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1 year ago

Irelia Statistics for TRC MikeyR

Author's performance with Irelia compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
Win %
KA:D Ratio
Gold Earned
Creep Score


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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png I'm always using flash flash it's a must-have summonerspell on irelia. Irelia is a gap-closer and with flash, you are able to catch nearly every carry in the game. It adds opportunity for flash + Equilibrium Strike [E] which allow you to punish a carry who is out of position

14.png Nearly all games I'm using ignite it adds some extra burst and will be a finishing blow on many kills.

12.png Sometimes I use teleport when enemy team got global pressure 98_icon_64.png 4_icon_64.png  80_icon_64.png  or enemy top laner also might have teleport. When enemy gank bot lane you can countergank with your teleport. In soloqueue this will help a lot too prevent 4_icon_64.png getting fed in mid and it can prevent 98_icon_64.png from turning a fight.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +1.7% attack speed Greater Mark of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 3x
    +2.7 health regen / 5 sec. Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration

My primary page



3x - 2.25 attack damage
  • Increase your damage output
  • Make it easier to last hit
  • Able to trade autoattacks with enemy top laner
3x - 2.7 health regen / 5 sec
  • Increase your sustain in lane
  • Able to survive longer against though lane matchups like 58_64.png 122_64.png 102_64.png 36_64.png


9x - 0.95 attack damage
  • Increase your damage output
  • Make it easier to last hit
  • Able to trade autoattacks with enemy top laner
9x - 1.7% attack speed
  • Increase your sustain in lane
  • Make it easier to last hit
  • Able to trade better against gap-close killers / bruisers like 24_icon_64.png / 122_icon_64.png
  • Higher dmg output with max lvl Hiten Style


9x - 1.41 armor
  • Gives you opportunity to trade with enemy top laner
  • Helps you sustain your lane against ad champs
  • Helps a lot against ranged auto attacks


9x - 1.34 magic resist
  • Take only flat magic resist if you are against enemy champion who deals magic damage. Example against rengar it will be great because most of his damage he will deal to you comes from "W" which is magic.
9x - 0.15 magic resist per level
  • If you don't lane against any magic damage I would suggest you to take mgr per lvl, because it give you more resistance mid-late game and give you more sustain.


Some people may prefer attack speed and it also works great with Irelia's (W). I personally prefer flat AD.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 21


Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Pre-season 4 patch

Defense tree is too strong, so it's best to focus the defense tree compared to offense tree. 
It all depends on the enemies, if the enemy team got ad crit heavy champs like 51_64.png or 67_64.png you might want to take a point in Reinforced armor. 
Depends on your laning opponent you could remove points from either armor or magic resistance and put them in enchanted armor or legandary guardian. 

Abilities Back to Top



R > W > E > Q


Always max Hiten Style [W]. Your burst will be enormous, and it gives you sustain in laning phase. Afterwards i max 
Equilibrium Strike [E]. You think why? I max it for the extra cc. I think CC > Dmg. The extra second of cc (in max lvl) will make it easier to setup a kill when your jungler is ganking or 1v1. It also add higher chance of escaping an enemy gank because you can stun them and run away. 

Standard combo (engage)

AA = Auto Attacks
Q (minion) > E > W > Ignite > AA until enemy champion flee > Q. Use ulti in between every autoattack or when he/she flees. 

Standard combo (Enemy close)

E > W > Ignite > AA until enemy champion flee > Q (minion if possible) > AA > Q. Use ulti in between every autoattack or when he/she flees. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Works in all matchups
    Good against matchups where u will have troubles without extra regen, example Vladimir / Rumble

Core Items

    Ninja tabi: When laning against heavy AD like renekton ||| Merc: When laning against Tanks / AP / Lots of CC ||| Berserker's Greaves: If enemy lacks of CC and you want to maximize dmg output
    Best item in the game for Irelia.
    Usually build order

Situational Items

    Items to consider (Offensive)
    Item to consider (Defensive)
    Build: Against heavy ap team
    Build: Against heavy ad team, (Upgrade aegis late midgame)

Feel free to come with suggestion to item build (cons and pros) in comments down below!

