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2 years ago

Janna Statistics for Yooch

Author's performance with Janna compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Good Picks:

3.png  Exhaust is one of the best support spells. It can be used offensively to secure a kill for your carry or defensively to disengage. It will also ensure that your carry comes out on top in an all out trade, so make sure you use it on the enemy ADC during  fights whenever possible.

4.png  Everyone's favorite summoner. Flash is useful on almost any champion and Janna is no exception. Like exhaust, it can be used offensively or defensively and synergizes  perfectly with Janna's kit. Placing her ult correctly is very important in team fights, and flash is the perfect tool to accomplish this.

7.png  I don't pick this often, but it can be useful in lane against a heavy poke comp. Janna has no inherent heals aside from her ultimate, which is an unreliable source of healing. A well timed summoner heal can give your ADC the edge they need to win a trade. Just be aware of ignites on the enemy team, as they will reduce your healing and ruin your fun.

Possible Picks:

2.png  Clairvoyance (CV) hasn't seen much play lately but it can make a decent addition to the team. If your top lane or jungle has taken exhaust and you don't feel the need for heal, CV is a viable option. This spell works best when playing with a premade team as it requires some teamwork to fully exploit. It can be used to track the enemy jungler, check jungle camps, and set up buff steals. It can also be used to check bushes in lane if you sense a gank coming on. Though it can be useful,  it is easy to forget about CV during a chaotic lane phase and it will go to waste, so I normally pick exhaust over CV.

13.png  I wouldn't pick clarity unless you are just starting out and struggle with managing your mana. Janna doesn't really have mana problems after building a philosopher's stone 3096_32.png. An occasional mana potion 2004_32.png should be sufficient.

1.png  I've been known to take this occasionally against Leona 89_icon_64.png. Paired with exhaust, you won't lose any utility in lane. Most people are uncomfortable not having flash, but it's actually easier to escape with cleanse-ult if she manages to hit you directly with an ultimate, and having this ability will allow you to harass her mercilessly. Keep in mind that forgoing flash will handicap your late-game utility and ultimate placement somewhat.

Never Pick:

6.png  You are Janna. You're W passive makes you the fastest champion in the game AND causes you to ignore unit collision. It's like having a perma-ghost. You will also build Shurelya's Reverie 3069_32.png, which speeds up your entire team. Ghost is unnecessary.

10.png  Revive is not useful on Janna. While Janna is good at denying tower kills, there are better ways to keep up the defense. Namely, not dying.

11.png  Smite is for junglers, which Janna can NOT do. She has one of the worst clears in the game.

12.png  Unless you are running an all-5 teleport team, there is no reason to take this on Janna. It isn't worth sacrificing something more useful for laning phase like exhaust 3.png or heal  7.png.

16.png  Hasn't this been removed? Good luck trying to take it.

21.png  Not particularly useful on Janna. This is better suited for an ADC or mid laner with short range.

14.png  Imperative on AP mid Janna. Not good on support Janna. You want the ADC to get the kills, not yourself. Take only against a Soraka-Kayle lane.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.91 armor Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x
    +0.59 ability power Greater Mark of Ability Power
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    -0.83% cooldowns Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +1 gold / 10 sec. Greater Quintessence of Gold

I feel that these runes provide important stats for Janna. Broken down:


Take either flat armor marks or flat ability power marks. Janna is very squishy, so flat armor is good against AD carries that you will take damage from, or if you like to play aggressively. Ability power is useful if you play style is more passive, as you will shield your ADC for more damage. Never take magic penetration, as this will not affect your shield, the spell you max first for laning. I prefer armor marks.


Always take flat armor seals. Janna is a great kiter and can be a nuisance in lane if played correctly. However, she's very squishy and these seals help her survive in a strong AD damage lane.


There are a few tempting options for glyphs. I find scaling magic resist (MR) and flat cooldown reduction (CDR) to be most useful.  Scaling magic resist is better than flat, as you won't take much magic damage in lane. It also provides more MR late game, allowing you to get into the teamfight and stop 55_icon_64.png or 20_icon_64.png from ulting without melting. Cooldown reduction is also useful. While you will be building cooldown reduction items, like 3069_32.png and3158_32.png, having extra CDR for lane phase can be very useful, allowing you to use each of your spells twice during a gank or trade. If you decide to take CDR glyphs you may want to build some magic resist early on to deal with mid lane ganks or that annoying 37_icon_64.png poke. Personally, I prefer to take a mix of scaling magic resist and CDR. Find the right balance for your playstyle.


