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8 months ago

Hecarim Statistics for Nisses

Author's performance with Hecarim compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Smite is the must have in the Jungle. As 2nd Spell you either go Flash or Ghost. Flash has way more utility, while Ghost has much more synergy with Hecarim. Its on you to choose. Pick what you go best with.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 1x
    +2.56 armor penetration Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration
  • 2x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • 9x
    +0.16 armor per level Greater Seal of Scaling Armor




Here you should take Movementspeed, just because of better ganking and more Speed. Also you get a (very small) AD-Boost from your passiv. I really like to take 1 Armor-Pen as well, because 2 MS-Quints are enough.



Either AD or Armor-Pen. AD is much more standart and can be used with alsmost any physical jungler. It makes your Q more effective.

If you love the risk you can also go Marks+Quints in Armor-Pen and get an early 3134_32.png. It will result in ~30 Pen and you will stomp everyone. The problem is, that you dont have the Utility of MS and the extra AD. If you fall behind, it will be much more devastating then with standart runes. I would not go this in Ranked in the most situations. Can be fun, but also can be real crap.



Armor per Level. Actually this is completely MY preferences. Since the Flat Armor is nerfed I use Armor per Level on EVERY runepage. I dont know if thats effective but I prefer this over every other setup. At Level 6 these are equal to Flat Runes.



Magic Resist. Same reason as for the Seals. Take per level. You may take flat when you really DONT want to feed a doublebuff to their midlaner.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 5


Defense: 21


Utility: 4


Im experimenting with the new S4-Masteries. So dont take these to serious yet.

"Explanation coming soon"

Abilities Back to Top




Passive - Warpath:

This passive nicely synergizes with his E. I provides nice additional attackdamage. Also you ignore unit-collision, and this is much more than you think: He can freely move around in a fight and can go where he wants much faster. Also when you gank you can run through minions, which sometimes gives you an advantage leading to a kill.


Q - Rampage:

This is Hecarims main damaging spell. In longer fights the CDR it has when used multiple times, make it a strong AoE spell.
Max First - Main damage tool.

Spirit of Dread.jpg

W - Spirit of the Dread:

This is skill is highly underrestimated by most people. Hecarim heals for 20% of all damage dealt to the enemys inside the area. This is amazing! For example a 600 damage Darius-Ultimate heals Hecarim for the insane amount of 120 HP. Just for one Spell. You can think about how much he heals in a bigger fight.
Max Last - Snowballpotential got nerfed. You only gain a bit of damage by leveling this up.

Devastating Charge.jpg

E - Devastating Charge:

I love this spell. You gain an instant 25%-Movmentboost, which increases to 75% over time. You are gonna be really fast, making ganks easier. The knockback has much ultility such as knocking an enemy in your team or knock someone away from your ADC. Note: while active heacrim has extra 150 attackrange. You can even hop over walls with it, when your target is on the other side.
And it has some of nicest features in game. Unlike the most other MS-Bonuses it stacks multiplicatively.
Max 2nd - reduced CD and more damage.

Onslaught of Shadows.jpg

R - Onslaught of Shadows:

Probably one of my favorite spells in the whole game. It has sooooo much utility. You can initiate or protect a mate or use it as an escape or simply for the damage (500 at level 3).

Skillset: Hecarims Skillset says one thing: "I wanna go in and fck em all!" And this exactly was he does. As you can see his R and E (and passive) provide much mobility and are perfect initiationtools. Also his Q and W give him heavy AoE damage. And these are the things i want to support with my build. He is somewhat like a "AoE-DPS-Initiation-Tank"

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Only starting choice, since you are Jungler
    Always start with yellow trinket

Core Items

    Full Build (Standard)
    Full Build (VS only AD)
    Full Build (Double AP)
    dont get read

Situational Items

    Team lacks damage

As I said before Hecarim's Skillset makes him perfect for initiating and dealing massive AoE-damage. With my build I try to support this.


Because you jungle, you always start with 1039_32.png2003_32.png. It makes Jungling much faster and safer.

3723_64.png Rangers Trailblazer - Warrior

This item is awesome for Hecarim. His clear gets much faster with the improved smite and is by far the best smite-modification there is for him. The Warrior Enchantment ist really awesome. It has more than the old 3209_32.png and the Armor Pen makes up for the lost burn effect.

