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News Contest, Week 21: League of Speed

by Ashelia on November 29, 2012
This week, let's take it fast and slow. League of Legends has tons of champions with movement speed modifiers--and we're asking you to play them to be entered to win prizes!

League of Speed

To enter this week's challenge:
  • Play 5 of your last 10 games with any champion that has movement speed modifiers--see rules.
  • Enter the contest here once your match history is ready.
  • That's it!
3 Prizes
  • One winner will receive a Razer Megalodon Headset
  • One winner will receive a $25 Riot Points Card
  • One winner will receive a Full Metal Rammus skin code

Last Week's Contest Winners

Last week we had 3,833 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
As always, let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to suggest more contest ideas!
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