I always take gold per second quintessences on Janna. I find it necessary to keep up the gold flow since you will not be farming creeps. However, the addition of sight stone and other season 3 changes have made it a bit easier for supports to build items. If you find you have an over abundance of gold, you can always try out more armor, CDR, or MR instead.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 0


Utility: 0

I won't discuss masteries in detail, because they will vary based on your play style. I usually go 1-8-21, because I like to kite in lane. These masteries give you good movement speed and pickpocket allows you to profit from your harass. I also like the increased starting gold and explorer ward, which is most useful when placed in the enemy jungle to deter invades. If you feel too squishy with these masteries, you can take more points in defense. Or if you want to spam abilities, try out the cooldown reduction in the offensive tree. Play to your strengths. This is the part of the guide where you get to express yourself :D

Abilities Back to Top


Unless invading, start with Eye Of The Storm (your shield), and max it first. Take Zephyr next and max it out second. Max howling gale third, and of course take your ultimate at levels 6, 11, and 16 as always. See the Using Your Abilities section for a detailed description of each.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start with
    Rush These Items

Core Items

    Core Items
    Late Game Options

Situational Items

    Against heavy AP
    Pick up early for extra gold
    To Snowball


  • Always start with wards. You can choose to buy 2041_32.png and wards, or just buy potions. I usually start 1004_32.png with 3x2044_32.png, 2x2003_32.png, and 1x2004_32.png. You will need to the extra gold from the masteries to afford this.


  • Rush your philo stone 3096_32.png and your sight stone 2049_32.png as these will give you lane sustain and the gold flow you need to buy more items. Continue buying wards! Always buy wards on every back EVEN AFTER YOU FINISH YOUR SIGHT STONE!
  • Next, build 3069_32.png and 3105_32.png. I often build kindlegem 3067_32.png before finishing my Aegis, allowing my philo stone to generate more gold before finishing Shurelya's.
  • In most cases, your team MUST have an 3105_32.png. It grants your whole team armor, magic resist, and health regen, and is well worth the cost - especially against heavy AP damage. However, it is difficult to buy all the pieces of this item while maintaining good warding (green AND pinks) due to limited inventory slots, and it takes a long time to finish. Since it can also work very well on tanky jungler or top champions, negotiate with your team and decide ahead of time who is going to build it.
  • 3069_32.png is a great item on Janna. It gives cooldown reduction and allows her to speed up the entire team even more than her passive already does. Since everything in her kit allows her to protect her teammates, building cooldown reduction allows her to do what she does best much more effectively.


  • Late game items are very situational and rarely does a game last long enough for it to matter. 3050_32.png is a great item when multiple champions on your team rely on  lifesteal for sustain in teamfights (17_icon_64.png or 19_icon_64.png in addition to your AD carry). It can be substituted for Shurelya's Reverie if your team already has a good initiator. 3092_32.png and 3023_32.png provide useful crowd control, but are more offensively oriented. Since Janna is already a CC machine, it is better to build cooldown reduction and aura items early and save these items for late game.
  •  3222_32.png is another late game option, though it is rather expensive and Janna does not benefit as much from the active as other supports, since she already has two knock ups to deal with 90_icon_64.png and 19_icon_64.png ultimates. I wouldn't take it unless the enemy team has heavy CC which your carries cannot avoid.
  • Finish 3190_32.png whenever you have built Aegis of the Legion 3105_32.png. After building Aegis, locket is a very cheap pickup and grants a powerful active. Make sure you remember to use the shield during teamfights or you are wasting the potential of this item! Now that Locket and Aegis/Runic have been combined, you will generally build this almost every game. You may want to finish this before completing Shurelya's, allowing your philo-stone more time to generate gold and obtaining the active shield sooner. 
  • 3041_32.png Might seem like a ridiculous item on a support. However, Janna is able to rack up assists like no other with her shield, and by sending tornadoes through team fights. If your team is starting to snowball, this is a cheap way to get a lot of AP without sacrificing cooldown and other important support stats. It will make you a target, and it is a calculated risk. I don't pick it often, but it can be a fun pick occasionally.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Nami
  • Nidalee
  • Nunu
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Alistar is one of the easiest matchups for Janna. He is very slow and susceptible to kiting. You should be able to score an easy kill if Alistar gets out of position, as your slow will keep in attack range for a long time. Don't underestimate Alistar's initiation and crowd control, however. An ill-timed headbutt can fatally reposition you or your carry. When Alistar initiates on your carry, immediately shield them and use Howling Gale (Q) on the enemy carry, preventing them from following up. This is a good tactic against any support with crowd control, like44_icon_64.pngor89_icon_64.png.




Blitzcrank is not a good matchup for Janna and I would not recommend picking her against him. While her movespeed makes her better than other squishy supports,89_icon_64.pngor44_icon_64.pngwould be a better choice against Blitzcrank. If you have to play this lane try to dodge his grabs and let your carry farm. If Blitz misses a grab, take advantage of the cooldown time and harass. The best you can hope for is to not get grabbed and let your carry farm well, as Blitz' mana shield will make him hard to kill in lane. Make sure you ward the lane bushes; Blitzcrank loves to hide in them for easier grabs.