1st recall
In the first recall you should get 3713_32.png. It helps your clear and your sustain a lot.

During Early- to Mid-Game

After finishing 3726_32.png get 3117_32.png and 2049_32.png. Both items are just broken. Period. Finish this up with a 3067_32.png and you have much health and 20% CDR. Ill update the warding section soon since I now build 2049_32.png.

IMPORTANT: Swap 3340_32.png for 3341_32.png as soon as you get 2049_32.png.

So as the next item I strongly recommend 3044_32.png.
--> Mobility and sticking power are highly requested stats in the current meta
--> AD and HP are good stats for mid game

After that I get nearly always get 3065_32.png.3068_32.png.
Another choice would be 3143_32.png, if you get kited to strong (maybe against 22_64.png81_64.png67_64.png236_64.png).


Here you have many additional items to choose from. I think the synergy with Hecarim, of the items i mentioned before, should be clear. As always: Have a look at your enemys and pick items that help you against them.

What Enchantment should I take?

1) Homeguard.gif

I think Homeguard is the most usefull Enchantment in overall. There may be Champs where the others are better. Hecarim will have a 275% Movementboost when leaving base, giving you ~100AD. When the enemys are at your inhib this may safe the day. Its overall the BEST ENCHANTMENT in the whole game for almost every champion. There are a few where i consider different enchantments better, but in general homeguard is the best. It safes soooo much time.

2) Captain.gif

Captain is a great thing for Hecarim as he is a Frontlinechamp. Pulling allies with you is just great for him.

3) Alacrity.gif

Alacrity is a pretty nice Enchantment. All your Percentage Bonuses will amplify this 15 MS as well (see Theorycrafting: Movementspeed). But keep in mind: Do you really need this? Its only 15 MS. This Enchantment doesnt provide much utility.

4) Distortion.gif

Also 25% less CD for your ghost is a meehhh option. May be good at some point, but is simply outscaled by the other enchantment

5) Furor.gif

I think Furor is pretty useless because you have to attack an enemy for receiving the Movement, but in most cases just going around to position your Qs deals much more damage in a fight. You wont make so much use of that effect as you might think. In addition is does not provide any utility when you are out of combat.

No Sheen??? (in early)

No, I'm no getting Sheen. I have three main reasons for that:
  • It's expensive: You buy stats you dont need for much money. Hecarim is a Snowballer, therefore buy items which support that.
  • Hecarim needs tankyness
  • Phage is the better and stronger part for the Triforce. Buying Phage+Zeal first wont put you behind. When buying Sheen after these 2 items you will completey your Triforce and the instant powerspike will make the 1200g for Sheen worthy. But if you buy Sheen first you sit on stats worth 1000g you dont need for a pretty long time.

Buildparts and costs:

This is an ideal Recall-Plan, which probably needs to be adjusted to your game:

Start:        1039_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png

1st Recall: 3713_32.png1001_32.png 675g

2nd Recall: 3723_32.png 1500g

3rd Recall: 3117_32.png2049_32.png3341_32.png 1245g

4th Recall: 3067_32.png 850g

Matchups Back to Top

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Gank before 6, she is squishy and has no escape before 6.




Q W and 3209_32.png burn her even while stealth. If she goes out of it you can easily R after her, securing easy kills on mid.




  1. he has a knockback --> ganks are much more difficult
  2. he has a knock up --> can protect ADC

Alistar is a anti-initiation-beast making it difficult for Hecarim to gank.




Her wall is annonying to you but if you have ultimate you can run over it and own her, since she is really squishy. This is a skillbased matchup.




If she sees you, she will E. Then you are slowed and she is to far away for an Ultimate. Hard matchup. May also depend on your bottom lane.




You can easily pick her up in teamfights.




You can dodge his Q easily, countering his only escape.

This is just for a Jungle Hecarim. On lane this guy can win the lane easy, because he takes aways your main damage source (Q) for 3s and if he hits the knockup, which is easier on lane, he slows you to death.




Its never easy against this champ. But you should really pick Hecarim against this guy, because if he uses his escape you can simple R after him, negating its effect.




Its never easy against this champ. But you should really pick Hecarim against this guy, because if he uses his escape you can simple R after him, negating its effect.




