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All Guides Gangplank Guides How to learn toplane as GP + GP support (extra)
6 months ago

Gangplank Statistics for FuFû

Author's performance with Gangplank compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash 4.png or Ghost 6.png ?

It depends on the enemy jungler and the enemy top laner:
  • Take Ghost 6.png if you are sure that you won't need it in early because Ghost 6.png is the best for mid / late game!
  • Flash 4.png is good in order to survive to the first gank because if you die first this can be bad for you! If your enemy kills you one or two times at the top lane, he will snowball and carry his team so you don't want it! 

TP 12.png or Ignite 14.png ?

Still situational:
  • Pick TP 12.png If you think you will have to back often or if you think your team need you with a TP 12.png (for example TP  12.png is very good against Shen 98_icon_64.png or cool if you want to splitpush in lategame).
  • Ignite 14.png is better if you think that you can't kill your enemy without it (against Vlad 8_icon_64.png or Yorick 83_icon_64.png you will need it because their heals are good).
  • Exhaust 3.png is useful just when you want to focus the enemy AD carry, you will be able to kill him easily with Exhaust but I don't like it. So as you want but I don't recommend it.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +8 health Greater Seal of Health
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 3x
    +2.7 health regen / 5 sec. Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed


  • Attack damage marks are maybe the best: it helps you last hitting and it gives you good early damages.
  • Armor penetration is also a good choice but take it only if you are experienced with GP 41_64.png and last hitting. Those runes are better for mid game / late game.


Flat armor seals or Flat health seals are the best runes in my opinion. Take armor against AD laner et health against AP. If you don't have a lot of pages, take just a page with health, it's always good.


It's the same with them, you need Magic resist! After, it is as you want, Flat runes are good for early game (if you are against an AP champion like Vlad 8_icon_64.png, Elise 60_64.png or Rumble 68_icon_64.png, Per level runes are better for late game (on top lane, Per level runes are very good because it's a solo lane so you will be faster level 18 and you will often be against an AD champion).

Tips: You can also mix them with, for example, 4 flat and 5 per level (with that you will save a rune page).


  • HP/5 runes are good against harasser champions such as Nidalee 76_icon_64.png, Teemo 17_icon_64.png, Yorick 83_icon_64.png or Elise 60_64.png because their harass is good in early and you need sustain.
  • Attack damageclassic runes on an AD champion; those runes are always useful and for all matchups.
  • Movement speed: it's more for late game, with those runes and with your ghost you will be able to catch who you want! (amazing if you are against team with no CC and/or against an AD carry with no escape!).

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 10


Defense: 17


Utility: 3

Why 10/17/3?

Gangplank 41_icon_64.png is squishy in early so you need sustain / resistances (I mean, he has no shield or resistances buff).
21 in offense is bad for your early game and late game: you don't want to be insta killed by the enemy carry!
Utility tree can be good but you will lose damages or resistances (and you need it!).
Moreover, if you play a bruiser Gangplank 41_64.png, you will have to be on the front line and to take a good part of the damages so you really need to be tanky.
I only put 17 in defense because I don't think you need the mastery "Tenacious" while playing Gangplank 41_64.png because you have already your W and you can buy Mercury's Treads 3111_32.png.


  • 1 points in Butcher + 1 in Feast for easy last hits and a bit of regeneration.
  • I prefer CD reduction to attack speed because CD if really good if you want to spam your W and Q. Your spells also does not scale on attack speed.
  • Take the AD, no need to explain why...
  • 1 point in Executioner can be really useful if you don't want to put points in utility.


  • Veteran's scars / Juggernaut / Hardiness are for early game laning.
  • Recovery / Perseverance will allow you to regenerate a lot of health in the laning phase.
  • Unyielding / Block: very good against champions who are annoying with their auto-attacks (like Nidalee 76_icon_64.png or Teemo 17_icon_64.png).
  • Second wind is very interesting if you often use your W in order to bait.
  • Runic shield is not very worth-it because it only refreshes after your death :/
  • The last but not least, OPPRESSION ! This mastery synergise so well with Gangplank 41_64.png because you can keep the enemy slow h24 with your passive so this mastery is really worth !
Note: you can also put points in Resistance (extra MR) if you are against an AP champion such as Vlad 8_icon_64.pngElise 60_64.png or Rumble 68_icon_64.png (in this case, remove all your points in Hardiness).


  • 3 points in Fleet of foot can be very interesting if you are playing with MS runes or if you want extra mobility.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill order:

  • R > W > Q > E (if you have a hard laning phase)
  • R > Q > W & E (if you master the champion)

gangplank-remove-scurvy.png W (Remove Scurvy):

The only thing why I have made this guide is for this! Your W  is very cool ! It gives you 360 HP when you are level 9! It's awesome!  Every 18 seconds (less if you have CDR) you gains 25% of your health.
This spell is also awesome because you can bait an enemy: for example, if your opponent see you with less than 10% HP, he will maybe Flash 4.png and try to kill you but you have your W so his Flash 4.png is now wasted ;)

Tips: When you are sure that someone will CC you, prepare yourself to press W. W has a slow animation so if you anticipate the CC you can avoid some CC duration!

gangplank-grog-soaked-blade.png Passive (Grog - Soaked Blade):

Your passive grants you an extra DOT on your Q & auto attacks + a slow (3 + 1 per level damages per second, slow 7% per stack to a maximum of 21%). It can be stacked up to 3 times

Tips: if your jungler is coming, try to harass your opponent in order to stack it on your opponent (21% max slow). Your Q also procs your passive so you can use your Q in order to refresh the DOT.

