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All Guides Jarvan IV Guides [S4] In-Depth Jarvan IV Jungle
1 year ago

Jarvan IV Statistics for Padookey

Author's performance with Jarvan IV compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png Smite is a must when jungling. Smite is used to take objectives and to secure buffs. You must use smite to get the last hit dragon, baron, and red/blue buff. Never jungle without it.
4.png In my opinion flash is the best summoner in the game. Even though Jarvan IV is very mobile your E - Q combo will not always be up. You can use flash to gap close from a person escaping from your ultimate or just to get out of sticky situations. This is the number 1 summoner to grab.
3.png Exhaust is a decent summoner to grab. It all depends on what the enemy team has. If the enemy team has an assassin or a carry type of bruiser like 121_icon_64.png5_icon_64.png92_64.png24_icon_64.png157_64.png etc. Using exhaust will make it easier to peel for the carries and plus the enemy champion will do less damage. Taking exhaust will make you less mobile. In team fights as Jarvan IV you will most likely die, so why not take exhaust and have a bigger impact in team fights. Also exhaust is a great summoner for ganking. It is a great replacement for flash and I would recommend using it if you're experienced.
6.png I have never used ghost when playing Jarvan IV. I think that this skill doesn't work well with Jarvan IV at all. Jarvan IV is a burst type of champion and already has ways to stick to champions. Overall it's okay, I would use this to have fun. Jarvan IV is already mobile and doesn't need ghost.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

For reds/marks I usually take attack damage runes. The ad reds help you clear your jungle faster and gives you more early game damage. You can also take armor penetration reds, it's good with Jarvan IV's Q and scales better late game. Attack speed reds can also be an option for more jungle item procs.

For yellows/seals I take armor. Armor is a great stat to get and is great on Jarvan IV. You will get pretty tanky with armor, plus the bonus armor you get from the skill E.

For blues/glyphs I usually take magic resist per level. If the enemy team is running an all ability power team comp you can use magic resist non scaling, but that will rarely happen. Also for an alternative If you like to clear the jungle even faster you can take attack speed. Attack speed makes you clear the jungle much faster, but you will not have any magic resist besides your base stats. You can also take cool down blues if you want to have more e - qs.

For quintessences I take attack damage. You can also take movement speed if you like to be more mobile. Movement speed is great for clearing the jungle, ganking, getting to places faster, pretty much everything Jarvan IV needs to do. Moving fast in the jungle is key, and it makes your clear time faster. If you do not like to move faster (Who doesn't?!) You can also take armor penetration if you want do more damage late game, it synergizes well with Jarvan IV's Q. All three of these quintessences are good for Jarvan IV.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 21


Defense: 9


Utility: 0

21 - 9 - 0.
This is usually my choice of masteries when playing Jarvan IV. The early game damage from this set up is just to good to pass up. You'll be dealing tons of damage. Your clear time will also be faster. You won't be as tanky as the other set ups so be careful when choosing your fights.

season 4 9 - 21 set up.png

9 - 21 - 0.
This set up will make you much tankier. You'll have a slower clear time and do less damage but you'll be one pretty tanky guy.

0 21 - 9 season 4.png

0 - 21 - 9.
You'll be pretty tanky but you won't deal that much damage at all. You'l be able to move around much faster and play a more support style of a jungler.

I usually now run the 21 - 9 - 0 jungle masteries. I feel that having a good clear and great ganking power is a big threat. If you don't like the 21 - 9 - 0 you can also do the 9 - 21 - 0 or 0 - 21 - 9. All three are effective but I prefer 21 - 9 - 0 or 9 - 21 -0. It all depends on what you prefer and what your play style is.

Abilities Back to Top

Run this set up if you prefer maxing W second over E. The slow and shield is actually decent now since it got buffed. The E nerfs really hurt Jarvan IV.

Martial Cadence (Passive)
This passive is very good for Jarvan IV. It helps you clear the jungle much faster and deals tons of damage to champions, especially if they have a lot of health. It's also good for last hitting.

Dragon Strike (Q)
Dragon Strike is great for clearing the jungle. It deals aoe damage and reduces the armor of the minions. If you combine this skill with your E (Demacian Standard) you can knock things up. Is a great tool when connect to your E, it helps you gank for that knock up. I max Q first because I like to do more damage when I gank, this also helps you laner deal more damage because of the armor penetration it gives. Q also does more damage than E so you can do more damage to jungle minions. But in all honesty maxing E in he jungle first gives you a faster clear overall. Maxing E first gives you more attack speed so that you can get more wriggle procs if you're going that item build. If you're going to max Q first I would buy a spirit stone instead of a wriggle's. And if you max E first you  would get wriggle's so you can proc more. But overall I think maxing Q over E is better.

Golden Aegis (W)
Golden Aegis is your shield and slow skill. Basically is great when used in a team fight or when ganking. I do not get this skill early on at all when I play Jarvan IV. I find this skill to be useless early on because the 15% is very little and because this skill cost 65 mana at all ranks. If you are not experienced with Jarvan IV you can get this at level 4, It will help your ganks by a little and that shield could save you from an ignite tick or any type of dot. You'll gain a lot of health if you can use your W on all enemy champions which is great. Now you can get this skill early on because it cost lost mana and the shield now gets bigger. I now get this skill all the time at level 4 now the 15% slow helps a little bit. Right now I've been maxing W second because I feel like the slow is better for me. Half of the time I don't like the E directly on the enemy and the nerfs to E really hurt Jarvan IV. W is a viable option to max second it all depends on what you prefer.

Demacian Standard (E)
Basically this skill has lots of utility to it. I like to call it the "flag' for short. Anyways this flag gives vision for a while when put down. When I jungle Jarvan IV I start E first so you can use your flag to scout bushes to see if the enemy team is invading. It has a pretty big radius and acts as a mini ward. Since Jarvan IV's flag acts like ward you can do things with it like a ward. You can use the summoner skill 12.png teleport to teleport to the flag. Champion's that can blink to allies like 24_icon_64.png55_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png can jump to your flag. It's like having another ward essentially. Basically this is your bread and butter skill, you use your Q (Dragon Strike) and connect it with your E (Demacian Standard). You can disrupt, knock up, and blink over walls by doing this. It is a very unique bread and butter and it's one of my favorites. I chose to max this skill second because when ganking as Jarvan IV you will most likely put the flag behind the enemy champion you gank so it won't do the damage, but if you connect the Q to your E the Q will have a higher chance of doing the damage. Also plus the fact that you get the armor penetration which will also help your laner deal more damage when ganking. Be careful when using the E - Q combo sometimes other skills won't let you Q to your flag or will knock you out while you're flying to your flag. (Example: Volibear knockback)

Cataclysm (R)
This is your ultimate skill and it's very unique. It is a great skill to use when ganking and for team fights. This skill actually takes skill to use or you can screw your team over. This ultimate determines if you'e a good Jarvan IV or a bad one. If you use your ultimate there is a chance that you can trap your allies in with the enemies which is what you don't want to do. For ganking you want to use your E - Q combo to start off the gank, if they flash after you use this then use you ultimate to trap them. You can also use your ultimate to start off ganks, if they flash out use your E - Q combo to follow them after they flash. In team fights you want to try to use your ultimate on as many enemy champions as you can. You want to keep the enemies away from your carries and put your team into a position where they can attack the enemy from a safe distance. There will be times when your ultimate becomes useless. Riot lies and says the ultimate is an "impassable" terrain. Champions like 35_icon_64.png7_icon_64.png103_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png etc. can get out very easily. Champions with blinks are much harder to gank with your ultimate and require your laner to set up these ganks so that it is more successful. In team fights champions with blinks can just flash out and make your ultimate useless. You can press the R key to drop the walls down. This ultimate can also be a straight counter to some champions though. Cataclysm can be used to lock down champions that are heavily reliant on ghost such as 2_icon_64.png27_icon_64.pngGlitches tend to happen sometimes in video games and Jarvan IV's ultimate is one of them. Sometimes it will become buggy and you'll see people walk out of it. Just be warned glitches can happen and it sucks. This ultimate can go good or bad so be careful when using it! 

Information about all of Jarvan IV's skills can be found at: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jarvan_IV and http://www.lolking.net/champions/jarvaniv#abilities

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the standard start when jungling. You should always take these starting items. Since the jungle creeps got stronger these starting items will help you clear the jungle much faster and will help you sustain yourself.
    You can get his item if you want to clear the jungle faster. It's not as good as the other choice because it doesn't really have anything good to build into. If you do get this sell the item late game and replace it with something situational. -Not the best option anymore-
    Get this item if your team needs a little bit more damage. It's also a good snowball item if you're ahead I recommend getting this over madred's. it's good if you're snowballing hard -Okay option-
    I usually get this if my team needs a tank. It gives good stats and that hp is op. -BEST OPTION-
    If you have balls. You can get this early game for some extra damage. Just buy one you won't need anymore if you get one.
    This item is great to get early game if you're snowballing the game really hard.
    Start off with this trinket most of the time. It will give you a much easier time of getting rid of wards. This will most likely be used a lot at important objectives.
    This trinket is also good because you can help provide more vision on the map. Depending on the situation you can either upgrade it to a pink ward to deny the enemy team vision.

Core Items

    This is usually my core build now. This is the overall good build for J4. It doesn't provide damage so make sure you only do this if your team needs a tank.
    This build is decent if your team needs more damage, but i recommend building jarvan iv full tank. If you're snowballing this is a great option.
    WARDS! Buy wards and make sure to ward key spots, jungle entrances, buffs, dragon/baron etc. It's great to have vision wards to take out the enemy teams. Used vision wards on key objectives. Remember that in season 4 you can only put down 3 wards individually.
    For the late game if you're full build!

