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All Guides Trundle Guides [S4] Support Trundle? Are you trolling?
6 months ago

Trundle Statistics for Nightsprol

Author's performance with Trundle compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


If you are new to Trundle, jump to the section "Who is Trundle?"
If you're wondering why I choose to play him as a support, jump to the section "Why Play Support Trundle?"
Lastly, if you want general tips on how to use Pillar of Ice, jump to the section "Using Pillar Effectively."


3.png4.png - I prefer this setup personally because it allows you to make much bigger plays early with Flash while still improving your peel even further late game with Exhaust. You will learn later on in the guide that your number one goal as Trundle, and really the only reason you would pick him as support, is for his amazing peel. This spells allow him to catch people out while still protecting his carry.

Primary Spells

4.png - Allows you to escape situations you wouldn't escape otherwise, catch people with surprise pillars from a long distance, and get off that one last slow with Chomp (Q) to secure the kill. If you aren't comfortable on Trundle, I would take this so you can get out of sticky situations.

6.png - Much better late game on Trundle (in any role) as it allows you to keep beating people with Chomp and synergizes incredibly well with his slows on Chomp and Pillar (E) and the speedup on Frozen Domain (W). It also improves his peeling late game by allowing you to stick to whatever bruiser is trying to kill your carry. I would not recommend this unless you have experience placing his pillars, as you will need good ones to stay alive in the early game without Flash. Also, you should take Exhaust if you run Ghost as they both work together well and allow you to continuously slow the enemy.

Secondary Spells

3.png - The most standard spell on a support due to the damage debuff it provides on enemy carries and the slow that can sometimes secure kills, this spell works really well on support Trundle because your main goal is to be an annoying slow and debuff bot. Chomp reduces the target's attack damage and slows them, and Subjugate (R) steals their resistances. Exhaust on top of all that makes them deal next to no damage and take much higher damage than they'd expect.

14.png - Good if you're against a sustain lane or if you know that your matchup will be incredibly easy to go aggressive in (if you're against a Sona or Soraka, for instance). It helps your early game since you lack damage in the first few levels, but only take it if you're with a strong early game ADC (attack damage carry) such as Graves.

7.png - I personally don't like taking heal on any support because I find it boring, and I think Exhaust is a better spell both offensively and defensively (especially late game), but it's certainly an alternative. You can pull off some pretty good low health baits with it. If you take this spell, then skill up Frozen Domain at level three or four in order to improve the heal.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.91 armor Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +4.26 armor Greater Quintessence of Armor


I like taking armor Quints, Marks, and Seals with magic resist Glyphs to help him past his first few levels. It prevents early game harass from forcing you out of lane too easily, and if you find yourself taking much damage you can simply sit in the bush for a little bit until your passive heals you back up enough for you to go in again. Early game you'll be focusing on buying health and cooldown reduction, so Ruby Sightstone and Kindlegem are your priorities, which makes the resistances worth even more.

Armor Mark.png Armor Seal.png Magic Resist Glyph.png Armor Quint.png
Armor, Armor, Magic Resist, Armor


You could also run armor penetration or attack damage Marks or Quints to improve the damage of Chomp (Q). I'd swap out the marks for one of them and leave the armor Quints so you don't lose too many resistances if you want to improve your early damage. Armor penetration is arguably better than attack damage because Chomp gives you attack damage and both the enemy bot laners are likely to run armor Seals.

Armor%20Mark.png             Armor%20Mark.png
Armor Penetration, Attack Damage

You could also switch out the Quints with movement speed or flat health, but those both have their strengths and weaknesses. Movement speed helps you the entire game and improves your peeling with Chomp, but later on you will have Frozen Domain (W)'s movement speed boost anyway. Flat health improves the strength of your passive in the first couple levels before you buy, but Trundle wants to stack health items anyway, so they lose their effectiveness pretty quickly.

Movespeed%20+%20HP%20Quint.png        Movespeed%20+%20HP%20Quint.png
Movement Speed, Flat Health

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 22


Utility: 8


Defense - 
  • 20px-Block_mastery_s4.png 20px-Unyielding_mastery_s4.png Block & Unyielding: There are basic beginner points for the defense tree that help reduce harass during the laning phase and stack well with resistances and health.
  • 20px-Enchanted_Armor_mastery_s4.png Enchanted Armor: Trundle benefits from this greatly as it enhances the amount of resistances he gains from whoever he uses his ultimate on.
  • 20px-Veteran_Scars_mastery_s4.png 20px-Juggernaut_mastery_s4.png Veteran Scars & Juggernaut: Health is pretty easily the most important stat on Trundle. The only other stat that comes close is cooldown reduction.
  • 20px-Oppression_mastery_s4.png Oppression: This is more of a throwaway point than anything else. It's decent for one point though, especially since you will frequently force enemies into fights with Pillar of Ice (E), and they often have no choice but to fight from inside the slow. Why not remove the point in order to have 21 in defense? Support Trundle does not benefit from going a full 9 points into either the offense or utility tree, so there's no reason in doing so.
  • 20px-Hardiness_mastery_s4.png 20px-Reinforced_Armor_mastery_s4.png Hardiness & Reinforced Armor: This stacks well with Block and Unyielding and help you survive the first few levels. Reinforced Armor is also helpful lategame against AD carries.
  • 20px-Resistance_mastery_s4.png Resistance: Some magic resist is better than none. Putting two points here helps against poke from enemy supports, and if you're against a Corki or Varus it's definitely not bad to have.
  • 20px-Perseverance_mastery_s4.png 20px-Second_Wind_mastery_s4.png Perseverance & Second Wind: These points are amazing. Not quite as good on support Trundle because you normally won't get an item like Blade of the Ruined King (though you can get Spirit Visage), it's still amazing for only four points. It makes his resistances more valuable and it works well with his passive and Frozen Domain (W).
  • 20px-Swiftness_mastery_s4.png Swiftness: This helps prevent Trundle from being kited, though normally that's not an issue late game when you're peeling. This is more for the early game when you're laning and trying to use Chomp (Q) on the enemy AD carry or support.
  • 20px-Legendary_Guardian_mastery_s4.png Tenacious: Now you can face tank Ashe arrows, Varus ultimates, etc, and not have to worry about it.
Utility -
  • 20px-Phasewalker_mastery_s4.png Phasewalker: In terms of throwaway points, this is normally better than Scout. Those times when you recall with your AD carry, but just slightly after, could get you caught out and killed.
  • 20px-Fleet_of_Foot_mastery_s4.png Fleet of Foot: Simply helps you to avoid getting kited.
  • 20px-Summoner%27s_Insight_mastery_s4.png Summoner's Insight: Having reduced cooldowns on your spells is extremely helpful, especially for exhaust or ignite. The difference between winning or losing a fight often comes down to summoner's spells, and if the enemy support does not have this mastery then you can take advantage of it.
  • 20px-Alchemist_mastery_s4.png Alchemist: This makes health potions slightly more efficient.
NoteHonestly, Trundle does not benefit much from the first several points in either the offense or utility trees. However, the defense tree does not really warrant having more than 21-24 points in it, and Trundle does gain a little at least in the utility tree. Why not get the five percent cooldown reduction in the offense tree? With the item reworks in season four, it's extremely easy for Trundle to hit maximum cooldown reduction just by getting a couple items.

