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News Contest, Week 29: Hook, Line, and Sinker

by Ashelia on February 21, 2013
This week we're celebrating the infamous hook city--a combination most memorable from tournaments where Nautilus and Blitzcrank made many pro players shed tears of frustration. Since very few champions can technically grab, we've made it only three games instead of five and will be allowing bot games this week!
This week's contest is sponsored by an awesome League of Legends app Champion Select! For an additional chance at another $25 RP card, check out their unique app and post a screenshot from it from your phone in this post's comments by uploading it to a free image hosting site!
Be sure to thank them and check out their Facebook as well as Twitter!

Hook, Line, and Sinker

To enter this week's challenge:
For an additional chance at another $25 RP card:
  • Check out the Champion Select app
  • Upload a screenshot it generates to Imgur or another free image sharing website
  • We will pick one person who has done this (and share their picture!) with the next contest
4 Prizes
  • Four winners will receive a $25 Riot Points card
  • One winner will receive a $25 Riot Points card from our comment section if they upload a screenshot using the app

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 7089 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
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