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All Guides Nasus Guides {Season4} In Depth Guide to Nasus, Understand (Under rework for S5)
6 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Top summoners spells= most used and the best choices

Lower summoner spells=least used and situational

Best choice-

12.png Teleport allows for great mobility around the map as well as great plays and the ability to backdoor. Teleport can also get you out of sticky situations in lane if the enemy doesn't have hard cc to interrupt your spell or help you get back to your sheep...I mean, minions. With the new changes to summoner spells, the cool down will now be reduced to 180 if you teleport to a turret allowing even more sustain. 

Ghost greatly helps Nasus to be able to both catch up to his enemies and avoid kiting in team fights or fights in general. Ghost also removes unit collision allowing Nasus to break through the enemies front lines to reach the precious adc where he can bash him/her to a pulp with his god-stick.


Flash is a great summoner spell that is used both offensively and defensively for multiple situations like flashing into a fight or flashing away to escape. Take flash over ghost if you think it is better but I personally prefer ghost over flash in the long run.

Take Smite if you are jungling. It's quite strong if one of the lanes lets you farm their minions occasionally. Combine 11.png with 6.png or 4.png

Heal is a great spell which can be used with your ultimate for epic turret baits. Who isn't surprised when you just healed over 400 hp at level 6 right before destroying them with the aid of your turret? Only get 7.png if you are very new to 75_64.pngand have no idea how to play him.

Cleanse is a strong spell in team fights but I would rather buy a crucible. More details below in the guide.

Barrier is an alternate to heal that depends on who you are against or with. If someone on your team already has heal and you want a heal, barrier can be an option. Remember that barrier only lasts 2 seconds but does not get reduced from healing debuffs like 14.png. Again, this is only useful if you are very new to Nasus and want to take baby steps. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AVERAGE-EXPERIENCED PLAYERS.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    -0.83% cooldowns Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

(subjected to change with the new rune update in s4)


(Armor pen) allows mid-late game power for your Siphoning Strike. Feel free to change pen to (Flat AD) if you feel uncomfortable having less than 60 ad at level 1 or want an easier time last hitting. 

(Flat Armor) give great early game advantages especially against an ad bruiser. I feel like (Flat HP) or (Mana Regeneration) is a waste since your items can provide you with these stats later. I have seen people getting (Mana Regeneration) but, statistically and in situation, the (armor) is better.

(Flat cool down reduction) may seem like a stupid choice at first but after countless hours of experimentation, you can actually stack your q much faster. Combined with sorcery, you will achieve 11.5% cdr at level 1. This reduces your cooldown on your Q by 1 second at rank 1 and will continue to reduce as you level it up. 


 Armor Pen runes in my opinion is the best choice. At the early stages, you won't be trading back as much and as the game goes on, your pen runes will let you deal a lot more damage.

 Attack Damage runes can be taken if you want to last hit easier but i would not recommend it. Not only will these runes become literally useless later on, the armor pen runes will help you deal MUCH more damage. ( Pen will let you deal % extra damage while flat is just flat damage)

 Hybrid Pen runes, the newest runes around. They are extremely powerful if you use both your spells and auto attacks to maximize your damage dealt potential however, Nasus has barely any nukes or spells to damage the enemy. His spirit fire will barely do anything while your ultimate has a fairly long cool down making hybrid pen a weak choice.

 Armor seals are the classic solo top or any common setup. These amazing runes will provide enough armor at level 1 to survive physical damage harass as well as minion damage. Some people also get armor per level but as nasus, you will be getting a ton of armor later on in the game. 

Flat health seals are becoming more and more popular with the season 3 meta. But how powerful are they? If you do the actual math, flat health is actually over rated. At level 1, health will always overlap armor but after level 4+, armor will slowly over lap health in terms of resistance. People say its the "New Pen changes and stuff" but how often do you see someone with 3 black cleavers or a last whisper and a black cleaver? Unless they are stacking massive amounts of Pen, armor and the items in league will always out class health.

Magic resist glyph is the best choice for Nasus in my opinion and it is one of the best runes you can get at level 1. Like the armor rune, you can minimize magic damage harass like these little bastards8_64.png17_64.png68_64.png84_64.png. I would highly recommend you to get these. 

Movement speed Quints are my favorite on Nasus, they provide enough movement speed to help you get out of those early lvl 1 ganks. They can be considered, one of the best runes in game.

Death timer reduction is very under-rated. Combined with your mastery good hands, you can actually cut back your death timer by about 10-30 seconds. Consider these runes if you want to see the enemy go WTF as you respawn in about 30 seconds at 50 minutes in the game. Oh and get homeguard boots for MAXIMUM effect.

Life steal Quints are amazing in terms of survivability. They will help your lane phase a lot and will scale harder when you stack that SS. These runes work best vs people who can constantly harass and you need all the healing you can get.

Health Quints are the same as health seals, very powerful early game but begins to fall off at around lvl 4. Get these if you are against true damage users like 2_64.png39_64.png122_64.png.

Experience Quints are the same as Death timer reduction runes, they are under rated but extremely powerful. These runes will help you in lane as over level your opponent slowly by 1-3 levels. Getting these runes are a risk but the rewards can be great.

Armor Pen Quints are quite deadly when combined with your reds, they will increase your damage at around mid-late game by almost 20-32% extra. Get these if you plan on a dominate late game.

Attack damage Quints are the same as flat damage reds, very powerful pre-6 but falls off hardcore. Get these if you cannot last hit under turret.


Masteries Back to Top


(Tentative to Change when Pre-Season ends)

This setup capitalizes on survivability from early-late game, taking the extra movement speed and cool down reduction. This is personally my favorite and works extremely well in any playstyle.

By taking 4 points into sorcery and 3 points into fleet of foot, you can have better synergy with your CDR blues as well as your movement speed quints, starting with around 371 movement speed and 12.5% CDR.
The first tier of the defensive mastery is pretty terrible, with the exception of block and maybe enchanted armor. The second tier, its a no brainer that you are going to take veteran's scar and unyielding. By the third tier, i prefer to take juggernaut as well as the armor/resistance stats. In the fourth tier, this is when the path can be split. I personally like to swiftness against kites and reinforced armor against those pesky marksmens. It is optional if you want to take Evasive or not, but in my opinion, there are no better choices left. And finally, you take the godly tenacious which can grant a whopping 20 armor and 10 magic resistance when you are near all 5 members of the enemy team. Like always, take the final tier, legendary guardian which is quite nice granting 15% tenacity.

Another page is to give up the 5% CDR from Sorcery and take Perseverance and Second wind to go up against ranged champions or if you are not confident with your playstyle. It will create a much safer lane but will give up some CDR.

Defensively and accepting defeat early game, and then completely humiliating your opponent mid to late game.

Abilities Back to Top


Understand that no single build is true, all styles and builds work depending on personality and situation.

Adapt to not what you want, but to what needs to be done. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard against an ad top who doesnt do a crap ton in a single burst.
    Standard vs a champion who deals a crap ton of burst.
    Turn the cloth into Ninja Tabi
    Usually, you get regeneration start top against AP champions so the next item in line should either be Kindle gem or chalice. Get chalice if you plan on having a very hard lane controlling your mana.
    If you are buying Tabi, then you are pretty much against an AD champion or an auto attack based champion. Prepare to rush Frozen Heart.
    You first "big" item, this should be rushed vs most AD champions.
    If you are rushing visage, then you are going to nee Cowl. NEVER RUSH THIS BEFORE KINDLE.
    Your next few items depends on how well you are doing and who you are against. For example, if you are behind and there are some pretty heavy AP damage, prepare to get a visage. If not and you are against an AD heavy team, start to get Randuins.
    Quite obvious, but the items after Visage are going to be difficult. You usually start to win lane after visage so you must start itemizing against their AD. If not, start to get more MR like Banshees if you like.
    Build visage right after your Randuins and anything else is situational. You can buy guantlet depending on how far you are in the game.

Core Items

    You can also use randiuns as an option instead of frozen heart
    trade shurelya's reverie for banshee or thornmail if the support already has one
    If you really are ignorant and want more movement speed, take out iceborn gauntlets for trinity and waste money on unnecessary stats........
    An updated build that works well with the new Nasus buffs, usually the main build.
    My newest build for top lane Nasus, the addition of Mikael's Crucible greatly increases his sustaining power as well as a way to build something out of Philosopher's stone. Many people may not realize it but, the health you can gain from the active can be a deciding factor in your fights.

Situational Items

    Get banshee's veil if they have hard cc
    Very effective against ap and helps sustain you through the game with your passive.
    If you want more aoe dps along with armor/health. Not very efficient gold wise but can get the job done.

Nothing much to say except that you can change Ninja Tabi for any other boots except for berserk because you don't need to auto attack to do damage. You Q resets your attack timer, go figure.

3107_64.png Runic is one of the best items to get in the game, it provides huge amounts of resistance to everyone at a fairly cheap price for the stats. ( Runic has been removed from the game)

3069_64.png Many people don't like to get this because they feel Reverie is for a Support or jungle to get. That is like saying wards are only meant for supports to buy, but you can always buy wards for your team as well. Reveries grant good regen, health, and the aoe movement speed boost. I usually upgrade this from Philo but you can always turn this into a Wrecker now.

3190_64.png Solari is the most efficient item in game even without the active. Like Runic, its more of a defensive item for your team.

3083_64.png People say in season 3, the Meta is to stack Health because of Armor Pen, but where is the hardcore Pen? I don't see people building Hardcore pen (over 65 or over 50% pen). Armor/Resistance is still one of the best choices to get, if you really want health just buy 3082_32.png or 3102_32.png. The effects on armor items are much better than flat health items.

3028_64.png Chalice of Harmony provides insane mana regeneration as well as magic resistance. It is an amazing item for a mid lane but also very beneficial for 75_64.png. If you find yourself always out of mana, feel free to grab 3028_32.png.
3143_64.pngI usually buy Randiuns Omen instead of 3083_32.png's solely because it does a better job at tanking while providing amazing actives/passives. Not only does it grant health, enemies who auto attack you automatically becomes slowed and you can always activate this to create an aoe slow.

3065_64.png After the removal of Force of Nature, 3065_32.png became the new late game Magic Resistance item. Very useful when fighting vs ap top lane or a very heavy ap team in general. Providing great CDR, Health, and increased health regeneration makes this worthy to rush.
3110_64.png A must get against most AD Champions. 3110_32.pngprovides one of the stats against AD heavy champions like 5_64.png39_64.png122_64.png. ADCs also becomes greatly weakened due to the attack speed debuff. Combined with 3143_32.png and Wither, most ADC champions will be shut down immediately. 

3035_64.png If the enemy team decides to build very heavy armor and no health, 3035_32.png will be a very good choice. Not only does it provide a heavy boost in damage, it literally makes all those armor items useless. Don't be afraid to pick this up.

Newbie Trap items-

3074_64.png Ravenous Hydra is not only terrible on Nasus, but the splash damage does not apply his Q's bonus damage. You do not need the aoe damage, you barely need flat damage, and you already have life steal. 

3071_64.png Black Cleaver seems like a decent item at first with cool down reduction and armor penetration but look closer, it only shreds armor up to 25%. If you really want the shred, go grab yourself a 3035_32.png. The cool down reduction isn't really needed since your main cores will bring 40% cdr, and damage is pretty trivial to Nasus.

-With s3 item changes, 3078_32.png on Nasus becomes unnecessary due to its price and unused stats. 3025_32.png is only 3400 gold compared to 3078_32.png's 3843 gold. 3025_32.png also builds from 3024_32.png, giving needed CDR, armor, and mana especially with 3057_32.png. For a better stat than 3078_32.png at lower costs, I think anyone would choose 3025_32.png over 3078_32.png.

-S3 removed Heart of Gold and it is really not effective for its gold cost. 3096_32.png is the most effective gp10 item for its price and stats.

-Chalice provides magic resistance and insane mana regeneration at a cheap price especially early game. This allows for infinite sustain in lane. 

-You have3025_32.png and Siphoning Strike ,think. They can't run away anymore. Most people would rather have extra CDR for their summoner's spells.

Matchups Back to Top

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At the moment, Aatrox is fairly difficult to shrug off while becoming easier to deal with late game. His flexibility to either regenerate health or deal extra damage makes him very annoying for you in lane. Combined with ridiculous cc, its basicly like a 10_64.png with more sustain. Wither him when he tries to proc his W or during his ultimate. The greatest thing about A-Atrox's late game is that his damage falls off harder than most ad melee champions. If he chooses to keep blood price on instead of the regeneration, he will explode and vice versa.

Build Vs AP and Vs Ad





Ask for additional ganks and try to survive the lane. I would advise you not to engage her until you are level 6 to deal damage while she is shrouded. Buy Merc Treads and Chalice early to sustain against her damage.

  • Her shroud grants extra resistance but you can still damage her with your ultimate, 3025_32.png proc or Spirit Fire.
  • Her burst comes from her Q so wait out the duration before engaging on her
  • Her R resets on champion kill or assist
  • Wither makes a difference in burst because she also deals magic damage per hit from her passive.

3083_32.png3028_32.png3065_32.pngare all good against84_icon_64.png





This is going to be a farm fest, try to avoid his Rupture and Feral scream or it may open you up to ganks. Watch our for his E, it travels beyond his target making him very annoying when trying to last hit but will also make him push extremely hard. 

Use this to your advantage. 





This lane will be some what difficult, his bleed will slowly wear you down making last hitting extremely painful. 

Do not go for last hits unless he has either used his Q or is not in range for his pull.

Mastery, healing.JPG

Take advantage of the increased healing from second wind when you get low, this setup will allow greater sustain in lane. 


Dr. Mundo



His main source of harass is his Q, but his main source of damage comes from his W+E combined. The problem with 36_64.png is that you cannot really counter him except from reducing his auto attack enhanced E damage. The only thing you can do is to allow him to play like an idiot and then capitalize on his mistakes. Always dodge his Q and wither when he decides to engage you with his E. 


  • His W gives tenacity so your wither duration is shorter but STRONGER
  • Q does not scale off AP but of his enemy's HP
  • W deals magic damage
  • E increases damage based on his missing health. 





Extremely hard to beat or even impossible to beat. 60_64.png is currently one of the strongest top laners you can go against. Be prepared to either take a very hard beating or lose the lane but you must not lose hope. The moment she pushes down your turret, begin to freeze the lane at the bush near the double golems or in between the tri bush and the entrance to blue buff ( If you are on the other side). The trick in winning the game is to lose the lane and force her to roam aimlessly across the map while you constantly push and freeze the lane to discourage her from coming back to harass you.  Since you probably will lose the lane, do the following.

  • Let your jungler gank other lanes more frequently because even if you get 2 kills ahead, she can still easily take you down. 
  • Freeze the lane as close to the turret as possible but not in range to be hit.
  • Attempt to discourage her from staying in lane by denying farm by acting like if your jungler is nearby.
If you have already lost the lane and your turret is pushed down, then do the following.

  • Freeze the lane mid-way from your first turret to your second turret.
  • Push when 60_64.png leaves the lane to try and gank other lanes while freezing your lane again when she returns
  • Focus solely on last hitting with your Q, so do not auto attack or use Spirit Fire.

Your goal is to win the game, not win against 60_64.png, REMEMBER THAT





Your siphon will be deflected and you basically need to play the entire lane out. Ninja tabi and glacial shroud should be purchased first and rush into frozen heart or Gauntlets.

Important things to know

  • Her Parry can deflect your Q so auto attack before using it.
  • The cooldown on Parry is relatively long so abuse that!
  • Her main sustain/dps is to stick onto targets with her burst of speed and lunge so wither the moment she uses her second jump. 
  • Her ultimate makes her untargetable but still takes damage from things like 14.png 
  • Her passive stacks when she consecutively attacks a champion.

3110_32.png3143_32.png3083_32.png3107_32.png3075_32.png3025_32.png3026_32.pngare all good





Same as darius, he has harass but not as hard. He can cleanse wither so watch out. Be extremely careful if he begins to crit, which usual means he has some sort of runes for them.

Build standard armor items against GP and if you can, take reinforced armor to reduce his critical strikes. 





Farm your way to victory. Keep in mind that when he spins onto units, his movement speed is reduced by 25%. He also reduces damage with his w up and removes all slow if he activates his q (but not during the q).


  • His Q removes all slows
  • His W decreases damage taken
  • His E will SLOW him down if he passes through units
  • His R deals MAGIC damage based on how much health you are missing, so pop that ultimate to bait out a kill
  • His passive only works when he is not hit for a certain period of time, harass with E to negate this.

3110_32.png3143_32.png3025_32.png3107_32.png3083_32.pngare all good against him





Amazingly, nasus is Irelia's counter. You wither her while she activates hiten style, she loses TONS OF DAMAGE ( oh phreak). Rush 3110_32.png and you should be fine. 

Your main goal is to reduce her auto attack rate. If she cannot hit, how can she do true damage?

If she gets out of hand, health will usually do the trick. 

  • Wither can significantly reduce her overall dps since she requires her auto attacks to do true damage.
  • Her level 1-2 burst with E+auto attacks can easily kill you, so be warned. 
  • Her ultimate heals more when she hits a champion
  • Her E slows when she has more %  current health than the target but stuns if it is the other way around.
  • Her passive will reduce wither's duration if there are more enemies nearby but it becomes STRONGER


Jarvan IV



Jarvan excels at killing champions who cant sustain with his burst damage. Build Cloth 5 and then your standard Vs AD top build. When he places that flag down, just move away from it to avoid extra damage and maybe a gank. You should be fine after level 7 but if you are behind, allow him to push up to your turret where you can regain most of your lost health.

  • 59_64.png excels at sustained harass especially when his target does not have a sustain.
  • His main harass comes from his E+Q and then his auto attacks.
  • His passive deals damage based on your current health
  • His W increases in shield strength by the amount of champions hit.
  • His Q shreds armor by a %
  • His E provides his passively extra attack speed and armor 
  • His ultimate is very buggy and you can actually walk out of it.





If you both farm, you will win. If jax gets greedy and tries to push you out, his mana will drain and you will win. If he gets help from his jungler while your jungler goes afk, he will win.

Wither him once he decides to jump on you and proceed to run away or fight. If you know you can win, cast your ultimate and blow his shiny eyes to a billion pieces.