If you want a slightly more offensive setup, you could go 9/21/0, but it does not make much of a difference in strength.

Abilities Back to Top

NOTE: Jump down to the section titled "Who is Trundle?" if you have no idea how his spells all work.


3Pillar_of_Ice.jpg 1Chomp.jpg
Levels 1 and 2

Taking Pillar (E) at level one allows your team to invade or prevent invades due to the zone control it gives and the catch potential it has. Lots of people don't realize that it gives a large amount of vision in the area as well, and if placed in a bush the enemy team can't see it but it can still slow them outside (similar to Nunu ult sort of). Take Chomp (Q) second so you can begin catching people out in lane with Pillar and trading with the enemy lane.

1. Pillar

Maxing Pillar first reduces the cooldown significantly and also improves the slow. This is very important as a good pillar can save an ally, force an enemy to use Flash, or allow your team to pick up an easy kill. Having it on a short cooldown makes you much stronger and opens up many more windows to engage.

2. Chomp

I max Chomp second because it increases the amount of damage it steals from the target and the overall damage of the spell (sadly the slow's duration does not scale up with levels, though).

3. Frozen Domain

I don't take Frozen Domain (W) until both Pillar and Chomp are maxed because it simply doesn't provide enough utility for support Trundle. It's similar to Blitzcrank's Overdrive (W) that gives attack speed and movement speed, but doesn't actually benefit the carry.

4. Subjugate

Obviously you should put points in Subjugate (R) at levels six, eleven, and sixteen. It works as yet another debuff that makes you significantly stronger.


1Chomp.jpg 3Pillar_of_Ice.jpg
Levels 1 and 2

In terms of level one, you can take Chomp to give your jungler a strong leash or if the enemy team has a melee support and a carry with poor kiting or an escape that they would not have at level one. You should then get Pillar second.

1. Chomp

You can max Chomp first if you are against a melee support such as Taric, Leona, or Blitzcrank, since they will be in melee range frequently and will likely engage on you. However, since Pillar will be on a significantly longer cooldown, you should save it for when the enemy lane engages or when your jungler comes for a gank.

Point in Frozen Domain

If you're finding yourself unable to catch up to the enemy carry or support to use Chomp, you can also put a point in Frozen Domain for the movement speed. It's also good to grab if you need to push a tower quickly, but other than that it's a very situational spell for support Trundle (though incredibly strong on him in other roles).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Early Gold/10
    Sustain + Sight
    First Few Times Back

Core Items

    Main Items
    Pick One
    Magic Resist

Situational Items

    More MR

Item and Stat Goals

The two most important stats for support Trundle are health and cooldown reduction. You want to prioritize items that make you tanky and reduce the cooldown of your spells (Pillar in particular), as well as buff your team. This makes items such as Talisman of AscensionZeke's Herald, and Iceborn Gauntlets incredibly good on him (though with just the first two he hits maximum cooldown reduction).

Early Game

1006_32.png 2003_32.png 2044_32.png - Starting Ancient Coin allows you to get your passive gold ticking sooner.

2003_32.png 2004_32.png 2043_32.png 2044_32.png - However, starting all consumables and wards is more beneficial for your team as a whole. You can place one or two wards early to protect from invades and to keep an eye on the jungler during his first clear, and it allows you to buy a pink ward or two.

3340_32.png 3341_32.png - Starting Warding Trinket is generally the better option, but if you have a strong early ganking jungler you can start Sweeping Lens in order to deny the enemy team vision of ganking paths.

First Few Times Back

1054_32.png 3047_32.png - If you're really struggling in lane, you can buy a Doran's Shield and/or Ninja Tabi, which will both greatly reduce the amount of damage you take from the enemy ADC. The both work incredibly well with Trundle's runes and masteries, making him nearly unkillable. Only buy those if you're taking heavy damage, though. Otherwise...

2049_32.png 3096_32.pngIf you have the gold, try to get an early Sightstone and then a Nomad's Medallion, and afterwards build a Kindlegem as soon as possible. Sightstone is the most efficient gold per ten item currently (while it doesn't GIVE gold per ten, it provides free wards, making it more effective than other support items by far), and Trundle really benefits from the health it gives. All of the stats on the items work extremely well on Trundle, but the most important ones that you should focus on are health and cooldown reduction.