This section will be updated before christmas eve

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Udyr
  • Vladimir
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yorick
  • Zed




  • Beware of her Q + AA/Crescent blade (E). It hurts.
  • You can't lvl 1 fight her.
  • She doesn't have huge kill potentiel on you from lvl 1-5.
  • When you reach level 4, you should be able to trade with her and possible kill her.
  • Stay passive in level 5 because mby she hit lvl 6 before you.
  • When she reach lvl 6 beware of her ultimate.
  • She will have much better mobility than you because of this and she can escape ganks really easy with it and invis pool.
  • Farm safe (close to turret) until level 9 and then you should be able to kill her with standard combo. If she jumps you, just start with E and chase after her with your Q.
Good to buy:2043_32.png, it will help you a lot because akali's tactic is to go invis pool when everything is on cooldown and this is the time you should kill her.
Rush for some magic resist items like 2x1033_32.png(one for boots3111_32.pngand other for3155_32.png) or buy1057_32.pngfor3065_32.png




If it's an attack speed 31_icon_64.pnghe will be able to kill you in lvl 6. He will get more tanky and he got much more sustain in lane because of his passive.

If you get early help from jungler, you can win this lane hard but if you don't get the eraly gank it will be a farmfest and he will win the farmfest.




AA = AutoAttack

Stay safe in lane, and farm under turret. Beware of his hook and his "Q" harrasment.
The huge problem against darius is his ability to keep you away from farm with his huge early damage.

If you rush attack speed3087_32.png/3091_32.pngyou are able to trade with him.
The goal against him is:
You both have gone back and got 100% health, when you see him in lane, jump to a minion and stun him, use your combo Q (minion) > E > W > AA > Q > AA > Disenage, because he will now have 3-4 stacks of his passive on you and he will ulti and probably kill you. Stand back and use a couple of health potion, when you have cooldowns back and his passive is off go in Q (minion) > E > W > Ignite > R > AA > R > Q > R > AA > R and he should definitly be dead now. This comb is a bit hard to use, because you need to use ulti in between every spell, and you should also focus to hit minions with your ulti to gain more health. Practice makes you a champion!




Ap Elise is really hard. She have 2x spells that damage of x% current health and x% missing health.

She can burst you down from ranged, and go melee when you are low to finish you off. The same tactic like nidalee uses, but Elise just have much more cc and damage in her kit.
In early lvl pre lvl 6 she don't have that high of damage, and you should be able to farm for first back with your 4x healthpots.

Ask jungler for early ganks!


1001_32.png+ 4x2003_32.png> earn 620 gold and recall buy1028_32.png+2044_32.png+ 2x2003_32.pngif u have used your healt pots.>3044_32.png>1033_32.png>3057_32.png>3078_32.png>3065_32.png>3111_32.png

Use standard combo which u can find under tips & tricks when fighting her. Beware of towerdiving her, because she can go in spider form and stay untargetable for 2 seconds.




He isn't that big of a deal. Just beware of his early harrasment, get 4 health potions and when you are getting back buy3047_32.pngor some sustain with1055_32.png/1054_32.png. You will start to win against him at lvl 9, because you will have more damage than him.




When he engage you with silence, you are actually able to stun him before he silences you and then run away. This could be useful to know.

When he engage you, make sure to use w before his silence land. You could also do this with the the stun aswell and attack him. You should be able to trade with him at level 4.
Care when he is late in level 5 you should recall if you don't have 70% health, because he can engage you and dmg approx 40% health and finish you with his ultimate.

Try making him use his spin and engage him when it's on cooldown.


Jarvan IV


Easy / Medium. He have a great poke in early lvls, but when you have your core items you can easily fight him.

His goal will be to harass you with this combo: E(flag) > Q(spear) > Autoattacks > disengage.
When he disengage you need to engage him, he don't have any damage, because he have all his spells+passive on cooldown.
Use Q (minion if possible, but only if it resets, else Q him) > W > E > Ignite > Autoattack > R (snipe him with ultimate if you have it.)

4.png: Save your flash to his ultimate, it damages a lot and you will probably need it to disengage him.




AA = AutoAttack

Lvl 1-5 you are able to trade with him 1v1 and actually kill him aswell. But lvl 6+ he gets extremely strong and can burst way more than you with even farm. Call for jungle to help you kill him.
If you needs to fight him, try to make him waste his stun (dodge) and then go in with the combo Q (minion) > E > Ignite > W > AA > Q > AA > snipe him with ulti. But you need to have enough health, because he can take a chunk of your health really fast.




