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1 month ago

Hecarim Statistics for Rocklee015

Author's performance with Hecarim compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Smite and Ghost are the two best summoners for jungle Hecarim. Smite is standard for all Junglers due to its objective and buff control, as well as its power when using Chilling or Challenging Smite. And Ghost, which provides you with 28-45% increased movement speed for 10 seconds, while also increasing your bonus AD. Ghost will also help position yourself better during ganks or team fights when using your Devastating Charge [E] or Onslaught of Shadows [R].



Smite and Ignite is another viable option for jungle Hecarim, but I don't really use it anymore. I actually use to only run this combo before they buffed Ghost in patch 6.10, primarily using it with Stormraider's Surge because of the synergy. You can actually put out more damage with Ignite and Stormraider's Surge than you can with Ghost and Thunderlord's Decree, because the movement speed bonus on Stormraider's Surge is 40%, which the current Ghost doesn't get until you hit level 13. You'll gain slightly more bonus AD up until this point and have the extra true damage from Ignite that will also help proc Stormraider's Surge faster. But as good as all of this sounds, the new Ghost is still the best choice of summoner for jungle Hecarim, and I would highly recommend using Ghost instead of Ignite.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.60 lethality Greater Mark of Lethality
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed:

Movement Speed Quintessences are required for every jungle Hecarim. The movement speed you gain scales harder throughout the game, directly increases the bonus AD from your passive Warpath, and will provide you with superior positional advantages across the map. Whether it's ganking, rotating, team fighting, or maneuvering around the map, Movement Speed Quintessences are superior to any other Quintessence on Hecarim.


Greater Mark of Lethality:

Lethality Marks will allow for Hecarim's damage to scale progressively throughout the game. Ever since Riot took away flat armor penetration and replaced it with lethality, there's been a lot of debate about whether to use lethality Marks vs flat AD Marks. Running flat AD Marks will give you slightly better damage early game at the cost of scaling mid > late game, and running lethality Marks will give you slightly less damage early game, but allow you to scale better into the mid > late game via enemy level. I've tested out both pages and didn't really notice a huge difference between the two, especially when clearing the jungle. I've had no problems at all putting out damage with lethality, and although running flat AD might give you slightly better damage early game, I still feel that lethality Marks are the best choice for Hecarim.


Greater Seal of Armor:

Armor Seals are standard for basically every single jungle champion, there can be exceptions when using scaling armor or even scaling health, but there's no reason to over complicate things. Having flat armor will allow you to have greater mitigation towards jungle camps, lane creeps, turret shots, and enemy champions.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist:

Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs are used for almost every game, these will out scale regular MR Glyphs when you hit level 9 and will give you more than double the amount of magic resist at level 18. These work well against late game scaling AP champions like Ryze or Karthus and synergize perfectly with Hecarim's natural scaling. You can also replace these for cooldown reduction or armor Glyphs, but that's explained further below.


Situational Substitute Rune Pages:

Against teams that have an all AD or low AP team composition, it's a good idea to have additional rune pages set up to give you the maximum stat efficiency. Substitute rune pages will eventually be used at some point in time and should always be prepared regardless of what champion or role that you play.

Flat Magic Resist:

  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
  • 9x Greater Seal of Armor
  • 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
This page gives you +12 flat magic resist and does very well early game, especially when you're against AP Junglers like Evelynn or Elise. This is a cheaper version of the default rune page that can always be used as a replacement, but I still prefer running scaling magic resist in almost every situation.

Scaling Cooldown Reduction / Scaling Magic Resist:

  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
  • 9x Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 6x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
This page gives you +9 scaling magic resist, and -10.00% scaling cooldown reduction. It's a scaling page used against teams that have very little AP damage, like a team that only has a Blitzcrank, Nunu, or Maokai for example.

Flat Cooldown Reduction / Scaling Cooldown Reduction:

  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
  • 9x Greater Seal of Armor
  • 6x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
  • 3x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
This page gives you -5.00% flat cooldown reduction, and -5.00% scaling cooldown reduction. It's a cooldown reduction page used against teams that have all AD. This just allows you to have more cooldown reduction earlier in the game.

Scaling Armor / Flat Armor:

  • 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
  • 9x Greater Greater Seal of Scaling Armor
  • 9x Greater Glyph of Armor
This page gives you +27 scaling armor, and +6.3 flat armor. I'll use this page sometimes when facing against teams that have all AD, but usually I'll just use the -10.00% cooldown reduction page. When you compare this with the default rune page, the scaling armor + flat armor will break even at level 2 and start to scale up at level 3.

Masteries Back to Top



◄ Thunderlord's Decree ►

If you want to hard carry your games with jungle Hecarim, you run 12/18/0 Thunderlord's Decree. You'll put out more damage, have higher burst, increase your kill potential, and be able to aggressively scale throughout the game. I have been using Thunderlord's Decree ever since it got released and still feel it's the best way to carry with jungle Hecarim. The playstyle is super addicting once you learn how to use it, and you won't feel like a typical Courage of the Colossus build tank all day Hecarim player. There's going to be a lot Hecarim Guides on here that say how amazing Courage of the Colossus is, and to be fair to them, it is, because it's the best defensive Mastery in the game and really easy to use on Hecarim. But you're not going to learn how to take control of the game by building tank every single time. Trust me when I say this, Thunderlord's Decree is the best way to carry in soloq, especially in lower elo.

Ferocity Tree:

I've been taking Sorcery lately because it clears the jungle faster than Fury does and will give you more overall damage throughout the game. Next I take Fresh Blood for the additional damage to champions, then go for Natural Talent. You could also go for Vampirism too, but taking Natural Talent will give you higher damage. The last point I take is Double Edged Sword for the guaranteed 5% increased damage. I've actually considered going for Bounty Hunter like I always did in previous seasons, but with the new Double Edged Sword giving you the same 5% increased damage that the old Bounty Hunter use to give at 5 kills, I don't see the point. Because it might make you lose out on kills early game that you can use to snowball from by not having enough damage.