3111_32.png 3117_32.png 3047_32.png 3009_32.png - Early Mercury's Treads are great since you should be tanking and the tenacity really helps him out. Boots of MobilityNinja Tabi, and Boots of Swiftness are also good on him.

Mid Game

2045_32.png 3096_32.png - By now you should have Ruby Sightstone completed and your Nomad's Medallion should have been ticking for a while.

3050_32.png 3190_32.png - You want to build Zeke's Herald first with your Kindlegem, and afterwards buy Talisman of Ascension, which benefits both you and your carry significantly. From there the choices depend on the other team's composition. With just these two items you will be at maximum cooldown reduction.

3265_32.png 3272_32.png 3266_32.png - For boot enchantments, I'd recommend Homeguard, especially if you're behind. If you opted for Boots of Mobility, the Furor enchantment goes really well with them and is a viable option. Captain boots are also an option if you have been forced into the initiate role for your team.

Late Game

3025_32.png 3143_32.png - If the opposing team has a large amount of physical damage, you should buy Iceborn Gauntlet and Randuin's Omen. The first gives armor, cooldown reduction, damage, and a slow, while the second gives health, armor, and the passive and active slows. All of them benefit Trundle greatly and improve his peeling power.

3022_32.png 3102_32.png - However, if the enemy team has more magic damage than physical, Frozen Mallet and Banshee's Veil are the best options. Mallet gives health, a fair amount of damage, and constant slows on each auto attack. Banshee's Veil gives you health, mana, magic resist, and an extremely strong shield that blocks spells.

3022_32.png 3143_32.png - If they have mixed damage, you can opt for Frozen Mallet and Randuin's Omen. This provides you with tons of stats in the form of slows, health, damage, and armor. The health helps significantly against magic damage and the attack speed slow on Randuin's Omen is extremely valuable against attack damage.

Situational Last Item

If you actually get to this point and your team is sieging the enemy base, you could sell your Ruby Sightstone and replace it with one of the below. However, if the map is still open it's often better to have the vision control.

3083_32.png - Warmogs is a great item on Trundle, but not really necessary on support Trundle since you should not be the sole tank for the team. If your team needs a tank, however, buy it in place of either Gauntlet or Bulwark and have someone else build Bulwark if your team still needs it as well. Or have someone buy Ruby Sightstone.

3153_32.png - Blade of the Ruined King is only included in this guide because of how amazing it is on Trundle with Subjugate (R). It allows you to be a damage threat in team fights if you need someone to zone out the enemy attack damage carry instead of peeling for yours. As a support you generally wouldn't want this item, but if your team has strong peel already and lacks someone to dive the enemy carry, it's not a bad pickup.

3065_32.png - While Spirit Visage is an amazing item on Trundle, at this point you should already be at maximum cooldown reduction and the healing buff isn't as useful when he doesn't have any strong lifesteal items.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Elise
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jinx
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nami
  • Nunu
  • Pantheon
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zyra




Difficult to play against the first few levels, but after you hit level 6 you should be fine because of your ultimate. Late game you are safe to focus Alistar only if you use your ultimate on him and if you have allies available to attack him (you shouldn't be attacking him alone). Your ultimate makes it easy to burst him.




Annie is mainly picked for her stun and for her damage potential. However, because of her short range she has trouble engaging, especially if her Flash is not up. The best option for fighting in this lane is to split the enemy duo up with a well-placed Pillar of Ice and fight them one at a time.




Although Ashe has no way to avoid a well-placed pillar, she can kite you in the lane phase. Instead of trying to tower dive and kill her, just focus on zoning her out from farming. Boots of Swiftness are a good pickup if you're having trouble getting close to her to use Chomp.




If you get hooked, use it as an opening to engage if your ADC and/or team can follow up. If so, use Chomp on the enemy ADC and place your ultimate on either the tankiest person or the person your team is going to focus. If your team can't follow up, place a pillar between the two of you as soon as the CC ends and you should be able to simply walk away.




She can poke you and use her net to avoid your pillar, but if you go all-in you should come out on top. If she's harassing you then she's either not going to farm as well or she's not harassing your ADC, which is good because you should be extremely tanky. Try to catch her or her support out in the brush with a pillar placed just barely against the wall and you can easily turn the lane in your favor, forcing them to play passively.




He hurts. A lot. But that's why you're so tanky to start off with. He has no escapes, so if you gain the upper hand and can land a pillar then you should be able to force a flash or get a kill on him. Just be careful not to trade kills with him as Draven can snowball extremely hard.

Chomp is very good against him because he relies on his auto attack damage. His Stand Aside (E) can make your job much more difficult if he knows how to use it properly, though.




Elise is a champion that is sometimes picked as a support, and I personally think it's viable. Her percent damage really hurts since you stack health items, but if you get early Mercury's Treads you should be fine because she relies on her stun and magic damage poke to do anything at all. As soon as she jumps on your ADC, just use Pillar to separate them and kite her while her Rappel is on cooldown. She is very squishy as support.

That said, this is a skill matchup both on your part and hers. Generally it will lean in your favor, but be very careful of her burst and harass.




His poke won't hurt you that much, but Arcane Shift will get him out of a lot of scary situations. Early on Arcane Shift has a lower cooldown than pillar, so try to force him out and then pillar the support, or if they're clumped against the wall try to get both of them. You can beat him in a full engage because of Chomp and Subjugate's debuffs along with Exhaust/Heal.