You will deal physical and true damage, while he is a MR-based Champ. Also you can interrupt his ultimate with R and E. If he taunts you while your E is active you will automatically interrupt his ultimate.




Its never easy against this champ. But you should really pick Hecarim against this guy, because if he uses his escape you can simple R after him, negating its effect.




Same as with Alistar, she has knockup and knockback, making botganks a waste of time.




Jayce has a slow and a knockback. Also he has a strong speed-buff by himself, making yours less effectiv.




His wall will make you mad! But he is also very squishy and easy to catch. Basically a skill-matchup.




In lane he is decently hard to gank since he has an escape. Make your laner bait his E, he should fall pretty fast then. In the Jungle hes pretty strong right now, 1v1 you are definetly fucked. Avoid him and play out your strength: AoE.


Lee Sin


Knockback, slow and high mobility make Lee Sin a strong enemy. If he jungles, his counterganks will be very annoying.


Miss Fortune


A MF normally has good positionig, because she is fast and needs to have a good ultimate. Hecarim can easily counter this.




He just cant do much about you. You can easily keep him where you want him.




If you try to gank he will just slow you and you are done on top.




He slows you down permanently, making it nearly impossible to catch up to enemy ADC when ganking botlane.




His Snare make him hard to gank, since it will cost valueable time of your E.




ouch... she can easily counterengage your team, if they group up behind you. Try to snowball from the beginning and just end the game quickly.




Its a normal matchup. I just want to mention that you will kick in his direction when you have E activ and he is taunting you. This may result in a raging you.




Squishy as fck, almost onehit. Also you can dash over her R. In addition she is slow, making it easy to catch up.




His shrooms will safe his teams life so often, you will get mad about it. But he is also really easy to kill and his shrooms are dodgeable.




If you come from the back, you will cancel her Jump, because it has a little channel. This will make her mad. This really happens more often than you think. Coming from the back is really important for this. Beeing on the purple side favors this, because you can come through their jungle.




no escape. You can easily walk around him, and knock him back.




The knockback is strong and her Tumble + Final Hour, will end up in some curious knockbacks from your E.
The probably worst botlane you can fight against as Hecarim is 67_icon_64.png20_icon_64.png or 67_icon_64.png12_icon_64.png.




awwww. this E....




Shes a strong jungler at the moment. Overall I would say shes just to strong at the moment for real counterplay (with Hecarim). Try to avoid her, since in general she will be stronger than you.




You will dominate his Jungle, if played well, since you clear much faster. Also you can counter his ultimate.




Dodging skills should be easy, also you can interrupt his stance.




If you dodge her root she dies fast. The root can be dodged easily because of your high movement with E.

Spotlight Back to Top


First of all:

If you are completely new to Hecarim, please take 6 minutes to watch the Hecarim Champion Spotlight to know at least his mechanics!

Mates to go with Back to Top


Hecarim has some nice combos with other champions, I will show you now:

126_icon_64.png Jayce

His E will make you such a Movementbeast! Chasing down enemys was never easier! In addition double knockbacks can be really funny.

121_icon_64.png Kha'Zix

Your Ultimate seperates your enemy team, making it easier for Kha to pick someone up. Its not that Hecarim gets stronger with Kha, its more that Kha gets stronger with Hecarim.

59_icon_64.png Jarvan IV

His Ultimate makes your AoEs more effective. I also like his AoE slow and the armor-buff. And with the last changes on Hecarim you can jump over his wall with your E.

117_icon_64.png Lulu

Speedbuff and AoE-Knockup? Thats just in your favor. Nice synergy. Best support to have imo. And she is played midlane really often at them. I think shes pretty strong.

61_icon_64.png Orianna

Best Mid you can have with Hecarim. Insane Movmentbuff, with epic ultimatecombo!

13_icon_64.png Ryze

Many Ryze-Players are going through the Utility-Tree and use Movement-Quints and ofc they have their Ultimate. Ryze can be very mobile and can catch up to you. In addition he has Insane single-target and quite a nice AoE-Burst which favors your W. His cage will make knocking an enemy into your team really easy.

105_64.png Fizz

He can catch of to you really fast. Also its really for him to do a perfect ult when you feared someone. Same goes for your ult when he already hit his one.