AA = AutoAttack
  • Buy ninja tabi fast, too prevent his autoattacks harrassing you all the time.
  • Farm safe under turret in early levels
  • When you are lvl 7-9 you can start trading/killing him.
  • You win trades after lvl 7-9 because u got sustain (lifesteal with W) and you are able to regen faster health than him in laning phase
He can disengage you with hammer stance "E". If u want to prevent that, you can wait for a minion to get low. Q to the minion and use your combo E > W > AA. When he goes hammer stance and knock you away, you can use your Q to engage on him again and finish him off with R.


Lee Sin


AA = Auto Attack

Don't fight him before lvl 3-4 because he got much more damage than you.
You should be able to win after that.
Try to harass him whenever you can. (When he needs to kill a minion, hit him 1-2 times with true damage)
When you fight him, run around in your minions (use them as a wall) so he can't Q you and let minions do the work/dmg.

When he use e (slowing your attack speed) you shall try to disengage/running around in minions, hiting him a few times and engage on him when his auto attack slow is gone.

Best way to engage lee sin is waiting for a minion is low jump on it with Q (minion) > E > Ignite > W > AA > AA > Q > AA and he should be dead or flash away. Try to finish him with your ulti.

Beware: When lee sin reach lvl 6, he got a ton of cc with his ulti. You should try to not to fight him if you have half hp and he is lvl 6 because if he max Q, he will Q > R > Q > Ignite and u will lose 700 health in no time. So beware of his lvl 6.




AA = AutoAttack

It's possible to kill malphite early, but you can't kill him when he gets too tanky items.


Go for3044_32.pngand3091_32.png. Wits end will help you taking less damage and you will also deal more damage to him. Phage will make it possible for you to make more damage on him.

On lane

If he waste his attack speed debuff "E", jump him with your combo Q (minion if possible) > E > W > Ignite > AA > Q > AA > R (try to hit minions aswell). Repeat this every time, and you will force him out of lane early.
If he manage to attack speed debuff "E" you, use this combo E(he should be close enough) > W > AA > Q > AA
If you jump on him before he even used attack speed debuff "E". Do this:
Q (minion) > E > W > Ignite > AA until he use E > 1x AA > Q > Autoattack > R




Nasus only focus in early-mid game is to farm his Q. He will not burn his mana on you early and you can easily harass him. Try to hit him everytime he try to last hit. When he goes close to last hit, hit him with E > W > AA > Q > AA and he will run away with under hp. You can force him out of lane easy if he is too offensive in lane.

Rush3044_32.pngand he can't escape you.
When he get his first tank item and he got his ultimate, he will be hard to kill but try to keep harrasing him out of lane.




Stay passive until lvl 3, she will try to hit you with autoattacks all the time, mby it doesn't hurt, but after 8 autoattacks in a row you can feel it.
When reaching lvl 3 start harrasing her with standard combo from spell section.

Ask your jungler for a gank before she reach lvl 6, because she will be uncatchable when she gets to 6.

Rush3044_32.png, and jump her with combo.. Making her retreat and use a lot of her mana to heal back. When she have no mana left you should be able to kill her.

OBS: When you are 1/3 health low. She is able to instant kill you in lvl 6 with ignite so go back or use2003_32.pngor R to heal.




AA = AutoAttack

Many consider Olaf as a huge counter to Irelia. It's true that Olaf can shutdown Irelia pretty hard, but if you play it safe you should be able to turn it around in your favor.

Olaf's tactic in lane: He will try to poke you with his "E" true damage as often as possible. If you try to last hit a minion he will go close to the minion and when you "Q" it he will smack you with his "E" and give you a couple of hits and run away.
He will do this over and over until he is able to kill you.

Your tactic in lane against Olaf: Play it safe until atleast lvl 5-7. You can 1v1 him early if both have same amount of health. Go in with your combo Q (minion) > E > W > Ignite > AA > Q > AA and use ulti in between the spells, try to positon yourself so you can hit him and minions with your ultimate to get more health.
When laning against Olaf rush3091_32.pngor3087_32.png. Because he will stack armor against you and these two items will make magic damage. Don't go for an early phage, because he can ulti and then he can't get slowed.