Fiddlesticks can be frustrating because of his harass, but his crowd control won't really touch you once you get Mercury's Treads (which you should for sure in this matchup, especially if you're struggling). Just choose your fights carefully and make sure you have sight on him when he's level six. Ward the lane bushes to watch for his ultimate and remember that you can also use Pillar to check if he's ulting in the fog of war.

Fun fact: Pillar actually has a knockback now if you place it directly on top of someone, so if you see him starting to ult or if he's channeling his heal you can interrupt him from a long range with it.




Graves is a dangerous enemy because he excels at close combat, which is where you generally want to be. Try to kite him with Pillar and only be in melee range when you want to use Chomp and you should be fine. You're also safe to go on him once he uses Buckshot, as that's the majority of his burst.




While Janna can kite you pretty well, you should have the advantage the entire time in this matchup and your enemies will only be able to go aggressive if their jungler is in the area, or if you and your laning partner are sticking around on low health. Play this one smart and you should have no real trouble against her.


Jarvan IV


This is an all-in lane, with Jarvan commonly paired with someone like Leona, Xin Zhao, or Pantheon. I actually consider this Trundle's most difficult matchup because of the amount of early damage and lockdown that a Jarvan lane has. His passive really hurts you and you and/or your ADC will be forced to use Flash whenever he uses his ultimate. Late game, once you have some items and more points in Frozen Domain, you shouldn't have as much of a problem.

You should also consider maxing Chomp first or alongside Pillar because you'll always be in melee range. It's really up to you and depends also on your ADC.




Jinx is a relatively easy matchup for Trundle. She lacks escapes, so if you catch her with a good Pillar of Ice you can burn her Flash or kill her. Her W poke does very little damage to you, even if she maxes it first.

Look for opportunities to place a Pillar against a wall and force her to get caught out.




I actually consider this to be one of the easiest matchups. Kog'Maw will be forced to flash the first time you get a good pillar on him, and the next pillar will almost guarantee a kill. Chomp, Subjugate, and Exhaust all render him absolutely useless and make it incredibly easy to burst him down because of the armor and magic resist shreds. Late game you can zone him with a single pillar and prevent him from getting any damage off in a fight.

Just be careful of his late game power, as his percent damage is incredibly strong and can shred you down quickly.




Rush Mercury's Treads in this matchup. You will have so much tenacity that even if she uses all of her crowd control on you, you can just walk away from it or turn it back around with a pillar. The big thing in this matchup is to protect your ADC, as they will try to ignore you once they realize that they can't kill you.

Just be very careful if she's paired with a good Jarvan. If so, read the matchup for Jarvan to learn more on how you can deal with the lane.




Lucian has two different build routes he can go. In lane, before he has his first main item, he can't hurt you that much. In fact, it's a good idea to body block his ultimate for your carry as you will take very little damage from it.

If he builds Bloodthirster first, you should just try to dodge his Q pokes. However, if he builds Blade of the Ruined King first, you need to be very careful of his all in potential.




She can kite you with Glitterlance and harass you with auto attacks, which can force you to play passive if you're too low in lane. Take at least one pink ward, preferably two, to make sure you have control of your side of the lane to make it much easier. Her ultimate will make all-inning difficult, so be really careful. Play it safe and wait for them to make a mistake.

Consider taking Boots of Swiftness if you're having trouble with Glitterlance, and a point in Frozen Domain earlier on will help as well.




Honestly I don't think Lux is a great support at all. The only reason she's picked as one occasionally is for her bind, slow, and vision, but if you get early Mercury's Treads then all of her spells will be useless. You can kite her with Pillar easily and your ultimate is much more useful than hers. Dodge her Light Binding and then immediately turn and engage using Pillar and Chomp.

Shouldn't be a tough matchup at all.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune's only "escape" is her passive and her small slow, and her passive can be completely negated with pillar and her slow isn't effective at all against Trundle. Be careful of her early game damage, but frequently use your pillar to try to catch her out in lane. After she has burned her flash she will be an easy kill.




I honestly haven't played against a good Nami before, so I'm not completely sure about this matchup, but I feel like her knockups can make it difficult to get to your target, but it won't stop a good pillar. Just be patient and wait for the right opportunity and you she shouldn't be able to save whoever you're trying to kill.




Nunu is great at kiting, and kiting hurts Trundle incredibly. Nunu isn't that great in lane, however, and is normally paired with a late game ADC, so placing a good Pillar in the lane bush should force out his flash and allow you to control the lane. Also, he'll burn through his mana quickly in lane if he spams out his Ice Blast.

You CAN interrupt his ultimate with Pillar if you place it on top of him, which makes this matchup much easier than it would otherwise be. That said, consider buying Boots of Swiftness if you're being kited a lot.




A Pantheon support deals little to no damage to you and a well placed Pillar will push him off your carry. The only time he might be a threat is if he is paired with a Jarvan; if so, read the matchup for Jarvan. Otherwise, ignore him in fights and focus on the enemy ADC unless you need to peel Pantheon off your ADC.




Sivir relies on movespeed and attack damage, and therefore Pillar and Chomp directly counter her, making this an easy lane. Her Boomerang Blade will not hurt you much because of how tanky you are, and it's not a huge deal if she spell shields Chomp since it's on such a low cooldown.




Sona is an incredibly easy matchup, just don't get baited by her heal. I've had times where I've tried to flash and use Chomp to finish her off only to have her heal herself. Play this lane smart and you should have no trouble.




Soraka is annoying because of her sustain, but just remember this: your ultimate steals peoples' resistances! Wait for her to heal your target, then immediately use your ultimate on that person and continue to focus him/her. Level six is the point where you can begin to win the lane hard by abusing the power of your ultimate.




If Taric stuns you then you have nothing to worry about, but if he stuns your carry immediately Pillar between the two of them to prevent him from using Shatter. Your ultimate also steals his resistances, making Trundle one of the best supports against Taric. If you find yourself trading frequently, or you are constantly in melee range of Taric, you can consider maxing Chomp first.