This is an obnoxious lane. Luckily you can be quite obnoxious for fiddlesticks as well. Fiddle is very squishy and relies on his heal for sustain. Try to knock him out of his heal with Howling Gale (Q) whenever possible. Ward the bushes and be aware of his ultimate. You should be able to avoid most of the damage with a quick ult of your own. If possible, use your ult or Howling Gale (Q) while Fiddle is channeling for his ult. This will cancel his ult with no chance of him fearing you before you are able to stop him.




Ugh don't play blind pick :p




The new Karma is not much of a threat. Use your tornadoes to interrupt her stun when possible. Dodge her Inner Flame (Q) and try to shield your carry from it as well. Her shield isn't as strong as yours since it doesn't boost AD. The main reason Karma is used as support is her ability to catch out and lock down a single target with her slow and stun. Janna's excellent disengage counters this, so make sure you dodge her abilities and assist your carry when they land on him.




I keep editing this matchup as my opinion changes. I have listed it as hard because your instincts have to be good to avoid getting stunned. Harass Leona heavily at level 1 as she has no inherent sustain. I usually take Q second so I can counter her if she gets aggressive. When she gets level 3 she'll be looking to jump on you so keep the bushes warded and be aware of her cooldowns. If she misses a hook get in some free harass.

Your tornado is capable of stopping her dash. However, this can be difficult due to the double-tap cast time and the travel time of your spell. If Leona tries to dash to your adc, save the tornado and knock up the enemy carry, keeping them from getting damage on your own carry while he is stunned. If she tries to dash to you, interrupt it with an immediate tornado. This takes practice! It's not as easy as people claim. You have to be able to anticipate her aggression. (Smart-cast is almost mandatory for this). 

Leona gets very scary at level 6. If she stuns you with an ult is unlikely you will be able to avoid the follow up CC and any competent ADC will have plenty of time to burn through your health. Build an early health crystal in case you get caught and get your boots so you will have an easier time dodging her skill shots. Taking cleanse instead of flash is one option that will let you bully her without worrying about her ultimate, but it will handicap your ability to place your own ults quickly in teamfights.




Lulu isn't too difficult to beat in lane. Her mechanics are similar to yours, and her shield buffs lasts even after the shield is broken, unlike yours. A good Lulu will be able to hit at very long range with her E-Q combo, so stand apart from your carry and make her choose a target. This will make it easier to shield correctly. Try to bait and dodge her glitterlance and then go for some harass. You may have to shield yourself to avoid damage from her other abilities. This is a lane without a heal so try to harass the enemy carry and force them to use up their potions as well. Lulu will run out of mana much quicker than you if she plays aggressively.




Her abilities outrange yours, but they are all skill shots. Try to dodge them and take advantage when she misses her snare to harass her. Lux is squishy and has no sustain. Your shield is better than hers for trades, but she will do more damage. Do not let her auto attack you if you are hit by a spell as you will lose the trade.




Her stun is fairly easy to dodge and your shield will block the damage from her bouncing attack. Her sustain can be rather frustrating in lane so try not to lose too much health when harassing. Her passive and E also make it easy for her to kite you. Try to bait out her stun before going in to harass and play passively if she is winning trades.




This lane will test your shielding prowless. Unfortunately, her spear has a lower cooldown than your shield. Try to stay behind minions when possible, as camping the bushes will be difficult against Nidalee. You do need bush control, so ward the bushes in the lane and be aware of her traps, which give her vision and make her spears hurt more. Consider building an early 3028_32.png to negate some of the damage from long range spears. An 3105_32.png will also benefit your whole team.




This lane is a BREEZE. Nunu has nothing in his kit that counters you. You can harass him all day without taking any damage, as his snowball is slow and incredibly easy to shield. Your Q and ultimate provide a perfect counter to his channeled ult. Be careful not to knock him out of his ult if you carry is near the edge, as they will probably be able to escape without getting damaged. He will keep his health up with consume, but has no heal for his carry, so harass them as well.




This is a skill matchup. A good Sona will do a ton of poke damage, but a good Janna will shield it all. Try to get her to waste her Q on minions by dodging behind them as she comes toward you. Then turn and harass her with your shield to avoid the power chord damage. She becomes more dangerous at level 6, as a good Sona ult can net a double kill when paired with a competent AD carry. Stand apart from your carry so she will have a difficult time stunning you both at the same time.




Soraka really has nothing to offer except infinite sustain. Shield any damage coming from the enemy AD carry and try to keep them from farming. This will be a passive farm lane. If your jungler ganks, Soraka is a good target for a kill. She is very squishy, but don't underestimate her heals.

Soraka can silence you if you are too close to her, usually with ill-effects on your combo. Her silence will keep you from releasing a charging tornado, often causing you to miss your target.