Cunning Tree:

I take Savagery for the extra damage to minions and monsters, it also gets extra benefit from Fury in the Ferocity tree. Next go for Runic Affinity for the 15% increased buff duration, this includes Red Buff, Blue Buff, Rift Herald, Elemental Dragons, Elder Dragon, and Baron Nashor. After that take Merciless for the 5% increased damage to champions below 40% health, and then get Greenfather's Gift for the additional 3% of current health damage. Next take Precision for the scaling hybrid penetration, Hecarim does both AD and AP damage and will benefit nicely from this. The last point I take is Thunderlord's Decree, this will give you the extra damage and burst that you need to carry with. It gives you higher kill potential and permanent damage scaling throughout the entire game, making your damage output very consistent.


◄ Courage of the Colossus ►

Here I'm going to explain the Courage of Colossus page in more detail, just in case Thunderlord's Decree isn't for you. Courage of the Colossus is actually a very good Mastery right now for jungle Hecarim. You'll have a safer early game, a safer engage easier, a progressively scaling shield, and you'll mitigate more damage. I'm not going to deny how strong the safe and conservative playstyle is, but I feel like this page shouldn't be used much until you reach Diamond, Master, or Challenger Tier in soloq. Anywhere below Diamond you should never have to be this tanky, it will just lead to drawn out games where you have to rely on your teammates more than you rely on yourself. But you can give it a try and see if it appeals to you, personally I don't enjoy this playstyle as much even though I'm good at it, but if like it go for it.


Resolve Tree:

Take Recovery to help get out of the early game, because any form of sustain early game is very valuable for Hecarim. Next take Tough Skin to help mitigate champion and neutral monster basic attacks, then go Runic Armor to have even more sustain and scaling. You can use Veteran's Scars too, it feels nice early game, but I would still prefer Runic Armor. Next go for Insight to reduce the cooldown of summoner spells by 15%, then get Swiftness to have +15% Tenacity and Slow Resist. I'll almost always take Swiftness in my games, but if the enemy team has very little slows or crowd control, it would be wise to take Legendary Guardian for the extra mitigation. The last point I take is Courage of the Colossus, this gives you a scaling shield that can proc from your Devastating Charge [E] or Onslaught of Shadows [R]. This is the best defensive page for jungle Hecarim, it's very safe, easy to play, and can be used instead of Thunderlord's Decree if you prefer the playstyle. But I would still recommend taking Thunderlord's Decree, especially if you're in lower elo.

Abilities Back to Top


◄ Skill/Maxing Order ►

Always start with Rampage [Q] first in the jungle, for the maximum damage output and clear at level 1. Take Spirit of Dread [W] second for the extra sustain and AoE magic damage it provides, this is where you'll typically use your first Smite to maximize your healing. Then take Rampage [Q] or Devastating Charge [E] third depending on the situation.

Basically, if you want to keep on farming and do a full clear of your jungle, then take Rampage [Q] third to clear faster. But if you see a favorable gank opportunity or think you might be getting invaded at your second buff, then it might be a good idea to take Devastating Charge [E] third. I've personally been taking Rampage [Q] third and Devastating Charge [E] fourth in a majority of my games because it's usually more efficient.

Max Rampage [Q] first for maximum damage output in the jungle and vs enemy champions. Max Devastating Charge [E] second to gank more frequently and have extremely high single target impact damage that can 2 shot people. And max Spirit of Dread [W] third to have higher AoE magic damage and sustain larger amounts of health while farming or team fighting, capped vs minions and monsters.

Warpath's bonus attack damage percent scales with how many levels you have, ranging from 15-30%. You gain bonus attack damage from all sources of movement speed: Runes, Masteries, Boots of Speed, Devastating Charge [E], Trinity Force, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Ghost, Homeguard, as well as the abilities from your teammates, like Lulu's Whimsy [W] or Zilean's Time Warp [E]. Hecarim is the only champion in the game that gains bonus attack damage from movement speed.

Rampage [Q] is your most used ability, it allows you to maintain consistent damage at all times. When clearing the jungle, always try to last hit the camps with Rampage [Q] before heading to the next one, this way you maintain two stacks on Rampage [Q] as it gives you the maximum clear speed with the reduced cooldown.

Spirit of Dread [W] provides you with the sustain you need when clearing the jungle or taking damage during team fights. The true power of this ability lies within a good team fight. Hecarim is healed for 20% of the damage taken by enemies from any source while in the radius of the circle. The healing on this is capped from minions and monsters, but it's not capped from enemy champions. This means you're able to sustain huge amounts of health during mid > late game team fights if you use Spirit of Dread [W] at the correct moment.

Devastating Charge [E] provides Hecarim with bonus movement speed that's used for ganking, flanking, maneuvering around the map, protecting teammates, leaping over terrain, interrupting abilities, and bursting people. Whether it's to gain positional control, interrupt abilities like Katarina's Death Lotus [R] or Tristana's Rocket Jump [W], or to nearly one shot people when you start to snowball, this ability should never be underestimated.

Onslaught of Shadows [R] is one of the best things about Hecarim, it applies a 1 second fear to anyone you land on and allows you to have superior team fighting when used correctly. It can be used to engage, defend engages, isolate single targets, fear as many targets as possible, steal objectives, and escape bad situations.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard starting items. These will give you the most efficient early game sustain at level 1.
    Upgrade to Hunter's Potion if you want to reduce Hecarim's mana problems early game.
    You can use either upgrade, but I prefer using Skirmisher's Sabre with Cinderhulk builds.
    Standard trinket for warding against or setting up invades.