If Thresh hooks you, it simply gives you the opportunity to hard engage on the enemy team. Thresh's armor values are incredibly weak early on and he will take a lot of damage from Chomp if you get the chance. At level 3 you should try to bait a hook and play incredibly aggressive, which should allow you to either burn a flash or force them out of lane.

Just watch out for his auto attack damage. If he's harassing you down a lot, pick up early Mercury's Treads since he does all magic damage.




Tristana is annoying to deal with because she can easily bypass Pillar with Rocket Jump and even knock you back through Pillar with Buster Shot. However, if you can force her to waste Rocket Jump then engage her with Chomp, she will deal very little damage to you. Just zone her out of farming early on by taking control of the brush and she'll be useless late game. Also, try to force their middle tower down quickly because she's really weak mid game.








The only annoying thing about the rat is his stealth. If you're having trouble finishing him off before he disappears, grab a pink ward for the lane or wait until you hit level six. With your ultimate you can burst him before he even stealths.




Urgot's only real strength comes from his laning phase, but you should have so many resistances that his harass really only drains his mana. Urgot has no escape and you can steal the resistances that he gains from his ultimate by using your ultimate on him. You can interrupt his ultimate with Pillar as well, and use it to push him away from your carry at the same time, completely negating his initiate.




Trundle struggles much more now with Varus than he used to. The healing reduction is still really annoying when you use your ultimate, and you no longer have tenacity on your W to mitigate his ultimate. However, a good Pillar can secure a kill on him since he's a very slow champion and has no escape.




Fun fact: Pillar screws up Vayne's Tumble in some pretty funny ways. It also negates her passive (the bonus movespeed), making it easy to kite her and catch her out. Don't worry about her condemning you into your own pillar; you and your allies will simply go through it and not be stunned. Just try to land a good Pillar and repeatedly smack her with Chomp and you'll be fine.


Xin Zhao


While a Xin Zhao support is very rare, you will occasionally see him bot lane with Jarvan or another off-tank. While Xin himself isn't great against Trundle, it really depends who he is with (especially if it's a Jarvan). If he's with a standard ADC you should be perfectly fine.

Read the matchup for Jarvan to learn how to deal with the lane.




While her crowd control makes life difficult, her damage won't be very high because of how tanky you are. Get Mercury's Treads immediately after a health item in this matchup to prevent damage and kiting. She's easy to pick up early on, just be very careful of her passive's damage. Although it got nerfed hard, if she lands it then a good ADC will capitalize on it and they could potentially win the trade. Killing their support for your ADC is never a good thing.

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King's Tribute


Description: Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for a percentage of their maximum health.

Explanation: The range of his passive is pretty much the same as the experience range for minions. It makes you deceptively tanky and really helps if you can pull off a successful dive, as it will heal you when the enemy champ dies. Do note however that it states "enemy," as it will not heal you when ally units die.



Description: Trundle enhances his next basic attack, dealing physical damage equal to a base amount plus a percentage of his attack damage and slowing its target by 75% for 0.1 seconds. This attack increases Trundle's attack damage for 8 seconds, with his opponent losing half of this amount for the same duration.


Explanation: Think of this as a mini exhaust. You should try to always use this on the enemy ADC when fighting 2v2 or 3v3 in bot lane because of the damage reduction. When harassing, you should auto attack and use Chomp right after to reset it, allowing you to trade effectively. After doing so, sit back in one of the bushes and regain a little bit of your HP with your passive and/or potions before trading or going in for the kill.

Frozen Domain


Description: Trundle coats a target 1000-radius location with ice for 8 seconds, gaining movement speed, attack speed, and increased healing and regeneration from all sources while he is on it.


Explanation: Think of this like Blitzcrank's Overdrive (W). While it doesn't help your carry, late game the movement speed can help you catch up to place a good Pillar or push down towers with the increased attack speed. As a support, the healing buff doesn't help you too much, but it does actually increase the amount that health potions heal for. Therefore, if you're taking a lot of harass in lane and health potions aren't cutting it, just put a point in this, throw it down, and chug some potions.

Pillar of Ice


Description: Trundle creates can icy pillar at a target location for 6 seconds, creating impassable terrain and slowing all enemy units around the pillar. Enemies caught in the center are briefly knocked back. The pillar provides vision within 600 range.

Pillar of Ice.png

Explanation: This is what makes Trundle extremely strong. Honestly, I consider this a hook like Blitzcrank's if used properly. In lane, the best places to put it are in the bottom lane bushes just barely against the wall. You can easily catch out the support by doing so. Also, if you place it just correctly you can push an enemy back towards you and force them to walk around the pillar through the slow, and use it to interrupt enemies that are channeling spells. Something that most people have no idea about this spell -- it gives a large amount of vision around where it was cast for the entire duration that it's up. By getting max cooldown reduction you can keep pillars up almost permanently.

Go to the section titled "Using Pillar Effectively" for more information on it and demonstrations.



Description: Trundle drains a percentage of an enemy champion's health as magic damage and 40% of their armor and magic resist, half immediately and half over 4 seconds. The armor and magic resist bonus/reduction lasts for 4 seconds after it has been fully applied.


Explanation: The key word here is "stolen." Not only does Trundle gain the health and resistances, but his enemy loses them. Think of this as a mix of ignite and exhaust simply because of the damage over time and the debuff. Combine this with Trundle's passive and his Rabid Bite, and you have massive healing, resistances, and debuffs on the enemy, and you can still use your exhaust to protect your ADC in the late game. If the enemy lane is focusing your ADC then use this on whoever you're focusing; if they're focusing you then ult whichever one is tankier. If neither is very tanky, then just ult whoever you're focusing. The cooldown is relatively low, so don't be afraid to use it.