This can be a difficult lane, depending on the enemy AD carry. Try not to get stunned, since you are very squishy. Ideally, knock up the enemy AD carry every time that Taric stuns your own carry, keeping them from doing any damage. Taric has a heal, so buy potions to keep up with the enemy sustain. Ward the bushes in lane so Taric cannot surprise your carry with an ill-timed stun.

A smart Taric will stun you instead of your carry. If this happens, immediately shield yourself and aim a tornado at the enemy carry. You may have to burn an ult or flash to get away. If you know you are playing against Taric, taking extra health runes or building early health is a good option. However, if you see that the enemy carry is too far away to respond, allow Taric to waste a stun on you and shield to block his damage. This will give you a few seconds to harass freely.




Treat this guy as you would53_icon_64.png. His grab isn't quite as good, because it doesn't pull you as far, but it will keep you locked down long enough for a good carry to burst you and Thresh will do a fair bit of damage himself. Try to anticipate and dodge his hooks before harassing. Take advantage of the cooldown time, especially at early levels when his armor is low. If you can keep up the harass he will be forced to farm souls with his lantern instead of using it on his carry.




This will be a farming lane. Shield yourself or your AD carry whenever you get bombed. Zilean doesn't scale well into late game if he isn't farmed, so don't let him get kills and you should win the game. His ult will be annoying if you succeed in taking out his or his AD carry's health, but he has no sustain.




This lane is all about dodging skillshots. Her snare is fairly easy to dodge if you are at distance, so don't get too close. Her plants can do a lot of damage if you aren't paying attention. If she grows a Q plant (long distance) shield yourself or your carry and walk away from it. It will do more damage to you if you try to kill it. If she grows an E plant (short range) move out of it's range and auto attack it. Using your skills on her plants will kill them quicker, but wastes them for other uses. Beware her ult. It makes a great initiation when coupled with a snare. Keep in mind that you can cast spells while you are snared.

AD Carry Synergy Back to Top

Picking the right support for your AD carry is important. Lane synergy wins games, and Janna synergizes better with some champions than others.

Best Synergy:


Janna works very well with these champions. Each of them has a single ability which is boosted by her shield for strong poke. I would recommend picking Janna with these champions.

Playing with:



Caitlyn and Janna make a great poke comp. When laning with Caitlyn watch for her to glow, indicating that her next shot will be a headshot. Shield her immediately, as a good Caitlyn will use this auto attack to harass. Also try to shield her every time she winds up to use her peacemaker, as the extra AD will make it hurt a lot. Caitlyn has weaker escape than other carries like 81_icon_64.png and 42_icon_64.png, so she also benefits from Janna's excellent disengage. Level 1 damage is very high in this lane, and you can usually begin to zone the enemy team immediately. Always max shield when playing with Caitlyn.



Varus has similar mechanics to Caitlyn. Always shield him when he is charging an arrow, as it will increase the damage by quite a bit. Try to anticipate enemy harass and shield him from it. A good Varus will shoot an arrow every time you shield him to maximize his damage. If he isn't taking advantage of this, give him a gentle reminder of how much AD your shield is granting (A FREE BF SWORD!) and enjoy the win. The reason this lane works so well is that Varus has a slow and a stun, which chain perfectly with your slow and knock up to ensure kills whenever the enemy laners get out of position.



Graves does a ton of burst damage but has a slow attack speed and short range. Use this to your advantage. Every time you see him dash, throw a shield on him to maximize the damage from his buckshot. This lets him get close to the enemy and hit them with all the bullets without taking any damage. Follow up with Howling Gale to buy him time to get back out of range of the enemy's auto attacks. If done correctly he should deal a ton of damage while taking a minimal amount. The first game I ever played  Janna was with a random Graves, and he called me "Best Janna NA" for netting him 7 quick kills with this simple combo.



Draven does the highest damage of any carry at level 1. His spinning axe increases his damage like crazy, and Janna's passive movespeed buff helps him catch it more easily. Adding the shield bonus to his damage at level 1 can net you an easy kill if the enemy doesn't have an escape planned. He has very strong early harass so keep shielding and play very aggressively at early levels.



Two shields in this lane! Sivir should never take any damage from spells. Sivir is already one of the faster AD carries because of her passive, and Janna's passive makes it even easier for her to chase down enemies with her ultimate. The shield buff also causes her boomerang to do an incredible amount of damage, especially at early levels. Make sure to abuse this and shield her often, even if she isn't taking harass, so she can maximize her own poke damage.