Care to your passive because if you harass your opponent under his tower, the DOT will force the tower to attack you :/

gangplank-parrrley.png Q (Parrrley):

Your Q  is also a good ability: you can harass with it (short CD) and the mana cost isn't  too high. This spell is also very strong because it procs Sheen 3057_32.png and all on-hit effects, it can crit and procs your passive.

  • You also gain extra gold (4/5/6/7/8) and 50% of the mana cost if you kill a unit with your Q (for example, it works on Zyra's 143_icon_64.png plants or Yorick's 83_icon_64.png ghouls).
  • You can also gain extra gold with these items: Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png, Tiamat 3077_32.png, Ravenous Hydra 3074_32.png and Statikk Shyv 3087_32.png. It is because if you kill, for example, 4 units with your Q (thanks to the AOE passive of those items), you will get 4 times the extra gold passive so you will get 32 golds!

gangplank-raise-morale.png E (Raise Morale):

Your E  gives you passive AD bonus, passive movement speed bonus. If you cast it, it gives to you and to your allies a better AD bonus and MS bonus.

  • Try to use it when all your team is around you: this is awesome when you engage / chase / flee and It buffs your AD carry.
  • You can also use it in order to chase your lane opponent or to escape from a gank.

gangplank-cannon-barrage.png R (Cannon Barrage)

Finally, your ultimate is a semi-global and very useful one! It deals decent damage (75 / 120 / 165 damages per cannonball) and slows all enemies into a large area (25% of slow). I love this ultimate! It can help so much your team!

  • You can use it just in order to slow enemies (for example if someone want to kill an ally / if someone if running away), you can use it for extra damage (in low elo games your enemies will, most of the time, underestimate the damage), you can use it as an engage, you can also use it to catch an opponent who is out of position easily.
  • It also allow you to splipush because if your team is fighting, you can help them even if they are at the other corner of the map.
  • You can use it in order to farm a pushed lane. For example if your team is pushing the middle lane and if a wave of 30 creeps is pushing bot, you can use your ultimate bot and farm those creeps. It's not recommended but you can do it sometimes.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Sustain + ward (something classic)
    If you want to rush chalice, only if you are against AP champions or need to spam
    take this if your opponent will AA you a lot!
    vs heavy ad champion
    if you go full early game and want to win early trades
    Support start

Core Items

    Early purchases -> good 1v1 potential and farm
    Chalice 2.0, take it if you wanna spam :)
    Classic full build
    Iceborn Gauntlet can be replaced by trinity force if you want more damage !
    alternative build
    Split pusher build if you have TP (kinda troll but fun to play)
    Support Midgame
    Lategame Support

Situational Items

    if you take a lot of auto-attacks
    If you are against an AP champion or when you want to farm non-stop
    If you wanna be a farming machine !
    critplank if you want to os the enemies !
    tank-oriented gangplank
    CC-oriented gangplank if you need to catch some bad guys
    Items to consider against AD team
    items to consider against ap team


  • Doran Blade 1055_32.png is something really classic if you just want to trade and farm well. But careful, with this, you are easy to gank !
  • Crystalline Flask 2041_32.png costs you only 345 gold so you can buy 1 ward and 1 health potion or 3 health potions. Crystalline Flask 2041_32.png can be sold for 138 gold so you "earn" gold after 2 uses (3 stacks of Crystalline Flask 2041_32.png= 84 gold of health potions + 63 gold of mana potions).
  • Start with 2 Faerie Charm 1004_32.png if really need to rush Chalice 3028_32.png (VS AP champions or when it is a farm lane). But Chalice is a bad choice since the Season 5 and the mana regeneration modifications :/

Early game purchases:

  • Doran's Shield 1054_32.png can help you a lot if you are against a champion who harass you a lot with his auto attack such as Nidalee 76_64.png, Jayce 126_64.png, Teemo 17_64.png or Kennen 85_64.png. It also grants you a lot of HP/5sec, it is very good for your laning phase!
  • Rush Chalice 3028_32.png if you really need to spam your spells or if you are against an AP champion : this item won't help you in a 1v1 situation.
  • Avarice blade 3093_32.png can be bought if you know that you are ahead, it is just good if you are farming or snowballing.
  • If you want you can buy an Essence Reave3508_32.png : it's an item that suits perfectly GP: CDR, Lifesteal, a lot of AD and a really nice mana regen!