Situational Items

    Mercury's Treads are really good boots to get on Jarvan IV. In the mastery tree i get Tenacious so you can have up to 45% tenacity if you build these. Also i get homeguard so i can move much faster. Don't buy these boots if you have ancient golem.
    The Black Cleaver is a very great item to get on Jarvan IV. You can get over 54% armor penetration just by buying this item. This item is great to get if your team needs someone to do damage or if you're fed like crazy.
    Sometimes the enemy team will run a full attack damage team. If you see an ad top, mid, jungle, and adc these are great boots to buy to counter that. Homeguard to move like a boss.
    This item right here is very good to get in any situaton. If the enemy team has an adc well this is a good item to get. It slows the enemy attack speed by 20% and it gives you tons of armor and makes you a good tank. Also Jarvan IV gets armor on his E so it makes him have so much armor! Great item to pick up it's good to counter Vayne and Kog'Maw or pretty much anyone with attack damage!
    Jarvan IV does burst damage. This item right here matches his style and you will deal tons of damage if you buy this. Great item to get if you're fed or if your team needs someone to do damage. old school build
    This item right here gives lots of map control. The support is not the only role that has to buy wards, in fact everyone should. If you think you need more map control buy this and help ward!
    This is a great item. Lots of people rush this item because of the good stats it gives. Jarvan IV already does % health and if you add it with Blade of the Ruined King you'll deal tons of damage. This item is great with the new hp meta so take advantage of it.
    If the enemy team has lots of magic damage or someone ap is fed this is a great item to get. Hexdrinker or Maw of Malmortius is great and can save your life from that ap damage. It's good to pick up and it gives your more damage if you're on lower health.
    This item isn't as bad but you'll probably rarely get it. It has a decent aura that can greatly benefit your team.
    Great item to gank faster! This is great to get in solo que. You can pretty much be around the map instantly.
    Decent if you need to even have more crowd control!
    They have a team full of mostly ad? This is a great option!
    Decent item to get. Spirit visage helps a lot with regenerating health. Since Jarvan IV has no natural sustain make sure you get other items that synergize with it (lifesteal, health regen). The cool down and magic resist this item gives is good!

Jarvan IV can be built in pretty much anyway that he wants. If the team needs an assassin why not build like one? Jarvan IV can assassinate a carry with his E - Q combo and then dunk them with his R for the killing blow. But what if your team needs an initiator? Build Jarvan IV like a tank and E - Q their team and try to use your ultimate on as many enemies as you can. But what if your team needs someone to protect the carries of the team? Build a Frozen Mallet, Randuin's Omen and start peeling for your carries! Disrupt those guys and make sure they stay off your carries, protect them with you life.  

Pretty much Jarvan IV can be built in anyway way for any situation. This is why Jarvan IV is unique and he is a very good champion.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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266_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Aatrox is a pretty decent jungler. He has tons of sustain and is a decent duelest. His passive is what makes him who he is. He basically has a second life if his passive is up. You can tell if his passive is up if there is a red bar under his health bar. Be careful when he has this because that is when he has a second chance to come back like Anivia and Zac. I wouldn't recommend invading him because you would probably end up wasting your time unless you know his passive is down. Aatrox's passive has around a 5 minute cool down and it gets lower when he is out of combat. He can use his W to deal more damage at the cost of his health or deal less damage but gain crazy sustain. His clear in the jungle is decent and he'll most likely be on high enough health to live. Anyways Aatrox's ganks are actually pretty decent. His Q is like Jarvan IV's knockup combo. It isn't the biggest gap closer but if Aatrox lands the Q with the center onto your allies it will knock them up. His E is a skill shot that has a slow and it lasts for a couple of seconds. His R gives him a steroid boost kind of like Sivir and he gains tons of attack speed. Can you counter a gank an Aatrox? Sure you can. If his passive is up (Look for the red bar under his health) try to not focus him because he will just come back to life. In team fights Aatrox will most likely try to kill one of your carries. As Jarvan IV you can either do the same as him or peel for you carries. Aatrox will most likely build glass cannon with tons of attack damage and attack speed, or like he'll build like Nocturne (Randuins, Blade of the Ruin King). Anyways if you want to counter Aatrox build items like Randuins Omen, Frozen Heart, Ninja Tabi, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, etc. Aatrox will die pretty quickly if you can use crowd control on him, but his passive can change that. Anyways his life steal increases the lower his health is so watch out for that insane sustain. Anyways always make sure to see if he has his passive. If Aatrox has a white bar under his health his passive is not up, but if the bar is red his passive is up. Good luck and build that armor vs Aatrox. This guy snowballs hard so watchout!! He's a better top laner.

Overall: Aatrox has an op passive watch out for that, he deals physical damage so build armor against him, he has great clear and sustain so don't mess with him in the jungle, try peeling for your carries.




12_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 2/10
Alistar was banned a lot in season 2 when I played ranked matches. Now a days he's not played that much and isn't a very good jungler in season 2. Alistar had a hard time clearing the jungle in season 2 already and now with the jungle creeps being stronger in season 3 he can get behind pretty easily. Alistar relies on ganks and boy he is a great at doing them. Alistar is one of he best level 2 gankers and will most likely try to do it. If the enemy is on the blue side (Bottom left corner) Alistar will most likely start blue (He kind of needs it to clear). He will most likely level 2 gank top, here are 2 options that you can do. First option; you can either start red and counter gank, you are much stronger than Alistar and you and your top laner will have a higher chance of winning the 2v2. Second option; You ask for a no smite leash on your blue buff, head straight to his red and steal it. Be careful when doing this if the enemy team is smart and wards his red buff you could be in trouble. In team fights Alistar is a good tank and can initiate and peel very good. If you use your ultimate in the team fight he can just knock you out of it so be warned.

Overall: Slow jungler, relies on ganks, easy to counter gank, buy wards so that he's useless, good tank/peeler/initiator, easy to invade, easy to duel.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Alistar




32_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 7/10
Honestly I would try to ban Amumu. Amumu can pretty much do what you can in team fights but better. He's a much better initiator and can use his ultimate on the whole enemy team easier then you can. Amumu is a snowball jungler once he gets the advantage it will stay like that. The downside of Amumu is that he uses tons of mana. If some how this guy wasn't banned I would recommend trying to invade his blue level 1. If the invade is successful and you take the his blue buff it will be harder for Amumu to jungle. Make sure to ask your support to ward your blue buff because if Amumu tries to solo your blue by himself your team can catch him and hopefully kill him. Amumu is an easy jungler to invade. If Amumu is on purple side (Top right corner) I would recommend invading him at his red when he's there. Get a no smite leash on your red, get your blue and level 3 gank top. After the level 3 gank head straight for Amumu's red. Wait in the bush and If he's doing it let the red get him low enough so you can finish him. If Amumu spots you trying to invade him prepare for a 3v3. You guys should win because Amumu will most likely not take stun level 3. If you do end up killing Amumu at red just E - Q over Baron pit and leave safely. If you do plan on invading make sure to warn your top and mid lane so that thy can react if anything goes bad. Amumu's ganks are not as good as yours before level 6. You will have much better ganks and can counter gank Amumu. Once Amumu reaches level 6 this is where he has better ganks. It's much harder to escape an Amumu ultimate compared to Jarvan IV's. In team fights Amumu has a stronger ultimate than you do. He can use his ultimate on your whole team easier than you can and his is stun while yours is pretty much just a big aoe snare. Try spreading out in team fights when up against an Amumu. Do not use your ultimate on Amumu if he is near your team.

Overall: Ban Amumu, easy to invade, bad ganks before 6, needs blue buff on first clear, can be easily counter ganked before 6, good tank, good initiator, better team fight than Jarvan IV.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Amumu




31_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Cho'Gath is currently played a lot right now. He has pretty much anything you could want in a kit. Cho'Gath has sustain, a silence, a knock up, a slow, and true damage. Cho'Gath is picked mostly mid and top lane, but he can also be a great jungler. Cho'Gath is a jungler that can farm passively and gank well which makes him great. Cho'Gath doesn't really need blue buff because he has his own way of getting sustain. I do not recommend invading Cho'Gath because he will most likely have a lot of health because of his crazy sustain. He can duel you pretty easily and his silence can mes you up. Just don't invade him. If you do invade him and you get caught you are most likely dead unless you can E - Q to safety or if your team reacts. His ganks are very good and it's hard to counter gank. His ganks are similar to Jarvan IV's except he doesn't have to move to the location of where he's knocking up. At level 6 you have better ganks than Cho'Gath because of Cataclysm, but Cho'Gath deals more damage. Once Cho'Gath reaches level 6 he will be harder to kill because of his ultimate. In team fights Jarvan IV and Cho'Gath play the same role. Cho'Gath and Jarvan IV can disrupt, initiate, peel, and use crowd control to help win team fights. Pretty much who ever has the better team will win this matchup.

Overall: Even matchup, hard to invade, hard to counter gank, has infinite sustain, Cho'Gath deals more damage, Cho'Gath is hard to kill post level 6, both Cho'Gath and Jarvan IV are even in team fights, Who ever has the better team will win this match up.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Cho'Gath




122_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 4/10
Darius, the enemy of Demacia is champion that I dislike a lot. Darius is usually played top lane, but sometimes people will jungle as him. Darius is a jungler that deals tons of damage and can clear very fast. The downside of Darius is that he has no sustain and is easy to invade. Since Darius has no sustain and has no escapes I would recommend invading him. A good place to invade Darius would be at red buff. Darius will be pretty low by the time he's doing red. When you see Darius at red walk up to him and auto attack him. Save your E - Q combo, because when he flashes over a wall that is when you use your E - Q combo. If you're on blue side (Bottom left corner) it will be much easier to invade Darius. Ask your team for a no smite leash on red, head straight to your blue and smite it, then go straight for his red. If Darius doesn't walk into red bush when he's doing it wait for him to get low enough and finish him. Like I said before save your E - Q combo when he flashes, just walk up and auto him a few times, when he flashes E - Q him. If you are invading and it fails flash over the Baron wall so that you don't die. Make sure to warn your top and mid lane that you're invading red so that they can react. It's harder to invade if you're on purple side (Top right corner). I recommend to never invade if you are on this side, it's just to risky and their bot and mid can react much faster than yours. Of course your ganks are much stronger and you counter invade Darius easily. Darius does more damage than Jarvan IV, but you have much better crowd control and mobility for ganks. Once Darius and Jarvan IV are level 6, Jarvan IV still has an advantage. At level 6 Darius will have way more damage than you do, but he will most likely end up kill stealing every lane that he ganks. And of course at level 6 you still have much better ganks then Darius. In team fights this match up can get weird. Darius is a great peeler, but he's also good at dunking the carries. Your job should be to keep Darius and the rest of his team away from your carries. In team fights it will be much harder for Darius to dunk people if you can lock him out.