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Trundle has amazing utility late game. Having him on your team allows you to focus a tank (because of Subjugate) and catch people out with Pillar of Ice. He's also one of the best peelers in the game. The problem? Despite all of his utility, he has trouble laning top verse a lot of champions, and unless he has a high damage jungler he has a lot of trouble actually killing someone. While his matchups are much more favorable now that Chomp (Q) has a slow and Frozen Domain (W) gives him more steroids, he still can get kited easily.

If he's in the jungle he can farm and force flashes; that's about it (and mid lane is almost impossible to gank as him). You really have to camp a lane in order to kill someone and it's incredibly easy to fall behind. The solution? Playing him as a support. He's now permanently "camping" a lane, is paired with someone who deals large amounts of damage, and can get past his difficult early game. In fact, as a support, his early game isn't bad at all because he can rely on his ADC to deal damage while he simply provides utility. Late game this gives you another bruiser, one who is dedicated to peeling for the ADC and can protect your ADC from even a fed Olaf.

In short, playing Trundle as a support helps you bypass his weaknesses and brings you to his incredibly useful stage even sooner.

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This should help you whether you're playing Trundle as a support or in any other role, as it's more general information about Pillar than specific. Pillar of Ice is a very powerful spell. It's a relatively low cooldown terrain spell (one of only three in the game) that has a strong persistent area of effect slow surrounding it (that cannot be reduced by tenacity because it keeps reapplying while you're in it). It has a long casting range and can even be used to interrupt enemy champions that are channeling in the fog of war. The actual terrain of it is smaller than Anivia's wall, however, so you need to get used to just barely placing it against walls in order to take full advantage of the size and slow of it.

You can see a couple examples of the exact same Pillars of Ice in the "Early Game" and "Mid Game" sections below, but in real games.


As I said, you want to place pillars against the wall, push the enemy towards you, and force them to walk the long way around it through the slow. A good Pillar can be more effective than a Blitzcrank or Thresh hook, as it can catch multiple people and hold them in place for a longer amount of time. There are three key places in bottom lane where you should take advantage of a Pillar of Ice against the wall that can easily force Flash or secure a kill.

For the first couple levels, place it in the bush against the wall.

Against the wall, forcing them around through the slow.

Another example against the wall, forcing them to walk through the slow.


Like Anivia's wall, you can use Pillar of Ice to close off entire areas in the jungle if placed just right. It's much more difficult to do, however, because the slightest gap in between the Pillar and the wall can allow enemies to squeeze their way through (you can't actually make the Pillar touch both walls). Champions with bigger hitboxes are easier to wall off, and you can use your own body to fill in a gap to make the wall even bigger. This only shows the two main places on the bottom half of the map; it works on the top half as well.

You need to place it directly in the center of the gap.

This works just as well as the other, but is harder to place visually.


Not every wall needs to completely block off a passage to make it effective. Pillar of Ice can still slow people even if they can't see it, and can confuse them when they can't enter a bush, giving you extra time to catch them. You can place Pillar in a corner of a bush in the jungle to extend the natural terrain and use the slow around it to zone enemies away from each other. Once again, all of these apply for the top left side of the map as well.






In all the images above, you have sight in the area, enemies can't see the pillar until they enter the bush, and the slow completely covers the gap between the walls. There are obviously more places where you can do tricks like this, but hopefully his helps you understand the different strengths of Pillar of Ice and how important placement of it is.

Early Game (Laning Phase) Back to Top

First Couple of Levels

If you're blue side, you can start Chomp (Q) to easily get double golems with your carry which will get you a quick level two. As soon as you hit level two, pick up Pillar of Ice and engage on the enemy lane. Make sure your carry knows to all in. If they have a ranged support sitting in the brush, blow him/her up while exhausting the enemy carry. However, if they have a tanky support, use Pillar behind the enemy carry and force them to use Flash while chunking down their health.

Level 2.png
Going all-in on the enemy Graves at level two.

Level 2-2.png
In this case, we should have gone for Sona to begin with.

Using Pillar of Ice in Lane

Your goal in the early game is to 1) protect your ADC and 2) catch out the enemy ADC or support with Pillar of Ice and follow up with Chomp. There are multiple ways to use Pillar. You can place it behind your target to prevent them from escaping, or use it to block off the other person from helping out whoever it is you're targeting. If you're harassing under tower, generally the second approach is better since you shouldn't be full-on diving until you're level six.

Catching With Pillar.png
Using Pillar to gain sight and force Sona the long way around, right through us.

Catching With Pillar - Followup.png
Subjugate (R) allowed us to burst her, and Graves picks her up right after.

That is how you should force fights in lane. If you place wards frequently in the opposing team's brush, you can land good Pillars of Ice to push the enemy support back and blow them up using your ultimate. When the jungler comes, you can do something very similar, as shown below.

Catching With Pillar 2.png
Once again, Sona is separated from her team and tower, allowing us to kill her safely.

This Lane Sucks!

If you find yourself taking too much damage, sit back in a bush and slowly regain health through your passive. Think of it as a Garen passive in a way. Just use Pillar of Ice whenever the enemy lane gets aggressive until you've healed up enough. Don't forget that you can start a fight with low health as long as you have your ultimate up. As Trundle it's often beneficial to focus down the enemy tank, not only because your ult removes 40% of his/her resistances, but also because it will be the biggest source of health from your passive. Dragon and Baron also heal you (through your passive), even if it's the enemy team that gets the kill.

Try to get Philosopher's Stone for regen and a Kindlegem for health if you're being focused frequently. While your goal is to be the focus of the enemy lane's damage, you don't want to always be low in lane as it makes diving much more difficult.