Core Items

    Always buy Boots and Hunter's Potion on your first back. Then you can start building into your Trinity Force.
    When building into Trinity Force, try to buy the Sheen in one buy if possible, otherwise just buy the components for Phage.
    Trinity Force is your core item on Hecarim. You build this every single game and will usually be completing it as your first item.
    After you complete Trinity Force start working on finishing your jungle item and upgrading your boots. I prefer using Skirmisher's Sabre instead of Stalker's Blade to have more dueling potential.
    Standard boot options. Boots of Swiftness are cheap and feel nice with the slow resist. Ninja Tabi are good vs heavy AD / low AP teams. And Mercury's Treads are good vs heavy CC / AP teams.
    Building a Youmuu's Ghostblade will give you huge momentum mid game if you start getting fed. But if you're having a slow game after getting Trinity Force, you can just build tank items.
    Currently Guardian Angel is one of the best defensive items in the game. The extra mitigation helps in any build, especially the carry build. I build this in a majority of my games, typically after Trinity Force or Youmuu's Ghostblade as a 4th or 5th item.
    Both Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius are good items to build when ahead. Sterak's Gage scales with any build and Maw of Malmortius is good against any AP champion. Just note you can only build one because they both share the same cooldown.
    Standard defensive items. Spirit Visage will increase the healing from your Spirit of Dread [W]. Randuin's Omen does very well against any AD / crit team. And Dead Man's Plate will actually give Hecarim bonus AD because of his passive Warpath.
    Standard 6 item carry build against any team comp. Replace Sterak's Gage with Maw of Malmortius if you need.
    Standard 6 item build against an all balanced team comp. Replace Guardian Angel with Sterak's Gage if you need.
    Standard 6 item build against an all AD team comp. Replace Sterak's Gage with Guardian Angel if you need.
    Standard late game final build. Replace Sterak's Gage with Maw of Malmortius, GA, or Hextech Gunblade if you need.

Situational Items

    When late game hits you can sell your boots for a different item since Cinderhulk is too good to replace right now. Replace your boots situationally with one of these alternatives if you need.
    Usually I take Elixir of Iron for the Health, Tenacity, increased champion size, and synergy with Cinderhulk. But Elixir of Wrath can be useful on AD builds for higher damage and sustain.
    At level 9 you can build Farsight Alteration or Oracle Alteration as your trinket upgrade. Usually I take Oracle for the extra vision control, but building Farsight is good for scouting the map.
    Duskblade can be a good item to buy if you're really fed, the extra damage feels nice when bursting people. The only issue is that it's an expensive item and leaves you vulnerable to taking damage.
    Hextech Gunblade gives you lots of damage and sustain and is an underrated item on Hecarim. You heal from everything. The only issue is that it's a crazy expensive item, so I don't buy it that often.
    Ravenous Hydra / Titanic Hydra are pretty fun items to build on Hecarim, but there are too many items atm that take priority over these. Not to mention they cost more than Hextech Gunblade.
    The only time you ever build an Iceborn Gauntlet is late game If your damage starts to fall off. This will help you peel for your team and allow your carries to do more damage in a team fight.
    Frozen Heart use to be amazing on Hecarim before they started putting Cooldown Reduction on everything. Now it can't fit into any build because it will overcap you on Cooldown Reduction.
    Zz'Rot Portal is good to buy late game when you're full items. You sell an item, buy this, drop a Void Gate, sell it back, then buy back the item you had originally. This gives you a Void Gate for free.

◄ Starting Item Notes ►


Hunter's Talisman / Refillable Potion

The Hunter's Talisman / Refillable Potion are the best starting items to have at level 1. It allows you to upgrade to Hunter's Potion as soon as you go back, which is basically mandatory to have right now on jungle Hecarim. The Hunter's Talisman will also give you better sustain when compared with the Hunter's Machete since Hecarim isn't an auto attacking champion.


Hunter's Talisman / 3x Health Potion

The Hunter's Talisman / 3x Health Potion gives you 450 Health to play with during the early game and guarantees you ganking at level 3 or 4. Also if you ever run just Scaling Armor Seals always use this setup for maximum sustain early game, it's the best way to make up for the lack of armor until you begin to scale up at level 7. But Refillable Potion into Hunter's Potion is the most efficient combo for Hecarim.


Stalker's Blade / Skirmisher's Sabre

Stalker's Blade can be useful for ganking because of the reduced true damage and movement speed steal, but I feel Skirmisher's Sabre much higher tier in the current meta. Skirmisher's Sabre gives you greater dueling power against aggressive junglers like Lee Sin or Kha'Zix, allows you to duel split pushers easier like Jax or Fiora, or just deal better true damage than Stalker's Blade while granting you vision of the enemy champion.


Warding Totem (Trinket)

Your best trinket for early game is the Warding Totem, this trinket allows for you to prevent or to setup early game invades. Hecarim is vulnerable early game which gives this trinket great value, especially if you think you're going to be invaded by someone at level 2 who will have an advantage. Also having this trinket early game can prevent a lot of enemy jungle ganks for your laners while giving you information about how you can respond to the enemy Jungler, whether it be counter ganking or invading his jungle.

◄ Core Item Notes ►


Trinity Force

Trinity Force should be built in every single one of your games if you want to carry. It scales better than Iceborn Gauntlet and gives you a nice mid game power spike with your autos. The build order is to buy Phage then Sheen into completion, but if you have enough gold to buy Sheen first in one buy you can do that too, otherwise just buy the components for Phage. This is one of the most effective items for Hecarim, and although it's very expensive the results are well worth the investment.


Enchantment: Cinderhulk

Enchantment: Cinderhulk is currently the best jungle item used on Hecarim. It will give you higher carry potential and outscale Enchantment: Warrior, so make sure you build it every game. It gives you lots of health, progressive health scaling, and compliments almost every item you build on Hecarim perfectly.


Ninja Tabi / Mercury's Treads / Boots of Swiftness

There are three boots you'll be building, Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads, and Boots of Swiftness. You can build these before Trinity Force if you're having a slow game or need the stats they provide, otherwise you get them right after.

Ninja Tabi are pretty stardard and the armor you get is very good for lowering the damage from neutral creeps, minions, champions, and turret shots making diving a bit easier.

Mercury's Treads are also very standard and are used vs champions with a lot of cc like Fiddlesticks or Morgana and against teams consisting of mostly AP damage.

Boots of Swiftness can be built too but they're mainly used against champions that have movement slowing effects, like Lulu or Nunu. I don't usually build these often but I have fun when I do.


