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Analyze This: Evelynn, Twitch, and Xin Zhao's Remakes

After gathering data for a while, we've decided to post our findings on the three recently reworked champions: Evelynn, Twitch, and Xin Zhao! At a glance, it looks like Xin Zhao's remake was the most successful of the bunch: both his popularity and win percentage jumped up significantly.
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Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao has been considered a bad pick for quite a while now. However, after the recent patch, he was completely remade and given significant buffs. As a result, he's been played a lot more with a drastically higher win percentage than before in both ranked and normal matches!
Before the patch he averaged 1-1.5% popularity in ranked games from all brackets and 9-10% in normals. His win percentage for both modes was around 45%.
Since the patch he's been in around 25% popularity for both normal and ranked. His win percentage also jumped into the early to mid fifties for both modes.


The recent patch contained a remake for Evelynn that was supposed to greatly increase her viability. However, after an initial burst of play, she fell into obscurity again. Riot is aware that she remains underwhelming and plans to buff her in August's patch.
Before the patch she was less than 1% of ranked games from all brackets and 3-5% of normal games. Her win rate was as low as 28% in ranked and around 40% in normal.
After the patch she had an initial surge of popularity up to 57% in normal and 14.5% in ranked the first 48 hours after the patch. It quickly dropped, however, down to an average of 3.5% popularity in ranked with 10% in normals. While she remains unpopular her win ratio did increase: it jumped as much as 10% in ranked to an average of 40% and 5% in normals to an average of 45%.


Twitch was a high reward and high risk jungler until his recent remake where his stealth was nerfed. He was put back in the bot lane as a carry. Unfortunately, though, he hasn't found a niche yet: the remake did little to increase the amount he's chosen.
Before the patch he averaged 2% popularity in ranked and 7-8% popularity in normal games. He was around the 45% for win ratios in both ranked and normal matches.
After the patch he jumped up to 7% popularity in ranked and 28% in normal, but it was short lived. He quickly fell down to almost identical numbers to his old popularity, hoving around 2% in ranked and 7% in normal. His win ratios seem similar, barely reaching 50% at their peak.

Your Opinion

So what do you think of this round of remakes--were they what you expected? Do you still cringe when you see an Evelynn lock in on your team or are you having the time of your life as Xin Zhao top?

Last Modified On: September 13, 2012
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