Mid Game (Roaming Phase) Back to Top

Ending the Laning Phase

While Trundle's kill potential on his own is very low, paired with someone who has high damage he can easily set up kills (which is the exact reason why I like him as a support over top lane). A properly placed Pillar of Ice will force an enemy to blow their Flash, and the next well-placed Pillar will kill that enemy. With Trundle support you and your ADC should almost always try to push the enemy tower down early so that the two of you can roam in the jungle and towards mid. Because of the auto attack reset on Chomp and the attack speed bonus on Frozen Domain you can push extremely well, and Pillar will keep you safe from counter attacks.

Sieging + Blocking.png
Blocking the enemy Trundle's path of escape.

Forcing Katarina to walk a specific way, through the slow.
Using Subjugate (R), she dies almost instantly to Graves' full burst.

Roaming, Killing, Pushing

Like I said, after you have pushed down the bottom tower you want to focus on roaming with your ADC and killing towers and enemies. By doing so you can set up easy Dragon and Baron attempts, and if you've chosen to build for buff control (Wriggle's Lantern), your team will do them incredibly quickly because of Chomp and in relative safety due to Pillar. Warding is incredibly important at this point. If you're on the bottom left, ward in the green spots as you move up with each tower. If you're in the top right, ward in the red spots as you move down with each tower.

I suck at finding good images to use and editing them, I know

Transitioning to the Late Game

The late game pretty much starts as soon as you begin to have full-on 4v4 and 5v5 team fights (hopefully it's not 4v5). Your main goal while you transition to the late game and even during the late game is to take towers and objectives while not dying. However, if you see an ally get caught out you can try to use Pillar to save them as it is very good at doing that. In the next section you will learn about the number one most important part of your job description as support Trundle, and the real reason you're even playing him.

Late Game (Peeling Phase) Back to Top

What is Peeling?

"Peeling is the act of using crowd control (CC) abilities on enemies to stop them from damaging or impeding allies." - Dan "Danzeru" Wren

If you click on the link above you can read an article on the Dignitas website that goes really far into the technique, but I'm just going to show you a specific part of it. 

"[Trundle] is an incredible peeler purely because of Pillar of [Ice], an incredible skill that creates a small obstacle (remember to cast it right in front of the target so as to knock them back as well) and some numbers that you may have forgotten: Pillar is a permanent AoE slow (so no amount of CC reduction is going to help, another Irelia counter) that lasts a whopping [6] seconds! Not only that but Trundle is going to rob what is more than likely a bruiser (so a tanky DPS) of both their tankiness with his ultimate and their DPS with [Chomp]." (updated according to Trundle's new spell names and the duration of Pillar)

Basically, as a support, your job is to first assist at initiating the teamfight and then to protect your ADC so that he can constantly attack in the fight. How is Trundle amazing at doing this? When a bruiser tries to jump on your ADC, you can place a pillar between the two, giving your ADC a few free shots. While this goes on, Subjugate steals all their resistances and Chomp steals their attack damage. The result? Your ADC tears through the bruiser while taking little to no damage. The two of you can then turn your attention to killing everyone else. Hopefully, this whole time your bruiser has been ripping apart the enemy ADC or at least zoning him/her from the fight.


Blocking Kha'Zix's flash and preventing him from finishing Graves

Peeling 2.png

Peeling from a distance: protecting Kog'Maw from Renekton and allowing him to kite easily


The best way to initiate as Trundle, whether you're support or a tank, is to catch someone out with Pillar of Ice. To maximize the effectiveness of Pillar, try to place it just barely touching a wall. This forces the enemy to go around it and through the slow in the way that you want them to go, and makes landing skill shots easy to finish the enemy off. If you skipped the section titled "Using Pillar Effectively," I highly recommend you go back and read it, even if you plan on playing Trundle in another role.

Countering Lanes With Trundle Back to Top

This section will cover the random "flavor of the month" lane matchups that Trundle works exceptionally well against, and will be continuously updated.

6_64.png 44_64.png Urgot/Taric

Due to all the tournaments that have been going on recently and therefore the resurgence of certain lanes, specifically Urgot and Taric, Trundle should be picked even more often. Because Urgot gains armor from Taric and resistances from his ultimate, Trundle's ultimate counters this incredibly well. Chomp will also help counteract Taric's ultimate (which gives him and his allies AP and AD for a short time). Use Pillar of Ice to push Taric away from your carry when he uses Dazzle (E), or use it to interrupt Urgot's ultimate.

So if you're in draft or expect to see the ever-annoying Urgot/Taric lane, I highly recommend playing support Trundle.

51_64.png 20_64.png Caitlyn/Nunu

Although this lane got nerfed pretty hard recently (Nunu's Blood Boil (W) gives much less attack speed), this lane is still very strong and frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately, Trundle doesn't do that well in it. The goal of their lane is to push extremely hard and get Caitlyn to late game, and you can't push back very easily as Trundle. However, if they tunnel vision on a tower too hard, you can use Pillar of Ice to push them towards it and punish them. Nunu isn't very strong against you, and neither of them will want to engage in a full fight, so try to force skirmishes. If you use Frozen Domain wisely then you can prevent yourself from being kited. Also, remember that you can use Pillar of Ice to interrupt Nunu ultimate.

2v1 Lanes With Trundle

This is actually terrible for the team that has a support Trundle unless you have someone like Kog'Maw that just wants to farm until late game. Trundle isn't very effective at zoning in a 2v1 in the first few minutes, and he also isn't that great at pushing towers (unless you can force the enemy laner to back off the tower; if so useChomp to reset your auto attack and put a point in Frozen Domain early for attack speed). If you have a safe ADC like Ezreal or Caitlyn, you can leave them to 1v1 while you roam for a bit to help the rest of your team. Like I said though, the other team will likely benefit more from a lane swap than your team will.

