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Highest Win Rate

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Patch 7.22 Rundown: Pre-season to Season 8 Officially Begins!

This patch is the big one we've been waiting for including Runes Reforged as well as the demise of Catchup XP's reign!

Preseason is finally here! We have a fully updated rune calculator here! So if you want to check out any of the new runes just click the above link!

Because this is the preseason patch, there are a TON of minor champion changes to compensate for the new rune system. We've organized the biggest changes up at the top and the minor changes below.
What's New

Buffs to Base Stats and Passive

Base Stats
  • Base armor from 28 increased to 37.
Demon Shade(P)
  • Damage from any source puts Demon Shade on a 4 second cooldown changed to Damage from enemy champion puts Demon Shade on a 1.5 second cooldown.
What's New

Buffs to Base Stats and Nerf to Q.

Base Stats
  • Base attack damage from 55 increased to 63.
  • Base armor from 30 increased to 39.
Corrosive Charge(Q)
  • Time before detonation from .5 seconds increased to 0.6 seconds.
What's New

Buffs to Base Stats and Q

Base Stats
  • Base armor from 30 increased to 39.
  • Base attack damage from 57 increased to 65.
Last Rites(Q)
  • Now affects turrets.
Non-Champion Changes

All Support Line Items

What's New

All now grant Bandit as a Passive effect

Coin line/Spellthief's Edge line/Relic Shield line
  • Now grants Bandit as a passive:Attack enemy champions for 10g. 3g for ranged auto attacks. 4s cooldown.

Relic Shield line

What's New

Charge heals now heal more

Relic Shield line
  • Killing a minion with a Spoils of War charge heals for 2% of missing health in addition to the flat heal.

Spellthief's Edge line

What's New

Buffs to gold in base and damage in all

Spellthief's Edge
  • Gold from 8 increased to 10 per stack.
  • Damage from 10 increased to 13 per stack.
Frost Fang, Frost Queen's Claim, Eye of the Watcher
  • Damage from 15 increased to 18.
  • They accidentally remove the 10% cooldown reduction from the tooltip, but will still give the 10%.

Poacher's Dirk

What's New

Cost reduced, no cooldown, increased camp stolen for completion

  • Combine cost from 250 decreased to 150g. (500g total cost).
  • 30s cooldown between camps taken decreased to NO cooldown.
  • Camps needed to transform from 3 camps increased to 4 camps.

Experience Changes

What's New

Takedown Experience removed, Catchup XP lowered and centered on big monsters

Takedown Experience
  • Earning a kill or assist while below your team's average level no longer grants bonus experience.
Catchup XP
  • 30 XP per level behind on any monster changed to 50 XP per level behind only on Large or Epic Monsters.
  • First clear experience reduction no longer applies to Wolf Camp ro small Razorbeaks.
  • Gromp first clear experience reduction from 25% increased to 50%.
  • Red Brambleback from 200 experience decreased to 180 experience.
  • Blue Sentinel from 200 experience decreased to 180 experience.
Lolking Analysis
  • Basically what this all means is that you can't rely completely on catchup XP from Razorbeaks and Krugs to get you back in the game if you're far behind.
  • You can now get level 3 from clearing Wolves+Blue Sentinel+Gromp for champions that want to rush it, Fiddlesticks comes to mind.
  • Falling behind and getting a kill will not give you massive amounts of XP either so a roaming playstyle will now get punished.

Jungle CS change

What's New

All camps will now show as giving 4 cs

  • All camps are now worth 4 monsters. (Gromp=4 monsters, Little Razorbeaks are 0.4 monsters.)
Lolking Analysis
  • This will make it easier for everyone to understand how far ahead or behind their jungler is in comparison to the enemy jungler.
  • One downside is for people who can count the enemy jungler's CS and track them. Guess those people will just have to ward now.....

Extra damage to minions

What's New

This is so people can still last hit

  • Basic attacks deal 5 bonus damage to lane minions.

Game Start time

What's New

Game starts quicker and Homestart is stronger

Relic Shield line
  • All game mechanics start 10 seconds earlier including Bard Chimes, Skarner's Crystals and Smite Cooldown.
  • Game start time from 1:20 reduced to 1:10 seconds.
  • Homestart effect when the game starts is stronger.

Champ Select

What's New

15 extra seconds temporarily

Champ Select
  • Temporarily adding 15 seconds to the "Select Loudout" part of champion select to give people more time to pick their runes.

Uncapped Leveling

What's New

No level cap/IP turns into Blue Essence/Changes to Boosts

Leveling system
  • Level 30 cap changed to NO LEVEL CAP.
  • "Instead of getting IP after every game, you'll receive a capsule each time you level up. Capsules almost always contain champion shards. Exceptions to this will be on certain milestone levels such as 50, 75, 100, etc, where you can get extra goodies. When these levels are reached, you'll get exclusive rewards to show off your status in-game. These rewards include a special high-level ward skin, milestone emotes which you can upgrade using blue essence, and at very high milestone levels, maybe even a gemstone." -Taken from Riot Games
IP and Blue Essence Merge
  • IP will be turning into Blue Essence. Loot and leveling will be connected by the merge of IP and Blue Essence.
  • New Blue essence will work in all places that either Blue Essence or IP currently work with. Everything will cost the same as it did in the old IP based system.
  • IP boosts are being removed from the stores.
  • XP Boosts will still be available.
  • Any active IP boosts will get converted to XP boosts.
  • XP boosts will help increase the speed you unlock content by leveling faster and earning capsules faster. To reflect the increased value of XP Boosts, they'll be increasing the price of XP boosts to be closer to the value of an IP boost.
Last Modified On: November 6, 2017
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