  • His Counter Strike will block your Q damage. 
  • Wither helps reduce his overall dps due to the fact that his ultimate requires 3 hits to proc and his w also requires him to auto attack.
  • His ultimate grants him extra resistance so don't get caught surprised when he suddenly becomes slightly tankier. 
  • Dodging his E can change the fight





Same as jax except that you have to dodge those flying balls. Jayce also do % damage so watch out. If he builds3257_32.png, then i recommend buying Mercury treads. If he uses his W during his range form, wither can help negate a majority of the damage. The key is to dodge his Q+E combo and make him jump onto you while you have a decent minion wave to back you up where they can constantly damage him.

  • The moment you see him putting down that acceleration gate, be prepared to run away from it.
  • If he uses his Q, there is a good chance he is going to follow it up by his gate for a sneaky harass. 
  • His W in melee form restores mana per hit, so wither him if he decides to regain some of that loss mana.
  • His first hit on transformation deals either extra magic damage or shreds your resistance.

3107_32.png3025_32.png3065_32.png3110_32.pngare all good





Her harass will own you, try a lane swap. You shouldn't see too many karma players as she is considered "bad" by people. She will harass the fuck out of you if you try to last hit with your Q, that shield is pretty annoying. Attempt to buy very heavy MR and rush a 3028_32.png.

Hard to lane against but you will probably win, avoid her harass and do not get snared from her W. If you get caught out with her enhanced q, you will take unnecessary damage. Once you have around 100-200 siphon damage, attempt to capitalize on her mistakes every time she decides to use her spells stupidly. 

The main problem in this lane is that she has the ability to constantly deny you farm while doing some dps which will ultimately wear you down to the point where she can take you. To avoid this, just avoid her q and break her W's leash. 





Farm and wither her if she tries to harass you. The moment she uses that red ball on you, wither her ass. Save your q when she ultis and remember to ulti before she does to maximize the damage dealt. Always remember to conserve your mana and not over spend it on wither. Farm and then shove down the lane.

Important things to know is that

  • Her Q does not amplify damage anymore but applies one stack of her passive.
  • Her passive shreds armor/magic resistance per hit
  • Her e scales on both AP and AD
  • Her ultimate is not like 23_64.png's ultimate where it allows damage to be done but instead, damage will not be done while the ultimate lasts.
  • 3110_32.png does help a lot along with wither, not because of the armor, but because of the 20% attack speed reduction and CDR.
  • If she builds 3153_32.png, your best friend is Wither and 3110_32.png along with 3143_32.png

You can build 3110_32.png early or 3065_32.png depending on her build.





85_64.png is the most annoying top laner against 75_64.png along with 17_64.png. Because he also benefits from flat ad, most players now would build 1055_32.png to capitalize on his auto attack harass along with w. The only way to really survive the lane is to not fight at all, wait until he pushes up near your turret and force your own minion wave to freeze the lane. This creates a layer of protection from him if he decides to engage on you with his Moth Ball. Because it is almost impossible to avoid his auto attacks, 1054_32.png helps A LOT. Combined with your damage reduction masteries, you will be taking around 10 reduced auto attack damage. Watch out for his passive, the moment he stuns, he will usually follow up with even more harass or a full out engage. 

85_64.png players usually sell off their ad for ap mid-late game so do not build very heavy on armor, but a mix between the two. 3143_32.png helps reduce his overall dps with his w, but still build MR items like 3065_32.png or 3102_32.png





Farm and try not to trade. Stick near the minions and reduce his damage. If you ever get caught in lane fighting him, ulti and beat him hard with your god stick. The key thing to note here is that his W can hurt quite a bit so be wary. They spread further the further they travel meaning running back can actually help you dodge them.

Key fact- His passive does not proc when he goes into a bush, it procs when HE IS INVISIBLE TO YOU. AKA USE WARDS IN BUSHES TO REDUCE THAT PASSIVE EFFECT.



Lee Sin



His kicks and stuff will hurt alot, wait for level 6 to try and take the lane to your control. Wither will reduce his passive damage but mainly try to dodge those q shots. His e does MAGICAL DAMAGE I REPEAT MAGICAL DAMAGE BUT SCALES OFF AD. HIS Q INCREASES DAMAGE AS YOUR HEALTH GETS LOWER SO ULTI WHEN HE JUMPS TO YOU, if you are low.

Always avoid his Q, and be very wary when he PLACES a ward in the most random places. This can be a sign that he is setting up a gank for his jungler or mid where he can just w+r you to your doom. 64_64.png relies on early pressure from his constant disengage and engagements from his q and e. A common mistake is to leave the lane and let 64_64.png take the lane allowing him to freely snowball even harder and gank other lanes. Staying in lane only helps you become tankier while making 64_64.png slightly weaker every level towards late game. If he builds pure ad, he relies on his quick combo of Q+R+Q to burst squishies. If he builds tanky, he relies on his initiation and slow dps to eventually kill his targets. A mix of both just makes him overall more flexible but weaker, this is the reason why he slightly falls off late game. 

Because most of the time your team is grouped, ad lee will usually get blown up the moment he shows his face while a tanky lee will have a hard time initiating. 

  • Avoid his q (duh)
  • be wary of his ward placements
  • be very careful when he reaches 6, where he can 100 to 0 you
  • be observant on what he maxes first and second, if he maxes q and then e, then he is going for a full out burst on you. If he maxes his q and then w, he is focusing mainly on a sustained harass.
  • Always fight in a minion wave to try and dodge his Q.





farm those sheeps. His only harass will be his q and occasional w splash damage. Your only concern is when he decides to build a 3028_32.png and then, the endless harass begins. You should not aim to kill him because of his insane tanking power. You can easily wither him and just take down the turret.





Like 50_64.png, do not get caught out with his harass. Your early game lane phase will all depend on what your opponent's style is and how he reacts to certain actions. 

If he is aggresive-

  • Attempt to dodge his E and Q to cause his naturally high health costs to slowly drain him or discourage him from using his abilities on you. 
  • Kill the minions with his W on, this will provide him with a lot of free shield over time.
  • Do not get hit by his Q when alone, the damage is increased.
  • Do not use your ultimate to fight if you are unsure, his ability to regenerate/shield your damage is legendary. That one bar of health can last longer than you think, his shield can easily block all of your damage. 
  • Only engage with your ultimate if you KNOW that you can kill him without dying.
  • Do not fight when there is a large minion wave with you, his E will siphon even more shield.
  • 3065_32.png is your best friend, buy it early to sustain in lane longer.
  • When you are affected by his ultimate, use your ultimate if needed to heal.
  • 3222_32.png is the key to victory here, the essence of a miracle.

If he is passive-
  • You will usually be out pushed in lane by this play style.
  • He or she will usually try to hit you with his E through minions when farming, causing a safe harass.
  • Build both 3222_32.png3065_32.png to try and sustain your way to victory.
  • Not much can be said against this style except that you will be required to play extremely smart. Do not go for small gains and never over stay your welcome in lane. If you are low, just go back. If you know the jungler is coming to gank you, leave and let your turret die. Ask for more ganks from your jungler. 





Her ability to kite you in lane will make last hitting extremely difficult. Her spears will not do as much damage but still try to avoid them. Building 1054_32.png helps a lot and try to think of 85_64.png when playing against 76_64.png, as they both require constant poke from their abilities and auto attacks to win the lane. Because she will be building ad/tank items mainly, armor will be very effective. 

Keep in mind that her ultimate can scale from 1:1 to 1:3 depending on your health. Be extremely careful when you have below 30% health, as she can easily jump+Ignite+Q to take you down. 

Her pounce is very clunky and not flexible so take advantage of that. She cannot move or cast her abilities during her jump, which takes around .3-.5 seconds. 

Do not fight her in the bush, as it just lets her freely kite you around even with wither.

Avoid long engagements and only focus on getting your Q stacked. A 76_64.png is only scary if you run away from her and let her deal extra damage. 





The new Olaf changes made him a lot weaker when withered due to the changes on his E. If he cannot reduce his E's cool down, his damage will significantly go down. Also take note that he will be taking quite some damage from his E if he builds too much damage very early causing him to be killing himself. 

The main issue here is when he reaches 6, when he goes all-in on you, be prepared to juke his axes and bait him under your turret. Once his ultimate is down, proceed to decimate him. 

3110_32.png3143_32.png either one is a must here. 3065_32.png can be bought to increase your nerfed passive.





A very weird matchup, can be very easy or hard depending on the 80_64.png's play style. Usually, you are going to go against an aggressive style where the guy from 300 just keeps chucking his spears and will eventually decide to fully engage you. Your only hope in this kind of matchup is to just do nothing but farm. 80_64.png has more harass than you, and can easily win any engagements but he lacks sustain early without any life steal. Try and bug your jungler to camp your lane more so that you can catch up in cs or out-cs 80_64.png

  • His passive blocks your Q, so auto attack before using SS.
  • His Q has a relatively short cooldown allowing infinite harass on you, try and use this as an advantage to try and wear down his mana.
  • His W grants him a block on the next hit without resetting his passive, meaning he can possibly block 2 of your hits or even 3 with enough cdr and attack speed.
  • His E self-stuns 80_64.png so use this to your advantage. He also gains 100% crit chance when the target is under 15%.
  • His ultimate makes him untargetable while in air except for the abilities that are already in play like 30_64.png's R.





Poppy needs late game, you need late game. You cant really do much but farm soooooo, yea. Happy farming.





Your brother who has an inferior ultimate, you will lose pre-6 but kill him afterwards. He will harass you, spit at your face, heal more than you early. But as the better sibling, farm that q, get better gears, sustain his damage, and destroy his ass. 

  • He will be temporally "snared" when he uses his W, the animation will stop him from moving or using any spells. 
  • His Q heals a lot, try to avoid getting hit by it to let him heal even more. 
  • A good 58_64.png will always use his enhanced  E to shred your armor and then get a shit ton of damage off of you. Be prepared. 
  • Do not fight when he first uses his ultimate, wait about 6 seconds before activating yours and fight him. 





His sustain and damage will put some pressure on you even after 6. His w will heal him  his while granting good resistance. If he double q bursts, wither him to stop that insane attack speed. Because he is very reliant on his Q harass and W to regenerate, you will probably win the lane eventually but your early game will be hard. Building armor helps reduce his damage by a lot.

  • Rengar is very reliant on his Q to harass when he jumps and w to heal while using E to chase or disengage. 
  • Building heavy armor can easily shut him down
  • Wither helps reduce his damage when he uses his Q
  • You can see where he is when he uses his ultimate with your own ultimate. If you gain damage, then he is within the area.





Avoid stuns and try to wither her during her auto attacks to reduce that passive damage. PRESS R WHEN SHE USES THAT ULTIMATE OR JUST PRESS YOUR ULTIMATE IF SHE DECIDES TO JUMP ON YOU. 

Retaliate on her mistakes and make sure to punish her ass extra hard when she decides to dive you when you have wither and your ultimate.

The key thing to remember is to never run in a straight line when she is using her Q combo, as it will just keep hitting you. 

Run to the left for the first one, backwards for second, and then to right for the third. 





Like most ap casters who go top, Try to build merc treds and chalice early. Your wither becomes useful when he over heats. Try to dodge his ultimate and harpoons or you will pay the price for it.

Very hard harass and extremely annoying when you try to farm. Ask for extra ganks and the lane should even out eventually.

Juke his Harpoons as they will be followed up by his Q, which deals quite some damage.

Never fight in his ultimate, especially when he has spell vamp.

Mastery, healing.JPG





A very annoying match up, his Q will constantly chisel your health down while healing from it and blocking a majority of minion damage with his shield. When his jungler is near, all he needs is to land that taunt and you are pretty fucked. 

Be very patient with this match up, farm diligently and try to rush a  3065_32.pngand 3028_32.png





Very strong when she lands that E on you, wither her if she engages on you and you should be fine. Build standard armor items and this will be a very easy lane for you. 





Keep farming and you will win, dont chase him too much or you will lose. Wither when he ultis or is about to flip someone. Stay away from his poison as much as possible because that damage will add up.

 If he decides to proxy farm you (going in between the area where minions pass through) ask your mid or jungler to farm off of him and just continue to push your lane. Singed will eventually have to go back and counter push you back.

He is very annoying to play against but not impossible to lane against. Because he will usually leave you to farm, you will be forced to freeze the lane. 

A good tip is to just let your jungler camp near top/mid to constantly pick off singed and discourage him from doing proxy farming.




Omnivore but more Herbivore

He needs farm you need farm. He ultis, you wither.

Not much is needed to beat him, he is very reliant on his auto attacks as well as farm so have fun.





Swain is one of those rare top laners but will shit on Nasus. His ability to engage and disengage with all of his sustain and CC will make this lane a living hell. 

Try to only go for minions when they are near your turret or when he misses his snare. 

Rush 3102_32.png3065_32.png against 50_64.png

For masteries, take the tweeked increased regeneration page. 

Mastery, healing.JPG




Apex Carnivore vs Nasus (pre-9)

Ask for constant ganks or lane swap. You may have to lose your turret to win the lane but a victory cannot be made without sacrifices. Wither during his auto attacks and q when his blind wears off.

The hardest part of this lane is to know when and what to do. If you try and last hit knowing you will take extra damage from 17_64.png, do not go for it. If you know you can get last hits without taking too much, then go for it. This lanes revolves around common sense and patience to eventually wear 17_64.png out or turn him into a useless shrooming machine that might contribute with his ultimate and blind.

DO NOT chase him into bushes due to the high chance that he already has them planted with his little shrooms.

Wither during his auto attacks to greatly reduce his overall dps.

Build 3110_32.png3065_32.png, his damage will soon be reduced to a mere tickle.

Mastery, healing.JPG





Just farm please. If you engage him pre 6, you will pay the price for it.

However, the new changes made him extremely powerful to duel against. Do not fight in his frozen domain or your wither will be near useless. Do not fight when he has his ultimate on you or you will lose. Play very carefully and ask for ganks. 

  • Be very wary of his Q, it will slow you very briefly but that is all he needs due to the short CD. 






However, if he builds ap you are pretty much screwed. Build some heavy ass MR but still build something like 3110_32.png to counter his autoattacks.





If he bear stances, wither. Phoenix, wither. Tiger, wither. Turtle, wither. His tiger deals physical and scales stupidly high on physical attack (NOT BONUS BUT AROUND 120-160% AS WELL AS AN EXTRA 15% ON HIT DPS)

Do not get stunned by his bear, or you will be harassed by his Tiger. 

Always avoid a full confrontation against 77_64.png because of the high chance that you will lose. 

His turtle grants life steal, try and deny him the ability to heal with wither.

Your wither is your best friend, use it when you are being chased.





Rarely played top but still annoying. When you see him throw that bottle of pee on you, try to dodge it or run as far away as possible. His passive also reduces ALL damage dealt by 15%.

You should be able to beat him after your Q reaches 250+ damage.

A good tip is to run backwards when you see 6_64.png chase you as it is a good chance that he will throw that bottle at you. If you are hit, instead of running, go back and start whacking him because you might as well just make the most out of it instead of taking free damage. 

His ultimate's re-position gives him a ton of free resistance making him a lot harder to kill, keep that in mind. 




Dodge those q and wither when she attempts to auto attack. Be careful when she ultis, it is a good sign that the jungler or mid lane is coming to gank you.





Same as ap casters. Buy mr quickly and remember that his q is only effective after level 9.

Try to keep your distance or you will be hit by his Q, farm only when he uses his q or e to avoid damage.

This lane is extremely difficult to lane against because of the repeated harass from E+Q. If you leave him at low health, go back and DO NOT ENGAGE HIM. He can very easily heal to full health within seconds because of his Q and the increased healing from E. 

3065_32.png greatly helps reduce the constant harass and can help you sustain a lot easier.

His E costs a lot of health at 4 stacks, use this against him and try to wear him down by forcing him to harass you with his E.





Farm. He deals mainly magical damage. Please dont buy too much armor against this guy because he deals a lot of magical damage.....

Wither the moment he uses his w to reduce the effect.

Build VS AD with some VS AP items






Try to buy early armor items to win your lane. You can easily place your wither on his clone which makes it annoying so watch out. Heavy Armor is needed to sustain the lane. Do not chase after him and give no chance for him to retaliate on his cooldowns.

Be very wary on his q+e combo right after his clone, as it usually means that he is ready to kill you or the jungler is nearby. 


Xin Zhao



One of my main champions i play but also the hardest counter to nasus EARLY GAME. Farm and try to wither him when he charges at you. He knocks you up during his third strike so try not to be hit too many times.

  • Xin can easily kill you at level 2, much like 92_64.png.
  • He can also sustain
  • His E is an aoe slow, making escape quite hard
  • Wither in between his Q to negate most of the dps.
  • His ultimate will knock back those who are not affected by Challenge, which is marked when he auto attacks or uses his E.
  • Building heavy armor items like 3075_32.png is useless since he penetrates most of the armor. Your goal should be to reduce his auto attacks.

3110_32.png3143_32.png3025_32.png standard build and after this, Xin Zhao will be crying for quite some time.





FARM OFF HIS GHOULS. However, if he gets an early kill off of you it will be a hard lane. Try to play smart, do not go for small gains as they are probably going to hurt you more. If you cannot last hit due to his harass, wait for the minion wave to push up to your turret. Destroy his red ghoul first to reduce his regeneration and then destroy his blue ghoul to reduce damage. 





Zac is extremely annoying to deal with in lane. With plenty of harass and sustain, he may be your worst nightmare. Do not build health, he deals % Magic Damage with his W. Build Vs AP top while building some slight Vs AD Top build like 3024_32.png. When he dies, use your Q to farm off his passive. 
Also, you can destroy his passive healing blobs by stepping over them. Be very careful when he uses his jump. Instead of running back, try to run towards him to avoid that slight knock-back and damage as well as his initiation with his ultimate. The key thing to remember is to avoid getting hit by his Q or you will be harassed by his W.



(Simplifying the texts will ruin the "feel" and different meanings will become very broad. By reading as it is, you can think of different ideas and meanings within my words, allowing new ideas.)

Why is the guide so long? It is useless to have so many chapters.

Why do we have patches? Why do we have seasons? Why do we have the META? HOW do we understand or make these patches? HOW do we establish the seasons and META?