Overall: Pretty easy, no sustain, easy to counter gank, easy to invade, hard to duel, Darius kill steals more, Jarvan IV is better in team fights, let the dunking begin.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Darius




131_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Honestly I haven't gone against enough Diana jungles to have judge this matchup. I know that Diana's clear is pretty fast and that she stays pretty healthy in the jungle. I wouldn't invade Diana, she deals good damage and her shield is great for dueling. Her ganks before level 6 are okay. Diana has to walk up to her target pre - 6 to gank her targets. She uses E for her crowd control which is similar with Jarvan IV's W and Orianna's R. Except the fact that her E gives a 35% slow at level 1 which is way better than Jarvan IV's. She would be hard to counter gank, she does more damage and she has a mini aoe knockback. The only way to win if you counter gank is if she doesn't use her E on you. Anyways of course you have better ganks then Diana at before level 6. Once both Diana and Jarvan IV hit level 6 I think the ganks start to become even. At level 6 do not try to counter gank Diana fight her at all, she'll do more damage to you and you will most likely lose. Her ultimate is like Akali's it's a gap closer that deals tons of damage. If Diana lands her Q on anyone that's 2 free ultimates. It would be hard for your laners to escape from Diana if she lands her Q. In team fights she becomes an assassin like champion similar to Akali. She do tons of aoe damage and will try to instagib one of your carries. Do not use your ultimate on her if she E's your whole team. You should peel for your carry in this scenario because Diana does tons of damage and has pretty good crowd control.

Overall: Hard to counter gank, hard to invade, hard to duel, Jarvan IV better ganks pre-6, Diana deals more damage and can assassinate a carry, both have equal team fight potential.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Diana


Dr. Mundo


36_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 4/10
Dr. Mundo doesn't always go where he pleases. Most Dr. Mundo's will take exhaust, he has no natural way of escaping and you can lock him down for 3.5 seconds. Okay anyways Dr. Mundo's first clear is very fast except the fact that he get's very low. This guy is very easy to invade because he'll be on low health. On the first clear you can invade him when he goes to blue buff. Should be an easy first blood if you catch him in his jungle. Mundo is okay to counter gank, Mundo deals more damage than you do but you have instant crowd control. Pre - 6 mundo is weak and won't go where he pleases. His ganks can be very good if he can land his Q every time, it's a pretty decent slow and it deals tons of damage. Basically pre 6 your ganks are better than Mundo's but once you're both level 6 it becomes even. Once Mundo is level 6 he will go where he pleases. This is where you can't invade him at all because he will regenerate his health like crazy and just kill anyone. Mundo becomes a great diver and you will probably have to help counter gank. Make sure to tell you team to ignite Mundo or that guy will never die. Your ultimate sort of counters him if he doesn't take flash. In team fights keep Mundo away from your team, use your ultimate on him. If you trap Mundo in your ultimate hopefully you team can kill him in 3.5 seconds. You have better team fight then Mundo, but that guy just never dies!

Overall: Easy to invade pre 6, dueling is even pre 6, better ganks pre 6, even ganks at 6, Mundo is a great tank and he never dies, use ignite on Mundo, use your ultimate on Mundo if you want to get rid of him, Jarvan IV has a slightly better team fight.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Mundo




60_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Elise is a champion that is played a lot right now at top lane. She can also be played at mid lane or jungle. Elise is a pretty decent jungler, her clear is good and she has decent crowd control. She is pretty easy to invade on her first clear. If she's on purple side (Top right corner) you should probably try to invade her. Ask your team for a no smite leash on red, smite your blue and head straight for her red. If she's at red kill that spider. Make sure to warn your top and mid lane that you're invading so that the can react to the situation. If all goes wrong somehow flash or E - Q over Baron pit. Her ganks are okay and they stay the same at all levels. She has to land a skill shot stun which is pretty easy to dodge unless her laner has already used crowd control on your laner. Luckily her stun does no damage but she deals tons of damage on her Q! Her Q deals 8% of you current health plus she gets base damage from it. She is pretty easy to counter gank if she can't land her stun. If she uses her E and rappels in the air it will take some time to kill her. She doesn't have a lot of aoe damage so counter ganking sould be quite easy. Like I said before her ganks stay the same at all levels. Once Jarvan IV is level 6 you'll be out ganking Elise in no time.
Elise isn't the best at team fights. Her job is to jump on he carries and try to assassinate them. Luckily Elise jungle doesn't get as much money as lane Elise and she should be easy to peel if your support is decent. If your support can't peel you can just do it yourself. Her team fighting is terrible but she can 1v1 a lot of champions.

Overall: Easy to invade on first clear, easy to counter gank, Jarvan IV has better ganks, hard to duel Elise, Elise team fight sucks compared to Jarvan IV's, Jarvan IV more useful then Elise.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Elise




28_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Evelynn is currently not played a lot right now because of the nerfs that she got. If she is ever played she is usually played mid lane. Sometimes people will play Evelynn jungle and it pub stomps. Anyways Evelynn is a jungler that is blue buff dependent. You should set up a level 1 invade on the enemy blue buff and try to set Evelynn behind. Make sure to ask your support to ward your blue just in case of a counter invade or anything else. Evelynn clear is decent because she deals aoe damage and it's spammy. Evelynn doesn't stay that healthy in the jungle so you can invade her on he first clear. If you're on blue side (Bottom left corner) you should be looking to invade her at her red. Get the usual no smite leash on red, smite blue, then head straight for her red and kill her. Make sure to warn top and mid lane that you're invading so that they can react to the situation. If all goes bad E - Q over or flash over Baron pit. Evelynn is a tricky jungler because pre 6 she has no way of crowd control besides having red buff. Your laners should invest in pink wards because those are the only wards that can see Evelynn. This is why she can pub stomp because people don't buy pink wards versus Evelynn. If she can't get any ganks off she wont be as effective late game. She is hard to counter gank... Well because you can't see where she's at. If you do somehow end up ganking the same lane as her you should be able to win pre 6. And of course you have better ganks then Evelynn pre 6. Anyways at level 6 her ganks get better. Evelynn has a crazy slow and shield when she uses her ultimate. She will deal tons of damage and most likely kill your laners. But like I said buy pink wards. Anyways you should always have a ward on her wraithes so you can have an idea of where Evelynn is at. In team fights she will try to kill all your carries. She can do that well, but she can also get melted fast. Have your team focus fire her and it'll be fine. Do not use your ultimate on her if she's close to your team, she'll just use her ultimate on your team. She's not played that much anymore and kind of sucks now.

Overall: Easy to invade on first clear, even at dueling, pink wards make Evelynn useless, got nerfed so many people don't play Evelynn anymore, Jarvan IV has better ganks, Jarvan IV better in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Evelynn




9_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Fiddlesticks is a decent jungler and has good sustain. Fiddlesticks needs blue buff to clear his jungle so plan a level 1 invade. If the level 1 invade works he will be very behind. Make sure to ward your blue buff just in case of a counter invade or if he wants to solo your blue. Anyways Fiddlesticks is pretty easy to invade on his first clear. Fiddlesticks is easy to duel because when he uses his Q just use your E - Q combo and knock him out of it. He's kinda tricky though because he can fear and silence you. Anyways after the first clear don't invade him because he has good crowd control and his laners can come to you easily. Fiddlesticks ganks are pretty decent he has a fear and a silence. He doesn't deal tons of damage but that crowd control is broken. Anyways you should be able to counter gank Fiddlesticks pretty easy because he doesn't have a lot of aoe until level 6. Jarvan IV ganks are better pre 6. Once both Fiddlesticks and Jarvan IV the ganks start to become even. Fiddlesticks deals tons of damage with his ultimate and will become a great lane ganker. Fiddlesticks can basically make one person useless with his fear and silence. In team fights this match can become or go the either way for both champions. Most Fiddlesticks are smart and will cast their ultimate over a wall or from a safe place where people can't see him. If you catch him casting his ultimate use your E - Q combo to disrupt him. If Fiddlesticks manages to land an ultimate on your whole team do not use your ultimate on him! That will screw your team over. If Fiddlesticks cast his ultimate and it doesn't reach your team that is when you can use yours on him so that his aoe will only effect you. Both are great at team fighting but this is a skill match up. TIP: Fiddlesticks passive will show on you if he is near.

Overall: Blue dependent, easy to invade on first clear, even on dueling, Fiddlesticks easy to kill because he's squishy, Fiddlesticks is easy to counter gank pre 6, team fighting can be crazy, skill match up.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Fiddlesticks




41_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 2/10
Gangplank isn't played that much at all right now. He's not a very popular champion and there are other picks that can do what he can do but better (Dr. Mundo). Anyways Gangplank is sort of blue dependent so you should plan a level 1 invade. Make sure to ward your blue buff just in case of a counter invade. It is easy to invade him on his first clear. Anyways Gangplank's ganks are okay, the slow is okay. Gangplank farms the jungle more than he ganks. He is easy to duel because he can't orange out of anything Jarvan IV does. He's easy to counter gank pre 6 because he is single target and he's just Gangplank. Jarvan IV ganks are much better than Gangplanks at all levels. Once Gangplank is level 6 he has a global ultimate that deals low damage and has a small slow. His ganks are just terrible. In team fights do
not use your ultimate and trap your team in his ultimate. Gangplank is an okay champion, if he gets a lot of money he can be a threat with his critical damage.

