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Highest Win Rate

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Analyze This: Champions That Dominate the Current Meta

Here at LolKing, we're always looking for ways to give our users an edge on their opponent and increase their chances of winning. What better way to do this then to tell you what champions have the highest win rates? That's why we've compiled a list of this month's champions with the highest win rates for each role in the current metagame!

Rumble (Top) - “Who you callin’ little?”

Rumble was an absolute powerhouse in the top lane having win rates as high as 61.93%. However, after the nerf to his Flamespitter and passive a few patches ago, he has a 53% win rate--which is still the highest win rate for a top lane champion.
Rumble is particularly strong in the current top lane because of the great early game synergy in his skill set. Having abilities with no cost let him bully resource dependent champions and establish dominance. Additionally, he makes a great counter to champions with weak early games like Vladimir as well as melee champions; if melee opponents go to last hit, then he will simply force them to trade blows inefficiently or take free damage. This aggression will eventually result in Rumble forcing his opponent to go back to base, be zoned, or die.

Zyra (Mid) - “Just a harmless flower.”

Zyra was completely overpowered upon release achieving win rates as high as 60.93% pre-nerf. After a multitude of nerfs she still averages a 53% win rate, giving her the highest win rate for a middle lane champion.
Zyra has a few key strengths: high burst, amazing lane pushing, and strong crowd control. This means a few things. Firstly, it means you have strong killing potential in lane. She has the ability to win her lane and shut down the opponent’s mid laner. Secondly, she has very strong lane pushing. This means if you’re losing your lane you can safely push the lane to the opponent’s tower, take your wraiths, and try to get more farm than your opponent. Having the ability to lane push is important against mid laners like Ryze who struggle with it. Lastly, her ultimate has a huge area of effect and serves as crowd control that can change team fights in your favor.

Amumu (Jungle) - “Let me give you a hug.”

Surprisingly, Amumu has had one of the highest win rates for a while now, which is probably why he got slightly nerfed by Riot. Still, even with the reputation of being blue dependent and susceptible to counter-jungling, he maintains an impressive 55% win rate.
As everyone knows, Amumu has a very weak early game which makes him susceptible to counterjungling. However, he makes up for this with an incredible team presence. Unlike a jungler like Lee Sin, where getting fed early is needed in order to have any sort of team fight presence, Amumu's cc-heavy skill set and a range of diverse builds allow him to help his team whether or not he struggled in the jungle. Amumu fits perfectly in the current metagame of tanky junglers.

Ezreal (AD Carry) - “You belong in a museum!”

Ezreal emerged as one of the strongest AD carries after being a niche pick for quite awhile. He currently averages a 54% win rate, which is the highest of all AD carries.
Ezreal's strength comes from Arcane Shift's mobility, Essence Flux's harassment potential, and his passive which buffs his own attack speed. Essence Flux in particular allows him dominance in the laning phase: he can harass enemies through creeps without pushing the lane and debuff their attack speed at the same time. As an added bonus, even if Ezreal loses lane, he can still safely farm with Mystic Shot's high range and use Arcane Shift as a second flash to escape any danger. His global ultimate also serves as a great wave clearer late game when separating from the team can mean a free Baron for the enemy.

Taric (Support) - “Gems? Gems are truly outrageous. They are truly, truly, truly outrageous.”

Taric is currently one of the best supports in the game. With crowd control, high burst, enemy armor debuff, ally buffs, and a heal, it’s no wonder he maintains a 54% win rate.
Taric has almost everything you would want in a support and this makes him incredibly strong. He can fit both passive and kill lanes with ease. His ability Shatter synergizes extremely well with laning partners, such as Corki and Graves, increasing their armor as an aura and debuffing enemies' armor when used. His other ability, Dazzle, gives him insane killing potential in lane and also helps win trades. His ultimate combined with Shatter gives amazing burst damage as well as great buffs to his AD carry.
Oh and did I mention he has a heal? Truly, truly outrageous.
Last Modified On: October 1, 2012
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