The Other AD Carries

Janna is quite versatile and can be played with many AD carries. The ones listed above are the best suited to her laning style, but she is not limited to those five. Many of the remaining carries have synergy with other supports (21_icon_64.png and 37_icon_64.png67_icon_64.png and 20_icon_64.png) which is unmatched, but that doesn't mean they cannot effectively lane with Janna. She is still a great choice against heavy AOE or dive teams including the likes of 55_icon_64.png or 59_icon_64.png, and sometimes it is worth sacrificing some laning efficiency to better round out your team. Her basic function is the same, shield enemy damage and boost her own carry's damage. Some lanes have to be played more passively, like 22_icon_64.png and 67_icon_64.png who rely on farm to balance out their relatively weak lane phase. Others are more aggressive. 21_icon_64.png and 81_icon_64.png are excellent duelers, and a well timed shield can give them the damage they need to burst down the enemy carry.

Using Your Abilities Back to Top

I will discuss the spells in the order you max them:

Active: Janna conjures a defensive gale that shields her target from 80/120/160/200/240 (+90% AP) damage for up to 5 seconds. While the shield holds, the target will also gain an attack damage bonus of 14/23/32/41/50. This ability can target turrets.

This is Janna's most important laning spell, and in my opinion what separates the best Janna players from the blowhards. Used correctly, it can absorb almost all the harass put out by the enemy laners, while simultaneously increasing the damage your carry does immensely. Maxed out, the shield grants 50 attack damage, which is like giving your carry a FREE BF SWORD (actually even more). It has a low cooldown which is improved even more by building CDR. It can also be used to shield towers, making Janna a great tower defender. Learning to shield at the right time is what playing Janna is all about. The matchups section has detailed information about when to use this ability in different lanes, but in general the shield has three uses:

1. Try to predict and block enemy harass
2. Try to predict and boost your allies harass
3. Shield towers

If you are lucky your ADC will be on the ball and will turn situation 1 into situation 2. One thing to keep in mind is that damage is calculated on hit, so if you shield your carry while they are using an ability (e.g. 51_icon_64.png peacemaker), the AD boost will be applied. Abuse this!

Hint: League of Legends allows you to rebind keys to cast spells on yourself automatically (default is Alt-Q, etc). I find this works great with Janna's shield and have trained myself to use the "T" key when shielding myself. This helps you to avoid accidentally shielding other champions when you really need the health yourself. Make sure you use the "Self-Cast Spell" option and NOT the "Self-Smart-Cast Spell" option or you will shield random other people/towers according to your cursor position. It takes some getting used to, but I find that using "E" to shield my teammates and "T" to shield myself yields fewer errors. Of course you may bind it to any key combination that you like.

Passive: Janna summons an air elemental that increases hermovement speed by 4%/7%/10%/13%/16% andenables her to pass through units. Active: Janna launches her elemental to deal 60/115/170/225/280 (+60% AP) magic damage and slow anenemy's movement speed by 24%/30%/36%/42%/48%for 3 seconds. The passive is not active while the ability is on cooldown.

I max zephyr second on Janna for the agility it grants. This passive on this ability allows Janna to get in and out of fights easily, making her an excellent kiter in lane. It also makes her the fastest champion in the game (except maybe 27_icon_64.png), allowing her to easily dodge harass from the enemy laners. This is vital when laning against skill shot supports like 53_icon_64.png,89_icon_64.png,76_icon_64.png. When playing against these lanes, consider taking zephyr first to boost your movement speed and avoid level 1 harass.

In lane, Zephyr is your best tool for harassing. As my good friend Aphromoo likes to say (Please don't sue me :p), a support's job is to provide PRESENCE in the lane. Sitting back and shielding just isn't enough. Janna can actually make a huge difference by kiting the enemy support and ad carry in lane. In general:

1. Hide in the bush
2. Run out and Zephyr the enemy (W)
3. Auto attack
4. Run back into bush

Janna can do a surprising amount of damage with this combo. Depending on who you are laning against it is often possible to get off this harass without taking any in return. Most people will begin to run when they are slowed by your W, fearing a gank or heavy harass from your carry. If they do run, shield you carry and let him get off some damage as they enemy flees. If they target you instead, simply shield yourself and dart back into the bush. Don't hesitate to use the shield to boost your own damage either. This is especially effective against enemy supports without ranged harass.

One thing to keep in mind about Zephyr is that Janna loses the passive bonus when she activates the ability. This means that both you and your enemy will be slowed, and you will have to path around creeps. In some situations, it is better not to use your W as you flee enemies. If multiple enemies are chasing you, only one will be slowed and the others will have a better chance of catching you. However, if the enemy has a speed buff (like 86_icon_64.png), wait for them to activate it and use Zephyr to cancel it. Also make sure to use it to save your carry whenever necessary - their life is worth more than yours.


Active: Janna summons a mighty whirlwind. She can activate the spell again to release the storm. On release the storm will fly in the direction it was cast, dealing60/85/110/135/160 (+75% AP) magic damage to enemies and knocking them into the air. The damage done, knock up duration and distance traveled by the whirlwind increase for each second it channels to a maximum of 135/175/230/285/340 (+75% AP) magic damage. The whirlwind can be charged for a maximum of 3 seconds.