Overall: easy to invade, easy to counter gank, blue dependent on first clear, Jarvan IV has better ganks, Jarvan IV is just better than Gangplank.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Gangplank




120_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 7/10
Hecarim is a pretty decent champion with a decent clear time. Currently he is being played a lot right now. Hecarim is a jungler that can snowball well. It is your choice if you want to invade him, because on his first clear he is weak. Anyways his ganks aren't that good because his knock back requires a lot of communication with his team. His ganks aren't good until he is level 6. You can counter gank Hecarim pretty easily because he is weak before level 6. Jarvan IV has better ganks than Hecarim and then they become even when both are level 6. His bottom lane ganks become really strong because of how he can lane gank really well. Hecarim can snowball very well if he gets ahead. In team fights this is where Hecarim can become a monster. Depending on his build if Hecarim is squishy he will get melted after he uses his ultimate. He has an easier time getting to carries with his ultimate than you do. I would say that Hecarim and Jarvan IV's ultimates are similar. If Hecarim gets really fed I would suggest buying a Frozen Mallet and start peeling for your carries. Using Jarvan IV's ultimate could be useless on Hecarim, he has 2 skills he can use to get out. Hecarim could just walk out of you ultimate with his E or R. Oh and by the way this guy snowballs like crazy if you let him. If Hecarim does snowball, please pray to god your carries don't die.

Overall: Good matchup for both champions, Hecarim ganks are bad until he reaches level 6, easy to invade Hecarim on his first clear, Hecarim is a monster when he reaches level 6, Hecarim ganks bot well, In team fights peel Hecarim off your carries if he's fed.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Hecarim


Jarvan IV


59_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 10/10
Jarvan IV is a monster jungler, he's the best jungler. Lol anyways I usually play draft or ranked so I don't have any experience doing Jarvan IV vs Jarvan IV. DEMACIA!!!!

Overall: DEMACIA!!!!

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jarvan_IV




24_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Jax isn't a very popular jungler right now. Jax is usually played top lane because he is very dependent on money so that he can be a monster late game. Anyways Jax has pretty decent clear and can sustain himself well in the jungle because of his stun. I wouldn't invade Jax because he will just beat you 1v1, his stun is broken. Jax needs kills to be useful late game so try to ward key places to keep him behind. Jax ganks are similar to Jarvan IV's except he stuns and Jarvan IV knocks up. Jax deals more damage than Jarvan IV but he's single target. Jax is a difficult champion to counter gank and I don't think you'll be able to win. If Jax gets kills on his ganks he will snowball and become a monster. At level 6 Jarvan IV ganks are much better than Jax, except Jax deals tons of damage from the passive on his R. In team fights Jax should be easy to peel if he's not fed. If he is fed you can change your play style and peel for your carries, Jax can kill anyone if he's fed enough.

Overall: Jax is a great duelist so don't invade him, hard to counter gank, Jarvan IV has better ganks at level 6, Jax can snowball well and can carry, Peel for your carries if Jax is fed, favored for Jarvan IV unless Jax is fed.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jax




10_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Kayle is currently played a lot right now because of how popular she has gotten in the NA qualifiers. Kayle is played a lot mid and top lane but she can also jungle quite well. Kayle has decent clear because of the aoe damage she gets when she uses her E. She is a pretty good duelist so I don't recommend invading her. The only time I would invade her is when she's on her first clear at her red buff. Kayle's ganks are pretty good, she has a decent slow and can deal good damage. Kayle is a good ganker because she can be in ranged mode and doesn't have to walk up to do her damage. Sure Kayle is easy to counter gank, but she might be able to deal out more damage than Jarvan IV. At level 6 Jarvan IV has better ganks, but Kayle can start to dive at level 6 because of how her ultimate makes you invincible. Also Kayle will be able to counter gank well at level 6 because she can save lives just by pressing R and by healing. In team fights Kayle will dish out tons of damage. If Kayle decides to build straight damage she will be very squishy. Kayle will either use her ultimate on herself or one of her carries. Make sure to watch out for that in team fights and to switch focus as soon as you see it.

Overall: Kayle is a good champion, has decent clear, is a good duelist, squishy, can make plays with ultimate, Jarvan IV has better ganks, Jarvan IV better in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kayle




121_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Kha'Zix is a really great pick right now. Kha'Zix is usually played top or mid lane but he can also jungle. Kha'Zix is a champion that deals tons of damage! He has good sustain in the jungle so he'll be pretty healthy. Do not invade this guy, he deals to much damage and will just eat you. Jarvan IV ganks are much better than Kha'Zix pre 6. It would be hard to counter gank Kha'Zix because he deals tons of damage. Once Kha'Zix is level 6 he becomes a monster. Kha'Zix at level 6 deals even more damage. Of course Jarvan IV ganks will be better, but Kha'Zix just out damages him. If somehow Kha'Zix gets fed build every armor item you can. Kha'Zix will just 1 shot your carries so you may have to peel, build Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Frozen Mallet and peel Kha'Zix off of your carries! A fed Kha'Zix can easily win team fights and can win games. Remember that he can use his E to jump out of Jarvan IV's ultimate and it resets everytime Kha'Zix gets a kill or an assist.

Overall: Kha'Zix deals tons of damage, better duelist than Jarvan IV, Jarvan IV has better ganks, it's hard to invade Kha'Zix, if Kha'Zix is fed peel for your carries!

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kha'Zix


Lee Sin


64_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 7/10
The blind monk is a monster and is very similar to Jarvan IV. Both of these champions do well in the jungle and they both have good ganks. Lee Sin is one of the best solo queue junglers. On your first clear he will most likely try to invade you. His early damage is great and he can beat you in 1v1. If you're on purple side (Top right corner) Lee Sin might invade you when you're doing your red. Make sure you walk into the red buff bush before you start it. If you spot Lee Sin and he has more health than E - Q over double golem wall and ask your top and mid for help. I recommend that you do not invade Lee Sin, he has pretty decent sustain with his W. Lee Sin has even ganks with Jarvan IV. Lee Sin is a great counter ganker and will do more damage than Jarvan IV. Lee Sin is just a stronger champion than Jarvan IV early game so you have to be careful with the choices you make. When both champions reach level 6 both of their ganks are still even. Lee Sin has to be more creative with his ultimate though. Lee Sin kick is a great finisher and he can knock back your whole team with it if he aims it right. In team fights Lee Sin and Jarvan IV are very similar. Jarvan IV has a better initiate but Lee Sin can peel way better and has better kill potential if he can land his Q on carries. Team fighting is even and remember Lee Sin can get out of your ultimate very easily, by just using W or using Q on one of your allies. Lee Sin can also just kick you ult of your ultimate.

Overall: Even match up, skill match up, very fun match up, hard to counter gank Lee Sin, Lee Sin has better counter ganks, Lee Sin deals more damage.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Lee_Sin




54_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Currently not played a lot right now, he used to be banned 24/7, maybe it's just my elo... I'm not sure. Anyways Malphite is usually played top lane to counter people that do attack damage. Malphite can also be a good jungler. Malphite has good sustain because of his passive. Malphite won't be low in the jungle at all. But Malphite also spends a lot of mana in the jungle. You and your team can decide if you want to level 1 invade their blue buff because Malphite can get behind pretty easily. Malphite stays pretty healthy in the jungle like I said before. Do not waste your time invading him. Malphite counters attack damage and that is what Jarvan IV is. Malphite's ganks aren't really that good until he reaches level 6. It's very easy to counter gank Malphite and you do more damage than he does. Of course Jarvan IV ganks are better until level 6. Malphite at level 6 is a monster, boy that knock up is high as hell. Malphite's ultimate is aoe and it deals decent damage. In team fights Malphite has the upper edge compared to Jarvan IV. It's hard to peel Malphite off the carries because of his ultimate, slow, and attack speed debuff. Atleast Jarvan IV's Q does 26% armor penetration which would help your carries out when trying to kill Malphite.

Overall: Malphite good sustain in the jungle, runs out of mana easily, hard to kill, hard to invade, has bad ganks before 6, can't coutner gank good, Jarvan IV can gank better, has better counter ganks, at level 6 Malphite has better ganks, in team fights Malphite has a slight advantage.

More Info: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Malphite




57_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Maokai has always been a great jungler. Maokai has a good clear time and can sustain himself well in the jungle because of his passive. The weakness of Maokai is that he needs blue buff on his first clear. You and your team can try to plan a level 1 invade against Maokai. A good Maokai player will throw a sapling in the river bush to scout if an invade is coming. So you might have to take an alternative route if invading Maokai. Maokai is quite easy to invade on his first clear. He isn't the best duelist and you may be able to score firs blood on him. If Maokai is on purple side (Top right corner) you should think about invading him at his red buff. Get a no smite leash on red, smite your blue and head straight for Maokai's red. If Maokai is there and on low health kill him. If Maokai catches you in his jungle just E - Q or flash over Baron wall if you need to. Anyways Maokai has very great ganks, it's hard to counter gank him because your laner will be locked down by him.Maokai might not do tons of damage but his crowd control is great. Maokai's W follows you even if you flash or blink. This could be good or bad because if you flash or blink towards your turret he'll follow you, but if you want to get away it could be bad. Jarvan IV has better ganks at level 6, but before that Maokai has an upper edge. I think his match up is quite even,Maokai and Jarvan IV are pretty even when it comes down to ganks and crowd control. They can pretty much play the same roles exceptMaokai has a harder time playing the assassin type.Maokai is a great champion for catching people out because his W range is really long and it's a good snare. He can also scout quite well because of his saplings.Maokai and Jarvan IV can do the same things in team fights,Maokai can try to snare one of you carries, Jarvan IV can try to use his ultimate on the whole enemy team. Anyways this match up is even and it will all depend on who has the better team composition.