Youmuu's Ghostblade

I build Youmuu's Ghostblade after Trinity Force only when I'm snowballing, your mid game damage and dueling becomes ridiculous with this item. But whenever you get to late game you should sell this for a different defensive item because it doesn't scale well if the enemy team ends up coming back and has 6 items. If you're confident with your positioning build this item when you get ahead.


Sterak's Gage

Sterak's Gage is one of my favorite items to build now and is basically in every one of my builds. It allows you to engage safer and provides you with extra damage and 30% of your health when the shield gets procced. This item has natural scaling whenever you build full or mostly full AD, and also has amazing synergy with Thunderlord's Decree with all of the AD multipliers. It does fine on regular builds and can be built late game as a replacement to your boots or jungle item as well if you haven't made one situationally already. Overall it's a very solid item to use on Hecarim.


Maw of Malmortius

Maw of Malmortius I enjoy building against heavy burst AP champions or when I get very ahead. It gives you AD, MR, Armor Penetration, and a shield that absorbs magic damage which also steroids your Attack Speed, Spell Vamp, and Life Steal while it's active. It's meshes well when built with a Sterak's Gage and is a nice offensive defensive item in the right situation.


Dead Man's Plate

I build Dead Man's Plate in every single game that I play and it has amazing synergy with Hecarim. You get increased movement speed, extra damage when you auto attack somebody with your accumulated stacks, as well having a great amount of health and armor. This item has nice synergy with your passive and your E, slightly increasing your AD and the impact damage on your E whenever you auto attack somebody with full stacks. The movement speed also helps with traveling around the map to rotate or make plays and should be built on most every melee or tank champion.


Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage is the best defensive MR item for Hecarim, I consistently use it in my builds because the 20% increase to all healing passive does wonders with your W, as well as any other healing from allied champions like Soraka or Nami. The health, CDR, MR, and passive make this item a must buy whenever you're against any AP champions and want to have better defense and sustain during team fights.


Randuin's Omen

I don't usually build Randuin's Omen unless it's against an all AD team or whenever there's multiple crit / attack speed champions on one team getting strong, like Master Yi or Caitlyn. Although I don't build it often it's actually a very good defensive item with nice stats, the passive 15% Attack Speed debuff to attackers and active AoE slow make it one of the best team fighting or peeling items in the game.

◄ Situational Item Notes ►


Hextech Gunblade

Hextech Gunblade can be good if you want more damage with lots of sustain, it scales well since you'll be healing off literally everything that you use because the healing got changed, Heal 15% of damage dealt. The problem is that it makes you very squishy and you have to utilizing the healing from your W effectively and position properly during team fights. I would only build this as a replacement for your jungle item late game if I needed more damage.


Zz'Rot Portal

The Zz'Rot Portal is fairly popular in the meta right now and is actually not too bad on Hecarim. You get a nice amount of armor and MR for mitigation as well as a passive for building up +20% movement speed while near turrets and fallen turrets, the active is also very efficient in helping defend against lane creeps or pushing creep waves.


Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart is a great item on Hecarim, I would be building it more if it wasn't overcapping my CDR on regular Warrior builds, but against full AD teams you can build it every time. You make use of every stat on this item and get a Reduced 15% Attack Speed Aura to help whenever you decide to duel champions benefiting from attack speed or team fight.


Iceborn Gauntlet

I'm putting down my thoughts for Iceborn Gauntlet, I think it's an alright item on some champions, and even overpowered. But for Hecarim it just doesn't give him the damage I want, it makes you excessively tanky or annoying yes, but in terms of scaling it falls off very hard mid / late game and I've never really enjoyed it. The only thing I like about this item is the -20% CDR, but with so many other items having CDR it's hard to place it in a build that could do well and actually carry. Iceborn Gauntlet to me is just very underwhelming and you won't carry as hard as you would with a Trinity Force.


Elixir of Iron / Elixir of Wrath

The two elixirs you'll buy for additional stats mid / late game are Elixir of Iron and Elixir of Wrath. On a typical hybrid build you'll probably want to buy Elixir of Iron for the Health and Tenacity, but if you build heavy AD, need more damage, or don't need the Tenacity, you should buy Elixir of Wrath.

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  • Ekko
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Aatrox will beat you in duels early but Hecarim has better ganks and team fighting. Aatrox is very dangerous when his passive Blood Well is up, he can dive turrets and survive a lot of situations with it, but when it's down he becomes vulnerable and can be counterganked very easily. You have better team fighting in most cases and shouldn't have an issue, just avoid dueling him early and outmaneuver him in team fights. A tip against Aatrox that can prevent him from getting away, is that you can use your Devastating Charge [E] to interrupt his Dark Flight [Q] mid air.




Amumu is an easy matchup for Hecaim, you out damage him at all stages of the game unless he goes pure AP and gets ahead, and can duel him with ease early game. Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy [R] provides his team with great team fighting whether he builds pure tank or AP, so keep dodging his Bandage Toss [Q] until you find an opening and engage.




Cho'Gath is pretty much a joke early game, you can dodge his Rupture [Q] and Feral Scream [W] easily and can usually out duel him. He becomes extremely tanky and scales well into the mid > late game, has a lot of crowd control for team fights, and can choose to use his Feast [R] as a second Smite when securing objectives. Overall you have far better ganks and more map presence, but his poke can feel overwhelming when his team starts getting ahead.







Elise can duel you if she gets the jump on you and lands everything, but Hecarim will always out scale and out damage her in any other scenario. Elise may have great jungle sustain but her scaling is very poor, she usually builds tanky to stay relevant in the game, but sometimes she build lots of AP when ahead. You can basically run her over at anytime regardless of her build, so you shouldn't have many problems.




Evelynn can only duel Hecarim early game, she has fairly decent early damage and tries to make a lot of plays, but her late game scaling in comparison to most other Junglers right now is where she falls off hard. She has extremely potent ganks and can snowball a game similar to the way Shaco does, so just try to make it out of the early game and buy pink wards to help keep her movements under control.