Classic final build:

For this build, I mixed damage, tank and utility items : this build is good in all the situations but not the best in some cases.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png works pretty well on GP : it gives you a good amount on CDR, armor and the proc allows you to chase your opponents. Your Q procs the Iceborn Gauntlet!
  • Ravenous Hydra 3074_32.png is also a good choice : your Q will deal AOE damage so you can have 4 times the bonus gold if with this item, pretty worth it ;) It gives a lot of AD and lifesteal so it helps you a lot in your 1v1 matchups.
  • Spirit Visage 3065_32.png is very good if you stay on the frontlines due to its good health regen. The health and the magic resistance are pretty good. The 20% CDR is also very useful !
  • Sunfire Cape 3068_32.png is more a mid game item, it is not very good in late game but still, with this you can push H24 and it makes you tanky !
  • Statikk Shyv 3087_32.png gives you a nice mobility + attack speed boost, it synergizes well with GP because his Q procs it and with my build, you have a lack of attack speed.
Note: Don't buy Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png + Gauntlet 3025_32.png + Trinity 3078_32.png, two of them are enough (the proc on Trinity 3078_32.png and on the Gauntlet 3025_32.png don't stack so it's a waste of gold if you take 2 of them)!

Critplank: If you want to do tons of damage!

Gangplank's Q can crit so that is why a lot of people play Critplank : with this build you will be able to deal 1/2 of an health bar with only 1 Q :)
  • Infinity Edge 3031_32.png  and Statikk Shiv 3087_32.png is the best combo you can do when playing Critplank : lot of CC, AD and AS.
  • Trinity Force 3078_32.png and Bloodthirster 3072_32.png are very good items for sustain and mobility and make your Q deal TONS OF DAMAGE !
  • GA 3026_32.png is the best choice with your build because you are like an ADC so one defensive item will be useless, just take this instead.


  • Celerity 3009_32.png are good if you have MS quint runes. You will able to chase everyone. With Ghost 6.png + your E you can catch who you want!
  • Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png if you're against AD champions and if you really need armor (for example against Lee 64_icon_64.png or Xin Zhao 5_icon_64.png).
  • Mercury's Threads 3111_32.png are good if you don't buy Zephyr 3172_32.png  and if the enemy team has a lot of CC or if you are against an AP champion.
  • Lucidity 3158_32.png are good if you need to spam (combined with Hydra 3074_32.png you will gain a lot of gold!).
  • Enchantment: Furor 3262_32.png  doesn't works with your passive (the DOT) but this Enchantment is very strong! Each time you use your Q (Parrrley) you will slow your opponent and you will run faster (+12% MS for 2 seconds). Good if you want to catch an enemy who is out of position! Try to buy it ASAP is you are dominating!
  • Enchantment: Distortion 3263_32.png is good if you have TP 12.png and Flash 4.png/ Ghost 6.png: you will be able to spam those spells and rush on everybody. Also good choice if at every team fight you need to use Flash 4.png / Ghost 6.png to reach your target.
  • Enchantment: Captain 3261_32.png is good if your team has a lack of engage. This Enchantment will help your team to follow you. It is more for a supportive GP with items like Gauntlet 3025_32.png or Runic Bulwark 3107_32.png.
  • Enchantment: Homeguard 3260_32.png: It's very fun on GP, with your E you can back and come soooo fast on your lane. It's to do if the enemy team is dominating and if they are destroying your base.
  • Enchantment: Alacrity 3264_32.png is good with Celerity 3009_32.png for MS boost but it's not the best choice.

Items to consider if against full CC team:

  • Mercurial Scimitar 3139_32.png is good against a full CC team and full magic team. It gives you a very good amount of AD. It also gives you 100% MS for 1 second after using it: nice when you want to run away ;) It is a very situational build.
  • Zephyr 3172_32.png is an interesting choice on GP: tenacity, CDR, attack speed. It's more for a Melee GP. The problem with this item is that you need to tank and this item does not help you to.

Support build : see later in the guide

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nasus
  • Nidalee
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Skarner
  • Talon
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Vladimir
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick
  • Zac
  • Zed




His sustain is really good and his damage pretty high. Avoid 1v1 , he is one of the best for it. His passive makes him almost impossible to kill if you are not 2 against him.
With his jump he can try to kill you so don't overextend too much and try to be under your turret or almost.

You can buy a Doran's Shield 1054_32.png, it is good against him (he is an auto attacker).
Your goal is, in this matchup, not to kill him but to help your team.




Strong mid game champion. You can try to kill her before her level 6, it should be possible.

After her level 6, she can beat you so don't force trades.
You can harass her if she doesn't have lifesteal or spellvamp items. If she has one of those items, your harass becomes useless. So try to play safe.
If you want to kill her, you have to buy one Pink Ward 2043_32.png and to put it when she uses her Shroud.
Buy some early HP and MR like your Chalice 3028_32.png and a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




He has the same sustain as you. He can't prevent you from farming and you can't too. Your W is very useful on his Rupture / Q (bump + slow) and W (silence) so try to use it when he CCs you and not just when you want health.

But be careful, if the enemy jungler comes, they can kill you easily, one Q and you are dead.

If he is pushing a lot, you can try to engage a fight: you are better than him for long fights.

Build some early health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png because his ultimate deal true damage and his burst is high: magic resistance is good but health is better.




