just too reliable for me.

3037_32.png : Usually when you try to upgrade Kage's to Shard of True Ice, you won't have a slot open for this.

3028_32.png : If you plan on buying Mikael's at any point, there's no reason not to pick this up early. The MR might not seem like a lot, but your base MR is 30 and if you don't have it boosted in runes/masteries then you've just doubled it with Chalice. Sometimes good against a good Sona; a good idea anywhere you want to spam abilities. Itemizing with Crucible before a tankier item means it'll make it harder for you to initiate without being blown up.

3082_32.png : Substitute Emblem of Valor with this if the enemy team is AD mid+AD top; plan for Randuins+FH/Gauntlet.

3067_32.png : CDR and health, both things you want.

3041_32.png : If you absolutely had to take every goddamn kill, you little troll you. I'm still of the opinion you'd be better off putting the funds to more luxury supportive items instead, but hey -- CDR if you max it! Or you could've just bought Shurelya, Glacial or Stark's. As with any snowbally cheese, buy at your discretion.

3173_32.png : You probably won't have Heal, CV or Revive, so this wouldn't go far. 

3069_32.png : Its total cost is almost as cheap as Kage's Last Breath, so it can probably be seen as an early game item. My S2 core for LeBlanc support used to be Ionians+Shurelya's+Aegis, but with the new changes, I haven't picked this up nearly as often. It was nerfed, but it's still good -- this just seems like a situational item now. It grants CDR, haste and health, so it's never a bad pickup or anything.

2042_32.png : Most situations where you might be tempted by an early Oracle would be better served with a pink or two since you won't be globally mobile early on. Otherwise buy for barondance/jungle clearing.

Midgame Goals

3105_64.png, (3222_64.png/3069_64.png/3024_64.png/3107_64.png), (3023_64.png/3092_64.png)

3105_32.png : Almost always. Health, magic resist, armor and an aura -- this item alone lets you offtank and initiate amazingly. It's not as strong as before, but it builds out of an earlygame item that isn't just ruby crystal, plus it has its upgrade and stackability against magic-heavy teams. If the other team has an AD caster mid, or their team is otherwise lacking in magic damage, pick up Kindlegem, build Glacial and then CDR boots.

3107_32.png : Not worth upgrading early unless your team needs the extra MR. If you're not comfortable facetanking and kiting in and out of fights with offtank-built squish, pick a different support or stick with Mikael's or Shurelya since those grant great utility anywhere. Two Bulwark holders near eachother both gain 90 TOTAL MR from the item. Generally not a necessity till lategame, but Aegis is a must.

3222_32.png : If you bought Chalice or hard CC is otherwise a crippling threat to your carries. Keep in mind that like QSS, this only cleanses afflictions present when cast. The ally heal is nice, but without other defensive items you're sacrificing your safe initiation potential. Large cooldown; Artificer is a must. If the game drags long enough for you as the support to have a 5-item-plus-sightstone build, you had better have this in there somewhere, but those are rare.

3069_32.png : Again, never a bad pickup, but there are other options now. Buy after Aegis if your team needs a stronger initiation, also good for escape. As with other actives, you should have both points of Artificer to make this a more potent pickup in the long run.

3024_32.png : If you choose not to take Shurelya, buy this instead. It grants you the armor that Aegis lacks, builds into two great items for lategame, and brings your 15% CDR up to 30%, making it easier to multisnare. Every bit of CDR also has a huge impact on your initial Distortion cooldown, and since that's usually maxed last Glacial is a great pickup. Against a low-magic damage team, shoot for this, Kindlegem and CDR boots along with wards and sightstone as needed.

3023_32.png VS 3092_32.png : Twin Shadows scouts and can find champions you don't see, but is on twice the cooldown. Shard of True Ice has gold generation and its active is AoE, but is limited to an ally's position and the slow is weaker. User preference -- I prefer Twin Shadows due to its MS and MR, but if stomping lane or against Soraka, Shard of True Ice isn't bad. Contrary to popular belief, there's also nothing wrong with keeping both GP10s solely for the income, but that's pretty dangerous unless you're absolutely confident in your play.

After a couple more months of playing, Twin Shadows is my personal preference. SoTI is nice and is up more often, but good use of Twin Shadows has won games.

3276_32.png : I LOVE the Captain upgrade. Initiation as LeBlanc with Captain boots grants the MS boost to everyone following (I think), which is always good since not all heroes have comparable mobility. Also synergizes with Banner of Command, though that's an odd buy. Don't buy them unless luxury or lategame, beacuse there's no point in having them if you aren't tanky enough to initiate and make use of the passive, but if you want to upgrade your boots then Captain is the enchantment to buy.

3050_32.png : It has the AD that Aegis doesn't have anymore, but no AS. I'd get it early against maybe Janna, otherwise get it if you took Kindlegem, bought Locket, or lategame at teammate preference. Often a good choice with AD mid/multiple bruisers.