Without proper knowledge of the proper mechanics on the game, you can never establish these things like the META. You will never be able to know what is good or bad, and you will never be able to think for yourself. If i just gave you the matchups, items, and the general idea on how to play 75_64.png, how can you learn to create new builds and create new play styles? 

I recommend you read the chapters in the order I placed them. This is not a quick guide and will probably take you more than one sitting to finish and understand completely. 

Season 4/Nasus/Myself (Along with some personal experience) Back to Top

After a season filled with 75_64.png glory, Riot nerfed him in the worst way possible, reducing his  20px-Wither.pngrange and removing the range increase from his ultimate. Not only did this cripple him to a former old man on a cane, but it reduced his player base dramatically. From the champion that was banned almost every game in ranked or picked to jungle/top, he became that underdog just sitting there on the bench. Those fearing his wrath suddenly laughed at his feeble attempts to catch up to ADCs and APCs alike. Without the range boost, he merely stumbles whenever he walks and for a long time, I gave up on him. I became depressed not being able to play a champion that I enjoyed due to the massive nerf that not a lot of people saw. I then began playing 157_64.png a lot and I mean a lot. He gave me a second wind and I was back again, searching for strong opponents to test myself and I did. Winning against the odds and losing evidently, I improved far more than when I was playing 75_64.png even questioning him. If I had any motivation left in me to play my original champion, it all left me once I discovered the thrill of 157_64.png and so, he died slowly inside  of me. 

The story should have ended there, going true to my original mindset of the able becoming un-able, the strong becoming weak, and the young becoming old. However, even though I was the one who wrote this guide, I failed to realize my true meaning behind all of my own teachings, to be born anew to new ideas even after defeat. Understanding yourself so that you may find a new source of fuel to light your inner flames of motivation. 

Upon my revelation, I began to cry a little inside, I lost my identity through all of the distractions of nerfs and new champions as well as ideas. The person I knew and people respected dissipated through my champion, 75_64.png. It was as if he taught me the final lesson through all these months of training, to always find new ideas. 

And so fellow players, I present to you the true guide which I failed to realize when I wrote this a year ago. 

Introduction Back to Top


Nasus, one of the few under rated champions with great potential to be considered a hyper carry (which can easily carry an entire team even when losing). Nasus requires patience, diligence, and, most of all, hope. With proper play style and proper decisions, Nasus will rule supreme of all champions. Before starting the guide, i would like to talk a little of myself.
I have played League for about a year and a half now but i also played DOTA (classic and all stars) for about 2.5 years. I have good experience with MOBA type games and enjoy such genre of high action game play. I started League when my cousin introduced it to me. At first my graphics card was terrible which made me have 12 fps ( I know) and I literally just went back to DOTA. After a couple of months I got bored of DOTA and decided to look at some League videos. I realized that you could do different strategies that you could never do with League and I decided to give it a try. My first game of League did not discourage me: even though I fed and got owned by the smurfs, my entire team was obedient and kind. I decided to switch a whole team fight into smaller more tactical fights inside our jungle. Luckily, some of the players that time also played DOTA and realized what i was doing and followed what I did. After a couple of guerrilla tactics and surprise attacks, we actually won the game.

That game, inspired me to play League and actually inspire other people to use different methods of winning instead of the classic 5v5 team fight that decides everything. To me, that is not strategy or art. That is suicide and the team with better team comp and farm will always win. When I found Nasus, I used him in different strategies which surprisingly enough was both powerful and unsuspecting. At the time being, I rarely play Nasus in ranked but only to perfect the art of perfecting him to be used for a better strategy.
Today, i enjoy playing League as a way to master my own style of winning games without fighting at all. Even thought this is difficult when many players are stuck to the mindset of having a "full 5v5 fight" even when it is suicidal. When i do win games without fighting with maybe some help of some team mates, it is always rewarding for both my team and the enemy. My team because of a valuable lesson learned and the enemy's team also because they learned a valuable lesson. In my opinion, players are free to do anything they like in order to win, instead of sticking to the "META". Believe me, i have nothing against the META but i am against those who say you must go with the META or you are bad. Different play styles are always born through inspiration and pure curiosity, as well as the courage to do such things. Sun Tzu(Sun zu, Sun zi bin fa, or Chanqqing) was also a thinker, and one of the best out there. He used deception and the keen understanding of this natural world. By forcing his enemies to submission without doing much, he gained a reputation for winning battles severely outnumbered or without fighting at all. In the end, he wrote a famous book called the "Art of War", a book that teaches about warfare and the mindsets of humans as well as the natural orders of this world. I greatly respect him and his thinking, always spreading his influence. 
This is merely my opinion and you do not have to follow what i say, judge for yourselves to see what is logical and what is not. Some might say i am sneaky or dis-honorable but if the main objective is to destroy the nexus, then by all means i will do anything to destroy the nexus which includes Back-Dooring.

Object of Leagues of Legends- Destroy the Nexus.

Why should you play Nasus? Back to Top

75_64.png is one of the many champions available for top lane, and can be considered to many, as an "average" top laner that can barely do his job. I have seen comments from bronze to even diamond players about their opinion on 75_64.png throughout my games. The most common comments i have seen may be that 75_64.png is overpowered and no one can stop him. This seems to be the case when they leave me to my farm for about 10 minutes while they rack up either kills or waste time roaming. To my team, the comments are always that 75_64.png is a terrible champion unless in the jungle. 

Right away, you can already see the negative comments from both the enemy and the ally. This is the reason why 75_64.png is rarely picked in the top lane, the constant pressure both mentally and physically. If you do really well, the enemy will cry about overpowered champions and if you take too long to shine, your allies will cry about under-powered champions. 

In lane, you deal with constant pressure from all sides due to your weak early game. You are the cocoon of a butterfly, vulnerable early, but will bloom beyond anything your enemies will every see in their games. By shrugging off trivial comments about you and your champion, you over-power the enemy mentally and slowly. You show that your allies are wrong by uniting their ideals into 75_64.png by winning the game. You show yourself, that there is still hope even in the darkest hours of lane. You emerge from the other pools of champions when everyone has full build, there is no ceiling for you, the limit is the sky. While everyone has a cap, you do not. You will scale indefinitely, until your enemies and allies alike will be in awe. 

If you can deal with negative comments, hard lane, and the endless assault of ganks, then by all means pick 75_64.png. And by doing so, you will soon master the secrets of lane control, understanding player's actions, and eventually how to win games with little to no effort.  

Pros and cons Back to Top

10.png                                                    75_64.png                                                     3.png
Pros:                                                                                                                 Cons:

-Godlike late game with sufficient farm                                                          -Requires patience to farm                                                         
-Wither                                                                                                             -Can be discouraging to play 
-Scales even after full build                                                                              -Is considered a troll pick
-Extremely hard to kill late game                                                                    -No real gap closer
-Hyper carry                                                                                                      -Extremely expensive builds
-Rewarding to play
-Has no "real" counter

Pros and Cons about this style of play

-Very satisfying to win without even fighting
-Enjoy the agony of their jungler as you just keep farming
-Not as much ganks since you will not be engaging as much
-Near unbeatable late game
-The satisfaction of out-thinking your opponent that out-fighting

-Often being called a "bad mannered" play even though the object of the game is to destroy the Nexus
-Often harassed to engage them or called a "pussy" for just farming or picking 75_64.png
-Sometimes, your own team will harass you for not helping in small stupid fights started by some idiotic guy on your team
-Just an overall verbal abuse by both your enemy and ally 

Abilities in depth Back to Top

Soul Eater Soul Eater- Nasus drains his foe's spiritual energy, giving him a natural 14 / 17 / 20%  lifesteal.
- This is what keeps you in the game for the early stages and scales to become a powerful life steal late game. Do not be afraid to auto attack if you want to regenerate health faster but try not to push your lane too much.

Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike- Nasus' next attack within 10 seconds will deal additional damage. Siphoning Strike permanently gains 3 stacked damage whenever it kills an enemy. This bonus is doubled to 6 stacked damage if the enemy killed by Siphoning Strike is a champion, big monster or big minion.

-Your signature spell/Bread and butter spell or anything you want to call it but i call it, the thing that gets the job done. Remember, this spell scales FOREVER meaning while everyone gets full builds, you can still increase your damage by killing things with SS. SS also resets your auto attack timer so cast this after you just hit something to maximize your damage. With 40% CDR, SS will be on a 2.4 sec CD. SS also procs Sheen effect and gains 3 damage from minions and 6 damage from large minions,large jungle monsters, and champions. SS also works on turrets which the the reason why you become the terror of late game. Happy farming.

refonted Siphon picture 50.png
Wither  Wither- Nasus ages his target, slowing their movement and attack speed by 35%. An additional slowing effect increases over the duration of the spell. If the duration of Wither is reduced, the added slowing effect is applied faster.

-This is why ad carries hate you, you literally stun them for 5 seconds. The key thing to note here is that Wither's duration can be reduced but the slow will INCREASE to meet the %. This may sound like a glitch but remember, wither re-applies itself every second it is on the champion. You can still cleanse out of Wither thought.

Spirit Fire Spirit Fire- Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a location for 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the area are dealt a burst of magic damage. Additionally, enemies in the area are dealt magic damage each second and have their armor reduced.

-Spirit fire early game is quite horrible but becomes a powerful de-buff against your opponents. At max level, it reduces the target's armor by 40 meaning your Q can deal even more damage. It seems like a good skill to get first but think about it, it costs too much mana, long cool down, almost no harass, and pushes your lane. Get a point in this early if you feel that you need it. In my opinion, this skill works better when you deal more damage for your Q.


Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands- Nasus becomes empowered in the sandstorm for 15 seconds, gaining bonus health, 50 bonus attack range, and 100 bonus cast range.While the storm rages, he drains a percentage of nearby enemies' max health each second (max of 240 magic damage per second per enemy) and converts 6.375% of the damage done into bonus attack damage for himself until the sandstorm wears off.

- This is what makes you scary in team fights and impossible to kill in duels. You gain damage as your ultimate damages your enemy making your Q and passive work better. Positioning yourself in the middle of everyone can increase your DPS as well as increase your base damage faster. Since season 3 and health, Nasus wrecks anyone who builds mass health. This also increases your auto attack range by 50 and cast range by 100. You can do a total of 75% of their max health in 15 seconds as well as gaining a maximum bonus of 229 damage from a single target. Did i mention you turn awesome and gain up to 600 health?


Game Phase Back to Top

3.pngEarly game
Your early game is very hard and frustrating for you. The enemy will poke you, discourage you from last hitting, and just kill you. New players who try Nasus will often quit but, like I said before, playing him requires patience and hope.

A good way to get past this stage is to freeze the lane and just last hit, not auto attack, to reduce minions pushing to their turret. Ask for ganks from either mid or the jungler to help ease some pressure off. If you absolutely cannot handle your lane, I recommend switching with mid.

Remember that melee minions take 2 shots from turrets before you can siphoning strike it or 1 auto attack, 2 turret shot, and then your auto attack. Ranged caster minions require 1 turret shot and 1 siphoning or 1 auto attack, 1 turret shot, and 1 siphoning strike. Your goal is to reach level 6 in lane and afterwards, your phase should be a lot easier. Remember to keep last hitting even if you are going to take damage for it will all pay off later on into the game.

7.pngMid game
This phase can be considered your healing stage of the game. Your lane should be under your control and fear is among the enemy team about your farm.

You should expect the enemy team ganking you with at least 4 people to keep you down but remember to keep last hitting even when you know it is your end. With 6 deaths comes the game, sacrifices must be made to win a astounding victory. Never in the game should you stop farming, always farm and even take your junglers farm if needed. Every minion or monster gives 3 damage to your siphoning strike meaning every 100 kills, you get 300 damage.

You should have completed your Glacial Shroud vs an ad top or a quick Chalice+Merc Treads against an ap top. If you haven't lost the game at this point, good job. You are about to destroy them if you have sufficient farm.

10.pngLate game
Congratulations, you have reached god mode status. No one will oppose you as you tear through the enemy defenses. Not even the turrets can hide from you as you bash them into dust with your Q. You will be able to 1v3 the enemy team easily if you ever get caught and still get away with a kill or two. Your team will have full protection and their ADC will be like paper. Your main goals are to kill the adc and ap caster first to reduce damage output from the enemy team. Then, focus on the jungler or your most hated top lane enemy. Get revenge from the kills and then, you can win the game.

----------------------------------------- Back to Top

Beyond this point, these chapters may pertain to Nasus alone or to every champion. If you have already read the chapters before this, you now know the basics of Nasus. If you wish to understand his main cores, read between the lines to understand his mechanics.

But to truly understand Nasus, you must play him yourself.

Carnivore, Herbivore, and Omnivore Back to Top

No, i am not teaching you about lions hunting down a deer but i am teaching you about the vicious cycle of the Top Lane Food Chain.
When farming or smashing your opponent's head in top lane, you must always keep the concept of "counter" in your head. Some champions just do very well against others while some just requires a skill match up. I label them in three categories: Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores.


These top lane champions usually thirst for blood and will net themselves a first blood very easily. They have extremely high damage and will generally shit on you if you make mistakes. They can hunt and chew up most Herbivores and will require some planning to get those pesky Omnivores. Most of the time, they are generally the top champions picked by pros like 58_64.png or just extremely powerful AD ratios like 92_64.png. Most Carnivores are very mobile with some sort of lane sustain. 


Sort of an "in-between" type of champions, they can do very well and net themselves first blood but can also be very weak early game like a Herbivore. There are very few Omnivores but most have a potential to either become a full Carnivore or Herbivore. Take 98_64.png for example, he can get first blood very easily by himself or with the help with his E and jungler. But at the same time, he has an average damage output if you play correctly against him. And if he is bad, then he will transition immediately into a Herbivore. Some omnivores are very weird like 24_64.png, he can get ahead and become an unstoppable force and even if he gets behind, he will still become a Carnivore eventually. In general, they all have either a potential to become heavy Carnivores or very tanky Herbivores. 


Herbivores are generally rarely picked due to their weak early game. They can become extremely powerful late game but requires a lot of time and a lot of farm. If they get behind even a little bit, it is extremely difficult to get back into the game within 10-20 mins. They have almost no damage output early compared to Omnivores and Carnivores and rely very heavily on their jungler for damage. 75_64.png and 54_64.png are both very good examples of a Herbivore, they have abilities that can net first blood with the help of the jungler but lack damage themselves early. Some may say that 54_64.pngcan do a lot and should be considered an Omnivore but his mana costs and time to become decent makes him a Herbivore. Almost all Herbivores can have a huge impact  late game that could be extremely tanky with great initiating abilities like 54_64.png or an infinite scaling skill set that allows him to build very tanky for the team like 75_64.png. They are the underdogs of the top lane food chain and will always be the trump card of the team.

Early game and Nasus Back to Top

Early game will be your greatest challenge, 75_icon_64.png has almost nothing to win his lane early on. If you constantly use wither or spirit fire, you will have no mana for your Q to farm. The best thing to do is to play mind games with your opponent.

 If you have never withered before in lane and you suddenly wither and begin to chase, he will think your jungler is nearby.

If you constantly push your lane and suddenly stop, he will think your jungler is nearby.

If you suddenly begins to push, your enemy will think you need to go back or gank another lane. 

These are the most common traits of most players. Some however, will be clever and bait you into thinking his jungler is nearby when he is really not. One of Sun Tzu's lessons is to show strength when you really have nothing in order to deceive the opponent. In ancient times, they would order a single solider to make 3 campfires instead of 1 to trick their opponent's scout into thinking they have more troops. 

So how does this affect league? 
Well, think for a second on how you trick your opponent about your jungler. If you constantly clear out his wards and let him push, he will think the jungler is nearby. You can also 2043_32.png their brush to trick the opponent into thinking they will appear in the brush. This is one of the best uses of deception and your opponent.

What if the opponent does not fall for this?
You can always:
Fight back
Play super defensive
Call for a gank

Fighting Back- If you do not hit a champion and let the champion hit you, it feels like you do no damage because he is doing a ton. In truth, you probably will deal the same amount of damage he is doing. Always hit back even when running to wear him down even if you are about to die. You may never know when your team mates will suddenly come and help you. Fight with your Wither and minion wave as it increases your dps due to his slow attack speed and the constant damage from minions.
Play super defensive- Your opponent will want to fight and kill 80% of the time. When you constantly just let him push and freeze the lane near your turret to farm, most will get extremely aggravated. Most of the time, they will either try to kill you under turret or gank other lanes. What you want is to make them gank another lane and fail in order for you to push. A good tip when playing defensively is to understand the range of the enemy. By knowing the enemy and knowing yourself, you can almost always know the outcome of a skirmish and battles. If you know a 122_icon_64.png can cast Q when you are about to last hit, move back slightly before last hitting to bait a Q. Same thing with pull, it is a cone shaped skill shot. What do we know about cones? They are the thinnest at the base. This means that moving slightly back and to the left/right can dodge a pull. This is useless when running but in a close encounter, this can save your life. 
Freezing your lane is easier than you expect, when your minions are all dead, just stand near the enemy's minion and take all the damage while waiting for your wave. Never auto attack and always last hit. Never let your turret hit the minions or it will push the lane. Always let your cannon minion die before theirs. 
Call for ganks- This is quite self explanatory, use your wither in conjunction to his presence. A good way to secure ganks is to wait for him to blow his summoners before using yours. Never fight with your jungler, he is doing his job and you are doing top, they are not the same. A bad communication can lead to deaths, we do not want that. Motivation helps more than you think, praise a team mate even if they are not doing that well just to give a little boost. 

The keys points in surviving his early game is to be calm, patient, observant, subtle, and formlessness. If the opponent can see what you are doing, you will usually lose unless of course, you can see what he is doing first.

How to deal with poke champions(Static) Back to Top

Poke is the greatest weakness to 75_64.png early game and respectively late game, since 75_64.png has no gap closer and only 1 very powerful CC tool which is single target. During the laning phases, your main goal is to get as much cs on your Siphoning Strike as possible without going back too often. Ranged poke champions makes this difficult due to the fact that they are, well, ranged and can poke. Doing 46 damage a hit doesn't seem like much but the damage can escalate into higher numbers quickly if left alone. The most common solution early game is just to wither them and farm, but wither costs a lot of mana and it is a luxury you do not have early, so what do you do?