Fiddlesticks is annoying to duel because of his Terrify [Q] and Drain [W], but Hecarim does fine against him when your crowd control is used properly. Use your Devastating Charge [E] or Onslaught of Shadows [R] to interrupt his Drain [W], Crowstorm [R], or gap close after he uses Terrify [Q]. Also try to keep vision of where you think he's going to Crowstorm [R] from, this is all of his damage and if prevented will win you the team fight.




Fizz is hard to deal with and snowballs really hard, he'll usually out duel you every time unless you're ahead, but he's still killable. His Playful / Trickster [E] is what he uses to outplay you, he can use it to avoid your abilities, leap over terrain, chase you down, or stall long enough for his teammates to join the fight. Usually you want to wait until he uses it before engaging on him with your Onslaught of Shadows [R], because if you ever catch a him without it he's basically dead.




Gragas can't really win duels against you but he has a lot of crowd control, if you can play around his Barrel Roll [Q] and Body Slam [E] it's not that bad. His Barrel Roll [Q] slows anyone in the radius of the barrel whenever he decides to activate the explosion, so you'll need to run around it most of the time. His Body Slam [E] makes him stun the first person he collides with and allows him to charge over terrain, as Hecarim you can use your Devastating Charge [E] to help position yourself in front of the direction he wants to charge in to body block it. He becomes really tanky  mid > late game so just try to play around his crowd control and you'll be fine.











Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV can be fairly simple to duel 1v1, but his kit allows him to be more consistent than Hecarim right now in soloq, since he became extremely popular and easy to play again. If you can dodge the Demacian Standard [E] + Dragon Strike [Q] combo you win the duel most of the time. His power comes from ganking and team fighting, he's one of the safest Junglers in the game has an amazing hard engage. A tip for dueling Jarvan IV, is that your Devastating Charge [E] can cancel his Demacian Standard [E] + Dragon Strike [Q] combo mid air if you time it properly. Another tip is that his Cataclysm [R] can catch you mid air after using your Onslaught of Shadows [R], so if you know his Cataclysm [R] is up while he's chasing you, always wait until he uses it first before using your Onslaught of Shadows [R] otherwise he'll catch you every time.







Karthus is a nice matchup for Hecarim, he's really squishy early and you can dodge his Lay Waste [Q] very easily, which makes dueling him fairly simple. His early game may be weak but his late game is just as strong if not stronger than yours, he does tons of damage and has great scaling with his design. Something to always try and keep track of is the cooldown of his Requiem [R], it does global AoE damage and can be used to countergank you, so always be aware and take it's damage into account when forcing ganks past level 6. Karthus also does Dragon and Baron extremely quickly.




Kayle jungle isn't that hard to deal with as Hecarim, her power come from her ult and team play. Hecarim can usually out damage a jungle Kayle for most of the game due to her squishy builds, but has problems sticking to her when his Devastating Charge [E] or Onslaught of Shadows [R] is on cooldown, so try not to get kited by her Reckoning [Q] and Divine Blessing [W]. Her ganks aren't that amazing and can be easily countered, but her counterganking, team fighting, and turret diving are strong because of her Intervention [R].




Kha'Zix out duels you early game but you have the potential to snowball just as hard as he does. He has a strong kit for both team fighting and dueling, builds mostly AD, has a reset on his Leap [E], and puts out great single target damage. This means he's always killable but very dangerous, you can snowball against him just as hard so don't be intimidated.





Lee Sin


Lee Sin is one of the most unfair Junglers in the game when played correctly. Hecarim will out scale Lee Sin late game, but Lee Sin has very high damage early > mid game and can make amazing outplays or invade you frequently. When dueling him in the jungle try your best to dodge his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike [Q] and his damage will be cut drastically, the odds will be more in your favor but don't underestimate his damage or utility at any point.







Maokai is difficult to duel, between his passive Sap Magic healing him every so often and the crowd control his kit provides I wouldn't recommend dueling him. His mid > late game scaling is amazing for a tank, he provides three forms of crowd control and AoE damage mitigation, all of which counter Hecarim.


Master Yi


Master Yi is very squishy early and can't really beat you until he gets his items, all he does is farm to scale for the mid > late game. If he gets ahead he becomes overwhelming to deal with, to the point where he'll kill anybody in a matter of seconds. Your Onslaught of Shadows [R] can interrupt him out of his Alpha Strike [Q] long enough for your team to kill him, so if you ever face a fed Master Yi save your ult for just him. But if you ever get ahead of him you can just run him over most of the game.




Nautilus is similar to Maokai with how much crowd control he has, but can actually be harder to fight. Like Maokai, Nautilus has three forms of crowd control and self mitigation, all of which counter Hecarim. He becomes extremely tanky late game, but if you ever get ahead of him early > mid game he doesn't do much.







Nocturne isn't that hard to deal with as Hecarim, but if he blocks something good with his Shroud of Darkness [W] or gets enough auto attacks off in the duration of his Unspeakable Horror [E] fear, you could lose the trade. His Paranoia [R] is the only reliable form of ganking he has, so try your best to predict and countergank it when it happens. Hecarim has a better team fight than Nocturne does, so if you ever get behind try to focus on that.




Nunu will never kill you, and you will never kill him. When you go against a Nunu the game changes objectively and you need to be aware of his superior objective and buff control. Nunu will often invade you whether it be early or throughout the game, so you need to maintain vision control at the openings of your jungle and dragon area in case he tries to solo it. Also realize how hard it is to smite through his Consume [Q] + Smite combo, his Consume [Q] is like having second Smite so it's near impossible to secure objectives when he's around. His ganks are nothing special and are easily avoidable, so just be careful when fighting over objectives.







Pantheon duels very well and blocks many of your attacks with his passive Aegis Protection and his Aegis of Zeonia [W], so I would suggest not to duel him unless you have a noticeable advantage. You can also check how many stacks his passive has before choosing to fight him, if you wanted to try and calculate the trade better. Pantheon snowballs hard and has great gank potential with his Grand Skyfall [R], so try your best to either countergank or outmaneuver him in team fights.




Rammus will never be able to out trade you in the jungle, but it takes so long to kill him that most of the time it's not even worth it. His power comes from ganking and map presence, so focus on trying to maintain vision control to help deal with his consistent ganking.