3152_32.png : Great with any comp, thanks to the rise of 3071_32.png- Err I mean, AD casters. Not a priority though since it has no mitigation of any sort and you probably won't have mpen to make optimal use of the AP/vamp.

3143_32.png : Is still strong S3. Combo with Bulwark against heavy AD as usual. Really, the Aegis/Randuin/Shurelya trinity wasn't nerfed too hard.

3190_32.png : Locket is fucking amazing, and probably the best item to build from a Kindlegem. The active is alright, but as for stats, this is one of the most cost-effective items ever and a great buy if you aren't needing much MR.

3060_32.png : If your team needs you to push, which is a laughable task as LeBlanc. Don't buy early, but you'll have Captain boots at some point so it's not terrible. Its regen passive does stack with Aegis/Bulwark, despite also building out of Emblem of Valor. I don't see why you'd ever have this though.

3024_32.png3067_32.png3158_32.png : This trinity of 3400 gold nets you 200 health, 40% cdr, 300 mana 40 armor; a solid core to a CC-focused LB support's playstyle. In most games you'll either not have these till after 30 minutes, but if you aren't worried about magic damage or aren't confident about what to buy, prioritize these.

Other Items

Supportive/Tanky/Aura items are better for your team.

Games don't usually last long enough for 4th/5th/6th big item though.

3128_32.png : Amplifies all magic damage its target takes by 20%. It also has CDR again! Glacial is generally a stronger buy, if you've got the gold.

3025_32.png : CDR, Armor, Mana and an passive you can continually proc with your low cooldowns -- A perfect endgame item for a support. FH is better for your team, though, and it's also superior for your own survivability, not to mention the onhit on IBG is slated to be nerfed. Definitely fun as hell.

3116_32.png : Lots of health and 35% slow on every ability but Distortion, but expensive and less useful than IBG.

3068_32.png : For health, armor and committing to a harder offtank role. Also LeBlanc is a hottie huehuehue :3c

3110_32.png : Upgrade your Glacial to this instead of Frozen Fist if there's a notably large physical damage presence other than ADC. It's personal preference; FH is better in more situations but Frozen Fist is funner.

3001_32.png : AP, MR, and an MR malus aura. Good if your mid doesn't have it and there's a Bulwark on the enemy team, but you don't get health from this.

3157_32.png : Distortion kiting gets infinitely funner with this, but Zhonya is an entirely selfish item on top of it being very expensive. It builds out of Seeker's Armguard now, but its total cost was hardly changed and there are better early armor pickups.

The Only Shop You'll Ever Need

Thanks to Enigma Item Changer and Riot's item API!


Regarding Ability Power Back to Top

Why It Isn't Necessary

You wouldn't really build AP on other supports -- the role as defined by the meta calls for utility without necessarily requiring stats. With some champions, that utility does scale with AP (16_icon_64.png40_icon_64.png267_icon_64.png), but even those that do scale hard (JANNA) have innate utility that doesn't require any Ability Power to enable their team to do work.

Every single one of LeBlanc's abilities has strong utility. Her Q is a low-cooldown silence, her W is an escape/initiation/jukes4days multitool, her E is a widely underrated lockdown ability (since you never see anyone max it first) and her Ultimate lets her make plays.

She does have a weak laning phase, but with passive gold gain in S3 you'll usually get enough gold for wards, for tankiness, and for that 15% CDR baseline at the bare minimum. At level 6, her combo CC is almost as long as Leona's (safer on lower CD to boot); at level 9 with 15% CDR you've got three casts of your E in a short amount of time, spelling doom to any single target or helping kite two enemies at once. Building tanky means you can cast more CC over the course of a fight, or otherwise taunt more burst that your carries wouldn't take.

Runing up for earlygame might make you strong early on, but if you don't snowball, eventually you'll just get merked in a few hits by the enemy AP/Top/Jungle/AD while having a crippled source of reliable income compared to their support.

If you're fed at bot and build glass AP, yeah you'll be able to blow people up, but you won't be able to dive when the enemy ADC farms under tower, and against any half-aware opponents, you'll just get ganked and blown up equally quick ALONG with your ADC. Your goals are really just to ward, get you and your ADC to teamfights without being behind, then lock down melee with chain, silence AP with Q, and dash around being the high-taunt support Teemo never could. Against players that don't know how focus or how to not get themselves killed, I guess there's little reason not to build damage when overly fed -- but at that point, you're APcarry, not support, and you'll have a harder time staying alive to assist the proper carries.

Your AD Carry Back to Top

Your AD Carry Might Hate You

--If you didn't communicate in champion select and end up on the same page. If your entire team said NO, DON'T FUCKING PICK LEBLANC then just pick someone standard if you want your team to win; every player with that attitude would have already taken a step toward losing if you locked in. Also, even if you+your ADC kick ass at bot but top/mid/jungle get completely dominated, expect to be saddled with most of the blame on a loss whether you earned it or not.

That said, here are my impressions of pairings with AD Carries. Those not mentioned here, I haven't had enough experience laning to make a confident analysis.