When against ranged champions who build AD or are going AD like 76_64.png17_64.png81_64.png85_64.png6_64.png10_64.png412_64.png
Wither only when needed, these situations include-
  • When last hitting Siege minions
  • When last hitting a large group of minions while they are in range to attack
  • When running away from the enemy
  • When you decide to engage 
Do not wither in these situations, as you will lose mana VERY QUICKLY-
  • When they are last hitting (it doesn't even matter since you lose 1/5th of your mana)
  • When they use spells like 85_64.png6_64.png (wither does not affect missile speed)
  • When the enemy jungler is nearby ( You generally want to wither the jungler to avoid cc from red buff)
Build 3110_32.png quickly and then 3025_32.png for extra CC or 3065_32.png against hybrid champions

When against ranged champions who build AP or are going AP like 8_64.png17_64.png43_64.png60_64.png85_64.png10_64.png76_64.png412_64.png
Wither only the champions who actually hurt with auto attacks like

Build 3110_32.png against auto attacking AP champions like the above and combine it with 3065_32.png3028_32.png.


Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlets?(S3-4) Back to Top

Trinity Force grants almost every stat in the game except for armor and magic resistance. It increases damage, slows targets, critical strike chance, attack speed, health, mana, ability power, and damage. In season 1-2, it was the main item for Nasus but it was extremely expensive (Price is now reduced greatly making trinity very viable) (3728g). Some of the stats Nasus did not need like critical strike chance, attack speed , and flat damage. But there weren't any other items that increased Nasus's damage that way. It was usually a must get for most Nasus players until Iceborn Gauntlets came out in season 3. 

However, Riot went into a full frenzy to buff the living hell out of  3078_32.png by the reduced costs and increased stats. Recently, they changed 3044_32.png passive from slowing targets to giving the holder movement speed per hit and increases if you kill. 3057_32.png effect on 3078_32.png now does 200% instead of 150% making 3078_32.png the offensive route for 75_64.png. 3728 Gold cost

Iceborn Gauntlets on the other hand, gave 75_64.png every stat he needed at a cheaper price and better build usages. It granted the sheen effect, aoe slow , cdr, mana, ability power, and armor. At only 3250 gold, you can save 478 gold to buy other items. You will however, lack critical chance, attack speed, flat damage, and health. Many players that use 75_64.png now mainly pick up 3025_32.png for its price and effect but some still say trinity force is the better choice. 3250 Gold cost
The choice is really yours but think logically at which stats are needed, and which stats are not needed.
With the buff to Trinity Force, Iceborn is quite under-powered when compared stats wise. Choose wisely.

Mikael's Crucible(Old) Back to Top

3222_64.png Mikael's Crucible is an amazing item that provides good regeneration passively but its the active that makes this item so unique. Healing a target 150+10% of the target's maximum health, this can change the tides of a duel or fight. With the healing, all CC will be removed from the target which is ridiculously useful in lane and later in the game.
Because of the poor itemization in the game against Magic Resistance, Mikael's Crucible is a very good alternative for other items like 3105_32.png (not bulwark because of the removal in the next patch). 
Many of you are quite skeptical about building this amazing item but i assure you, try it against a hard match up and see how easy the laning phase will become. 
Buying this item will take its toll though, the active effect has a whopping 180 second cool-down, which means using the active has to be very strategic or else you will be left with an average item. 3222_32.png is also not very gold efficient, making you spend an extra 368 gold for the item. Buying 3222_32.png is a very risky move, either winning the lane or completely destroying your mid-late game potential. 

Aside from the gold inefficiency, you will lose the GP10 from 3096_32.png

The decision is ultimately yours, the essence of a miracle or gold.

Screenshots of the healing



Which Boots should I take?(static) Back to Top

One of the greatest impacts of items on you is enchantments or tier 3 boots. They each add a special combination to whichever pair of boots you prefer. Because there is no right or wrong answer, I will go through all the pros and cons for each pair. (Note I did not put Berserker's Graves because Nasus does not require attack speed....)

Sorc Boots- If you want Sorc boots, then that means you want more damage with your ultimate ( Even though I would advise you to take other boots). The damage increase from your ultimate can vary from 200-300 throughout your entire ultimate in total. Overall, 4/10.

Ninja Tabi- This is great vs auto attack champions and allows you to reduce overall physical damage. However, you sacrifice tenacity for more durability which isn't a bad choice especially if you have masteries. 8/10

Mercury Treads
- Probably the best boot out of all others due to its tenacity effect. You can very easily reduce stuns from a second to around .5-.7 seconds and stronger disables from .5-1.3 seconds. 9/10

3270_64.pngBoots of Mobility- Mobility is a very powerful and situational build for Nasus. If you need to roam around other lanes since your jungler sucks or the lane you're ganking sucks, then get these to help out. However, you sacrifice your late game for other people's sort of late game. 6/10

Boots of Lucidity
- Because of my build, I don't think you need more cdr since you already have the maximum of 40%. If you still want to buy this because you don't have 40% cdr, then go for it. 6/10

Boots of Swiftness
- The old swiftness was kinda bad but now they added the reduced slowing effect. This is very powerful vs people like Ashe or people with Rylais Crystal Scepter. Combined with your masteries, you will be reducing slows to a mere 10-20%. 7/10

In my opinion, Lucidity and Sorc Boots are useless on Nasus but if you argue and want it, go get it.

Teleport(S4) Back to Top


Teleport, the spell that makes you seem far yet so close at the same time. The ability to teleport you half way across the map within seconds. To wreck havoc but at the same time, farm and push. Combined with 6.png, your ability escape, push, chase, and engage can become limitless. But, it is HOW you use 12.png that matters. 

Split pushing is a common strategy that surfaced right in the middle of season 1. The ability to push and farm but at the same time, contribute to the team fight is invaluable. Because of 75_64.png's naturally ability to push, 12.png becomes one of the best spells on him. 

How do i use teleport?

That is for you to answer and find it within yourself. If i told you to teleport whenever your team is doing dragon, this won't help at all. To find your own strategy within yourself is the key way to learn and improve your game play. I had no mentor for 75_64.png, nor did i have someone to lean on against when in times of trouble. Instead of giving up how to play, i kept playing, trying to get better. This allowed me to achieve a set of mind set that will forever be useful to me. What i ask you now, is what do you value in league while playing 75_64.png?

Do you value-

Getting as much kills as possible and then end the game.     


Very passive and slowly overwhelm the opponent.

The answer is up to you, whichever fits into your play style would be better. Each style requires skill to execute and each style also has its own weaknesses. 

Lets begin with aggression, no matter how fierce the tiger is, its own momentum can be turned against himself within seconds. Because of the force, the tiger can become reckless.

Being on the offensive too much will lead to multiple deaths, while it can help you gain an early lead. 

When playing passive, you will have to fight your own mentality and what you should do. Should you answer the calls of your team mates for not showing up in team fights?

  •  Or should you cancel out all the distraction and overwhelm everyone slowly? 
  • To fight or not to fight? 
  • To push or not to push?
  •  Teleport bottom or stay top? 

These are all the things you need to consider when playing passive, you are the shadow of your team. The unknown factor in the game, how strong or how weak you are going to be will be decided through yourself. Forever never seeing the glory or early domination or leads, you toil for minions, slowly building up strength. Every death will discourage you as well as your own team mates yelling and blaming you. 

Whatever you value, think about what teleporting will do. If you are passive, would you get a few kills or take down a few turrets and maybe an inhibitor? If you are aggressive, would you be willing to sacrifice those kills or take down turrets? Even if the answer is obvious, your mind will tell you other wise. No matter how good you are, greed will always be the main obstacle. 

Now that you read that, do you understand why i cannot tell you what to do? By figuring out what is best for yourself and your team, you can find all the answers. 

The Minions(static) Back to Top

The minions are what keeps the game from ending or ends it. The minions are the sole reason that 75_64.png is who he really is. Without minions, the game would be almost impossible to win. 

For those of you who already know what minions are, how do you control the minion and their wave patterns?

A very common thing to do is called freezing the lane, which forces the minions to stay in the position you want which is generally near your turret but not in range. To do this, you must take full aggro from the minions to stop their movements. You will probably take very heavy damage early so i would recommend this when you have more health or armor. Do not hit or move until your own minion wave comes to take the aggro from you. 

This is a very common trick but lets look at the more uncommon tricks to control minions.

When aggro is taken, you move either left or right (depending on your position) to force the minions to move with you. This causes a blockade that will slow down future waves of minions for yourself or the enemy. This will also allow better positioning against enemy harass. 
Diversion 1.jpg

As you can see, the minions are being attracted to my spot.

diversion 2.jpg

As you can see, the minions are clashing with each other normally but instead of in the middle of the lane, i have the ganker's bush advantage. With the minions and myself closer to the bush, my jungler can easily gank or for me to retreat.
There are far more tricks in controlling the minions but most of them involves pushing the lane faster which does not benefit us. Until i have found another way to dramatically slow down the minion wave or help me position better in lane, these are the two effective ways to slow down minion waves as well as create a safer positioning. 
For those of you who are skeptical about this strategy, ill make a detailed overview.

Diversion 3.jpg

As you can see, the minion's AI tells them to target me because i'm the closest with my minion wave coming to not aid me, but to just attack the minions because of their AI. Now, the enemy's AI detects that there is a nearby minion which switches targets to attack it. The red lines indicates the "checking action" of their AI. Afterwards, it creates this-

diversion 4.jpg

The blue indicates my safety zone as well as the enemy's blind field of vision 
The purple indicates my enemy's field of vision excluding the entryway from the Tri-Bush
Right now, i have the advantage in terms of minion control and safety, but it is a double edged sword as the enemy can easily gank me from behind if i'm not careful. However, with proper warding in the tri-bush, this can be negated.
The future minion waves will pile onto the existing ones since the enemy will take aggro if his or her minions dies out before mines or i will take aggro from his or her minions.
This lane can be easily won by having an advantage in terms of visions, minion control, and pressure
What you want your minions to do
The most important aspect of laning phase is to control your minion wave as well as the enemy's in order to decide who will win. When laning, it is important to make your minions wrap around the enemy's minions to make last hitting easier against skill shot champions or to discourage harass from melee champions. For example-

warparound 1.jpg

if you are new or have no idea what is going on and how you are winning, here is a little "for dummies" picture.

warparound 2.jpg

Red= Your vision/advantage
Blue= Enemy vision/advantage
Red/Blue curve= The end of his or her vision range.
Right away, you can see a lot of things going on, the bush advantage has been split by both of you, but the jungler's bush is yours if you ward it. The enemy has no way of telling if your jungler will come from the tri bush or just a lane gank due to the limited vision he or she has. Minion wise, you are fairly protected by skill shots due to the minion's positioning. This lane is easily in your advantage if you abuse the early bush control with your jungler. A common mistake i see a lot of 75_64.png players do is to give up bush control. The ability to become invisible even for a split second can mean life or death which is worth a lot more than 75 gold for 2044_32.png. This is a perfect example of what you want your minions to do, make them surround the minions allowing the melee minions to take full aggro allowing your ranged minions to kill faster. By doing so, you can freeze the lane passively without your opponent suspecting a thing. Another mistake for a lot of 75_64.png players is to Spirit Fire the entire minion wave, screwing up the pathing and ultimately losing the advantages. 
How did you make your minions to surround the enemy minions?
That is for you to figure out my friends, giving a man a fish every day will harm the man more than teaching a man HOW to fish. Experiment on your own, see how long each minion is required to take aggro before you take aggro to maintain balance. 
Without the proper technique and knowledge on your own, even the best teachers in the world cannot teach you. 
Without the proper mentality to learn and the proper attitude to treat others, no one will be willing to even play with you. 
Thus, one must understand to find a balance between having vast knowledge and having the right mentality to avoid being arrogant or ignorant. But, being too humble will give the thought of self ignorance.
Remember, the best way to learn is to have first hand experience with it first before letting someone else tell you how it is done. By understanding the key mechanics of the procedure, you can find new ways to improve your technique. 
Even if you are not the best player, having a better mentality than a better player already makes you better. By accepting your skill level and let your mind become free without limits, you can play without worry and win games without realizing it. Having too much things to worry about creates pressure which can easily affect your game play. Let go and just play freely without any rules that you usually follow. 

Team fights (if you ever get into one) (static) Back to Top

I personally do not like team fights since it is usually one sided. But, if you ever get into a team fight there are 3 rules to remember.

1-Protect your adc
2-Kill their adc
3-Be in front of your team

When engaging, save your wither until you can cast it on their ADC and then GHOST/SHURELYA ONTO HIM/HER. Activate your ultimate and try to position yourself in the middle of everything including minions to maximize your dmg gain and dealt. An important thing to know is that 3025_32.png slows aoe in a circle. Positioning yourself in the proper spot to gain an edge.If your adc gets low, ignited, stunned, or other cc'ed, 3222_32.png use this on him. Always use your active items and wither the correct targets especially those three 96_icon_64.png119_icon_64.png67_icon_64.png . Getting 3075_32.png can help a lot in surviving against their adc and bruisers as it also increases your damage. 


Most of the time, you lose your fight mainly because your main dps is down due to half of your team not peeling for you adc. If you really do not want to be constantly near your adc, then too bad.
3056_64.pngOhmwrecker seems weak and bad but on Nasus, he can take the whole game to his hands. If you lose the team fight and they attempt a baron, rush to their base and take out their inhibitor or better yet, their nexus. 2.5 seconds can allow you to cast a siphoning strike or two and that usually decides if you get that nexus or not. However, it is an ability power item so it is not going to help 75_64.png a lot in terms of stats. 

3222_64.png Mikael's Crucible is a very strong active on any champion. Keep in mind that you can also use this on yourself but not when you are stunned. Use this when your adc gets exhausted or you get exhausted to continue your rampage. A bad Mikael's active can kill your team, while a good Mikael's can win a team fight. The healing is actually quite strong, healing for 10% of your target's maximum hp.
3107_64.png Only buy Runic Bulwark if nobody on your team does. This grants good resistance and armor for your team as well as damage and health. I suggest the support or jungler take this item instead since you will be chasing their adc away.

Flat health vs Resistance (static) Back to Top

Since season 3 and the new black cleaver buff, many players began to build flat health than resistance because of the ridiculous amount of penetration bruisers and assassins can get. The real question is, is it actually effective?

Lets start with the basic knowledge of armor/resistance and flat health.

Health is very explanatory as it is just flat health. This is a great counter to true damage champions.

Armor/resistance creates an invisible "effective health pool" for your champion. Since damage is reduced by a percent, your effective health pool will also increase by a percent. At around 100 armor/resistance, you will be reducing damage by 50% and any other points beyond that will be diminished by a percent. This means that armor/resistance outclasses health efficiently. However, lets put penetration into account. Math time-

(With some help from league websites and the wiki)

multiplier = 100 / (100 + Armor)if Armor 0
 multiplier = 2 100 / (100 Armor)if Armor 0

25 armor = 0.8 incoming physical damage (20% reduction).
100 armor = 0.5 incoming physical damage (50% reduction).
25 armor = 1.20 incoming physical damage (20% increase).

Example- A unit with 100 armor has 50% more of its maximum health in effective health, so if the unit has 1000 maximum health, it will actually take 1500 physical damage to kill the target.

Penetration works like this-

Armor reduction, flat
Armor reduction, percentage
Armor penetration, percentage
Armor penetration, flat

Flat armor reduction-
Example: 20% armor reduction multiplies the target's armor to 80%, so a target with 100 armor will be reduced to 80 armor. (100  0.8 =80)

Percent armor penetration-
Example: 20% armor penetration causes the target to take damage as if its armor was multiplied by 80%, so a target with 30 armor will be treated as though it had 24 for purposes of damage calculation (the target's actual armor value will not change).

Flat armor penetration-
Example: 20 armor penetration causes the target to take damage as if its armor was 20 less, so a target with 100 armor will be treated as though it had 80 for purposes of damage calculation (the target's actual armor value will not change).

Given 40 flat armor Reduction (Spirit fire) and 35% penetration, and 12 armor pen. 
Target A has 100 armor.
The 100 is reduced to 60 by 40 armor reduction.
The 60 is reduced to 39 by the 35% armor penetration 
The 39 is considered to be 17 by the 12 armor penetration.
Target A takes damage as if it has 17 armor.

In conclusion, armor/resistance allows more tanking power than a champion who builds pure health. The line between armor/resistance and health becomes very small is when the enemy has over 45% penetration or at least 85 armor pen. Generally, armor/resistance is the way to go unless you benefit from health then-


Just kidding, you can't really calculate all the champions who utilize health accurately due to the play style of each individual. If you really want to know more about math, you should go to YouTube and check out trampoline tales (lolmath) to check out his amazing formulas for everything in Leagues of Legends.

Season 3 and nasus (old) Back to Top

When season 3 came out, masteries, items, jungle, and runes got changed a bit. Some champions got buffed unintentionally while some got nerfed just by the items and jungle itself. Lets talk about 75_icon_64.png in season 3.
Not only are there new items that helped nasus in lane quite a bit, the increase in gold per second also helped nasus out as the game went on. Nasus became a more viable top (not saying he wasn't  and appealed to newer players who wanted to play him. I personally think season 3 buffed nasus greatly by alllowing 3028_32.png to build into 3222_32.png.

You can also build 3025_32.png instead of 3078_32.png if you wanted. Everything was a buff to nasus except his jungle.
Back in season 1-2, nasus jungle was ok but not great. He just cleared his blue and went to a lane with wither to get some kills and experience. This helped other lanes greatly in kills but weakened nasus greatly. In season 3, nasus's clear time depended on how you positioned your spirit fire and how you used his abilities. Those who maxes wither first had a slower clear time but stronger ganking presence. Those who maxed spirit fire first had amazing clear time along with great dps in ganks but has reduce cc potential. The trade off was the late game dominance from your Q.
Overall, i think nasus got buffed from season 3.