Ah crowd control - so important for any team. Yes Janna is squishy, but her tornadoes make her an excellent addition in any teamfight. If you are having trouble with embarrassing misses - fear not! There is a solution. The biggest mistake most Janna players make in lane is to charge up a tornado and throw it as an initiation. Rather, this skill is most useful as a disengage or follow up. In lane I prefer to save it for disengage, in case myself or my AD carry gets caught out. It is especially useful in stopping ganks cold from champions like 33_icon_64.png or 106_64.png. No gap closer? No chance. Paired with your ultimate, it is almost impossible to successfully gank a Janna lane.

Howling Gale also makes a great follow up. If you manage to catch a low health enemy with your W, send a quick Q to knock them up and give your carry more time to secure the kill. Usually, it is unnecessary to let the tornado charge. Hitting the enemy is much more important than getting a longer knockup, as the charge time gives them a chance to dodge. Using W first is a great way to ensure that you don't miss when catching someone out in lane. Always have a plan before you use Q, instead of sending random tornadoes through the lane and wasting your mana.


Active: Janna knocks surrounding enemies back and channels healing winds, restoring 35/55/75 (+17.5% AP) health to nearby allies each half second, for 4 seconds.

This ultimate has the potential to make people pull their hair out, ally and enemy alike. Knocking every enemy out of friendly Katarina's 55_icon_64.png ultimate will make her not so friendly. However, this spell has the potential to turn a fight around and can be used in several different ways.

In general your focus in teamfights should be on your AD carry and AP carry. Shield whichever one needs it, ideally the AD carry, as it will boost their damage immensely. Use your other spells to disrupt anyone that comes near your carries. Janna does almost no damage, but her crowd control and protection capabilities are unmatched. When it becomes clear that one or both of your carries is in mortal danger, ULT. It is better to deny someone on your team a kill than to allow your carry to fall in a fight. Your team can always heal up (conveniently in your ult) and chase the low health enemy. If your carry dies, you lose a major source of damage and it is your job to make sure that doesn't happen. Your ultimate will protect your carry from any champion in the game except Olaf 2_icon_64.png, the bane of your existence.

If you see a chance, you may also be able to make "da plays" with your ultimate. When someone on the enemy team is a bit too close to your own team, a simple flash ult can secure your team a kill by making a quick 1v5. Sometimes just splitting the enemy team with your ult will win you the fight, but be careful - this depends on your team comp. Your friendly 7_icon_64.png will thank you for singling the enemies out, but 55_icon_64.png will be supremely angry if you scatter them away from her ultimate. If your team relies on a lot of AOE damage, this is not a good strategy.  Think carefully before you flash ult, as it is a risky move.

Speaking of 55_icon_64.png, Janna is a wonderful counter to her AOE damage. Not many characters have instant knockups (31_icon_64.png and 143_icon_64.png have delays, etc.), but Janna has TWO instant knockup/backs. If the enemy team has a 55_icon_64.png,20_icon_64.png,90_icon_64.png, or 3_icon_64.png, it is YOUR JOB to watch for and disable their ultimates as quickly as possible. For Katarina this goes without saying. Do NOT hesitate to use your ult to stop her ult, since it is a major part of her (and her team's) damage. However, be careful with Nunu. Sometimes it is better to let your allies escape the ultimate and avoid damage, rather than causing it to end early and kill them.

Learning to ult correctly is an important part of mastering Janna. Every good Janna has been cursed for a bad ult before, so don't let it get you down. Learn from the experience and take a look at the team compositions when each game starts to determine how to use your ultimate. The friend invites will start rolling in with cries of "Best Janna NA!" when you save your allies from impossible situations with your ridiculous CC kit.

Game Play Back to Top

Early Game

Start with a faerie charm1004_32.png, three sight wards 2044_32.png, two health pots 2003_32.png, and a mana pot 2004_32.png. I find this gives good map awareness and sustain for the first few levels.

Help protect your jungle before creeps spawn and help leash for the jungler. Your shield can keep them from taking a lot of damage from the buff, often resulting in a smite-less leash. If you are afraid of an invade, place your explorer ward in the river or the entrance to their jungle.

Head to your lane and take immediate control of the bushes. As soon as it becomes obvious how pushed the lane will be, ward the appropriate bush in the lane so that you always have the enemy support player in sight. If the lane is pushed past the middle, make sure to ward the river as well, and possibly the tri-bush. It is your job to make sure your AD carry is never caught off guard by champions that don't belong in your lane. Additionally, keep an eye on the mini-map and send warning pings whenever the jungler shows himself. Since you aren't farming, you   are the best positioned on the team to keep track of global player position and let your team know when something is amiss.

Begin to harass the enemy, making good use of your shield. If you aren't shielding, your AD carry isn't getting any benefit from you. Shield your carry when it is obvious they are about to harass (81_icon_64.png swings outside the minions for a Mystic Shot, 51_icon_64.png winds up her peacemaker). Shield yourself while your carry is busy farming and dart out of the bush for an auto-attack or two. Make sure the enemy laners are afraid of you and your carry!