98_icon_64.png Shen

Your ultimates CAN make a gamebreaking initiate.

26_icon_64.png Zilean

Run forest run.gif

21_icon_64.png Miss Fortune

A well placed ultimate will heal you up in a second. Also she is a pretty mobil champ, concering movement-speed.


In addition these Champions have really hard AoE Burst damage. Hecarim W ist underrestimated by to many Players.

An example: Imagine you have a Kata with ~300 AP. If she lands a perfect ultimate, she will deal arround 1400 damage (I substracted 50% for potential MR). This would heal you for 420 HP, for only on spell.

The strongest heal I ever got in a fight was ~1800 HP (in 4s). I had a little fed Lee Sin doing Q R Q on an Ezreal and a well placed MF Ultimate. I really tought it was over in that second (i was like 300 HP in middle of the fight). I alrdy wanted to move my hand away from my mouse to get a drink, when that insane heal nearly got me back to full life. After that I did a Quadrakill and won the game.

Overall Playstyle Back to Top


As I said before, Hecarim can perfectly work as an "AoE-DPS-Initiation-Tank". So all you have to is to make sure your Qs and W hit as many enemys as possible. So standing in the middle of a fight is essential. ALso you are able to go around the battlefield really fast. Make sure to take that advantage and help your team where you can.
In addition use your ultimate as often as you can. Saving it for later is a big mistake. If you can secure a kill with it, do it. Catching one enemy with it before the fight really start is more than just a "worth it" trade.

Jungle Route Back to Top


The new Jungle is bit tricky. Usually you want to start on the side near your bottom lane, as you will get a better pull in general. Of course you can start on the top lane side, but keep in mind that the pull will be weaker. But if you manage to get a kill at bottom then, its always worth it.

You start at the Frog and instantly smite it as it spawns. Let your bot lane help you with this. After this you will clear the blue buff and the wraiths or wolves, depending on what you are more comfortable with (if you are facing Jungler that could try to invade you, skip that camp and ward in the little brush between Red Buff and Baron). After that clear Red with smite to regain health. Gank Top, Mid or Recall depending on your current health.

The bottom side is diffrent as you start with a buff and end with a normal camp. Start Red Buff. Let your team help you! Smite as late as possible. Head to wolves or wraiths and clear the camp of your choice. Take the Red Buff out and after that kill the Frog with Smite (smite as early as possible). Gank or recall.

Ganking Back to Top


Ganking with Hecarim is a bit difficult pre-6 but makeable. Make sure you come from the back and not just from the side. Coming from the back makes your knockback much more effectiv and easier to hit.
In addition you can lane gank against squishy targets when you have a slow or snare on lane. Simply pop Ghost and E and run as fck.
As said before: Use your Ultimate when you can.

You can use our R with your E to first get behind your enemy and fear him towards your allies and then use the knockback to make the distance ever shorter.

3025_32.png Makes your E even better. If you come from the back you will kick the enemy right to the end of the slowfield, so they have to go walk through the whole diameter of the field and not only the half.

Also, because you are so fast, place a ward at chokepoints and enemy buffs. You run there fast and eventually grab a kill.

And here are some major rules for overall ganking:

  • Prioritize ganking lanes who warded / try to avoid ganking unwarded lanes
  • Dont gank a completely lost lane (especially Top)*
  • Ganking a lane a 2nd time after your first attempt failed, can lead to a kill
  • Show yourself where you can, even when you cant gank a lane proberly**
  • Make sure to gank top pre-6 more often than other lanes
  • Gank lanes who already win (when you think getting a kill on a other lane isnt guaranteed) so you can snowball from that
  • Take objectives after you kill 1 or 2 enemies after a gank
  • If a enemy laner burns his flash, gank him until he dies (i cant stress this one enough)
  • When you kill him, let your own laner recall and as soon as he gets to the lane again, kill the enemy laner again, he wont be expecting it

(we can discuss about these in comments)

*By this I mean: If you see that your f.e. Top-Laner is losing hard. Just think about ganking him; will this kill you eventually grap make him win the lane again? I most cases a f.e. snowballing Darius is not to stop without wasting to much time in that lane. This time is better spend into objectiv controll and making bot and mid win. Also it could end in a double kill for the enemy laner.