When do i start building Damage,resistance, or health? (old, static until changed) Back to Top

When to build damage-

Nasus's main damage item is sheen, you generally build sheen when you hit about 200+ damage on your minion 
siphoning alone. Never get sheen at level 1 or you will usually waste the damage on minions. Save the gold for other items like resistance, you can always build glacial and turn it into ice born gauntlets after you hit over 200+ minion siphon damage. A good sign when to build damage is when you can 1 siphon the caster minion or 1 auto and 1 siphon the melee minion. The best sign of course, is to 1 auto and 1 siphon the cannon minion (by that time you should have already steam rolled their team) 

When to build resistance-

If my calculations are correct, the best time to build resistance (around 40-120) is when you have a little over 1,477 health. At this time, resistance beats health by around 30% which usually is the best thing to buy. Buying too much resistance early game will just be less effective than health but in the long run, it will help you tank even more hits and vice versa.

When to build health-

Nasus does NOT benefit from flat health, it is a wasted stat on Nasus and he can always get a free 600 hp boost along with extra damage. Health is only useful early game or unless you are Dr. Mundo, building too much health and you melt like paper but building too much resistance with too little health will make you look like paper. Health early game is very strong so i recommend doran's shields if you really want health that bad, they are one of the most cost efficient items in game ( they usually are worth 654 gold). 

Common sense and S3 (old) Back to Top

3083_64.png became the "thing" for almost every champion after the price reduced greatly making a 10-15 minute 3083_32.png possible. Health is essential to survivability but what about armor/resistance? Armor/resistance will create an "effective health pool" with every point by a % while health just provides flat health. It seems pointless to build health but keep in mind, 3071_64.png received a major buff pre-season and made armor useless for the first 2 weeks. At that point, nobody bought armor anymore and just stacked health to survive the huge burst from ad champions. Stacking Cleavers was also popular because the effect was not unique. After a while, Riot realized the problem and tuned down the penetration but that didn't stop players from constantly building health EVEN when nobody bought penetration. Keep this in mind, HEALTH WILL NOT BE BETTER THAN ARMOR/RESISTANCE UNLESS THEY HAVE PENETRATION (I MEAN HEAVY PENETRATION). What people seem to lack now is the usage of their own minds, they tend to follow only the pros and never realize what they are doing. I remember playing a game as 96_icon_64.png and the enemy team constantly stacked health without any resistance. I barely had any penetration but they still went on to stack health. After a few fights, they complained 96_icon_64.png being too overpowered and how he should be nerfed. I then had a conversation with them telling them to build armor or magic resistance to negate my damage but the only response i received were "noob, l2p.". Case and point, people do not know how to use their god dam brain.
Build health only if they have HEAVY penetration (3035_32.png3071_32.png together and they are someone like 5_icon_64.png122_icon_64.png)
Build Armor/resistance if they build LITTLE TO NO penetration.
Build a mix of these two to negate someone who builds both mildly.

When against 67_64.png, just wither.
Please think for yourself and judge what is best to build.

When and what to do (static) Back to Top

I really do not like to repeat things i already said but people in season 3 are truly dumb. They do not think for themselves but instead, let others think for themselves. There isn't a set way to play a certain champion, you are free to do anything. I really do not care how you play the champion you are playing, as long as you can be successful with it. You can build almost anything on anyone, but some builds are more effective and probably efficient than others. People tend to believe that everything the "superiors" do (high ranking players) are correct. This is not true, there has been countless times when high ranking players make mistakes or say something wrong. Who said 67_64.png was a bad adc but got wrecked by her in a tournament play? Who said ad 81_64.png sucks and he should be ap? The list goes on forever, but i will not say names that will hurt their reputation. In my eyes, higher ranked players tend to become extremely arrogant about themselves as well as being ignorant. This may not be the case for some players, but the sheer force of popularity and reputation slowly turns them into arrogant players. Enough of this and lets get to the main point, When and What to do.
When do you push? When do you last hit? When do you dragon? When do you baron? When do you gank? When do you fight? When do you not fight?
Very common things to keep in mind are these questions. Constantly think about when to do things. If you do not know the best time to attack, you will lose. If you do not know when to gank, you will fail the gank and might kill yourself. If you do not know when to push, you give your opponent more time to retaliate and win. Knowing when to do is the main factor to victory. Lets go over the basics-
When to push?
-When its safe and beneficial to the team. Do not just push randomly when you do not see their jungler or your opponent is still here. Pushing can kill you or win the game, depending on the situation. If you just killed your opponent in lane and you see the jungler is busy with something else, push.

When to fight?

-To know when to fight depends on who you are against. One of Sun Tzu's main principles of combat is to understand yourself, and understand the enemy in order to win. Understand yourself, what are your limits, what can you not do, when can you do it, and when can you not do it. Ask yourself these questions while understanding the enemy. See if he is aggressive, passive, or a very situational player. If you cannot comprehend your opponent's style, you will be at a handicap. Time every attack he makes, time when he uses his abilities, and how he uses them. Then, you can understand who he is.
When do you not fight?
  • -When you don't think it is a good idea. Obvious signs are
  • -Missing ally
  • -Ultimates are not ready
  • -They are higher in level
  • -Their trade is higher
  • -They are aggressive
  • Some harder signs are
  • -Constantly diving in and out of bushes
  • -missing skill shots that should have hit
  • -Weird usages of skill
  • -Weird path usages
  • -Slowly backing off
Reasons- When you constantly dive in and out of bushes, you either are very unsure or want to fight. Half the time, you want to bait the enemy into fighting which relates to the obvious signs on being aggressive. Missing skill shots when they look like they should hit also shows the signs of aggression (predicting too much). Weird skill usages are also used to bait the enemy into thinking they are lagging or something is wrong. Weird path usages can mean the enemy wants to create some sort of formation in preparation of an engage. Slowing backing off can be a form of bait or surprise initiate. An example can be that 32_64.png bandage tossing into your team when you think it is safe to continue on or that 54_64.png ultimate.

They are all signs that you should not fight. Do not take this as an insurance that you will always win, nobody can know who your opponent is every game and this is the general theory of players as well as actions.
What to do?
Acting on your own self benefit will usually harm your team. For example, you are chasing a champion who is extremely low. You know you can kill him but you also know their entire team is coming for you. When you evaluate the situation, your team will require you to stay and fight. Usually, the greed will force you into chasing. Always think about all the possibilities before acting on your own will, those who calculate beforehand will be more victorious than those who calculate after.
If you do not feel like reading, look at this instead
75_64.png is about to kill 21_64.png as she is withered by you.
However, her team is coming to you in about 7-10 seconds.
You know they have a 98_64.png but his ultimate might be up
99_64.png is also on the way to attempt to stop you but is 12-17 seconds behind.
Your wither expires but your spirit fire stops her passive from activating.
You have another 5 seconds before she begins her passive.
You have 2 choices- Chase,wither, and kill or back off to assist in a 4v5 teamfight.
The logical thing to do is to just fight a 4v5 in your favor but most of the time, your greed overcomes logical sense and causes you to die while chasing.
Always remember to make decisions fast before just acting on your own.
Say your team is fighting another team near dragon and you are at top pushing their turret.
look at the numbers for a second, your team is outnumbered but can hold off a decent attack.
Should you push and attempt an inhibitor and lose dragon/bot turret or teleport bot and risk a lost engagement?
Ask these questions to yourself, who has the advantage in terms of levels, items, and positioning? If you cannot make such judgments quickly, then just push. With equal grounds, you have a 50/50 chance of success. If you are at a disadvantage in terms of level or items, your chances are reduced to 33.3%. However, if you know your team has hard cc and can delay heavily, your chances just increased to 66.6% to push.
Always take an inhibitor over dragon but baron becomes another issue, and it is all situational.

Baron Nashor (static) Back to Top

Baron Nashor Baron Nashor

Upon death, he will grant you 900 experience points as well as 300 gold to every member of the team, totaling at an ass whopping 1500 gold and 4500 experience. Not only that, you gain a powerful buff called

Exalted_with_Baron_Nashor.png Exalted with Baron Nashor which grants
  1. Up to 40 ability power
  2. Up to 40 attack damage
  3. 3% of your maximum health in health regeneration per 5 sec.
  4. 1% of your maximum mana in mana regeneration per 5 sec.
Not only are the buffs ridiculously powerful, the gold and experience given can be a game changer. You basically gain a champion kill for every member of the team.

But, this buff is a double edged sword. 

Not only do people over estimate this powerful buff, it can change you mentally. You often become cocky, thinking you automatically win and will never lose another fight. This is not true, Baron Buff only gives you a small edge that becomes stronger over time making it especially effective in long engagements. If both teams are on even grounds, then Baron becomes a big thing. If you are behind and manages to kill Baron, then you just boosted the team's moral and edge. If you are absolutely behind, baron does nothing but boost your moral slightly for either stealing or killing it.

In general, powerful when even, game breaking when you are slightly behind, but useless when you are just stomped. Baron buff can still affect your decision making skills, you are not invincible. 

Wards (universal) Back to Top

(Subject to change with the new vision change in S4)

Sun Tzu once said, that one of the main keys to victory are usages of spies. I strongly agree with him but how does this relate to league?

2044_64.png this guy right here is what Sun Tzu would call a spy.

How much vision does this little eye provide? Look right here 


Not only can you scout the entrance of blue buff, tri bush, and dragon entrance, you can easily set up an ambush if they attempt a baron.

Sun Tzu has many names for the types of spies he deploys, the local agents, inside agents, double agents, living agents,  and doomed agents. 

The local agents are citizens of the enemy state. Inside agents are officials of the enemy. Double agents are spies hired for you as your spy meaning they give you information while giving false information to your enemy. Living agents are spies that will report back to you and doomed or dead agents are spies that is used to divert the attention of the enemy.

Now how do wards act like living people?

The most usage of wards is to scout an area that you are not there. I classify this ward as a common ward, just simply used for simple scouting.
scouting ward.jpg

The next type of wards i like to classify are the diversion ward. They are used for intimidation and deception. They are placed in unusual spots that might hint the opponent that the jungler is near and you want to check for the enemy's jungler. They can also be placed at areas like baron or dragon to hint an attempt but you are actually trying to bait a fight or get something else like a turret.

Then there is the bait ward and like the name, used to bait out enemies. Keep in mind you have to be extremely careful on the positioning of this type of ward. You must know where they placed their pink ward and know where they can see the ward. You often have to wait quite some time before one of the members on the enemy team will come to destroy your ward and that is the time when you strike.

bait ward.jpg

bait ward 2.jpg

The dead ward will usually last very short (about 1/3 of its usual lifetime). You place them extremely close to the enemy in order to see their numbers and positions. 

dead ward.jpg

The living ward is the dead ward except for long term use, placing this ward is extremely difficult and often turns into a dead ward. You must be able to see the enemy but they must not see where the ward is. 
living ward.jpg
living ward 3.jpg

Even after people see the utmost importance and strategic edge of wards, they still do not buy them.....
Reason? Uhhh too much gold (75....) or not enough room (another excuse)
Remember, the fate of life or death can mean that little tiny eye. 2044_32.png

Go and Chess (static) Back to Top

In the current meta of most Moba genres, the most effective way to win is by defeating the enemy in a giant 5v5 and push them down to win. This is always the way to go but what if i told you there was a simpler way to win?
But first, let us understand 2 very old and popular strategy games, Go and Chess. Lets begin with chess.
Chess revolves around capturing as much units as possible to defeat the enemy's king, there are very few time where you win without capturing much pieces due to the fact that the board is pretty straight forward. In league, it is almost the same idea today. The king represents the nexus and other pieces as champions. Kill more to win is generally the way to go.


Go is an ancient game of the battle field invented by the Chinese. The objective of Go is to capture as many territory as possible with as little pieces and effort as possible. The less effort and pieces used to capture a territory is more effective than using more pieces and effort. The Chinese understands that prolonged warfare does not benefit anyone and can only harm. Using too much effort in way will result in many casualties and too many casualties will destroy the people's morale. If you relate Go to League, it would create a more effective play style where you take out the main points in the game while avoiding team fights. 
Overall, you can see the differences in each game and how it relates to the game. Chess is more straight forward while Go revolves around effective moves.


Assessing Strength and Weaknesses (static) Back to Top

Assessing the Enemy's Strengths and Weaknesses

When you play any champion for the top lane, the most important skill you must learn quickly is to understand your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Without knowledge of their skills, you are basically fighting in the dark. By knowing what your enemy can do and cannot do, you can capitalize on their weaknesses while avoiding their strengths. This may seem like common sense but people seems to always make the mistake of never fully understanding their opponents before engaging them. Throughout my games with Nasus, i have found many different play styles and a specific pattern pertaining to that type of skill.

The one who snatches victory in the jaws of defeat

These types of players are willing to give up their turrets, their pride, and even their lives to win the game through turrets. These are the most dangerous types of players especially when you play Nasus. They will often push their lanes, never worrying about your jungler ganking you and often going very negative in terms of score. However, they will often be found at your turret, killing themselves while taking a turret with them. They are very rare and a player like this will usually mean a very tough game of who can out smart who. Be very wary, they can easily win games when you least expect them to. They will often-
  • Push constantly, warding very little
  • Do not engage you for kills but merely get you to go back
  • Never leaving lane
  • Rarely in a team fight and usually taking turrets
  • Never near objectives
  • A lot of farm
Do not mistake this play style with playing like an idiot. 

The one who follows the dead man's pride

These types of players will often go for kills only, and often have the same amount of farm as you or slightly more/less. They rely on snowballing and forcing an early surrender to win rather than strategic fights. They will often pick champions that excel at snowballing like 92_64.png84_64.png85_64.png126_64.png, being very aggressive or waiting for you to make a mistake before clawing at you. You will often find yourself at your turret with nothing to do but painfully farm under the turret, missing most of them if you are not careful. What you can rely on is their lack of pushing knowledge in prolonged games. I can say for certain that a lot of players who go hyper aggressive in terms of keeping their scores positive do not excel in a prolonged game where decision making becomes even more important than items or skills. Use this to your advantage and attempt to drag the game out as long as possible to see how they change in terms of style. If nothing changes and they still dominate you no matter how hard you try, then he is not the one who follows the dead man's pride, but the one who understands. 
They will often-
  • Engage you very often
  • Have a little less, same, or a little more farm than you
  • Picks champions that can either snowball very hard or dominate very early. 
  • Pure damage items with little to no defensive items.
  • Aggressive summoner spells like 21.png14.png,3.png14.png,12.png14.png
If you know when to push, when to get kills, when to back, when to win your lane, when to lose your lane, and when to win the game, you will never lose. But because everyone strives to achieve this status and no one will probably be like this, we all try to create an illusion that we are good. With this mentality, even those who are skilled can become weak. Those with the mentality to learn and strive to become even better will and can improve more than a thousand games in only a single game. 
To assess how strong or how weak your opponent is, you must first understand how strong and how weak you are. Without knowledge of yourself first, knowing the enemy is useless. Once you understand yourself, knowing the enemy will become second nature.

Rules of Combat Back to Top

Be subtle about your tactics and never engage directly unless you have extreme confidence of your team.

Don't go for personal gains but instead, go for your team's gains.

Arrogance is defeat.

Ignorance will lead to arrogance.

Mistakes can be forgotten, rage cannot.

Understand yourself first before understanding other's abilities.

Never put your own elevated ranks as a way to gain superiority. 

To win using knowledge is more skilled than winning using pure force. 

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death. 
-Sun Tzu

Rules of engagement Back to Top

Avoid engagement on the enemy if they are less in numbers but no vision of others.

Slowly engage the enemy if they have less in numbers and you have vision of the others.

Do not make the first move if both sides are equal in numbers.

Engage the enemy if you have less in numbers especially near choke points with your allies nearby.

Divert the enemy if you have less in numbers with your allies some where else.

If your enemy understands you movements, understands who is the better team, who understands his team, who does not put his greed first, and puts his team first with calculation, 
Surrender to him if you did not already lose.

If you are able to understand the enemies' movement, understands who is the better team, who understands his team, who does not put your greed first, and puts your team first with calculation, 
Then engage with your best judgement. 

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. 
-Sun Tzu

Rules of Grounds Back to Top

Only engage in choke points if your team is very durable, has crowd control, and contain aoe.

Only engage in open ground if your team has single target nukes, powerful but single target crowd controls, and effective damage.

Only engage in enemy territory if your team has absolute vision of key points.

Only engage in friendly territory if your team has vision and knows your enemy does not. 

Only engage near objectives to bait, not to fight.

Only engage near turrets for defensive matters, and then offensive. 

Engaging inside your base is a matter of life and death. But at death ground, your team will understand the risks and come to reality.

Once your team comes to death ground, those who will be afraid to fight will fight to the end.

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. 
-Sun Tzu

Momentum and fights Back to Top

The ancient Chinese had a saying, "Once you light the kindles, the fire will grow, once the fire grows. It will provide you warmth but it will consume everything, including itself."
Momentum must be used for different purposes and never constantly or you will fall.

What is momentum you may ask?

Well, momentum is the feeling within you when your team has killed something like a champion, turret, or an objective and wants to continue. This can be very powerful, or disastrous depending on your situation. Momentum when your team is very low on esteem and hope will lead to downfall. Momentum requires 3 components:

Once all three is achieved, you need to light the kindles by killing either champions, or turrets.
Once the fire starts, that is when things start to flow naturally. You see, it is in our nature to continue something of our interest no matter how good you are. Once a champion gets low, the whole team will begin to chase. This is the worst part of momentum, to stop. A team who knows when to wind down momentum and use it later, will always be victorious. Momentum is a powerful double edged sword, killing your enemies as well as you.

To be able to master momentum will be to be able to master coordination.

