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News Champion Analysis: Win, Pick, and Ban Rates in S3

by Alex Ferri on
In what will be a somewhat regular feature here at LolKing, we've got a detailed breakdown of the pick rates and win rates for champions over the past few weeks. Come find out what's doing well in the season 3 meta--and what isn't!
Feel free to share your speculation in the comments. We're always curious to know what you think will be big at LCS next!

Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases

Xin Zhao, Jarvan and Vi have all seen increased play since the start of the LCS. Pro players have been highlighting their strengths in the tournament, and that demonstration seems to have caused regular players to pick them more often. Interestingly enough, none of these junglers’ win rates increased by more than 1 percent. Riot is testing minor nerfs to both Vi and Xin Zhao on the PBE, and if those changes go live, it could affect their pick rates in the future.
More and more players are catching on to Taric’s strength in solo queue. He’s an incredibly low risk, high reward support pick right now. He has an easy to land stun, high burst potential and team-wide auras. His solo queue dominance could fall off a bit if Riot implements current PBE changes, but those updates shouldn’t change Taric’s general style of play.
Fun fact: After Annie’s visual rework, her pick rate increased by just more than 3 percent.

Top Five Biggest Decreases

Nunu’s days as the dominant support pick appear to be over. The significant nerfs to Blood Boil caused his pick rate to be cut nearly in half and his win rate to fall by more than 5 percent. He still offers his AD carry 45 percent free attack speed by level nine, but Nunu lanes might actually have to win lane now to be relevant late game.
Thanks, Voyboy. After seeing Curse’s top laner dominate with Olaf, Riot felt the need to seriously nerf the champion’s power. This is clearly a change aimed at high-level play; Olaf’s win rate in solo queue never surpassed 50 percent. With a win rate now hovering around 40 percent, it seems Riot nerfed a champion that the majority of its player base didn’t even realize how to play properly.
The fallout from his recent nerfs continues to damage Lee Sin’s pick rate, and he lost just more than 1 percent in win rate as well. He’s been somewhat overlooked in favor of junglers like Xin Zhao and Vi, probably because they haven’t been nerfed at all yet. He’s still one of the most dangerous and mobile junglers in the game, but it might be time to retire his “Free Win Lee Sin” nickname.

Champion Winrates

Top Five Biggest Increases

42.95% -> 48.18%
44.96% -> 48.93%
46.75% -> 50.33%
44.21% -> 47.55%
44.82% -> 47.64%
Tryndamere has seen an unlikely resurgence as an ability power champion after players recognized his potential for ridiculous sustain and pushing power. Tryndamere’s most purchased items are now Nashor’s Tooth, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Lich Bane. His popularity increased by less than 1 percent, so it seems most players are still skeptical of the usefulness of AP Tryndamere.
It seems solo queue players are finally understanding how to play Thresh a bit better. He definitely requires more finesse than a support like Taric, so it makes sense that his win rate would start out below its potential. As he is now available in the LCS, it will be interesting to see how often he’s played this week. We could be in for a real treat.
Nasus’ win rate increased substantially since the last week of January. It’s important to remember, though, that this spike only accounts for the buff to the Siphoning Strike reward for large minions. His win rate could rise even higher with the more recent changes he received.

Top Five Biggest Decreases

47.39% -> 40.35%
50.55% -> 44.86%
55.57% -> 49.97%
49.18% -> 45.63%
48.26% -> 44.95%
Shaco received slight nerfs to his Deceive range and to the slow on Two-Shiv poison, but they were enough to lower his win rate below 50 percent, cut his pick rate by two-thirds and lower his ban rate by more than 20 percentage points. A small bounce back might be a reasonable expectation, but the recent changes hit him harder than initially expected.
Master Yi had the ratio on his Meditate cut in half, and it shows in his win percent. It fell by more than 3 percent, and his pick rate dropped 5 percent. While the change aimed to reduce the power of AP Yi, that’s currently his most successful role by far. Hopefully, Riot gives some love to AD Master Yi sometime soon to counteract this nerf.

Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases

23.24% -> 55.77%
2.09% -> 23.80%
0.36% -> 19.00%
16.97% -> 25.73%
65.98% -> 74.64%
Kayle is now one of the top five banned champions in the game, but current PBE nerfs might bump her back down a bit.
Yorick spiked from below a 1 percent ban rate to being banned in nearly 20 percent of games. It seems players are remembering how many champions he counters in lane. Elise’s ban rate increased in spite of recent nerfs to the mana cost of Neurotoxin, and she’s now the most banned champion in the game. It seems it will take more than that to dethrone the Spider Queen.

Top Five Biggest Decreases

37.60% -> 13.89%
21.64% -> 3.73%
27.93% -> 15.43%
54.17% -> 42.01%
44.51% -> 35.77%
Evelynn went from troll pick to solo queue terror before falling back into mediocrity. She’s still strong, but her huge decrease in ban rate shows that summoners just aren’t as afraid of her as they used to be.
Blitzcrank is finally falling through the ban phase after recent nerfs hit his mana pool and costs. He is of course still an incredible playmaker, but it’s possible that Thresh will usurp his spot as king of pulls.

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