He is better than you 1v1 so don't be caught by his E (the grab). He has a good harass with his Q so try to be out of his range.

You can bait his ultimate with your W: if he uses his ultimate, use W just before and you will gain 360 health: it can enough to survive if he didn't use Ignite 14.png.

So don't force fights and let him push. You can harass him, it is effective because he has no sustain.

Rush HP like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.


Dr. Mundo


Well, you can't kill each other because you both have an incredible regeneration so focus on farm and help your team with your R !

Take Ignite 14.png, you will really need it !
Rush Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png because Mundo goes when he pleases but not with this item in your pocket ;)




She has a good harass in human form. In spider form she can finish you. So try to avoid harass and care to their jungler, if you don't have your W when she stuns you with Cocoon (E) she will kill you.

You can try to harass her but avoid 1v1 fights. Your W is not enough to cover all her damages.

Rush health and magic resistance like Chalice 3028_32.png and a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




Strong champion in early / mid game. Her "riposte" (E) can block your Q so we can say that she counters you. But the CD on her "riposte" is higher than your Q's CD.

Don't try trades if you don't have HP and armor. You can harass her, she don't have a lot of sustain.
Buy some early HP and armor like a Doran's Shield 1054_32.png, a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png or Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




He is very strong in early but in late you are better.

Try to be behind your minions because he can burst you at level 6.

You can try to harass him but it won't be enough if you want to kill him so be focus on last hitting.

Build early health and amor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png, you will need it




She is really strong in mid / late game. She can burst you with her combo so be careful!

Your goal is to harass her a lot in early in order to prevent her from farming. You can also try early trades if you have more health than her.

If you do it well, you could force fights in mid / late game.

Do the build you want but try to buy some health (like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png).


Jarvan IV


He is a very strong champion all along the game.

Don't try to fight in early game: his combo will burst you / try to avoid his flag.
Last hit under your turret.
Buy some early HP and armor like a Gian'ts Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




In early game the lane is balanced. In mid / late game he his one of the strongest champion.

The goal is to harass him in early in order to take the lead. You can also try to fight if you can use your W when he uses his stun or when his stun is on CD (his stun has a long CD).
Do your classic build but some early health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png can help you a lot.




Jayce can harass you easily and 1v1 is balanced with your good heal.

Try to harass him and avoid his E + Q combo (acceleration gate + shock blast). Your W should be enough.

Buy a Doran's Shield 1054_32.png as soon as possible, it will help you a lot. After that, you can build what you want.




In early game, try to let her push and ask your jungler to come gank: Kayle push the lane easily with her E (Righteous fury).

You can harass her, in theory she won't max her heal so your harass can be enough to win the lane. Avoid 1v1 and avoid free harass (her Q / Reckoning deal tons of damage if she max it).
Buy an early Doran's Shield 1054_32.png if she auto attacks you a lot. Follow on Chalice 3028_32.png and some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.
Try to buy an Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png or a Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png because with that you can beat her easily (she can't flee and you should do better damage in mid game).




Kennen can be really annoying in early game with his auto attacks so if he harass you too much, let him push and avoid harass.

You can harass him, he don't have a lot of sustain and he is squishy.
In mid / late game you should be able to 1v1 him. Try to keep your W until he stuns you.
Buy an early Doran Shield 1054_32.png if he uses a lot his auto attacks. Then buy a Chalice 3028_32.png and it should be enough.




Kha'Zix is weak in early game so try to harass him. You can also try 1v1 in early.

After his level 6, he will push a lot and he will have the advantage. After the end of the mid game you are better (if he is not fed).

He has a lot of burst and mobility so be aware of his movements and if he is missing, say it to your team quickly!

Try to build early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and a Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png in order to survive to his burst.


Lee Sin


Even if he was nerfed several times, Lee Sin is still a very strong top laner. In early / mid game he is stronger. He has a good sustain with his shield and he can burst you if his Q (sonic wave) hit.

Avoid 1v1 and focus on last hitting. Your harass can be good but I don't think it can be enough.

Try to buy some health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




He can spam his Q (seismic shard) so his harass is annoying. But your W should be enough to cover all his damages.

Also, his passive shield resets every 10 seconds so try to hit him before his shield resets. Your Q is a good in order to do this ;)

Buy your Chalice 3028_32.png and follow on a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png, with those items you will be able to survive to his R + Q + E combo (which can do more than 800 damage).




Malzahar ults you? Eat an orange and it's ok!

Your W counter his suppress.




Mordekaiser is very weak in early game and pushes a lot. Try to call your jungler, he can be a free kill if your jungler has a CC.

Try to harass him in early. You can also do some trades but if he is level 6, be care! After his level 6, avoid 1v1, in mid game he is stronger thanks to his low CD and huge poke.

Buy your Chalice 3028_32.png and some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and it should be enough.

If you want to kill him easily, the Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png can help you a lot because he has no escape.




Nasus is weak in early, average in mid game and a god in late game.

Don't let him farm! Harass him a lot with your Q. His W (wither) is strong so try to use your W when he uses Wither on you and it should be easy. If his Wither is on CD or if you have your W, you can force 1v1, you are supposed to be better.