Overall: Even match up, Maokai has better ganks pre 6, Maokai is weaker, hard to counter gankMaokai, easy to invadeMaokai on his first clear, BothMaokai and Jarvan IV are even in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Maokai


Master Yi


11_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Master Yi is currently played mid lane. Master Yi can also jungle though. Master Yi has a good clear because his Q can proc and deal tons of damage to minions. Master Yi is a snowball jungler and he can start killing anyone he wants if he gets fed. Master Yi is pretty easy to invade so you can do it early on.Master Yi's ganks are not that good, he has a gap closer but that's it.Master Yi can stick to people if he has red buff but he can't always have that.Master Yi deals pretty good damage, but he's so squishy so you can kill him pretty easily. Jarvan IV has better ganks, and can counter invadeMaster Yi pretty easily.Master Yi has to get really fed to be effective now. If somehowMaster Yi gets ahead and starts killing everyone, you should start building armor. Items like Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape can makeMaster Yi pretty weak. In team fightsMaster Yi will try to kill your carries, AfterMaster Yi uses his Q you can use your ultimate so that you can zone him away from your team. Jarvan IV is more useful thanMaster Yi in team fights, ifMaster Yi goes crazy just peel for your carries. Yi back doors like a boss watch out for it, ward your jungle and pray to god your turrets don't get destroyed.

Overall:Master Yi has a decent clear, is squishy, has bad ganks, easy to counter gank, Jarvan IV has better team fight.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Master_Yi




75_64.png Difficulty: 5/10
Nasus has become a very popular pick because of pro players using him in LCS. As of now he's a really great pick and can provide great CC on 1 champion while being tanky. In the beginning stages of the jungle it's a great idea to see if you can invade Nasus at level 1, he will most likely start at blue. If Nasus doesn't have blue on his first clear he will have a tough time clearing his jungle. He will most likely spend a lot of time farming the jungle if he doesn't have blue or he will back early because he doesn't have the blue to use any of his skills. However Nasus doesn't need blue to stay alive in the jungle because of his great sustain. I recommend not messing with him in his jungle because most likely he will be good on health and his wither can make you easier to catch out. Nasus jungle will most likely max E first so try to stay out of it because it reduces armor. Once Nasus starts getting some items his jungle clear becomes really good and he can farm Q like a boss. He will probably holding lanes a lot to sap the exp and so that he can farm his Q. A lot of Nasus players like to take Ghost, if they do that's where Jarvan IV shines.  You should always check to see how much farm Nasus has, the higher he has the more damage he will most likely do. Nasus has some decent ganks because of his wither. It's pretty much a stun and the slow is a big percentage, it pretty much makes a champion useless that uses attack damage. Jarvan IV will do more damage in ganks compared to Nasus, but Nasus will make 1 champion disabled. If you are both level 6 Nasus becomes a god and gains tons of hp. Be careful when picking fights when Nasus is around because the fight can turn around in their favor. Anyways objectives are very important and once Nasus has his ultimate he can solo dragon easily. Nasus' ultimate does percent health and he can take out dragon quite easily. With that being said try your best to keep dragon pink warded so he can't take it out quickly. In team fights Nasus will most likely wither your adc or someone that's very fed. He will try his best to disable 1 person while being tanky and providing great utility. If Nasus does take ghost try your best to use Jarvan IV's ultimate on him so that he can't move around a lot.

Overall: Nasus is weak early game and strong late game. He has great CC on 1 person and provide great utility while being tanky. His ganks are okay and Jarvan IV can give him some trouble. Nasus clear is decent and his sustain is great so be careful!




111_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Nautilus isn't played that much currently.Nautilus is a jungler that has a decent clear time and pretty good ganks.Nautilus needs blue buff for his first clear to be pretty effective. You can see if you want to invade blue level 1, it would putNautilusbehind. Nautilus has very good ganks, they're even better than Jarvan IV's. At all levelsNautilus has better ganks.Nautilus has slower clear time though, and he's quite squishy without items. In team fightsNautilus can be a great initiator and a peeler, this match up is pretty much even and who ever has the better team will win.

Overall:Nautilus has better ganks at all levels, Jarvan IV has faster clear, both are even in team fights, who ever has the beat team wins, even match up.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nautilus




56_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 6/10
Nocturne is a very good jungler in season 3.Nocturne has many jungle paths and can be built in many different ways.Nocturne is a champion that is difficult to invade so I don't recommend doing it.Nocturne has natural sustain with his passive so he'll be pretty healthy in the jungle.Nocturne is a great duelist because of his Q and his fear. Do not 1v1Nocturne unless you have some kind of advantage. Jarvan IV has better ganks thanNocturne before level 6. Once bothNocturne and Jarvan IV hit level 6,Nocturne has the slight advantage.Nocturne can pretty much gank any lane he wants without getting detected by wards.Nocturne is a pretty squishy champion though so you can target him first.Nocturne's spell shield doesn't stop Jarvan IV's ultimate or knock up. In team fightsNocturne will most likely use his ultimate and try to kill the carry. IfNocturne is fed you should try to peel for your carries. Buying items like Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Frozen Mallet, these items well help slow down Nocturne and hopefully give enough peel so your team can kill him. By the way Nocturne can carry pretty well. He will build lots of damage so he can take down your carries easily.

Overall:Nocturne deals more damage than you,Nocturne is a better duelist,Nocturne has better ganks at level 6, Jarvan IV has better ganks pre 6, in team fights peelNocturne if he's fed.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nocturne




20_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Nunu is a champion that is played a lot as a support, but he can also jungle. Nunu is a counter jungler, if you make one small mistake he can punish you and maybe steal a buff.Nunu'sclear is decent and he'll most likely try to counter you. When jungling as Jarvan IV against Nunu do not ever attempt any level 2 ganks. Get a no smite leash and go to your second buff and take it as fast as you can. Nunu is a great counter jungler and could make you go behind if you mess up at all. Trying to invade Nunu is a bad answer. Invading Nunu is pointless because you will not kill him, you will just get snowballed and his team can catch up and finish you. Just jungle normally, get a no smite leash, gank like normal, and make sure you keep track of your jungle timers. Nunu ganks are decent but Jarvan IV's ganks are much better. You can counter gank Nunu pretty easy because he doesn't do as much damage as you do. But Nunu can make someone useless if they do attack damage because the snowball, E can make them attack so slow that they're useless. At level 6 bothNunu and Jarvan IV have great ganks.Nunu's ultimate takes a little more patience to set up, but Nunu basically has a permanent slow. Anyways when team fights come you must check if your team has any way of disruptingNunu's ultimate. Nunu's ultimate can change the tide of a battle easily. If no one your team can stopNunu's ultimate save your E - Q combo and knock him out of it. Make sure to not use Jarvan IV's ultimate on Nunu's if your team is in it. The key to this match up is to be patience and to make sure Nunu can't get his ultimate off.

Overall:Nunu is a great counter jungler, is hard to invade, has okay ganks, can be counter ganked, has a great ultimate if he can get it all off, Jarvan IV has better ganks, you must disruptNunu in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nunu




2_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Olaf is a pretty decent jungler. Even though his ganks aren't the best he makes that up by having a great clear time. Olaf has one of the fastest clears in the game especially with his passive. The lower health Olaf has the higher his attack speed.Olaf has a better chance of out leveling Jarvan IV. Olaf's jungle speed is just to good compared to Jarvan IV's. Would I invade an Olaf? Haha no thanks! Olaf is a great duelist and if he has both red and blue buff you will not stand a chance to Olaf. I wouldn't recommend invading him, by the time you even show up to any his camps it would probably be cleared. Olaf's weakness is that he can't gank great, that is where Jarvan IV shines well. Olaf is pretty tough to counter gank because of the fact that he does more damage than Jarvan IV. But Jarvan IV will probably pull off more ganks than Olaf. Most Olafs take the summoner spell ghost6.png. You can't ghost out of Jarvan IV's ultimate. Jarvan IV is basically the only champion the game that can "cc" Olaf. In team fights you can choose to make Olaf useless for 3.5 seconds. If you use your ultimate on Olaf he will be running in their doing nothing for 3.5 seconds and hopefully your team can kill him in that amount of time. In team fights just protect your carries from Olaf so that he can't do his stupid true damage. This guy stacks a lot of hp and cooldown so try not to duel him.

Overall: Pretty even matchup, Olaf has a faster clear, bad ganks, can duel well, is hard to invade, Jarvan IV has much better ganks, can use his ultimate to lock down Olaf for 3.5 seconds, Jarvan IV is much better in team fights compared to Olaf.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Olaf




33_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 2/10




113_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Sejuani isn't played that much at all.Sejuani has a good clear time, but her ganks aren't that good.Sejuani is blue dependent and you can invade her on the first clear quite easily.Sejuani doesn't deal that much damage and is very easy to duel. When you are invading be careful.Sejuani has a gap closer that can go through walls.Sejuani is easy to counter gank.Sejuani has great ganks at level 6.Sejuani pretty much has an Ashe ultimate when she ganks.Sejuani's ultimate is ranged and has an aoe stun. The ultimate is similar to Ashe's but it stuns everyone it hits in the radius instead of slowing the othe targets.Sejuani has even ganks at level 6, so your laners must react better. In team fightsSejuani can initiate quite well. IfSejuani lands her ultimate on your whole team you can be in trouble. Do not use your ultimate ifSejuani 's team jumps on yours afterSejuani uses her ultimate.Sejuani is a decent peeler and initiator so she plays a similar role to Jarvan IV. It will come down your team to win team fights, just peel/initiate well.