You should consider to go2041_32.png+2003_32.pngor1029_32.png+2003_32.png. If you buy this instead of boots, you should care of enemy jungler. Miss the first minions so you are really close to your own turert.

This lane is like when laning against41_icon_64.png, he will try to harass you all the time. The problem with80_icon_64.pngcompared to41_icon_64.pngis the fact that41_icon_64.pngwill use his harrasment to last hit with too for extra gold..80_icon_64.pngdoesn't recieve gold bonus for last hitting with his Q. So he will try to hit you with all of them. Which is the reason why i prefer to get some sustain in lane.

When fighting him you should be aware of his shield. He will get shield (block one autoattack) at every 4th autoattack/spell he make and he will get instant shield when he is stunning you with his leap.
So he can actually block 2 autoattack in a row and stun you meanwhile.
He will also have 100% critical strike when you are below 15% of your max health. Which is the reason why I will take one point in Reinforced armor (defensive) to reduce 10% damage taken from critical strikes.

If you rush3044_32.png>3078_32.pngyou should be able to fight him when you get phage.. Because he will rush probably3134_32.pngand this makes him weak in sustain compared to you. So when you and he comes back to lane, try to fight him from the beginning before he harass you down.

Remember to call miss everytime he leave lane after lvl 6. He have a -map-leap ultimate.




Stay passive you shouldn't fight him before level 9. Because he is stronger.
Beware of his level 2, he can easily take 1/3 of your health in one combo.
Remember he can dash after you or to escape, take note that he can only dash two times if he hits minions/you with his first dash.


1001_32.png+ 4x2003_32.png>3047_32.png>3044_32.png>3057_32.png>3078_32.png> Defensive armor items3026_32.png/3143_32.png/3107_32.png




Rengar is extremely strong in lvl 1-2, because of his burst with 2 Q's. When you get your E and Q, you are able to disengage that pretty hard.
Don't stay close to bushes, he will abuse that and leap to you.
If he leap to you he will combo you and run away, DON'T let him run away. Use E > W > AA > Q > AA and you will win the trade.

Rengar is extremely weak against a fast3078_32.pngand you should be able to take him down fast with it. Rush3044_32.pngthen3057_32.png.
Beware then he have 4 stacks, he will get close to you and use 2x W (His heal) it got a small AoE and u should just stay passive until he used it and then jump him afterwards.




Riven relies heavy on physical damage and with an early3047_32.pngyou will prevent lot of her damage.

You should care in level 1 because she is a lot stronger than yours. When you are lvl 3 you can trade with her, When she is in range of E, then start your trade: E > W > AA > Q > AA
Rush3044_32.pngafter ninja tabi. Because you will win nearly all trades easily. Try to bait her shield, and go when it's on cooldown.
Beware of her ulti damage. When she use ulti, disengage her with E and run away. Let her burn his ulti on cd and then go.




Rumble is an AP, you should be aggresive on AP in early levels, so do this:

When he try to last hit, try to land one or two autoattacks.
When you come level 2, you should try to E > AA > Q > AA. Force him to run away from you, because his Q (flamespitter) will only hit the targets in front of him, so if you force him to run away you don't get recive any harrasment from him.
Rush3044_32.png, so he don't run away so easily when you jump him.
Beware of his level 6, don't stand in it too long. You can use Q (minion) or him to dodge it.
When he is red (overheating) try not to fight him because his autoattacks will have increased damaged (20 + (5x his level) + (30% ap).




Take12.pngto counter his ultimate. When he tp away, counter it by using your teleport in the same lane.

You have the advantage in early levels about lvl 1-12, when he gets some tanky items like3068_32.png/3083_32.png/3143_32.png/3047_32.pnghe will be nearly impossible to kill which is the reason why you should just farm and stay aware of objectives / teamfights and when he is ulting away.
Don't use your teleport in early-mid game to other stuff than to counter his ultimate / make a gank / taking objectives (walk to objective teleport back to lane IF necassery)

In late game when he starts to split push a lot, you can't stay in lane and defend against him. Instead you should force 4v5 fights, which force him to ulti in the fight (he can't push when you do this). If you go in on the right target you can actually manage to nearly or kill one of their carries before shen can participate.




