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7.5 Bans: What Champions Shouldn't Make it Through Champion Select

The most recent patch is still fresh, but a lot has changed in the past weeks with several nerfs to the top champions such as Corki. Since this is switching up the meta,  we figured it was about time to re-visit the most banned champions in high ranked solo queue and explain why they’re so strong--as well as why you should be banning them (or maybe even picking them if they’re available).

Most Banned Champions (2nd of March - 9th of March)



Don't let this chart fool you though, as it includes bans before Patch 7.5 hit, if we instead look at daily stats from NA and EU for example, we can see that LeBlanc's priority has gone down a lot, following extremely hard nerfs to her damage output.

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Must Bans


Graves is still looking dominant, especially after recent nerfs to Rengar and Kha'zix, pushing them away in favor of The Outlaw.

Graves is consistently a top ban and for good reason. While he has very limited crowd control for ganks, his high damage output is usually enough with any kind of set up CC from his laners.

Graves clears the jungle fast and he's an extremely strong duelist that is able to kill most enemy junglers in a straight up 1v1. If you ever show up on one side of the map, you can expect Graves to be able to quickly clear the other half of the map,

The problem with Graves is that alongside all that damage is a champion that is deceptively hard to kill. With Quickdraw's passive, True Grit, Graves gets a ton of Armor and Magic Resistance and with enough Cooldown Reduction he can have it up very often.

True Grit combined with items such as Phantom Dancer, Sterak's Gage, Maw of Malmortius or Death's Dance allow him to stay alive for longer while he chunks down his targets with his pellets.


Compared to previous patches, Jayce isn't banned nearly as frequently, but that doesn't mean he's not extremely dangerous.

With LeBlanc and other champions getting nerfed as well, it also opens more space to ban out Jayce instead.

Simply put, Jayce just dominates and bullies most champions out of lane. His ranged poke combined with his all in damage by going melee and dropping down his hammer is just too much to handle for most champions and he will either push his opponents out of lane or straight up kill them.

If he ever gets a lead, you can expect him to start chunking your carries for half of their health from several screens away with an accelerated Shock Blast.

The best way to contain him is to play ranged matchups versus him. Lux and Ahri do quite well in the mid lane, and Kayle and Quinn are good options in the top lane.

If you're playing a tank, accept that you will be behind and try to set up ganks for your jungler with your Crowd Control, once locked down, Jayce goes down very fast.


Consider Banning


Katarina has been a relatively popular champion for the entirety of her rework and recently she's been showing up more on the ban charts.

Compared to pre-rework Katarina, the new one is much better in lane, and even has kill potential from level 2 onwards if she sets up her daggers correctly.

Right now, Katarina has good matchups against most of the mid laners in the meta, such as Ryze, Cassiopeia, Syndra or Viktor. Her mobility makes her a real nuisance, being able to dodge most of the incoming damage with repeated Shunpos.

Once again, with LeBlanc becoming less of a ban priority there's more room to ban the Sinister Steel.


If she does get through the draft and you get to counterpick, long range control mages typically do well against her, such as Vel'koz or Anivia. Targeted CC from someone like Annie is also welcome.

Other than that, if you're against her be sure to bring multiple exhausts.



Kha'zix lost part of his power after the 7.2 nerfs, but he's still a dominant jungler.

Much like other top tier junglers currently, Kha'zix clears fast and is a strong duelist.

Kha'zix is much safer than before, as it's easier to move in a teamfight and find the right target to burst without getting spotted by a Vision Ward. He also has added utility than he had before his rework, as evolving his spike racks will allow him to slow isolated targets for 80%

If you're jungling against Kha'zix our recommendation would be to either play a tanky jungler that doesn't get immediately bursted by him and can lock him down, such as Skarner or play a more utility focused pick such as Ivern, that can avoid his counterjungling by quickly taking camps and provide potent shields for his team to avoid assassination attempts.

On the Rise


Talon's rework didn't result in immediate success and most of the playerbase deemed him as too weak to be able to get through laning phase and become a menace.

A combination of Lethality buffs and Quality of Life buffs to his kit helped him get back on track and currently he's showing up in both mid and top lane.

Rake is enough as a wave clear tool to help him get through the early levels and once he can start shoving lanes he can use Assassin's Path to constantly get our of his lane and quickly show up elsewhere by surprise.

If he does get through and you have to face him, we recommend bringing exhaust in the mid lane and a matchup that can limit his early game roaming by constantly pushing him in. Good examples of this are Ahri and Jayce




Quinn isn't on the ban chart, but is a champion you should definitely be paying attention to.

She's been at the top of the win rate charts for several patches now and the Lethality buffs just skyrocketed her to absolute dominance.

Top lane Quinn is a very oppressive lane bully. Currently, most meta picks are beefy melee champions that can’t respond to her laning prowess.

Blinding Assault can blind enemy champions, which will not allow them to trade back. That spell and Vault also allow Quinn to re-apply Harrier marks, allowing for extra physical damage on her next basic attack.

Edge of Night allows Quinn to get a free spellshield before going in with her ultimate and making sure it isn't cancelled as she closes the gap.

Last Modified On: March 14, 2017
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