Rek'Sai is a very good dueler and is extremely hard to deal with for every Jungler right now. Her passive Fury of the Xer'Sai provides her with stacking fury by using auto attacks or spells while being unburrowed, this allows her the choice to sustain health while using Burrow / Un-burrow [W] or to deal bonus damage on her Furious Bite / Tunnel [E] based on her current fury. Her Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker [Q] will provide her next 3 auto attacks with bonus damage, her Burrow / Un-burrow [W] will knock up and damage nearby enemies when she Un-burrows beneath them, her Furious Bite / Tunnel provides additional damage and kite / chase potential, and her Void Rush [R] makes moving around the map very easy.

So between her auto attack steroid, low cooldown knock up, chase potential with tunnels, and passive sustain while burrowed, unless you're noticeably ahead of her you'll lose almost every trade. She takes very little skill to play and I highly suggest banning her every game.




Rengar is one of the harder champions to deal with as Hecarim. His kit provides him with massive damage, high sustain, crowd control, and late game scaling. He can also invade you early because of the extra mobility his passive Unseen Predator provides, but if your laners respond to it fast enough you should be able to kill him or at least burn his Flash, don't forget to drop your trinket ward when this is happening. Try to get pink wards out on the map to help deal with his Thrill of the Hunt [R] since it's his only reliable way of ganking, and try not to stack while team fighting and he shouldn't be too bad.







You should be able to out duel Sejuani throughout the game, the only thing that's annoying is the CC from her kit. Her Arctic Assault [Q] knocks you up, Permafrost [E] slows you, and her Glacial Prison [R] stuns you. Hecarim doesn't do well vs a lot of CC so just try to dodge her abilities when you can, she just has a strong kit to prevent you from moving around as much.




Shaco is one of the best early game snowballers, you outscale him and out damage him on an equal footing, but if he gets ahead early and maintains momentum the game could be over fast. There's a pretty good chance he'll try to invade you at your second buff, so use your trinket ward defensively as or before it happens, that way it gives you and your teammates more vision to work with when trying to kill or force him out of your jungle. After your buffs are out of the way try to predict his movements, watch your laners to see if they're overextended, if they are odds are Shaco will try to gank it. If you get behind early just build pure tank and play for late game team fighting.




Shyvana out duels you through most of the game, she does good damage, gets really tanky, and has great late game scaling. Shyvana's ganks are nothing special because she has no reliable gap closer, but her farming and counterganking make up for it. Be careful if you have no vision of her before you gank and try not to duel her often, she lacks crowd control and has a lot of AoE damage so try your best to out outmaneuver her when it comes to team fighting.




Skarner's kit is similar to Hecarim's with his Crystal Slash [Q] spam and Crystalline Exoskeleton [W] movement speed increase. You can duel him early but be careful of the stun that applies from his passive Crystallizing Sting, if the fight lasts long enough and your Devastating Charge [E] is still on cooldown, he'll beat you. He usually builds into an Iceborn Gauntlet and becomes very tanky mid > late game, If he ever gets fed he can dive your laners with his Impale [R] after he gains a bit of armor, so try to be there when it happens and it shouldn't be too bad.




Trundle is really annoying to duel in the jungle but he's not as reliable when it comes to his ganks. His Frozen Domain [W] and Pillar of Ice [E] provide him with enough utility to chase and kite people extremely easily, so although he doesn't have a gap closer to gank with, his counterganking and dueling is amazing, so try and avoid these situations. He has far too many 1v1 dueling steroids and will stick to you after any fight, so if your Devastating Charge [E] is on cooldown while his abilities are active, you're pretty much going to die. Just try to focus on better ganking and positioning and you should be fine.







Udyr doesn't have as good of a team fight as Hecarim, but he scales harder and can be annoying to deal with because of the amount of utility he has. You play against his two different styles, Tiger Stance [Q] or Phoenix Stance [R].

When against Tiger Stance [Q] Udyr, know that he has high dueling power. Tiger Stance [Q] provides him with an attack speed steroid and makes his first auto attack apply high damage over time. Basically if you sit there and try to out damage this stance before you have a noticeable lead, you're going to lose the trade every time, so don't. Just focus on ganking and counterganking accordingly, because a Tiger Stance [Q] Udyr enjoys combat.

When facing a Phoenix Stance [R] Udyr, you have a certain amount of time before things start to get out of control. There's a high chance he'll be farming a lot but with this patch he'll probably try to gank a few times early due to the new jungle timers. When he begins to scale his items he'll start to solo dragons or push side lanes, so try to keep dragon warded at all times and have someone rotate around his split push. Also try not to chase him for too long when he has a lot of CDR, he'll just kite you with Bear Stance [E] and Turtle Stance [W] to make you waste time or bait you into a vulnerable position for him or his team.




Vi can equally scale with Hecarim and can potentially snowball harder. Vi can out damage you if she lands her Vault Breaker [Q], but if you can manage to dodge or interrupt it you can beat her, especially since it's her only form of escape outside of Flash. She has good damage and her kit is fairly easy to predict, but if she ever gets ahead and is good at landing her Vault Breaker [Q], all you can do is build tanky and try to out team fight her.

A tip against Vi that can prevent her from escaping or doing lots of damage, is try to use your Devastating Charge [E] as soon as she starts to charge up her Vault Breaker [Q] if you can, because it will interrupt it and prevent her from getting away when you time it properly, it also cuts her damage drastically.




Volibear can beat you early but you become more relevant the longer the game goes on. His passive Chosen of The Storm gives him pretty good dueling against anything, but the one problem Volibear suffers is that he can get kited very easily. Most of his damage will be from his auto attacks and Frenzy [W] bite, so you can avoid most of his damage just by running away from him. I wouldn't recommend dueling him ever unless he was noticeably behind, because he has enough utility in his kit to kite you or stall long enough for his teammates to arrive, so don't waste your time. Also be careful of his Frenzy [W] bite + Smite combo when contesting objectives, don't underestimate how much combined damage it does.