Try to make her burn her spells and attack her when it's on CD.. You can't really win the lane so focus on farming.




Never chase27_icon_64.png

The goal against him is to stay out of poison early, his damage is greater than your and u shall just try to farm. Rush recurve bow1043_32.pngand go for an early magic damage item like3091_32.pngor3087_32.png. The attack speed will help you regen health because of your passive (w) and the magic damage will increase your burst, because he will probably buy armor or just ap and health in early game.




Beware of earlyharassment(His blades).

Rush3044_32.png>3078_32.pngagainst him.
Buy2043_32.pngwhen he is level 6, to counter his disengage. Only use it when he is disengaging you.
Try not to in middle of your own minions, because he will 99% use his blades to harass you. Try to stay so he can't hit you and your minions.
You should be able to fight him at level 5, if you have equal amount of health left.




AA = AutoAttack

//Off topic
You're doomed.. Scream in chat for help.

//On topic
  • Ask your jungler for help pre lvl 6. Serious you will need it.
  • Rush3044_32.png, because you need to slow him when fighting, so you can keep chasing him.
  • 2x1054_32.pngor3096_32.pnghelps you to stay in lane.
  • Beware of early harrasment, you will probably lose a lot of minions, but you need to wait for your jungler to help you in the beginning.
  • When you have phage, go back get full health.. When you see Teemo, the first thing you need to do is jump him and burst him down. Teemos strong spot is to harrass you and win by poke, you can win the lane if you burst him down. Use Q(minion) > E > W > Ignite > Autoattacks > R(try to hit minions aswell) > Autoattacks.
  • When he get3044_32.pngyou will have troubles disengaging him if you are losing a fight against him.




Haven't faced a good trundle yet in top lane (mostly in jungle) so I don't have enough experience to explain how to counter him.

The few trundles I met, I didn't had any problems against.
Rush3044_32.png>3078_32.pngand you should be okay.




He have kinda insane damage with full rage-o-meter. So wait for him to use his bloodlust (heal) and then jump him with your combo (look spell section).

Take note when he use ultimate, and try to disengage him or kite him around when he use it, because he will have okay amount of damage when it's active. (because he gain 50 / 75 / 100 fury, depends on rank) The ultimate will be active for 5 seconds and he can'treceiveany damage at all. Cooldowns on ultimate is 110 / 100 / 90, depends on rank.
Rush3044_32.pngso he will have trouble to disenage you.
Try to save Q and jump after him when he disenage you with his spin.




Hard early, his tiger stance have a lot of dmg. He will try to hit you once with tigerstance to apply debuff. You can't fight him at this point, try to farm safe.
When you go back, buy3091_32.pngbecause most udyrs will get some armor and with this item you will deal magic dmg. It also protect against his damage which is magic.

When you get your1043_32.pngyou should be able to trade with him.
Go for3111_32.pngagainst him for the resistance and the reduced cc.




Vladimir is weak in early game. He is so weak that you can just go up to him and start outlaning him.

Try to use standard combo explained in spells section against him or just go up to him use E > W > AA > Q > AA.
When you jump him, make sure to ignite early because he get heal with his Q and he will probably also have spellvamp.


Rush3044_32.pngagainst him. Yes he his magic damage dealer. But he is weak in stats and health. So this item will help you to catch him and kill him everytime you see him. I would afterwards rush3078_32.pngbecause when you are in the lead there is no reason to build magic resistance against him when he isn't getting any items because you should be outzoning (will be explained in early game section) him




Volibear's will build tanky, which decrease their damage output mid-late game.
Beware of his early game, his damage output is okay and is a combined magic and physical damage.
When rushing3044_32.png>3078_32.pngyou should be able to win trades against him easy. Remember to14.pnghim before he is getting lower than 30% health. Because then he will heal for 30% of his max health the next 6 seconds, ignite pretty much counter this. It have 120 seconds cooldown, so you should fight him ASAP when it's on cooldown.




He got a lot of sustain, and most of his damage will be from magic. But don't underrate his autoattacks, when he use his attack speed buff and hits you with a couple of autoattacks this will hurt, because you will build magic resist items against him. So make sure you have some armor runes and armor in masteries against him.

