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November's "Month of Gratitude" Giveaway 2017

Posted 3 November 2017 by Comely

"Hey there everyone. It’s been about 5 months since I’ve stepped into the role of site producer here at LolKing. In that time, the LolKing team has been busy grinding away behind the scenes to improve the site. We’ve made big changes to mobile accessibility site-wide, implemented a super useful first death map to profiles, and made countless other tweaks and improvements. There is a lot in the pipeline that I’m excited for you to see -- stuff that will improve the user experience for everyone.

Of course, all the improvements in the world don’t matter without you, the ones visiting our site! We want to thank you for all your continued support over the years. As just a small token of this appreciation, we wanted to take November to try and give back a bit with a series of giveaways, not just at LolKing but our other ZAM Network sites as well. I hope you’ll have a look and see all the great stuff we're giving away, because it's a pretty cool bunch of prizes, if I say so myself.

Thank you, as always, for visiting LolKing and supporting the work we do here. We're working hard to make it even better for you in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned!"


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