"To achieve victory we must mass our forces at the hub of all power & movement. the enemy's 'center of gravity"
-Von Clausewitz

Formation and the 9 Grounds Back to Top

Everyone on both team prepares their asses for a team fight, and one of the junglers initiate. Everything becomes chaotic and for some reason, one team manages to win. This is what i do not like about a team fight, very unorganized unless you practice with each others for hours on end. My own little solution back in dota? 
Sounds a little silly to you but hear me out, the most thing for people to do is let the fragiles in the back and the tanky rambos in the front. This is common sense but how do you keep yourselves together when a 54_64.png or 27_64.png runs to initiate on you? Almost 85% of the time, everyone breaks off into little fights while the adc has maybe a little support against their Kenyans. Ultimately, you will have to put faith into your adc's kiting ability. Before getting started, lets understand how Sun Tzu perceived formations and the 9 types of grounds
9 grounds 
Sun Tzu understood the natural environment around him and used it to his advantage as well as most ancient military generals. To understand yourself and to understand the enemy can be important but to understand your environment can change everything. 
Dispersive ground- Ground that is close to your own territory or on your own territory but battling over it has no great effect.
Light Ground- Ground that is in enemy territory but can fall back to friendly territories fairly easy.
Contested Ground- The land that is advantageous to whomever that gets there first.
Connected Ground- Ground that is able to go and come.
Surrounded Ground- Ground that is connected but also surrounded and easy to get to and very advantageous but hard to keep.
Heavy Ground- Territory that is deep within the enemy.
Split Grounds- Land that is hard to travel, usually having to cross valleys or mountains.
Enclosed Ground- A small enclosed area where 1 man can hold off a thousand men.
Death Ground- A land where you have no choice but to fight in order to live or die, is called Death Ground.
Sun Tzu says-
In dispersed ground, do not do battle.
In light ground, do not stop.
In contested ground, do not attack.
In connected ground, do not cross.
In Surrounded ground, join with allies.
In heavy ground, plunder.
In Split ground, move.
In enclosed ground, strategize.
In death ground, do battle.
Dam Sun Tzu, you tell those greedy bastards how to play league when you don't even know what electricity even is.
In league terms, lets put it this way for you lazy guys out there-
(keep in mind that there are many different interpretations and this is the general version)

Dispersed Ground- Small objectives near your base that can cause casualties to yourself or the enemy.
Dispersed Ground.jpg
Light Ground- You pushing down or going down a lane.

Contested Ground- A bush 
Contested Ground.jpg
Connected Ground- Mid lane
connected ground.jpg
Surrounded Ground- A side lane 

Heavy Ground- The enemy's second turret or base.
Heavy Ground.jpg
Split Ground- Enemy Jungle
Split Ground.jpg
Enclosed Ground- A choke point 
Enclosed Ground.jpg
Enclosed Ground 2.jpg
Death Ground- When you are utterly surrounded by the enemy or out witted.

Dispersed Ground should not be fought because of the chance of an ambush or bad plays. 
Light Ground should be pushed or just move on to maintain momentum.
Contested Ground should not be attacked due to the advantage prize, do not go to the enemy, make them go to you.
Connected ground is extremely dangerous to fight in, plenty of gaps for enemies to surround your ass or initiate on you.
Surrounded lane is the best area to fight in, plenty of bushes and closed walls to help a fight.
Heavy grounds is their main turrets, so plunder in Sun Tzu's term or destroy in league term.
Split Ground, you should move on because  you have no idea where they are and can be easily ambushed. If you have vision, turn this into a contested ground.
Enclosed Ground is a choke point like entrance to tri bush or the entrance of wraiths.
Death Ground is very situational, you either win or lose. When you are on death ground, the only thing you can do is fight on good faith. Everyone on your team will know this will decide the fate of the game.

(Thank you sciyro for helping me out on the wards, you should watch his stream at

Formations (For real now)

If you read the 9 grounds, this should be easy for you to understand but for those who didn't, good luck.

The Horn-

The Horn.jpg

This is a very simple strategy and easily set up, you can easily get to their main damage dealers. Only useful if their main dps is their adc and you cleared out all their wards. Nothing else to say about this strategy except that you need to have good gap closers and lightning fast reactions.



Very powerful defensive formation, used to hold off an attack and attempt to turn the game around by surrounding them. Usually formed like a V or elongated U, the tip pointing your own turret is used for a safe defense while a tip pointing their turret is used to form an aggressive defensive line. A team comp with good CC is  most effective.

Moving Waves-


Most effective when ambushing enemies in a side lane, your main focus is to surround the enemy by using the walls to block off the enemy. If you do not have your turret, the effectiveness decreases. Your main goal is to use the element of surprise in order to gain momentum. A team with good burst or sustained damage works best.

Blinding Dust-


Probably my favorite, you distract the enemy with the chance of victory and blind them with arrogance. You will be pushing top, along with teleport. Your team must constantly stall the opponent from recalling or going back. If the enemy moves back, poke them and begin to engage. Dis-engage when they begin to push again. Keep repeating this until the enemy decides to fully engage and that is when you know you will win.

If they manage to push the front lines down and go for you at top, teleport to any of the wards and continue to split push.


When fighting an opponent, never fight uphill but always downhill to carry momentum and increase your own vision. Never fight towards the exit of wraiths, you will only gain 100% vision after you reach the edge of the ramp. That 1-2 seconds can either win the game, or lose you the game, play smartly.

These are one of my favorites but there are always more. Do not always bunch up together and wait for the enemy to kill you all, spread out and make your own different formations. Calculate every little detail while understanding when to fight as well as being subtle and you will win.

Maneuver Back to Top

Have you had a game where when you tried to follow the enemy team in hopes of a fight and win? Sometimes, you just seem to be a few seconds behind the enemy's position. They can be pushing down mid as you race from bot but as you reach mid, they are doing baron. This is a failure of maneuver and understanding of the enemy's movements. Never use direct force to achieve your goals but instead, use indirect forces to gain your goals.

This is one of my classic examples of maneuver and indirect forces to gain what you want.

obvious trap.jpg

Lets say that you managed to push top down and is now pushing bot with your team. You slowly go towards the dragon pit to take him out. Obviously, the enemy will follow you and fight you there. So what do you do?

obvious 2.jpg

You leave Dragon for them to take and go around them to mid, directing their attention away. But again, they will surely follow you after they dragon.

obvious 3.jpg

After they begin to chase your team, part away to Top lane while your team fakes a baron. Instead, head down to part and begin to push.

obvious 4.jpg

While you push down top, they will be either going down bot to kill or head top to defend. You can do a few things here, either intercept them and kill stragglers and head around them towards mid. Or you can stall for you to push down their Nexus.

obvious 5.jpg

Your main goal here is to distract and stall as long as possible as Nasus continues to push. If you manage to flank the opponent on the way, do it. If not, continue to circle around the enemy and interrupt any attempts to go back.

obvious 6.jpg

By this time, the game should be over. Now realizing their base is being wrecked, they have no choice but to recall  or fight back. Even if one or two enemies go back, you should be able to destroy their Nexus.

Remember, this is just one of many scenarios and may not always play out one way. This is just an example to show how to maneuver to win games. 

"Let your plans be as dark as the night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." 
-Sun Tzu

Victory without Fighting Back to Top

Sun Tzu understood that fighting costs lives as well as money. Fighting wars will also lower the civilian's morale causing civil unrest. A classic example can be the military operation of Vietnam. Within those months, thousands of American casualties were reported. At that time, the country had a very strong say in the war. When the numbers came into play, almost half gave up on the operation. (please note that it was never a war, but merely a military operation before the congress act that reduced military operation time)

Vo Nguyen Giap was a commander during that time for North Vietnam while William Westmoreland lead the American forces. At first, the US bombed the land and deployed more troops. However, Giap did not want to fight head on, he went Sun Tzu. Having his soldiers dig tunnels underground, he literally made bases underneath US bases. While Vietnamese soldiers smoked and played cards, the Americans blew millions of dollars worth of bombs above ground. When Giap can see an opening, he will deploy forces as close to the US forces as possible to reduce US air attacks. With hit and run tactics, he manages to defend against the US soldiers. 

Now William Westmoreland was an all American Patriot, seeing the battle as a chess board. Giap on the other hand, looked at the battle like a Go game. By destroying the main objectives and covering more ground, he overpowered the US mentally. In one scenario, he planned a series of attacks on US bases during a Vietnamese Holiday. Caught by surprise, the US lost thousands of troops. Giap would have "won" the invasion but he made a deadly mistake, decreasing his own soldier's self morals. He ordered the killing of women and children in the villages he captured. With his soldiers highly discouraged, he failed many other operations and ultimately ending the operation afterwards. 

How does this all tie to League? 

When playing with people, you must understand they also have feelings and their own minds. By motivating them, praising them, and raising their morale you can have their trust. By treating them as if they were your best friends, and they will follow you. If you discourage them, they will rage and even quit. 
I provided this small history lesson to show you how a small force can overcome a larger force using smaller fights. This will also lead the section, Victory without Fighting.
Victory without Fighting

At first it seems impossible, you have to fight head on, right? Wrong, the goal of the game is to destroy the Nexus, nowhere in computer codes of the game states that you have to fight a full 5v5. A teamfight is just to make life easier in taking down turrets. I always praise those who can win without fighting and i practice this technique and attempt to perfect it. In a team fight, many things can go wrong. Miss-clicks or bad decision all factor into a defeat. I realized this during my ranked games as Nasus, no one seems to make the correct decisions. I found more success split pushing without fighting that a full on fight. When split pushing, the enemy will ultimately come for you opening a window of opportunity for your team. There will always be stragglers when the team is moving and that is where you must press the momentum. By forcing the favor into your hands, the enemy will have no choice but to defend allowing more possibilities. Not only can you expand your advantages, the enemy can barely retaliate in a push when their inhibitor is down. If they want to push, 12.png to a minion and destroy their nexus. If they constantly defend, farm your ass off and then end the game. 

Remember the main goal of this game, to destroy the Nexus. You do not have to take dragon or Baron, or any jungle monsters. They are merely helpful tools for victory. There are endless possibilities on how to win games, but i believe winning without fighting is the ultimate way to go. To me, the player who can out think the other players rather than out fight, is always superior. 

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting"
-Sun Tzu

Defeat or Victory Back to Top

Some say that the reason people lose is because of "that" one player. This may be true but to me, its not just him but the entire team. Listen to this-

Water does not move on its own, it is dictated by the surroundings.

Think about this quote, relate to the league games where you had a rager or a feeder. Did you encourage him or did you continue to attack him relentlessly and blame all faults on him? He/She probably had to bear all the burden of the team while you and your team mates constantly attack him. I'm not saying this is always the case but try to find a game where this happens (Not hard to find unless you are ignorant and do not find fault in yourself). Try to relate how he feels in that position. Encouraging someone to do better will always have some sort of effect on them. To have every one of your team mates encourage him can change the game. You never know when the "player" who is feeding may be having a bad day and is trying to shrug it off through league. Making his day worse means his performance also gets worse. For a change, encourage those around you and see for yourself.

One famous event in ancient China was a Zhou general commanding a force to get rid of a revolting village. Severely outnumbered and under geared, it was going to be massacre. To make matters worse, they are backed by a rival state and your deployed troops are leaving today while reinforcements arrive 3 days later. His adviser urged him to keep the soldiers but he told the soldiers to go home and enjoy their lives as they have fulfilled their duty. The general of Zhou was a very kind and humane general, understanding when the soldiers are in pain and when they are tired or hungry. However, almost all of the soldiers wanted to stay and fight one more battle in thanks of the kindness of the general. Severely outnumbered, they managed to hold off the attack until reinforcements arrived. After the battle, he personally visited every dead soldier's home to give morale and gifts. After that battle, every soldier under his command was as loyal as a dog and his master.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Back to Top

This is a very important principle to learn, you cannot win games by yourself without the help of your team mates. 

  • When you struggle, your jungler will usually be there to help or some other lane will help you with ganks. 
  • When you are being chased, it is your team who comes to help you. 
  • When you engage, it is your team who follows you up.
  • When you win, it is your team who helps you celebrate even if it is subtle
The importance of teamwork and unity makes things like self skill almost useless. Sun Tzu understood this principle and always tried to unite his troops completely and made sure all of them were loyal. It is a rumor that when King Helu questioned his ability to make any human a loyal soldier, he told him to make his concubines into soldiers ready for war. Sun Tzu first appointed the two most elderly concubines as the generals. He gave them the orders to assemble but all they did was laugh. Sun Tzu restated his commands but still they laughed. He then proceeded to have them executed in front of the other concubines. Sun Tzu then appointed two new generals and they followed his orders. However, it is probably exaggerated as the King of Helu would never let Sun Tzu execute any of his concubines. 

However, the point is clear that without order, chaos will be brought. If your appointed general thinks warfare is a joke and that his duties is to be arrogant, then your troops will follow his examples. If your general appointed is dutiful and loyal, strict but kind at the same time, then his commanding soldiers will follow that example. 

When team mates argue back, blame you, or not listen to your orders then-
  • They have doubt in your abilities
  • They do not trust you
  • They believe you are too strict
  • They do not care
  • There is no motivation
To remove doubt, perform better than your team yet still be humble and praise their abilities. To ensure trust, establish a good relationship with your team. To put the illusion of you not being strict, give them small gains like buffs or minion kills. If they do not care, then motivate them to care.

Understand that League is a team game and not a lone wolf fps game. 

Understand that the universe does not revolve around you. 

Understand that when you make a play, do not become arrogant. 

Understand that your team comes before anything else. 

Understand that the object of the game is to destroy the Nexus, not get kills. 

Pride, Ignorance, and Arrogance Back to Top

What destroys a player eventually in League is what he is thinking. If you are constantly thinking about your KDA and nothing else, you will eventually begin to lose your current skills and succumbing to Pride. If you only think about your skills now, not thinking about other ideas, you will succumb to Ignorance. If you constantly think yourself highly of others, seeing everything as black and white, either they are above your rank or lower, you will always have an excuse for their skill levels. This, is probably the worst of all 3 traits to have. Stopping all communications, you become ignorant as well being too prideful. Arrogance is what you never want to have. 

Pride stops you from acting

Ignorance stops you from learning

Arrogance will destroy you

To understand how they work, you must understand yourself first. By understanding your own ideals and sense of what is right and wrong, you can then understand how these 3 traits work. 

If you are always trying to get kills and make big plays, you will eventually lose your mentality to rage because of pride.

If you only care about what you have now, not hearing from anyone else. Having little to no knowledge yet you think you know a lot. This will lead to your own team-mate's rage.

Together, they create arrogance, the worst of all. By not learning and hearing from others, you want to be the best on your own. You think you know what is best when others try to tell you the better way. This will destroy both yourself and your own team. 

Here is a little story from ancient China-

During a time of crisis, the ruler of the state asked two brothers to lead his army into battle against a stronger state. The younger brother did not want to accept it because of his lack of experience but very intelligent. The older brother was a veteran of war, swiftly accepting the job without hesitating. In the first battle, they lost severely due to the older brother's arrogance in battle, charging head first without thinking and was wounded, leaving his younger brother in charge. Their entire army was demoralized, a few even defecting to the other side. The younger brother prayed that night and a deity came to his aid, giving him one wish. Instead of wishing for strength or a larger army, he asked the him for a more unusual wish. He wished that his army and his brother would understand that war is wrong, inflicting terror and sadness to everyone. Death is inevitable in war, unless one side surrenders. He asked if his army could be cleansed of pride and ignorance and accept defeat for the sake of the state. The wish was granted. The next day, nothing seemed to have changed, they were still demoralized and his brother still wanted to keep charging in. Realizing that it was probably a dream or just his imagination, he went back to his tent and cried. In the final battle, the younger brother was gravely injured and brought back but they won the battle. His older brother was surprised and boasted how his charging showed the enemy how strong they were and finally won the war. The soldiers carrying his younger brother then told him the story of what really happened.

On the battlefield, he discarded both his armor and weapon, walking straight towards to the enemy general. The general told his men to not kill him and wanted to see what he had to say. The younger brother bowed down to his knees and asked him to stop the war and would be willing to surrender if he had to. He said that families were being torn on both sides, destroying the youth of both countries. If this continued, more fighting would continue. Moved by his words, the general accepted his surrender and moved back to his state. The younger brother's bodyguard who was also very arrogant and full of pride could not take in what happened and charged to to kill the general, but only to strike the younger brother who stepped in time to take the strike. The general saw this and was deeply moved, and surrendered himself instead. Realizing that he was correct, war would just keep breaking out. After hearing this account, the older brother began to weep along with his army.

Did you understand the story? This may not seem like it can relate to league, but break it down. The possibilities are endless and all it depends on is how you look at it. 

Relationships with Your Team Back to Top

Having a good relationship with your team is a fundamental building block to victory. How many of you have played games where everyone is arguing over small things and surrender votes happen every so often? Did these things occur?

  • Rage
  • Constant blame
  • The one who Blames that made a mistake became silent until something else happens
  • Leave
  • Constant Surrender vote
What if i told you that these things affected the outcome of your game? 
  • People blame because they cannot hold their own anger 
  • people argue because they cannot prove themselves correct
  • people rage because they do not understand themselves
  • people leave because they cannot reason
  • people surrender because they lose hope
Being angry or raging can cause-
  • Bad decisions
  • Recklessness
  • Tunneled vision 
Bad decisions occur because they are often typing while moving or they are not thinking when they act.
Recklessness occur because they do not care anymore.
Tunneled vision occurs because of the body's natural reaction when stressed or in danger, which leads to recklessness or bad decisions.

To maintain a good relationship with your team, you must first understand them. One of Sun Tzu's principle rules states that if you "know the enemy, and know yourself, then you will win, one hundred battles.". If you do not know your own team mates, then how do you know what they can and cannot do? What if your mid only had 3 fingers and cannot combo as fast as the other mid? Do you blame them for only having 3 fingers? 

No, you encourage them so the motivation can help improve their decision making ability. 

These are the effects of having a good relationship with your team
  • Confidence
  • hope
  • faith
  • good decisions
  • team work
  • Obedience
But how do you build a good relationship with your team?
  • Give jungle buffs to them
  • Gank
  • Allow the jungler to farm
  • Encouragement
  • Forgiving
  • Treating them as if they were your friends
When people see that you are not the type to rage, they will act the same in order to live up to the name you just gave them. Once the team is set emotionally, order is complete. Once order is  complete, you can lead them to the deepest caves without worry. Once confidence and faith has been built, your team is now invincible.

However, there are some factors that can affected this-
  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance
  • Greed
Those who are arrogant are easily shamed, those who are ignorant are easily enraged, and those who are greedy are easily provoked.

To have a team that can follow you,be united, and do not rage is the ultimate team. You can be in Bronze 5 and you are better than those Challenger Teams who has no team unity or confidence. 

If you are losing yet your team has all the factors required to become the greatest, tell them this.
"We may have lost to the enemy, but we have won in my mind."

Understanding The Team's Needs Back to Top

The most important aspect of Leagues of Legends is to understand and work as a team in order to overcome the enemy. It may seem simple but i see too many times where people rather go for small gains rather than going for the bigger picture. A common example can be to either take Baron Nashor or take their Inhibitors down and maybe even their Nexus Turrets. This may seem like a very close and equally important but lets take a closer look.