Don't underestimate your combo (look spell section) and make sure to14.pnghim early so he don't get lifesteal.


Don't buy too many magic resist items early, this will make you weak and uncapable of fighting him. Remember to make a mix between dmg and magic resist. I would probably go:

1001_32.png+ 4x2003_32.png>1028_32.png>3044_32.png>1043_32.png>3091_32.png>3057_32.png>3078_32.png


1001_32.png+ 4x2003_32.png>3155_32.png>1028_32.png>3044_32.png>3057_32.png>3078_32.png




When he engage you with his combo, he will try to disengage. DON'T let him do that. Engage him with your combo (look spell section) for an even trade. When you get3078_32.png(buy3044_32.pngfirst)you will win the trades.

Beware of his ultimate, a lot of dmg if he charge a full ultimate on you. Stun him and run out of it.


Xin Zhao


Use your E when he use his Q (knock up after 3 Autoattacks). Don't let him knock you up, because he can make great damage on you with his full combo.

Engage him with standard combo after lvl 5.

Ask for jungler to gank, because he is an easy target (no escape, only a janna-like ultimate)

Rush3078_32.png. When you have it, you should be able to win fights (even farm)




He probably max healing ghost (E) and this will make him outsustain you. He will also get a bit tanky and have infinite mana/more mana than you with3004_32.pngand he will win lane. Just farm your lane it shouldn't be that huge of a problem and ask jungler for ganks.

Maybe you are able to kill him pre lvl 6/tear of godess3070_32.png, because he runs out of mana fast.




Haven't played against him, but he is really much like91_icon_64.pngand talon isn't really a huge problem. So I would guess238_icon_64.pngwill be about medium difficulty. Take care of his harrasment, but easy to kill when getting back once and take an instantly fight with him.

But I don't know because i never faced him in soloq at my elo no1 really picks him :/ WIll add notes when I face him in top lane :)

Tips & Tricks Back to Top

Will be updated

Farming under turret

  • Melee minions: 2 turret hits and one autoattack or Q
  • Ranged minions: 1 turret hit and one autoattack then Q  OR  1 turret hit and use "W" then one autoattack or Q  OR  One ad item like 1036_32.png1055_32.png and u can wait for 1 turret hit and then one autoattack or Q

Chasing enemy champion

  • Save flash: If a minion wave are coming you can use ulti and hit ranged minion once or two with your ulti and then Q to one minion and then u can Q to enemy champion and finish him off. 

Trading in laning

  • Observe your minions health, when one is low your enemy will kill it. Make one or two autoattacks on him and disengage. You can also use E > W > Autoatack until he runs away > Q
  • Against disengage champions: Example 126_icon_64.png. He can disengage you with hammer stance "E". If u want to prevent that, you can wait for a minion to get low. Q to the minion and use your combo E > W > AA. When he goes hammer stance and knock you away, you can use your Q to engage on him again and finish him off with R


  • Enemy jungler ganks you: Use R at minion wave to regain health and make them low. Don't kill them with R. Run around in the lane, when they come close to you run into bush and/or Q a minion, do this several times until you get backup by team or see an escape route.
  • Same thing as above can be done under turret.

Warding spots Back to Top

In this section I will explain where to ward on each team. There are numbers on the map and a dot symbolizing the ward. I will explain why/when to ward at each number/dot.

Blue team


  1. If you only got one ward, this is the best spot. It gives you vision in river and if enemy jungler running to river through bush.
  2. This place cominbed with "5/4" helps you preventing ganks 95% of the time. The only way enemy jungler can surprise you is through lane. The bad thing about only warding in the bush: You have no vision in river, if u plant it on the spot you will have some vision in river, but not enough to cover the entire path and the enemy jungler can follow the wall and run upto the bush.
  3. This helps you seeing enemy jungler if he tries to sneak in through lane when enemy top laner push you to turret.
  4. You ally midlaner or jungler should cover this spot, but sometimes they don't. Then I would suggest you to do it, and combine it with "2" Then u will cover up most paths and enemy jungler can't really suprise you.
  5. This is a great warding spot when you want vision on river works like a charm when combined with "2"
  6. When enemy have a jungler that could lane gank like 56_icon_64.png / 72_icon_64.png etc. this place will help you not getting suprised. 