**Keep in mind that when you show up Top-Lane, the enemies can just force then Dragon. Always be careful with that. Same goes for your Buffs. When these objectives are up always care about where you show  up.

Your Role: Jungler Back to Top

Most people, especially in lower elo, think that jungling is all about ganks, baron and dragon. But thats simply not true.

You can gank as much as you want, when the other jungler does equally well or even better it didnt help at all in the end.

The Jungler is all about outplaying the other Jungler. Lower ELO players make the mistake of just farming the jungle and gank here and then when they see an oportunity. Thats just plain wrong, since it will result in a game of luck. Both Jungler run around the map without a  plan. If they are randomly at the right lane at the right time they get ahead.

Try to predict where your enemy Jungler is. The one thing that is better than a gank is a countergank. If you know where the enemy Jungler you can easily countergank or get other objectives meanwhile and, in addition, you can gank safely without getting counterganked yourself. Thats why I buy sightstone. The more you know about their Jungler the better.

Everytime you get counterganked think about what you could have done to prevent that. A simple ward maybe or a look in the chat, where a teammate stated something?

Everytime you see your enemy jungler ganking a lane, forcing a flash or recall or even get a kill, think about what you could have done to countergank.

Read the enemy Jungler and prevent him from readying you!

Ultimate - Onslaught of Shadows Back to Top


Hecarim's Ultimate is probably one of the most powerful spells in the game. It is very flexible and is used fast with nearly no delay.
For example you can use it to do the following things:
  • fear an enemy into your team
  • split enemys
  • catch up to an enemy
  • escape over wall
  • fear enemys away from your team
  • protect your ADC with the AoE-Fear
  • damage and disable when fighting 1v1
  • position yourself in a fight to dish out maximum damage and tank skillshots

Always keep in mind that:

  1. Enemys will be feared away from you
  2. Hecarim doesnt travel the full distance, just where you aiming at

Fear: This special fear is one of the nicest CC in the game. It does not only disable the enemies, you can also choose where they walk. Like a little slow knockback.

How it works:

All enemys in this area will receive damage by the spectral riders, travling with Hecarim (100/200/300)
Your position after the charge
All enemys in this area will be feared for 1s. During the fear they will move away from the red dot
Nidalee's movingpath, caused by the fear


When you have your E active and overrun an enemy with your Ultimate (as seen in the screen), he will be feared towards your old position. And after that, attack that enemy to knock him back even further, giving an almost easy kill for your team. Note: You should try to wait the full second of the fear to maximize the knockback and be sure the enemy doesnt flash over you, making your E anti-effective.

"Get away from there!"

When you see some people sticking to your AD-Carry, you can simply end this by placing the circle of your R over your AD-Carrys position. All enemys will be feared away, which lead to an escape or give your AD-Carry time to finish these targets. In addition you will then stand directly ontop of your AD-Carry (Warpath ftw!). This will sometimes cause enemys to autoattack you instead of your AD-Carry, because you have a bigger hitbox.

Warding Back to Top


I put this down here because its not really concerning the champion. Its more like an overall thing you have to know while playing LoL. But I'll mention it though.

In my opinion you should always have at least 1 ward with you. Better are 2. And the one ward you always have is not for just placing, use it to check out a brush you are afraid of walking in. In Mid-To-Late-Game a mistake like Facechecking is gamebreaking. And another tip: Dont ward after a stiff scheme. Ward where you think you need one in that situation. If you get pushed back dont ward the enemys wraith camp. Better get some ward at Dragon, Baron and your own Buffs.

Trinkets: You should start with 3340_32.png or 3341_32.png, depending on their team and your preference (I personally like the Ward, cause I hate beeing counterganked, and with it you can scout hot areas). If you think you gank much you should get the Sweeping Lense. Lategame however always go for 3341_32.png.

But here are some standart wardingplaces:

Purple Side:


Blue Side:


Green: Should be almost warded at any time. Important points for enemy movement.
Purple: Should be warded when you do Baron.
Brown: Should be warded when you do Dragon.
Red: Agressiv wards at enemy buffs.
Blue: Securing your own buffs, when behind.

Also, if you have the money, you can place a pink ward in the tiny round bush at baron. Most of the times it will last very long.