No specific items to buy.




In early game she can harass you a lot so try to avoid her auto attacks.

If her auto attacks deal too much, buy an early Doran Shield 1054_32.png.

You can harass her but she also has a heal so it will be useless I think. After her level 6, she becomes untouchable with her cougar form.

Buy your Chalice 3028_32.png and follow on a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png in order to resist to her damages (she deals a lot of damage in cougar form).

If you want to kill her, buy a Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png or an Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png because she can flee easily.




Really annoying matchup. Nunu is one of the best choice against melee champions. His sustain is really good, his harass incredible with his snowball and he is very tanky.

So, the goal is to let him push because he can chase you easily and your W is not enough to cover all his harass. Top lane Nunu is a strong early game champion but not a late game one.
You can try to harass him but I think it's a waste of mana so try to last hit properly with your Q.
After your Chalice 3028_32.png you should buy some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




Olaf has a good harass with his Axe and he beats you in 1v1 with his E (Reckless Swing) because it deals strong true damage.

Avoid 1v1, you can try to harass him. Let him push.
Buy a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and follow on the build you want.




Pantheon's passive is strong against GP: his passive (the shield) can block your Q so your harass becomes useless if his shield is up.

He can also junp on you and stun you and your W has a too long CD, you can't cleanse all his CC.
Let him push, avoid 1v1.
Buy early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




She is weak in early, balanced in mid game, a god in late game.

The goal is to prevent her from farming. So harass her a lot in early!
In mid game, if she has her Sheen 3057_32.png, she can burst you but you should be able to 1v1.
Try to never he low on your lane, she can dive you easily with her ultimate (she is immune  to turret shots when she uses it).
No specific items to build but some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png can help you a lot.




Renekton is a strong pick against all the AD top laners. He has a good sustain, a good mobility (with his double dash) and strong damages.

Avoid 1v1 if he has all his CD. If he used a lot of CD, you can try to fight but be careful.

You harass is not really effective but you can still try to harass him.

After the end of the mid game, you should be able to 1v1.

Buy health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




Rengar has a good sustain and good damages.

Your harass is very effective against him in early so spam Q ;)
Avoid 1v1 in early, you can try 1v1 in mid game.
Buy some health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png. It should be easy with those items.




Riven can burst you, she also has a good shield (so your Q is less effective) and high mobility.

Avoid 1v1 in early and try to be behind your minions, let her push. Try to cast your W when she stuns you. Be careful, she is very strong at level 3 so she can maybe all-in you (she can flash + ignite + stun + AA and you are dead).

Buy health and armor, like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




Rumble is an annoying champion with his flamespitter (Q) and his OP slow on his harpoon (E). His ultimate slows you and your W can't cleanse the slow so try to move a lot and dodge his skillshots.

In early you are behind in 1v1 if he has his CD but your harass is stronger so spam your Q, he has no sustain and his shield is not enough in early game.

In mid game you should be able to trade but be careful to his damages.

Rush Chalice 3028_32.png and some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




Shen can't prevent you from farming and his harass is not enough: your W will cover his damages.

You should be able to 1v1 in early. In mid game / late game you are stronger.
Try to take TP 12.png if you want to follow him when he uses his ultimate. If Shen TP and you think that your team can win without you, use your ultimate in order to help them and push your lane! Sometimes turrets are better than kills.
No specific items to buy.




Singed is an annoying champion, he can go where he pleases (like Dr. Mundo ;) ) and you can't catch him.

Your goal is to harass him a lot. You can also try to 1v1 if you avoid his poison trail. Your W should be enough to cover all his damages.

Rush Chalice 3028_32.png. The Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png or the Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png are really strong against Singed.




Skarner ults you? Eat an orange and it's ok!

Your W counter his suppress.




Strong early / mid game champion.

Avoid 1v1 in early if he has all his CD. Harass him a lot, it's very effective, he has no sustain.

Be careful if he is level 6, he can burst you with his combo.

If you have enough armor, you can try to 1v1, you should win with your W.

If you buy armor and health, like Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png and a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png, it should be easier.




Well, maybe your opponent thought he can counter you but he is wrong ;)

Spam your Q in order to harass him, use your W and it will be easy.

Your jungler can't help you if Teemo is level 6 because the top lane will be full of mushrooms so it will be a 1v2 matchup :/

When fighting Teemo, you can try to help a lot your team with your ultimate, Teemo can help his team.

Rush Chalice 3028_32.png and try to build some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and he won't kill you.




Trundle has a good sustain and, with his Rapid Bite (Q), he beats you in 1v1. With his pillar (E), he can chase you and force a fight.

Avoid 1v1 and try to harass him. Harass can be effective if he doesn't regenerate a lot. Also, let him push, with his pillar you are not safe if the enemy jungler comes.
No specific items to buy.




Tryndamere has a lot of sustain, strong damages and a good mobility. If he has a lot of fury, he can do critical shots so try to avoid 1v1 and harass him.

Let him push, he won't kill you if you are under your turret.
But be care to have, at least, 30% of your maximum health of he will dive you with his ultimate.
Buy early armor and health like Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png and a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.
Randuin's Omen 3143_32.png or the Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png can be a strong choice against Tryndamere as second big item.




