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Highest Win Rate

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Analyze This: Champions With The Lowest Win Rates

With the end of Season 2 around the corner, some of us are frantically grinding ranked. For this week's post, we've used our data to compile a list of champions you and your teammates might want to avoid playing. It's time to analyze the champions with the lowest win rates!

Syndra - “A whole world to toy with.”

Ranked Solo Queue
  • Wins 31.67% of Games
  • Popularity: 2.06% of All Games
Syndra's been struggling to win games ever since her release--despite buffs, she still has an extremely low win rate. Although she has great poke and single target burst, she lacks an escape in a metagame dominated by gap closing bruisers. Furthermore, the prevalence of ability power assassins in the middle lane such as Evelynn, Katarina, Ahri, and Diana directly counters Syndra. However, many of the mid lane assassins are going to become weaker from the future nerf to Deathfire Grasp. These nerfs to mid lane assassins in addition to the quality of life buffs coming to Syndra will likely increase her win rate, but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to become a viable pick.

Karma - “An enlightened decision.”

Ranked Solo Queue
  • Wins 37.90% of Games
  • Popularity: 0.65% of All Games
Karma not only has the second lowest win rate, she's also the least popular champion. She's been in this state of limbo for quite awhile. Although she was designed to be a support, Karma doesn't really fit anywhere in the current meta; the problem with her as a support is that her skills don't synergize with ranged champions. They require both allies and enemies to be close to maximize their effects, but that's difficult with a ranged lane partner. Additionally, she lacks the crowd control needed to catch people out of position and make plays. Perhaps one day after the long awaited Karma remake she will finally become viable.

Kha'Zix - “Devour their bones.”

Ranked Solo Queue
  • Wins 42.43% of Games
  • Popularity: 7.11% of All Games
Kha'Zix had a win rate of 40% upon release and it's only risen by 2% since then. He's probably most viable as a jungler; his strength comes from his passive's slow and ability to leap on to enemies. His high damage output combined with this gap-closer make for strong ganks, but the lack of stuns/snares become apparent against champions with escapes. In team fights, he functions as an AD assassin, but is unable to stick to high priority targets. His lack of crowd control, initiation, and peel becomes apparent if he falls behind--unlike junglers such as Amumu, Kha'Zix needs to do well in order to have a team fight presence.

Master Yi - “Your skills are inferior!”

Ranked Solo Queue
  • Wins 42.82% of Games
  • Popularity: 2.01% of All Games
Master Yi can be played as an AD jungle or an AP carry. He's known for his amazing clear speed, which isn't as relevant in the current jungle where camps have become easier to kill. One of his biggest weaknesses is his lack of crowd control. That alone wouldn't be a problem, but he doesn't bring the initiation or defensive ability needed to have a presence in team fights. As an AP carry, Master Yi relies on his ultimate to reset his cooldowns through kills and assists; without the reset, his damage becomes too low. This high risk, high reward nature of Master Yi is overshadowed by safer picks that produce more consistent results.

Urgot - “Death is the only escape.”

Ranked Solo Queue
  • Wins 43.33% of Games
  • Popularity: 0.74% of All Games
Urgot was once a viable pick made popular in European competitive play, but has now faded in to obscurity. The current state of Urgot is most likely a product of Riot swinging the nerf bat a little too hard. Every one of his abilities, as well as his base health, received a nerf. The range of all his abilities were reduced in addition to his ability to absorb damage. This meant his harass in lane was weaker and his kill potential at level 6 was no longer as powerful. Additionally, it impacts his team fighting where the success of his ultimate relies on tanking damage. Urgot no longer fits the niche pick in the bottom lane that he was once known for.
Last Modified On: December 4, 2012
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