Red team


  1. If you only got one ward, this is the best spot. It gives you vision in river and if enemy jungler running to river through bush.
  2. When enemy have a jungler that could lane gank like 56_icon_64.png / 72_icon_64.png etc. this place will help you not getting suprised. 
  3. This helps you seeing enemy jungler if he tries to sneak in through lane when enemy top laner push you to turret.
  4. This is a great warding spot when you want vision on river works like a charm when combined with "6"
  5. You ally midlaner or jungler should cover this spot, but sometimes they don't. Then I would suggest you to do it, and combine it with "6" Then u will cover up most paths and enemy jungler can't really suprise you.
  6. This is a great warding spot when you want vision on river, works like a charm when combined with "4"

Early Game Back to Top

  • Take Q first if your jungle will not gank you lane in lvl 2, if he does go E.
  • Focus on last hitting without using Q to spare mana.
  • Your kill potential comes once you are lvl 7/9.
  • Try to make harrasment with your combo (Q (minion) > E > W > AA > Q > AA)
  • If enemy have a jungler who could start red, play really passive until level 2 and lose a couple of cs.
  • If enemy laner have a tanky top laner who rush armor and can't really kill you instantly then go for 3153_32.png or in some situations 3078_32.png
  • When you are laning against ranged squishy champions rush 3044_32.png if magic champions with high burst potential then 3155_32.png or else finish 3078_32.png
  • When laning against AP champion (not squishy) rush  3155_32.png


This will be updated with a detailed guide on how to outzone your enemy champion. 

Middle Game Back to Top

  • Your are really strong when u get your first core dmg item 3078_32.png / 3153_32.png
  • Try to push and go for objectives like Drake/turrets or try to make some ganks.
  • No AP/AD carry can survive your burst, and you should be able to shut down their AP/AD carry in 1v1
  • Don't forget your lane, keep farming and it will make you stronger in teamfights. Just remember if enemy top is missing, clear your wave fast with ulti and run down to assist your teammates
  • In soloq I would suggest 3026_32.png as the first tanky item, but if you lost your lane and are behind in farm you could also go for 3143_32.png / 3083_32.png 

Late Game Back to Top

In ultra late game enemy AD carry and support can kill you so you should instead focus on protecting your own AD/AP carry and protect them against enemy bruiser.Sometimes it's really good to tank some poke, so you can make a stun "E" and catch enemy carry out of positionWhen chasing you can use ulti "R" on minion caster and "Q" at them to catch the enemy you are chasingIrelia falls off late game damage wise, but you can use her great mobility and tankyness to catch an enemy off guardIf you have 3026_32.png you should dive your enemy and force a fight.Remember your passive: More enemy champions, less CC on you. 

Teamfights Back to Top

Will be updated

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Great burst 
  • Really strong mid game
  • Good harrasment 
  • Great escape and chase mechanism
  • Easy to last hit
  • Great kiting ability
  • Able to farm in nearly every situation
  • Good sustain/survivability
  • Great to catch enemies in teamfights
  • Resistans to most CC (excluding knockbacks / knockups)
  • Deals true damage
  • Low mana costs (She also get half mana refund when last hitting with "Q")


  • Falling off a bit late game (damage)
  • Requires farm
  • Weak pre lvl 6 (early) 

About me Back to Top

Hello everyone, this section is about me and who I am.
I'm known as MikeyR in-game. I reached approx 2170 elo in season 2 with nearly 100 games irelia in soloQ and a 70% winrate on her. I played approx 300-400 games on irelia.
I mained top lane in my team but I'm playing a really good support aswell.

I'm League of legends manager and co-founder for the eSport organisation "CDAY Gaming" and you can check more about them at our website "www.cday-gaming.dk" or go like them on facebook "www.facebook.com/cdaygaming" for future updates!

Irelia is my favourite champion, because of her mobility and high damage. There isn't a champion there is considered a counter to Irelia and she is able to lane against everyone and farm well.
Sorry for bad gramma, I'm from Denmark and english isn't my native language.

This guide will be updated when I have time. 