Strong duelist, he has a nice sustain and very good damages with his Tiger Stance (Q).

Avoid 1v1, let him push and try to harass him a lot. If he spams his spells, he will be out of mana before you so you will beat him by the time.
At the end of the mid game you will be able to 1v1.
Buy early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




Vi don't have sustain mechanics and your W counters her ultimate (which is a suppress).

She has decent damages but it should be good.
Harass her a lot, avoid 1v1.
Buy early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.




Vladimir is weak in early game so try to harass him a lot, you will take advantage. You can also force 1v1 fights if you have more life and if you have your W.

After his level 9, he will begin to harass you a lot so, from this moment, try to avoid his harass and don't force fights, his harass becomes to be better than your W.

In late game, if you have enough magic resist you can beat him but be careful.

Rush Chalice 3028_32.png and some health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




Volibear is a strong champion in 1v1 so avoid 1v1 trades. You can harass him, it should work. Be careful when he is level 6, his ultimate is really strong and he will deal tons of damage!

Let him push, harass him, avoid 1v1.

Buy early health like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png, after you buy what you want.




You are one of the best counter to Warwick: your sustain is better than him, your W can cleanse his ultimate (suppress).

It is also close in 1v1 so if you are confident you can try 1v1.Your harass is also well against him. Try to keep your W or use it when he doesn't see you because he can press R when you can't cleanse his suppress.
Just rush Chalice 3028_32.png and do what you want after.




Wukong is a strong harasser but your W should be enough to cover all the damages.

Harass him a lot and he will be in trouble. You can try to 1v1 if he hasn't got all his CD.
Buy early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png and he won't kill you.


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao is a strong duelist. He has a good sustain, OP damages and he can jump on you.

 Avoid 1v1, don't let him jump on you. Try to harass, it's effective. You are behind for all the early + mid game.

Buy early armor and health like Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png and a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png.




Yasuo had a good poke and his passive can block your Q's damage so it will be hard to harass him effectively.

Avoid 1v1 because he is better if you are even.
Rush armor and health if you don't want to be crushed with a Q + R combo.




Yorick was one of the most annoying champions at the top lane but now he is not as strong as he was. He has a good harass but your W is enough to survive.

Don't try to harass him in early, you will just waste your mana. If you see that your harass is uneffective, stop it and farm. You can also to 1v1 if you have your W.

At the end of the mid game, you should be stronger than him.

Rush Chalice 3028_32.png. After you can build what you want.




This champion has a good harass, low CDs and good damages. With his passive, he can regenerate a lot of health. He can also burst you with his ultimate. Also a very strong pick if the enemy jungler is coming.

You can try to poke him. 1v1 is balanced with your W.
Try to get early health and magic resistance like a Giant's belt 1011_32.png and your Chalice 3028_32.png.




Zed can farm easily, he has a good harass and a strong combo.

Avoid 1v1 and try to harass him. Also let him push. At his level 6, he can rush on you and kill you so try to be safe or under your turret.
Buy early health and armor like a Giant's Belt 1011_32.png and Ninja Tabi 3047_32.png.

GP support ! (only section for it) Back to Top


If you really are bored of Thresh, Sona, Leona, ect... I propose you a new support, GP :)

It's really fun to play because you have a really good ability to harass with your Q, you can boost your marksman's AD and Movement Speed with your E (and even more if you have built a Zeke3050_32.png). You can also protect your marksman well with your R / Face of the Mountain 3401_32.png / Mickael 3222_32.png (if you really want to protect him). You also have a decent ability to damage your opponents with a Trinity 3078_32.png.


I use very early runes, the critical chance rune is useful on your Q in early :)



I use 9/0/21, I've tried a lot of setups but this one is my favorite !


Skill order:

In order (level 1-2-3-4): Q - W - E - Q
Then R > Q > E > W
If really hard lane (harass), max W first

Build order:

Take Relic Shield 3302_32.png first ! It synergise really well with your Q ! You have the bonus gold from you Q + the mana refund + the heal from the item !
After, I usually upgrade it for more stacks. I also purchase a Sightstone 2049_32.png. If I'm doing well, I buy an Avarice Blade 3093_32.png (which i upgrade to a Statikk Shiv 3087_32.png later). Finish your Face of the Mountain 3401_32.png . Then I buy a Sheen 3057_32.png and go for Trinity 3078_32.png (you can also buy an Iceborn 3025_32.png if you want to slow people or tank a bit more).
After this (or before), I purchase a Zeke 3050_32.png, it is really good with your E, you can add 40 AD, 10% lifesteal and 10% movement speed to all your allies ! You can also purchase a Iron Solari 3190_32.png if they have a lot of AOE.

As a conclusion, I am telling you that a lot of things work with GP support, the only things that are compulsory are Face of the Mountain 3401_32.png, Sightstone 2049_32.pngand Zeke 3050_32.png(but less than the 2 others and situational, you should purchase it with a full AD comp)


On your lane, take the 2 first melee minions with your Relic Shield 3302_32.png (and Q so that you can stack a few gold) and then wait for every canon minion (1 per 60 seconds)
Try to be aware of what is going on over the map and be ready to press R in order to help an ally, it's really easy to get assists all over the map!


