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Analyze This: The Newest Champions

People in champion select are yelling at you to ban Diana. Your friends are telling you to ban Rengar instead. The professionals are saying Syndra is underpowered and no one can seem to agree on Kha'Zix. How do you know what to think? To save you from a stroke, we here at LolKing have used our data to provide you with an analysis of the four most recent additions to the Fields of Justice.

Diana - “A new moon is rising.”

Diana had win rates as high as 57% when she was first released and was rightfully considered overpowered. After she was nerfed her win rate dropped to an average of 50%, which she still maintains to this day.
Diana's success comes from her high kill potential in middle lane. She has the ability to gap close on to an enemy, stick to them, while also outputting tremendous burst damage. This makes her a great counter to squishy champions such as Twisted Fate. Additionally, Diana scales relatively well as the game progresses unlike other champions that try to fit a similar role such as LeBlanc or Fizz.

Syndra - “So much untapped power!”

Syndra had an abysmal 25% win rate on release. Shortly after she was buffed which resulted in an increase to 40%. Why is Syndra having such difficulty winning?
Syndra doesn't fit very well in the current metagame. She has no escapes, a crowd control skill that's difficult to use, and is relatively squishy. With the ever increasing amount of gap closing champions and the prevalence of junglers who focus on ganking, Syndra struggles to be viable as a mid laner. However, she does have strong lane harass, single target burst, and her win rates have steadily increased after her buffs. Still, it raises the question: Is the problem that her damage needs to be buffed again or is she doomed to fail because her design doesn't fit in the current meta?

Rengar - “Tonight we hunt!”

Rengar had win rates as low as 38% on release that steadily increased as people learned how to play him. He then received quality of life buffs and his win rate shot up to 59%. The following patch he was nerfed dropping his win rate to 53%.
Rengar is a strong addition to the plethora of gap closing bruisers. He can be played top or the jungle, but seems to excel as a jungler because of his ganks. His ultimate grants him stealth as well as movement speed, which allows him to move past enemy wards unseen. He can then jump on to an enemy, slow or snare him with bola strike, and output tons of damage. This makes his ganks not only extremely difficult to counter, but also frustrating to deal with.

Kha'Zix - “ good.”

Kha'Zix has a relatively low win rate of 40%. It's still too early to tell whether or not Kha'Zix is underpowered or people are still learning to play him. However, Rengar had an almost identical win rate on release, and was later buffed by Riot. If Kha'Zix' win rates don't improve, watch out for a future buff.
Kha'Zix is a gap closing assassin with high physical burst damage. His ultimate grants him bonus movement speed and stealth, which helps his ganks, but he lacks strong crowd control. He doesn't have any defensive steroids and two of the most popular items currently built on him are the Brutalizer and Bloodthirster. This lack of defense could be why he's struggling to win games. The current metagame usually requires your jungler to be relatively tanky with a decent amount of crowd control. Junglers such as Amumu, Maokai, and Skarner have found great success in the current meta. Will Kha'Zix find a niche within the jungle, will he find success in the top lane, or will he fade in to mediocrity? We'll have to wait and see.
Last Modified On: October 23, 2012
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