Feel free to give constructive criticism in comments and suggestions.

This guide will be updated frequently but I don't have so much time in my day with university in daytime and Eternity in nighttime, hope you understand :) Feel free to ask in comments if you have any questions to matchups.

Changelog Back to Top

  • I main top again and started to pick up Irelia again, which means this guide will be updated!!
  • Updated nrly all sections, every section will be ready for christmas eve!

  • Huge shoutout to "Candy" for helping me updating the guide!
  • Updated item build
  • Updated masteries
  • Updated spells

  • Updated item build to fit blade of the ruined king as a core item.

  • Hello guys, unfortunatly i can't update my guide, because i'm now playing support role, which I have been played since preseason 3. 
  • This means, the item build is out dated and not reliable, I can't update this guide anylonger because I rarely play top anylonger.

  • Happy new year! I really appreciate all the feedback, please keep it coming! In the new year I will probably add some clips of matchups/how to last hit etc.. into the guide, so it will answer all your questions :)

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Updated build against heavy ad comps

  • Updated masteries to Nepster's mastery page, it works great and I feel the extra resistance is way more important than the armor penetration. Because you jump squishy champions in teamfights anyway, so you don't need it.

  • Updated masteries and detailed explanation; Thanks to Nepster and Auriell for helping me with masteries and theorycraft
  • Updated Item section

  • Thanks to WhiteM who helped me test Defender mastery and the radius. It's now added in mastery section and explanation 
  • Added explanation about tenacious mastery. Thanks to WhiteM for theorycrafting! 

  • Added possible starter items to item section

  • Added 84_icon_64.png difficulty and notes
  • Added 86_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 80_icon_64.png notes and updated difficulty
  • Added 68_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 98_icon_64.png notes
  • Updated 19_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 5_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 62_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 106_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 91_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 23_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 48_icon_64.png notes
  • Updated item section and created one balanced core build (thanks to zockerholick for the suggestion)

  • Added 238_icon_64.png  "guess" -notes and difficulty
  • Added 91_icon_64.png difficulty
  • Removed (top) in title of the guide, because of the new system lolking implemented. 

  • I've been busy with some work today (11/12-2012) and tomorrow (12/12-2012) I will update more on thursday (13/12-2012) sry for being a bit slow.. Just too much work :/

  • Added 75_icon_64.png notes
  • Updated About me (I left my team Cedrex Gaming, because my education takes too much time)
  • Added 107_icon_64.png notes
  • Updated 107_icon_64.png difficulty
  • Added 92_icon_64.png notes

  • Updated masteries now running 9/21/0 instead of 21/9/0
  • Updated runepage - added attackspeed marks

  • Updated 77_icon_64.png notes
  • Updated 58_icon_64.png difficulty
  • Added 3172_32.png descriptions (author notes in item build section)
  • Added 76_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 58_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 8_icon_64.png notes
  • Added outzoning header to early game section (I think it will be finished in the end of next week)
  • Updated item builds (Core nearly finished), Still needs to take a look on what to do in situational items and I still missing to explain every item and what situations they are usable for.

  • Added more bullets in pros and cons
  • Recreated 64_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 86_icon_64.png difficulty
  • Added 59_icon_64.png difficulty and notes
  • Added 17_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 54_icon_64.png notes
  • Fixed 77_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 60_icon_64.png difficulty and notes
  • Added 19_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 3087_32.png description and when to buy it (in author notes)
  • Added items against ap 3078_32.png 3065_32.png

  • Added ward section
  • Added 24_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 41_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 83_icon_64.png notes
  • Recreated core items
  • Recreated 21/9/0 masterypage (lolking will make it possible to create more masterypages, but they have other priorities first, I expect to post 9/21/0 page as a screenshot instead and remake it into a mastery page when lolking implement it.

05/12-2012: Guide released to public "Yaaaay!!" A few constructive comments answered and I edited a bit in the guide all around. Thanks for the constructive critizme guys, I really appreciate it! 
  • Added 2_icon_64.png notes
  • Added 126_icon_64.png notes
  • Added personal help section

  • Summonerspells remaked
  • Fixed errors
  • Added "Tips and Tricks" section
  • Added runes explaniation 
  • Added spells explaniation

  • Guide released
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