Overall:Sejuani has good clear, decent ganks, easy to duel, hard to invade with her gap closer, easy to counter gank pre 6, Jarvan IV has better ganks pre 6, even ganks at 6, team fights are even.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sejuani




35_icon_64.pngDifficulty 5/10
Shaco shaco shaco... Pretty good jungler. He's honestly one of the most annoying junglers in the game. Shaco is a great counter jungler. If he you see that Shaco has took ignite be prepared to duel him in your jungle. If you're on purple side (Top right corner) Shaco will most likely wait at your red buff, put down a few boxes and wait to kill you. Ask your team your top and mid lane for help if you spotShaco at your red buff. The skillsShaco will most likely take will be Q and W. If you end up getting killed toShaco you will be very behind and it will be tough for you to come back.Shaco has to start boxes when he jungles. You and your team should take advantage of this and Invade him level 1. Nowdays mostShacos start at blue. A goodShaco will put a box then in the river bushes to scout for invades. Your team might have to take an alternative route when invading. Anyways can you invadeShaco? No you can't, if you try to invadeShaco will just Q away and make you look stupid. Shaco is alright to counter gank. MostShacos will take exhaust or ignite so after his Q he has no escape, you and your laner can focus your damage on him. Shaco will punish anyone on your team that overextends just one bit, he can dodge wards and be a pain in the ass. LuckilyShaco's Q is now a lower range so he won't jump as far.Shaco is a great early game champ, he'll have better ganks than you but won't be as effective as you are in team fights. When both champions are level 6 Jarvan IV has better ganks. Shaco can solo dragon quite easily if he knows how to use his clone good so make sure to keep it warded. Shaco will usually split push a lane because he's not that great in team fights. You can either send 1 person to stop him or you can attempt to 5v4 his team and lose a turret or two. If you do send someone whenShaco is split pushing send someone that is behind or the support. In team fights Jarvan IV is more useful. IfShaco is even in the team fight he will join it late because he's great at cleaning up.Shaco is very squishy and can die very quickly. Make sure that your carries are protected orShaco could assassinate either either of them. Be extremely careful when doing Baron. Shaco can steal Baron quite easily, buy wards and ward around the area.

Overall: Shaco is a decent counter jungler, easy to counter gank, hard to invade, can fall behind if no kills or farm, is bad in team fights, can take objectives quite easily, Jarvan IV can counter gankShaco easily, is a better team fighter, a better team player.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shaco




98_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Shen is a champion that has always been a decent pick.Shen is usually picked top lane but he can also be a decent jungler. Shen has great global presence and can be very annoying. Shen's clear is quite slow in the jungle, but he has good sustain. Do no waste your time dueling or trying to invadeShen; he will most likely be full health and has a taunt to so his team can come.Shen has okay ganks and can make champions flash pretty easily with his taunt. Anyways Shen can start either red and blue and still be decent in the jungle. You can try to invade him level 1 if you want, just don't waste your time trying to steal his buffs if he's in his jungle. Anyways Jarvan IV has better ganks thenShen pre 6. Shen's taunt can be dodged plus he has the walk closer to the champion he is ganking. Anyways you can counter gank Shen pretty easily.Shen's taunt is on a long cooldown. Remember if Shen can taunt you and your laner(s) do not focus him because he will take less physical damage. OnceShen gets level 6 you have to be careful when ganking. Shen has great global presence at level 6 and can counter gank you easily.Shen's ultimate has a big shield so you have to kill the person he's using his ultimate on fast.Shen is really tanky so be careful when you're picking fights. Anyways in team fightsShen is similar to Jarvan IV.Shen can either peel or initiate, and he'll most likely be building tanky. Also be careful with Shen's split pushing.Shen can make a 4v5 into a 5v5 quite easily. In team fightsShen will most likely use his ultimate on his carry so it'll be tough to kill them. In team fights it will pretty much depend on your team. Who ever has the better team will win team fights obviously.

Overall:Shen is hard to invade, hard to kill, hard to duel, easy to counter gank pre 6, has slow clear, has high sustain, Jarvan IV has better ganks pre 6, can get counter ganked from Shen, even in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shen




102_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 4/10
Shyvana is currently not played that much at all.Shyvana is still a good jungler but people have been using other people now (Jarvan IV :D). Anyways she's basically like Dr. Mundo, with one of the fastest clears in the game.Shyvana can start either blue or red buff and is so fast so don't bother invading. If you're going to invade make it a level 1 invade, mostShyvana's take exhaust. Anyways don't invadeShyvana she deals ton of damage early game and if she has red buff it will be hard for you to run away, just E - Q away or flash if you get caught.Shyvana can invade you early on for your first clear so always check your buff bushes before you do them.Shyvana is a "control" jungler and will most likely farm more than she ganks. Herganks are not that good so she'll farm a lot. Sort of like the Olaf match up she may out level Jarvan IV if he doesn't pull off any ganks. Try warding your jungle ifShyvana is taking your buffs or any of your camps.Shyvana has poor ganks so it's very easy to counter gank her, just be careful because she deals decent damage. Once both are level 6 Jarvan IV has much better ganks, butShyvana becomes better at diving.Shyvana gains more armor in Dragon form and will be much harder to kill. MostShyvana's take exhaust and have no escape unless she has her ultimate. Use that to your advantage if you can. In team fightsShyvana will most likely be the initiator for the other team. Jarvan IV has a much better initiate and can peel better. In team fights Jarvan IV is more useful and has more utility. PeelingShyvana is easy and Jarvan IV has a better initiate. Pretty easy match up, just don't mess up and be careful in your jungle.

Overall:Shyvana is a fast jungler, hard to invade, hard to duel, easy to counter gank, has bad ganks, Jarvan IV has better ganks, stronger initiate, better peeling, just better besides the fact thatShyvana can clear faster and uses 0 mana or energy.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shyvana




72_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 5/10
Right now Skarner isn't played that much at all.Skarner pretty much gets kited easily and can others (Vi) can do what he can do better.Skarner is also easy to kite and he will have a tougher time getting to the carries. AnywaysSkarner isn't the best in season 3 but he's still viable.Skarner is blue dependent on his first clear so your team should plan a level 1 invade. Would I invadeSkarner in the jungle? No,Skarner has really faster clear and stays pretty sustained in the jungle. It would be hard to duel him because his shield is pretty broken, he also pretty much has a permanent slow on his Q.Skarner has great clear time and will most likely get level 6 before you unless you pull of some crazy ganks before.Skarner doesn't have the best ganks pre 6, but they're okay.Skarner is pretty easy to counter gank pre 6, you should deal more burst damage and that knock is up. Be careful though,Skarner pretty much has a permanent slow on his Q. At level 6Skarner ganks become god and will most likely secure a kill. If your team is bad make sure to invest money into wards and put them inSkarner's jungle so that they can't get grabbed 24/7. If your team wards well it should be hard forSkarner to gank. At level 6 both Jarvan IV andSkarner have better ganks, butSkarner has to run to the enemy while Jarvan IV has 2 gap closers. In team fightsSkarner will most likely try to use his ultimate on one of your carries. Try your best to either have a better initiate or keepingSkarner away from your carries.Skarner will make one person useless for 1.75 seconds. IfSkarner keeps using his ultimate on one of your carries, tell them to invest their money in either Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash. Both those items will make it harder forSkarner to use his ultimate on someone. I think that Jarvan IV is a better overall champion, save your teammates from getting pulled!

Overall: Skarner has fast clear, hard to invade/duel, blue dependent first clear, tanky, perma slow, crazy ultimate, bad ganks pre 6, Jarvan IV has better ganks pre 6, even ganks at 6, can zoneSkarner in team fights.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Skarner




77_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Udyr isn't played that much at all anymore.Udyr just gets outclassed by many junglers and is easily kited. Season 3 has a lot of new champions that can blink quite easily and more places are warded which makeUdyr kind of useless without a gap closer.Udyr is great at chasing and can permanent stun if you let him.Udyr can start either blue or red but will most likely start blue buff. Do not invade him in his jungle unless it's a level 1 invade. AnywaysUdyr is quite famous for invading his enemy jungler, and he does it really well. WithUdyr's fast clear time and his ability to duel makes him a monster 1v1. Be very careful when going for your buffs,Udyr may be waiting for you. Try to stay sustained in the jungle when going againstUdyr.Udyr can be pretty hard to counter gank pre 6 because of the fact that he's pretty tanky and that he has good crowd control and he can deal lots of damage.Udyr's ganks require him to up to a champion so it's quite easy to escape him if you can see it coming. Jarvan IV has better ganks all levels, but Udyr can deal more damage if he can get the chance to. Jarvan IV can pretty much lock downUdyr because he has no way of getting out of his ultimate unless he uses flash. In team fightsUdyr isn't the best. Jarvan IV can zone him quite easily with his ultimate and will make him burn flash if he wants a piece of your carry. Jarvan IV is better in team fights, he has has a better initiate and equal peeling. Jarvan IV has a much better initiate so take advantage of it, keep that Udyr away from your carries!