One of the easiest matchup is against Thresh 412_64.png because he can't catch you with his Q (you just instant W and you are fine).
After, I can't really tell but you can win every single matchup if you know your champion, when to harass or not.

Some games (I will add more as I play it):
GP games6.png
GP games2-1.png

Goal of this guide Back to Top

I have made this guide for people who want to learn how to play top so I show you an easy way to play Gangplank 41_64.png ! This way to play him is passive (because you max W and not Q) so don't think that you will win 100% of your lane matchups. With this guide, you will be able, most of the time, to handle hard matchups.

Moreover, at the middle of the Season 4, I started to play GP support, it's really funny and easy to play so I've put it in this guide, it's just a little after.

League of Legends vocabulary! Back to Top

Before everything, if you don't know all the vocabulary about League of Legends, you should click on this link in order to see all the specific vocabulary (because I use it a lot): League of Legends vocabulary!

Pros / Cons Back to Top


  • Easy to farm.
  • Good sustain.
  • He is very strong early in the game.
  • You can hold your opponent even if he is 3/0 and you 0/3 (well, it depends on the opponent ^^' ).
  • You can stand on your lane for more than 10 minutes.
  • Gangplank 41_icon_64.png is strong in late game with his mechanics => if your team has good CCs, you can carry with your damages !
  • His semi-global ultimate allow Gangplank to help all his team even if he is standing on his lane.
  • He can focus and kill the enemy carries easily in late game if he is fed enough.


  • You are weak at the beginning of the mid game (level 7 to 10).
  • You can be easily countered by early champions.
  • GP is not a tanky champion so you need tank items !
  • You don't max Q and if you have a mana regeneration item you won't deal a lot of damage until level 13.
  • You don't have a gap-closer.
  • You are easy to kite if your W is on cooldown.
  • Your ability to stand on your lane for a long time can be a disadvantage: sometimes you can have more than 3000 gold and it's a waste :/

When pick GP / When not Back to Top

Pick GP in those cases:

Your team:

  • If your team already has a good engage ability (with Amumu 32_icon_64.png, Maphite 54_icon_64.png, or another champion with a powerful CC is in your team) because Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can't engage very well, he can use his ultimate (R) but it's not enough to engage a fight.
  • If your team doesn't need a tank because Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can tank but not enough for all your team.
  • If your team want to poke a lot. In this case your R can prevent the enemy team from engaging and your Q is a good poke tool.

The enemy team:

  • If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of kite (so you can rush into them easily).
  • If they doesn't have a lot of protection on their AP / AD carry (in this case you can kill them easily).

Don't pick GP in those cases:

Your team:

  • When your jungler is not a tank. For example when your jungler is Shaco 35_icon_64.pngPantheon 80_icon_64.pngKha'Zix 121_icon_64.png or someone like that because Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can't tank all the damage with this build.
  • If your team needs an AP champion. For example if your jungler is AD and if it's an AD caster mid (like Pantheon 80_icon_64.png or Kha'Zix 121_icon_64.png).
  • If your team needs a strong engage ability.

The enemy team:

  • If the enemy team can protect their AD / AP carry very well. For example is they have Janna 40_icon_64.png or Nunu 20_icon_64.png because you can't kill you target easily but it's still possible.
  • If the enemy team has a lot of kite. For example if they have Ashe 22_icon_64.png or Lux 99_icon_64.png (because Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can only cleanse 1 CC with his W and he doesn't have a gap-closer.
  • If your opponent at the top lane can move faster than you / if he can do early team fights. For example against Pantheon 80_icon_64.png or Wukong 62_icon_64.png because my Gangplank 41_icon_64.png's build is a late game build and with Chalice 3028_32.png you won't be able to deal a lot of damage.
  • If the enemy team has a lot of jumps. For example if you are against Ezreal 81_icon_64.png, Kha'Zix 121_icon_64.png, Fizz 105_icon_64.png, ect... because you can't catch them so you need a Frozen Mallet 3022_32.png or the Gauntlet 3025_32.png.

Early game Back to Top

Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can do a lot of damage in early but he is not so tanky so try to poke and avoid 1v1 situations. If your opponent is low you can engage but care to enemy minions, it can deal more damage than the opponent himself !

You also have to take care of the enemy jungler because, most of the time, the jungler will focus his ganks on the top lane because it is an easy lane to gank (due to the length of the lane) so put your Wards 2044_32.png while pushing !

If your lane is just a farm lane (because you can't kill your opponent and he can't kill you neither / for example against Nasus 75_64.png ), buy Essence Reaver 3508_32.png because it will allow you to spam your Q on minions or on your opponent.

Mid game Back to Top

Just try to help all your team!