Baron Nashor-

Buff Advantage
Player Psychology advantage 


Lane Advantage
Player Psychology advantage
Super minions
Closer to victory
Team Morale

Do you see the difference? In my entire League career, i stress that turrets are more important than Dragon, Baron Nashor, or even kills. To win the game, you must destroy the Nexus and to destroy the Nexus you require the enemy's turrets to be down. 

My order of importance-
  • Nexus
  • Turrets
  • Teamwork
  • Minions
  • Baron Nashor
  • Dragon
  • Kills
Now lets make this a bit more complicated, lets say you can either kill 3 of the enemy each granting 500 shutdown gold at the cost of 2 of your team mates and a retreat OR you can retreat and take down an Inhibitor. 

If you went for the 1500 extra gold then-

  • You just gained a slight advantage in terms of gear and level
  • Around 30-60 seconds of roam time 
  • The ability to take objectives but with only 10-20 seconds due to travel time and healing time
If you went for the Inhibitor then-

  • You just gained Super minions for 5 minutes
  • All of your minions are enhanced in all lanes
  • Constant lane pressure
  • Increased map presence 
Either one of these choices are very beneficial but which of these are more beneficial? You having better gear or all of your lanes being able to push, super minions, and team mates able to freely move around and farm jungle monsters with reduced chance of being ganked?

Always make your choices quickly, hesitating too long or even hesitating for half a second to engage or not to engage can be game changing. Here are some examples-

Sk Vs Fnatic- Xpeke's backdoor as 38_64.png

Sk could have all went back and killed Kassadin and then proceeded to win the game but instead, they waited for about 10 seconds before Olaf was sent to defend against Xpeke. 6 seconds passed and then 31_64.png came to help but at that point, it was too late. What could have been done?

  • All retreat with 2 moving on Xpeke from mid lane to stop his escape.
  • 31_64.png silencing xpeke before bursting him down
  • Move on to advance their lead
Because of Ego, time, hesitation, and pressure SK gaming failed to react on Xpeke's Backdoor

Lets look at another example

Clg Vs Sk-  12.png20.png strategy

Sk had the obvious lead but DoubleLift on 104_64.png was punching down bot turret and eventually their inhibitor. The only defender was 98_64.png but it was clear that he couldn't defend against DoubleLift. Sk managed to kill 2 before pushing their mid lane and continued to pressure. Instead of fighting and winning, they tried to bait out a fight but it was obvious they had the advantage. After a rough 15-17 seconds, they decided to engage only to be pushed back and the mass 12.png came in from CLG resulting in the loss of SK.

What could have been done?
  • Sk all backed and killed 104_64.png
  • Push on in a 4v5
  • Engage on CLG in their favor  20 seconds earlier to win the game

I'm not trying to insult SK but Helen Keller could have seen the solution....

Again time,pressure, hesitation, and Ego caused their demise. 

With the things i said in mind, try to put these principles in action and you can see for yourself how useful they are. 

I personally try to tell my friends whom i play with that teamwork is very important as well as respecting your 
opponents and understanding each other. When things go sour, i often try to act without saying much to try and show them what to do instead of spoon feeding them. 

Some may call this a bad friend but i say the worst friends are those who act on the wrong doings of others in order to gain self satisfaction. 

When my allies begin to excessively curse or insult, i try to reduce this negative morale by not saying anything in an attempt to show my allies what is right and wrong.

When my allies neglect all lanes but one and we are ahead, i tend to farm alone while my team is pushing to win. 

When my team backs and farms, i push alone and try to win the game in order to show them what they did wrong instead of talking.

When my team is losing yet there is no teamwork, i try to reassure them and give strategies.

When my team is losing and they begin to blame each other, all hope is lost.

When my team is losing and they begin to blame each other and we win, i do not accept this victory, but as an insult.

What matters and what doesn't matter Back to Top

In ancient times, the wise and those who are able to rule understood the importance of knowing what matters and what doesn't matter. One of the most important things a ruler must understand and obey is the following:

  • Avoid luxury 
  • Avoid those who talk a lot but not always to the point
  • Avoid those who make allies with the enemy for opportunities
  • Avoid temptations and greed
  • Avoid excessive pleasures
The list goes on and on but these are the 5 most important rules to obey to avoid collapse of your rule. In ancient times, luxury can be meant as in military luxury or the state's luxury. 

Luxury in military means luxurious uniforms that either serves little to no purpose or just for show. 

To understand the basic 5 rules, you must comprehend what each means.

To avoid luxury means to save your wealth for the state's needs like food.

To avoid those who talk a lot but not always to the point means avoiding those who make deals with the enemy.

To avoiding those who makes deals with the enemy means avoiding temptations for yourself through bribe.

To avoid temptations and greed is to avoid excessive pleasures that can lead to luxury and thus, the cycle repeats itself. 

How does this relate to league? Well, not everything Sun Tzu says can be applied directly but merely, a way which can relate to League but at the same time not relate to league. Understanding what matters can mean to either take that kill or take an objective for the team. Understanding what doesn't matter can be to take wraiths for that core item while your top is being destroyed but at the same time, can be what matters.

By fully understanding what matters and what doesn't matter, you can successfully take a game in the enemy's favor and turn it to your favor. Taking objectives rather than get a kill means more gold for your team. By either going top or staying at wraiths can mean fighting a 4v5 or saving a turret. 

Here is an example-

You are currently pushing top, ready to take their second turret with no competition. 

However, your bot lane is getting pushed in by 3 members of the enemy team with 2 members missing but most likely either coming top or helping bot. 

Your bot lane cannot hold long due to being outnumbered and the turret with less than 200 health. 

The choices are to keep pushing and hopefully get an inhibitor 
Teleport bottom and help out

What makes a player good and what makes a player amazing is their ability to make decisions within seconds. To help you out in this simulation, i will guide you through the most "possible" scenarios. 

If you stayed top, you could have likely taken their inhibitor and MAYBE take one of their nexus turrets before having to retreat to defend or retreat from the enemy. 

If you teleported bottom, you could have helped defend against the enemy and might have been able to win the fight. 

If you won the fight- your team could have either taken Dragon/Baron or taken a turret or two. 

If you lost the fight- The enemy would have most likely taken your inhibitor and rush a Baron or simply retreat. 

By playing out scenarios quickly in your head, you can decide the fate of the game. 

If this was a real game, i would have probably taken about 5 second to completely play it out. 

Practice to achieve perfection

Desperation Back to Top

In many of my Nasus games, i find my team in a very bad spot, behind in kills and turrets. In these games, tension is very high and even a slight mistake can cause heated arguments on who is right and who is wrong. When things become really bad, people become desperate, desperate for salvation. Desperation can affect many aspects of a player's mind including the inability to make decisions clearly. There are 3 stages of desperation in my mind which are living, wounded, and dead. 


The first stage and the most easiest stage to manipulate, everyone is uncertain on what to do and often times, they die roaming the jungle. Surrender votes may be seen but it is often not passed, only 1-2 people actually trying to pass it. This is the time when you need to reassure your team and avoid any arguments with them. Uncertainty is in the air, and they will be willing to do anything for salvation, including listening to you. Take advantage of this situation by giving orders, ask them to ward around the base and prepare for the worst. Do not leave the base and constantly push the minion waves out of the base. If they decide to siege an inhibitor, try to defend it by slowly engaging and disengaging them to try and make their ADC and mid laner get out of position for a fight. If they siege turrets outside of base, do not follow and force them to fight you under turret. The rest lies in the hands of how the game is going and how you want the game to end, victory or defeat.


A very difficult if not impossible stage to manipulate, this is when fights are always going bad and your team never seems to have a good initiate. Surrender votes may barely not pass with only 2 players holding onto hope. Arguments may have already started and raging is very common in this stage. Very little can be done to help the team because this is when players become not willing to follow orders due to the high tension as well as ignorance kicking in. The enemy at this stage is either taking baron and preparing for a final push or simply pushing your only available turret at this point. Not much preparation can be done at this stage simply because it is impossible to talk to your team mates. Often times, you lose these kinds of games.


Surprisingly, this stage has more advantages than disadvantages. When in the dead stage, there will be no surrender votes and players are willing to defend against anything no matter how long it takes. Leading up to this point, your team is probably doing very well and only recently have you start throwing the game. The enemy is often in hot pursuit, with victory in their eyes but not their hands. Victory, is in your hands instead. When an army is deep within an enemy's territory with the sight of victory, they become very vulnerable to ambushes and traps. Your team will often not accept defeat as an answer and will do anything to win instead of take a humiliating defeat. This is very similar to the "Dead Ground" which means that soldiers will not fear death because hope has already manifested to fearlessness. They will often fight to the death, like a hungry lion surrounded by a group of hunters. Your team will most likely fight without hesitation and often times, win the game. There are no secrets to winning at this stag, is is all up to your team mate's skill level and how they fight. 

Desperation can often be a bad thing, but sometimes can be used to win. The key to winning desperate games is how well you can manipulate your team in using their emotions against the enemy and help the team. Like momentum, you must constantly push your team with you to your limits and then allowing human nature to take over. 

Learning how to Adapt Back to Top

No matter how good or bad you are, the key to winning a lane and even a game is being able to adapt quickly to the situation. Adaptation is not easy and it may take a few months to master due to the large knowledge pool of the subject. To adapt, you must understand how your opponent is playing and what he is planning on doing within the first 15 minutes. You must plan out your lane and must be able to change this plan frequently as you get to know more about your opponent. The better you are at understanding your opponent, the faster this process will take. However, you must also take the jungler into account as well. When adapting to 2 enemies, you will have advantages and disadvantages with your build/game plan. 

If you are planning on going full out aggressive 75_64.png at level 9 against a 31_64.png, then you might have a chance on succeeding. But, if they have a jungler like 59_64.png, then you need to be able to time your movements. Too fast, and the jungler can react to you. Too late, and you might miss the chance to even fight 31_64.png with an advantage. Get used to how the jungler moves, if he likes to gank bot lane, play more defensively to force 59_64.png to only gank mid/bot lane while you wreck havoc on 31_64.png. If 59_64.png likes to gank your lane, then you must time the time it takes for 31_64.png to clear a wave versus the time it takes for 59_64.png to reach your lane from somewhere like mid or his Golems. If you can be at your turret whenever 59_64.png reaches your lane and be able to push when he is somewhere else, you can be out of harms way. 
Being able to adapt to 2 players is quite impressive, but you will have to also take the mid laner into account as well. Generally speaking, the mid laner will gank other lanes when their lanes are pushed and they see an opening. If you know that the enemy's mid laner can roam a lot, wards are essential to not dying. 
Say the mid laner is someone like 38_64.png who can very easily roam and gank lanes after 6. If your assumptions are true about him roaming, then you must constantly have your minion wave near your turret to avoid over extending. This should be very easy to do since 31_64.png has natural wave clears. If you see 38_64.pngmissing, he is either getting blue or ganking another lane. The most suitable lanes to gank are those that are over extended and easy to pull an over the wall gank. But when dealing with enemies like 31_64.pngand59_64.png, diving becomes a possibility. 

Understand how they gank and try to see if they have a pattern in their ganking routes. When you know how they gank, how they move, and how they fight then you can truly adapt to their play styles. If they are aggressive, you must time your waves so that when they do decide to dive, they must do it without minions. If they like to play very defensively, only ganking when you make a mistake of over extending, then you must not make a mistake. Constantly freeze your minion wave just above your turret's range and never push beyond the river.

If you are able to know where the enemy is and when he will arrive, you can never die. 

If you are able to know where the enemy will attack and when he will attack, then you will never fall behind. 

If you are able to know where the enemy will act and when he will act, then you will never lose. 

Minds Games, Deception, Sun Tzu's Legacy Back to Top

All warfare is based on deception, probably one of the most famous quotes from Sun Tzu himself and i agree. All warfare is really based on deception. If you can out think someone rather than out fight someone, you deserve to win. Mental knowledge will always shadow brute force in almost every case. Always try to play mind games with your opponent. For example, you are in a ranked game and you are first ban/first pick

You have the advantage to play mind games vs the other captain.
Since you are first pick, you can pressure the other captain into banning the important champions. Pictured example-

You are first ban/pick-
24_64.png- The first ban on jax will screw with the opponent's minds, forcing them to think if you are a retard or playing games.

He bans-
54_64.png- A very common ban

You ban
122_64.png- At this point, your opponent thinks you are going top and do not want to see these champions but you Darius in general is quite broken late game.

He bans-
53_64.png- Another common ban, his Q is quite annoying.

Your final ban-
27_64.png- The opponent now infers that you are going top and believes they can counter you, but now that leaves you with about 3-4 free good champions.

He bans, but realizes what happens and begins to think who to ban next-
98_64.png- A very common ban again, but that leaves 59_64.png120_64.png32_64.png5_64.png254_64.png
Now you can choose your first pick on any of these champions, and they can be smart to pick 2 of those champions, but you also get to pick another 2 of those champions.

Meaning, you gain an advantage of 1 over the enemy if you both decide to pick all of these champions.

Congratulations, you successfully screwed your opponent's mind.

Some may call this of being a chicken or wimping out, but Sun Tzu calls this being smart. 

-Know when to fight and when not to fight.

-Don't always fight without moving, utilize the bush and kite your opponent around.

-Give the illusion of weakness and then strike when he least expects it.

-Feed him arrogance and ignorance, then proceed to destroy him physically and mentally.

-Show the sign of strength when weak, show weakness when you have the strength to kill.

-Not all fights are one sided, separate them and lure them into different terrains that are most useful to you.

Always show formlessness and never give a single hint on what you are about to do. Be passive and only act on his mistakes. Never go to the enemy, make the enemy go to you.

If you can accomplish all of these, you will always win.

Sun Tzu's Legacy-

Sun Tzu's life's work is his book on warfare "The Art of War". Being influential even today, being read by business managers, military tacticians, sport coaches, and more. Continue to spread his work and constantly try to decipher his true meaning of warfare. One day, maybe an individual will become the next Sun Tzu of the modern era.

Nasus in good hands Back to Top

Before i end, i would like acknowledge a pro league player that retired but is one of the few that plays Nasus in competitive scene and is very successful in it. European player Skyyart from team Sypher should be known as one of the greatest nasus players in the world for being able to use him in tournaments.  Hyfe is also known to be one of the best Nasus players out there. I hope one day, Nasus will be more popular in the competitive scene as it saddens me to see such a great champion being neglected.

Sun Tzu's work Back to Top

Sun Tzu.jpg
Sun Tzu is a prominent figure in history, being the author of The Art Of War, a military and life's teaching. If you ever have time to read a good book, pick up The Art of War and begin to understand the ancient genius that lies within it's texts. The original book only has about 10-13 "pages" (actually long bamboo strips that are cleansed and then tied together). However, multiple interpretations can be found at any bookstore or online if you wish. 

It is nearly impossible to finish the book, with millions of interpretations within its texts, you must become Sun Tzu to truly understand his words. To achieve this, you must try his tactics yourself. Of course, you can't just join the military and start ordering people to war, but you can always use these tactics into League or other Strategy games. 

In one encounter, he was deployed by King Helu of Wu to defend against the Chu. Outnumbered almost 10 times, Sun Tzu used deception to win. Constantly shifting his army and slowly wearing his opponent down using the weather and terrain as well as wearing down their mental state. Sun Tzu wanted to destroy the main city of Chu but outnumbered, he instead attacked a city away from the city using only a fifth of his army. This led the main army away while Sun Tzu flanked his army. Before they could retaliate, Sun Tzu left. He continued this for about 2-3 times before the general of Chu became frustrated and launched a full scale attack on Wu. Falling into Sun Tzu's trap, he began to chip away on the marching army and ultimately made the army of Chu surround Sun Tzu's army.

Now you may now say WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE WANT TO SURROUND HIS OWN ARMY??? Well here is the reason.

He forced his army onto death ground, a ground where his army is in doom. However, once the soldiers know death is inevitable, they will not fear but instead, turn fear into courage. Each man took on 10 others without fear of death and he ultimately won. 
Using deception and keen understanding of the mental power in humans, he won.

(Keep in mind, historians are not sure what really happened and this is one of the many records kept by one of the king's grand historian)

I strongly suggest you into buying or just reading the book, even if you are going to read it for 5 minutes a day. 

A good YouTube channel that uses Sun Tzu's teaching into league is gbay99. Check him out.

Be yourself Back to Top

My final lesson to you is to be yourself and no one else. 

I do not consider myself a professional but I have seen so many players as well as their personalities. To make my statement a bit clear, i will tell you a story of my experience in League.

My journey to level 30 has always been unique, I did learn how to become a better player mechanically but the most valuable skill I picked up is to control my emotions and understand those around me. While I see players better than me in my early levels, I found flaws in their personalities and the way they react to different things. I was never good with any champion and because of that, I managed to pick up the skill of understanding people. I kept playing normal games and when season 1 ended i was still unranked unlike my other friends who achieved either 1300 or 1400 ELO. They laughed at me, and looked down on me. Yes, they were better than me mechanically but they were awful players mentally. But I took the incident way too hard and went into some sort of mental breakdown. I questioned my skills and tried to be better by playing champions I have never played before. I played the champions that fit the "meta" and those considered OP. Almost immediately, I began to have great success winning games. Because of this new found confidence, I jumped into ranked and managed to climb to about 1300 ELO. For a few months, I did not improve and only stayed at that ELO. I still played with the people that mocked me but with more respect now that i have received a rating. I became arrogant and cocky, constantly making mistakes and only to blame them on others or lag. The more I played the more I began to doubt myself again and i fell back to the same hole I climbed out of, the lack of resolution. However, the last game I played with them will change my way of playing completely. We got into an argument and even though I stated that ELO meant nothing of skill level, they refused to accept that. We then parted away forever and I expected myself to regret that decision but I still do not regret it. They parted with nothing but i parted with a new kind of knowledge and found my resolve. I vowed to never look down on those who are lower in terms of rank and to treat every player equally. I will only judge when their personalities become clear and will not discriminate. And so, I saw a greater improvement in my skill level playing champions like Nasus again. Thus, by accepting who i was and playing like myself, I was able to improve beyond my imaginations. 

