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Preseason Top Tier - Bot Lane

Exploring who the top tier champions in bot lane are for preseason patch 7.23!

In order to be considered "top tier" in bot lane currently, you need to have impressive synergy between the support/ADC as well as be able to completely dominate team fights with control, damage, or both. Champions listed here all top the charts over all Elo/MMR ranges so you can mix and match with comparable success. We've also included tips and tricks to help fully maximize the effectiveness of the bot lane picks! 

Top Tier Bot Lanes
What Runes do i go?

Click here for the Ezreal build!

Click here for the Sona build!

  • Poke lane with damage coming from both Ezreal and Sona, and Sona providing sustain to make trades that much better.
  • Sona can roam easily once she's 6 with Ezreal being able to last hit from far away with Q.
  • Ezreal can followup on Sona ult's much easier than most champs with his gap closer E.
Tips and Tricks
  • Remember, you're a poke lane. Don't ever force an all-in until you got them low or you're far ahead.
  • If you're against a tanky initiator like Alistar or Leona, play at least a few teemos away from each other so you don't get stuck in the same CC.
  • Be careful when the enemy jungler is nearby, your early squishiness is the largest downfall of this lane.
What Runes do i go?

Click here for the Miss Fortune build!

Click here for the Leona build!

  • One of the highest burst combos possible for bot lane, forcing the fight is no problem for this lane.
  • Your power spike at level 6 is huge, try to get a kill (or two) off of your ult combination.
Tips and Tricks
  • Don't allow yourself to get poked down, the enemies will have to respect the Leona engage.
  • Once Miss Fortune has a lethality item try to make team plays happen, your damage will kill all but the tankiest of champs.
  • As long as you have used a Sweeper/Pink Ward, hiding in bushes is a great strategy to kill unsuspecting people.
What Runes do i go?

Click here for the Twitch build!

Click here for the Taric build!

  • Taric helps Twitch get through his early laning with his shield/heal and the heals from Relic Shield.
  • Taric enables Twitch to make uncontested plays in teamfights with his strong CC and his immunity Ultimate.
Tips and Tricks
  • Taric can use his abilities on Twitch while he's invisible and it wont show to the enemy. Yes that includes the stun.
  • Make sure to get the intiate in teamfights, getting initiated on is not good for Twitch in particular.
  • Try to fight in small corridors or the jungle to maximize not only Twitch's damage but your coverage with Taric Ultimate.
Last Modified On: November 29, 2017
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