Change Log Back to Top

Season 4 Trundle

12/13/13 --- Rewrote the "Masteries" section completely and updated the "Items" section for the Season 4 changes. Also added a Jinx matchup and an Annie matchup.

Reworked Trundle

09/24/13 --- Fixed the "Why Play Support Trundle?" section about his top lane troubles after the user "Jahkral" mentioned it.

08/27/13 --- Mentioned the new Trinity Force and reworked Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil. Also removed Bulwark from the guide.

05/15/13 --- Fixed a few spelling errors and clarified a few things.

05/06/13 --- Updated a few small things.

05/04/13 --- Removed the old screenshots in the "Early Game" and "Mid Game" sections, using screenshots of gameplay with the new Trundle instead. I'll update the screenshots in the "Late Game" section as soon as possible and maybe add a few gameplay videos/montages if I can. Also combined the "Disclaimers" and "Sources" sections into the same thing, since neither were very long. Improved the readability of the "Runes" section.

05/03/13 --- Updated the "Items" section by adding item icons and splitting up paragraphs to make it easier to follow and skim over. You shouldn't need to dig through it now if you only want to see the explanation for specific items. Included the ideal items to build for when the other team has strong mixed damage. Also added a more detailed and easier to read explanation for the alternative mastery setups you can run in the "Masteries" section. Lastly, added images to the "Abilities" section to improve readability there as well.

05/02/13 --- Finished rewriting the rest of the guide! Please give me feedback on how it is, and if you catch any typos (especially if I forgot to update one of the spell names) then don't hesitate to let me know. I also added a new section titled "Using Pillar Effectively" that gives a bunch of examples on where you can place Pillar and how you can use it. The first half of the guide was completely rewritten with new formatting, the second half was only edited heavily as most of it is still relevant. Lastly, I updated the new "Masteries" section in order to improve the readability (it was previously a wall of text explaining all the points in the defense tree).

05/01/13 --- Completely rewrote the first half of the guide ("Summoner Spells" through "Matchups") to fit with the new Trundle. This includes new formatting for many of the sections to make it easier to read and a new build that fits support Trundle better than the old one, with less clutter. The second half ("Who is Trundle?" through "Countering Lanes With Trundle") will be updated as soon as I finished rewriting all those sections.

Old Trundle

02/26/13 --- Clarified in the "Items" section what I meant about Sightstone being an effective gold per ten item, and also mentioned boot enchantments and that Boots of Mobility are also decent on support Trundle. Also added several more uncommon matchups (Jarvan + Leona/Xin Zhao/Pantheon, Elise support) and explained what to do in those situations. Lastly, edited the "Items," "Runes," and "Summoner Spells" sections slightly to improve readability and update them to the current item path that I prefer to go.

02/24/13 --- Added the matchup for Tristana after the user "Cyrer" pointed out that I somehow forgot to do one for her.

02/21/13 --- Added another part to the "Counter Lanes..." section about 2v1ing with support Trundle.

--- Rewrote the "First Few Times Back," "Mid Game," and "Late Game" parts of the "Items" section, accounting for Ruby Sightstone, Runic Bulwark, Locket of the Iron Solari, and the buffed Zeke's Herald. Bulwark should now be a high priority, and you should choose between Reverie or Locket instead of always getting Reverie. Zeke's Herald should also now take priority over Spirit Visage due to the increased cooldown reduction on it. Lastly, I added another part to the "Counter Lanes..." section.

01/27/13 --- Added the "Countering Lanes With Trundle" section. Also did some minor edits to improve readability and the quality of information.

12/20/12 --- Added the "Why Play Support Trundle?" section in order to explain my thought process behind what makes support Trundle good, why you should pick him, and what his role is in a team.

12/18/12 --- First published the guide publicly.

12/12/12 --- Started writing the guide.

Proof of History Back to Top

Reworked Trundle (Preseason 4)


Pre-Rework Trundle (Preseason 3)

Support Stats.png

I've played many more than just the ones shown above, but these were all played in a row and show the general build idea. I maxed Chomp (Q) first in a couple of these because I was against melee supports, and a couple others I maxed Pillar of Ice (E) in order to have better catch potential as well as protection for my carry as he farmed up. I'll add more screenshots of my history for when I go on another support Trundle spree.

You will notice that they are a little unevenly spaced, as my editing skills aren't the best. I simply edited out a couple games as other champions that were between.

Disclaimers & Sources Back to Top


First of all, most people won't like you playing Trundle support in ranked solo queue, so I'd advise against that. Second, Trundle is now much stronger in other roles than he used to be (especially jungle). While that doesn't make him unviable as a support now, it simply means he doesn't have the same weaknesses that only made him work well as a support.

I've had success running support Trundle with carries such as Graves, Kog'Maw, Varus, Draven, Ezreal, and Ashe, and I'm sure he'd work with others as well. I think he pairs with the first three best out of all of them. Why? Trundle amplifies Graves' burst, and the other two are carries that have no escape and are natural tank killers, making Pillar and Subjugate amazing with them.

This is only the second guide I've ever written for LoL. I'd definitely appreciate constructive criticism, and if you try something with support Trundle that's different but works, let me know! I'm always open to new ideas and I'll definitely give them a shot.


Trundle's Abilities on the League of Legends Wikia

All the in-game screenshots were taken with LoL Recorder or from in game and are from games that I have played, either under the names "Nightsprol" or "thuforsaken." The only other usernames in the games that I am associated with are "Gaia Guy" and "Chaoscholo," both being friends that I play with frequently. All others are random people that I've been matched with.
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