Trends with Nasus Back to Top

Will be updated frequently-

Korean scene-

75_64.png Maxing Spirit fire first to provide a very powerful level 6 duel.

used by Homme from MVP.

-In my opinion, this is not bad but it all depends on who you are against. If you are against someone with a very powerful level 6 like 92_64.png then this is quite risky. Against easier and squishier champions like 17_64.png then this can be effective in dominating the lane. The Koreans are known to revolve their team strategy around a single champion like when they did protect the 74_64.png. To me, i prefer stacking up my Q as soon as possible as well as maxing Wither second to provide as much utility as possible. Due to my passive play style, i must see who i am against and how aggressive he is to really decide what to buy or max. 

Q/A with Hyfe Back to Top

What are your opinions on Spirit of the Elder Lizard/Locket of Iron Solari/Mikael's Crucible?

-No,Yes, and No. if you were to get any spirit item on lane nasus golem is the best, locket is great, and crucible is a waste of money

Do you think Iceborn Gauntlet is better than Trinity Force in terms of stats needed for nasus?

- i would only choose trinity over ibg if you are already capped at 40% cdr for some reason, such as if you went SV/FH combo

What is your opinion on maxing E or W second?

-i would normally max w second in lane, especially against bruisers because it gimps their dmg and sets up ganks better.  Although in some cases pumping E second could be better such as in a 1v2 lane or maybe against someone like singed that is constantly proxy farming. 

Even if you put a pt into it though you use it very sparingly, the mana cost is too high.  i really only use it in a gank or if i want to push the lane real fast before recalling

What do you think is more important when playing Nasus, applying pressure to win the lane or waiting until the opponent makes a wrong move and then capitalizing on their mistakes to slowly win the lane?

-I think the most important thing is creep management and safe farming until you have the items that will let you play more aggressively

if you are pushing hard early you are very easy to gank and you cant win early trades vs 90% of champs unless you have creep advantage or they misplay.

Thank you for your time Hyfe!

-No problem, good luck!

You too, i hope the best for you in life.

Patches that affect Nasus Back to Top

Pre-Season 4 (WIP)


Passive- life steal readjusted to 10/15/20% at levels 1/7/13

In my opinion, this will hurt him slightly at levels 1-5 and then truly begin to take effect due to the nerfs. By increasing the skill upgrade by 1 and lifesteal, you will be losing out about 4-24 health depending on your auto attack damage and SS damage. I really do not understand why they would nerf 75_64.png before 92_64.png. Well, there are things we may never understand about RIot.

Patch 3.12



  • Base mana reduced to 235 (from 270)


  • Base damage reduced to 70/115/160/205/250 (from 80/125/170/215/260)
  • Slow percent increased to 35/40/45/50/55% (from 24/28/32/36/40%)
  • Slow duration reduced to 1-2 seconds based on distance traveled (from 2.5 seconds flat)
  • Slow no longer decays
  • Minimum distance added (400)
  • Axes now stick in walls and structures only if they would land in impassible terrain
  • Axes now make jungle monsters ignore unit collision (to better enable Olaf's axe pickup play in the jungle)

Vicious Strikes

  • Mana cost reduced to 30 (from 40/45/50/55/60)
  • Now grants 20/35/50/65/80% attack speed
  • Now provides 1% extra healing for every 2.5% health that Olaf is missing
  • Attack damage removed
  • Spellvamp removed
  • Lifesteal retained

Reckless Swing

  • Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds (from 9/8/7/6/5)
  • Damage reduced to 70/115/160/205/250 (from 100/160/220/280/340)
  • 0.4 total attack damage ratio added
  • Health cost is equal to 40% of total damage dealt (unchanged ratio)
  • Health cost is now refunded if it kills the target
  • Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Reckless Swing by 1 second


  • Cooldown changed to 120/100/80 (from 100)
  • Mana cost removed
  • Now provides 10/20/30 armor and magic resist passively
  • Active reworked: now removes the bonus armor and magic resist passive and grants 40/60/80 bonus attack damage while active
  • Olaf now turns red when Ragnarok is active
  • Crowd control immunity retained

A major change to how 2_64.png is played, his early game nerf to reckless swing has made him less of a threat. Instead of burst, 2_64.png will be required to constantly hit something to keep his E off cooldown. His W change has allowed greater dueling potential, especially after the fight where he can easily sustain off the minions. The removal of the base damage+damage based on a % of his health for a huge boost of attack speed as well as increased healing is definitely going to help him in lane. Because of his new E, 2_64.png players will now be required to constantly keep their health in check to avoid killing themselves. Finally, his R now grants bonus AD on activation at the cost of his passive armor/magic resistance. This makes him more viking-like because well, he is going into berserk. In lane, wither will dramatically decrease his overall DPS potential but during his ultimate, fighting him will be a problem.

Patch 3.11


(Directly copied from the patch notes)

  • Cell Division
  • Adjusted passive chunk drops to be more contestable by enemies
  • If an enemy champion is within 1000 units of Zac, his chunks will spawn in a contestable zone between him and his opponent (this isn’t a change, but is listed for clarification)
  • Increased the range at which champions cause chunks to be contestable (fly away from Zac) to 1000 (from 700)
  • Slightly increased the distance contestable chunks travel from Zac
  • Chunks are now credited to whoever is closest to them in the event that both Zac and an enemy champion are present (rather than automatically going to Zac)
  • Reduced chunk invulnerability time to 0.25 seconds (from 0.75)
  • Chunk invulnerability now applies to both Zac and enemies (previously only applied to enemies – Zac now has to wait 0.25 seconds before he can absorb his chunks)
  • Zac now has an increased chunk pickup range and bypasses the chunk invulnerability delay timer during Let's Bounce

-This is a huge change that was desperately needed when against a top lane 154_64.png. If you do not manage to quickly snowball your way to victory, he will eventually out-sustain and out-dps you after level 5. The only thing you can really do is to step on his blobs but then again, 154_64.png can easily Q you and then proceed to use W. With this change, you both have to be very strategic on when and where to either pick up blobs or destroy them.


Iron man now shows shield amount in chunks similar to health. 

-A very good fix, this will now provide an easier overview on if 82_64.png can be killed or not as supposed to clicking him and then constantly keeping his shield in mind. 

activation at the cost of his passive armor/magic resistance. This makes him more viking-like because well, he is going into berserk. In lane, wither will dramatically decrease his overall DPS potential but during his ultimate, fighting him will be a problem.

Patch 3.10 

3211_64.png Spectral's cowl introduced to the game, changed recipe for 3065_32.png and 3102_32.png

With the addition of 3211_32.png to the game, MR itemization has been a little less nightmarish. Against ap poke champions like 17_64.png85_64.png8_64.png, the damage output has been greatly reduced due to the increase healing after getting hit by a champion. Both 3065_32.png and 3102_32.png also received this passive, effectively making 3065_32.png a new replacement for Force of Nature. 

11_64.png Skills tweaked and reworked, full summary is here-

The rework made 11_64.png like an 39_64.png 2.0, being able to sustain and negate your wither. The main issue i see here is his jungling power which can easily snowball him to a late game beast. Because of his ridiculous regeneration, a lane 11_64.png can also be very scary to deal with if you are against a decent 11_64.png. All i can say is that your laning phase may become even harder with this new change especially when he can constantly harass you with his Q.

60_64.png Spider lings nerfed in terms of health and multi-targeted spell damage reduction. Her Volatile spider ling's movement speed has also been nerfed along with the inability to target outside of her Rappel's said range.

A must needed nerf and a small shocking buff at the same time. The spiders will be easier to last hit with your Q now, but will be harder to do so as the game goes on due to the buff on their armor/magic resistance. However, they will still be easier to kill overall. 


Increased armor early on in the game that will diminish as the game goes on, providing more resistance against early rushes on the turret.
A huge buff for 75_64.png that play very defensively, going back 4 minutes in the game will no longer mean you lose your turret anymore but a nerf to players who likes to take down the turret very early to roam. To me, this is a huge buff because when you are forced to go back, your turret will survive much longer against champions like 114_64.png5_64.png62_64.png

3107_64.png Runic Bulwark removed from the game

Sometimes i try to understand what riot is doing but sometimes, it just seems so dumb. AP AOE is very dominant in the game right now which makes bulwark a very common "quick" fix to this problem. By removing Bulwark and adding 3105_32.png to 3190_32.png. This has some logic since most junglers will purchase 3190_32.png but it cannot be compared to the amount of stat 3107_32.png provided. This may not affect Top Lane 75_64.png as much as jungle 75_64.png but definitely a hard hit when you have team fights. 


75_64.png Now has a buff stating the siphoned damage.

Somewhat of a double edged sword, helping your enemy while helping your allies as well. Enemies can now easily see how well you are doing and can easily pin point if you are the main threat or not. Mixed feelings about this.

126_64.png Acceleration gate cd has now been set to 16 seconds on all levels.

A much needed nerf on 126_64.png, those e/q combos really hurt a lot especially when the damage/scaling is pretty scary. With some decent cdr or blue buff, many 126_64.png players wont feel a difference but early game, many champions can have an easier time dealing with the burst.

85_64.png Base AD reduced by 4.1 (50.5) and mark of the storm now lasts 2 seconds shorter. 

Another needed nerf on his early game, especially when players start off with extra AD runes/masteries and 1055_32.png to harass the opponent. 4.1 damage may not seem like much but after 10 hits, that's 41 damage reduced. A slight nerf to his early game harass while nerfing the mark of the storm helps the enemy have some sort of counter play instead of being his by his enhanced w, then w, and then e or q.

PBE PATCH 3.08 (Final)

Aatrox has been inputted and he seems fairly decent with a pretty bland kit. His w passive along with his innate passive allows incredible sustain and damage at the same time.

Smaller jungler camps has an increased time of 10 seconds (1:55). A big hit to many junglers who needs the big experience boost and laners who wants an extra edge in lane. 

Taste Their Fear
  • Isolation bonus now increases damage by 45%
  • Evolution adds 8% missing Health damage (Can be further increased by Isolation)

Void Spikes

  • Now slows targets hit by 20% for 2 seconds
  • Mana cost reduced to 55/60/65/70/75 from 60/70/80/90/100
  • Bonus Attack Damage ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.9
  • Evolution no longer consumes passive to apply effects--instead triples shot
  • Can no longer be cast during Leap

Void Assault

  • Damage reduction while in stealth increased to 50% from 40%
In my opinion, this seems to be more of a buff than a nerf like some people say. 121_64.png taste their fear's overall dps has skyrocketed as well as his Void Spikes along with reduced mana costs and increased ratio. This will be extremely annoying to fight against as his Q will be another strong alternative to evolve. The new changes will probably prompt 75_64.png players to buy more sustain earlier on along with mass armor just to negate the extra dps. 
Overall- Retarded move by Riot to buff one of the strongest assassins out there. 

(My rant- They decided to nerf wither heavily while buffing one of the strongest assassins that can burst adcs/squishies in seconds. Nasus has to go up close while 121_64.png flies in, shoots his combo and flies back out. If he gets stunned, he uses his ultimate and then fly out. I wouldn't be surprised if they nerf him right after this patch)


Northern Winds

  • Bonus maximum Health ratio reduced to 10% from 16%


  • Reduced slow duration to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds from 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3

Glacial Prison

  • Reduced stun and slow duration to 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds from 1.5/1.75/2
This was a much needed nerf as her early-late game damage was ridiculously high for an initiating tank. Her Northern Winds did too much dps early on and continued to scale absurdly late game. Glacial Prison's cc time was not needed to be reduced but Riot did so anyways. A huge relief to many squishy early game champions.

Patch 3.07

3222_32.png- Removed 1027_32.png from the recipe and added 3096_32.png.
Thoughts- This opens up a new build order for 75_64.png as well as supports. Now, you can build your 3096_32.png into 3222_32.png instead of 3069_32.png.
3209_32.png3207_32.png3206_32.png- The three spirit items has been a very powerful choice for junglers and non-junglers alike. But with the crazy amount of power they give, riot literally nerfed the living hell out of these items notably 3209_32.png which was almost meant to hurt 120_64.png (along with some nerfs). The damage went down by 9-26 burn damage and 10 flat damage while the cost went down by 400 gold. A big hit to jungle 75_64.png and maybe lane 75_64.png.
 BlueRangedMinion- Caster minion's base damage reduced by 2 (25 to 23).
Thoughts- As little as this may seem, in long engagements minions can do ridiculous amounts of damage. With this nerf, it affects 75_64.png in a positive way as well as a negative way. Early on, you relied on the minions to discourage harass or help get a kill. Now, your opponent may be able to harass a lot more taking around 16-60 less damage from caster minions.

Custom Item Sets- This feature allows you to change your recommended items to your preference. Not only will you save time when buying, it also helps kill time when you are bored and decides to make a build for every champion.

68_64.png- Damage on his Q is reduce by .35 ap and 15-55 dps loss but gains an extra 25% increased damage from danger zone(now 50%). This will help your early game a lot as his harass was infinite with almost no counter attacks until you stack your Q. His Electric Harpoon also got nerfed by .1 ap and around 10-30 dps loss. In general, good early game nerf to him while a slight buff late game.

20_64.png- His jungle was buffed greatly, increasing power to gank and clear greatly. His lane dominance was nerfed by 25% on his consume heal. The new surge of nunu players will be quite annoying, especially when he ganks you with infinite slow and more dps. 
  • Damage increased to 600/700/800/900/1000 from 500/600/700/800/900
  • Healing reduced to 90/130/170/210/250 from 125/180/235/290/345
  • Healing ratio reduced to 0.75 from 1.0
  • Consume now grants bonuses for 120/150/180/210/240 seconds based on the type of monster consume was used on:
  • Health:545(+108 per level)

Patch 3.6

Wither- Attack speed slow has been reduced by half.

Thoughts- At first, this seems very harsh and it is. Riot could have just reduced the attack speed by maybe 20-40% of the original but half the slow is just killing his early game. When fighting champions early like 76_64.png85_64.png39_64.png17_64.png, Wither kept 75_64.png alive and reduced the amount of harass greatly. With this nerf, not only will you have to constantly go back but you will be forced to play even more passive than usual. Everybody knows that wither is every adc's worst nightmare and this will probably ease them a little but the nerf is kind of overkill. 

Health potions limited to 5 at a time.

Thoughts- A good change as it makes fairly weak early game champions able to push through that early game. Not only was 9 2003_32.png and 22044_32.png extremely powerful vs dps champions, it opens up many new builds and does not allow the enemy to know what you are going to build. This change can either hurt you or help you depending on who your enemy is like 238_64.png who relied on mass regeneration to constantly poke you.

Patch 3.2

Siphoning Strike
Fixed a bug where Siphoning Strike critical strikes were dealing more damage than intended
Mana cost reduced to 20 at all ranks from 20/25/30/35/40
Fury of the Sands
Now increases attack range by 50 and cast range by 100 while active
Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150

-A pretty big tweek+buff to nasus as his size increase from his ultimate should have already increased his cast range and attack range. His lowered siphoning strike cost made his early game a lot easier, allowing infinite sustain with 3096_32.png. The range buff also helped him kite back with 3025_32.png and Wither. 


Siphoning Strike now gains 3 damage per kill from 2 damage per kill.

Base movement speed increased by 5 to 325.

Closed Beta V

Siphoning Strike now gains 2 damage per kill.

Youtube channels to check out Back to Top

Gbay99 has a series for Sun Tzu with League

LolMath provides insane calculations to different things

(I was not paid to advertise, this is merely my own doing to help you guys out if you need some videos)

Last words Back to Top

My guide is not to force you into doing things you do not like, but merely giving you new ideas and the mechanics i have come across during my games. There is more than one way to play Nasus, and i encourage you to try all. Be free of all your burdens and rules for a game you play, who cares if you are getting raged at by taking the Inhibitor rather than kills, who cares if you win the game without fighting, who cares if you keep backdooring, who cares if you keep dying but gets the turret, and who cares if you lose your lane? As long as you get the Nexus, do not worry about anything or anybody but merely on what you need to do. By understanding the team's needs also means winning the game. Have fun in playing, but the real fun to me is to out wit both your allies and enemies in game. The important message here is to always be free from rules, do not create barriers for yourself that can harm your skill level. Be innovative, find new and better ways to play Nasus and then one day, a new player will surface to shadow the current players as the cycle of life and death continues. 

                                             Sun Tzu.jpg

         You are who you are, and the things that makes you who you are                                                      defines you.




And of course, thank you for reading my first guide on league. Please comment on any suggestions on anything and please like my guide.  Thank you.

Thank you Back to Top

I thank you all who have read my guide and liked it, or disliked it. I appreciate the comments of everyone. I enjoyed the ability to share my knowledge on my favorite champion to my fellow players. I have had my ups and downs, and they were all equally thrilling. But, it is time to move on because my guide has already served its purpose, to show that Nasus is viable and not weak. Nearly a 2 year ago, i have seen the terrors of people trash talking Nasus. They considered him bad and un-viable, too long to become decent. But we, Nasus players, showed them that they were wrong. 

Through endless theory crafting, we nasus players,  turned glass canon Nasus into full tank unstoppable force carry Nasus. We turned the un-viable high elo champion into the monster of the jungle. The journey for such a transformation has been thrilling, especially to be able to experience such a dramatic change in ideals. But by putting so much energy into trying to reach out to players in need of hope, i have lost many of my skills for Nasus. To create such a guide and keep it updated is very time consuming and i lack the time for such things. I thank you again, to anyone that has read this guide and enjoyed it. I wish all of you who have picked up Nasus the best of luck and maybe one day, you can write the best guide for Nasus. 

Thank you viewers for this experience.

Thank you community, for accepting Nasus as who he is. By walking past the  knowledge barriers and took him to the jungle. And i thank you Hyfe, for showing the community Nasus, the curator of the Sands.

As time goes on, even the skilled will lose their skill. The able will become unable. Once the limit has been reached, it is time for the cycle of life and death to continue.

To those that inherit this Back to Top

Be mindful of what you do and never underestimate those weaker than you. 

Avoid greed and fame, only come to see what needs to be done. 

Do not force your mindset onto others, only hint it.

Strike true but do not destroy. 

Flow evenly and do not act irrationally. 

See who you are within, not those around you.

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