Warwick can be annoying to deal with, he just sits there and farms till level 6 which allows you to get free ganks off until the next set of double buffs. When he hits level 6 expect him to gank whenever his Infinite Duress [R] is off cooldown, try to maintain vision and countergank accordingly if you have an idea where he's going. Hecarim can use his Devastating Charge [E] to interrupt Warwick's Infinite Duress [R] when used on allied champions, so always be aware of that.




Wukong can be pretty hard to deal with if he gets ahead, he out duels you early and always builds AD/tank so he's always a threat. His Cyclone [R], aside from being a god tier engage, is a good way to stop you from getting to his carries and deals lots of damage which is perfect for team fights, his Decoy [W] also makes him very slippery. You can out damage him when you get your Trinity Force since he builds a lot of AD and it makes him pretty squishy early if he's ever caught out, so just run him down whenever you get ahead.


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao has good damage and can duel you early. Between his Three Talon Strike [Q] knock up, Battle Cry [W] sustain, and Audacious Charge [E] gap closer, he'll be able to stick to you with or without a red buff. If you get the jump on him I feel you can beat him in most trades but don't underestimate his mitigation. His late game is also really solid because of the the hybrid tank build he usually builds, as well as the amount of resistance his Crescent Sweep [R] provides.




Zac usually won't be able to out duel you, but at the same time you'll never kill him. Zac is very disruptive and builds tanky to provide his team with crowd control and god tier engages with his Elastic Slingshot [E] > Let's Bounce! [R] combo. You can track the position of where Zac is going to land with his Elastic Slingshot [E] by checking for his shadow on the ground to make predicting his movements slightly easier. He can also dive turrets and bait fights really well with his passive Cell Division, so always be aware of when it might be up and judge fights accordingly. A tip against Zac is to use Hecarim's Devastating Charge [E] to interrupt his Elastic Slingshot [E] while he's charging it, this avoids him from engaging or getting away from a fight.

Early, Mid, and Late Game Back to Top

Early Game:

Hecarim's main focus early game is to make it out of the jungle with good farm and to not get cheesed by the enemy Jungler. Hecarim is the type of Jungler where you need to try and make it to level 6 as soon as possible, so doing a full jungle clear and coming back out to gank at level 4 after your first buy is usually ideal. If you're against any early game Jungler that can invade you at level 2 or 3 like Shaco, Lee Sin, or Kha'Zix, make sure to use your Warding Totem if you think that you're going to get invaded. If you don't do this and they end up killing you, you're going to be so far behind that it's almost impossible to come back from. And also never underestimate how powerful your early ganks are with Ghost, it's one of the strongest ganks currently available in the game.

Mid Game:

Mid game is when you'll start completing most of your core items like Trinity Force, Cinderhulk, Boots, Guardian Angel, and so on. This is probably the most comfortable stage of the game for Hecarim, because if you're ahead early game it will really show during the mid game. You will also start to fight over objectives like Dragon and Baron more frequently, which means you'll be team fighting all the time, and this is where Hecarim's kit becomes super valuable. If you're ever behind during the mid game you will have to build tank for the rest of the game, which is fine, just try to have superior team fighting with your Onslaught of Shadows [R] to give your team the best chance of winning.

Late Game:

Late game is a strong point in the game for Hecarim, this is when everyone will start completing their 6 item builds and have extremely long death timers. Usually late game is about winning team fights and taking objectives afterwards, this is where landing a good Onslaught of Shadows [R] could win you the game. Since death timers can be over 60 seconds long, any team fight you win can give your team the opportunity to take objectives like Baron, Elder Dragon, inhibitors, or even the enemy Nexus. Remember that you won't be doing as much damage when the enemy team reaches 6 items late game, so team fighting is very important.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Hecarim has one of the best team fights in the entire game, one of his biggest goals for team fighting is knowing how to properly land your ult. You want to have purpose when you use your ult, you don't want to waste it, if there's one carry doing everything on the enemy team you aim for that one carry. If they have multiple carries doing well, you aim your ult at them if possible to try and get a kill during the duration of your fear + E combo.

Other times knowing when to respond to engages is also crucial, knowing when your teammates are fed and how to peel for them could make or break a team fight. If you need to protect them with your ult, E, or Chilling Smite to prevent them from dying, then do it. Your team fight is only as good as the ult that you land the higher elo you get, knowing when to use your ult to hard engage and peel are two separate issues. Always be aware of the match ups and team comps and think about the situation before it happens so you can properly prepare.

Like if a melee heavy group tries to constantly dive your back line with a Diana and Rengar combo, it's probably a wise idea to save your ult so you can peel them when they decide to engage every time. Other times when you see an opening or have follow up cc on your teammates it might be a good idea to hard engage, like if the Diana or Rengar were on your team, if you make the right catch, either of those champions with you would probably kill an enemy carry in the duration of your fear.

Hecarim damage is mostly AoE with Trinity Force damage, every other second you get your Sheen proc off and deal additional damage on your autos as you spam Q. It's also important to use your W properly in a team fight and not waste it, if you know you'll get no benefit from it at the beginning of a team fight, hold onto it until you start taking damage, so that you and your teams combined damage will heal for more than it would when you engaged a few seconds earlier, potentially wasting all of your W's duration.

Try to go for the squishier targets if people get spread, either peel for your carries or go after theirs, you do high damage to squishy targets with your Q + Sheen auto combos. If people end up clumping it's the same thing except you're cleaving everyone with your Q as you're singling out their carries, I almost always go for carries or try to make people focus me because I have a higher chance to sustain and live.

However If you end up building full AD though, you need to play like an assassin with all of your ults and positioning, regardless of what your team says. Always engaging on enemy carries and just 2 shot them, if you get fed you'll have no problems doing this, you're very squishy but your damage is so high it won't matter, you're almost always guaranteed to kill someone if you land your ult and get them alone for 2 seconds in a full AD build, which is what I truly enjoy.

But for the most part you just want to try and land your ult on as many champions as possible while trying to compliment your teams follow up or disengage. Landing your ult on 3-5 people in a team fight will always give you an initial proactive advantage, whether it be from knocking someone into your team with your follow up E, getting your teams damage combos off first, or just assassinating someone before the fight even begins.