Overall: Udyr isn't the best anymore, good duelest, good invader, okay ganks, fast clear, Jarvan IV better ganker, better in team fights, manlier.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Udyr




254_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 6/10
Vi is played a lot right now. Even though she got nerfed I still think she's a great pick.Vi has great clear, stays healthy, and deals tons of damage while having good crowd control. In my opinion Vi is pretty broken and more people are catching on to that (Vi nerfs). Anyways she can start either blue or red, but she will most likely start at blue. Vi's clear is pretty fast and she can gank! OH NO!!!! Anwyays don't bother trying to invade her unless it's a level 1. Vi stays very sustained in the jungle and she is great at dueling. As Jarvan IV I would not invade her, she'll just mess you up in every way. Vi is great at invading and she might do it so be careful, ward every entrance to both jungles. Vi can jump over walls and Jarvan IV's ultimate so make smart choice. Vi has great ganks pre 6 Jarvan IV has better ganks and at level 6 they're tied. At level 6 Vi can single down someone easily like a Warwick ultimate and will have a higher chance of getting that kill. Vi can counter gank you quite easily so be careful, she deals tons of damage. Vi can snowball quite well so if it gets out of control be careful. Vi has a pretty strong initiate and can knock up everyone on your team if she does it right. Jarvan IV also has a strong initiate so it will mostly be up to your team to win team fights. If Vi gets big you may have to peel her off of your carries. Vi will deal most likely deal more damage in team fights compared to Jarvan IV. To be honest this is a pretty fun match up and takes skill.

Overall: Vi is a great jungler (flavor of the month), has fast clear, good at dueling, good at invading, hard to counter gank, has good ganks, Jarvan IV better at peeling :D.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Vi




19_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 3/10
Warwick is barley played at all right now. Currently he is weak and there are a lot of champions that do what he can do but better (Skarner, Vi). Warwick is a decent pick for jungling. A level 1 invade is alright onWarwickbut he isn't that blue dependent. For your first clear I wouldn't try invading him.Warwickhas insane sustain and will most likely be on full health if you try invading him. You won't have to really worry about ganks pre 6 because he's pretty much useless.Warwickis very easy to counter gank pre 6 because he has no gap closer or any form of crowd control. Jarvan IV has much better ganks pre 6 so you can take advantage.Warwickwill most likely afk farm until he is level 6. OnceWarwick is level 6 he becomes a great ganker and is similar to Skarner and Vi.Warwickcan lock down one person on your team with his Ultimate. At level 6 both Jarvan IV andWarwickhave equal ganks. If you are ever on low healthWarwickcan see you with his scent so be careful about that. Also with his scent he can move much faster, keep this in mind. Don't stay nearWarwickif you're on low health, just in case your team is chasing him. Anyways in team fightsWarwickwill most likely initiate with his ultimate on one of your carries. As Jarvan IV you can try to save your knock up for his ultimate. As Jarvan IV you can also try to peelWarwick off of your carries. Late gameWarwickbecomes almost unkillable so make sure you got some damage. Good items againstWarwickare Last Whisper and Blade of The Ruined King. Those items will help you killWarwick easier. Who ever has the better carries will determine the team fight, Jarvan IV andWarwickinitiate well. Make sure to inform your team that you cannot cleanse out ofWarwick ultimate. Tell your teammates to buy Quicksilver sash ifWarwickkeeps using his ultimate on them.

Overall:Warwick is hard to invade, decent duelest, bad at ganking pre 6, great ganks at 6, has crazy sustain, is hard to kill late game, is tanky, Jarvan IV has better ganks pre 6, can counter gank, can peel better.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Warwick


Xin Zhao


5_icon_64.pngDifficulty: 6/10
Xin Zhao is a monster right now and is currently played a lot. Xin Zhao does tons of damage and is a great champion overall. Xin Zhao is very similar to Jarvan IV and they both can do the same roles evenly. Xin Zhao is very strong and is one of the strongest duelest. Xin Zhao can start either blue or red buff and has great sustain in the jungle. Do not waste your time invading Xin Zhao unless it's a level 1 invade. Xin Zhao will most likely have high health in the jungle and he can duel you quite easily. It's very easy for him to counter gank you so you should be very cautious. Xin Zhao is very STRONG so do not mess with him unless you know you have the advantage. At all levels Xin Zhao Jarvan IV have even ganks. They're even but Xin Zhao deals more damage in his ganks. Xin Zhao can snowball quite well and will dominate so make sure that doesn't happen. Jarvan IV can also snowball well so if you get the advantage keep it. In team fights this match up is quite even. If Xin Zhao is fed like crazy he will just kill anyone he wants. If you're both evenly fed your team will most likely be the one to carry because both Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV are equal in team fights. If he builds straight damage late game he will fall off because he will die easily, but if he builds tanky then he can become an initiator for his team. Remember that Xin Zhao's ultimate is a knock back and he can take you out of your ultimate quite easily. Pretty even match up, just try to avoid early mistakes.

Overall: Even match up, Xin Zhao is stronger, better counter ganker, slow clear, good sustain, hard to invade, hard to duel, pretty even matchup.

More Info:http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Xin_Zhao




154_64.pngDifficulty: 6/10
Zac is a great jungler and is very popular as of now. His clear is great and he has decent sustain with his blobs. He doesn't use mana or energy but health as a resource. The lower health he has the more the blobs heal. Anyways as Jarvan IV you don't have to invade him because of his passive. Zac's passive is like Anivia's and Aatrox's where he can come back to life if all of his little blobs can reform to make Zac come back to life. With that being said be careful and don't get baited! To check if Zac's passive is up click on him and if the icon is gray it's not on but if the icon is green his passive is up. Anyways Zac is very similar to Jarvan IV they are both very mobile and have great ganks while being pretty tanky. Jarvan IV should deal more damage in ganks compared to Zac. Is it possible to counter gank Zac? Yes it is but if Zac's passive is up watch out and try not to focus him. Remember if you do kill Zac and his passive is up you'll have to kill 4 of his blobs. If your smite is up you can smite his blobs and madred's/wriggles will proc and deal more damage to his blobs. In team fights Zac has the same role as Jarvan IV to disrupt and initiate. Zac isn't the best at peeling but he can do that. Zac will try to be annoying and it's hard to deal with his passive in team fights. He will try to knock up your whole team so team fights are pretty much even. Team fights will most likely be determined by who has the better carries. It's a pretty even match up but it can be difficult depending on how annoying Zac is.

Overall: Zac is a great jungler and is similar to Jarvan IV, has good sustain and isn't worth invading unless passive is down, pretty even matchup.

Jungle Routes Back to Top

Jarvan IV is a jungler that can take many paths. Even though he Jarvan IV uses mana he doesn't have to start Blue buff to clear his jungle. But it is recommended to start Blue buff just to be safe. I like to get no smite leashes on Jarvan IV because you gank pull off an early gank or an invade.


Route 1: 
Smite Blue -> Wolves or Wraithes -> Smite Red -> Then either gank, back, or clear your jungle.

Route 2: 
Smite on Red -> Wraithes or Wolves -> Smite Blue -> Then either gank, back, or clear your jungle.

Route 3:
Smiteless Blue -> Smite Wight -> Wolves -> Smite Red-> Double Golems -> Wraithes -> Then either gank, back or clear jungle.

Special thanks to Holtus and Buiiiii for helping with the routes.

Will update these later when new summoner's map comes out.

Jungle Spawn Time Back to Top

Wolves spawn at 2:05 and the respawn timer is 0:50.
Wraiths spawn at 2:05 and the respawn timer is 0:50.
Wight spawn at 2:05 and the respawn timer is 0:50.
Double Golems spawn at 2:05 and the respawn timer is 0:50.
Blue Buff spawns at 1:55 and the respawn timer is 5:00.
Red Buff spawns at 1:55 and the respawn timer is 5:00.
Dragon spawns at 2:30 and the respawn timer is 6:00.
Baron Nasher spawns at 15:00 and the respawn timer is 7:00.


- Keep time stamps on chat, you can do this by going into your settings.
- Always tell your team when important objectives will spawn, for example you kill Dragon at 15:34 so you tell your team "Dragon 21:34" so that they know when it will spawn and you can pink ward it and get ready for it again.
- Depending on the enemy jungler if they start blue you can try to steal it at around 7:00 if you spot their jungler some where far away. Doing this can put the enemy mid lane behind and put you ahead, you can also do this with red buff. Also make sure you can do this safely or you may get caught. Try to see if you can get your mid laner to come to the enemy buffs with you.

Warding Back to Top

Warding is one of the best ways to win in League of Legends. Map awareness is key and you should always have as much wards as you can. Dragon should always be warded. The jungler an support should always try to buy a pink ward so that you can knock the enemies out. If you can't afford a pink ward make sure to always have a regular ward. When mid to late game comes always have Baron warded. Baron is a buff that can change the tide of games. If you can have someone on your team get a pink ward on Baron. Vision in that area is key and if the enemy team can't see it they're at a big disadvantage. The support shouldn't be the only one buying wards anyone else on your team can buy wards also. Also these are not the only spots you have to ward on the the picture you see above, you can ward any where else on the map that needs to be covered depending on your game.
Credits to VoyBoy for making this video. It's informative and tells you details about map control.

Smite Back to Top

11.png Smite is a must for jungling, you must take smite when you jungle! Smite is used to secure objectives or to steal them, which can turn the tables of a game.

Damage per Level

Level 1: 390 Damage
Level 2: 410 Damage
Level 3: 430 Damage
Level 4: 450 Damage
Level 5: 480 Damage
Level 6: 510 Damage
Level 7: 540 Damage
Level 8: 570 Damage
Level 9: 600 Damage
Level 10: 640 Damage
Level 11: 680 Damage
Level 12: 720 Damage
Level 13: 760 Damage
Level 14: 800 Damage
Level 15: 850 Damage
Level 16: 900 Damage
Level 17: 950 Damage
Level 18: 1000 Damage

Cool down for smite is 40 seconds now and 36 seconds if you run utlity tree.


- You can use smite on monsters that spawn on the enemy team, for example: Malzahar voidling, Annie's Tibbers, Heimerdinger's turrets.
- It's good to smite cannon minions when pushing.
- Smite procs spell vamp if you're a champion like Lee Sin or Olaf.
- You can use smite more often on camps now because of how short the cooldown is.

Level 1 Scouting Back to Top

Jarvan IV is similar to Maokai, he can put down a flag in bushes which give vision so you can see if an enemy is invading. Jarvan IV's flag acts like a ward.


This is a good example on how to scout, the enemy team may try to invade from the river.