Take your W second and your Q third, then max your shield. You can begin to use your W to help you harass. Keep up the damage and try to keep the enemy zoned. If you catch an enemy out of position, chain your CC and punish them. Hopefully your carry will take advantage of this and add on a pile of damage.

Mid Game

Finish your philosopher's stone 3096_32.png only if you have enough gold for multiple wards. Warding is your MOST important job as the support player, never neglect it! If you are expecting a gank from your jungler, buy a pink ward and clear the river or lane bushes. After philo stone, rush your sight stone 2049_32.png and cooldown boots 3158_32.png. Keep buying wards even after you have finished sight stone! At this point in the game you want to cover your half of the map with wards. When towers start to fall, begin to roam and ward the whole map. After warding, return to your AD carry and follow them around the map supporting them with your crowd control. The goal here is to control the map and take objectives like dragon, jungle buffs, and towers. Always shield the person with the highest attack speed when pushing a tower, as the extra AD will be applied quickest this way. When protecting your own tower, shield it and use your knockup to stall and allows your teammates to clear the minion waves.

Late Game

Finish your Shurelya's 3069_32.png and Aegis 3105_32.png. I often build kindlegem 3067_32.png before finishing my Aegis, allowing my philo stone to generate more gold before finishing Shurelya's. However it is very useful to have Shurelya's in teamfights, if your team is lacking in initiation ability. After these are finished, upgrade to 3190_32.pngand start building  optional late game items like 3050_32.png, depending on what your team needs.

At this point, your team should be grouping up and pushing objectives in earnest, or forcing fights around baron. You should cover their jungle in wards if your team is ahead, or your own jungle if falling behind. The team with better ward coverage has a much better chance of catching someone out and forcing an uneven fight. You won't get credit for it, but you can make it happen! Don't allows your teammates to be picked off in their own jungle. 

Your job in teamfights is simple. Protect your carries at all costs and disrupt the fight as much as possible. Between the cooldown boots and Shurelya's you should have the CDR to spam your spells in fights. Shield you AD carry and AP carry (preferably AD) and use your other abilities to peel enemies off of them. You have the kit to protect them from nearly any enemy champion (curse you 2_icon_64.png). See the abilities section for details on each ability and how to use it in fights. Remember that your ult can change a fight - for better or worse. Use it wisely!

How To Ward Effectively Back to Top

The most important job of a support player is to ward. While every player on the team should buy wards, with the possible exception of the AD carry, you will often have to pick up the slack. Solo queue players are notorious for not buying a single ward and wandering around the jungle by themselves. You need to keep these dummies from dying by buying extra wards and making sure your team has better vision than theirs.

Many new support players struggle with ward placement and worry about not finishing items quickly. Remember that it is normal to be the last person on your team to finish a core item. As the support your main job is not to do damage, but to provide utility without dying. Gaining levels gives a lot of free stats and helps you stay alive long enough to protect your carry just as well as buying items. Therefore it is important not to get too under-leveled when leaving your lane to ward. Try not to ward while your carry is shoving the lane as you will lose valuable experience, but never use this as an excuse to play completely blind.

Before Minions Spawn

Pre-spawn invades are very common at high level play and occasionally happen in lower level ranked games. Certain champions are very likely to invade. If the enemy team has 35_64.png ,64_64.png, or 53_64.png  warn your team to be careful for an invade. As the support, it is your job to stand guard while your mid and AD carry leash for your jungler. Your explorer ward is perfect for deterring invades, and there are a few locations it can be placed. Ideally you want to cover all the entrances to the bottom half of your jungle with vision while your jungler takes his first buff.

Possible Ward Locations (Purple Team): Blue-Side Bush, Tri-Bush, Bottom River Bush

Possible Ward Locations (Blue Team): Wraith Ramp, Tri-Bush


Place your explorer ward in one of these locations and stand in the other location. This will allow your team advanced notice if the enemy team tries to invade.

Lane Phase

There are three important locations to ward during lane phase for both teams.

Possible Ward Locations (Purple Team): Dragon, Tri-Bush, Lane Bush

Possible Ward Locations (Blue Team): Dragon, Tri-Bush, Lane Bush


Dragon is a global objective which gives gold to everyone on your team when killed. It is very important to maintain vision on it, especially in the early game when large gold swings make a big difference. Many support players will buy pink wards exclusively for dragon, so expect to fight the enemy support for vision here. A ward here also gives advanced warning of jungle ganks, allowing you more time to react than if you ward the river bush right next to the lane. You should have this area warded any time the minions in your lane are pushed past the halfway point, and aim to have it warded continuously by the time your teammates get their ultimates. This will give you the upper hand in early teamfights around dragon.