Remember when using your ult that people will get feared away from where Hecarim is located, so you need to strategically place yourself to compliment this effect. Fear people away from your carries by ulting in front of them after they engage, and fear enemy carries into your team by ulting behind them as you engage.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

◄ Summoner Spells ►


When playing Hecarim don't ever make the mistake of taking Flash instead of Ghost, if you ever replace Ghost it's with Ignite, and even then Ghost is still better. I see Hecarim players in lower elo take Flash sometimes and it just makes me cringe every time I see it. Flash has a longer cooldown, doesn't allow you to play as aggressively, has very little synergy with Hecarim's kit, and will make you look bad, so don't use it.

◄ Abilities ►

Rampage [Q]:

When using Rampage [Q] prior to any fight remember that you can always start stacking it by hitting lane creeps or jungle monsters prior to engaging, this allows you to put out slightly more damage by being able to spam more with the reduced cooldown. Reducing the cooldown on Rampage [Q] allows your Sheen empowered auto attacks to proc more frequently. Also remember if you're ever kiting players you can use Rampage [Q] as you're running away from them to do more damage as you move, this could be the difference you need if you ever decide to turn on them.

Spirit of Dread [W]:

The biggest problem I see other Hecarim players do with Spirit of Dread [W], is that they use it at the beginning of a team fight when they engage with Onslaught of Shadows [R] at full health. Doing this will potentially waste the entire duration of the active and reduce your sustain tremendously, leaving you vulnerable after you engage. Spirit of Dread [W] is wasted in this situation because it usually takes a few seconds for your team to follow up with their damage, and then after the Onslaught of Shadows [R] 1 second fear, it takes a few seconds for you yourself to take damage so that the healing you receive doesn't heal you when you're already at full health. Remember that Spirit of Dread [W] has a long cooldown even at max rank and you may only get to use it once during a team fight, so use it wisely.

Devastating Charge [E]:

When using Devastating Charge [E] don't ever just randomly tap it on something thinking you'll be doing more damage. Inexperienced Hecarim player's will just randomly use it in the middle of a damage rotation when fighting jungle camps or enemy champions and completely waste the ability. You only tap Devastating Charge [E] in certain situations, like for an auto attack reset to kill a jungle monster or enemy champion before they kill you, or to dodge abilities from enemy champions. An example of this would be, if you're slowed right next to a creep wave and a Lux tries to Light Binding [Q] or Final Spark [R] you, just tap Devastating Charge [E] to a creep right beside you to quickly jump out of the way. Always use your Devastating Charge [E] wisely or it could leave you vulnerable and prevent you from helping your teammates.

Also when using your Devastating Charge [E] remember to try and knockback enemies in a favorable direction for both you and your teammates. Don't just knock someone back without thinking, like pushing them further away from your teammates or closer to their own turret. Always try your best to flank behind and push them into a position that will be more beneficial for you and your teammates. Another thing Devastating Charge [E] will let you do is jump over terrain, this works for the walls and ledges in the jungle, along the river, inside the Dragon and Baron pits, and for abilities like Jarvan IV's Cataclysm [R] or Anivia's Crystallize [W].

Onslaught of Shadows [R]:

You can use Onslaught of Shadows [R] on its own or in correlation with your Devastating Charge [E] and Ghost. When using Onslaught of Shadows [R] with Devastating Charge [E] you'll put out more damage and be able to knockback any single target further into any direction that you choose. Being able to pull off the 1 second fear into knockback combo will usually kill most carries. Ghost will just speed up the entire process by leaving the enemy with less time to react to your engage and provide you with additional damage.

Lane Synergies Back to Top


Personally I enjoy ganking for lanes that have some sort of crowd control for me to work with, like Annie's Pyromania, Morgana's Dark Binding, or Ryze's Rune Prison. But the real synergy is playing with a champion that will help me scale harder into the mid > late game. Champions that synergize the best with Hecarim are Zilean, Karma, Lulu, Janna, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Morgana, Orianna, Sivir, Kayle, and Kled. These champions provide different forms of utility to help you carry the game harder than usual. Whether it's bonus movement speed, shields, mitigation, healing, or invulnerability, these champions will synergize the best with Hecarim and provide you with the maximum carry potential.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


About Me Back to Top

◄ League of Legends ►

Hey everyone my name is Jordan, and I play Hecarim. I've been playing League of Legends for the past 3 years, and I'm a NA Challenger Tier Hecarim Main, 2900+ elo jungle. I've been in high elo ever since I started playing back in season 3 when I finished my first season in Diamond 1, and have been Master or Challenger Tier every single season since then. I'm mostly known for my Hecarim gameplay and have almost 5000 total games with him, but I also play other Junglers like Evelynn, Udyr, Shyvana, Rammus, Nocturne, Skarner, and Sejuani.


◄ Social Media Links ►

Be sure to check out my social media if you have any questions or want to catch my stream when I go live. I don't have a real schedule, but I try to stream every day. If you want to know when I'm streaming, follow my channel or like me on Facebook / Twitter for live notifications! I have a small community, but all are welcome.


Also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I upload soloq games from stream if you enjoy full length soloq videos, it will have a variety of videos but will mostly be Hecarim related. I will upload "Rocklee Spectates: Coaching Videos" from time to time and have a full "Season 5: Unranked to Diamond - Hecarim Only (Unless picked or banned) Series" you can check out if you like. Also the Unranked to Diamond series started with Bronze 5 mmr, so you can see how easy it is to carry yourself out of elo hell. And if you were curious about Rocklee Spectates be sure to check out my Twitch page for all of the information.

YouTube: Full Length Soloq Games (Variety)
YouTube: Rocklee Spectates: Coaching Videos
YouTube: Season 5: Unranked to Diamond - Hecarim Only (Unless picked or banned) Series!

Thanks for reading my Hecarim Guide! I hope it helps you carry your games with more confidence and finesse. You will see how good having an aggressive playstyle will be with enough practice, always remember the best defense is a good offense! Take Care!
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