22_icon_64.png - Ashe

Ashe is a carry great for her bucketfuls of utility and lategame potency. Unfortunately, throughout support LeBlanc's weakest point (lv1-5), Ashe is also a carry that loses burst trades to nearly every other enemy AD. Her stun melds well with your chains, but if she's unable to farm well under tower then getting to that point is a major problem, especially against a Taric or Leona since she'll have no disengage ability other than the weak slow from Volley/Frost Shot. She does have 600 range, though, and she's generally able to safely fire at any targets you snare without being hit by the enemy's autoattacks. Her lategame is great; even midgame you can keep her safe with Ethereal Chains and Mimic. Early laning is the problem. (And is for many pairings.)

51_icon_64.png - Caitlyn: THE BEST

Unless you're runed/itemized for earlygame power or can give a Twitch firstblood, Caitlyn is hands-down THE BEST AD carry partner you can have in lane and out. Yordle Snap Trap synergizes insanely well with your Ethereal Chains, her range and your own safety of CC -- A landed Chain comboed with a trap can spell an easily-won trade, a kill or even a double. If your Cait is aware, the moment you tag someone with Chain's slow she can get in, lead a trap and either force a flash or a weak reaction; this is amplified by how quick and unpredictable LeBlanc's W-E initiation can be. As a bonus, through Caitlyn's supposedly-weak midgame you'll have enough CDR to snare that pesky Irelia, Jax, Jayce or Lee long enough for her to reposition safely. Caitlyn is the only ADC I know of that can partner with support LeBlanc well without necessarily having exceptional early damage.

Caitlyn is my preferred AD to support.

42_icon_64.png104_icon_64.png81_icon_64.png - Corki, Graves, Ezreal

Strong early, strong mid, strong late and has an escape tool. Like Caitlyn, they make up for LeBlanc's early weakness, but unlike Caitlyn they do it through burst/poke and safety. Strong through all phases of the game, though not quite hypercarry, they're all great choices.

29_icon_64.png - Twitch, THE RAAAAT

This guy has SO MUCH DAMAGE under his belt it's insane. Easily enough to stand on his own without an escape, anyway. Keep him safe/enable him to proc enough poison for a single, solid Expunge and you'll zone for the rest of laning phase unless someone fucks up and Twitch snowballs or you lose lane. Hitting with either poison cask or Ethereal Chains makes it easier to hit the other; Ethereal Chains and Mimic make it VERY easy for a Twitch to stack poison. His stealth seems to be his only real escape tool (if it even counts), which will make you want to use your CC defensively.

He has enough damage on his own to warrant you taking the GP10 runepage every game.

119_icon_64.png - Draven

Like Twitch, Draven can put out huge amounts of damage on his own, lacks a dash or blink, and works well with the CC LeBlanc brings to the table.

Unlike Twitch, DRAAVEEEN.

21_icon_64.png - Miss Fortune

Another carry with a very strong earlygame. From the few matches I've played with MF, LeBlanc's kit doesn't serve them more than other support picks, since her burst trades and bully potential don't require mobility and clutch CC on the support's part.

67_icon_64.png - Vayne

You can hold someone in place for silver bolts, aaand... That's about it. Support LB's weak earlygame+Vayne's weak earlygame do not a strong lane make. If both lanes are passive, though, enjoy your win -- but you hardly ever see that happen anymore. If your jungler ganks and you make great use of Ethereal Chains and Condemn, though...

18_icon_64.png - Tristana


EDIT: Maybe I was too quick to judge -- VERY strong once she gets rolling; a landed tether when someone is around 70% and basically fb/flash. You both also have decent disengage when it's not a 4man gank. Bad experiences with some Tristanas that assume the lane will be an easy fb-snowball lane have turned me off from her though.

Other ADC opinions will be updated with time. 'w'


Other Things Back to Top

I am not a great player.

Take anything I've written here with a few grains of salt -- I'm not in a position to state that I'm great at League of Legends, or even at LeBlanc or the support role. What I can do, though, is say I know the role and the hero well enough to play in both norms and ranked while rising in win frequency and Elo using almost nothing but the guidelines outlined here. If you're Gold/Plat, looked at the guide, my rank and then rolled your eyes, then that's okay! This guide isn't meant for you. It's meant for players willing to try something new that isn't a total gimmick.

Remember how Fiddle and Zyra support happened? They came out of nowhere in pro games, but were played with confidence and with enough parallel to the standard support role that they saw (and in Zyra's case, still see) consistent success.

Thanks for reading! Back to Top

If you're reading this, then you've stayed long enough to either read through my first real attempt at a guide instead of just a build. Or, you at least skimmed through out of curiosity whether positive or negative. Thank you <3!

I'll update matchups, items and other info as I continue playing. Support LB doesn't have to be troll, I swear!

Any feedback, suggestions, comments, passive-aggression or creepy advances welcome!

Here is a funny clip. :3

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