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Galio's Rework: The Colossus

Riot has revealed their newest champion rework today: Galio, The Colossus

“I only wake up when it's time to squash something. And I'm awake right now.”

Looming brazen above Demacia's walls, the colossus stands with silent lips. The elders tell of ages past, when the mighty man stirred to defend the huddled masses. Many doubt these legends. But—like imprisoned lightning—the colossus is waiting. And when he's most needed, he'll stretch his conquering limbs again.

Galio has always been seen as one of the go to AP counters and for the rework, Riot still wanted to maintain that identity, while also giving him more mobility and tools to protect allies and lockdown opponents so he's less of a slow walking ball of stats.

Now with a dash and a semi global ultimate, as well as still maintaining a solid damage ability in Q and his good old AoE taunt, it's certain Galio will see a lot of play once he's out.

Let's take a look at his kit and how he will play out.


Class-wise, Galio is a tank, and similarly to champions like Shen or Braum, he's a Warden, a subclass of tanks, here is the original definition from the subclass post:

If Vanguards are “offensive tanks,” then Wardens are surely “defensive tanks.” Wardens stand steadfast, seeking to hold the line by persistently locking down any oncomers who try to pass them. Wardens keep their allies out of harm’s way and allow them to safely deal with enemies caught in the fray.

Read on to check our analysis from our team here at LolKing as well as see his skins and abilities.





Abilities Preview

Passive: Colossal Smash

Galio's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage in an area, scaling with his bonus attack damage and magic resist. Colossal Smash's cooldown is reduced whenever Galio's spells hit a unique champion (once per spell). 


Q: Winds of War

Galio fires two gusts of wind that deal magic damage. Where the windblasts converge, a vortex that deals additional damage is formed, including bonus damage based on the target's max health.


W: Shield of Durand

Passive: If Galio avoids taking damage for a moderate period, he gains a shield that absorbs magic damage.

Active:  Holding down the W key causes Galio to enter a defensive stance, gaining damage reduction but moving significantly slower. This channel can't be interrupted even if Galio gets hit with a crowd-control spell. 

When W is released, Galio taunts nearby enemy champions. The taunt's range and duration extend based on how long he remained in a defensive stance.


E: Justice Punch

Galio hops back to wind up for an epic haymaker. After a brief delay, he charges forward, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them up. Galio's charge stops upon colliding with a champion or terrain. 


R: Hero's Entrance

Galio designates an ally's current position as his landing spot, granting them Shield of Durand's damage reduction for a few seconds. He then leaps high into the air, torpedoing to the place his targeted ally was when Galio activated Hero's Entrance. When he lands, he deals magic damage to all enemies in the area and knocks them up. The knockup lasts longer for those in the center of the landing zone.





LolKing Analyzes

Galio is a tank that excels at locking down targets while taking quite the beating. The Damage reduction present in his W ability, Shield of Durand, will allow him to reduce incoming damage for quite decent windows of time and he'll always enter combat with a Malphite type passive that blocks magic damage, so he can withstand a lot of damage, especially if magical.

He also has two abilities that will allow him to keep his allies safe, Shield of Durand is an AoE taunt and a Hero's Entrance is semi global dash that is targeted at an ally's position. On arrival it will knockup enemy champions and grant allies damage reduction.

Justice Punch is Galio's gap closer and while it can't go over terrain, it will only stop if it hits terrain or a champion. Hiding behind minions will not work, making it a very strong ganking tool.

Finally it's worth talking a bit about his damage. Colossal Smash grants Galio's next basic attack extra damage in an area and Winds of War is his main damage ability that also has a maximum % health counter part, if the base damage numbers are good enough on these two abilities, combined with the crowd control and gap close mentioned above, he might just work as a jungler, although Rioters have mentioned he's probably more suited towards Solo Lanes.

Itemization wise, it's likely that Galio will build towards tank stats, but depending on how strong his AP ratios are, we might just see the Colossus build more like an AP bruiser. With that said, the Damage Reduction on Shield of Durand scales with Armor and Magic Resistance and part of Colossal Smash's damage also scales with Magic Resistance, so full tank might just be the way to go.

Given his seemingly moderately high cooldowns, it seems very important to itemize heavily for Cooldown Reduction, picking up items such as Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit Visage or even Abyssal Scepter if you're looking to pack a punch while still itemizing defensively.

Lower cooldowns are key to increase your mobility via Justice Punch and more importantly, reduce the downtime in which your Shield of Durand is available, as it grants damage reduction and will allow you to tank for much longer.



Skin Previews





For more information, including video previews of Warwick's abilities, make sure to check out the Champion Update!


Last Modified On: March 7, 2017
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