If you are winning your lane, try to go mid or invade the enemy jungle because a fed Gangplank 41_icon_64.png is very scary!
Continue to buy wards 2044_32.png because in mid game Gangplank 41_icon_64.png can push very easily so try to cover all the enemy jungle. Doing this will also help your team to see where are all enemies.
If the enemy is dominating, try to follow him but don't do stupid thing :/

If you see that a fight can begin on the map, try to use your ultimate! So, watch the map! If you do it well you will be as useful as a Karthus 30_icon_64.png ;)

Late game Back to Top

With your build, you can split push and destroy turrets easily so be the one who pushes ! But be careful to always have Wards 2044_32.png with you, it will be bad it you got caught all the time ;)

When you are with your team :

Be on the frontlines and poke ! With your W and a Spirit Visage 3065_32.png, you can easily handle this, it is better that you take the poke and not your marksman !

Teamfights : 

The goal is simple

Cast your ultimate in order to block the enemy team (as an engage, as extra CC spell, as extra damage spell).
Try to rush on the enemy carry (AD or AP).
You can be sneaky but you are not an assassin.
If the enemy team is only composed of assassins, play defensive in order to save your carry.
You can destroy an enemy carry but 1v5 is never good so be sure you are followed.
Gangplank 41_icon_64.png is a bruiser so he has to be on the front line, don't be afraid!

If you see a enemy out of position, you can try to chase him. If you are sure that he is alone, use your ultimate, its CD is not so high and you can get a free kill. Gangplank is very strong against enemy who are out of position, Gangplank 41_icon_64.png punishes mistakes easily ;)

How to splitpush as Gangplank Back to Top

First of all, you should take TP 12.png.

  • With TP 12.png you will be like Shen 98_64.png: you can push a lot your lane and when your team if fighting (in a 4v5 or 4v4 situation) you can use TP 12.png and win the fight!

Secondly, you should buy a lot of wards 2044_64.png!

  • Without wards 2044_32.png you are a free kill if you push: if the enemy team see you pushing when your other lanes are not pushing, they will come and kill you in a 1v2 or 1v3 situation, so the enemy team can take an advantage.
  • With wards 2044_32.png you can now see where the enemy team is. So if your team see, for example, the enemy mid laner going top, they can do drake or dive the bot lane.

=> Vision is the best tool if you want to win a League of Legend game!

With vision, you can foresee the enemy team's moves.

On this map, you can see a few spots for your wards when you are splitpushing: purple circles for the top side team, blue circles for bottom side team

A nice idea is to pick an Hydra 3074_64.png or Sunfire 3068_64.png.

  • You will be able to clear waves quickly and to have sustain.

Now you know the requirements so let's talk about the strategies:

  • The first thing is to watch a lot the map. If you don't do it, you won't be able to help your team.
  • The second thing if to be safe: don't be a freekill for the enemy team or your strategy will be useless or bad for your team.
  • Now, if you see your team in a 4v4 situation and if they need help, you have 2 choices:
- You can use your ultimate if they don't need more (your ultimate can secure a drake for example)
- OR you can TP 12.png and fight (in this case, you can do some kills and take a HUGE advantage).
  • If your team is 4v5 (so if your opponent on the top lane is helping his team) you have 2 choices:
- You can push because nobody will come defend the lane so you can get 1 or 2 turret. If you do this, you have to be sure that your team can hold them back
- OR you can TP 12.png if you think that your team can't win without you.

Why GP sustain? / About me / Changelogs Back to Top

The idea of this Gangplank 41_icon_64.png comes to me just after the Season 2 finals when I saw a Nidalee 76_icon_64.png (played by TPA) with a Chalice 3028_32.png and his heal maxed first (I know that it wasn't new but I didn't pay attention before). So I though to Gangplank 41_icon_64.png with the same build because his heal is very good.

I've tested it for more than 10 games in Season 2 and it was pretty strong, even if your opponent is with 3/0 and you 0/3, you can hold him and farm easily (it works at 1400 elo). But, because I didn't test him more than 10 games I can't say if it's OP or not, I can just say that it is viable.

On League of Legends my name is Fufû (M4tthQQ before). I'm a French player (so sorry if my English is bad :/) and I'm 21.
I have started to play League of Legends at the middle of the Season 1. Today around Platinum divisions. I also main support (sorry, I'm not a pro top laner ^^' ).

If you find some mistakes or if you have something to add, leave a comment.
If you like it, press +1.
If you dislike this guide, let me know why in comments, it can help me to improve my guide.

 So I hope you to win and have fun !

12/16/2012: Guide created.
1/3/2013: Guide updated.
1/8/2013: "When pick GP / When not" added.
1/28/2013:  Crystalline Flask 2041_32.png's starter updated after the rise of the buying price.
2/4/2013: guide updated.
2/13/2013: guide updated (mistakes corrected and League of Legends vocabulary page added).
2/15/2013: couple of matchups added.
5/15/2013: Guide updated, it was a huge update. "Why Chalice? Why not Muramana" and "How to splitpush as Gangplank" added. "Matchups" edited. Guide also approved by LolKing, thank you guys!
6/12/2013: after the drop in the price of the Doran's Shield, I updated my guide and put a Doran's Shield in the "start with" section.
12/26/2013: Season 4 update.
04/19/2014: Small update.
02/16/2015: GP support section added
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