Theorycrafting: Movementspeed Back to Top


Hecarim is well known for his insane speed. So Movementspeed calculations contain some special caps and bonuses you should know about:
Take not that this was calculated with the old masteries. I dont have the time to update this... but anyways its still very representative.

(1) How is MS calculated?

Thats really simple:
(Base Speed + Flat Bonuses) * (1 + Percantage Bonuses)                        | I did not include Slows atm

So for an example: Hecarim has 345 BS and gains 45 Bonus from Mercury Treads. In addition he has +3% from Masteries and another +3% from Runes.
(345 + 45) * (1 + 0.03 + 0.03) = 413.5

(2) Movement Caps

Movement has no caps, like Attackspeed, but your bonuses start to dimish after reaching some certain points.
Cap rules:
  1. If your MS we calculated in 1) exceeds 415 you have to multiplicate this by 0.8 and add 83.
  2. If your MS we calculated in 1) exceeds 490 you have to multiplicate this by 0.5 and add 230.
  3. If your MS we calculated in 1) falls under 220 you have to multiplicate this by 0.5 and add 110.

Example: Hecarim has 345 BS and gains 105 Bonus from Boots of Mobility. In addition he has +3% from Masteries and another +3% from Runes. On top of that he activates Ghost (+35%).

(345 + 105) * (1 + 0.03 + 0.03 + 0.35) = 634.5

So at this point the cap kicks in:

634.5 * 0.5 + 230 = 547.25

(3) Slows

(Base Speed + Flat Bonuses) * (1 + Percantage Bonuses) * (Slow * Slow-Resist)

You can see that Slows are added multiplicatively. So a slow and a speedbonus of the same size will result in a movement decrease.

The strongest lows in the game are: 


  75%    80%    80%    80%    90%    95%    99% 

(4) Devastating Charge

Hecarims E has a nice feature: It stacks multiplicatively. Most speed boost only stack additive. What does this mean?

If you look at the extended forumlar (I used 50% Bonus, as this is the Bonus in the middle of the charge)

(Base Speed + Flat Bonuses) * (1 + Percantage Bonuses) * (Slow * Slow-Resist) * 0.5

So a normal speedboost would only have affect on the base speed and the flat bonuses, while Hecarims E also amplifies percentage bonuses. So in fact you can say: percentage bonuses gain 50% more efficiency on Hecarim. Ghost for example will grant 52,5% instead of 35%.

This is also why you can speed up soooo fast with 10.png, because it has the same effect. Well the sad thing is, that here is no item with percantage bonus which suits a tank. Every item with MS-Bonus is mainly for damage. In most cases for attackspeed, and Hecarim does not scale well with that.

(5) Conclusions

  • Flat Bonuses are affected by percantage bonuses
  • Bonuses that exceed 490 MS get less and less cost efficient 
  • Hecarims E makes any speedboost even better

(6) 3111_32.png3117_32.png3009_32.png

And now some data about these shoes. (im using + 6% from runes and masteries)

3111_32.png --> 413.5

3009_32.png --> 425.44

3117_32.png --> 464.6

And now I add Hecarims E (at 50%)

3111_32.png --> 540.125

3009_32.png --> 551.975

3117_32.png --> 587.75

You can cleary see how the caps kick in and reduce the Movement speed. The difference between Mercs and Swiftness is 15 MS, but due to the cap its only 13. The advantage of 60 MS from Mobilityboots is reduced to roughly 50.

The faster you get the more the boots gets closer each other. Its up to you what you choose.

Im personaly not a fan of 3117_32.png, except on Champs who essential need it like 111_64.png. Since they loose in efficiency anways, when you go superfast and in fight they dont grant any bonuses.

Final Words Back to Top

Do not try to win the game - try to not loose it.

Hi folks I just updated my guide again. Note that I rarely play Hecarim anymore, but I updated it on my experiences with other junglers. I added a new section you should check out.

I will try to improve this guide more over time and I will add some other things to it.

Furthermore I hope you liked the guide. Please rate it and let me know what you think. When you dont think my build is correct or you think a matchup should be changed or added, let me know in the comments and dont just downvote. I will read them and change/add if I agree!

Note: im from Germany so please accept my English :D.

Best regards

Also checkout my Guide for Jarvan IV

And here is some Brony-Musik:

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