HJvWIu4.jpgThis is also another good spot to scout to protect your blue buff.


This is a good spot because some people like to invade from this way.


Good spot to scout if they're doing red.


If you're starting red this is a good spot to scout.


If you're starting red this could be a good spot to scout, but your bot lane might be there regardless.

These scouting techniques pretty much work on both sides. This is also another great reason that you should start E on Jarvan IV jungle. You can also scout other locations besides these ones. Jarvan IV can get mana hungry so try to be smart about scouting. The flag could also be used as a tool to invade.

Avoiding Wards Back to Top

This will be a similar chapter to Level 1 scouting. Jarvan IV has a good way to avoid wards with his E - Q combo. Make sure to tell your laners to wait for your cooldowns so that they know not to go in after you do the trick.





This is a good way to avoid wards because people usually ward outside of the bush so they can see further. If they don't ward in the river bush you can do this quite easily.



This is a great way to gank mid if you are level 6. You can usually burn flash if they have no escape. Once you know their mid has no escape you can do this trick again and trap them in your ultimate.

Jarvan IV has many ways to avoid wards. There are of course more spots than this. He's very mobile and can be a sneaky ninja. 

Champions that Jarvan IV can gank easily Back to Top

These are the champions that have no natural escape besides using flash.


These are the champions that Jarvan IV can use his ultimate on pretty easily. The only way they could get out would be by flashing which is fine because flash is on a longer cooldown then Jarvan IV's ultimate.

Champions that give Jarvan IV a tough time when ganking Back to Top

These are champions that can get out of Jarvan IV's ultimate without flash.


These are champions that Jarvan IV has to communicate with his team to perform better ganks with. These champions can somehow blink out of his Jarvan IV's ultimate. 

Good team compositions with Jarvan IV Back to Top

Jarvan IV can fit in almost team composition, but he's best with aoe.

Example of team compositions:

3_icon_64.png62_icon_64.png59_icon_64.png104_icon_64.png143_icon_64.png Galio can taunt the whole  team and set up Jarvan IV for his ultimate, Wukong can dash in and do his ultimate, Graves can smoke screen the enemy team use his Q and R, Zyra can snare most of the enemies and use her ultimate for the knock up! That's broken.

34_icon_64.png54_icon_64.png59_icon_64.png81_icon_64.png89_icon_64.png Javan IV can use his ultimate on the whole enemy team, Anivia can use her ultimate in your arena, Malphite will use his ultimate on the enemies grouped in Jarvan IV's ultimate, Leona can use her ultimate in Jarvan IV's ultimate, and Ezreal can use his ultimate and hit all the enemy champions.

These are just examples, of course you can use more champions than just these 8_icon_64.png31_icon_64.png61_icon_64.png etc.

Jarvan IV pretty much fits any team composition, he does very well with aoe. Jarvan IV can also become a peeler and doesn't have to initiate.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Team fighting is a thing that Jarvan IV is great at. Your build can depend on what you can do. If you have built like an assassin (3071_32.png3078_32.png3074_32.png etc.) you can choose to dunk the carry. Try and get a perfect E - Q combo on a carry, if they flash or use an escape use your ultimate to finish them. If you have build like a tank (3143_32.png3083_32.png3110_32.pngetc.) you should initiate and try to use your ultimate on as many enemy champions as you can. Use Jarvan IV's E - Q combo on as many champions as you can and use your ultimate on all of them. Make sure your team can follow up or you may just get focused fast and get melted. If your team already has a good initiate and needs someone to peel (3143_32.png3022_32.png3190_32.pngetc.) then stick on your carries and peel for them. Do not use your ultimate on the enemies if they're on your carries. Use your ultimate on the enemy when they're not close so that your carries can take them out. Jarvan IV can pretty much be built for any situation. Build what your team needs and find out what your team needs you to do!

tl;dr - Jarvan IV can either be an initiator, a peeler, a fighter, an assassin or a disruptor.

Example of Initiating:

Example of Peeling:

Videos Back to Top

This section will show case me playing Jarvan IV in Season 4:

This section will show case me playing Jarvan IV in Season 3:

I will add more!

Jungle Commandments Back to Top

This section is dedicated to some of the basic rules of jungling. These are mostly opinions and you don't have to follow them at all. Maybe checking these out will help you become a better jungler! These were made up by other people and the credit goes to them. You don't always have to listen to these rules. Use your best judgement.

Added 5 reasons Why Your Jungler Hates You, credits to gregidot:

Who is Jarvan IV? Back to Top

Jarvan IV is one of the manliest champions of League of Legends. He is a great champion and can do a lot of things that others can't do. Jarvan IV can be built in many ways and is very versatile (See Items section). Jarvan IV is a champion that takes lots of patience and skill to use. If you're looking for a fun champion and like to play various roles then Jarvan IV is the champion for you.

Pros of Jarvan IV:
- Can be built in many ways and can adapt to any team composition.
- Can be used as a tank, assassin, peeler, support, initiator, disrupt, just about anything you want.
- Has great mobility; 2 gap closers and can go over any terrain in the game.
- Can make terrain.
- Deals aoe damage.
- Is great with aoe champions such as 8_icon_64.png3_icon_64.png34_icon_64.png30_icon_64.png etc.
- Gives aura buff; attack speed and armor.
- Great at locking down champions that use ghost 2_icon_64.png27_icon_64.png.
- Screams DEMACIA!!!

Cons of Jarvan IV:
- Can start to get mana hungry.
- Takes some time to get used to.
- Takes skill to play.
- Can fit almost any team composition.
- Very reliant on hitting the E - Q combo.
- Champions with natural escapes 103_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png35_icon_64.png81_icon_64.pngetc. can mess easily get out of Jarvan IV's ultimate.
4.png Flash can easily counter your ultimate.
- Easily kited after using E - Q combo If you have no ultimate.
- Is pretty much an all in champion after using E - Q combo.
- Bad ultimates can make your team lose team fights. "I'm Jarvan, I'm helping."
- Bad vs aoe team comps, If you use your ultimate on 30_icon_64.png and your team is nearby that could be bad!

Base Stats:
Health - 420 (+90)
Health Regeneration - 7.0 (+0.7)
Mana - 235 (+40)
Mana Regeneration - 6.0 (+0.45)
Range - 175
Attack Damage - 50 (+3.4)
Attack Speed - 0.658 (+2.5%)
Armor - 14 (+3)
Magic Resistance - 30 (+1.25)
Movement Speed - 340

Jarvan IV Champion Spotlight:
Pdd Picks Jarvan IV:

As the royal family of Demacia for centuries, members of the Lightshield line have spent their lives waging war against any who opposed Demacian ethics. It is said that every Lightshield is born with anti-Noxian sentiment in his blood. Jarvan IV is no exception, even though he is the first Lightshield born to the age of League of Legends. As his forefathers had before him, he led Demacian troops into bloody engagements with Noxian forces, and on many occasions he has bled alongside wounded allies and fallen comrades. In his most crushing defeat, he was outmaneuvered and captured by a Noxian battalion under the command of 20px-SwainSquare.png Jericho Swain. This mistake nearly cost him his life at the hands of 20px-UrgotSquare.png Urgot, but he was rescued by the Dauntless Vanguard, an elite Demacian strike force led by Jarvans childhood companion, 20px-GarenSquare.png Garen.

Those close to him believed that his capture had changed him. 20px-XinZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao was quoted as saying: "His eyes never seemed to look at you, only through you to something he could not look away from." One day, without warning, Jarvan IV handpicked a squad of Demacian soldiers and left Demacia, vowing to find "atonement". He began by tracking and hunting the most dangerous beasts and bandits he could find in northern Valoran, but he soon tired of such prey. Seeking something that only he understood, he ventured south of the Great Barrier. He wasnt heard from again for nearly two years. After many had assumed the worst, he returned to glorious fanfare on the streets of Demacia. His Demacian plates were adorned with the bones and scales of creatures unknown. His eyes bore the wisdom of someone twice his age. Of the twelve soldiers who had departed with him, only two returned. In a tone as cold and steady as steel, he swore to bring the enemies of Demacia to their knees.

There is only one truth, and you will find it at the point of my lance.
The last words of Jarvan IV at his failed execution

Source: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jarvan_IV/Background

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This section well be dedicated to people that have used my guide. If you want to send me a screen shot send me an email to jimmysmackthat@yahoo.com or comment down below. Normals or ranked i'll accept it all! :)

The Kolling:

SKA SkeleZ:


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This section will be me showcasing my stream http://www.twitch.tv/padookey. I will try to stream as much as I can and you may see me play Jarvan IV. I also play other junglers such as Xin Zhao and Lee Sin. Usually i'll be making plays with these champions so expect see something amazing. I will try my best to teach you guys how to jungle better. Thank you for watching! :)

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If you need some motivation to win you should check out this video. When I'm feeling down or on a losing streak I look this video and it gives me the motivation to keep trying. Credits to blakinola for making this great video!

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Hello my name is Jimmy and I have put in a lot of effort making this Jarvan IV guide. Jarvan IV is my favorite champion and I have never gotten bored of playing him. I currently play on the North America League of Legend server. My name on League of Legends is Call me J4. Before the new ranked system my elo was 1780. I have had my fair share with Jarvan IV and I will try my best to share my tips and ideas with you guys! If you have any questions or if you wanna comment, then just comment haha. Sometimes I stream on Twitch.tv/padookey so you may see me there. If you have any questions you can email me at jimmysmackthat@yahoo.com or leave a comment below and i'll try my best to answer. I will try and update my guide as much as I can so you guys can look forward to that. This is my first guide so yes it's not the best. My guide is not complete yet, i'm in the process of it making it the best I can. I have now recently changed my name from Call me J4 to Padookey.

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I currently have an upcoming Xin Zhao guide: http://www.lolking.net/guides/241641



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