Often, when you pink dragon, the enemy support will make a beeline for you and try to destroy your ward before you can destroy theirs. However, if you are able to hit their ward first you can usually destroy it without losing your own by using Howling Gale (Q) on the enemy (pictured above). Keep in mind that you are sacrificing some disengage, so check the position of all enemies when using this tactic and don’t get caught out.


Warding tri-bush is essential for the blue team and highly recommended for the purple team. This is the easiest spot for the enemy jungler to gank from, so ward it whenever you are pushed. Many junglers have gap-closers (254_64.png64_64.png  that can be used over the wall next to tri-bush, and any jungler can be pulled over it by 412_64.png, so make sure you are not caught unaware.


Warding the lane bushes serves two purposes. It gives you vision of the enemy laners, allowing you to harass and zone them, and gives you warning of the enemy jungler attempting a lane gank. It is very important to have vision in these bushes because a good AD carry will use them to reposition and wait on cooldowns during a fight. Having a ward in the enemy lane bush will often secure a kill for your carry that would have otherwise escaped. I find it worth buying extra wards just to maintain control of these bushes.

Lane ganks are often the most successful, and the enemy laners can easily bait you into a bad situation if you don’t have vision of their lane bush. You can use this to your advantage too by placing a pink ward in your own lane bush, allowing your jungler to walk directly into the lane without being seen. If you plan to use a pink ward in this way, alert your jungler first. He may ask you to wait a few minutes until he is ready for a gank. If your jungler has ignored your lane for the entire game, don’t waste a pink ward here. Place it at dragon or another important objective instead.

Dragon Preparation

When your team attempts to take dragon it is important to have wards in the surrounding area to alert you if the enemy team is nearby. There are a few key areas to ward.

Ward Locations (Purple Team): Dragon, Tri-Bush, Behind Dragon

Ward Locations (Blue Team): Dragon, Blue-Side Bush, Enemy Blue



If the enemy support has out-foxed 103_64.png you and pinked dragon while you don’t have a pink ward of your own, there is a trick which can give you vision on dragon anyway. Place your ward around the corner of the dragon opening where it is not in line-of-site of their pink ward, as pictured. They will not be able to kill it without placing a second ward. This trick works at Baron Nashor as well.



Baron Preparation

As the game progresses, Baron Nashor becomes the most important objective to control. Slaying Baron grants each person on your team 300 gold as well as a powerful buff which gives health and mana regen and a large boost in Ability Power and Attack Damage. When towers start to fall, begin warding the Baron area and keep it warded for the rest of the game. When you can, place a pink ward there to deny the enemy team vision. If your team is behind, you MUST have Baron warded. Many teams will try to kill Baron too early and sustain heavy damage from the giant purple dragon, allowing your team to come in and clean up five easy kills. Many games are won this way. 


Conversely, if your team is ahead, you should place a pink ward at baron and ward the surrounding bushes as well. If you expect to be attempting Baron, buy an oracle elixir and clear out all the enemy wards in the area. The following pictures show a few important places to ward. If you are the purple team, ward the bushes in the blue side of the enemy jungle as well. It is important to have vision in the area around Baron, because many fights will take place here as the teams contest the powerful buff. You also want to be aware of sneaky enemy junglers trying to smite steal, as a well timed steal can sorely cost your team.



Other Wards

This is by no means a comprehensive guide for warding. If you find that you are vulnerable in a certain area, place wards generously. The addition of the site stone allows supports to place and replace wards, without wasting any gold. Always carry a couple wards around with you and put them in the same inventory slot every time so you will be able to use them quickly. You can often score kills for your teammates by warding a bush during a teamfight and giving vision of a low health enemy. Remember: When in doubt, ward it out.

Results Back to Top

A Few Older Games


My Promotion Series for Gold Tier


I hope that you find this guide useful. While my ELO is pretty  low (life of a support player) I feel that I have learned to play Janna pretty well and hope to share some of my experience with you. She is an excellent champion to play in solo queue because of her versatility and ability to protect allied champions. I moved up an entire tier playing Janna almost exclusively, and once you get the hang of her you can do the same!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for this guide and I'll be sure to implement them as well. If you have questions or success stories, feel free to add me in game (IGN: Yooch) and share!

Don't get discouraged if the first few games don't go very well. Janna is a difficult champion to master (hence the high difficulty bar) and takes some practice. Keep shielding and you'll get the hang of it in no time. Good luck and have fun!

Acknowledgements Back to Top

I'd like to thank some of the people who taught me a LOT about this game and patiently laned with me as I learned to play Janna effectively. Summoners The Prophe`t, PSyCo2012, and Callz me Nazty, thanks for your patience and suggestions! You make this game enjoyable :D

A special thanks to LoL Buck for his help with the images in this guide! Check out his Lulu guide here: http://www.lolking.net/guides/135265
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